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Full Version: Bacterial Vaginosis--or--embarrassing bad smell
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Hmmm...well, I don't know too much about it except that it's safe to use on breast feeding infants if they have oral thrush. Which by common logic would make it fairly non-toxic.

This is from Wikipedia: Gentian violet's worst common side effect is staining skin and cloth, but if used on ulcerations or open wounds it can cause tattooing. It is generally considered safe for use on children and breastfeeding mothers. It has even been applied to the mouth and lips of premature infants, and has a long history of safe use. La Leche League and others have recommended it even for thrush on the nipple.
uh huh. of Course it's safe if wikipedia says so. (don't take that personally klee, i just don't like how they make statements as though they are facts.)
i researched it when my little was new and believe me, what i found made me decide not to Ever put it anywhere near his little mouth or my breasts.

"Gentian Violet is a purple dye derived from coal tar "

"Studies in rodents have been conducted that suggest that gentian violet is carcinogenic and mutagenic "

there was much scarier stuff in my alternative mama books.
[font=Arial Narrow][size=2]hey girls i had my period and while i was on i inserted 1 a day for 4 days and no smell. so now comes the big test. i will have sex with my man tomorrow and see if the smell is back. i will write back with the results. so far the boric acid is working for me. i have an appointment with a so called vaginal specialist on the 20th of this month. i cant wait to see what this quack has to say. im so tired of these doctors always trying to get you to take all these meds all the time. so ladies as for me the boric acid is the way to go for now.
D double U

Let us kno how things go with using the acidocophilis suppositories after the Boric Acid.....
Hey Ladies...

Just an update on me. I inserted one capsule of Boric Acid about Aug 24th and it took the smell away. My period had came on on Aug 26th, lasted about 3 days, my period went away and so I had sex 2x this past weekend and still no smell for me. Im guessing the Boric Acid is working for me with just one capsule....

I'm certainly not offended by your preference in your reference sources. And I'm no gentian violet advocate, just seemed like something people might consider if you're constantly combatting bv. Additional options aren't ever bad.

I do intend to ask my new gyno about this when I go back in Oct/Nov. She's fabulous and very knowledgeable so I'll report back on what she says.
The unscented detergent has been wonderful! No more musty smell downstairs. Thank you to whoever suggested it. biggrin.gif
klee, sometimes i just like to throw that in there. you never know who's gonna take stuff personally. it seems to happen a LOT on the internet. i like to let people know that i don't Mean things personally, just in case.

ask her and let us know what she says.
I think my kitty is normal! I don't know how long this will last but...I pray.

Anyway, what happened is this: Had sex w/new person, got UTI, got a RX for cipro, used boric acid the entire time I was taking cipro as there was a hint of bv lurking too. Then two days after I got off cipro I stopped using boric acid since it had been a full week. No sex. Reading online, cipro has about a 50% success rate in curing bv. I was using boric primarily to prevent a yeast infection, which worked, and boric is supposed to re-balance your ph which I think happened! Also drank kefir everyday.

So, if you guys end up taking an oral antibiotic for bv, use your boric acid capsules to prevent a yi and...although we shall see, balance your ph to the more acidic levels to keep bv away.

I decided to try acidophilus for my bv. I've been taking pills orally and inserting them into my vagina. The smell seems to be improving, however, I bought the pills with pectin for absorption and I fear the pectin is building up in there. Any other ladies out there taken this route? Hopefully I haven't just complicated my problems!!!
ok last night was great. no stinky smell. YEAH!!!!!!!!! so after we were done i inserted 1 boric acid capsule and i will repeat it again tonight because i will see my boyfriend again tomorrow night. so lets see if it works again. this is the best remedy for bv i've ever tried. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR BORIC ACID...
o.k. Jewels...I know you have been asked this a million times but what exactly do you use? I want to go and buy it!
I'm using Boric Acid, which you can find at Walmart, and Double 00 Geletan caps. If you have full blown B.V., which means, the smell is horrible during sex, or when you wash, or you can smell it sitting at work, start with 2 capsules the first night, then 1 a night for about a week. Then go to 1 every other day. AND ALWAYS RIGHT AFTER SEX. For some reason, it kills all the bugs after sex.

I have to be on it forever. I think. Cause I tested it, and went off for a week, and it came back full blown, AND I HAD NO SEX!! So, whatever I'm doing in my everyday life is effecting it, ie. smoking, coffee, lack of sleep, stress from work, who knows, is causing it to stay. One day, I will go off those, but for now, I'm not ready.

I use to do the acidophilus pills, by mouth, and I stopped. I don't know why I stopped, so I think I'll go back on those. They really didn't do much for me, but, I don't think it's hurting me either.

Anyways, That's my story and....I'm stickin to it!!
So I'm just looking to compare notes on BV symptoms. I'm wondering if I've got some wierd strain. The boric acid DOES help, yes. It's just that....

This comes back full blown with NO warning...

I get TONS of watery PINK discharge. Almost seems like a bit of blood. And, no it's not ovulation spotting because I've had my tubes tied so any egg breaking /fallopian tube stuff should not let blood down into my uterus.

And the odor is so strong I can smell it just working (I wear jeans) and if I move a lot or squat, damn, I can't stand to be in the same room with my cooze. Which really sucks. But it's not a "fish" odor, it's something undescribable. Maybe sulfury-ammonia-ey. But, that's not it either.

I know it's a common smell though because I've smelled it in other women.

And I've been diagnosed with typical BV. I smell the "fish" when I pee, but the other odor the rest of the time.

Yuck. I'm glad for boric acid. It generally only takes one dose and all the symptoms go away for me. Until the next time.... (sigh)
Here's the answers to your questions!

1. I get TONS of watery PINK discharge :It sounds like you have inflammation.It's blood mixed with pus from the inflammation.Inflammation is a good thing because its a sign your body is at least working to try to correct the problem.When it will correct the problem is another thing!

2.I can't stand to be in the same room with my cooze: Trust me we ALL know how you feel. Just be glad the co-workers have'nt started picking at you!

3. it's not a "fish" odor, it's something undescribable. Maybe sulfury-ammonia-ey. But, that's not it either:At one time I smelled of loud ammonia(about 2yrs. ago).Now its a faint musty smell and thats only when it sweats a lot downstairs.I changed detergent to unscented and that has helped keep the moisture down a lot but I still struggle with it from time to time.I will be so glad when this goes away completely.If it ever goes away mad.gif
I hope all goes well for you!
"That smell" that you're describing, Treehugger, comes from a couple things.

First, it's a buildup of "body soil" (I know--commercials!) in your underwear and/or clothing. Don't get me wrong here--happens to everybody. What happens is, because of sweating and sloughing off of skin and (sometimes) even some urine leaching off into the underwear, jeans etc. Over time, even with serious washing of the laundry, that stuff just builds up in that area of the clothing.

Then, even after it's freshly laundered, you can put on the clothes--and as soon as they "warm up" to normal body heat--they start smelling "funky." The only remedy? New clothes, (or) if you do decide to keep the old ones, use very hot water and at least 1/2 cup bleach and 1/2 cup baking soda in each wash.

When taking a bath, I try to really "scrub" down there, like in the bends/folds of my legs & stuff. Try not to use a bunch of powders, either. That stuff builds up and stinks, too.

The pink discharge? Wow. I'm not sure, but that'd scare me. I hope you feel better!

Funny you should mention that, quiet...not to contradict you at all...but I had just gone clothes shopping and was wearing brand new underwear and jeans both. I had laundered them at home using hot water and unscented/undyed Tide detergent.

And I had taken a really, long bath the night before and a long hot shower that morning. (this was yesterday). I normally use unscented castille soap but was out so I used Dial. I wonder if that's what threw things off??

I am pretty darned sure that I'm actually smelling the odor of the pink discharge.

Forgot to mention that when it's flaring up like this, my vagina is also sore and irritated. Kinda.

Thank you to whoever discovered the success of Boric Acid!

And this is another weird thing...I had a pair of black underwear, with no white lining? When I had BV once I wore them...and the discharge actually BLEACHED them!

An unhospitable climate here, folks. At least the boric acid is helping.
did you notice if your kitty got, urm, 'rinsed' out during your bath? that can really disturb the balance of stuff in there.

that bleaching of the black panties thing has happened to me. totally wierd.
Girls, here's my issue. The fish smell, for the most part is gone....but my other smell is something undescribable. More like, rotten. Not really the smell of "Poop" per say, but just like rotten smell. And I only started getting this since I started using Boric. I've also developed lower stomach pains and a centralized back pain (Lower right side of back) REMEMBER, I had a hysterectomy. Still have the Ovaries, but everything else was taken. So, I'm worried that the boric may be doing some sort of damage?? Because really, when I stick it up there, where does it go?? I haven't had sex since August 19th, so I know it's not from that. Oh, speaking of Dial, that is all I have ever used down there. If I use anything else, I can smell the fish smell while washing. With Dial, if I have B.V. I can smell it, but how I know if it's gone is when I wash with Dial and there's no smell. Strange I know, but it works for me!!
i think im gna cry sad.gif i really hate it, its ruining my life!


okay so I have this funky smell too, not really fishy, but funky kinda like what tree hugger mentioned so maybe I'll try the boric acid, but it kind of scares me to think about putting something like that in my vag. and I'm terrified of making it worse. I don't have sex often so it also seems to be lifestyle causing the smell for me (smoking, coffee, and such) and I would like to have sex more often but by the end of the day, I just know what the smell is going to be like and pretty much refrain from it
QUOTE(olhakadirf @ Sep 10 2006, 04:21 PM) *


okay so I have this funky smell too, not really fishy, but funky kinda like what tree hugger mentioned so maybe I'll try the boric acid, but it kind of scares me to think about putting something like that in my vag. and I'm terrified of making it worse. I don't have sex often so it also seems to be lifestyle causing the smell for me (smoking, coffee, and such) and I would like to have sex more often but by the end of the day, I just know what the smell is going to be like and pretty much refrain from it

Yeah, I was really scared to try it too. I mean, the only bottle of it I could find said "rat poison" on it!!! But it *really* does work. Make sure it's 100 percent boric acid, and use size 00 capsules. I got the wrong size so I have to use a capsule and a half...but it still works. Like a charm. smile.gif
Emma22: Be strong!

quietmadness:Does the baking soda really work to keep the odor away because on some days I won't have Bv but I still smell it in my clothes(even after the boric acid treatment).I've even tried vinegar when I wash clothes and now I have gone from scented to unscented detergent.The unscented detergent is great but on really hot days I still get a faint musty chili dog smell(YUCK!).I don't have the money to buy all new clothes.Do you think if I took my clothes to the cleaners they might be able to get the odor out completely?
Hi everyone smile.gif

I stumbled across this forum, while searching for alternative cures for bv. I just wanted to write and tell everyone thank you. I was feeling so all alone in the world. Bv makes me feel dirty as tho I am an unclean person due to the retched smell. I though I was the only one suffering with this. I have tried everything my doc has prescribed. It goes away for awhile but it alway comes back. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone smile.gif
What kind of soap do you guys uses to bathe with. I have tried Ivory, Dial, organic olive oil soap and nothing seems to help. Some of the soaps made the problem worst. It is very hard to find a soap with absolutely no scent. It appears the soap industry prides themselves on their scented products
I wash the kitty with just plain warm water. I use the scented stuff on my other parts.If you have to have soap I would suggest the feminine wash because I heard they don't irritate the kitty as much.

Hello Everyone,

I found boric acid suppositories for $10 online. I am wondering if I should buy them or make my own capsules as I am kind of scared I will do it wrong. Can someone let me know if suppositories are alright and also how far do you guys insert your homemade capsules...

Thanks so much,


Actually it was more like $11. I just wanted to post the link to see if anyones tried this method.


dr bronner makes a liquid unscented/baby soap. it's a bit pricey but it's highly concentrated and can be dilluted like 18 times or so. i put a bit in a bottle and fill it up with water. a big bottle lasts me Forever. i clean the house with it too.

as for smelly laundry, i would throw some baking soda and borax into the wash, just dissolved it and the detergent before putting in the clothes. use it a couple of times if it doesn't work the first time.

that boric acid, it's good for everything!

Has anyone been to this site?
I just looked at that site... wowzas, what's with all the pussy pics? I'm not sure if this site should be taken seriously... what do you guys think? I heard about a book called "Vaginas: An owner's manual" and I've meant to check it out.
Oh, about the soaps... I used Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap (it was peppermint) downstairs for years and never had problems with it. Later I switched to this bar called "Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar" after I read about it in "The Guide to Getting it On." It said the vagina is naturally a bit acidic and most regular soaps are much more basic, and will disrupt the ph balance of the vag. The bar is more acidic (ph 4.5) and I like it a lot, leaves me feeling fresher longer I think. It's yellow and smells like lemon and it lasts a really long time. You can get it online or in some health food stores.
jewelscando is a porn site!! lol, wow, wasn't expecting that!! I think that is more for women who have like body odor, not inside odor, like we have. My smell comes from the fluids in my body. Putting a "Mint" up there, may cause more serious problems then the ones I already have. I'll stick to Boric Acid!!
I had no clue that was a porn site! LOL
I thought it said you could by a book about vagina odor and how to get rid of it. OH WELL!
I was kidding. It's not really a porn site, but if you click on the different things they have on there, that lady ends up taking off all her clothes. She gives you a front view, and a back view, NAKED!! It's like car commericials. Companies are selling cars, and they always seem to through in this sexy model. And you say to yourself, what the hell does she have to do with this commercial?? Same goes for that site!!
hey ladies its me ladygemini75 and i have good news. i haven't had that funky ass smell come back now for about a month. i've been using the b/a almost every other day now and always after sex. now i dont know if if should stop using it so often or just continue to use it like i've been. this is a miracle cure for bv. i still cant find the 00 capsules so i've been using acidolphillus capsules pouring the contents out. can someone help me find what i need. thank you
Well, Y'all--I just went to the pharmacy today.

I stood RIGHT THERE and asked for "boric acid and empty gelcaps." I was so immature in my brain about it, too! laugh.gif I was seriously thinking that the muzak was going to stop, and everyone was going to do a freezeframe on me while staring open-mouthed.

But no one even gave a second glance. rolleyes.gif Thank you Maude!

I'm just glad to have the stuff. The damned odor and itching and discharge was enough to drive me to madness.

I'll be reporting on the BA treatments soon!
Hey Jewels,

I saw your post and thought I might also say that my bv doesn't usually smell fishy. It's more bad smelling like your description. Anyway, it's the same thing. It's probably a good idea to get some antibiotics since your infection seems to be causing some inflammation.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was on antibiotics and used boric the entire time. This prevented a yeast infection and I think it helped to rebalance my ph. I'm using condoms with the new guy so hopefully things will continue to be clear.
quietmadness: LOL, don't you wish you could do this ph34r.gif when you go to the pharmacy.
Well, after doing alot of research this past week, I think I have: colovaginal fistula. It is very common after a hysterectomy, and with the smell being not fish, but foul smelling, I think this is what I might have. It explains the air bubbles that I have coming out. You can even have crap coming out of your vagina, however, I don't have that. Here's a few sites:

Oh well...just a thought
Well, y'all--the Boric Acid is indeed the bomb!

They didn't have the 00 capsules, so I bought the ones they did have. Size 3's. I just use three of those, because the little chart on the back of the box thingy says that's equal to a size 00 dose!

It works amazingly fast, too--like 12/14 hours, and smell's gone! Did away with the discharge, too.

HOWEVER: Here's a small tip for y'all: Don't put them in sitting on the toilet! They're slippery lil' buggers, and they'll fly out of your fingers and into the toilet! laugh.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif

I just make mine up in the bathroom, but I put them in right before bed time.


I am going to try this boric acid.

Can someone please tell me how far do i insert the capsule? Might it be good to use like a tampon appplicator or a yeast infection medication applicator?

Also my period is coming in the next few days can I start a 14 day treatment while on my period.

Please reply.

Insert it as far as it will go comfortably.

Also, I guess you *could* use an applicator, but there's really no need to.

With the period thing--I'm not sure, but it seems like it would just get washed back out too quickly to do much good. I'd recommend doing it until you start, then wait until period's over. Start back again after it's over.

So I went to the gynecologist for my yearly check-up and I was nervous because I kind of expected them to look at my vagina and ask what the hell I was doing...I have this horrible notion that boric acid is going to screw up my vagina. Anyway, she commented that my BV was definately gone but that I seemed a little dry. I guess that's true...the boric acid has made me use so much lube during sex. Still...I would rather be a little dry than smelly. Looks like I'm still okay. She said that she thought of me the other day because another one of her patients has had BV for like 6 months and can't get rid of it. I didn't mention the boric acid because I thought she would lecture me about it...oh well.
Sassy:How long were you using the Boric Acid and do you still use it?
Off and on for the past month or two. I try to only use it about once or twice a week. I know I should find something else but what else is there?
That's pretty good! I'm still using it everyday. I think this is our only option right now but i'm still optimistic!
tell the doc, Tell The DOC!! if enough of them know maybe someone will try and figure out how it works and come up with something pussy specific that actually does the trick!!! at the very least she'll pass that along to the other poor girl who has been suffering for so long. oh my goodness, you call that doctor back right away and tell her about the miracle cure sassypants!!
I know for me I'm pretty much the same as Sassy...once or twice per week. Depends how much sex I have.

When I first started using it, I started out with the intention of using it for 14 days...but for whatever reason it makes my vagina a little irritated so I stopped after four days. Since then it's been once or twice per week. Just when I notice the smell/weird discharge.

Although I'm having a good week, haven't needed it yet.

And pepper, I DEFINITELY agree, tell the doctors about this! Especially once it works. This is so much better than that prescription stuff that just gives you a yeast infection and messes you up for a week or more.

Thanks for the advice girls.

My question now is..would it be okay to have sex (with a condom) while on boric acid or should wait to resume intercourse?

My guess would be that the acid would eat up the latex but I might be wrong.Better to be safe than sorry!
Well, went to a skin specialist today, because I developed a rash on my forehead. Thankfully, she said it was not an internal rash, and that over time, you can develop an alergic reaction to something that you never had a reaction to before. It's spread to my arms, but not as bad as what it is on my forehead. And like Sassy, I was to afraid to bring up the boric. Only because, she wasn't a gyno. I'm going to make an appt. with a Gyno here soon, and I'll tell them about the boric. Why are we so afraid to tell them???? hahahahah. I know why I am, because I don't want to hear anything bad about it right now!! I need to get in though cause I think mine is whatever it was that I called it before. Cause the fish is gone, but the funk is still there. Anyways, if you get the guts, call your Dr. back Sassy. If not, I'll mention it to mine, but it won't be for a few weeks I'm sure til I can get in.
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