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Full Version: Bacterial Vaginosis--or--embarrassing bad smell
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Precious83:I use the jamu stick for the sweating.When I first got it I had to use it everyday because the sweating was that bad!Then after a week I only had to use it every three days and it does a very good job of keeping me dry.The only thing I hate is that I have to buy it monthly($30.00).Here's what they say:

Many Women Suffer from White discharge, Vagina Odor "loose" Vagina due to age or regular sex.

Here we have the most rapid-acting medicinal herbs from the Island of Madura. It is specially formulated for women who wants to develop their full potential. The composition of this wonderful medicinal herbs are made from traditional purest pharmaceutical quality herbs found only in the Madura Island.
This secret formula of Herbal Nature mixture is based on traditional herbs well-known to Madurese women over hundreds of years. This well-kept secret formula was perfected and carefully blended with newly discovered ingredients into high-potency formula to give the following positive effects to any women:

1. The Jamu Herbal Stick will stimulate and intensify mutual excitement during sex.

2. The Jamu Herbal Stick will eliminate vaginal "white discharges" (leucorrhoea) and banish vaginal odor.

3. The Jamu Herbal Stick will Relieve internal irritation in the vagina that causes discomfort.

4. Ideally suitable to be used by women who try to accomplish their full potential, because the medicinal herbs will reduce excessive liquid discharge substance in the vagina and to provide maximum sexual pleasure for both participants.

The Jamu Herbal Stick has been used hundreds of years by the women of Madura Islands. It is safe and very effective.
If you have tried Western Medicines without any results, please give this product a try!

Many Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese women are using the Jamu Herbal Stick and they have seen results!
P.s. I also drink oatstraw tea every once and a while and if you buy the jamu stick make sure you don't have sex on the days that you use it.I had no idea how tight it was going to be down there and it was uncomfortable.
This might help everybody too!If my routine does not work this is what i'm trying next.
Hey ladies,
I just stumbled upon this thread yesterday. It took me a few hours to get through the archives and catch up. I am in complete disbelief of the amount of you that has "my problem". I truly thought I was alone and there was something wrong with me. Of course I couldn't get any answers from the qualified medical world. So I am both shocked and relived that there is a forum that I can discuss and learn from.
I am 31 and have suffered from reoccurring BV since I was about 17. I thought I was immune from both Flagyl and metro-gel. I have graduated passed the point of frustration. But thanks to your sisterhood and comradery, I went out to Wal-Mart & GNC today and armed myself with about $60 worth of TTO, Acidophilus, Biotin, Vitamin C, garlic supps and complex B's! I think I am ready for a new battle. I know different treatments work for each of us differently, but I am going to try some of your methods/remedies and see if I can get any results. Pray for me! The worse that could happen, me going back to Planned P'hood for the gizillionth time.
I had obtained a product called Lindamil (from Africa) that is Benzalkonium Chloride based. It was a refreshing experience for my kitten (almost like Listerine for the Kat) but I have been out for about a year and cannot find that product ANYWHERE in the U.S.
So, I have a question that doesn't look like it has been touched on, has anyone douched with Zonite, Trichotine or any other (BenzChld) based products? If so, what were your thought and/or results?
Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences.
hi girls i finally went to a doctor who had a clue and she diagnosed me with pcos. she says it is a syndrome and that causes all my problems... She put me on the pil,l yasmin to be exact.... becasue my problem is hormonal. Also the hormones affect the insulin my body produces ant that causes everything else ... any one heard anything along these lines??
I think I have Polycystic ovary syndrome but I have not been to the doctor.I always thought that this might be a hormonal thing but I have not had time to go and check it out yet.I'm just taking my herbs right now.I want to ask some of the doctors around here but I don't want too many people knowing my business if you know what I mean because the word gets out and everyone will know my horrible secret.I work in the medical field and I wanted to know why they did'nt prescribe metformin for you? and I also wanted to ask you if you had facial hair, gained weight,and had discharge too because if you are having the same symptoms than I know I have pcos.
Thought you would all find this interesting.

What is the best oral treatment for bacterial vaginitis?
The best treatment is metronidazole orally (Flagyl®) 500mg twice a day for 7 days. This has about a 95% cure. Metronidazole, 2000 mg orally as a single dose (4, 500mg tablets) has an 84% cure. Another pill by mouth is clindamycin (Cleocin®) 300 mg orally twice a day for 7 days which is 94% effective. Even though these oral medications have very high cure rates, metronidazole vaginal cream 0.75% (Metrogel®) 1 applicator intravaginal each day for 3 days (75% cure) is probably now the most commonly prescribed treatment for bacterial vaginosis because metronidazole occasionally produces nausea and clindamycin will sometimes swing a woman over into a yeast infection rather than a bacterial infection or it may also cause loose stools.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance
If you experience any of the following symptoms associated with estrogen dominance, or are being treated for any of the medical conditions listed, supplementing with natural progesterone cream may help:

Acceleration of the aging process
Adrenal exhaustion
Allergy symptoms (asthma, hives, rashes, sinus congestion)
Autoimmune disorders (lupus erytherometosis, thyroiditis, possibly Sjögren’s disease
Breast cancer
Breast tenderness
Cervical dysplasia
Cold hands and feet as a symptom of thyroid dysfunction
Decreased sex drive
Depression with anxiety or agitation
Dry eyes
Early onset of menstruation
Endometrial (uterine) cancer
Fat gain, especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs
Fibrocystic breasts
Foggy thinking
Gallbladder disease
Hair loss
Hysterectomy (ovaries removed)
Increased blood clotting (increasing risk of strokes)
Irregular menstrual periods
Magnesium deficiency
Memory loss
Mood swings
Post-Natal Depression
Premenopausal bone loss
Premature Births
Prostate cancer (men)
Protection against reproductive cancer
Sluggish metabolism
Thyroid dysfunction mimicking hypothyroidism
Tubal Ligation (tubes tied)
Uterine cancer
Uterine fibroids
Water retention, bloating
Zinc deficiency
The Natural Progesterone Advisory Network website has collated, through documented observation, a cluster of hormone imbalance symptoms including estrogen dominance not easily found in mainstream publications. And our list continues to grow. They include the following:

Gritty, dry eyes
Blurred vision and/or watery eyes, difficulty focusing
Tender heels and/or feet, from sensitive to burning
Restless legs - particularly at night-time (in bed)
Itchy, burning, sore ears
Sensation of foreign object in ear such as bees or insects, tinnitus
Vertigo, particularly around ovulation time onwards (more profound lying down in bed)
Low resistance to infection
Sinusitis, head congestion, flu-like headaches
Pre-menstrual asthma
Painful, throbbing face, one side more than the other often reported
Aching teeth - dental checkup inconclusive
Cyclic throat problems - too many sore throats around ovulation time, throats that don’t clear, consistent sore throats every month, tonsillitis, asthma, upper respiratory problems
Acne or pimples, particularly just prior to menses, also in older women
Premature wrinkling
Chronic recurrence of thrush, cystitis, vaginitis(DOES VAGINITIS SOUND FAMILIAR!)
Reports of acne on the vulva that flares at menses
Chronic Candida
Bouts of diarrhea prior to the menses, some alternating constipation, especially with women who have cysts and endometriosis
Leaky gut syndrome
Inflamed bowel problems - Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome
Inability to lose weight and shift fluid
Loss of control over bladder (stress incontinence), inability to empty, tender & sensitive (absence of bladder infection), fluctuation/variation of bladder paralysis
Extreme dream agitation and anxiety
Panic attacks
Inability to focus
Inability to concentrate
Loss of short term memory
Alienation and loss of confidence
Androgen side effects: facial hair, increased body hair
Increased thickening and blacking of limb hair
Atypical periods alternating from shorter or extending to longer, cycles become erratic, can alternate from heavier to lighter, or can be a combination of both - heaving clotting (no fibroids)
Aching joints present in the form of rheumatism or arthritis, joint and muscle stiffness, nerve endings feeling very fragmented and fragile and tender to touch, imitative of fibromyalgia syndrome
Pins and needles, sciatica, hip pain down one side predominantly quite common although bone mineral densities and hip x-ray tests are normal
Painful ovaries upon ovulation
Painful ovaries in the absence of ovulation, confusing women that they have ovulated
Obsessive, irrational thought and behavior patterns: finding a lost item, trying to think of someone’s name, being aware on one level but unable to stop yourself on another.
Lack of lateral thinking and ability to multi-task
Fragmented physically, emotionally and spiritually
Headaches and migraines - sharp pains through top of head
Overwhelming panic attacks and unfounded fear
Social phobia, sense of loss of social skills, withdrawal
Unrelated grief & sadness
Sluggish liver (aggravated by hormonal overload, overuse of synthetic HRT, medications, xenoestrogens)
Vocabulary / speech difficulty - 'tongue tied', verbal stammer
Hormonal imbalances masquerading as any one of the above conditions may take many years to accumulate and can be insidious in its physical presentation. Just remember, it took time to arrive at this point in your life, and it may take time to improve, reverse and eliminate many of these problems.

My sex juice smells like a skunk? What does this mean?
Hi Precious83, I too had used the Jamu Stick and its totally changed my life. You can get them cheaper on eBay. This cigar shaped sticks really works well with me. It had worked within one hour of use. I was dry and felt tight after using the stick. Just see eBay for more. Maybe this link will help.

Or just visit eBay and search for Jamu Herbal Stick.
Hi joylove, did you suffer from excessive white discharge before using the jamu stick or have odor of any sort? Did it completely cure it for you or is it something you have to use continuously. Thanks.
has anyone else tried this Jamu Stick ?? and for how long?
Has anyone tried the repHresh gel? It's supposed to keep your vaginal pH at 4.5 and prevent BV from happening/recurring...
Rephresh is okay. I occasionally use it after my period. It isn't a permanent solution, though. It only really keeps the odor away for like 3 days and to use it constantly would cost a fortune. It also leaves you with a yeast-like discharge that is gross.
I have been suffering with a bad odor myself(for about a year). It all started after I got on the birthcontrol Seanonale. I would bleed for like 4 weeks straight (lots of outbreak bleeding). I was on seasonale for like 7 months before I got off of it. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I was a vigin when we started. However I couldnt take the smell it was so embarassing I have gone to the GYN and she treated me 3 times and the smell comes back. She says I'm crazy nothing is wrong but me and my BF can smell it after sex. The smell is not as harsh but it is there.
Anyway she did a PAP and it turns out I have cervical dyplasia / HPV. My boyfriend went to the clinic several times before we even had sex for the first time however she says sometimes it doesnt pick up on the male. Huh?? Anyway I have to go back so she can do a colposcopy. I am on my period but I purchased ENZARA and have been taking it for a week. I can't tell if its working because I am on my period but I will let you guys know how it turns out. I also have doing alot of research and have concluded that these smells sometimes is because of the abnormalities of the cells. I was wondering if anyone with these smells has had an abnormal PAP. Also I am convinced that this has to do with the birth control Seasonale that I was on (I'm not sure if the docotr is correct that I have traces of HPV). Perhaps I should find another OBGYN.
Mela:I have suffered with B.V. for 4yrs. and I think it all started when I got off Birth Control LO/OVRAL.I know how you feel!I have been doing a lot of research this week and I have come up with a conclusion.
Here it is:
Birth control tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant by using higher doses of estrogen.I have never read the paper that came along with the pack of birth control until this week and here is what it states:
Birth control may deplete or interfere with the absorption or function of the nutrient. Taking these nutrients may help replenish them. Folic acid


Vitamin B1*

Vitamin B12*

Vitamin B2*

Vitamin B3*

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C*

reduction/prevention—Taking these supplements may help reduce the likelihood and/or severity of a potential side effect caused by the medication. Folic acid

Vitamin B6

May be Beneficial: Supportive interaction—Taking these supplements may support or otherwise help your medication work better. Folic acid*

Avoid: Adverse interaction—Avoid these supplements when taking this medication because taking them together may cause undesirable or dangerous results. St. John’s wort*


Check: Other—Before taking any of these supplements or eating any of these foods with your medication, read this article in full for details. Calcium




Vitamin A
Interactions common to many, if not all.(WHY WAS I NOT TOLD.)
Interactions with Dietary Supplements
Folic acid
Oral contraceptive (OC) use can cause folic acid depletion.1 In a double-blind trial of OC users with cervical dysplasia, supplementation with very large amounts (10 mg per day) of folic acid improved cervical health.2 Women with cervical dysplasia diagnosed while they are taking OCs should consult a doctor. Mega-folate supplementation should not be attempted without a doctor’s supervision, nor is there any reason to believe that folic acid supplementation would help people with cervical cancer.

Menstrual blood loss is typically reduced with use of OCs. This can lead to increased iron stores and, presumably, a decreased need for iron in premenopausal women.3 Premenopausal women taking OCs should have their iron levels monitored and talk with their prescribing doctor before using iron-containing supplements.

Women using OCs were found to have significantly lower serum magnesium levels in a controlled study.4 In a preliminary study, blood levels of magnesium decreased in women taking an OC containing ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel.5 Although the importance of this interaction remains somewhat unclear, supplementation with 250–350 mg of magnesium per day is a safe and reasonable supplemental level for most adults.

Vitamin B6
Oral contraceptives have been associated with vitamin B6 depletion and clinical depression. In a small, double-blind study of women with depression taking OCs, vitamin B6 (20 mg twice per day) improved depression.6 Half of the women in the study showed laboratory evidence of vitamin B6 deficiency.

Other nutrients
A review of literature suggests that women who use OCs may experience decreased vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12, C, and zinc levels.7 8 9 OC use has been associated with increased absorption of calcium and copper and with increased blood levels of copper and vitamin A.10 11 12 OCs may interfere with manganese absorption.13 The clinical importance of these actions remains unclear

Birth control may deplete or interfere with the absorption or function of the nutrient. Taking these nutrients may help replenish them. Folic acid


Vitamin B1*

Vitamin B12*

Vitamin B2*

Vitamin B3*

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C*


May be Beneficial: Side effect reduction/prevention—Taking these supplements may help reduce the likelihood and/or severity of a potential side effect caused by the medication. Folic acid

Vitamin B6

May be Beneficial: Supportive interaction—Taking these supplements may support or otherwise help your medication work better. Folic acid*
The people that produce birth control know that their products are unhealthy for women but they continue to profit off of us.
Birth control causes an estrogen dominance and that can lead to many horrible side effects that we have INCLUDING CERVICAL DYSPLASIA.
Here is something else that might help: nce.php

Birth control throws your body off track(hormonal imbalance) so we need to balance the body and put those missing minerals back in our system.Also B.V occurs when the acidity of the vagina changes.Notice how birth control depletes all of the things our body needs to stay acidic.Coincidence maybe? I THINK NOT AND I AM PISSED MY DOCTOR DID NOT TELLL ME ABOUT ALL OF THIS BEFORE HAND.Thank God I can read and do my own research.I just hate it's taken 4yrs. to piece everything together.I have been B.V. free for a week and a half.I just need to stick to the program and pray that the B.V. isn't smart enough to catch on to my program and become super B.V.
Sorry this is so long but it might help!

my doctor said i have high levels of testesterone.. does anyone know anything about this? he prescribed me Yasmin but after a month i got off it... i need suggestions!
Seasonale, huh, mela? I'm on it too, but I've been on it for like 3 years. 7 months ago I started dealing with what I think is BV. Rephresh is supposed to change the acidity, I hear, but it sounds like you guys haven't had very good luck with it.

I really haven't had that smell you all are talking about. Just the recurring itch, and some pain during sex. I've had Flagyl twice, and it's not very bad, but the sex isn't right. It sounds like some of you have had better luck with condoms. For me, the problem started after my boyfriend and I started having sex without condoms. We were both tested. I wonder about semen changing the body's pH.

But I don't have the smell problem, and my OB-GYN is confused. She thinks maybe I shoudl get after the Seasonale (after I finish this expensive package) and try the Nuva ring....

Sorry to ramble, but at least Iknow you all understand.
Mela, I too have HPV, cervical dyplesia and I also have chronic BV. I am still being monitored by my OBGYN to see if the abnormal cells will go away by themselves. I want them out already! Yes, men do not know when they have HPV, I believe I got mine four years ago and didn't find out until a year ago! I was getting annual paps! I was having problems with BV before I even knew I had HPV, mainly from unprotected sex. Try wearing condoms for now...Good luck!
hmmm, Beofre using the Jamu Herbal Stick, I had very bad odour and the white discharge was quite severe. I had a Japanes friend who recommended me the Jamu Stick as she said its common practise in Tokyo Japan. I use the stick now once weekly and whenever I have time. I have also tried their Oak Gall foam and it compliments well with my overall hygene. The Manjakani Oak Gall balances the PH level as its stated in their ad. This link maybe of help: temZ5658992967QQcategoryZ67590QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem
chantelhugo, I am using the Jamu Herbal Stick and it really helps with clearing those bad odours I have.I use this regularly once a week now. I think my body will keep producing these bad odours and those white discharge so I can only control my problem.
Just to mention something about birth control. I have had chronic BV both while taking birth control and while not taking birth control. My step-sister also has this problem and birth control has not been a factor...just saying that I don't think that alone contributes.
Oh and by the way, the Enzara does not work, and cause's really bad Yeast Infections, at least that was my experience.
joylove: Could you tell me more about the jamu herbal stick? I heard about this stuff but wasn't sure about how it works.:-) I did visit the link you gave and bought the oak gall foam wash. will be getting them around 1 to 2 weeks.I have very wet discharge and have tried many over the counter medications. I read about herbs having natural properties to clear this problem of mine. I just want to try herbs for a change and if you could advise me your experience with the jamu stick.
Sassy: Did you have B.v. before you started to take birth control or did you take birth control then stopped and then thats when the discharge started?I'm just curious, and I know everyone is different when it comes to our bodies, but I do think there is a strong connection between this and birth control because I never had any problems until I started the pill.
Chantelhugo:Have you ever taken birth control pills?
turnip...I suggest you ask the seller with regards to your questions. I myself feel that the Jamu Herbal Stick really works for me. From what I read, its made from herbs only found on the island of Madura. There is a book written about Jamu and you can get them on eBay too. My experience is that the first time I used the Jamu Herbal Stick, I had it in for about 5 minutes. When I took out the Jamu Stick, there were loads of yellowish stuff sticking to it. Just remember to rinse yourself well after using the Jamu Stick. I felt tighter and dryer after the first use. Its almost like a miracle. Well, it works well for me and from the sellers feedback that I saw on eBay, there were many happy users. Let me know if you have use the Jamu Stick.
Neverending thank you so much for your reply. I am definitely going to look into your suggestions. I just wanted to know what kind of regimen you are following? Did you order it off the web(the vitamins) or did you go to a pharmacy / health food store?

Wipeout98a thanks for your reply. I was having a lot of breakthrough bleeding while on seasonale. I began the packet in March of last year and began having a horrible stench a few months later in May. I thought that perhaps my body had to release the blood (being that you are supposed to get your period every 3 months on these pills). However I was having a lot of breakthrough bleeding and the smell never went away. I got off the pill a few months later and am still having this issue. My doctor has treated me and now says I am fine but I know my body and I know I am not fine. She maybe just has run out of treatment options.

Alwaysonmymind I was wondering were you ever on birth control pills? I was a virgin till I met my current and got on bc pills and since have been facing this issue. My doctor doesn’t seem too helpful as she tells me that this is very common and up to 80% of women will have cervical dyplasia / HPV at some point in their lives. I would assume that if the cells were removed the stench would subside. Thanks for your reply.

Jewlscando – I have been using Enzara for about a week now. I have yet to notice any changes however when I began the program I was starting my period. A week later my period is subsiding but I am noticing a smell still. However I will give it another week to see how it goes. I am guessing the product is not very good. I have purchased something called BIOKPLUS(+) from my local health food store that is supposed to help with infections as well as boost immunity. However it is very expensive at $5 for a small container and the taste is much bitter than yogurt.
neverending: I took Yasmin for a month but it didnt do much only gained me 5 extra pounds!..I dont know if i should continue with it even if it didnt do much over the first month ?
I had BV before I was ever on birth control and I am now on birth control and there has been no change. I have treated it both before and now and it has also had no difference.
never ending.. I do not have facial hair, but i do have discharge a have gained waight. All the dr prescribed for me is yasmin,,, if you do have all these symptoms that you say you do it iv very important that you stop eating refined carbs and that you drop at least 2o puonds so that the insuline resistance in your body gets better and that way it will stop atacking you hormones. It is a bever ending cyncle. But the only weight to start is loosing a lot of weight. Also you should exercise at least 2o minutes daily.(stroneous exercise for at least 20 min) Good luck
joylove: Thanks for the update. I have also bought the Jamu Herbal Stick from the website you gave. I will update you as soon as I receive and try them. I saw many good feedbacks from the sellers eBay feedbacks. Here is the link if anyone is interested to get them:
Please keep me update on your progress with the Jamu Stick.
I just wanted to add that Enzara has not been working at all. I did just finish my period but the smell is even more prominent than when I was menstruating. Also I tried rephresh last night and that seems to be no help either. I called my doctor and am going in for a colposcopy today for the cervical dyplasia. I will let you know how it goes. I think I will return the Enzara, it is a waste. I will let you guys know what she says.
Mela:I am sorry you are going through this.(IT SUCKS)Look at my other post and that will show you the routine I started with at first.Now I am doing 3 vitex pills,2 magnesium pills, 1 zinc, 1 vitamin B complex, Activia yogurt, liquid chlorophyll 2 times daily,and I just started exercise this week 30-1hr daily.
Here is a link that might help with the bad pap if you have one:
I hope this helps :-)
Good luck!
MELA Oh, I forgot to tell you that I use natural progesterone cream called FemCreme.
I just ordered the Jamu Herbal stick.

We'll see (smell) what's happening with it, and I'll keep Y'all posted!
Everyone let me know how it goes with the jamu sticks. I think it looks interesting but I don't want to spend anymore money until I see if it helps more of you guys on here. I know it is better to get rid of the bacteria completely but I am pretty sure I will never be able to do that. The next best thing would be to control odor and discharge so I can live somewhat normally.
How much is the Jamu Stick?? And what are shipping costs??
jewelscando: The Jamu Herbal Stick are sold on eBay. Maybe this link will help.

I personally used the Jamu Stick and it has help me with lessening my white discharge. And those bad odours, they're gone too.
Do update this thread after you use the Jamu Herbal Stick.
Hey everybody I just wanted to ask if anyone knows of a good laxitive I can take everyday to keep my bowels moving so I can keep my system clean?I've been taking fiber but it seems that my body has gotten use to the pills and It takes longer to go.
I know where to buy it, I'M ASKING HOW MUCH???? Why won't anybody tell me this?? You have to buy out of the country, so what is the U.S. amount?? I asked the seller twice, and he keeps referring me to the auction. Oh well, does anybody know??
I know where to buy it, I'M ASKING HOW MUCH???? Why won't anybody tell me this?? You have to buy out of the country, so what is the U.S. amount?? I asked the seller twice, and he keeps referring me to the auction. Oh well, does anybody know??
I know where to buy it, I'M ASKING HOW MUCH???? Why won't anybody tell me this?? You have to buy out of the country, so what is the U.S. amount?? I asked the seller twice, and he keeps referring me to the auction. Oh well, does anybody know??
jewelscando:I bought mine for $30.00 and that is with shipping/handling.I was frustrated with sufy88 too I don't think he knows english because I asked him the price also and I got the same response, so I just went for it.
Hope this helps :-)
Thank you nerverending!! Geez, I don't know why that was so difficult!! It's like Top Secret!! haha. Sorry about the Triple posts!! Didn't mean to do that!! Anyways, my BV is back with a vengeance. I need to order some more meds online because TTO is not working. I'm going to quit smoking in June, so I'm praying that that will help with the BV.
Sorry jewels :-(. I'm doing okay right now. My BV is still gone from when I took antibiotics for an ear infection a couple of weeks ago. I am going to try the jamu stick if you guys get good results. I'm also still considering the whole "rockwell method" once I get more money.
Hello Everyone,

I went to the doctor for a colposcopy and complained to her about my odor. She cleaned me with Iodine after the procedure and gave me more flagyl for me and my boyfriend. So far everything has been okay. However I have been through this before. I have been taking vitamins along with BIO K. My next step if I get it again for the hundreth time this year might be the Jamu stick. I also stopped with the Enzara and am returning the rest of the pills.

jewelscando..You can get the Jamu Herbal Stick cheaper if you were to bid for it on eBay. I bought mine thru eBay bidding process for less than $30. Just look thru the sellers store and you will see some good prices. Now after more than 2 weeks of use, I am recommending more friends to use the Jamu Herbal Stick. It really is a "miracle" now that I'm dryer and NO MORE odour!
Is anybody from Atlanta, Ga or any of the other southern states like Alabama, Mississippi,Tennesse,or Flordia?
neverending...I'm almost southern. I'm in Louisville, Kentucky.
Arizona here. Joylove, thanks for the advice!! I took 4 of the Tindazole last night. I didn't want to do it, but I can't find anywhere to by the metronidazole online, and the one's I did find, it would take 10-28 days to get here, and I can't wait that long. I hate taking the Tindazole because it causes Metalic taste in your mouth, and it doesn't always work, and causes headaches. So, hopefully it will work this time.
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