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Full Version: Bacterial Vaginosis--or--embarrassing bad smell
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QUOTE(bonchicfeministe @ Jul 24 2006, 08:22 AM) *

Hi All. I've had BV in the past, and you need to see a gynecologist soon. She'll give you either oral pills or a vaginal suppository, depending on the severitiy of your BV. Mine was mild, so I used hte suppository, but for more serious cases, the oral meds tend to be better, from what my dr. told me. She said the oral meds tend to cause nausea and other unpleasant side effects, and htat is why she prefers to use the suppository whenever possible.

My gyno made it clear that normally BV doesn't cause any problems aside from the embarassing smell aspect (which to me was a major problem, ha!), BUT that if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, it is important to get it treated, as it can cause side effects and complications during pregnancy and labor. I didn't ask what problems it would cause since that didn't apply to me, but I am glad I know that for future reference in case it comes back. Luckily, after I used that suppository last year, it went away and I haven't seen a trace of it yet--I even had her retest me to be sure, and it is definatley gone, hopefully forever.

I'm just wondering if many folks have been to their dr's about this, because though it's not a seirous issue aside from if you're pregnant, it seems like a lot of misinformation is being thrown around. I just wouldn't want anyone to be harming themselves with methods they haven't checked out with their dr yet. I saw one poster who said she found on some websites that you can use boric acid for up to a year. Though the internet is a great search tool, I personally wouldn't rely on anyone but my dr to tell me if, when, and for how long to use something that is going near my vagina...I'm just sincerely a little concerned, especially if peopel are self-diagnosnig b/c BV and STDs could easiy be confused.

However, most posts don't really say how they started using the boric acid, i. e. if it was a dr's suggestion etc, or if they even wnet to a dr in the first place to get an accurate diagnosis. I would be interested in hearing hte backgroundn behind everyone's diagnosis and treatment.

Good luck all!

bonchicfeministe: Not to be mean, but I think everyone on here has tried EVERYTHING possible that their doctor can prescribe. Me personally, I have used evey prescription commonly, and some not so commonly, prescribed by my doctor. She told me I can treat it over and over again, or just let it be. She said women get BV sometimes and they don't know why it will not respond to medications. As for the boric acid, it too can actually be prescribed by gynos but it is also available over-the-counter if you want to make it yourself.

"I personally wouldn't rely on anyone but my dr to tell me if, when, and for how long to use something that is going near my vagina"

I would have totally agreed with this statement before I had BV but I think that I have learned so much more listening to my own body. Doctors really don't know anything about BV. You are a rare lucky case that was able to be successfully treated without reoccurance.

Dear Sassy:

You're not being mean--If we're supposedly strong women, we need to get some agency and ownership over our voices and stop worrying about offending everyone. People are going to disagree and have different experiences. That's why this place is so interesting. I would never take offense to someone's dissent, as long as they did it politely, rationally, and respectfully, and as long as they weren't invalidating my feelings or experiences.

I understand people react differentky to different meds--I went through the same thing recurrent yeast infections until I finally found a regime that worked. Howeer, I saw a lot of medical misinformation here, and it seemed like some folk had never even tried going to a doctor. I know alternative and herbal therapies work great for many people, but I also wanted to bring up the fact that it's important to make sure you actually have BV before you try to treat it--and to also give convential methods a shot as well.

Nice to talk to yoU!
I agree. I also think that if someone has a bad smell and they've never experienced that before, they should go to the doctor. I just know that most of us on here have went and went and went and we're actually losing faith in the doctors because they haven't provided us with any relief. It's a frustrating cycle. I've tried lots of different home remedies and right now, the boric acid is the best thing. It's a pain in the ass to have to use it but I love feeling somewhat normal and being able to have sex with my fiancee without feeling like I'm dirty. I think all any of us are looking for is a chance to feel normal and to be able to enjoy our sexuality. Some of us are young, like me, and it's really sad to not know what to do about this and feel trapped by an infection. sad.gif
Actually, I am married so of course there is unprotected sex. The only thing that I can figure caused this is we have used the KY warming liquid a couple of times. That's when I noticed it. Tell me more about the boric acid......oh and it isn't trichom.
Well, I agree with the whole going to the doctor to get diagnosed, if you've never been diagnosed in the past. However, I would have to agree with Sassy that MOST everyone on here HAS been to their doctor, over and over and over again. And have been prescribed the same meds OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, to no avail. Doctors do NOT understand B.V. and they will even tell you that. They have no idea why I have it and you don't. Or why yours goes away, and mine won't. Therefore, with this site, we have all been "Ginney Pigs" for a lack of a better word, in order to help each other do what the doctors won't. And for me, the Boric Acid has been a God Send. Is it harmfull? I don't know. Will it kill me? Unlikely. Did it take my B.V. away? YES!! And I have a bottle of Metronidazol, 500 Mg, in my bathroom. But tell me why I should take it, when the boric acid is doing the trick, and it will come back if I take the Metronidazol. So girls, take the advise of some and if this is your first experience, seek professional help. But I've been on this board for almost a year and what I've seen are women who have been to the doctor over and over and are just plain fed up. So here's to all my suffering long time sisters!! (BORIC ACID IS THE WAY TO GO!!) And if your doctor tells you otherwise, it's probably because they get a kick back on writing you that little script.....hmmmmm
Amen to Really though, it's all so true.
Yeah Dr's can really suck. I've gone through so many misdiasnosis for chronic back issues, and also had the same issues with yeast infections. Glad the boric acid works, I'll be sure to keep that in mind and also recommend it to a friend. I was just interested in seeing how everyone got diagnosed.

Has anyone tried acupuncture for BV or anything else? I've been thinking about doing it for my back. Thought appreciated!
i have never been diagnosed with BV, but i have all of the symtoms. i have had all of the tests done,
including a vulvar biopsy ( because i have little skin tags on the inside of my vuvla, the skin is red and
itches so bad that i want to rip the hair out of my head ) the biopsy came back inflammation, all other
tests came back NEGATIVE for yeast, bacteria and std. i have been to at least six gyno's, my family dr,
her nurse and two dermatologist ( not fun showing my cooch to a dermo ) the dermatologists prescribed hydrocortisone, but never gave me a diagnosis other than it "might be some sort of skin irritation". the
gyno's prescribed me Cleocin, Flagyl and Metrogel for BV and Diflucan for yeast, yes i was prescribed
all of those med's with no diagnosis besause i was told it "might" be yeast or bv. i took all of the med's,
went to dr after dr and stayed on the marry-go-round for about a year. one day it dawned on me that
the dr's where clueless and really did not care if i was well or not, it was up to me to heal myself . that
was four years ago. i have spent alot of time researching BV, it is my understanding that BV is a imbalance in the vaginal ph, we have both good and bad bacteria in our vagina's when the ph is off or to low, the bad bacteria take over. that is why when you have sex you get a "flair-up" because sperm changes
the vaginial ph (i have never thought that BV was a std ) or when you get your period the blood and changes in hormones cause ph levels to drop. that is why boric acid work's. it change's your vaginal ph,
make's it more acidic and the good bacteria take over. something else that is good for BV is hydrogen
peroxide, because the vagina naturally produces it. i have had chronic BV for five years, that is to say
i have it 24/7, not reacuring.i have tryed everything under the sun and sometimes nothing at all hoping
it would cure me. iam not cured,but it seam's astho my BV has changed over the years. the first year or two
the smell was like dead fish/ rotted garbage and the dishcharge was milky white. now the smell is like
ammonia/ funky and the discharge is very lite white. i read somewhere that an ammonia smell was a symptom of mild BV. so maybe i have made some progress !!! i started using boric acid about three years
ago , one every day. there are three things wrong whit boric acid, the first is you can not have oral
sex, because your partner will ingest it , the second is you can not have intercorse besause it burns your
partner's penis and third beacuse it causes irritation to the vuvla . so i have used it off and on over the years. i have read that a good way to get rid of BV is to do one boric acid in the morning and one at night for two week's i did this about six week's ago and it almost killed me, because i get such bad irritation
from it , so the good news is for about four days i smelt "normal" my old smell !!!!! the first time in five years!!! when i had used boric acid in the past there was no smell this was differant. i was thrilled and so was my husband. the bad news is that it came back. about five week's ago i satrted the hydorgen peroxide twice day along with my regular routine of 4000 mg's of vitamin c a day, Jarrow Femdophilus twice a day and 16 oz of plain yogurt a day. i feel like things are going well, the hydorgen peroxide seems to agree
with my system, more than the boric acid (tho i will not throw the boric acid away) the smell is there but
very faint, the discharge is lite. the only thing that remains is my itchy vuvla. anyway sorry post is so
long. hope some of the info helps.
Although I hate to say it, I have to come to the conclusion that I will have B.V. the rest of my life. Therefore, I am forced to find a cure for myself, unless I want to live on antibiotics. Boric has done the trick for me. And it did not burn my fiance's penis. I put one in about 5 hours before sex, because he had fallen asleep and I thought we weren't going to do anything. And, it was fine. He has not complained about any burning. He has been extremely excited that there has been no smell. I don't want to live on Boric Acid, but I will use it, if it will work. And for now, it's working, BETTER then ANYTHING I have tried in the past. And trust me, MY LIST OF THINGS I'VE TRIED IS LONGGGGGGGGGGGG!! As with EVERYTHING we have all tried on this board, it seems to be, what works for one, may not work for the other, and the side effects you may get, I may not get. Therefore, as we have all been saying on here for almost a year, DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and your body. For me, and Sassy too, Boric is our answer. At least for today. And with B.V., it literally is 1 day at a time.
I've had sex like a day after using boric acid and my boy reported no burning. The boric acid also does not irritate me and I've had oral sex, but I waited about 3 days just to make sure that there would be no boric acid left on my vagina. I don't want to use it forever, like jewels said, but right now it is making me feel somewhat normal. BV makes me really sad and anxious because it's always there in the back of my mind...this gives me some relief and I'm taking it. smile.gif

Squishy: I think we all understand how you feel. I do feel like most of my doctors don't really care if I get better. Some even say to "live with it." But really, how can they expect you to live with feeling dirty and gross everyday of your life? Because they don't care, is what I think. I'm glad you are feeling better. I've heard about the hydrogen peroxide but I have never tried it.
You all have said this is recurring. How often does this rear its ugly head? And wouldn't you figure, I go to buy the boric acid and the smell seems to be gone. Guess I will be ready for the next time.
qypsyraven: everyone is different. For the serious suffers, me, sassy and more, we get it all the time. It really never goes away. And if it does, it's temporary.

Boric Acid is still working!! I have NO smell what so ever. I only use the boric now every other day, and after sex. My boyfriend did the sniff test last night, and he had the biggest smile on his face. He himself cannot believe how well this is working. I asked him if he was burning at all, or if he was having any side effects from the boric and he said absolutley not. He did say, "No, I'm not burning, BUT THE SMELLS GONE!!" We had sex 3 times over the weekend, then again last night. I don't know why Boric Acid is working so well for me, but, like Sassy said, it gives me a moment of normality, and I'LL TAKE IT TOO!! wink.gif
I've had really good results with boric acid. The only difficult thing is finding it and the empty capsules. I just moved so now I'm really not sure where to find walmarts around here. I've only gotten it with one guy in my life and we've broken up so hopefully I won't need it as often.

But, while we were dating, he never complained of burning and I never had any side effects except the watery discharge. The discharge was a good way for me to know that it was out of my system though and so after that happened, I felt comfortable having sex in all it's forms.
Most pharmacies carry it, you just have to ask them. It is like $5 for the boric acid and I am not sure how much for the capsules.
The biggest thing I have with the Boric Acic is really watery discharge. Like, in the morning when I first stand up out of bed, it comes dripping out. Klee, Sassy, is that normal, and Klee does that mean the B.V. is cleared up, so I can lay off the boric??

Thank you!
D double U
Hey ladies,
Ofcourse Tetrasil didn't work for me. But I haven't had a chance to purchase the Boric acid. For now tho, I would like to know from th ladies who've used it, what is your progress? How long have you been using it and are you continuing to have success with it? sad.gif
I think the watery discharge is just how boric acid works w/the high levels of mucous in that area of the body. Boric acid is also often used to treat pink eye and the eyes contain a lot of mucous too. I don't think it means it's all cleared up though. It seems like most articles I've read say to use it for about 3 -5 days if you have bv or a yi.

I've used the suppositories during the day since the capsule seems to kinda stick a bit and that works out well for me. I remove the top and insert carefully, to prevent spilling the powder, so that it disintergrates faster. All the discharge is gone by the evening and I've had sex that same night.

Flagyll also worked really well in clearing up a case of bv. I thought it might be better to clear things up on the inside...intestinally. The problem is that it just comes right back after having sex and then getting my period, just like every other treatment. So frustrating. I'm going to see if my body will go back to normal again since I won't be having sex for a while.
Still doing wonderfull here on the boric acid. Had sex 3 times again this weekend, and no smell. I didn't use it after one time of having sex, and STILL NO SMELL. But to be on the safe side, I did use it again tonight.

I love Boric Acid and I will remain on it forever if I have too. It really does work, and it works instantly.
Also had sex 3 times this weekend...go me. :-P The watery discharge is normal...I'm not sure why it comes back out like that but it's okay with me as long as there is no smell!
Bump for Dolores
Hi ladies...

I had some difficulty getting my handle to work with the new format, but now I'm back. Things have been ok and odor free since my successful self-treatment with the boric acid until...

(key dramatic scary music)

I met a new boy. Ain't that always the way??? Dang it. It seems I only get two choices: either I can be celibate and odorless (with no one to appreciate it) or I can be dating and stinky. SIGH!!! Waaaah! LOL.
So we met three months ago and started having sex a few weeks ago. He is wonderful, sensitive, funny, thoughtful and caring. The sex is fantastic. He is an oral magician -- better than anything I've ever experienced, and hey, I will be 30 in September so I've tried my share.

But alas, he is uncircumcised. Which shouldn't matter one bit, since we are very diligent about using condoms. But somehow, some way, maybe from the excessive oral festivities, the damn BV is back. With a vengeance. He doesn't seem to notice it, and I don't want to treat it with more boric acid while we are having oral sex on a regular basis, so I am resigned to waiting. And waiting. In not-unlike Jewelscando fasion, some days the smell is completely gone for no reason, other days (especially during the last 3 days of my period) it is horrifically strong.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share the news that at least for me, this BV sh*t is definitely sex related. I am going to try treating it with boric acid during my next period when we are not having sex anyway, so that he won't miss out. Although I have tried that before and it doesn't seem to "take" as well, maybe b/c things are already hormonally in flux down there during that time.

I am SO GLAD though to hear that the boric acid is working so well for all of you with next to no irritation and a reminder to the newbies -- don't eat the stuff!! It's a suppository, not a supplement. Sure is great that something so cheap and so accessible works for so many folks, and the great thing is it doubles as a yeast infection treatment should we ever need it, though since the BV set in 2 years ago, I never seem to get those anymore, even while using yucky old metronidazole... ugh.

Stay healthy and keep taking your probiotics everyone!!! Gotta repopulate those good bacteria too!
ok, please someone post the amounts you're using, frequency, etc. it's totally sex related for my girlfriend too and she's willing to try the boric acid (or anything) at this point. i just don't know what to tell her about how much and how often to use it.

thanks girlies!
I use one 00 gelcap at night. In the beginning I used it everynight for about a week. Now, I only use it approx. twice a week, and ALWAYS after sex. I was in California this past weekend so I didn't use it 1 time after sex, and the smell was still gone.

If you do a research on it, I think it tells you to use it for a specific amount of time, I just don't want to speak out of line. So click the Search button, and do some research. That will help alot!! Tell your friend I said, she will be amazed at how well it works!!
right-o then jewels, i'll even buy her the supplies to get her started. i think she's all but given up hope. let you know what she says.

i wonder why mine just went away? the doc said it doesn't usually clear up on it's own, so wtf? not that i'm complaining, At ALL! but still.
Well, It's been a while since i've been here.Still trying to get over things.Everything is fine so far.The doctor put me on long doses of flagel and it tastes so gross.Thank you all for your support and I'm doing ok.I just need time to heal. sad.gif
QUOTE(neverending @ Aug 4 2006, 02:00 PM) *

Well, It's been a while since i've been here.Still trying to get over things.Everything is fine so far.The doctor put me on long doses of flagel and it tastes so gross.Thank you all for your support and I'm doing ok.I just need time to heal. sad.gif

Are you o.k. What happened?
Girls Girls Girls, you have got to get on board with the Boric Acid!!! Straight quote from my fiance "Babe, do you realize it's been a LONG time since we've had the smell!!" This has been the longest I've gone in years with out the itty bitty fish head smell. I only use the boric now after sex and maybe once a week, since I only see my fiance on the weekends!! Anyways, GET ON BOARD GIRLS!!! It really works!!!
Hey girls...just to let you know, I have a urinary tract infection now. I'm not sure if it's related with using the boric acid or not, but just be careful. Ow! I will resume my boric acid in a couple of weeks I guess.
D double U
I just ordered the Boric Acid. I've been all around the globeit seems like!!! Im really anxious to use it. I feel like it's taking over my life sad.gif sigh....
I guess I better get on board with the boric acid.Since I've had the miscarriage it seems like it's trying to come back.It's been 3 or 4 months since i've seen or smelled this smell and here it comes again.Could this be a hormonal thing or could it be the flagyl? Someone please answer!
Look at this guys...although I'm pretty sure none of us actually have's weird.

Fish odour syndrome (trimethylaminuria) is a metabolic syndrome caused by abnormal excretion of trimethylamine in the breath, urine, sweat, saliva and vaginal secretions. Trimethylamine is derived from the intestinal bacterial degradation of foods rich in choline and carnitine and is normally oxidised by the liver to odorless trimethylamine N-oxide which is then excreted in the urine. Impaired oxidation of trimethylamine is thought to be the cause of the fish odour syndrome and is responsible for the smell of rotting fish. Certain foods rich in choline exacerbate the condition and the patients have a variety of psychological problems. Recognition of the condition is important as dietary adjustments reduce the excretion of trimethylamine and may reduce the odour. Occasionally, a short course of metronidazole, neomycin and lactulose may suppress production of trimethylamine by reducing the activity of gut microflora.

Hello ladies,

I am 28 years old and I've been battling BV on and off for about 4 years now. It began with the ping pong effect of bv and then yeast. I would get BV once every 6 months or less often. Then every 3 to 4 months and now I've had it twice in lesss than two months. On top of that I"ve been diagnosed with having vulvodynia, which my doctor presumes was brought on by over the counter yeast infection creams.

I've been researching this for years and have used everything from clindesse, metrogel, garlic cloves (inserted) to Wise Woman suppositories recommended by my naturopath, acidophilus suppositories, twice daily yogurt suppositories (which got rid of the symptoms for months at at time but now isnt as effective), oregano oil, herbal infused douches, berberine complex (from goldenseal) name it. They all worked but it was only temporary appeasement.

I got a second course of antibiotics for my beau and myself. It worked the first time around but after the second time of unprotected sex with him (he is uncircumsized) it came back.

I've decided to follow this regimen before taking metronidazole and so far the symptoms are gone but the bacteria could very well still be there on a microscopic level. The repHresh/acidophilus milk/water seemed to have cleared up the odor. I've decided to take the antibiotics after my period comes since the blood is alkaline and will more than likely encourage the growth of bacteria. During the course of antibiotics I will still follow this regimen until my doctors appointment. If everything is clear I will contine the regimen and take acidophilus (got from pharmacy at cvs), acdiophilus milk internally and vaginally (especially after sex, proctected for atleast 1-3 months). I've also bought some plain organic Kefir, Stoneyfield and HOrizon ogranic yogurt to eat daily. Here is my regimen:


Systemic support

Cut out sugars, breads, yeast, processed and refined foods as much as possible
Drink6-10 cups of water daily (48-80ounces)
Consume 4-8 ounces of plain organic yogurt
Take 4-10 Table spoons of acidophilus milk
Drink 6-8 ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice daily
Take 4-12 cranberry capsules with water daily
Take Immune Health supplement "System Well Ultimate Imumunity" by Nature's Way 3 pills 2x daily
Drink several cups of strong Pau d arco tea (unsweetened)
Take 1000mg – 3000mg of Vitamin C daily
Take 60 mg of Zinc daily
Take 2000mg to 6000mg of Flaxeed Oil daily (2-6 gel caps)
Take 2-4 garlic pills daily with meal

Internal support


Use Rephresh gell every three days. Use acidophilus milk/water douche (morning and night) on days not using rephresh gel. i.e. if you use Rephresh gel in Monday, use acidophilus milk/water douche morning and night on Tuesday and Wednesday and Rephresh on Thursday and so on.

Note: after doctor’s visit continue with rpH gel twice weekly and the Acidophilus douche treatment once a day 5 times a week for about two weeks or more.

Other suggestions (have not incoporated yet, as I have not found the need too, but will definitely stop taking oral contraceptives):

Purchase acidophilus powder and capsules (good to superior quality) one strain (to be take internall and vaginally)

Get Aci Gel (just in case; it restores ph)

Stop birth control

Purchase “tiny kit” re-useable from CVS (reuseable douche to put water and acidophilus milk/powder mixture in)

Natural pads


also check out his very helpful link:
hi ladies im back and so is the BV canu u believe it after almost ayear, any ways i been having real irregular periods, like 4 in two month then last nnight drip drip funk!!

anyhow i got me some boric acid i couldnt get the caps so i emtied some i had with some herbal medicine in and filled 2 with boric acid,inserted and 3 hours later Bv gone!!! i dont plan to use it tomorrow i want to see what 1 dose will do and gonna start taking acidopilus religeously again

i will be the 1 dose guinea pig!! will keep you all posted

Love to all
hugs 4 u Neverending

shorrty:Thank you! It sux that we all have to go through this.
Hey all. Well the Boric seems to be still working. I did have a very slight hint of fish two nights ago, but I hadn't used the boric for a few days. My boyfriends mother had a stroke, and he has been gone, so I figured I didn't need to use it as much. Obviously I was wrong. I guess with Boric, it's going to be lifetime, or, until I decide to stop smoking and drinking so much coffee, which I'm thinking is why my b.v. is so bad. I had to be on this forever, because as with everything, you never really know what kind of long term damage it's going to do. I've developed some pain in my lower right back, and not sure if it's related to the boric. Sassy, what are the symptoms of a UTI? Anyways, just wanted to give you all an update. Still going strong with the Boric!!
Urinary tract infections make you pee a lot and it burns really bad. Back pain can also be a symptom if it's around your kidney area. I hope the boric acid isn't what caused mine. I'm on antibiotics for it now.
hi all
well its been a couple of days since my 1 dose of boric, the following day no odour or drip, i had sex last night no odour during or after and im all good today. Im not planning on taking any more boric acid as a preventer im just observing if and when it comes back all im taking is acidophilus 2 tabs daily and lots of probiotic yogurts as snaks. Will keep you posted.

Ps i hope it doesnt cause uti's that would be so unfair, perhaps its related to longterm use of boric acid , like i said i will be the 1 dose guuinea pic i mean collectively we have found and tested a cure, now its time to get some concise dosage and length of use info.

Good luck 2 all
as someone who does not have sex, i can attest to the fact that I have had a series of BV infections that have increased in frequency despite the fact that I abstain...just my two cents
Yeah, I don't have any of those symptoms thank God. I only had a slight ache in my right side of my back, but I think that had something to do with the way I was sleeping. I only had that very slight hint of fish and nothing since, and as you all know, it was the weekend which meant a catch up of sex. (And yes, it's getting old) lol, but, anyways, no smell, and I'm only going to use the boric twice a week, and again only after sex. Shorty, thanks for taking the test for us. For me, I may be able to get by only using it after sex. Just to kill whatever funk he has going on inside of him, which I feel is the cause to this. Damn, if I just didn't love him so much!! lololololol.
D double U
Hey Ladies,

I finally got my Boric Acid. Im going to do the Treatment tonight, I hope all goes well!!

Hi Ladies,
I just found this board today and I feel like….jumping for joy or something. I have been suffering with bv for nearly two years. I’ve tried flagyl, metrogel, clindamax, garlic cloves, you name it. Right now, I have managed to get rid of the odor, and all I have is the itching and discharge.

I guess I’m just posting to show solidarity. It feels so good to know I’m not the only one, and to have new things to try. I wish everybody the best of luck in getting rid of this.
Welcome to the board! I felt the same way when I found this board.I thought"thank God I'm not the only person plagued with this crap". Anyway, It's nothing but love and support here so make yourself at home.What methods of treatment have you tried?
Welcome tgifcanigohomeyet!! You have now finally found your new home!! This site has been a god send for me!! I'm currently using Boric Acid, which you can find at Walmart, near the Peroixide area, and you have to by capsules to fill it. We buy the 00 size.

Mine is still gone!! Again still just using twice a week and after sex. How's everything going with you Sassy?? Is the UTI gone??
Help me ladies! Im new here and i just came across this site while trying to find self-treatments for BV!
Many of you are saying that BV is sex related but I am a 17 year old virgin and im pretty sure that i have BV and I hate it. Ive had boyfriends but none that i want to get seriously intimate with because of this problem! Ive had it for ages now and I dont think i could go to the doctor cos i feel too embarrassed.
My UTI is gone and I've been using the boric acid again. I don't think the two were least I hope not!!
hi ladies, well i took a top up of BA after getting a slight odour with my usual secretions not fishy more like that post period funk but no smell after sex so i'll see how it goes maybe i'll use it once a week when i get symtoms and if no symptoms i wont take it.

Also i hve been inserting mine in the morning i wear a liner pad, i wash in evening evrything normal almost as soon as i insert BA. am considering a BA douce/sitz mayybe 1 tsp in a quart of water to see the effects, keep u posted if i do.

and acidophilus when i remember, need to tighten up with that!


im new here and ive been suffering with bv for 3yrs. i just tried the boric acid last night. b4 that i tried everthing in the book and on the table. i am fed up with this. i hope this boric acid helps. i cant stand to have sex because of the smell. why does it have to smell sooooooooooo badddddddddd? ive tried metrogel, flagyl,yogurt,cleocin, tea tree oil, sitz baths, douche, and i have even ordered thing from the internet that didnt help. so ladies im here for help amd maybe i can help someone too. newbie............ peace out
Its nice to know that im not alone in this! After reading all your advice i tried tea tree oil last night. So far the smell has gone but i dont know if thats just the tea tree oil thats covering it up! I want to try yoghurt as i read that somewhere else aswell and was helpful to others
Happy Monday Everyone....

I decide to try the boric acid and bought it yesterday, but I have to wait for the health food store to open to get the capsules today. I'm really excited though! One question that you all may or may not know the answer to: does boric acid have any effect on condoms? And how long after the boric acid should I wait to have sex? (Thought I saw 3 days somewhere on here, but can't be sure). Thanks y'all!

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