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Full Version: Bacterial Vaginosis--or--embarrassing bad smell
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I just don't believe it. If it were true that men could carry it, then why have gynocologists seen so many cases where women have it before even being sexually active? (Like in my case, for example...) Since you have not had it since you stopped having oral sex and you now use condoms, then it is probably the saliva and semen that throw you off balance and give you BV...not that your boyfriend, who does not have a vagina, is carrying a vaginal infection.
thanx 4 your info quiet madness, regarding axidophillos supositories, u just use regular maximum strength pills but MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT CONTAIN SUGAR otherwise its bv and thrush who'll be turning u into a paranoid wreck! i personally took highest strength acidophillos orally and it really improved things this is the first time i have had a coil andno odour or constant damp uncomfortable watery.... u know the rest. It really did work for me and believe me i went through vit c tea tree which worked for about 2 months, metronizadole, no effect, clindomyacin, my cootchie was like a phamacy but acidophilus sugar free variety did wonders, i haave been bv free for about 7 months now, i occasionally pop an acidophilus (it has great health benefits any way, but have not had return of bv since i stopped taking 2 pills aday 4 months ago.
shorty:Did you use the regular acidophilus as a suppository or did you buy from that website?
Sassy, I AGREE WITH YOU!! She is BV free due to the condoms and no oral sex. Not because he's on the meds. My boyfriend went on the meds also just to satisfy me, and it did nothing for me. So, the boyfriend being treated did nothing for me. And the antibiotics suck ass, but, it's the only thing that takes it away for me. Now, I need to find something to KEEP THE SHIT AWAY!! Dammit!!!
shorty: Which brand of acidophilus did u use?
Is acidophillus a cure?
Hi ladies!!!

It's been ages since I last posted... and though there have been some ups and downs it would *appear* that (knock on wood) I am now BV free and have been for the past two months. Some regulars may recall that I had Planned Parenthood do a swab test during the most intense period of my herbal self-treatment to check and see how I was doing, and discovered that there was still some bad bacteria present, despite the lack of odor and discharge. Well, things have changed quite a bit since then. My wonderful natural smell has returned to exactly the way it used to be several years ago, pre-BV. I started getting some exterior itching again so I went in for a pelvic exam and much to my surprise, the doctor, after looking under the microscope at my swab, told me that I had more lactobacilli in my vagina than most women she's ever seen, almost too much! Well, after having gone without enough lactobacilli for the past two years, my reaction was, the more the friggin' merrier! They can have a party up there forever, for all I care! In fact she was kind of mad because before looking at the swab we were discussing my self-treatment, and I told her about all the acidophilous I took and how I felt that helped, and she said, No No, it does nothing. Well I guess I kind of proved her wrong. :-)! She said that the slight itching I was having was probably due to this "overabundance" of lactobacilli. whatever, I could care less as long as it's not BV!!!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd repost my self-treatment regimen for the benefit of the new folks in hopes that it might work for someone else out there. I know how frustrating it is, just keep trying, don't give up hope, STAY POSITIVE, and eventually with some luck you will find what works for you.

On a side note, I have greatly reduced the amount of sex I've been having, which has probably played a role in my recovery. Though I am by no means celibate, and did receive some sweet DATY (oral, for those new to my crazy acronyms) and finger play from the new boy 2 weeks ago with NO problems afterwards.

Without further ado...

2 boric acid suppositories (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) for 14 days, then 1 per day as needed and always after sex til symptoms improve
*note: I started with the Yeast Arrest brand by Vitanica, but switched to making my own to save $

daily supplements:
4-6 odorless garlic caplets
2 Primal Defense
2-4 Alfalfa tablets
4-6 Chlorella tablets
1 multivitamin
1 calcium tablet
1 flaxseed oil caplet (for the omega-3s)
12-16 drops cinammon oil & ginger oil, added to juice, water or tea

weekly *extras* (meaning, when I remembered to take them):
4-6 tablespoons pure aloe vera juice
1-2 cranberry tablets (later I switched to 100% pure unsweetened, undiluted cranberry juice which seems to work better)
rest, positive affirmations, patience

well, that covers it. I also tried to cut down on sugar, caffiene and refined flour products and eat lots of fruits and veggies. I know it all sounds like a lot to take on, but once you get in the habit it's not so bad. Nowadays I only take the Primal Defense a couple times a week, along with some cranberry juice, a garlic pill or two when I remember, and a multivitamin.

Good luck and good health to all.
awesome delores! your treatment sounds so good, i'll pass it along to my girl friend who suffered for so long in case it comes back.
girls, i think it's called bacterial vaginosis when it appears in the vagina, not meaning that it is exclusive to that region. my friend and her partner do not use condoms, have a tremendous amount of sex, and have not had a recurrance in several months to the antibiotics worked for the two of them. she had tried every other solution she could find before that.
i only ever get a mild case of bv now and then and only just in the last year or so (same with yeast infections, only occasionally, only mild, only in the last year). i am convinced that my last partner played a part in that as i haven't suffered with either since i split with him. but i haven't had any other sex either so i guess i'll have to test my theory at a later date.
whatever the case, i'm really enjoying reading your stories and especially hearing about the natural treatments that are tried out. i think you are all amazing for taking things into your own hands to figure out.
Awesome dolores!! Sounds like alot of work, but obviously it worked for you! I think I'd throw up if I had to take all that!! lol, but hey, it might be worth a shot. I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow, so when I get back, I'm attacking this B.V. like no tomorrow. I'm so fed up it's ridiculous. Anyways, I'll talk to you all when I get back!! Have a great weekend!!

I've never been a big poster, but I thought I'd share somethings that have made my life SO much better.

I was diagnosed with several foods allergies. Now that I stay away from those foods, I haven't had a yeast infection or BV in...I don't know how long!!! The foods I'm allergic to: gluten (a protein in wheat, barley, rye), dairy (milk or anything with milk does a number on me), and sulfites (I do miss my wine, but this cuts a lot of processed crap out of my system!). It was hard at first to get used to the diet, but now I feel so much healthier than I have in forever.

You might try an elimination diet of wheat first and see how you feel. Yes, it's difficult to stick to, but one BV flare up and I'm reminded why I do it!

Good luck!
hi neverending and precious, i used Holland and barrett chewable lactobacilus acidophilus and lactobacilus bfidus combined, i also took hiigh strenghth acidophillus with 100mg pectin combined. I didnt use any of them as suppositories as i heard its best to treat the gut to manintain a constant amount of healthy bacteria it really worked for me, i found that the vaginal treatments i used were always either tempporary or induced thrush. I would also say to try to inhibit or stop all sugar intake because i notice that when i have sugar cravings im more suceptible to yeast which in turn progresses to bv. but those acidophilus pills really do what they say, The key in my opinion is to treat from the inside not just the vaginal area. and dont wear any panties at night make sure everything gets aired out that also reduces the terrible itching and help dry u up a bit.
oh yeah i also have sex like 4/5 times a weekand still no reoccureece or odour
Shorty: Where did you get them from?(walmart,health food store,walgreens)
hi neverending i bought them in the health food store called holland and barrett (i live in England) get the highest strength ones mine contain 90mg lactobacillus which typically provide3 billion viable cells it says on jar. Just make sure u get sugar free or else you could encourage a yeast infection. good luck!!
Well, personally I've never had BV issues till I got with my current and started using seasonale bc pills. We have been having oral and unprotected sex for the past few days and everything appears to be normal thus far. I also take bio K plus which is a supplement I picked up from the health food store. Everyone's body is different and doctors don't know much on BV therefore what works for one might not work for the other. This is the longest I have been BV free and we had tried the condoms and the no oral route in the past (and even no sex) and the smell would still come back.

I was also diagnosed with cervical dyplasia so I thought this could have been what was causing the smell in the past but the doctor says no, abnormal cells do not cause odor.

Anyway I wish everyone luck as this is an awful thing to suffer from.

dolores: I'm so glad you found something that worked for you. I've been wanting to try the boric acid for quite a while now and I want to make my own, although the yeast arrest is available in stores where I live. What size gel capsule do you buy to fill with boric acid?? (I think before I read someone said it was size 00). Also, where did you buy them? I found them online but I would rather try to buy them locally. Isn't boric acid sold as rat poison or something crazy like that? Where did you get yours?
hi Sassy: I used size 00 gelatin caps. health food stores should carry them. make sure they are the empty version. my pharmacy got confused when I ordered them and tried to give me the kind that actually contains powdered gelatin (for hair and nail growth) so I had to return them and ask for the right kind. The boric acid powder you should also be able to find thru your pharmacy or health food store. I found it cheapest at WalMart, $3 for a big bottle.

And yes, ingested orally boric acid is considered toxic (and says so all over the bottle), don't know about the rat poison part but keep in mind that this is a temporary treatment which has been studied to be safe for vaginal use with yeast infections. Boric acid has many other uses, i.e. it even comes in a cream form for some skin problems like eczema.

As for making the actual suppository, simply open the gelatin cap carefully so as not to break it, fill it to the brim with boric acid powder (I tried a mini funnel for this at first but switched to a scooping technique b/c the powder is so fine that it kind of sticks to the funnel and ends up making a mess -- so use a big plate or tray underneath to catch the overflow), close the capsule back up and voila! you are ready to pop that up your kitty.

another thing i wanted to mention to you all is that as part of my 'emotional' recovery from the BV I decided (and this may make you chuckle!) that it would be good to symbolically get rid of a lot of my old underwear, especially the synthetic ones, that I thought might be part of the problem. I've switched most of the old out for new, comfy cotton bikini briefs, and have tried to stop wearing thongs as much as possible, though they don't seem to bother me when I do wear them once in a while.

Jewelscando: have a blast in Vegas, hope you get lucky and when you get home I really think you should give the Primal Defense acidophilous a try. I am convinced that it, more than anything else, is what helped me the most. Though it did take some time to see the results. Yes, It's expensive, but it won't make you bleed or anything else scary like that and really caused me NO stomach discomfort at all, and I have a pretty sensitive stomach. And no, I do not work for Primal Defense -- LOL -- I had heard about it for a long time but was always skeptical to buy because I felt it was very expensive for my budget. It was not until I was at the health food store looking at it and debating over whether to buy it when another shopper passed by and told me it was the best thing that ever happened to him for his IBS and candida issues. I took the chance in hopes that it would help my BV and am so glad I did.

p.s. to all: I had sex for the first time in a month last week, and so far no bad smell, though my period did start the very next day. will keep ya'll posted.
Thanks dolores...that's what I thought. I am going to look into supplements to, but obviously I am a college student and I have little money at the moment. I hope the boric acid does start my road to getting things under control. I want to order the vaginal acidophilus as well when I get money to do so. It's part of the rockwell plan and I really hope it works!
to boric acid users: I had good results after using yeast arrest for several months. I would use it to keep my ph level balanced after my period. Two weeks ago i decided to use pure boric acid. I used the advice of someone else in the bv group on yahoo. I had the choice of using the caps or simply inserting with my fingers. I wanted to test it out first so i decided to use my fingers. Be ware pure boric acid burns the flesh arround your vagina. Some of the boric acid fell between lips and in between of my cooch. That was the worst experience ever. I dont think pure boric is safe for the vagina at all. Anyway i wanted to pass the information. I wouldnt want anyone to go through that. Oh yeah it will heal up but its not worth it. I only used it for two days. bye
precious...I'm sure if it had been in a capsule, it wouldn't have burned like that. Boric acid is safe to use vaginally but obviously you have to watch your own body and know when something is wrong. It is really really strong so putting it in without a coating on it is not a good idea.
jewelscando:How is everything going?Any luck with other treatments?

When you use the boric acid, does it make a discharge/cause leakage or anything? Necessary to use a panty liner? (Ok, two questions!)

And, I've been faithful to the JAMU stick--it's ok, but maybe I've been using it TOO much, because now I'm fighting a slight yeast...yeah.

I'm taking ENZARA along with the JAMU--and, wierd as it may be--I'm getting a "garlic-y" smell when I pee.

So that's a quick update for Y'all.

Anybody know about the boric acid?
Hey everyone. I haven't received the prescription yet, so still waiting on that. When I got back from Vegas, I had sex that night and it smelled like a can of Tuna fish. Then, had sex this past Friday night, and this morning, and no smell either times. So, who knows. I know it will be back within a matter of days, so, I'm just waiting on the prescription, then see what happens. I'm taking Vacation time in July and I will go to the doctor then. I'm gonna try the boric acid as soon as I can get to a damn health store. I just never have any time!! Oh, and Vegas was a blast!!
I did night one of boric acid last night. It didn't burn or anything for me, so that was a relief. Quietmaddness, there is a thin discharge from the boric acid the next day so you probably should wear a panty liner. I'm planning on doing this for a week and seeing if it helps any. If it works, then I'm going to use it a couple of times a week for maintenance.
Hi Ladies, I have not been here in a while but I am back for help again. I have bv and it seems like no matter what I do I cannot get rid of it for good. I am 28 and I have had to have a hysterectomy. I still have one ovary and I thought that was supposed to keep things in balance. I am on hormone pills to keep my ph balanced but evidentally that is not working because the smell is back.
Ok, here are my questions. I have been looking at the vitamin c, the green teas and other vaginal suppositories but I am not sure what to use.
To be blunt my 10 year anniversary is in 2 weeks and I really don't want to smell Please Help me I am desperate. Any help will be appreciated.

Sassy: Thanks, girl!

Haven't been able to use the Jamu for a couple days--still all TORN UP down there. I'm not sure if it's yeast or an allergic reaction. But---OWW.

Guess I'll give it a couple more days. I've got some type of discharge that looks like pieces of TOILET PAPER!!

quietmadness, i too used the jamu and i got that off key discharge, looks like membranes wtf? i had sex last night and i hurt like hell, i mean i did produce lubrication ,but it disappeared, as did the semen, wtf is the voodoo jamu, kitty hurts, i mean i used it to tone up my muscles but dayuuuum,this is like being a virgin again, not pleasant
MRJ: If you still have one ovary, then your "cycles" would still be occuring, although only every other month, right? Wow...that would be odd. Hope you find some relief!

Shorty:'s actually some kind of real "tissue,"--by that I mean it's some kind of "skin" type thing! I don't know WHAT to think of that. I'm wondering if it's not just like dead BV or whatever coming out, or if that stick is caustic enough to produce that---it CAN'T be GOOD---??

The smell hasn't improved, either...

Man, between the itchy-scratchies, the discharge, and the odor, I'd just about trade my pooty in for a package! Stupid shit...
Been lurking for awhile in this newgroup. My problems began in Aug '05 when I was put on strong antibiotics for a severe ear infection. Shortly, after I was diagnosed with BV and treated with antibiotics 3x over a period of 6 weeks. Then my doctor said everything was normal and maid me feel crazy. I have tried numerous things. Jamu stick did not work....then I accidently dropped it and it shattered into a million pieces. Hydrogen Peroxide douche worked at first and then stopped working. Vitamin C up there burnt like hell and did not do anything about the smell. Enzara did not work at all. TTO did not work and the smell of it made me sick. Currently, I am using Primal Defense Ultra 3x per day, Kyolic (garlic 4 tabs per day) and it seems to be working. I have done away with all sugar and flour products; basically doing the Adkins diet. I have the Yeast Arrest suppositories but have yet to try them. I will continue to use the Primal Defense and Kyolic and let you know if it continues to work for me. A great book I got was The Yeast talks about ways to renew good bacteria in your gut and a good diet to cleanse your body. It also has doctors listed in the back that treat symptoms that we are all experiencing. I have given up on my family doctor....she makes me feel like I'm crazy and everything is normal....I know normal and this smell and discharge can not be normal. This problem has caused my so much stress that I have had to go on anti depressents to keep from committing suicide. I know how frustrating this can be and hope that we can all come up with a solution.
Ok, checked online and found out my damn prescription hasn't even been sent out yet. I ordered it from Horizon Pharmacies online on May 17th. WTF?? So, I think I may as well bite the big bullet and go to the damn gyno and pay the fricken price. I'm glad I didn't order the Jamu Stick. Although my kitty could use some tighting, what you all are going through scares the shit out of me!! I think my next purchase will be the Primal Defense since you all seem to swear by it. Do you have to buy it online?? Oh well, I can smell the smell again, although it wasn't there this weekend for sex so THANK GOD FOR THAT. Trying to find a way to get out of seeing my boyfriend this weekend, so I don't have to put up with the smell. How fricking embarrassing you know?? Although he's very supportive, you know what must be going through his mind!!! "Hey babe, would you like a can of RAW TUNA???", "Oh, never mind dear, I get enough from your kitty!!"
You can get the primal defense at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe....etc.
Girls, check out this site I just found. And you can email the doctor with questions. I haven't emailed him yet, but who knows, maybe he can help!!
Hey everyone. I've been using the boric acid for three nights now and the smell is gone. The discharge I'm having now is different too...I think it's just the boric acid coming back out. It's definately not the BV because it's clear and doesn't smell bad. I'm planning on using the boric acid until next weekend and then I'm going to have a "fun" weekend because it's my anniversary with my boyfriend.
jewels: I saw that site before but I've never e-mailed him. Maybe someone should e-mail him this forum's link and tell him that all these women are suffering and all of us have already tried prescribed methods. I know it's a long shot, but maybe if doctors began to see what a big problem this is, they would take it more seriously!
Sassy, HOW AWESOME!! I'm very happy for you!! Happy Anniversary!! Hey, EVERYONE should email this guy, his email is
Great idea Sassy!!
Hey everyone!I just wanted to give everyone an update on me.Well,I got my acidophilus suppositories and I used them for one week.After that week I got a lot of blood down below.Where that came from I do not know.I started taking acidophilus orally and it seems to be helping a little bit.I am so sick of this I don't know what to do.I haven't had BV for a while but i'm having problems with yeast.Eventhough I have'nt had the bv for a while now I still smell it in my clothes.I know it sounds weird but i'm telling the truth.I have to wash my undies and pants many times in order to get the smell out.Has anybody else noticed that the scent lingers in your clothes?

P.S. I emailed that guy this forum
Hey neverending: Use vinegar in your rinsing cycle. It will get the scent out.
Hey neverending: Use vinegar in your rinsing cycle. It will get the scent out.
Hey Everyone!! The Doctor emailed me. Here's his email along with my response!! We might be on to something here!! (PLEASE GOD!!!!)

Ms. Lopez:
Thank you very much for your email. I will definitely try to visit
link within the week. And you might inform your group that I do care
and I
am in the process of updating my web site with new treatment
every few days. I guess that I am an optimist because I feel very
confidantly that a breakthrough in our understanding and towards a more
lasting cure is just around the corner. I am also hoping to soon start
selling pH dipsticks (small quantities-- reasonably priced) from my web
so that women can have a scientific way on monitoring the vaginosis
fluctuations in their bodies. I am also thinking of beginning my own
Internet blog sheet on BV.
By the way, have anyone in your group circulated a way of
administering 3%
hydrogen peroxide rinses or douches in not too excessive a quantity.
heard of women soaking tampons. Have you? Is there a certain brand
for some reason is better, more adbsorbent-- whatever? I would
appreciate it if you could get back to me with anything that you can

Dr. Christian

My Response:

Dr. Christian,

THANK YOU so much for responding!! I have read a few of the girls on the board have tried the Hydrogyn Peroxide treatments, more so in Douches then on a Tampon. Just a quick heads up, we have all tried almost everything under the sun. A few examples are, Primal Defense, Tea Tree Oil, All prescription medications including Tindazole, Boric Acid, Achidiphilus pills (orally and vaginally), Apple Cidar Vinegar, Tetrasil, garlic vaginally, Vitamin C vaginally, and probably more then I can think of right now.

The girls on the board are very excited to talk with you, and you may receive more emails from others too.

We vary from all ages, young to older, and at least one of the girls was a virgin when she came down with B.V. Me personally, mine came on approx. 6 months after a Hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries, but nothing else. B.V. seems to go away after Prescription meds, but returns within a few weeks, or after having sex a few times. Condoms have been used but B.V. still seems to return. Using Tea Tree Oil mouthwash befor oral has also been tried, and cutting back on sugars and things as well.

We all are at our witts ends, and are excited to find a Doctor who "Cares".

Thank you again for your timely response!! I look forward to hearing what you discover!!

Thank you,

Yay! That's so exciting! I can't wait to hear from him after he looks over our extensive pages.
precious83:Thanks! :-)
jewelscando:Girl you are on it.Keep up the good work!
well i'm back on metro gel....and i recently has an abnormal pap smear wich lead to a colposcopy and a very painful biopsy....i'm getting ym results at the end of the week but is has to do w/ my constant bv.....
To Everyone, I know I used my last name, but to be honest, I don't care. You're all my sisters in pain, and if you can't handle knowing my last name, then, oh well!! ;) Besides, I can guarantee that my name is probably the most common on this board!!

I am sending you lots of good vibes in hopes that the boric acid works for you. If the smell comes back, try another round of it twice instead of once per day for 7 days, or once a day for 14 days, which is what I originally had to do to completely wipe out all symptoms.

I too got the clear odorless discharge while on boric acid. it is normal and will clear up when you finish your treatment.

so far I am still doing pretty good in my post-period phase despite a minor scare. last saturday I had sex as soon as my cycle finished. yay me. But unfortunately in the middle of it, the condom broke!! Needless to say, I was really pissed because I've been working so hard and expending so much energy to keep my kitty pristine. Luckily the guy did not ejaculate inside, but I was still worried about pre-cum seeping in and started to get really paranoid that my BV was going to come back from the skin to skin "contamination." What a mood-killer that was!

To combat this, as soon as I got home I immediately inserted a boric acid caplet, and waited to see what smell there was. At first there was none, but then after one more day went by, I could swear I smelled just the very faintest tinge of amine (not even fishy really, more like the pre-fish smell, if you know what I mean) so I went back on the boric acid for one more night and now its been another 48 hours and things seem ok so far. i guess this is an example of how you can use boric acid as 'maintenance' (minus the freaking out part). Especially handy for accidents like condoms breaking or leaking.

which reminds me now that I am done with the boric acid its time to get back on the Primal Defense for a spell to balance everything out. I meant to mention that it's probably better to abstain from taking PD while using the boric acid, because the boric acid will kill all bacteria, bad or good. I think it's better to wait til you are done and can start the good bacteria "repopulation" process in a neutral environment. i could be wrong on that... maybe Doctor Christian will have an opinion?
Dolores: I've been using two boric acid inserts each night. I know you said to use one in the morning and one at night but I find it more convenient to use them at the same time. The symptoms are gone but I am continuing using them until next week just to be sure. I'm thinking of buying the Primal Defense as well or maybe the vaginal acidophilus because that is supposed to put good bacteria back in the vagina.
Hi Bincha2

I also had a colposcopy and was diagnosed with cervical dyplasia/ HPV. I asked my doctor if this is why I was having reoccurent bv and she said "no". However I was a vigin when I met my bf 2 years ago and I never had any odor issues before we started having unportected sex / I started using seasonale.

I was treated numerous times (with flayl, metrogel)/ tried to heal myself by using a whole bunch of methods. So far I'm on month 2 without BV (after battling with it for a year) and the only thing that helped was a 2 day high dose of flagyl (2000 ml)along with the same dosage that was given to my bf. We didnt have much sex within the first month we were treated I was expecting it to come back and was scared. However now sex is more frequent so far everything is alright but again it might not work for everyone. I am extremely paranoid that it will return and I ask my bf to smell me because I dont now what is a normal smell. When I had BV sometimes the smell was really nasty like sea water other times it was mild but my bf was able to tell the difference of how I smelled when we first started sleeping together to when I began having BV.

Good Luck.
I broke down.

I just took out my spare script of Metrogel and started using that two nights ago. The odor has disappeared, along with the extra discharge.

It's just AMAZING to me that a few days worth of the "right" antibiotic makes such a HUGE difference! Freakin' shit.

So, now that I know about the boric acid capsules, I guess I'll try that for maintenance.

WORDS OF WISDOM TO ALL MY BV-BUSTIES: After spending a good amount of $$ on both Jamu Stick AND Enzara---they are worthless. Don't even waste your money OR time on those two things!

I plan on completing the Metrogel treatment, and using the boric acid gel caps for maintenance.

Thanks, Y'all for your support and kindness!

quietmadness:I know how you feel!I am so feed up with this that I went to the herbal store to talk to herbalist.He asked me if I ever heard of zapping?I said yeah but I did'nt know TOO much about it.So now I guess I'm going to go to him so he can help me with this crap.Has anybody else heard of the Zapper?I know you guys think I'm crazy for trying everything but i'm feed up with this.Next i'm trying battery acid!(just joking)
Well, had sex last night and the smell was so bad, my boyfriend starting choking. NO SHIT. He claims he got something caught in his throat, but, I'm not stupid. It was bad. So, since the fricken meds I ordered online never showed, I guess I'll make an appointment with the doctor and pay the damn price. I need to get back on meds, then try to find a way to maintain. My boyfriend agreed to start using Condoms after I get off the meds, just to see if that helps. I'm also going to try the boric acid. Oh, and the BATTERY ACID SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!! THINK IT WILL WORK?? ;)
So the boric acid is working amazingly for me! You guys definately should try's easy and cheap! I've been doing it for like 7 days and the odor has been gone since day 2 or 3. I haven't had sex yet and I'm worried that when I do, BV will return. BUT...this is such an easy way to get rid of it again that I feel really positive I will be able to control this now. :-) :-) :-)
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