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Full Version: Bacterial Vaginosis--or--embarrassing bad smell
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Sassy, you worse then me!! I thought I was a good private detective!! Great job!! I was wondering why they were so adiment on this stick thing. I also received a private PM from one of them but didn't think much about it!! Thanks for looking after your girls!!
No problem. I just noticed it by chance and then it made me so mad! I mean, the jamu stick may still help. I think it helped neverending some but it is not cool for people to be advertising here. I'll definately be more cautious about people on here and that sucks that people can't be trusted on a site like this that is designed to help.
I can't say how angry I am right now.I have had to struggle with this for 4yrs. and for someone to come on here and mock us just so they can sell a product!GRRRR!I hate when people try to take advantage of Vulnerable situations.If someone told me battery acid could cure this for the rest of my life;I would do it!So this makes me much more cautious.
I was wondering about that, because turnip registered only two days after joylove, so i figured joylove had created another identity to convince people the jamu stick is great. And, maybe it is, but that is f'd up that they'd come here trying to sell it. I wonder what ebay would think of that....
turnip also has a web site about bv and telling everyone to buy the jamu stick who have b.v.I do not like how she came on here to make MONEY.
honey, did you know that your email is visible in your profile. just thought i'd let you know in case you wanted to change it.
maddy..ebay wouldn't care as long as they make thier dime!They can't even control thier own site, much less anyone elses.

These two realy are low and atcky. I thought they were regular busties that didn't have a clue yet that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others. And I'm sorry, soap that makes you tighter? C'mon.
thank's pepper
I'm lost here. So the Jamu stick doesn't work? Someone just found this site and knew we were all desperate? That's so wrong. Enzara is a piece of garbage so shall I not waste $$ on the jamu stick which was my next attempt?

I haven't had sex in almost two weeks and I don't really notice a smell since I took the flaygl my doctor gave me and my bf. I have been taking some vitamins however wanted to purchase the jamu stick as a backup should this awful thing return. Can someone tell me if I would be wasting my time?

Thanks girls.

Hey ladies! Been a long time lurker and though I'd finally join in! (don't worry, just intro-ed myself on the newbie thread). Just wanted to say, took the advice on the vitamin C. I'm very prone to yeast infections (and I guess everything else that can go wrong down there), so I only did it one night. And it worked! No more smelly! Yay! I used the time release ones with rose hips... don't know it that made a diff for the good or bad... Believe me, I've had painful sex since from whenever I can remember, and i've only begun to take it seriously for the last year or so. Doctors have been absolutely no help whatsoever. Give me all this BS about how I must have abuse issues with sex or some such nonsense (I don't thank you very much). But this vitamin thing seems to have helped for now. Only wish I could try out the sex part. Single sucks...
Just wanted to say thanks ladies :-).
By the by, don't worry, I promise I'm not a crazy spammer!
thaid:I'm glad it worked for you too.I got everything balanced out(no yeast/no B.V.)then my period came on :-(.Now I have to start all over again.It never ends!I think the vitamin C really works but it is so harsh and I wonder if it could cause damage?I guess we will find out one day.Anyway welcome to the board! :-)
How long have you had B.V.?
neverending: I'm sorry you are back to square one. I really sometimes wish I was a guy so I didn't have to deal with all this crap. (but they have their own problems). I really have no idea how long I've had BV. Only been diagnosed for the last year. Had BV, treated it, treatment cause a yeastie, then a UTI. Been bouncing back and forth between the three. Finally got so feed up that I stopped doing anything at all. (which probably doesn't help either.) The Vitamin C thing is the first I've tried in a while. The OTC meds only seem to make things worse and I really try to avoid taking anything chemical if at all possible. Good luck with Round 2 (or so)!
Well, I'm not selling anything. But if you got it to buy?? Let me know, because most of us on here like someone said, would try just about anything. We all know who the serious sufferers are, and we will continue to stick together!! Still bleeding. Guess it's time to head to the doctor. Now the smell is no longer Fish, it smells like throw up, or sour ass. So, I don't know what is worse, fish or this???
Wow...Now we got some spammer bitch comin on here to take our hard earned $$, huh?


Anyway, I did fall for the Jamu thing, myself. I will use it (IF I EVER GET THE DAMNED THING!) and let Y'all know how it does for me.

Right now I'm still doing the daily thing with the STRONG apple cider vinegar.

*goes off to cuss next to mailbox while tapping foot on ground*
I went to the health food store and I bought the PH Test strips to test to see if my body was more acidic or alkaline.I found out I was a 5.0 which is really bad.So,I bought some Chlorella and I think I'm going back today to get the Spirulina and I will let you all know how that goes.Here's a little reading on it that I got from a website:
This is something you will notice about Chlorella soon after first taking it. Chlorella reproduces at an incredible rate, quadrupling every 48 hours. When eaten, Chlorella causes the beneficial bacteria in our stomach (Lactobacillus) to multiply at four times the normal rate. This improves digestion and thus the body's ability to take in nutrients greatly. Proper digestion, augmented with the necessary enzymes, is one of the keys to great health.

It is the richest source of natural antioxidants of any whole-food source. It contains every natural known antioxidant including zinc, manganese, selenium and copper, the amino acid methionine, vitamin E, vitamins B-1 and B-6, the amino acid methionine and of course, beta-carotene. It is rich in chlorophyll, much richer than wheat grass and alfalfa.

Newbie here, just found this message board about an hour ago. I've only been searching the net a couple of days about BV. I did a round of Flagyl prescribed by my gyno last week. I still have the discharge, but not the smell, and don't want it to come back. I didn't go back to my gyno..what's he gonna do? Prescribe more flagyl probably. So I researched on the internet. I think the first thing I'm going to try is the vitamin C. I saw that study that someone linked to earlier on this thread. I was thinking about using the tablets, but after reading jewel's experience, I'm wary of using it. BUT.. I came across a vaginal form of vitamin C! Shock! (I'm not a spammer, promise. I don't even know how to spam) It's made by the Today company, you know the folks that made that sponge? Apparently they make a lot of stuff. I found the Vaginal vitamin C at I don't know how to link to it here. I'm thinking of trying it...From what I've read on the 'net the past couple of days, I didn't think there was such a thing.
Well, just an fyi. The vitamin C thing was the absolute worst for me. My B.V. is back so bad, to the point of being able to smell fish when I go pee. And even though I've had b.v. for a long time, it's been a LONG time since that has happened. So, please, be carefull with the vitamin C because it made me bleed, and I've had a hysterectomy. I'm still waiting on the Flagy to come in. I'm headed to Vegas next weekend, so if it doesn't come in by tomorrow, I will wait to take it when I get back. (I need to get drunk!!) hahaha. Anyways, I will check out the website you talked about yvonne, but, please be carefull. It burns bad.
hi there i suffered from Bv for most of past 3 years am now bv free, i put this down to two acidophilus pill taken orally every day, fpr about 6 months now am bv free also dont take pills daily just every once in a while.
Am interested in the jamu sticks other claims ie tightening of vaginal muscles, have any jamu stick users noticed this ? please halla at me if you have as have just had baby no. 5 and would like to use jamu if it does what it says.

Also found something called manzani (prob spelt wrong, also known as oak gall) sposed to be great for bv and tightening, made from a tree that has been infested by wasps YUK but hey desperate times call for desperate measures. So if any one can help me with any of my questions based on personal experience it would be greatly appreciated. Shorty :-)
Well, I'm back to my balancing act again!I hope everything works out this time.
jewelscando:I'm sorry that the vitamin C did'nt work for you. I think this method worked for me until my period came on.Now I have to start all over again.Have you tried Chlorella or wheatgrass?
No, can't find the Chlorella anywhere here, so I guess I will have to order it online. I did find Apple Cider Vinagar tablets today in the weight loss section at Walgreens. I bought those, thought it couldn't hurt. Can't handle the taste of the liquid. So, I'm using the vitamin C at night before I go to bed and there's no burning when I do it like that. If I use it and I'm walking around, it comes back out in the discharge and I think that's what was burning. So, smell seems to be gone, but who the hell knows anymore. I don't even remember what it's suppossed to smell like.
jewelscando:LOL! Girl you are too funny.The more my kitty gets back to normal I say "I remember that smell" It's been a long time but i'm glad to finally be able to smell like I used to.My hubby went down (first in a long time)and said "you smell good down there" I almost cried but what a dork I would be if I cried during sex.It's a shame we have to look for our own cure!What are doctors for again?
neverending: What kind of vitamin C did you buy? Is it like tablet or a gel kind of thing?? How much did you use it? I'm worried about it causing a yeast infection. Do you guys think that's what helped you get more normal down there?
Going to the post office Tuesday to pick up the Jamu stick. The dude sends it REGISTERED mail, believe it or not! (jeez)

I'll let you ladies know how it goes...
sassy:I bought my Vitamin C at Walmart for $3.00 and It worked pretty well.It has to be without coating or gel in order to work.I did get a yeast infection but that quickly went away with primal defense.I hope this helps :-)
Hi ladies,

I've been missing in action for a few months. Wanna know why....i thought i was cured. night...i had sex....and BOOM! my "stuff" exploded!...just kidding. but that sure as hell what it feels like. i was doing the cranberry juice, vitamin, yogurt regimine. I cant tell if the irritation is yeast or BV. Now...i've got to pay to go the doctor. Since when has it started to cost to have sex. I missed the memo that read "have sex, pay the doctor". Also, could it be that i soaked after sex in epsom salt that has caused the irritation? Thoughts?
Ok, girls!

I went to the Post Office today and picked up the Jamu stick.

It came in what I thought was a "plain brown wrapper," but--when I turned the package over, there it was--plain as day--"herbal soap" labeled on a BRIGHT GREEN sticker. Yeah.

So, it's shaped like a cigar. Tapered at both ends. Off white, with a few specks in it that are black/grey. Has no scent. It's not like a "soap." It's more like a stick of chalk, but doesn't have the feel of chalk. It's more like a stone, in fact!

Ok, so I'm supposed to stick this thing in there, about 2 inches I guess, and swish it around, then rinse thoroughly.

Yeah. So I wet the stick, after thoroughly cleaning the "area." I insert it, and swish it around, for probably like 15 seconds or so.

What I immediately begin to notice, is that my girl starts to "grab" onto this thing, right? Like she's lost ALL of her lube/discharge, whatever.

Then I pick up my trusty clear water douche, and go to rinse this stuff out of there. Yeah. Suddenly, there's no acceptance of the douche nozzle on the part of my girl. Almost none. She doesn't have room for the nozzle, nor does she want to even think about it. She's dry, and tight...but not like "muscle tight," more like--hard to explain--and it's a kind of--DRY tight.

Ok. So I'm rinsing her with the plain water, and then I go to dry off the Jamu stick. Like I said, it's more like a stone/chalk like substance. I notice a little bit of the chalky liquid (very miniscule amount) on my fingers, but that just seems to be the stick itself melting away a little with water. It rinses clean very easily, and washes off my hands quickly, with plain water. It's all dry now and back in it's box.

I'm inclined to think at first that it's alum. But, coming from an old Southern background, I've done my share of canning vegs/fruits.

When you touch alum to your tongue, it immediately begins to draw and tighten on your tongue, and it stays there for a while, with that effect.

This is not alum. This stuff is very sour tasting, and does not have a "drawing up" effect on the tongue. Nor does it have a lasting taste. (I only touched the tip of my tongue to the thing, to see if indeed, it was just plain alum...)

I don't know what to expect, but after that initial use, I can say that my girl's all nice & dry. EERILY DRY. I have almost forgotten what it feels like to be free of a discharge.

If all I get from this thing is *freedom from a DISCHARGE* for a while--it's *WORTH THE PRICE* of admission for me!

As for the odor? I'll have to give that a few days to see. Right now, (4 hours past using the stick) she's odor-free...but that could just be from a good cleaning.

I'll let Y'all know more, as I will use this thing for a while & see what happens!


quietmadness:Great detail!This is the same feeling I got from the jamu stick.You took the words right out of my mouth.It does work pretty well but It's still not a cure :-(
neverending: Thanks for the info. Do you think I should use an applicator to put the vitamin C in my vagina? I'm not sure how to deep to insert it...I was planning on doing it overnight. Did anyone else experience yeast infections? I just am very hesitant to trade in BV for yeast, if you know what I mean.
Sassy, if you read up on it, it is one of the biggest side effects of using Vitamin C. I didn't get a yeast infection, just burning so bad that I can't explain it, and the smell is there 10 fold. There's a website you can go to that sells Vaginal Vitamin C made by "Total" and it is only 250mg. So, the 500 may be to hard on the kitty. At least it was on me. And to bleed, after not having periods for over 5yrs, is scarey. I'm debating on buying the Vaginal Vitamin C, but, still waiting for the other crap to get here. The Flagyl or whatever it's called. Once I'm done with that, I'm headed to the doctor. I'm bloated, and have other things going on now. Oh, had sex today, and no smell. So, who knows, maybe the vitamin c did work, or is it the Apple Cidar Vinegar pills I found, which by the way, causes diahrea. (Just an FYI) lol. Bye
still waiting 4 my jamu stick, however quietmadness were u uncomfortably dry? or @nnormal@ i have researched jamu and definitely does not contain alum, its a collection of herbs native to madura also 100% vegetable in origin.
ps how long does the tight feeling last?
still waiting 4 my jamu stick, however quietmadness were u uncomfortably dry? or @nnormal@ i have researched jamu and definitely does not contain alum, its a collection of herbs native to madura also 100% vegetable in origin.
ps how long does the tight feeling last?
I guess "uncomfortably dry" would be the phrase I'd use.

The dryness only lasted for about 5 hours, though. I'm ovulating, however, and there's always "extra" discharge when that's going on.

I'll use it just for that one benefit, though. I get so tired of walking around with the pantyliners on all the time.

This BV thing is enough to induce madness!
Well, everything has been going pretty well over here.I think my body should be back to normal by the next year.Every year this thing seems to get better.I have no discharge and whenever I see something I just slap a vitamin C pill up there and it goes away.I think this is the best treatment ever.More sex please! :-)
quietmadness:I understand how you feel.I think we all do!(This BV thing is enough to induce madness!)
Well, I wasn't going to use the vitamin C after what jewels said but I feel like I must give it a try since a couple of you had good results...I hope my vagina doesn't burn off.
whatever happened to primal defense and tee tree oil? .. is noone doing that anymore? I am so sick lately ..... girls ia am dying here
take a look at this list of supplements...... what does everyone think?
anyway... sorry for the multiple posts but today is one of those days when you cant take it any more.... i'm gooing to have to try vitamin c too .... the jamu stick thing i dont buy especially after the *%&@ spamers that where in here triyng to take advantage of all of us .... i mean how low can you get... anyway I know I come and go from thread but believe me I always feel conected to you girls .....
Bincha, I still have the TTO, mostly only use the mouthwash before oral, and the TTO before and after sex. Don't really know why I'm using it, don't think it really helped much. And I never bought the Primal Defense, so can't say anything about that. I'm waiting for my prescription to get here sometime this fricken year, so I can at least kill this shit, and then try to maintain it again. Sassy, you should definatley try the vitamin C, because remember we are all different. I have full blown B.V. right now, and again, I truly don't think these preventative things we do, take it away. That's just been my experience.
Bincha2: I still use the TTO a couple of times a week just to help with the discharge control. It helps me stay drier, although I'm not entirely sure why. It doesn't however keep BV away for me...sadly, the smell returns.
thats bincha2 that web site had some good info
sassy and jewels.... thanx for answering so fast. I agree w/ jewels i'm going to call my dr tomorrow and have her give me a prescription for flagyl metro gel or whatever and some diflucan on the side just in case. You know i realise now that i've been neglecting this whole thing for a while. I was feeling a lot better when i was doing all the supplements and natural things and eating well .... so i'm going to get the meds and go back to a life of organic food and soap. and the all the supplements.... i've come to terms w/ it being a long term thing.... no magic cure :-(
ps honey i thinl i'm going to try out the flaxseed oil....too
I had these guys come and do the lawn today and they f-up my entire lawn.On top of that I just started school and I was unprepared for a test and I was really upset and stressed out.I felt an itch and then my stomach got really upset.I went to bathroom to check things out and I have another yeast infection.If it's not one thing it's another.Somebody put me out of my misery please!
hey chicas, my girl friend just got over a really nasty case of bv that seemed to just keep coming back. what finally worked for her was a doc that put her AND her partner on these super killer antibiotics that did the trick. apparently your boy will reinfect you over and over again no matter what you treat yourself with. anyone have any input on that?
Bincha--hope you get to feeling better!

Well, Y'all--the stick seems to be doing it's thing.

The smell seems to be slowly but surely going away, and changing to a "sea water" type smell. I'm not talking about your favorite "ocean" scented candle here...I'm talking about that smell of ocean water you get when you're almost at the beach type thing.

Anyway--it's a DEFINITE improvement over what WAS going on down there--and we'll just have to see how long it lasts!

*goes off to slink into madness..."
Ladies:How do you find acidophilus suppositories?Is it just plain acidophilus pills that you buy at any store or is it something that women buy online?I need to know where to get them because this yeast is driving me crazy!
sassy can order vaginal acidophilus here:

pepper: Many doctors have found that not to be the case at all. Guys do not have a vagina and therefore cannot harbor BV bacteria. Guys can increase the chance that their partner will get BV if they ejaculate in her without a condom or aren't clean...but it only causes BV, it doesn't mean they carry the actual specific BV bacteria. And in my opinion, although antibiotics work for some, it is damaging to your body to use them.
Hmm. Not showing up. One more time!

*Newbie* Thank you for Pepper for leading me over here!

Here is my question....I'm in hell.

I was prescribed zithromax since I'm allergic to metrogel and cleocin. I do not find information about zithromax being used for bv. Now I'm concerned because this has been hellish and I want it gone

Anyone else use zithro successfully for bv?
Thank you in advance -

Also - After sifting through the archives, I decided to try a tea tree sitz bath. I used only a few drops, and it made me BURN. As I type this my vag is on fire! :-( Is that normal?

Sorry to flood you with questions!
Pepper: "anyone have any input on that?"

Pepper YES! :-) this is exactly what happened to me. I kept going back to the doctor and she kept treating me and just me with antibiotics over and over again. Like 4 times however the last time about a month ago, she prescribed some medication for me and my BF and so far I have been fine. We have been using condoms and have not been having oral sex however I have since concluded that this has been the longest that I have not had a smell and that it is not just me it was caused by some bacteria we were giving back and fourth. After we have sex with a condom and even during sex I frequemtly ask him if there is any smell which there isn't. I feel so relieved that after a year things seem to be going back to normal. I am on my period right now so I will see what happens when I get off of my period and I resume oral sex. I was giving myself a month to see if the issue was just me or the both of us.
If I start to have a smell again perhaps it could mean that he is still infected.

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