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Full Version: Bacterial Vaginosis--or--embarrassing bad smell
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Neverending: BV (used to be termed Gardnerella) started for me when I was 24; a year after my son was born and I'm now 41...yes 17 years ago. Fortunately, a lot of women get it maybe once and it clears up and it doesn't recurr...then there's us. Doctors just don't know what to do....they have a few medicines at their disposal and maybe some good ideas on how to "maintain a healthy vaginal flora". We are left to research and find out what works for each of us, and what works for one woman, may not work for another. BV also makes your vagina more suseptible to vaginal tears durng sex and that's what I'm dealing with right now. We don't get BV from our partners. It may be caused by sexual intercourse....friction of the vaginal walls...introduction of semenal fluid into the vagina....products such as soaps, detergents, the spermicide on condoms....these things alter the vaginal PH....the list goes on. Sassy said she was a virgin when the BV started so for everyone the cause may be different.
TO ALL: Have a great day!
This is crazy!Can we at least get temporary disability until this goes away because I work in the medical field around cancer patients and I know the way I smell makes them sick because they are so sensitive after chemotherapy.Some days it does not smell, but other days, especially when it's hot,It smells horrible down there.I have gone to every doctor I could find and none of them can tell me how to cure this.Even the cancer doctors I work around have no clue!Sometimes I go to the bathroom and cry becuase this has been taking such a toll on me these last's a never ending cycle.I am so tired of being teased!
Neverending, have you tried wearing pantiliners or pads to "soak" up the smell? When I have BV, this works for me.
Neverending- I got BV from having unprotected sex where the man did not pull out. I honestly think most get it from semen but thats just my opinion which is why I still think this should be some type of STD even though it is the PH balance in the vagina that is off.
alwaysonmymind:I tried pads but the perspiration is just too much and I wear white cotton undies.Maybe I need to try those boy shorts one of the girls were talking about.
Hey alwaysonmymind, you probably already know this but having HPV is different from just Cervical Displaysia. The latter is an overgrowth of abnormal cells on your cervix which can be removed but HPV is going always be around. It's also considered a STD (previously called genital warts) so you should be using condoms regardless of getting bv or not.
Neverending: I first got B.V. when I was married to my ex husband, about 9yrs ago. I was about 26. The anitbiotics took it right away, and I never had it again until my hysterectomy which was about 4yrs ago. 6 months after surgery, and a new boyfriend, I've had it ever since. On and off. It wasn't like now though at first, I'd get it, then it would go away for a few months, then it would come back, I'd take antibiotics, then gone for a few months. Around August of this last year, it's been coming back more frequently. So, who the heck knows. Also, I also had Cerivical Displasia years and years ago, but the froze off the bad cells. Now, I don't own any of those lovely women organs, just my ovaries. Maybe my ovaries shriveled up and died and that's why I have this smell??? hahaha, oh well. The preventative is what's working for me now, oh, and TTO mouthwash before the itty bitty fish heads come near the kitty.
This shit just sucks! I've got that damnable slick discharge, and the odor. WTF?!?
Does anyone know of any web sites where I can order Metro gel WITHOUT a prescription?
I feel like my doctor's starting to look at me like a freak of nature...I've been 3 times in the past 6 weeks! I'm not just tired of the co-pays, I'm tired of the whole cyclical nightmare.
If anyone could PLEASE help me out with a link, or whatever, I'm sure the Goddess(es) would smile greatly upon thee...
Going for the TTO next...
quietmadness, just do a search, and you'll find it. All though, if you used the Metro-gel the last 3 times, you might want to switch it up to something else. Remember, try to figure out what it is that's triggering it, and do some preventative maintenance!! TTO is great, not a cure, just helpfull!
I did a search for Metro-gel a few weeks ago cuz I didn't want to go back to the doctor. I didn't find anything. If anyone finds a place you can get it from please let me know.
honey they sell metro gel for 99.00 dollar's
jewelscando:How do you use the tto mouthwash before sex(for him or me) and where do you get it from because I can't find it at my local herbal store?
Is it illegal to order prescription drugs online? The Metrogel they have on that site says its for rosecea and should only be used on the skin. I wonder if its the sme thing as the gel for BV
Thank You, Honey! The Goddess(es) are surely smiling upon thee...

NYGirl: Yes, it's the same medicine...same manufacturer.
neverending: I found it at the grocery store in the health food section. We both use it before we do oral. I only use it if I do oral and we are going to have sex right after. You may be able to buy it online also
Hi girls


Ask your GYN to give you Clindessse another treatment for BV Metro gel doen not work for everyone. I don't reccomend douching but if you do follow bellow you can find what to do this help with all infcetion even BV.

1.Eat yogurt. Buy the kind with the least amount of additives and make sure it has active cultures. Not only will it help your current infection, but studies show that eating yogurt regularly may help stave off infection in the first place.

2.Take acidophilus. Use as directed on the label and take on an empty stomach. It will help restore normal bacterial flora and control yeast growth.

3.Decrease or eliminate sugar. Avoid sweets of all kinds, including fruits, refined carbohydrates and sugary foods. Yeast feeds on sugar, so you want to cut off its food supply.

4.Decrease or eliminate alcohol, all fermented products, mushrooms, yeast and yeast-containing foods. This is to keep any more fungi from entering your system.

5.Use garlic as a suppository. Peel a garlic clove, wrap it in sterile gauze, lubricate it with vegetable oil and insert it into the vagina. Leave a piece of the gauze sticking out so you can locate it easily. Change the suppository every 12 hours. Garlic has powerful anti-fungal properties.

6. Make your own douches. Use herbs such as calendula, goldenseal, marshmallow root or yarrow. Make a strong tea using one or more of these herbs. Douche twice daily for a week.

7.Apply a tea-tree-oil cream to irritated and inflamed areas. It's effective against fungal infections, herpes blisters and other types of infection.

8.Use garlic juice and acidophilus as a douche. Mix two capsules of garlic or fresh garlic juice with a quart of warm water and use as a douche. Alternate with an acidophilus douche made by mixing two capsules of acidophilus in a quart of warm water.

9. Bathe with vinegar to relieve symptoms. Fill the tub about hip deep with warm water and add 1/2 c. vinegar. Soak with legs apart until water cools.

10. Take vitamin C. This will help build up your immune system.

11. Use garlic capsules to fight the infection, or try colloidal silver. It has antibiotic properties that reduce inflammation and promote healing.

12. Take biotin. It helps inhibit the growth of yeast.

Read this

Treatment for BV infection usually involves a seven-day course of the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagylâ„¢). This drug is not recommended for use in the first trimester of pregnancy because no human studies have proven its safety. Side effects can include nausea, decreased appetite, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Treatment clears up most cases of BV infections, but the disease can recur in up to 80% of women within nine months. One reason for the high recurrence rate may be the failure of the protective bacteria to
become reestablished in the vagina.

Vitamin C applied vaginally has the ability to increase the acidity of the vagina, potentially inhibiting the growth of bacteria associated with BV. The new study investigated the effect of intravaginal administration of vitamin C in 91 women with BV. The women were assigned to receive either a placebo or 250 mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) per day for six days. The participants were instructed to insert one tablet vaginally each night before bed. The presence of BV and related symptoms was assessed at the beginning of the study, and one and two weeks after the treatment was discontinued.

One week after treatment, BV infections had resolved in significantly more women who received vitamin C than in those women who took the placebo. Fishy odor and the numbers of harmful bacteria and bacteria-laden cells decreased significantly in the group receiving vitamin C compared with the placebo group. Lactobacillus concentrations increased significantly after treatment with vitamin C, indicating a positive change in the flora of the vagina. In addition, significantly more women in the vitamin C group than in the placebo group had an increase in vaginal acidity, indicating that vitamin C produced an environment less suitable for the growth of harmful bacteria. There were no significant differences between groups with respect to vaginal itching and discharge.

The vitamin C used in this study was a time-release formulation designed to provide extended contact of the vitamin with the vaginal tissue and to reduce irritation. Vitamin C treatment was generally well tolerated; two cases of yeast infections were the only adverse events reported. Buffered forms of vitamin C would not have the same effect as the acidic form used in this study. In addition, many vitamin C preparations contain binders and fillers that may render the product unsuitable for intravaginal use. Consulting with a healthcare professional trained in nutritional medicine is advisable before starting treatment.

Intravaginal vitamin C should be considered for the treatment of BV, especially in pregnant women who may not be able to safely take a prescription medication. Pregnant women should always consult with a medical professional before taking any medications or supplements.
Hi Scared :-) I actually have used the clindesse before, three times. It just really is hard when I can't get to the preventative maintenance because I can't get rid of the BV in the first place. Right now I'm on my third day of douching with the baking soda. It is going really well. The BV seems to be gone, although it could be becase I'm washing the discharge (which is the irritant) out once a day. My gyno (after she heard the metrogel did not work) told me instead of douching once every three days for 5 times, to do it once a day for five days. I bought a douche at the store and make it myself every night. Just a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of room temp water. I don't agree with douching either, but I've read from lots of natural medicine websites that if it's advised by a doctor and made with natural ingredients, it's not always a bad thing. I'll keep you all posted on how it works! Chin up everyone..
Jewels and Hjvhjv so when you girls have time can you give me your exact regimen. I want to print it and save it for the future.
Am I the only one here whose BV can come back without even having sex? I have been single before during treatment and it still comes back in like a week. That's why using something before and after sex only doesn't work for me. I'm not sure why I'm like that though.

Ugh, and to make matters worse...I have an ear infection and am taking antibiotics for that now.
Hey all. I have suffered from BV for the past 15 months straight. I was treated with Metro gel, Metro pills,douches,and some other stuff. Anyway, all of my doctors in the US said that they wouldn't treat my boyfriend, even though I had been having the problem ever since we started having sex.
So, I moved to Europe,and my first appointment with my gyno was my last.
This is what she prescribed me:

THEN AFTER THOSE ARE FINISHED, in the same day take:

Both my boyfriend and I took the entire cycle. We continued having sex as normal, and I have been without symptoms for well over a month. I have had BV CONSTANTLY for over a year. So, my immediate thought is that the difference is that he was treated. Also, the follow up pills (Diflucan) prevent you from getting a yeast infection.

Let me know what you think.

* The only thing I have changed is I went off the pill, and we use condoms now, but we have had unprotected sex too.. so I don't know if that's relevent or not to the BV.

I dont know exactly what pills those are but in almost every study, treating your partner does not make a didn't in my case. Also, I have taken a diflucan through my anti-biotic use and that too did nothing.

What are those pills you were prescribed?
I have some sort of idea what caused my BV, but am not 100% sure. About 1 year ago I had just been through a year of unprotected sex with my boyfriend when we noticed a cottage cheese like discharge when he pulled out. I'm not sure it was the sex that did it, because it took a year for this symptom to even show itself.
A few days after we noticed the discharge, I started itching and drying out. It was SO irritating, but I thought it would go away on its own. WRONG.
A few months later the itch was gone, but the discharge was still rearing its ugly head, so I treated myself with a yeast infection and took Monistat, which of course did absolutely nothing but cause annoyance at the goop constantly coming out of me.
A few months later the cottage cheesy discharge turned watery and accompanied a smell that could wake the dead. That was when I said enough is enough. I can deal with a little discharge, but that smell wasnt something i'd even wish upon an enemy.
I went to the gynecologist who tested me for yeast. negative. STDs. also negative. So she said "it must be BV" and gave me a prescription for metro-gel vaginal.
The odor cleared up that same day and the discharge is gone. I just finished my last treatment 2 days ago and suffer from a little bit of itching and dryness and some "wet tissue paper" like discharge/residue. I was a little freaked about this but found a forum dedicated to women who found this discharge and turns out its a very common thing with metro-gel. So now I wait and see, but so far so good.
Ladies I HIGHLY suggest you just go see your doctor and let them fill in a prescription for you. I wish I had done it MONTHS ago and saved myself a lot of embarassment.
surfgirl...we have all had COUNTLESS prescriptions. BV comes back regardless. I hope yours will not, but it has not been the case for the ladies on this board.
surfgirl:I hate to say it but a lot of us has tried everything but it still comes back.I hope you won't go through hell like we do.
I did research on what the doctor prescribed Shansan77. It is all the same med's that we have all taken, just fancier names. Like for example, Fasigyn is Tindazole, the stuff I had to order online, gave me horrible headaches and can cause Seizures. And it's the 4 pills, once. Took B.V. away every other time I used it.VIBRATAB is a STRONG antibiotic used mostly for Acne. Causes severe side effects. Again, take the antibiotic if that is what you want to do, but if you do not use preventative maintenance, you will be in the same "Fishing" boat as all of us. My first time having b.v., it went away and stayed away for 5 or 6 yrs. Now, it's a never ending battle.
Yeah, thats what I thought they would be, jewels. Ugh, that tindazole was bad stuff for you. Yikes. I'm on amoxilcillan for an ear infection right now and it's giving me really bad stomach problems just like the flagyl does to me.

I really hate being a girl..........I wish I had a penis sometimes.
Hello! I'm new to the forum and I could use some advice on antibiotics. I have done everything but that. I also wondered if anyone has used boric acid as a treatment. I am so irritated w/this whole ordeal. I can't believe that there is a spot to gripe about this :-)
Has anyone here ever ordered Metro Gel online without a prescription before? Did you actually GET the medicine?
I'm ready to order, but I'd like a little reassurance from someone, first!
Please, no advice on "not" using prescription meds or each their own, I reckon!
Well Ladies I have GREAT news to report. I wanted to wait a week just to see how things were going. But whoever it was that recommended the Tetrasil I owe u SOOOOO much. I ordered it online from their website. I think it was like 20 something dollars. Someone on here said it was very messy but I did not find that AT ALL. It comes in a tube and I waited until I had my period to use it because I figured that was already messy so the tetrasil couldn't have been worse than that. Well every time I changed my tampon I squeezed some tetrasil from the tube on top of the plastic tampon applicator to kind of fill up the tip of it. I then inserted the tampon as normal. Well My period ended on Monday and I have had ONE count this ONE day of discharge and I believe that was just my normal discharge that I usually have. Today I have been out all day long and don't even have a pantyliner on!!! I have NEVER been without a pantyliner one day since I was about 15 years old because I usually have a lot of discharge even without the BV. I am now 32yrs old. Well anyway I don't know how long this is going to last but I can say right now I am SOOOOO happy with these results. I have had sex twice this week and still nothing. But I am now using condoms. I will REFUSE to have sex without a condom anymore because this is what caused this in the first place.

Well ladies I'm not sure how many of you have tried tetrasil but it worked for me so far. I am also going to continue to take the acidophilus everyday though. Good Luck!
I am glad to see that the Tetrasil work for you. Good luck.
I check negative for BV but I still Smell. I am trying Clindeesse tonight If that does not work I will Try the Tetrasil I did not want to try it because all my testes was negative but I should at least test out what I recommend. Wish me luck.

Why don't you try Tetrasil

Why don't you try Tetrasil
just curious, is anyone interested in the vitamin c deal? i've been lurking and no one has responded about that yet....
well, my experimentation with the TTO worked very well for the first two days, but after that (like most things with my BV), I guess my body became "immune" to it... so now it's no longer effective. I guess that Tetrasil is next....
Can someone tell me how you use Tetrasil and where to buy? Thank's
Just to warn you guys...I think lots of girls on here already tried tetrasil and it only worked when you used the product every single day...or it stopped working all together. I'm glad it worked for nygirl...but it didn't for a lot of girls on here. Be careful.
Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong about this, but isn't tetrasil made from silver? There are dangers about using silver inside your body. It can actually turn your skin gray.
I ordered Metro Gel online without a prescription. Took like a month and a half to get here. It did not come with an applicator, so go buy one. Also, I'm interested in the Vitamin C. I did research online but can't find anywhere to buy it so that it can used vaginally. Any Ideas?? Oh, and as far as the Tetrasil, it didn't do anything for me, but I also didn't try using a tampon to put it "up" there. I don't have periods, so, I don't have tampons, besides, tampons carry asbestos, therefore, I wouldn't want to but that up my already agrivated Kitty. lol
Sassy I don't think using the silver for 5 days would actually turn anyones skin gray I think those studies that say that is as with anything, prolonged use will have some side effects. I'm sure prolonged use of silver will turn your skin gray.

And I used it everyday for 5 days and have not had any signs of the BV yet but like I said who knows how long this will last and what worked for one may not work for the next.

And just a question about Boric Acid. Is this the same boric acid that is used to kill roaches? Now that is something I would be more worried about putting in my body than tetrasil.

OMG.. ladies.. Metro Gel is used topically for Rosacea! Please be careful.
Hi Ladies...I'm a newbie. Does a douche with baking soda help? A friend recommended it. She thinks it might help with the excessive discharge I have every now and then. Has anyone had any luck with it?
I came across this and thought some of you ladies might be interested in this theory....

*a low CD4 count could be reason for continuing problems. When women with low counts are treated with HAART and have reconstitution of the immune system we often see resolution of chronic vaginal infections.* This was a response from a doctor to a ladies question in a forum I came across
Boric acid is recommended by a lot of gynos when their patients haven't had sucess with is safe.

It is weird that metrogel is also for rosacea...but I found it really helpful with BV and the one tube treated 3 seperate incidents of BV so it was the also the cheapest of the antibiotics that I have used.
over-the-counter eminine applicator, or apply a small amount on their fingertip (about the size of a dime) , insert it up into the vagina and slowly apply to the affected area . They repeat this 2-3 times daily for 2 or more days


Try drinking Sundail Koromantee this is very good and will help detox your body. Clean you intestine and colon. Very bitter but good. Follow-up with Sundail all natural Honey also good for you
Here you go ladies.....

over-the-counter eminine applicator, or apply a small amount on their fingertip (about the size of a dime) , insert it up into the vagina and slowly apply to the affected area . They repeat this 2-3 times daily for 2 or more days

I think I might have something ladies
Here is my routine everyday:
Liquid chlorophyll(1 in the morning and 1 at night)
1 garlic clove (I eat it raw)
Activia yogurt (1 daily)
1 primal defense pill
Chien Chin Chih Tai
3 vitex pills
Fiber (3 pills)I try to flush the bacteria out of my system
I also insert the jamu stick I bought on ebay every 3days and I bought the new hanes chiffon bikini underware and they allow my kitty to breath more than the cotton undies.
So far no discharge at all and I've been doing this for almost 2 weeks.My husband and I even had sex and no smell!I'll keep doing it for 2 more weeks and I will let you all know if it goes away for good.
Wish me luck!
neverending: What did you use for the sweating problem.How do you use jamu stick?
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