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I've been on BC for about 6 months and me and my boyfriend usually have protected sex. This month I have used all the blank pills and I still havent gotten my period. I'm on tricyclin-lo Should I be worried? Is this normal. I don't know what to do!
After you've been on the Pill for a long time, you're period can go away. Shouldn't happen after only six months though. I wouldn't freak out - this happened to a friend of mine on the Pill. Very weird, but it happens. I'd say if it gets to be a week or more, call your gyno or take a preg test just to be sure.
Hey.. I have a situation. help! I`ve been on the pill for 5 years, and recently I stopped because I was getting tired and I thought it might be because of the pill. SO the first month after I stopped, I had my period a week late. Now, two months after I stopped (I`m waiting for my period so I can start on the pill again) I`m about 2-3 weeks late (after my last). Is this normal? My boyfriend and I have stopped anything sexually related since I stopped taking the pill, and I already had my period since then, so theres no way I can be pregnant. I have had my exams and a super stressful interview in that 6 week timeframe, so will I miss my period all together or will it just be late? I heard it can happen if you`re stressed. ??
elle, i think coming off the pill after having been on it for a while (or even if you haven't been on it for a while) can mess up your schedule. i had a few friends who came off it in recent years and they told me that it took a long time for their periods to become regular again.

as well, stress really can affect the cycle. for me, i was on the pill during a time in my life when everything was changing and there was a lot of stress - and my period came early (and it seemed, stronger) than it was supposed to. so, yeah, i think stress can totally play a part it delaying your period.


Can anyone tell me if they were ever on seasonale and if it was a bad experience?

Other than it took over a year to finally start getting my periods during the off week and not the week before, my experience with Seasonale has been very good.
I was on Seasonale for two cycles. BAD experience. Starting at week 8 I would loads of dark brown discharge. Got on Yasmin. Just saw a commercial on Loestrin, any of y'all heard of it/had experience with it?
my friend is on seasonale and has been bleeding like a gunshot victim for months. Her doc says its normal and everything will even out, though. I guess once you pay in your two months of menstruation, you are later rewarded with only four periods a year. It just takes a while to get there. i've got my fingers crossed for her.
Hm... I asked to get on Loestrin, but the pharmacy gave me Junel as a substitute, anybody had experience with this?
I'm on seasonale right now. I would have changed, but I just got dumped from my insurance so I'm going to tough it out through the last month. On my first cycle I started spotting two weeks before my scheduled placebo week. It was pretty annoying, so I changed my schedule to having a period every two months (course, I didn't clear this with my doc so I wouldn't reccomend just up and changing it) and that seemed to control the spotting.

I was previously on Necon 7/7/7 and it made my emotions wacky. I would cry for no reason and my anxiety was worse than it had been. No problems like that with seasonale. Just the fact that it has made my face explode with breakouts. Which also makes me cry, so I'm back at square one. A friend of mine has suggested mircette or yasmin since they can also be taken back to back but have less of a chance of giving you monster breakouts.

So when my insurance gets back on track, wish me luck!
I just started Yasmin and was supposed to start the placebo pills today...

-->Is it alright to skip the placebos?
-->When can you expect your period to start when on the placebo week?
Yes, it's okay to skip the placebos- they're just there so you stay in the habit of taking a pill everyday, but as long as you remember to start on the right day, you can skip them.

I think when your period starts is different for everyone. I don't know if this is your first time taking the pill, but your periods could be sorta wacky for the first few months. I've been on the pill for 8 years now, 3 different pills, and everytime I'd change prescriptions, it would be a little weird. Sometimes it would come the week before the placebo pills, sometimes not until the next-to-last day of the placebo week. Once it evened out, I'd usually have my period by Tuesday or Wednesday of the placebo week.

Remember, if you're still bleeding by the time you're supposed to start the new pack, it's OKAY to start them- your period won't stop or anything- once it start's going, nothing's going to stop it.
Thank you for the response. I've been a little nervous because I thought my period was supposed to start as soon as I was finished with the third week.

Sorry, yes I'm a newbie to the pill as well as a newbie to the lovely Bust boards ^_^
No problem- you might want to drop into the Newbies page and introduce yourself.

And remember, we're self-moderated, so we like to keep threads to a minimum. Try not to start new threads without checking in the Community Forum to see if there's already a thread that covers the topic you're interested in. People get a little miffed if you start a redundant thread.

Welcome to Bust!
I recently switched brands of BC pills in an attempt to get myt sex drive back. I went off the Ortho and onto the Yasmin brand. Does anyone know about switching brands working?
I'm getting married and think my period falls at exactly the wrong time. Am I able to trick my body into skipping ahead if I don't take the placebo pills and start a new pack right away?
Yes, you can do that, as long as the pills you're taking are monophasic (meaning each pill has the same amount of hormones every day of the month) and not triphasic, where the homones levels are different by week. Usually you can tell if all the pills (except for the placebo week) are the same color, but maybe ask your doctor, or post the type of pills you're on here and someone can help you.

Seasonale comes pre-packaged to be taken 3 months at a time. That's what I'm on; I'm not sure if it would happen with regular pills, but when I started taking Seasonale, it was a few months before my period actually came during the one week break, after taking the 3-month cycle of pills. I don't know how far away your wedding is, but maybe you's want to start a few months before just to make sure they're evened out before your honeymoon.
Hey, I need some advice concerning the POP's... Have any of you experienced extremely light periods and then spotting on them? My last period was so light it was almost non-existent, and now I keep spotting occasionally.
I stopped taking birth control 5 weeks ago and still haven't got my period also I believe I am pregnant. Should I have already had my period.
Your period can be erratic for the first few weeks/months when you stop birth control. I wouldn't be worried about pregnancy unless you have a legitimate reason.

If you're really worried then you should get a pregnancy test ASAP.
Well I have at least 10 sypmtoms of pregnancy. Like fatigue nuasea darking of the areolas darking of the line between the navel and pelvic constipation moodiness no period my cervix is high and soft. I feel pregnant. Do you think I could be now.
@youngwife17: there is no way anyone on this board can tell if you are pregnant or not. why don't just go ahead and take a test?
I know that It's just that I've taken two prego tests and both negative. I go to the doctor on friday for a blood test.
I think you'll just have to wait for the doctor to tell you for sure. Of course there's a chance you could be pregnent, but there's nearly always a chance even on HBC. Like indie said, no one on here can tell you. It sounds like you're pretty stressed which can sometimes delay periods, and it's also possible you could just be freaking yourself out with pyschosymatic symptoms.
thought I might as well revive this thread, since my question isn't really about side effects..but anyway, I started the NuvaRing this week, and this might be a dumb question (I know, I know, there are NO dumb questions :\) I was wondering if anyone knows if it's okay to take it out and rinse it off once in awhile, or if not, because there might be hormones on the surface of the ring that you don't want to wash off. I'm not sure how it works. I suppose I can call their help line, but I always go to Busties first! thanks!
hi humanist, you can take it out and rinse it off but it has to be either cold or warm water - no hot water! you can also take it out for three hours at a time but the directions are a little confusing when it comes to figuring out if you can take it out for three hours every day. i'll just leave mine in for four weeks in a row and then discard it to replace it with a new one after a week.
thanks for the info, indie!
Does anyone know of a reason someone couldn't go on The Pill because of other drugs they're taking? I know about antibiotics, obviously, but what about anti-anxiety medication or ulcer medication? Or is this just some stupid general practioner pulling things out of their ass (which is what it sounds like to me, but what do I know?)
pollysterene - i don't think there should be a problem with the birth control pills and meds you're taking but it's good to get a second, third, fourth opinion if you're still worried. i'm a pre-nursing student, so i don't know everything...yet wink.gif

i will be starting the nuvaring soon....i'm a little freaked out about having a piece of plastic up there. humanist, i see that you've started it - have you had problems with tampons or sex? i just can't imagine having sex and not having it hurt or something...
I'm not the one on the other meds, actually- I have a friend who's on them and her dr. told her she couldn't take BC because of the meds.

I've heard about interactions with antibiotics (though that's being disputed) and with antacids, but never with anti-anxiety or ulcer meds. I'll tell her to get more opinions. Thanks!
I was wondering what kind of symptoms anyone had after going off the pill? I've been having mood swings and getting depressed easier than before. I'm experiencing nipple tenderness.
well im on the ring and i went off it for a month and i had went through everything you are was totally weird. i found myself crying and getting overly frustrated at the littlest things...and my nipples hurt SO bad! it seemed to be all gone by the time it was time to get my period though.
HEy, i started my birt control for the first time about 5 days before my expected period. Now its about 4-5 days late. Is this normal?! thanks
Dear Ladies rolleyes.gif
Just have a little problem.. I had a brake from my pill andm period is almost two weeks late now.. Is it normal? And not mentionining the spots and breast increase.. I've done pregnancy test and everything seems to be fine, but the period is not coming.. Scared.. sad.gif
Yes it is. When I quit the pill this past december, I didn't get my period until february. Then I didn't get it until I started taking the pill again, last month! I didn't even want to start taking it again, but I got pimples when I stopped taking it ,so I wanted them to dissapear. I hate having to depend on it now!
QUOTE(dani837 @ May 26 2007, 12:55 PM) *
Yes it is. When I quit the pill this past december, I didn't get my period until february. Then I didn't get it until I started taking the pill again, last month! I didn't even want to start taking it again, but I got pimples when I stopped taking it ,so I wanted them to dissapear. I hate having to depend on it now!

Thank You so much!!! I am sooo relieved now.. but i will still keep on doing pregnancy tests until i get my period.. just in case.. yeah, paranoic.. I know.. biggrin.gif thanks again!!! smile.gif
QUOTE(ac271 @ May 23 2007, 03:26 PM) *
HEy, i started my birt control for the first time about 5 days before my expected period. Now its about 4-5 days late. Is this normal?! thanks

Wait, you started it 5 days before your period was supposed to come? It's been awhile since I first started taking the Pill, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to start them the Sunday after your period starts (and I'm pretty sure that's even if you're still bleeding on that Sunday.) So, you're on about day 9 or 10 of the pills? I'm not sure if that's enough to interrupt your cycle, but it could be. Did your doctor tell you to start them before your period started?
I've got my period back!!! Oh my God, I've never been sooo happy after getting period!!!! And I am also starting my pill today.. Back to normal.. huh.gif
I got my period last week and it was a normal period! So I'm definately not pregnant. But my breasts are huge. I put on this summer shirt that is normally not that tight (I did wear it this month) and my breasts were bulging in it. Is this normal?
i'm debating starting a low dosage pill ..... i have taken ortho tri cyclen before (it's been about 5 years ago now) and it made me miserable - my breasts looked and felt like tennis balls (hard and painful).

any suggestions for a good pill to try? how to minimize the water retention?
i'm on Yaz, and it's low dose also. only 4 empty pill days. it's okay... i still get bloated and crabby. nothing worse but a little better than when i'm not on the pill.
I have a question about nuvaring. Does anyone know if you skip the week off as with the pill and just go straight to a new ring?
yep... every you take the ring out for a week, have your period & then put a new ring in. So, basically, same as the pill - hormones for 21 days, nothin for 7. The only difference is you don't have placebos to remind you when you should start your new pack... so you have to pay attention to your calendar to know when you should start your new pack. that took a little getting used to for me... i tend to just go with the flow & not look at my calendar for weeks at a time. not a huge deal... just a little different from how i normally operate.

You should take a look at their website... i seem to remember they have a pretty thorough FAQ.
oops I wasn't clear. I mean... can I skip the week off and my period and go straight into another 3 weeks of hormones? as in, period every 6 weeks instead of every three
yep, you can do that.
I am going insane. Back in April I complained to my doctor about having an extremely heavy period that lasted 9 days (while I was on Alesse) so he put me on a high estrogen pill called Marvelon. Since then, everytime I have an orgasm I end up with horrible, horrible cramps. And last month, I experienced really bad cramping a whole week before my period even started!

So anyway, I've been trying to look up cramps during orgasm online and I keep coming up with pregnancy sites! Is it possible that my pill has been too good at tricking my body into thinking it's pregnant and that's why I'm getting the evil orgasm cramps?

If anyone has any ideas about this please respond! I'm desperate!
This may be a little off topic from the last post, so I apologize...

I have a question for anyone who has tried "Seasonique"
My gyno was very insistent that I went on this specific pill and it has been HORRIBLE.
I was on yasmin for about a year and didn't experience any changes in appetite mood, etc.
Seasonique allows me to only have my period 4 times a year (I never really minded having my period in the first place though) but this pill is making me feel as if I'm the week before my period alllllll month long.
I'm bloated, have cramps and spotting. It's terrible.
Has anyone tried this yet?

Can I just get off of this bc without having to finish the entire pack?
It's pretty unbearable.

QUOTE(musicfit @ May 29 2007, 06:19 PM) *
I got my period last week and it was a normal period! So I'm definately not pregnant. But my breasts are huge. I put on this summer shirt that is normally not that tight (I did wear it this month) and my breasts were bulging in it. Is this normal?

Totally normal. It's one of the common side-effects. Sucks for me, because my boobs are 32DD now, which is barely a real size, but possibly nice for you.

On another note, this is my second month on Yaz, and my period was late by a couple days last time. Does anyone know if this will even itself out?
hi stark, i'm also on yaz, and i also noticed it takes a couple of days from when you start the empty pills, but this may be the same with most pills. and there are only 4 of 'em, so by the time i start some heavy-duty bleeding, i'm back on the 'real' pills again. it seems weird but i haven't had any problems in the near year that i've been on yaz.

candycane, i often get bad cramps the week before my period during orgasm or when i'm getting all horned up. i think it has something to do with blood rushing to that region, which is what causes the cramps in the first place. anyway, i've never had unbearable cramps, so you should think about switching pills if you are.
Has anyone else ever gone on the pill without their breasts changing at all, and then having them shrink upon going off the pill? I noticed this a long time ago. I always had big boobs and when I went on the pill I was happy to see that they didn't get any bigger. But then when I stopped taking the pill they shrank. I mean they're still big enough for me, but it kinda bugs me that the fullness on the upper half of my chest is gone because they look kind of deflated.

I was just wondering. I don't plan on doing hormones again because they made me emotionally insane.
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