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Full Version: caught by the fuzz: to shave or not to shave
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can i post some questions about waxing in here? i'm getting a brazilian soon, and i'm wondering if anyone has any tips or good advice before doing it. i have heard taking some advil or whatnot may help with the pain.
also, i still have not found that 'perfect' place to get waxed (or the person to do it) - i've been searching for a while. i would like to find someone i like before getting it all waxed, though! i'm in the ottawa area - if any of you are also in the same area - any suggestions? thanks!
so, since my legs are hairy forests at the moment, i'm thinking of ripping the hair out. i've tried, like, generic nads, but for some reason it just stays on my legs instead of ripping the hair out. i was wondering if anyone had tried the wax (i think it's nair) that you don't use a strip with, you smooth it on and just pull the wax off, and the hair with it. i think that would maybe work for me, but i was hoping to hear a little about it before i went and spent money on it
tyger, is it hard wax that you're thinking of? because if it is, and i think that's what it's called, i really like that stuff. i have my bikini area waxed and one place i went to used hard wax. she just put it on (it was warm), waited for it to harden, which didn't take long, and then ripped it off. i thought it was less painful than wax with the strips, but that's just me (although the woman said that was most people's experience).

at the place i go to now, though, i asked the woman if she used hard wax and she said she didn't like working with it, and doesn't use it because she thinks it's unhygenic. i think if you're careful, though, i can't see why it would be unhygenic. but i think you're planning to use it yourself, on yourself?

anyway, that's that just my experience with it - i liked it.
sounds about right, amercherry. i bought it today, and seriously, i ripped the first one off and was like 'man, it didn't even do anything', and then saw all the hair sticking out of the wax. it felt like nothing got pulled out at all (for the legs, anyway. bikini line kinda stung, but i was expecting that)
tyger, what kind did you get? The other waxes I've tried just stick to my skin as well.
it's nair cire divine (it was, like 15 bucks or something) i'm giving my legs a second pass today (places i missed, and some hair left behind). the box doesn't say anything about re-using it, but since i have fine blonde leghair i'm re-using it anyways. well, i chucked the stuff full of pubes, actually.

when i did my bikini line some of the hair follicles bled a little bit, and right now i have red dots (flat and don't itch or hurt or anything) on my bikini line and nothing on my legs. i think i'm in looooooove
did you find it easy to use? is it messy when doing it yourself? i used to wax myself, but then just started getting really clumsy at it, and ever since, went to get it done by someone else. but i am still in the search for a place i really like...and wonder if i should just start doing it myself again.
i found it really easy, and not messy at all. i'm just starting to wonder if maybe my leg hair is too fine to wax. it leaves my bikini line clean, and takes off my thinkcer hair by my ankles, but the rest of my legs just don't seem to have all the hair taken off. i also have a short attention span, so it'll probably be a week before i get around to fully waxing my legs :p
has anyone had laser hair removal? i've been thinking about it, esp for my underarms and bikini line.

any info is greatly appreciated!!
misspissed, i'm sure some busties have. you might want to ask in the cosmetic surgery thread, too
ooo! thanks!
In response to the general subject matter of this thread, I shave my genitals and surrounding area about once a week, which means I never get more than stubble. As long as I don't have the wiry, oily, unsightly, uncomfortable bush down there, I'm happy. I trim my pit hairs and nose hairs when necessary, and I occasionally change how I wear my facial hair. I've never felt the need to try waxing, but I'm not expected by society to maintain constant smooth perfection, either.
Wish I'd known about this stuff sooner--
***PFB Vanish***
It's a roll-on liquid stuff to get rid of and prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps and it works better than anything else I've ever used. Tried Bikini Zone (what a joke) and Tend Skin (didn't do much either) and always had nasty ingrown hairs and red bumps on my crotch when I shaved! This PFB stuff pretty much took care of it. Highly recommended.
I got mine on Ebay I think.
I miss the winter when I wear long pants all the time and can really slack on shaving my legs. *sighs*
Amen to that Ginger kitty!
I have joined a swim team and this means that I have to be dilligent about the bikini area which is just a pain in the ass being a hirstute jewess and all. I would be more than happy to leave it alone and just let it hang out of my suit but then I put on a thong and think, wow that looks pretty good.
Ok, I am so excited! I know it's kinda lame to be so excited about hair removal, but I am. I've always hated shaving, it lasts for a day and then I'm prickly and I get major bad itches for the next few days- to the point where I've scratched myself raw.

So then I stopped shaving, but I hated that. I tried waxing, nair, hair minimizing lotion, etc. I've been wanting to do laser hair removal for a few years, and I'm going to do it! I found a great woman who I'd heard of through word of mouth, and she matched a price that I'd gotten from somewhere else. I'm so excited! It'll cost a lot, but when I think of all the time and money I've already wasted, it's ok with me. It's like a big reward for getting my finances in better shape.

wooo hoooo!!!!
Does anyone NOT shave? My legs are pretty hairy so I've always shaved them, but recently I went camping and didn't shave for a week beforehand (because for some reason I figured I would feel grosser watching stubble come in than if I just went with hair already).

I got back yesterday morning and I still haven't bothered to shave them but I've been wearing pants. I'm trying to decide what I want to do.
I don't, but it probably doesn't count - my hairs are almost invisible and it's actually smoother to just leave them be.
i very rarely shave. having hairy legs doesn't really bother me, and 9 or 10 months out of the year nobody's going to see them anyway.

the last time i had a regular shaving regimen was almost exactly four years ago (i stopped shaving sometime in july of '02). i've never looked back.

i discovered something pretty interesting about myself in the process, actually. my whole shaving life (from about 11 to 21), i felt deep shame about my body hair. i felt like a veritable gorilla who must shave at all times or my true hairy ape identity would be discovered.

then i stopped shaving, and i realized that nobody noticed.

guys i've been with since i stopped shaving really haven't cared. i've volunteered to shave if my body hair was a turnoff, and to a man they've all told me it was sexy and one of the things they liked about my body.

i've noticed that people down south, where i'm originally from, guys especially, REALLY REALLY do care, though. my mother has actually told me that not shaving makes me look like a man. she has told me this while i had long pretty girlie hair, was wearing makeup and heels and a dress, etc. my brothers are universally appalled, and have repeatedly begged me to shave.

so i would say that if you live somewhere where feminine standards of beauty are taken really seriously, your mileage may vary in regard to how other people take it. but all in all, i've experienced virtually no friction (heh!) in new york and other parts of the northeast in the 4 years i've been a hairy woman.
That's a very good point. When I first stopped shaving under my arms, my male friends made comments like "wow, venetia's looking sexy these days!" when they noticed. Heaven knows some of my exes have complained about my body, but no-one has ever complained about my body hair. But I'm sure I could find people who would.

I rarely shave. I have *a lot* of dark hair, but I reckon: if I'm wearing trousers, who's going to see it anyway? Smurf says he doesn't really care, anyway.

But I've noticed that the one person who does tell/beg me to shave (esp. under my arms, which I do sometimes do) is my sister. She literally hates it and it can get quite nasty, with her telling me in detail how unattractive it is.

So I think it's probably more the women who keep this myth going than the men. Problem is, women make up half the population...
Bklynhermit: You're totally right about the "area code" definition of "proper ladyhood," and *other* popular generalizations!

I'm originally from the North--but MOST of my adult life has been spent here in the South. Seems there's a much wider acceptance of about ALL things human up North.

Seems to be a lil' easier to be fat down here, though...

As for shaving, I'm pretty fair--the only places I HAVE to shave to keep fairly smooth are like the widest part of the triangle at the top (I don't know why--but the other part of the hair is practically non-existent!) and the lower calves. I have arm hair you have to hold up in the sunlight to see--and just a lil' bit on the underarms.

I'd like to try that waxing thing--if they had a really fat lady working there, so I'd not be so conspicuous.

*self hatred rears it's ugly head*
I started shaving my legs in grade 8 or 9 and stopped when I was around 19 (in Canada). I decided I'd rather put my time towards other things. My hair's dark, but I tweeze the really dark ones and the rest aren't all that noticeable - in my opinion, and my bfs said they never noticed or cared, and random guys on the street who check me out don't seem to notice either.

I too hear more women than men talk about how unattractive women's body hair is. Too bad.

(I just remembered what my first bf did when I confided in him that I had hairy legs but still felt insecure about it - he yanked the leg of his pants up and said "YOU don't have hair. THIS" pointing to his own calf, "THIS is hair!")
i'm far too lazy to shave and/or wax on any kind of regular basis. there is a grand total of *one* person who notices and comments, and that is my friend who likes to try and creep my out by feeling up my calf (he's a strange one, that boy) i shave my armits every month or two (or three or four), but that's just to avoid the 'i have a troll with dandruff in a headlock' look when i wear tank tops
Well I live up North, Connecticut, to be specific, and I honestly don't know (or really care) what people around here think of hairy legs. My boyfriend says he doesn't care what I do- I haven't shaved my thighs since before I met him and it took him forever to notice they were furry, but they are a lot less noticable than my shin hair.

My reasons for not knowing whether to shave are all internal- one of my concerns is whether it will "match" with my clothes, because I generally dress in long skirts, shorts, sandals, headscarves, etc. but I also have a bunch of outfits that don't "go" with hairy legs. And I will continue to shave my armpits because my crystal deodorant sticks a lot better that way.

I also feel a little too ugly to be hairy. Like, I always picture girls with body hair to be really long-limbed and delicate and naturally pretty and braless, and while I've never dyed my hair and I'm not one for a lot of makeup or anything, I'm busty. So I wear a bra every day. I'm not fat or skinny, just totally average, and kinda short. So I feel like if I don't shave I might look more butch than hairy hippie goddess.

It's funny how much I'm going into this with myself.
When I was in middle school, I went to camp. At camp, while waiting in line outside for the showers, girls were talking about "omg, I'm so hairy, I have to shave!" I was just sitting there with no clue. Then, this girl points to my legs and says "omg you are so hairy! don't you shave?" I was like no, I never have. So then it was like oh yay! Let's get maddy's legs shaved.

I had literally never even noticed my leg hair before. But ever since it was pointed out to me, I see it. It's stupid and dumb to care about it, but I decided to choose my battles:-) I feel that it is a very unfeminist act for me to get laser hair removal. It's just buying into the whole beauty culture etc. But, I still want it.

I used to be genuinely repulsed when I saw women with underarm hair. LIterally it would make feel feel yucky. Isn't that weird? My roommates both don't shave, so I've gotten used to it. But I've never really been around hairy women! Now it doesn't bug me at all, although I really like shaved pits for myself.
I have tried - and love - Bikini Kitty kits - I think they even have one for men... it really works at preventing ingrown hair when you do want to shave - any... area. ;) and you can save it just for 'special occasions' if your not a daily shaver like me!
hellotampon, I understand what you mean about being the right 'shape' for body hair. I decided last year, after watching lots of '70s films and looking at '70s pin-up girls at work (I work in a picture library) that I have a '70s body; tall and thin ('gawky' to some people, I personaly prefer 'willowy') but slightly soft on the belly and hips, with long legs and small breasts. When I decided to stop shaving my 'pits it seemed to fit perfectly with rest of my body; I feel sexy and womanly in a '70s 'natural woman' sort of way. (Plus it does feel rather subversive, which is cool.)
funnybird-you are like my roommate-she's the perfect looking hippie chick, it looks natural and beautiful on her.
I checked out that Bikini Kitty kit... but what I use (at least when I'm going almost-or-totally bare) is the Seiko Cleancut electric razor. It's great... impossible to cut yourself with this thing, but you can still get a close shave. It's kind of a pain to get used to, and your hair has to be really short--like a day or two of stubble only--in order for it to work- but if you're shaving your crotch regularly it's a lifesaver. The price has gone down a bit since I got mine last year too.
I'm peeking into a lot of the discussions right now for fun, and I just wanted to let you all know, for kicks:

I have one leg shaved and the other


Weird, huh? I forgot until I came here!

A few months ago I decided to stop shaving out of bitterness toward our cultural beauty standards for women. And my bf didn't mind at all (which made most of the difference, which made me even more bitter).

Recently, I've been experimenting with "shaving as usual" not under the influence of bitterness, with the hopes of seeing the process in a healthier way.

I had an idea today: I'd like to try having only one part of me shaved, that is, my pubic hair on my labia (keeping the curly fluffy on the mound) for oral sex purposes (for my enjoyment). The rest doesn't feel very good shaved and reshaved and growing back.

Any thoughts?
My hubby is starting to get a hairy back. I tried nads and waxing it for him but he hated both and refuses to do it again. Poor guy has sensitive skin and it really irritated him. Any alternative suggestions other than shaving?
Suczka: do you mean, like leaving a landing strip only more? Like the whole triangle part in front? And leaving the rest? If so--I think that's a great idea. The hair on the mound area tends to get ingrown more than the other areas and this will just be less work for you. I did this myself after having a TERRIBLE experience with waxing (the only time I did it, and EVERY hair became ingrown when it came back--it took many, many months to get things presentable down there again) and I liked it. Go for it!

Ginger: Have you tried Nair? Maybe the kind they make for bikini lines would be gentler on his skin. I don't know what other options there are... If shaving is out because of irritation, try the Seiko Cleancut razor, works wonders on delicate skin. But I'm guessing you don't want stubble and you'll still get stubble with the Cleancut. The only other option I can think of would be a epilator... a little machine that rips the hairs out with these all these little tweezers really fast. I got one as an alternative to waxing--you can use an epilator when the hair is way shorter than you'd be able to wax--but as you'd probably imagine, it can be pretty painful, not as quick as waxing.
Now that I am a married woman I either Shave my legs everyday to exfoliate or let them grown out for a few (3-4) weeks I just hate that "IN BETWEEN" time when the hair is stickly prickly!

As for armpits. I stopped shaving my armpits for 3 months and my crystal deoderant didn't work as well. But then again shaving and puting it on (or the peaceful patchouli liquid crystal) burned like hell!

So I tend to shave about every 4 days.

I don't mind hair so it doesn;t matter much.

Ginger Kitty - he could try laser hair removal. VERY effective but PRICEY.

Suczka - you mean you leave all the stuff in front on your lower abdomen but shave off everything that's underneath between your thighs? So, from the front, it looks like you aren't shaved at all?

If that's what you mean, I do that too sometimes, for oral sex purposes, like you said. I never get ingrown hairs in those areas the way you do shaving the part on the front/stomach area.
Well I'm from South America, and we all hate to have hair anywhere else than in the face/head. So I shave my legs, arms(not only the arm pits, but everything) and "down there". It can be a pain in the butt, but I love not having hair cool.gif
My cousin and her friend used to wax her belly, I think that's taking it a little to the extreme mellow.gif
I could never wax, I'm afraid I would bleed! 2 months ago, I waxed my boyfriend's back with hmm i can't remember the name of the product, but it had a green wax roll-on(cold wax) that you had to put those little stripes on and pull, and it took SO LONG, because the wax would just not adhere to the paper. ahh never again!
sooo...i have like 5 hairs on my chin right now. the one lone little black sprout i plucked every month or so multiplied overnight into this almost goatee i gotta watch out for every few days. argagagh.
same. electrolysis is the name of that game sister. when i pluck i get lumps so it looks like there's a crop of nasty pimples on my chin All The Time! permanent hair removal is the only option there for me. ouch (physically and in the pocket book too!).
Where are you located? I've been getting my bikini (brazilian) and underarms lasered for about a year now and I highly recommend it. It is costly, but I view it as an investment since waxing only lasted maybe a week for me.

Get back,

QUOTE(misspissed @ Jun 1 2006, 01:31 PM) *

has anyone had laser hair removal? i've been thinking about it, esp for my underarms and bikini line. <BR> <BR>any info is greatly appreciated!!

Microrazon and Pepper -

I did electro for almost a full year, mostly on my chin but a few hairs on my cheeks and jawline too. I wasn't satisfied enough with it. After two dozen treatments, the hairs were still dark and thick and it seemed like I was getting more of them.

I've switched over to laser. It is expensive, but I think the woman I go to gave me a deal (she was the person I was getting my electrolysis from). I do underarm, a little area on my stomach, chin, cheek, jaw and eyebrow for $300 a treatment. My brother looked into having his back done and was told that just for the arm/shoulder area, it'd be $500 a treatment.

You can immediately tell it works though. Hair didn't start coming back in for at least a month and when it did, it was lighter and there was less of it.

I view it the way Martoocha does - it's an investment. It's less razors and shave cream and Nair that I'll have to buy for the rest of my life.
QUOTE(suczka @ Jul 6 2006, 01:02 AM) *

I had an idea today: I'd like to try having only one part of me shaved, that is, my pubic hair on my labia (keeping the curly fluffy on the mound) for oral sex purposes (for my enjoyment). The rest doesn't feel very good shaved and reshaved and growing back. <BR> <BR>Any thoughts?

That's what I've always done. I guess I've never even considered that it was "different" at all.

For me, the labia-area is completely shaved and the rest is just trimmed. It's the most comfortable, in my opinion.
well, i Used to do that until it caused irreversable little bumps to form from continually irritating my hair folics. so now i shave Almost that whole area and trim the rest, leaving enough hair to cover the weird skin and not irritate it any further. i went to a gyno and a dermy about it too so i know of what i speak here. hurrah for uber-sensitive skin eh?
i do it for purely pleasure and comfort related purposes.
Pepper, I assume you're talking about the method suczka mentioned? I get those little bumps too, but so far if I take a break from shaving (usually for a week or so during my period) they go away for a while. Then I start shaving again, usually every other day or so, and they usually come back before my period rolls around again. I have super-sensitive skin too (the one time I waxed, EVERY SINGLE hair got ingrown--man, it was ugly and took a LONG time to get back to normal) so I suppose these bumps might become permanent in the future... Guess that's when I'll get serious about some other, more permanent method of hair removal... or just give it up all together!
that totally happened to me too! i thought i was the only one who that happened to, i mean i thought it would be great after hearing all of the rave reviews from my friends, but no. first time i ever waxed ( i was thinking it was a great idea at the time, why would i pay someone to do this for me when i could do it myself?!) well...long story short the areas in which the hair actually came out were completely red and bumpy for at least a week, and i still had odd little patches of stubborn hair...and it wasnt too pretty sad.gif

i don't know if this has ever been mentioned in this thread and if it hasn't, it's gonna seem to come from left field but:

to avoid those red bumps - immediately after shaving (with a new razor and shave gel), apply a little bit of solid deodorant (like suave or secret solid) to the shaved area. i know it sounds absolutely insane but i've been doing it for years and i've noticed that if i forget to use it, the bumps are much worse. i might still get a few when i do it, but they're not bad and seem to go away sooner. i have heard that it has something to do with the aluminum in the deodorant, but i have no idea if that's true. all i know is that it works. i used to use mrfj's nivea aftershave balm afterward as well but the deodorant seems to work fine by itself.

so, i just wanted to put that out there. i was skeptical at first too, and tried it more as a way to prove a friend wrong. but...
i've heard about the deodorant stick/aftershave before. unfortunately the bumps i'm talking about are permanent, they've been there for a long time now. but i did used to wax there for a few years and shaved there for years as well so... guess it just took time with me. whatever, i don't mind having some fluff there, i don't want a bald 12-yr old lookin' kitty, that just seems wrong to me somehow. i like being a growed up. fur and creases and everything.

i'd still laser my leg hair though.
Yeah, the bumps I was talking about aren't like razor burn or ingrown hairs or anything... They're not red, they're just little raised bumps, and they don't hurt or anything. They take away from the fresh-shaved smoothness though!
As far as using deodorant goes, I've heard that before too but I haven't tried it--I tend to think it wouldn't work for me cuz my armpits get pretty bad red bumps and irritation if I shave too often, even though I use deodorant on them every day... I use this roll-on stuff called PFB Vanish and it works wonders, WAY better than Tend Skin or anything else I've tried. Also I think I've said this before, but I use a Seiko Cleancut electric razor and it is SO much better than a regular razor!! It can't cut you, and it doesn't cause nearly as much irritation or ingrown hair/bumps.
bella coola
Hey little idiot (I TRULY hope that you don't think that about yourself!!) would you recommend the SEIKO, regardless of its price? I like to trim down but despise razor burn. Sounds fast and easy, just how I like 'em! Heh.
Hi Bella~ The name is a reference to Moby--I actually think I'm purdy smart! tongue.gif

I would totally recommend the Seiko Cleancut (I think they may have a newer version but I think it still goes by some version of that name) to anyone who wants a bare pussy. It is wonderful, and totally worth the cost, which has gone down since I bought mine. Keep in mind that it isn't for trimming; it will give you a nice, clean bare shave, like using a regular razor (well, it can be tough to get THAT smooth but it's possible, plus not having any red bumps or pain makes up for it). Also, the hair has to be really short--like no longer than a couple days' stubble--for it to work.

It makes a little buzzing sound and my guy gets so excited when he hears it buzzing away in my bathroom! He says, "What are you doing?" and I say something absurd like "Playing baseball" or "Collating." biggrin.gif
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