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Full Version: caught by the fuzz: to shave or not to shave
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bella coola
Oh ok - I like to listen to Moby but I know little about any Moby idiots.

Anyway thanks for the Seiko info, will have to check that out!!
i was wondering about general leg-shaving and underarm-shaving and such--does anyone use an epilator?

i've heard that it's painful, but that you get used to it. the review on one that i was looking at said it took forever just to do one leg, but it may have just been that one brand.

i wouldn't much mind the pain if i could have smooth legs for weeks on end! i just don't want to buy one and then have it turn out to be a massive and involved annoyance to use, or less effective than expected.

any thoughts? recommendations for brands/models?

I bought an epilator (a Braun Silk-Epil) a couple of years ago, thinking it would be the solution I wanted. I loved the long-lasting smoothness of waxing but I hated having to let the hair grow out so long between waxings. Your hair doesn't have to be very long to use the epilator--a lot shorter than with waxing. It doesn't feel good, though--it bothered me more than waxing because with waxing it's just a quick really bad pain, but the epilator does take a long time, so it's this milder but much longer, lingering pain. I wouldn't do my legs with it--maybe the armpits since it's a smaller area but man, I don't know, that shit would hurt. An epilator is basically just a roller with lots of little tweezers on it, so if you can pluck all the hair out of your armpits without giving up, I'd say an epliator might work for you. They're not cheap, though--I def. regret buying mine because I never use it! Oh, and if you're prone to ingrown hairs, beware--you'll get 'em just as bad as with waxing.
Hey, my supervisor (who's mid 40's) just came in and asked me about people shaving their pubes. She has a new man who apparently shaves his balls, etc, and his chest, and he was surprised that she doesn't shave or trim her pubic hair at all. She was asking me if it's normal or not. I said I thought it was much more normal and common now, but that I had no idea so many people did it until I met my boyfriend.

I told her I"d do a poll on here to see who shaves what, and when and wht they started.

I'll go first smile.gif I trim a bit, starting a f ew months after i started having sex with my boyfriend. I'd never heard of anyone really doing that other than on sex and the city. I decided to just try it and see how it felt, and i liked not having long hairs down there getting all twisted up and stuff.

I trim all my pubic hair really short. I have fun doing it in the same way that picking at blackheads is fun. I don't like shaving it- The idea of putting a razor near my inner labia scares me, plus it seems tedious. Once in a great while I'll clean up my bikini line by shaving, and afterwards I'll feel neat and pretty.

My boyfriend shaves his balls periodically. He thinks it's a treat for me.
ha ha, and Is it? a treat for you i mean.

personally, i want him to have some hair on his stuff. and the rest of his body for that matter. i like to feel like i'm making it with a grown up and not someone that my kid bro would be hanging out with. icky.

i trim, i like him trim too. nothing so unpleasant as coughing out a hair mid whatever. a beard trimmer is only about $20 and works great. i trim under my arms but don't shave because i think naked underarm flesh is just about the most unattractive thing ever. ugh. pig flesh. and i like the idea that i visually have those two extra sexual areas (pussies!) under my arms. boys who are into it are very, Very into it indeed! yow!
i shave my bikini line when i feel like it and some of my lower labia but i leave a triangle and then some. and i shave my legs when i feel like it in the hot months but give that up as soon as skirts are out. i have soft leg hair when it grows in. it's darkish and not really all that sparse either but i don't give a fig. i am so not putting up with the bother and expense of shaving and the horrible ingrown hairs i get. when i can afford the lazer i will but until then, i am wearing those leg sweaters all winter long my friend. i haven't had a lot of negative reaction from men since i started sleeping with grown ups either. go figure.
I only ever had one bf who shaved his balls. No other guy I've known has ever done anything, trimming-wise.

I shave under my arms weekly-ish, unless I have an exercise class, in which case I shave the morning of. I shave my legs maybe about once every 3 weeks, more in summer. The hair there is very fine and takes a little while to grow back.

I get my bikini line waxed about 4 times a year, usually before I'm about to go away to somewhere with a beach or swimming pool. I also trim as needed. My wax is pretty basic though; I always say to the waxer, 'no need to do anything, you know, extreme.' I try to mimimalise the pain. My bf says it's barbaric to go through the pain of a wax but I think he prefers it aethestically all the same.
Right, time for me to contribute here..... biggrin.gif

Trimming pubes is important, shaving not so much but iI do it from time to time.....sometimes out of boredom, sometimes cus i just plain feel like it.
Normally keep the trim the same all over, but sometimes the testes get the razor, feels weird after you have done it thing, if you have balls, you DO NOT want to nick them with the razor. VERY umcomfortable feeling.

In the summer months, the chest hair gets removed too, for some reason I sweat a lot less with no chest hair. Have to do it once a week which can be a bit of a drag...but it is a fine art now, so no biggie. SOME MORE RAZOR ADVICE. NEVER, EVER nick a nipple. Bleeds like half a dog, and anything rubbing against it until healed, unnerving displeasure.

There! I said it!

My ex had all the fluff removed via laser treatment, bikini line and the top part, the rest used to get the razor. I used to wince watching her do it.....*whisk whisk whisk* with that damn blade....hardly even looking at what she was doing....never ever saw her cut herself...skillz, she had SKILLS.
wow, thanks for the responses! this is really so interesting and weird how we all have our ways of grooming smile.gif heh.

omg i can't imagine getting all of my pubes lasered, it HURTS on the bikini line, I can't imagine doing the whole thing. Dang.

I can't wait to show my supervisor these responses-keep 'em coming!
I shave most everything down below but leave a little triangle. I usually shave about every-other day except during my period, then I don't bother. I'm kind of maniacal about shaving, I shave my armpits and legs year-round, every day or every-other day.

As for guys, my current one has been experimenting with shaving more and more of his nether regions and I think he likes it. But he doesn't shave it smooth, just really really short, and IMO, it'd be better to leave it a little longer, cuz those little pokey hairs can really irritate my bare skin! I've had a guy or two in the past who shaved their balls, and one guy who shaved EVERYTHING off, said it made his junk look bigger. I don't really care if a guy does or doesn't shave, except I don't like getting hairs in my mouth, but shaving isn't necessary to prevent that--just tug on the hair a little bit (not too hard!) first so any loose ones come out beforehand.
Kalevra, I am sorry but that nipple comment made me laugh out loud!

My hubby shaves his pubic area balls and all. It's kinda nice! I like his chest though, I am glad he leaves that. Guys with out chest hair always look a bit odd to me.

I am so glad tank top season is ending, I don't think I'll shave my underarms again until spring.
i get my bikini (brazilian, but have kept a landing strip on top) area lasered. in btwn lasering sessions, i shave. depends on my mood and what time of month it is...the lasering has REALLY worked for me, so i don't need to shave very often. even when 2 weeks go by its still not bad.

i also ended up getting my underarms lasered. i shave there at least once a week.

i get my eyebrows threaded once every 2 weeks, unless i have a special occassion then i get it done after a week to clean it up a bit.

i shave my legs, but not as often as I'd like to, just get lazy. I tend to shave more in the summer time versus winter time. although, i do like the silkyness of my freshly shaved legs under pants in the winter.

mr. martoocha shaves his balls and keeps it overall neat and trimmed, but doesn't shave everything completely. i'm all for men primping themselves in the nether region...esp if the woman does also...its just cleaner, i feel and i too don't like getting hairs in my mouth.
No, it's not really a treat for me, Pepper. I don't care about the hair (or lack thereof) at all so I have to make a conscious effort to *notice* when he shaves. Usually he'll tell me right away and I'll be like, "Oh wow, they're so smooth!" or something.
oh shit girl, you have me laughing like crazy over here...

"mmm, yes honey, i see. such nice smooth balls, lovely"..
oh, killing myself.
Yeah that's pretty much my reaction! The same thing you would do to a child who walks up to your and tries to show you a dead caterpillar or something. Everyone leaves happy.
lol lol lol! i love that hellotampon smile.gif like wow, good job honey! very smooth! wow! impressive! and he's all proud of himself.
Hee, AZ Guy sometimes expects the same reaction when he shaves them too. He's always done that (shaving, not trying to get girls to react to his shorn scrotum), and kept everything else trimmed and shaved down there too. I think it's for his asthetics more than for me, mainly because he's rather self-concious about his looks and he would be concerned about his package looking small. I can't see him giving it up because we aren't together.

A part of me could care less about how someone's crotch is, but at the same time I like it because I don't like getting hair in my mouth. So far that's the only part of him, besides his face, that he shaves, and he is much better at it than I am. Usually I end up getting him to help me trim my pubic hair because the last few times I have tried to do it myself I have cut myself. And yes, that does hurt really bad.

As for myself, I don't shave my armpits unless I absolutely have to, which means I have shaved them twice this decade (Halloween one year and a wedding). That is a skill I have never mastered, and I would rather have hairy armpits than itchy stubble any day. I keep my crotch trimmed unless I'm single, then I don't do anything to it, and I shave my legs about twice a week, less if I know nobody is going to see that I have leg hair, that's about the only part of my body that I'm rather self-concious about hair-wise.
lilac, i use a beard trimmer for the cootch and underarms if need be. it makes it really easy to do a good job without hurting one's self.

i'm the same about my legs. i don't want to show them all hairy in public but i also have nearly zero interest in shaving them.
luckily for me, the ex i'm potentially re-hooking up with LOVES body hair, particularly leg hair. likes a trim muff but fluffy armpits and legs make him honry. heh.

I hate shaving my legs, pubic area and underarms. I shave my legs and underarms occasionally when I feel like it. MAYBE every three months. I don't have much now that I don't shave often. Just keeps growing back thinner and thinner. My man just doesn't care about leg hair. Occasionally, he might joke about my underarms or my legs but RARELY notices. I do trim my pubic area with a lady's trimmer (similar to beard trimmer for guy). I should do it more often but it's uncomfortable sitting in front of a mirror. Not cause I'm ashamed of my body; I think my hootie hoo is pretty; I just don't like trying to reach all the little areas to keep it well trimmed. I REALLY HATE GETTING MY EYEBROWS WAXED. I’d rather shoot bamboo up my fingernails. I prefer to pluck (which I confess I don’t do enough). When they rip that shit off, it feels like they are pulling my eye out of the socket. Are there any other options by the way for the eyebrow area, other then waxing or plucking?
i've found that threading is a bit less painful and leaves a cleaner line for the brows.
i don't even look when i'm using the clippers down there. i know where it all is, i just stick my hand over bits and feel around with that wee buzzy thing. so far so good! i don't look when i'm shaving it either, i mean, obviously the sides i do but the part i can't see? i just do it without looking.
i trim my pubes, and shave my underarms and legs regularly. i didn't start trimming regularly until i started dating my bf, who prefers it (he does lots of trimming/shaving himself). i've really gotten to like being neatly trimmed.

and if i get my bf to do it for me it seems to lead to oral sex more often than not. smile.gif

i've heard that threading is wonderful...
I shave ( down there) it is completely bald. I love it. I hate having hair there it feels nasty. I have been shaving there since the first sight of hair there. I would say I have been shaving it for 18 yrs. It is a good feeling.
Has anyone here tried Moom?
I've read good things about it, but I'm skeptical about any sugaring product. I tried Nads and it was horrible, sticky, painful and ineffective. I usually use Sally Hansen pre waxed strips (I have fine hair), but I want something with more "oomph" for bikini waxing.
I also looked at GiGi Brazilian wax kit, has anyone used that?
bella coola
Still looking for grooming stats?

I shaved for a little bit and loved being bare, but ohhh it buuurns!!! So now I trim but I'm looking at the electric shaver. Or trimmer... but I need a good solution for my bikini line because I get razor burn/ingrown hairs pretty bad there. And I don't know how I feel about waxing - had a rather traumatic Brazillian attempt. 100% bare boys kind of weird me out, and 100% jungle is just.. too much jungle. Anything in between is aaall good!
I uses to have the same problem with in grown hairs. Now since I switched to an electric shaver I don't have a problem with razor burn or ingrown hairs. An electric shaver helps with the ingrown hairs. It removes more hair then just a lady bic does. cool.gif
bella coola
Thanks for the advice pymp - removes more than a blade, that's sweet! Is it the Seiko?
Bella, you may have seen me post this before, but the Seiko Cleancut is awesome, I wouldn't use anything else, and after trying several different things for ingrown hairs and razor burn, I found PFB Vanish works the best. Of course, switching to the Seiko made the razor burn mostly non-existent but I would still get some ingrowns and the PFB takes care of that.
bella coola
Thanks lil' id! I do remember your post(s), and trust your opinion. I just like to get more opinions if available.. the Cleancut is definetly penciled on my shopping list
i bought an epilator! i'm sure i'll be posting about how that goes...i'm waiting for it to come in the mail. i'd read elsewhere that if you could handle tweezing a couple of your underarm hairs, you could probably get used to the pain of epilation. seemed manageable to me, and you're supposed to get more used to it with time. i'll see how much patience i have with it meanwhile.

my bf trimmed me this weekend and took off much more than usual on my outer labia--not completely smooth, but really really short. i love it! (and so does he!)
Think I'm going for my first bikini wax on Thursday. I've had it sugared before but never waxed. I've laso taken a reaction to wax in the past ... does anyone have any advice?

annelise, I've never tried an epilator myself but I've heard good things.
bunny, if you're had a bad reaction to waxing, my advice is to not do the bikini at all. It's much more sensitive, so you're going to get pain, and potentially other irritation: the first time I bikini waxed, the follicles bled. And a few other times, I got these reddish bruise-type things that lasted for a few days because of the blood vessels that were broken by the waxing. I don't wax the bikini anymore, though I think it's still fine for my legs and underarms if the spirit moves me.
Hey bunnyb, how did the waxing go?

I (unknowingly) have a bad reaction to wax too. I went for my first brazilian a couple of days ago, and broke out in red, itchy, swollen hives, felt like an allergic reaction. Gross! Anyone else have this experience?
Hi. I have a question:

My boyfriend has issues with my hair for more or less practical reasons: he says that when he goes down on me, the hair there on the mons pubis rubs on his upper lip and is uncomfortable. But what to do about it? It's already trimmed, so I could trim it up more but imagine that wouldn't change things much. I could theoretically shave, but 1.) I hate shaving 2.) I get wicked ingrown hairs 3.) then it would be *me* who's uncomfortable, b/c with no hair to protect me his facial hair stubble would be scratchy scratchy and 4.) it doesn't seem like it would solve much because there would be terrible pokey stubble within a day or two, which would probably feel even worse for him than the hair does. And waxing all that? Not into it, too painful (and expensive). And quitting oral sex altogether? Oh, no!

I also sort of don't feel great about shaving because a dude wants me to. I feel like if his reasons were just aesthetic (hair=ugly) I'd say no. But I do want him to feel comfortable and to enjoy going down on me. (But BTW- is he just being a big baby? I've never had any other partners bring this up.)

So, I guess my question is if y'all have any advice on grooming strategies that would make us both happy. I see that some of you spoke highly of electric shavers, I wonder if that would do the trick-? (But are those pricey?)
From a guys perspective....I never met a girl with pubic hair that would hurt me...he might be being a wuss, or he is trying to avoid or make excuses not to go down on you!

I have had a goatee most of my adult life, and I have been told more than once that if the hair on my face is too short/stubbly it irritates a partners skin around mouth, on the mountain of love, and sometimes inner thighs. So I keep it just long enough to be 'fluffy' and soft smile.gif maybe you should try that!

...and I have not been down on someone in 4 months now...and talking about it here is as frustrating as not being able to do it sad.gif tongue.gif huh.gif
Hey Kalevra, thanks for the male perspective. I don't think he's trying to avoid going down on me, because he's very much a fan of doing so (both based on what he says and what he does...). I guess it's the wuss hypothesis, then, assuming I don't have some superhuman superstrong pubic hair. Thanks for the tip about keeping the hair longer, not shorter... that makes sense. Maybe we'll try that. He also says it probably wouldn't really be a problem if I didn't move my hips so damn much (bucking and squirming and all that other good stuff that happens when your partner's doing a good job)... but when he's doing things right I don't know if I can help that... !
How short do you trim it? Like kalevra said, maybe if you grew it out it would be softer and less prickly. I know that when my boyfriend shaves his balls and it starts to grow back to a certain length, it gets stubbly and rather uncomfortable on my face/mouth when I go down on him.
sorry for the late update! I took a mild reaction (my reactions normally get progressively work) which was fairy uncomfortable but my own fault as i knew there was a danger of taking a reaction. surprisingly, my legs reacted more than my bikini line. it's a shame as I don't find waxing painful, in fact I find it quite therepeutic; I'll need to find somewhere that does sugaring instead or buy an epilator.
bunny, just keep going. i found my skin 'toughened up' after a while.

i second (or third?) the longer, fluffier hair. a certain length makes it stick straight out and is it Ever prickly! freshly trimmed can be a bit sharp as well i've found.

good luck!
i got my epilator, and i'm not sure i'm always using it right--i think i'm breaking some of the hair on my legs instead of pulling it out, because they have a bit of stubble. but i think it's worth it.

i'd heard all sorts of stories about how painful it was--it might be me, but it was only prickly on my legs. so i tried my underarms, and that hurt, but the results were so great it was worth it. then the other night i got really daring and did my bikini line. i trimmed beforehand so it wouldn't be crazy. it wasn't comfortable, but it didn't hurt really, which surprised me. but i did end up with a bunch of reddening/irritation.

i got some irritation on my legs at first too, but now not at all, so i'm hoping it'll be the same for my bikini line. i love being so smooth!

i remember hearing that conditioner can help soften trimmed hair and keep it less prickly, but i haven't tried it myself.
Hm... Well folks, thanks a lot for the tip about growing the hair longer instead of making it shorter. That makes a lot of sense to me, but when I brought it up with the boy, it became clear that his issue is really just dislike of hair in general. Which I guess isn't surprising, since he shaves pretty much all the hair on his body... but still, sort of annoying. Whatever. I told him I hate shaving and probably won't do it, but if he's really so into the idea he can shave me himself, and that probably would be fine. Assuming it doesn't get all irritated and ingrown and shit... hm.

I feel like deleting this whole post because it's so self-absorbed and generally silly! But ah, well, it's an update on the advice I sought, right? wink.gif
Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if we've talked eyebrows yet? Not sure if I'm posting in the correct topic area or not. My apologies if I'm in the wrong spot.

By chance, might anyone have some suggestions for overplucked eyebrows. I accidentally took a chunk out of my right eyebrow. I am super anxious for it to grow back--just wondering how long it takes? I'm terrible with filling my eyebrows in with a pencil. Should I see a makeup professional? I've also read on the web that using Rogaine might help? That seems risky to me for some reason?

My boyfriend says you can't tell I've tweezed these few hairs away, but of course, I can notice. Just wondering if you Busties have done this, etc... thanks SO MUCH!

I'm guessing Rogaine isn't supposed to be used that close to the eyes... plus I don't think it would work that fast anyway.

When I've overplucked, I use a plain #2 pencil to fill in the gaps. Granted, I've never filled in a big gap with a pencil, but for a too-thin area it works well. It's not as dramatic or severe as most eyebrow pencils are.
shimmergirly~get a eyebrow pencil. it will do the job. that's what i would do when i would overpluck.

shades~treat your pubes the way you want to treat 'em. i've done it all with my area. i even did my own brazilian with my razor. it was a cool feeling, but the upkeep was a pain. now, i'm just keeping it natural. oh, and freshly trimmed hair is harsh. the longer, fluffier stuff is easier on the face. i use olive oil on my body to moisturize and i've noticed the oil has soften my pubic hair.

oh, for all of your Busties with redness and irritation...make sure you keep the skin being waxed or shaved hydrated with lotion or some kind of oil. your skin is irritated. i would use this great stuff from sally beauty supply on my bikini area, which would prevent ingrowns.
i think eyebrow pencils suck, personally. i use a brow powder from the body shop, it comes in a wee compact with two shades and there is a version for blondes as well as ones for light and dark brunettes, and it has a great brush. it's virtually impossible to screw it up unless you use way, way too much. i have super light brows but dark hair so i hardly ever go a day without it. a defined brow makes all the difference with my face.
Thanks for the tip pepper! I may have to get some this weekend.... smile.gif
what do you guys do for ingrown leg hairs? i have a whole bunch now.
exfoliate with a loofah or those scrubby gloves (again, you can get those at the body shop). dry brush massage is pretty good if done daily, google that for instructions. someone says that pbf vanish roll on stuff is great, i've stopped shaving so haven't had a reason to try it out myself. good luck, those welts suck like nothing else.
Annelise, Pepper's right, to get rid of them and prevent them next time loofah works great, and a lotion like Tendskin helps a lot, it's a chemical exfoliant.

If you can let your hair grow out for a while, it will naturally push the ingrowns out, too.
the best eyebrow pencil is from lancome. it is a wonder. there is also brow poweder from benefit that is awesome as well.
is tendskin worth the cost? it seems like it would last a while, but it's pricey stuff! someone had told me about that (it sounds like it burns, but it really does work), and i'd forgotten the name.


i need to use my scrubby gloves more often too...
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