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Full Version: caught by the fuzz: to shave or not to shave
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Angie, have you tried moist, hot compresses? Use the compresses for fifteen minutes (reheating as needed) or so & if the hair doesn't rise to the surface, it may not be an ingrown, but something else. If it does come up, use a sterile needle & tweezers to gently coax the hair up & out. Clean with some peroxide or some such after.

New Jersey to ban the Brazilian?! This just seems silly to me. I mean, I ain't gonna trust my giney to just anybody. I make sure my aesthetician knows her shit before I let her anywhere near my tender bits.
ap - it was definitely an ingrown, it was just underneath healed skin instead of under dead skin cells like the typical kind. and it took 3 days of hot compresses and was pretty gross tongue.gif

It just blows my mind that they waste the time and money to create legislation for waxing. I remember a couple years ago there was a hubbub because a woman with compromised immune response almost died of an infection from a brazilian. Scary for her, but if your immune system is that sensitive, I can think of a LOT of legal things that could almost kill you.
I got a Braun epilator today. I shaved my little friend a couple of days ago and liked the smoothness so much that I decided to do at-the-root removal.
But goddamn, that mother hurts. And I didn't even make it down to the undercarriage! I only managed to do some of the pubic mound! And I made myself bleed! Who would've thought this would have such a learning curve tongue.gif
Then I did my underarms... and bloodied them up good.
My legs were a breeze, though.

So, I think I'll wax my girl bits a time or two to force the follicles into submission.

*My eyes are watering & my left hand is cupping my Britney for safety. She's ascairt!*

Waxing hurts, but it's usually a coupla strips & then riiiiip riiiiip riiiiip. I cannot even imagine the time/PAIN involved in yanking out pubic hairs a few at a time with an epilator. That'd be like using a really big pair of tweezers or something.

On behalf of your mons, labia, et al, I implore you: do not put that infernal contraption down there again. PLEASE!
Believe me, I won't put it there again for a while yet.
You'd be surprised that women do use an epilator ON the girl bits. I was. And being the mulehead I am, I thought, hell if they can do it, I can do it.
I'll tell you, on the areas where the growth is sparse, it was easy to do, and didn't really hurt. It's when I got to the denser growth that I ran into problems.
But the beauty of ripping out hairs at the root is, the follicle starts to have a weaker hold on the regrowth, and will relinquish the hair much more easily with successive waxes. Then, one can take an epilator and use that for the job.
RRRRRRRRRRR! God, just listening to one of those things is painful.
Oh good lord. That sounds absolutely dreadful. I would never be able to do it to myself either. I can let other people cause me pain and I have a very high pain tolerance, but I find it almost impossible to cause myself pain.
Waiting for the hair to grow in so I can wax it is a total pain in the ass. I can feel those stiff little bristles stabbing and poking.
jsmith, i've definitely tried it before--just the top and sides, though. rest assured i won't do it again any time soon! yikes. i have a hard enough time waxing. i've actually been trying to prod myself to go in for a consultation for laser hair removal--more for my legs, but i'd probably neaten up the bikini line while i was at it. anyone with experience?
I've had laser hair removal on my upper lip, and it works!! they do a series of 6, 1 each month for 6 months. You will need to have a "touch up" like every 3 months after that, but that apparently tapers off. I can see how it's totally addictive. I want to get my underarms done. As far as how it feels, it's like holding a rubber band to your skin, taut, and snapping it fairly hard. It's not comfortable, but it's over fast - and the technicians are trained and try to cause as little pain as possible. The main thing I'd recommend is really research where to get it done. I went to a dermatology clinic that specializes in cosmetic procedures, especially laser. So they were really highly trained, and I always had a nurse doing it, not just a technician.

anyway, yes, I highly recommend it. Oh - one more thing- you DON"T have to let the hair grow before you go in for your appointment, you actually need to shave prior. So it's not like waxing, where you have to let everything grow for a few weeks first.

My experience with laser was not a good one. I would recommend going somewhere that offers LOTS of sessions and free touchups if possible and definitely research the place. Someone else (sorry, forgot who) that posted on this thread went somewhere that did like 12 sessions. The place I went offered a package of 5 sessions, and it was not enough for me AT ALL. I have just as much hair now as before I started. It's been about a year since my last session. I would lose hair and have less for a few weeks after, and then it would all grow back in. You sign all these waivers beforehand saying you realize it's only for hair reduction and that it might not work and stuff, so I don't think I have any recourse. I do not want to spend any more money on touchups that may not work anyway. The place I went did offer lidocaine cream if you wanted to numb the areas first. I didn't use that, but like I mentioned, I have a high pain tolerance. It was pretty painful on the bikini area and underarms.
I recently went to a message board where people posted about laser, and some women there said they actually grew MORE hair after getting laser done. But I also personally know a few people who have gotten it done and it worked. For hair reduction, not complete removal. On the other hand, my mom used an epilator for 10 years and now has almost no hair on her legs! I have one, but it's only been used a few times because really, it's just dumb and it takes soooooo loooong to get a decent amount of hair removed!

I have waxed the bikini line for a couple years now, only irregularly, and I've found that it still hurts just as goddam much as ever, but it does seem to work better and it's much easier to ignore the pain now that I'm used to it. I would actually rather wax the bikini than my legs. However, I still have yet to get up the courage to do more than the external areas (I can get the sides and the entire triangle, but just can't make myself do anything actually on the outer labia or the place right in front of my clit. ow!) I can't imagine letting them near any of those areas with a freakin laser.
in spite of the fact that i'm blond and fair-skinned, my leg (and armpit and pubic) hair is very coarse, thick, and dark. the leg hair grows heavily along the entire length of my inner thighs, among other areas. on top of that, my skin is sensitive, and shaving yields red, irritated follicles, that are for some reason very prone to becoming ingrown and infected, giving my legs an alluring chicken pox look. i've done various home waxing jobs, with varied results, but in the end don't really have the stamina and pain tolerance to do it too often--i'll get a leg done and be so sweaty and frustrated that it's hard to do that next leg! getting it all lasered off sounds so great, but then i wonder if it'll all come back the next time my hormones change (if i, for example, get pregnant, or get on hormonal birth control). so your experiences are appreciated! i guess i should also consider getting professional waxes, but it just sounds so personal and expensive. eh, need to investigate, i guess. thanks for your responses!
Enfermera, my pit/Britney hair grows mad weird. Thick, curly & it is not unusual to have anywhere from two to five hairs growing from a single follicle. I said fuck it on the pits, but I used to keep the field cleared for play until I was requested to stop doing so (Now I just trim to keep things neat). It's winter & boots are in style, so I am sporting my spotty winter leg pelt.

I used to occasionally use SoftSheen Magic Powder depilatory. It's designed specifically for black men's beards since those little curly hairs get ingrown/bumpy very easily. Smelled like ass, but it kept things neat as a pin. And it did have the upshot of *really* keeping the bumps/ingrowns away.

On the keeping the ingrowns at bay tip: 1) I seriously exfoliated the area very well every time I showered. I had a special pussy only BufPuf & 2) I applied unscented roll-on deoderant to the area after every shower.

The first time I had my cooch waxed, I felt really weird about it. I was letting somebody that wasn't a doctor or a lover have a gander at my nethers, y'know? Some strange, angry little Korean lady. As lay there having her apply hot wax to my snatch I realized that this is what she did all day, every day. Deforest pussy, deforest pussy, deforest pussy, deforest pussy, lunch, deforest pussy, deforest pussy, deforest pussy, deforest pussy, quitting time. It was impersonal to her, therefore it became impersonal to me.
I go for sugaring and as part of the aftercare, to avoid in growns I use either Aloe vera gel or tea tree oil lotion.

And like AP said exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!!! My sugarer takes great care in my cooch and knows all about how to deal with my piercings. She's really lovely.
yeah, i'm not too worried about the hair on my cooch; i keep it trimmed with the shaver attachment on my epilator. nobody sees it but me for the time being, and i like it with some hair, but neat. as for my legs....ugh, i don't know. i just feel fed up. i've tried exfoliating--with just a scrubby cloth, which doesn't seem enough, and with an exfoliating scrub with salicylic acid, which made my skin all ashy and flaky. i also have to be at work super-early and am baaaaad about making myself get up in time to do anything beyond the bare minimum to get myself out the door, so i often end up skipping things like exfoliating. meh. this winter i've been using veet depilatory cream about once a month just for minimum maintenance, but it's leading to some ingrowns too. and this new bottle i bought freakin burned me in little patches, which it hasn't done before!

and, yeah, i'm a nurse, so i realize that things like waxing are totally not personal for the person doing them, and i'm sure i'd get over it quickly. heck, i see so many naked people so frequently it barely even registers now when i see them on tv. i guess i just feel like complaining! i think i really just want to live in a society that reveres hairy-legged women, so i don't have to do anything about it rolleyes.gif thanks for the tips, ladies, y'all are the best!
I've spent some time catching up on this forum topic...I'm intrigued by it. I never really questioned why I shave; it simply became habit. I let my leg hair grow out significantly (I'd say 2-3 months of not shaving. Hooray for winter!) and I liked that I didn't have to deal with shaving, but I didn't like how my hair made me use significantly more product to moisturize my dry skin. I took a bladed razor to my legs, and even though I shaved with the direction of hair growth the results were catastrophic...

I tried Veet, but it takes sooooo long, and the results are not as satisfactory as wet shaving with a bladed razor. It didn't dry my skin out terribly, but it left a bizarre film on my legs. I ended up buying an electric razor off Amazon. I don't like shaving in the shower, does anyone else feel that way? I'd rather sit on the floor and shave while I'm watching TV. I've used an electric bikini trimmer for my muff for years; I just sit on the toilet and shave to the desired length wink.gif no more residual hair in the tub!

I don't really care for 'silky smooth results' (if I achieve that, the next day I'll be prickly, bumpy, and irritated) so I've been pleased with my purchase. Does anyone else electric shave?

Though, as a final note, I must say...I stand in awe of the women here who wax their snatch at home. I don't have the guts to do it.
like nbdx just scrolled thru the thread out of interest...i hated shaving for years and resisted it, but my hair is really dark and coarse and i didn't like the look of it all grown in, either. so yes...i got an epilator and have been usin' and lovin' it for years!! all my friends are horrified but seriously, you get used to it, and i only use it once a month. even on some of my girly parts! it's kind of like waxing, where you have to pull the skin taut and make sure the hair is a good length but not crazy long. and epilating, like waxing, totally thins out the hair over time. you have to get your skin used to it and go slowly sometimes, though.

nothing like not having to shave every week anymore and havng constant black stubble!
I don't know if this has been addressed in the past, but what brand of epilator do you use, and has anyone tested enough to know if some are better than others? I have a Silk Epil Eversoft by Braun. It has this dumb "skin massager" that doesn't really do much other than slow down how much hair you rip out at once, making it less painful but it also lasts longer. I'm going to try it on my recently waxed legs now that the hair has thinned out (it's been almost 5 years since I last used it because even the sound it makes causes me to get all tense and scared because I know it hurts so damn much. Waxing is so much easier, but I get all itchy and bumpy for a week afterwards so I never get to enjoy the smoothness.

I've never noticed a huge amount of hair thinning *sigh* but my pain tolerance does go up every time.
angie, i think mine is the same as yours. my mom has an emjoi optima, and it is a little higher quality tool; all of the pieces that grip the hairs are metal, whereas half of the braun ones are plastic. it might work a little better, but it's been a long time since i tried it.

i will say that i've noticed that the hair on my left leg has thinned out quite a bit. i think this is because sometimes i will start waxing or epilating, and then because of time or getting frustrated or just needing a break, i'll quit after doing just one leg--usually the left. as for pain tolerance, mine gets better if i do it regularly, but every time i let it slide for a couple of months, i'm right back to being a wincing, sweating baby.

i'm giving shaving one more try. i'm trying to be diligent about exfoliating, and then using moisturizer with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in (i think that was a good tip, culture!). i've also stopped wearing the knee socks i love, in case they are encouraging hairs to get ingrown. and since i'm not seeing anyone, i don't have to hear whining about my razor-sharp stubble.

the guy i used to fool around with, who was No Good for me, but i couldn't stay away from, loved every manifestation of my body hair, from totally bald to fully grown-out, and everything in between. he thought it was all sexy. i think that spoiled me a little.

Well I waxed my legs at home 2 weeks ago, and by now there are definitely many stragglers growing back, so I searched through the storage room and brought the ugly old epi machine out for a test. A friend recently recommended making sure you only use it when the hair is really short, so I just let it grow for a couple days after shaving. With the small amount of short hair, it actually did just tickle, although very uncomfortably. I even used it on the outer bikini line without it hurting too much. I'm thinking if I ctach regrowth once every week, maybe it won't be all that bad to keep using it! (it sure was easy, and since I bought it 5 years ago, it's also the only hair removal I can do completely for free)

Mine is plastic, but with metal tweezer things attached. My mom had one that was far more efficient but very painful, it was kind of a metal coil, with little hinges that would catch the hair. The coil was wrapped 3 or 4 times around the head of the machine and it spun really fast, so that it pulled hair in every direction. Terrifying.

I am going to be travelling a lot this summer, and thinking about trying laser on my pits. I could get in 2 sessions before travelling, I think... And pits are relatively cheap.... But I am very skeptical. Anyone with information? Thoughts?
This may be a legend, but I swear I remember that they advised women to not use their epilators right before & during their periods. That the hormone fluctuations actually made it hurt worse? Does that sound crazy or am I remembering correctly?
totally true, ap. totally....true. it also makes you red for longer, even on your eyebrows.
angie- read back through the thread. There are some posts from those of us who have tried laser. I had a bad experience but there was someone else who I think had a pretty good one. Let me know if you have other questions. smile.gif
So what's with that "Nad's" shit or whatever it's called...the shit with all the info-commercials that's *supposed* to be painless? Anybody use Nad's? What's the skinny?
It's called Nads because that is the name of the woman that invented it's daughter. Everything you ever wanted to know about Nads is on their website.
Yes, but does it work? Of course their website will tell me it's the greatest thing since heroin...I was looking for something a bit less biased before I plunk down $20.
QUOTE(koffeewitch @ Apr 6 2010, 10:34 AM) *
Yes, but does it work? Of course their website will tell me it's the greatest thing since heroin...I was looking for something a bit less biased before I plunk down $20.

Yes, I know. But, see now, this is the thing: there are several different methods of hair removal under the Nads banner (gel, wax, depilatory cream, a wand, etc) & most people don't try every single product they have. You actually knowing a bit more about *which* product you *might* want to use might help Busties' give you better information, no?

Also, there are several pages of archives you might want to look through to find your answer. I typed Nads into the search for this forum & it highlighted several different mentions of said product.
What's funny is that when you do a "nads" search in the Lounge, you come up with "kicked him in the nads" and the like. laugh.gif

I did come across a couple posts that both seemed to agree that Nads is the pits. "Horrible" and "painful" were the operative words. *sigh* So much for bullshit info-mercials. I'll be keeping my hairy legs and pits.
On NADS - My friend and I tried it together. She has thick, coarse hair, and I have fine, thin hair.

It didn't work at all for me, it just couldn't grab the hair. It DID however, cause some unsightly bruising where it managed to adhere to my skin.
It didn't work for my friend because, although it got some of the hair, it also ripped up little pieces of skin, resulting in bleeding AND bruising.

We followed the instructions exactly, so I would say that we would NOT recommend it. Except maybe as revenge ... on our worst enemy.

ETA: We tried the No-heat original gel, which is really more of a sugaring product.

Has anyone tried the famous Seiko Cleancut? I'm thinking of getting the Cleancut ES412, I found it on Amazon for like $35.

I'm interested in it's well-touted use for the pubic region, but I really also want to use it on my legs, for the aforementioned fine, thin hair.

Any advice shaving ladies?

Also - epilators scare the ever-lovin' crap outta me! Those little insect-like pincers crawling down your skin ... ewwwww! Props to you ladies brave enough to use 'em!
nads was the first non-shaving hair remover (well, besides nair, probably) that i ever tried. the original product was basically a sugaring kit. it was nice in that it dissolved in water, unlike wax. a lot of people say that sugaring is gentler than waxing, too. i'm not sure if i have found that to be true. i WILL say that if i buy the prepared strips, the ones with the "sugar" stuff do a much crummier job of removing hair than the ones with wax. i think this is why it was originally advertised as painless--as it was the first time i'd ever ripped out my leg hair by the roots, it was not painless at all.

oh, interesting aside: the original infomercials for nads told this back story wherein the creator developed the product as a gentle, all-natural hair remover for her 5-YEAR-OLD-DAUGHTER (nads was short for...nadine, i think?), who had such dark hair on her arms that, although she had never complained about it, her mother knew she must be ashamed. yeesh.

when it came out, i was unfamiliar with the slang term for male genitalia, and thus embarrassed myself once or twice in conversation.
Oh, crap. Sorry, Koffee. The search can be wonky if you don't know how to work it. If you do the search from this thread, only two threads come up: this one & the small boobie thread. Nads straight from the Lounge, well, we've had a few trolls over the years that were CBT enthusiasts, so that's where a lot of the 'nad abuse stuff comes from!

And yup, it was short for Nadine!

I had one of those crazy hair "buffers". It did work, but I felt kinda creeped out sitting in a drift of dead skin & hair. I mean, I set out newspaper & stuff to catch it all, but still.

QUOTE(enfermera @ Apr 6 2010, 05:03 PM) *
nads was the first non-shaving hair remover (well, besides nair, probably) that i ever tried. the original product was basically a sugaring kit. it was nice in that it dissolved in water, unlike wax. a lot of people say that sugaring is gentler than waxing, too. i'm not sure if i have found that to be true.

It's all about pain tolerance. CH has her cookie sugared & stands by it.
Sorry to backtrack to epilators again--Angie et al., mine is a Braun, pretty new, a couple years old...I think it's the same one with the pointless "massage" attachment that doesn't do much.

I started out using this really old ghetto epilator that my sis and I bought for some reason in 1994 or something. It worked, and it was so painful that my new one feels light as air to me! Crazy!! It finally bit the dust after many years of use.

I hate Nads and home waxing kits. They never work!!
I've never had much of a problem with the pre-waxed strips from at-home kits. I warm them with my blow dryer to get the wax good and soft though.

The original nads is the body sugar, I think. I had it once and it was OK, nothing special, and a huge fuss to use and clean up. If you are going to try sugaring, save yourself a ton of money and google home sugaring recipes. basically you melt sugar and honey in some water for 20 minutes and viola, super-cheap nads. It's microwaveable afterwards and you can store it in a microwave-safe jar. I used that for a while and found it not that painful, but also now that I can compare it to wax strips, not as effective either.

I'm mostly scared of skin discolouration with laser removal. I have very fair skin and it wouldn't look so hot. But I am going to make an appointment soon and just see what happens, I guess.

yeah, my pain tolerance definitely increases if i'm consistent with it. i just felt like the nads had misrepresented its pain potential, especially as i was a first-timer (this was about 10 years ago).

my real beef with sugaring is that it doesn't seem quite strong enough to pull out all my tough old hairs. if you have finer (looser?) hair it's probably awesome.
In college I was friends with a beautiful Iranian woman who had dark course hair that she removed with some homemade goop that her Mum prepared and sent from over seas. It worked like a charm on her dark, course hairs and she seemed to be in no pain whatever when she waxed her arms and legs with it. I was too chicken shit at the time to try it, but now I've thought of scouring the net to see if I can find any similar recipes. I assume that it's like plucking your eyebrows....when I pluck in places that I've plucked lots of times before, it rarely hurts. If I pluck at the hairs that I've hardly ever touched before, it hurts like a bitch. Maybe Gulshan had been waxing so long, that her hairs came out easily and painlessly.

Regardless, if CH sugar waxes her cookie, she is one tough broad in my book.
angie - I've had laser hair removal, and I have super pale skin - I had zero skin discoloration. I think that mostly happens on people with darker skin. I had no issues at all (except for one patch that was really stubborn and had to be treated a couple extra times more than the rest) I highly recommend it. It feels like a rubber band snapping your skin, HARD. Not comfortable, but over quickly.

It's also about the skill of the sugarer. The pain isn't that bad, I suppose. You get used to it.

well I made an appointment for a laser consultation next week... if the consultation goes well, I can get it done the same day! I had a vein (on my face!) treated with a laser when I was a kid and I remember it being just awful, but I think I'm much tougher now. I am a bit nervous because pits are definitely the most painful wax to get, so I imagine laser will be bad too. But the prospect of having less shaving, chafing - or ingrowns from waxing - while doing fieldwork this summer is very exciting to me! And all for just a bit more than the cost of a brazilian!
angie - just fyi, one treatment will not do it - it takes a series of about 6 treatments, one every month, for laser hair removal. this is so that the laser hits the hairs at a certain time in the growth cycle. after the initial series of treatments, you'll need a "touch up" every 6 months (sometimes longer) the thing that's cool is that you actually have to shave before you get laser done, so it's not like you are all hairy, waiting for it to fall out or anything - it's weird, cause for me, about 24 hours after each treatment, what hair was in the follicles would shed - like stuff you don't even know is there, cause you've shaved. I noticed a significant difference after my first treatment, but it didn't really stop growing back within about 5 weeks until I'd had about 5 treatments done. It's not cheap - though like you said, each treatment is about the same cost as a waxing appt - but I think its some of my most well-spent money on any beauty-type treatment.
I would like to get laser on my bikini line when i have the money. But, i can't find conclusive info if it works on red hair or not. I'm blond, but the rest of hair is of different shades dark enough to be quite visible on my pale skin. My skin does not like shaving, and legs are the only place where i'm willing to wax regularly, because of the pain. I would love to be less hairy, but am i stuck with shaving?
thx zoya - I did read back through this entire thread to find out about everyone else's experiences with laser, which helped because at first I kind of didn't believe it worked at all. Then I met a couple of friends who had laser done and said they loved it, and started getting curious. I will only have time for 2 treatments before going away for the summer, but even a partial reduction would be so very awesome. Instead of touch ups after the full course of treatment, I'm thinking I can handle minor amounts of plucking and waxing, to reduce my expenses. If it works I'm thinking of getting the bikini line done after.. I remember reading that someone here got the full monty lasered, which terrifies me!

lux, a lot of professional laser centres claim to have technology that works well with lighter coloured hair. Whatever you do, don't go to a regular salon no matter what they claim, because they will likely use a regular laser on you that only works best for dark hair, and you wouldn't get your money's worth. I don't know anyone with lighter hair who's done it, but if you do your research and find a cosmetic surgery or laser clinic that uses various kinds of laser machines, and has well trained staff, you'd probably be a lot more likely to have success
I wonder if the New York Times has been snooping in the Lounge for story ideas. The Oscars & the hairy wimmins were quite a few weeks back . . .

My hairy armpits are not any kind of statement & I don't give a fuck if people have a problem with it. I was in line at the deli the other day & wearing a cap-sleeved blouse that just happened to expose my pit hair when I raised my arm. The woman I had been enjoying a polite on queue chat with suddenly turned disgusted when I pointed at something in the cold case & she saw *gasp* my lightly furred pits. Fuck her & her disgust. Fuck 'em both right in the ear!
this reminds me of a time when i was in college, walking around campus, and passed by a hippie girl in a sundress. she smiled and said hi, and did the same, but i could not. stop. staring. at her hairy legs. and i really didn't think they were disgusting; i just was fascinated. i felt like she must have noticed and thought i was being rude (and i guess i was, although it was in passing and i quickly wrenched my gaze away), but i didn't MEAN it rudely, i was just interested.

not to say that the woman you saw WASN'T disgusted, ap; i certainly didn't gasp or gape or express any disapproval. you'd think people's mamas'd raise them better. or get over the fact that we all have bodies. i think hairy armpits on women are kind of fun.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Apr 16 2010, 04:17 AM) *
My hairy armpits are not any kind of statement & I don't give a fuck if people have a problem with it. I was in line at the deli the other day & wearing a cap-sleeved blouse that just happened to expose my pit hair when I raised my arm. The woman I had been enjoying a polite on queue chat with suddenly turned disgusted when I pointed at something in the cold case & she saw *gasp* my lightly furred pits. Fuck her & her disgust. Fuck 'em both right in the ear!

what I find ridiculous about that article is it includes a photo of Monique with supposedly hairy legs and you just plain can't see anything, so who even gives a fuck? Why do people care about this? I've never gone out with a guy who's cared much, not that it's been an issue - I keep things tidy enough if I'm going uncovered in public. But we've had discussions about it and the answer is always that they prefer if I keep getting rid of the hair, but it doesn't really matter too much. Seriously, if a guy is really attracted to a woman, but finds out she has pit/leg/bush hair, and honestly isn't attracted to her anymore because of that, he's got bigger problems than her hairiness.

As for going in for laser this week... I've gotten to the point where it's either grow out the hair or laser it, shaving is so annoying and I get a lot of ingrowns. since I can afford laser right now, and I feel like my pits stay fresher, less smelly, with no hair, I decides to go for it. I went in on tuesday for the first treatment, still waiting for the hair to fall out. I hope it works... but it was completely painless! A little bit of discomfort where the hair was thickest, but seriously if you've ever waxed this was nothing.

also I asked the technician about laser machines for lighter hair, and to her knowledge they don't work, but she wasn't 100% sure. lux, I think you'd have to ask someone with blonde hair who's tried it.
I checked out a couple web sites for places that do laser around here. One of them mentioned a spray you can use a couple of weeks before removal to turn the hair darker. I kind of assume this means that it doesn't work on lighter hair. I should probably call some of the places and ask. I just can't seem to be able to shave without ingrowns.
I wore a halter maxi dress today & I trimmed the pit poofs with my mom's boyfriend's spare shaver. It has a flip up clipper thingy that let me cut them down, but not go completely bare. And the fact that I used it on my smelly pit hair pre-shower tickled me to no end.

I checked the archives, but didn't find any info on Bliss, I am considering purchasing this: Bliss Poetic Home Waxing Kit. I don't like whatever it is they use around here, it bugs my brow area & since it bugs there I haven't even tried it on my 'stache. I only have a tiny little 'stache, but it looks like the hair is getting darker as I get older.

I know my mom got MAD fuckin' hairy as she got older. Please Jebus, don't let me look like ZZTop! *shudders*
QUOTE(lux @ Apr 18 2010, 07:17 AM) *
I checked out a couple web sites for places that do laser around here. One of them mentioned a spray you can use a couple of weeks before removal to turn the hair darker. I kind of assume this means that it doesn't work on lighter hair. I should probably call some of the places and ask. I just can't seem to be able to shave without ingrowns.

lux- yeah, laser doesn't work on light hair. I wonder if that spray would work, because from what I understand, the laser is destroying the melonin in the dark hair so that it just doesn't grow back (like it basically just shatters the hair follicle) so it would stand to reason that even if you somehow turned lighter hair darker, that color isn't actually IN the hair shaft and hair follicle. But hell, I'm no doctor so who knows....

I am lucky, super pale skin and dark hair. Laser was a miracle for my upper lip - didn't have much hair there to begin with but what was there was a constant dipilatory nightmare cause it was dark. it's been nearly a year since my laser and I will go back like once every 4 or 5 months just for a "top up" but hardly any ever comes back. I really wanna do my pits, when I have some extra cash at some point I probably will. I don't think I would ever do the bikini zone though. Even though I am a mostly-all-hair-gone-down-there kinda girl, I do like reserving the option to go full 70's bush if the fancy ever takes me...

lux, I think if this spray actually somehow changes the colour of the hair below the surface it might work. But if it only colours the hair above the surface, it's useless. They make you shave right before going in and everything, it's the follicle under the skin that needs to get all the laser power.

zoya, how much was the upper lip?? It's going to be my next project. Unfortunately I broke the bank this week, so I'm even having to put off finishing the underarm treatment for the next little while. Too bad, because the first treatment worked so well! and it's just starting to come back in. I might spluge for at least the second treatment for the time being.... I'm also on the fence about the bush, just in case. I think I would get the bikini line done, because mine is pretty out of control - it goes FAR outside of the bikini zone! blink.gif
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zoya, how much was the upper lip??

I bought a package, if you paid in advance for 6 treatments, it was way cheaper than doing it separately. It was something like $450 for six treatments (it might have been a little less) - one each month for 6 months. I had to suck it up monetarily, but it was worth it, cause I got to do it consistently and it did turn out to be a lot less in the long run.
As far as i understood it's supposed to affect the colour of the follicle, but i'm not sure. I don't have the money to do it now, so i'll just stick with shaving and waxing.

I usually shave of most, but i wouldn't want all of that away permanently. I how ever would love to get rid of the "side-burns". Shaving is ok otherwise, but i get a lot of irritation and ingrown hair from the crease of my underwear. I don't like the bushy feel when it's all grown out, but at the same i think it's ok with stubble, because the fact is that i'm grown up and that means a hairy pussy. I think it's just something i should be able to live with. One of the reasons i don't want to get rid of the hair all together is, that it is completely normal for kids to see their parents naked here. I think it would be a disservice for my possible future daughter if i'm completely hairless and one day she will not be. I don't think that would be a bit awkward. I remember being pist off at the fact that my own mother had so little hair on her legs, while mine never seemed to stop growing. Maybe i'll get there with 20 more years of waxing.

On the side note: how long is it supposed to take for hair to get thinner on the areas you wax regularly? 10+ years of waxing my legs had a minimal effect. This is why can't be bothered to pay for a bikiniwax.
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