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Full Version: caught by the fuzz: to shave or not to shave
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Tendskin didn't really do anything for me, but I think it works for some people. It smells really strong and it's pretty harsh stuff but that's kind of the point I guess. I was kind of annoyed that I spent so much (I got the smallest bottle I could find) and even after using 2/3 of it over the course of a couple months, it hadn't really helped. I use PFB Vanish now--it's a roll-on so it's much easier to apply, and it doesn't smell very good either but it really works well for me. I think it's a matter of trying different kinds of these products until you find one that works for you. Good luck!
I'm so glad I found this thread. Those who recommended the Seiko Cleancut, do you use a trimmer as well? I've been looking at buying one online, and ( laugh.gif ) recommends a trimmer. Is it worth it?
Yeah you have to have a trimmer with the Cleancut because it will only cut hair that is pretty short--like 2-3 days' stubble. But you don't have to get the one they offer there, I just got a cheapo one at Target (it's called a MicroTouch) but it does pull a little. You could also use a regular electric beard/bush trimmer with no attachment on it.
I have found the cure for my constant shaving irritation and ingrown hairs!!

BARC - it's an aftershave lotion for men, but it works Oh so good on my legs/cooch! Lotiony texture, virtually no scent, and only very very slight burning (it has no alcohol), MUCH gentler that Tendskin, and just as effective! It also moisturizes, so I don't need lotion after I shave!

I also just bought some MOOM which is a sugaring product that I hope will allow me to do my own bikini wax. I'm a little scared after my horrific encounter with Nads.
i gave up epilating after getting so many ingrown hairs on my lower legs that they look like they're covered with zits. they don't really seem to be going away with time though, or maybe i'm picking at them too much. i might try barc or tendskin or somethign called princereigns, which gets good reviews on amazon...but first i'm trying the homemade remedy: aspirin. don't know if it's going to work, but it's a lot more affordable...

it seems like it really varies among individuals, what works and what doesn't. i hope the cheapo alternative works, because i don't want to spend money on some anti-ingrown treatment that might do nothing for me! i wonder about all those chemicals too, because i'm trying to do a more natural regimen.

has anyone tried an aspirin mixture on ingrowns? i'm wondering how often i should do this, and how soon i should see results (or know that it isn't going to work for me).
Crinoline, that's really weird, I had an awful expierance with nads too. Tried it on just my bikini line, and it left me bleeding and red for days. Like, it took CHUNKS of skin onto the paper. I've been thinking about trying MOOM, they sell it at my beauty brands, and I think it's really cool how the strips are washable/reusable. You'll have to tell me how it works out for you.

Rightnow I've got these pre waxed, no heat necessary strips, but I havent really had an occasion to use them yet. I think I may go try them now!
Oo, I forgot we had this thread....I'm going to just drop in with a random piece of shaving advice- I have very sensitive skin and about the only soap I can use is castile soap, such as Dr. Bronner's. I've discovered that the liquid castile soap is excellent to shave with, in place of shaving cream. It doesn't give me an allergic reaction rash and it's got all sorts of oils in it so my skin doesn't dry out.

Trader Joe's has their own brand, too.
i'll agree with you on soap--i'd bought a handmade soap from and used it while shaving my legs on a whim. sensitive-skin shaving cream leaves me with legs that are cut up and bleeding profusely, but i barely cut myself at all with the villainess soap! it's gentle glycerin soap...i was really surprised that it worked so well for shaving. screw shaving cream, and maybe this way i can justify the cost of yummy-smelling etailer soaps. smile.gif
alright ladies, what do you think? I am sick and tired of having a five-o'clock shadow under my arms the moment i step out of the shower, so I am considering waxing. I can't afford laser treatment right now, so I think waxing is the only option. Has anyone in here waxed their underarms before? Is effective? Does it last long? Also, one of my girlfriends has a waxing kit at home, and said she'd do it for me, but we don't know what the standard direction to pull would be. Underarm hairs grow in circles, so i'm thinking just pull straight down, but does anyone else know better?
Well, LustfullyPink, MOOM works much, much better than Nads. (which isn't hard to do, lol) The trick is to have it at the right consistency/temperature which can get tricky. But it removed the hair without removing the skin. And it was fairly gentle, not harsh on my skin at all. If you buy some, get a small amount, it goes a long way.
Actually, the thing I have that works the best are these cheap Sally Hansen pre-waxed strips I buy at Target. They just work so well, and so quickly. And there's minimum cleanup. I do, however, have fine blond hair so it may not work as well on thick or coarse hair, I dunno.

Waxing underarms sounds super painful to me, like, worse than bikini wax.
QUOTE(Sststststutter @ Jun 27 2007, 09:10 AM) *
alright ladies, what do you think? I am sick and tired of having a five-o'clock shadow under my arms the moment i step out of the shower, so I am considering waxing. I can't afford laser treatment right now, so I think waxing is the only option. Has anyone in here waxed their underarms before? Is effective? Does it last long? Also, one of my girlfriends has a waxing kit at home, and said she'd do it for me, but we don't know what the standard direction to pull would be. Underarm hairs grow in circles, so i'm thinking just pull straight down, but does anyone else know better?

I tried it for the first time a couple of months ago. Never again. I bled. It was horribly horribly painful, and afterwords I couldn't wear deoderant because of the bleeding and how much it stung. I wouldn't recommend it.
i epilate my underarms. it HURT the first time i did it (and if i've gone for a while without epilating) but you get used to it, and for some reason i don't get ingrowns on my underarms from epilating the way i do on my legs (gave up on my legs--back to shaving). i love how smooth i am, but there is the pain to get past.

i would think waxing would be even more painful because you can go slowly with epilation if you're uncomfortable, whereas with waxing you're pulling out strips of hair all in one yank! amazing what you can get used to though.
i second erin jane. i tried waxing my underarms once and it was awful. i tried doing small patches in the direction of hair growth, but it still bled and didn't even take off all of the hair. and it REALLY hurt. if you do want to wax, i definately would not do it myself, and maybe go to a salon with a reputable waxer.

i'm sick of my underarm "5 o'clock shadow" (haha!) too. shaving every day isn't much prettier than the mess waxing caused. i've been thinking about growing the hair out. my brother's girlfriend doesn't shave. she was wearing a sleeveless dress the first time i met her and it took a few hours for me to even notice.
I had my underarms waxed exactly once, at a posh salon by a qualified waxer, and it still hurt like hell. I didn't bleed but I couldn't wear deoderant for about 4 days. Getting dressed hurt, as did moving my arms down too close to my side. I truly do not recommend it. I get my bikini line waxed semi-regularly, so I generally have no problems with waxing, but I think the underarms just aren't meant to be waxed. I would go for Nair or similar I'm afraid.
laurenann, I forgot that I also didn't get all of the hair.

I wax my legs with no problem but underarms, no no. I just shave under my arms but I don't even do it every day. I don't mind having a bit of hair and I never really notice that kind of thing on anyone else so I figure how many people are really noticing on me.
Nair is just as scary on my armpits as waxing is. The skin gets all red and irritated. The 'special' underarm formula for sensitive skin (Apperantly their definition of sensitive skin is rhino skin) was awful. I couldn't wear deoderant for a week. My armpits burned whenever I would sweat (i'm a moderately heavy underarm sweater) and I had a lot of ingrown hairs. I now just shave. No special products are going near my armpits, not even shaving cream.
Hey guys...I'm new to this thread, but not to shaving. I'm 22 and I cannot stand body hair. Shaving for me takes forever since I shave my vaginal area as well. I'm getting married in September and I have my first ever waxing appointment (with a highly recommended salon) on the 21st. I decided just to start with my legs...but I'm hoping to get a brazillian before the honeymoon. How painful is it? I have a fairly high pain threshold...but I'm still nervous.
This is my first time venturing in here. Annelise, I tried epilating my underarms last year and it hurt like hell, like the way that most people are describing their waxing experiences.

If I could afford it I would probably do the laser thing on my underarms but I can't so I just stick to shaving.
I just got some of that PFB ingrown hair treatment stuff for $25 off eBay (new, of course!!) and I can seriously say that it's the best thing that's happened to me all month. I've got really dark hair all over, and as I've grown older, the "bikini zone" has become increasingly overgrown. This means that there's always some hair sticking out of my bathing suit or panties. I tried all kinds of stuff... considered buying a skirtini or boy shorts, but never really liked how they looked on me. I tried electric razors, waxing, even tweezing. I tried a lot of different products -Salley Hansen's bikini zone, stuff that came with waxing kits, etc. Nothing worked, and whenever I went swimming or hanging out in my underwear with my boyfriend, I'd feel self-conscious, either because of the pubey fray or my gross red bumps all over what I consider to be one of the most beautiful parts of my body!
Anyways. This stuff totally works and I'm so excited to get new high-cut panties and bikini bottoms. I still have to wait a few days until I wax- both to let the hair grow out from the last time I shaved and for all the bumps go down.
The stuff does smell, as one review on amazon says, but not like chemicals - it smells like (rubbing) alcohol, and it evaporates pretty quickly.

Somebody else in here at one time said that you just have to try stuff out and see what works best for you... happily, I found something that worked before I looked seriously into some laser surgery.
hey, i'm cross posting this in the general knowledge thread but if anyone knows, i'd appreciate advice...

so uh, because of various circumstances i really wanna go get my usual bikini wax precisely this weekend, but i have gotten my period just like right now. is it totally bad manners to get waxed while on the rag? i don't get a brazilian but what i get is intensive enough that i gotta do the whole leg-over-head business and i'm pretty sure the waxer gets a good view of my cooze, so it would be obvious. furthermore i use a divacup, and i don't want to cause anyone undue "what the HELL does this person have in her vagina!?" stress. the only things i've read say don't go on your period because you're more sensitive, but i'm not worried about the pain, just the impropriety. any tips?
mouse -

I went on my period once, I use "instead", that disposable menstrual cup, and it sits WAY up there, so there was no evidence I was on my period. (I don't konw where the divacup sits, or if you could posisbly see it) Granted, it was the last day of my period, and I have a really light flow anyway, so there was really no chance of anyone seeing anything. I, personally, was ok with that, but I don't think I'd have felt real comfortable if I had some string hanging out of me, or any chance of leakage. That's when I think it might be a bit much...

that said, I DID find out the reason they say not to go when you're on your period. I never bruise when I get waxed, and I bruised that time. She also drew some blood out of the hair follicles when the hair was ripped out, and that never happens to me. I was irritated for longer, as well.

but I know that it is **necessary** at some times to just do it... so uh... I guess while it isn't super good form, if you just hide it real well, you could go for it. I'd probably not tell the waxer, though. heh.
Hey guys...I recently got my legs and bikini area waxed to test it out so I would know how I react before I get it done before my wedding. The legs were nothing but I got my bikini done on Friday and ow...
Probably a little late now, mouse, but I had my last wax towards the end of my period; I just do the most basic bikini wax, though (mostly to help with the excruciating in-grown hairs I get) so I keep my undies on. I did feel a little strange about it, but it ended up being no big deal. Even if you're fully disrobed, I'd like to think that they're focused more on removing the hair than examining your vagina wink.gif, but I guess you never know. I always take a few ibuprofen before a wax and I've never noticed a difference in the pain at different times of the month.

sassy - did you just opt for the bikini wax the first time, or did you go ahead with the Brazilian? I've never had a Brazilian, but I've heard horror stories from people who have had them. If you really want to do it, look for a place that does "speed waxing" - the whole process is done in a few minutes as opposed to a 30-45 minute torture session.

Personally, you couldn't pay me to do it, both for aesthetic and pain reasons. It's funny, though, the esthetician I see says I'm one of her only clients that gets a basic bikini wax; nearly everyone she sees gets a Brazilian or French (I guess this is a new thing - takes off more than a bikini, but less than a Brazilian). I guess I just like a more "natural" bush - I know it's quibbling, but "bikini line" does not count as bush to me biggrin.gif.
I just got a bikini wax this time...although I usually shave everything down there and I would like to get a Brazillian but ouch!! I have a high pain threshold, in my opinion, and I was cringing my teeth. I just graduated college so as soon as I save up some money from a full-time job, I'm getting laser removal!! And what is up with the paper/mesh panties they give you? You might as well be whole vagina was just hanging out there. Not expecting that. Either I didn't realize how far in a bikini wax goes or the place I went to just takes more hair off than other places. After she was done, she asked if I wanted any taken off the top area...I declined and said I would just shave it...haha.
Just a little advice... Although I personally have never been waxed there, I wax people for a living. I have return clients, and I've noticed that their first wax is BY FAR the most intense. They come back in another 4 or 5 weeks and its like butta. Well then again that might be my own perspective. Nonetheless, they leave with more of a pleasant look on their faces.
Well, that's good to know! I know she said the first time would be more red/irritated so lets hope the pain decreases, as well. I guess it wasn't too only lasted about 15 minutes for the entire thing...but still...
i've never went to get a wax before, but i'm thinking about doing it soon. so, uh, what exactly are the options? i want something where they just take a little off the sides. i like having a more natural bush (hah, someone else said that below i think) but i don't want anything sticking out the sides of my undies when i'm sitting down or whatever (or...whatever...). so, what do i ask for? how much should it cost? is this something i could potentially do myself?

thanks, these are the questions i would feel a little embarassed asking offline.
I would ask for a basic bikini when you set up your waxing appointment, and then, when you are with the waxer, just tell her exactly how much you want taken off. My binkini was $35 but I'm not sure what the standard rate is.
like sassy said, just ask for a bikini wax. I would also recommend wearing your own undies or bathing suit rather than using the disposable paper thong that the salon provides. The esthetician will only take off what is exposed outside the panty/bathing suit line and as sassy indicated below, the paper thong leaves a lot exposed. You can expect to pay $30-40 for a basic bikini wax. Take some ibuprofen about an hour before you appointment - the first wax is always the most painful!
my first bikini wax, i got after my then-boyfriend waxed his back. i went to lynns day spa in md (, and i actually had to take off pants and underwear. the waxer woman (wearing gloves) talked with me about how much i wanted taken off, then got started. it was weird at first, 'cause i'm thinking, ok, her hands are in between my legs, we must talk about something so it's not weird. so we talked about my then-boyfriend who had gotten waxed, and about movies, so it was not too bad. did not hurt that much, in my opinion, because it happens so quickly (this from a girl who can't make it through a pap smear without advil).

last night i got bored and used nair to remove all hair in that area.
i ended up just doing it myself. i've waxed myself a little before, but this time i took off quite a bit more. it looks pretty good, and didn't hurt that much - even on the more sensitive parts that i was worried about. i decided it just wasn't necessary to pay someone to do that to me smile.gif...
Okay...question for you guys. I'm about to get my legs waxed again before the big wedding day and it's been over a month since I first got them waxed, but I'm worried the hair isn't long enough to wax. It's grown back a lot thinner and it's still pretty short...some spots are still bare from the first wax. Is that normal? I know waxing makes your hair thinner, but will I still be able to get waxed again next week? Ahhh...
QUOTE(sassy @ Aug 24 2007, 07:14 AM) *
Okay...question for you guys. I'm about to get my legs waxed again before the big wedding day and it's been over a month since I first got them waxed, but I'm worried the hair isn't long enough to wax. It's grown back a lot thinner and it's still pretty short...some spots are still bare from the first wax. Is that normal? I know waxing makes your hair thinner, but will I still be able to get waxed again next week? Ahhh...

The rule of thumb so to speak is that it should be about the length of a grain of rice to be waxable.
*bump* for octi

I don't know anything about the Seiko (but I would be interested in hearing reviews). BUT I can highly recommend Barcs Bump Down aftershave lotion. It works wonders, both on the boy's face and my more personal bits.
bumpity bumpity
reply to sexysandee:

I don't shave at all. If there is a special request, I might wax a bit, like a french wax. I never go bare though, because it makes me look 12 (really), and that is too creepy for words.
I'm a fan of the close trim. I don't really like the whole runway thing either or completely shaved. I just have mine neat and closely trimed. I find that when I used to shave completely it felt like I was a little girl and that I got irritated easily. So one vote for the trimed but not shaven.
me too, i used to do my own bikini waxes but my epilator (which i don't use much) has a nifty shaver attachment that i like. I shave but don't go bald if you see what i mean, i leave a few mm. less hassle than waxing. now i'll just wax for swimsuit-wearing. still wax my legs as it is overall the quickest (half an hour once every two/three weeks rather than having to remember every couple of days) and less scratchy regrowth. i hate wasting time on grooming so i'll always go for things that last (am also a fan of fake tan in small doses and eyelash dye - less to worry about in the mornings when i just want to sleep wink.gif
I am a fan of the trimmed not shaven thing too. I dont get very much fuzz down there anyway, so i just keep it neatly trimmed. I have tried shaving, but i always end up with pesky lil ingrowns. Not fun. And yes, I look like a 10 yr old when its bare -- but it feels good that way. That is until it starts growing back. YIKES. Itch city.
it does feel good when i'm bare. that is, until it starts to grow back as well. i guess you could just keep up with it regularly and never have the irritation.

i've always wanted to get my legs waxed. maybe i'll try that this summer before i go on vacation.

maybe too much information here but i don't shave my arm pits. i don't have a lot of hair there at all. seriously, it's like less then 10 hairs under each arm. it's very light. i always ask mr. pug if it bothers him and he says no. plus, because i'm heavy, having to shave my underarms always results in little cuts or razor burn. that sucks when you have to put deodorant on. i hate that.
i don't shave my armpits either. i do have hair, though. my mom is always mortified when i show her (which i love to do from time to time just to shake things up). lol

actually, i rarely shave at all. i don't normally trim, either. (is that tmi?)

i don't know, part of it is laziness and the fact that no one sees my hair, anyway. but mostly i just like kickin' it free-style. tongue.gif the hair on my legs is really sparse anyway, so you can't really tell they're hairy unless you're trying to look. so i just don't bother. *shrug*

i've also always dealt with billions of ingrown hairs for as long as i can remember, so it just doesn't seem worth it to aggravate the situation.
i don't shave under my arms, i like having two extra kitties (heh), visually anyhow. for boys that like it it's a ridiculously powerful turn on. once a friend of my bf who'd had a few (the friend, not the bf. though come to think of it the bf had had a few too or he might not have been so laid back about this) grabbed my arm and yanked it straight up proclaiming Very Loudly how incredibly sexy he thought my unshaven underarms were. seriously, he kept yanking my arm up over my head to get another look with such lasciviousness on his face. disturbing but also very gratifying as the bf wasn't exactly a fan. i was trimming it too, it wasn't even all that bushy!

my mom doesn't shave hers either so no freaking that old hippy out with my bewhiskered state!

the bush. i have a small daughter, no way do i want my koochie looking like a little girl's does! sick sick sick.
i generally trim though lately with two children underfoot, many holiday, school, crafty and housey activities to do and no one to see it anyhow, i admit that i have let it go. there goes that theory that i go through the trouble of keeping myself presentable just for me. even i don't believe that anymore. it's never been 'for me'. ha.

the legs, oy. the ingrown hairs i am plagued with. i just try to avoid shaving, waxing, or even looking at that area altogether. i have a collection of very funky knee socks that go clashingly well with everything. i break out the trimmers for swimming though. so long as i don't actually shave it off or pull it out the ingrowns stay to a minimum.

well, i already said i don't shave my undersarms because i have like five hairs under each. my legs i shave rarely. i don't have hardly any hair there either. i did just order an exfoliating scrub and i think i might use when i shave my legs on the rare occasion so that i can get a closer shave. i only trim my lady parts because my hair grows so long that i snag it on my panties when i'm out and about and that freaking sucks. i have a trimmer that i use for that. it's easy.
oh dude, that's a bad wax. i wouldn't see her again.

try arnica, a homeopathic remedy for trauma and bruising, you can get topical and oral and take them both if you like. note: not to be used on broken skin, just for bruising.
Hey guys...I've just about given up on shaving with shaving cream and a razer anymore. My skin on my legs is so sensitive that no matter what I do (i.e. unscented aveeno shaving cream, new razer blade), I still get really broken out. I tried waxing but to me, it's not worth it (not on the legs anyhow) because it is pricey for me to do and I still get stuble within a week and a half. Can anyone reccommend a good electric razer? I know it won't get as smooth a shave, but I think it will help my sensitive skin!
I got my legs waxed a while ago and really liked it, so now I want to try the bikini! How long do I need to let the hair grow?
I think 1/4 inch is what they say for waxing. But I'm sure a quick google search would be more accurate than me.

sassy-I had horrible luck with the few electric razors I've used. They all seemed to yank more hairs than they cut. But that was a decade ago, they must have improved by now.

I was wondering what experiences people have had with laser hair removal. I've got blonde hair on my head, but everywhere else on my body, it's thick and black - including my neck, face, and stomach. I'm really not that vain, but it got to the point where I was embarrassed to go out in public without shaving my face. It took about a day for me to have a noticeable five-o-clock shadow. I tried electrolysis for a year and nothing happened. So now I've gone in for the laser zapping a few times and I love it! I only have to shave my face a few times a week.

Does anybody have a long-term result to report?

(off to check the archives to see if I'm being ignorant...)
obelix, I've heard that laser hair remoal is a wonderful thing, I've not done it.

as for the whole leg, arm pit, snatch bit. I rarely shave my legs, I don't have to, arm pits, regularly, as for my cooch, I'e been doing it for ages now, I preger the look and feel of it. To each their own.

What about sugaring??
CH - I tried Nads once or twice. It wasn't bad. Worth a try I guess. Sugaring is supposed to help hair not to grow back after using it over a long period of time.
Went ahead with the bikini wax today, which was much more painful than she led on. But I hear the first time is the most painful, so I am willing to try again in a few weeks.
I also got my underarms done, and that was a breeze. Although, she did more plucking than anything... shoot, I could do that myself! Anyway, now I know.
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