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Hey! I`ve come off the pill about 2 months ago and im breaking out all the time.. with regards to skinky- yes stopping the pill caused me to get bumps and pimples on my forehead and down my neck and on my back... something i didnt experience since i started the pill when i was 15. Also, my first period was a week late and my second one is currently 2 weeks late- and i cant be pregnant so its really screwing me over. Just waiting for my period to start so i can go back on the pill-

Funny that you are waiting for your period to start so you can go back on the pill. I am doing the same thing.

I quit Nuva Ring and my body went insane. I broke out all over my face and back, then that went away, oily skin and hair (definitely by the end of the day), large appetite, tired, and LOTS OF BLOATING, severe irritability, very tender/sensitive breasts/nipples.

Not to mention being weeks late for my period when I knew I wasn't pregnant. It is extremely frustrating.

I decided to save myself the insanity and go back on NuvaRing. I had quit BC because I wanted just to have my normal cycles back. But walking around bloated and cranky is not my cup of tea at the moment.

Sigh, so I surrender to BC once again.

I know I'll try to quit again soon, but it is tough, at least for me!

Women in hunter gatherer societies have on average 33 periods in their ENTIRE LIFE! It's natural to be pregnant or breastfeeding - it is not natural to have a period every month. So if you feel better on the pill than off it you don't need to stop taking it.
There is the fact that long term users significantly increase their risk of cancer to consider. It may not change your choice, but it should be part of an informed decision.
i was thinking of kicking the pill
i went on it b/c my period made me ill(not really cramps; just really sick) but i DID notice it lowered my sex drive
im scared that my period will be irregular/painful or that me going on/off/possibly back on will mess with my body alot
can i just stop taking the pills at the end of the pack or is there a specific way to go about it should i see my dr. before i do this?
Frogger - worth while seeing your doc to talk about other options to treat your original probs, right?
Well, I quit again after my last period, which started the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend.

This time, I am SO MUCH BETTER. I had some very minor breaking out, and that has been it. No crazy bloating, night sweats, or incredibly sore breasts this time around. I also know that I ovulated this cycle -- things are getting back to normal. I do think my natural hormones are taking over again. We'll see when my period comes this month - it is supposed to come around the 20th, but I ovulated late this month, so it might be later. And I'm not having sex right now, so I KNOW I am not pregnant. Just waiting.

I've read that your periods should resume to the way they were before you started birth control, if so , then mine will hopefully be back on a 28-day cycle soon! yay.
double post - sorry again
sorry double post
i'm debating going off the hormones. i've been taking smaller and smaller dose pills over 6 years or so, and then recently switched to nuvaring, but i think it's time to go off and dispense with the yeast and libido problems for good.

one silly thing is holding me back. my breasts got a little bigger when i started the pill (i was 19), and i've come to really love them. i'm not ready to lose them! have you all seen your breasts get smaller after you quit?
Has anyone tried Seasonale? (its the nifty one that makes you get one period every 3 months) I'm on it currently and am curious as to how it will affect me if/when I decide to quit.

I've been on it for 7 weeks and I too noticed a nice increase in boobeh size (and so did the boytoy) but also I have found a new addition to my body: love handles. They are by no means sizeable but I had always hoped that I might dodge the weight gain bullet. Has anyone noticed weight gain too? I'm not being neglectful of my body, I bike about 40 mi a day every day...

Just curious!
I agree with Chani. Ovulating every month is not necessarily "natural". Where I live - India - many women are either pregnant or lactating and their ovulation is repressed naturually.
Repressing ovulation is not "unnatural" and most modern pills do not flood you with an overload of hormones , most of them have a very low dosage of estrogene. I have been happily off the pill for 10 years but i would not judge any women who feels good about it. It is such a personal decision. Nevertheless, I wonder if "big boobs" should be the factor that makes you decide... Tatina
After quitting the pill for three months (yes i tried to stick it out) I just refilled my prescription today. I just couldn't take the periods from hell or "hello reliving adolescence" acne anymore.

Since talking with my doctor she informed me that taking B complex vitamins (note: must have at least 50mg of B6) each day can seriously diminish the water retention and weight gain for people on the pill. Has anyone else ever heard of this??
QUOTE(cellijenni @ Jul 19 2006, 06:31 PM) *

After quitting the pill for three months (yes i tried to stick it out) I just refilled my prescription today. I just couldn't take the periods from hell or "hello reliving adolescence" acne anymore.

Since talking with my doctor she informed me that taking B complex vitamins (note: must have at least 50mg of B6) each day can seriously diminish the water retention and weight gain for people on the pill. Has anyone else ever heard of this??

I have read that taking B6 can help fight the water retention. As far as application, I have never tried it. I do know that I get a sufficient amount from my daily vitamin. B-vitamins are great for your metabolism in general. Every birth control I tried, except for Nuva Ring, caused some wicked water retention. I hated it and totally understand how terrible it is to have. I hope B6 works for you! Let me know if it does!

I am off BC now and have been since May. My cycles are finally pretty much at what they were before I started BC (I was on for three years) -- I'm back to an extremely predictable 28-day cycle, always ovulating on day 14. Clockwork.

I did have breakout/oily skin, major bloating, and mood problems my first month off of BC. It was like my body all of a sudden kicked into hormonal overdrive. I'm thankful things have leveled off.

I realized today (AF just came this afternoon) that one thing I do miss about BC is how it lessens cramps. I was literally in tears at work today (of course the mega-cramps had to come right when I got to work!) Thankfully the Advil kicked in!

I've been on the pill pretty much steadily for the last 13 years, and just went off of it in May. My doctor seemed a little concerned that I'd been taking it steadily for so long. I've felt a lot better since, and I don't know if its related or not, but lost about 20 verrrry stubborn pounds. Maybe its age, but my cramps, while still bad the first day or so, are manageable. My issue is, that my husband is stationed overseas right now, and we only see each other twice a year. So, 10 months out of the year, it really isn't an issue, but I hate to have to start the pill a month before I see him, and then stop again after, because it totally throws my cycle off. Has anyone here ever had an IUD? We really aren't interested in trying to start a family...ever. So I'm really interested in getting one, but I don't know anybody who has ever used one. I've heard that they can be bad for people with cramps, but then also that there is a new type that supposedly doesn't cause bad cramping. I'd really love to hear from anyone who has some advice on this, or any other good long term birth control ideas. I have a horrible reaction to spermicide, so I'm not too comfortable with the idea of a diaphram. I'd really appreciate any input you gals have. Thanks!
hey zahia-check out the thread "iud reviews" i think it's in the our bodies our hells thread. i have a mirena, and several others have the copper one...
i'm wondering what pills all of you were coming off of...?

i'm on mircette, which serves its purpose, but for very insane reasons i'm considering stopping to see if i'll drop the BC weight. i've gone off them before, had such a hard time getting a regular period that i said eff it and started back on it.

any thoughts on the nuva ring? my friend swears by it and i'm wondering what sort of side effects it has...
I'm on nuvaring. I've had zero side effects...well, shorter period but that's it. I know that's not the case for everyone though. I love it because I was bad for remembering my pill and I love that this has so much less hormones.
can you say more about the nuva ring? is it inside permanently? or do you put it in and out like a diaphram. and it's hormones, and where is it exactly that it goes?

i have an iud but i don't like, loooove it or anything. better than the pill but still...
It's very small, and flexible. It's just like the pill in that you wear it for three weeks and then take a week off. I know a lot of people who 'stack' rings though. They have enough hormones to last you four weeks, so some women wear them for four weeks and instead of taking a week off put a new one in right away only taking the week off every few months, so that they only get a period every few months.

It doesn't matter where they sit in the vagina to work, so as long as it's comfortable you're good. My first week I had a lot of trouble getting it to stay but since then (a year ago) I can't feel it and my partners have never noticed it during any kind of sex, but I can feel it if I insert a finger.

Hmm...can't think of anything else to say about it right now...
hmm, that sounds pretty cool. it's less hormones than the pill and you can take it out. sometimes my iud just bugs me, i dunno. and it pokes my boyfriend sometimes. are there any sharp or pokey parts to the ring?
Nope, I think they show what it basically looks like on the website. It's just a small flexible rounded ring, so know sharp spots, no doctors visits to put it in or anything. Nice and easy.
My boobs have grown two cups sizes and I've gained almost 20 pounds since I started the pill about 5 years ago... and while some of it may be normal body changes because I was still growing a little bit at 17 when I started... I am pretty sure most of it is from the pill. I am really considering getting off the pill altogether because any that I have tried have continued to change my body's shape. I would rather experience my sometimes rough periods than continue to experience all these body changes. So, I was researching other options besides meds that would make me feel confident I wasn't going to become pregnant and came across this easy-to-follow explanation of the female condom. Has anyone else tried them? Are they uncomfortable?:
i did it. i stopped the pill. was supposed to start last night, said fuck it.

i'm going to be cursing this when i don't have a period for three months.

then again, crazy and bloated on the pill, crazy and bloated off the pill. can't win.
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Aug 7 2006, 11:07 PM) *

i did it. i stopped the pill. was supposed to start last night, said fuck it.

i'm going to be cursing this when i don't have a period for three months.

then again, crazy and bloated on the pill, crazy and bloated off the pill. can't win.

How is it going? My first pill-free cycle was 43 days long, my second 37 days, and my third was finally back to the normal 28. So don't fret if your periods are CRAZY after stopping the pill. Also, I experienced bloating and oily skin! You'll probably notice all the little changes in your body without the pill - if you didn't know before, you might even learn how to tell when you are ovulating! If you are having a rough time, know that it does get easier. Nobody tells us that going off the pill might be difficult! Bloating, moods, oily skin . . . yeak! But I'm on my fourth pill (in my case, ring) free cycle, and I haven't felt so good in so long!

not too shabby, so far. no major mood swings, and i think my boobs are bigger. :-D

but i've done this before, gone off the pill for a while, and i know it'll be a good year before i'm back to my clockwork 28 day cycle.

(fingers crossed)

and ladybug, i had a convo with a bunch of guys once as to whether or not they've ever seen the female condom in drug stores, and they (and I) hadn't, nor had we ever used them.... but then i moved to a more 'liberal' part of the country, and there they were, right next to the male condoms. i did a little happy jig smile.gif
hey erinjane-have you had any side effects-headaches, low-libido, anxiety, vaginal dryness-since you've been using nuva ring? anybody else? I've been considering using the ring, but these ladies seem to have massive problems with it-;f=7;t=000281;p=3
No, i haven't had any side effects. I know a few girls who have (not IRL people though, I don't know anyone else on the ring) and lots who haven't. I guess it's just one of the things you have to try and see.
I didn't really have any side effects when i was on ortho tricyclin either though.
i am new at this forum but i think i know some stuff about birth control!! i have been on some sort of hormonal birth control since i was 15. i am now 22. i've taken a variety of pills and the only one that really stood out as horrible for me was ortho. i am now on the nuva ring, and i guess so far so good. but the reality is that the hormones given to your body are the same as the ones you take in pill form, it is just a different way of giving them to your body. and the hormones basically simulate pregnancy, correct? so i think all the different pills effect everyone differently but definately effect them in some way at least a little. for me, it is mood swings, weight gain, and gigantic tatas. when i went off the pill last year for a few months i lost 20 pounds and went down a cup size which was fabulous. however i started dating someone and alas, don't want to get pregnant. so.. the nuva ring. i like it because i believe it is a more even way of giving your body the hormones, as opposed to a pill which is at its peak when you take it and than slowly wears off until you bring up the level again with the next pill. the best pill i ever took was yasmin. it is made with a different hormone and seemed to make me the least psycho and fat smile.gif
i hate taking the pill. i hate giving my body unnatural hormones. i also think it is important to realize that yes, there is a birth control for men, and no, no company wants to fund it because they know it won't be as popular as the pill for women!! correct me if i am wrong, but that is my understanding. don't you wish the boys could take the heat for once??
anyways, i think different pills, etc. are best for different people. just keep trying until you find your birth control mate!
hello gals,

so, i'm thinking very seriously about going off the pill. i think i've been on it steadily for about 6 and a half years now - and was on it a little before that - maybe for about 2 years? and i am tired of it. mainly the yeasties and the vaginal dryness and the lack of libido. sad.gif
and a host of other symptoms that i never thought might be contributed to the pill, but may in fact have something to do with it - anxiety for one. and, as i posted in the birth control thread over in OBOH, my emotions are a bit swingy at times - mostly weepiness that seems to come from nowhere.
my partner and i have talked about this for months now (esp due to the constant yeast infections/dryness i experience), and we're coming to the decision - well, i think we've both made it, that i'm going to stop taking the pill.

i am worried about some of the stuff i may experience coming off, though. acne is the biggest concern i have. i am 31 and i really don't want to be going through all that again. i notice some of you said that was your concern, too, and some (ericamamerica) said your skin was oily. did that end up going away - or it is still oily? i can put up with oily, i'm just worried about constant break-outs. and i can deal with a month or two while my body adjusts, just not a never-ending battle with acne. not again.

and the periods. i am worried (no, more annoyed at the thought) that i might have a month-long period while my body adjusts.

and of course, the fear of getting pregnant right now - which, of course we'll use condoms. but i'm so used to having two methods...i'll have to get used to using one method. eek!

however, i think all of my worries and fears are outweighed by the possible benefits of finally going off the pill. oh, one more question - can you just go off it? i will finish out the pack for this month, but then i just go off? should i be consulting my doctor?

sorry for such a long post!

welcome EmmyLL!!!!
i don't see why you can't stop after you pill packet without talking to your doc, assuming you were on the pills for purely contraceptive reasons.

i have no idea how you're going to respond in the acne department, that's an xfactor for a lot of people.

if you're looking for another non-hormonal method in addition to condoms, there's always the female barriers (diaphragm is about the only one that's easy to come by). but yeah, i hear ya. i always liked having the two methods to keep my sanity.

i stopped my pills a while back after being on them long-term. all i have to say 45 without a period! how fun!

(it's gonna take me a good year to get back to my clockwork.)
ah...the diaphragm! i keep forgetting about that...thanks for reminding, though. i may look into that.

i'm so happy to hear some of your stories about feeling good off the pill! smile.gif

yeah, the whole acne thing. just before i went back on the pill for the second time, i had taken accutane, and i'm hoping that the acne will not return. but we'll see. i think it's a risk i'll take.

i know it's going to take my body a long time to return to some form of normalcy with my periods. and it wasn't that "normal" or routine before the, i may be returning to that.
I've tried the female condom in the past...but wasn't a big fan. Found it kinda awkward and had a hard time trusting that it wouldn't move. I was still pretty naive then though and wasn't very close with the bf of the time so was feeling shy about it. I'd give it another try now I think!

EmmyLL - what is this about birth control for men? Please expand!

I'm thinking about going off the pill's been 10 years since I've been on it and I don't even know what changes have happened in my body due to growing up or due to the pill. I don't expect to be intimate with my bf for a while (going through a breakup/reconcilliation..not quite sure yet) so it might be the right opportunity for it. And if I do get lucky I can get a female condom! I don't want to lose my buxom busom though!
hey ladies! hoping to resurect a thread here.

about a month ago i quit the pill... actually, 28 days ago i quit the pill. In my pre-pill days i always got my period on day 26. always. so... in my mind i'm about 2 days late now... i'm sort of comforted by the fact i have light pms (a little abdominal cramping, a little body aching). but i never had pms before i went on birth control.

right now i'm playing with different ideas to explain it... maybe my body will take time to shift back into its natural cycle... maybe i'm older & my body's just changed... maybe taking hormones in the past has changed the way my body will work in the future?

has anybody out there had similar experiences? do things take some time to normal out?


Mumblestutter, don't worry.
Your body has been on a synthetic cycle and needs time/hormones to readjust. Be patient--it will regulate again. You might try drinking ginger ale or grinding up some ginger root and drinking it in hot water--this can help bring on a late period. But it takes awhile. My period was late (even 2 weeks) after going off the pill--it's to be expected. It can take a long time to regulate again but it will happen. If you don't get one in two months, you might be concerned and then a doctor would give you something to jumpstart it--but I suspect it's on its way.
thanks Lapis. that's really reassuring to hear. & now i have an excuse to drink even more ginger tea than i already do. smile.gif
heeeeeyy girls! sorry for not posting in such a long time, but i started working and now i work 55+ hours a week! im officialy a corporate hoe tongue.gif

Anyways, I stopped taking the pill in the middle of december, after my period ended on the 24th (xmas day, who would have guessed!) Then I was supposed to get my period (pills free) in january, but nope, i didn't get it until the end of february! lasted 5 days and that was it. i haven't got it since then! i know for a fact i'm not pregnant (unless by grace of the holy spirit or other ghost). I know that when you quit the pill you are supposed to have an irregular period, but how long is this going to last? I'm starting to get worried sad.gif oh and yes, I'm getting PIMPLES aaaall over my face! and i used to never get pimples before :'(
I wonder if this absence of my period is because I quit taking the pill, or because I've been taking diet pills? What do you girls think? Am I screwing my own reproductory system? I'm ok with adopting, but I want to have a baby of my own too! (always thinking ahead haha!)
Hey dani! What was your period like pre-pill? That should give some indication of what to expect once your system normalizes again. But-- I actually wanted to post just to say I'm concerned by the mention of diet pills. That stuff is almost always bad news... what are you taking, darlin'?
QUOTE(_octinoxate @ Apr 10 2007, 02:47 AM) *
Hey dani! What was your period like pre-pill? That should give some indication of what to expect once your system normalizes again. But-- I actually wanted to post just to say I'm concerned by the mention of diet pills. That stuff is almost always bad news... what are you taking, darlin'?

my period was regular/irregular at times. its all good though, i'm starting the pill again on this sunday. i can't stand the pimples!
Diet pills I'm taking hoodia (which is all natural, so no bad side effects) and I've been taking nasty hydroxycut and Tonalin CLA from GNC. I don't know if its the tonalin or the nasty hydroxycut, BUT, i get nauseous every darn time i take them! (i take them both at the same time). The "best" part of all is that they haven't had any effect on me! then again, i don't have too much fat to shred BUT i did want to get rid of my belly fat (hence the tonalin). I'm thinking that if by the end of this week I don't see any change, I'll stop taking those two. Hoodia is the shiznit though.
Omg, Ambercherry, you read my mind! I'm also 31 and have been on the pill for almost 5 years straight. My lack of libido is really weighing on my relationship with my husband. When I refuse his advances, he feels self-conscious and rejected (I hate making him feel that way), and I really want my sex drive back. I miss it. Absolutely positively MISS it. I only get the urge to masturbate once every 2 months. I used to masturbate almost every night unless I fell asleep before I could come up with a fantasy.

And this thread has answered the question I was going to ask when I came on here, should I just stop the pill cold turkey? It sounds like the results haven't been bad.

I will see a movie with my favorite actor (favorite in the sense of HOTTIE), and I'll be turned on for about 10 minutes, then it's gone. I might as well have been watching a freakin' Discovery Channel program. Same goes for hubby, I'll be turned on by him for about 5, 10 minutes, then it's gone. Which is EXTREMELY frustrating for him and that's very understandable. I get crazy turned on and really want to have sex with hubby once every 2 months, just like the aforementioned masturbation urge.

I am VERY scared of my acne coming back (which is why I was on the pill in the first place). But, I love my husband, really care about our relationship and I need to try something drastic for our sake. I have also forgotten what it feels like to not be on the pill. I have been on the pill since I met my husband. Hmmm...this will be interesting!

Hi Ladies! I was on various pills for about 8 years and switched to Nuva Ring this past January in an attempt to revive my sex drive, which went AWOL about a year and a half ago. My doctor thought that perhaps the ring would be better for me, since going off hormonal BC wasn't that appealing due to extremely painful periods.

Anyway, I decided to quit and see what happens because I just literally have no libido (can't even get myself going, yikes!) and I started having animosity toward by boyfriend of four years for no reason, lots of mood swings. I think my body needs a break!

This past Sunday was my first day off the ring (was supposed to re-insert it that day) and I am starting to freak out a little about just relying on condoms for birth control unsure.gif . I'm just wondering if anyone else also had similar feelings, and what other forms of BC are you using? Going from nearly 4 years of spontanaeity to having to remember a barrier every time is kind of nerve racking!
Miamiblue, keep in mind the ring may not be a pill but it's just another way to introduce BC drugs into the body.

This is taken right from the Nuva Ring web site:

NuvaRing® contains two types of hormones, estrogen and progestin (just like the pill), that prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs. NuvaRing® provides benefits similar to oral contraceptives, but without the daily pill-taking routine.

QUOTE(maelstrom @ May 4 2007, 01:14 AM) *
Miamiblue, keep in mind the ring may not be a pill but it's just another way to introduce BC drugs into the body.

This is taken right from the Nuva Ring web site:

NuvaRing® contains two types of hormones, estrogen and progestin (just like the pill), that prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs. NuvaRing® provides benefits similar to oral contraceptives, but without the daily pill-taking routine.

Yes, I am aware of this, that is why I quit using the ring as well. So I am now not using any hormonal birth control. I am just feeling kind of vulnerable just using condoms now after so many years of hormonal birth control. I definitely do not want to get pregnant at this point in time, but I also want my sex drive back!
I went through the same thing- I was on the pill for 12 years and had lost my libido.. I felt like it was completly gone and I was having the worst mood swings. I switched to the Nuva Ring and things were a little better, especially as far as the moodiness goes. But then I got dark patches on my face- a huge one that I was very self concious off. I saw a dermotologist and she told me it was cause by my B.C. So, a month or so ago I decided to not refill my perscription (we are not trying for kids now- just decided to use condoms and free my body of birth control).

It was a little weird in the beginning but they make really sheer ones now so its not bad! And my sex drive is deffintly coming back.. which is great!! But, heres the other problem- I havent had a period yet and its been 4 weeks and 3 days. I dont know if I should worry (of course I am a little) or if this is normal after SO long on birth control. Has this happened to anyone else?
MiusicFit! I am 31, just gave up the ring, and have the same reservations. Although, I am not married, which makes the pregnancy thing a little sketchy. Last night I finally gave in to the lover I have been trying to blow off (successfully for 10 months!) and had my first orgasm with a partner in years. The bad thing? I didn't have condoms and we used the pull-out method, which is stupid, I know. He is the dumbest fling I have ever had, but even two girlfriends in for him, we are sleeping together every once and awhile. How does this work, protecting oneself and having a good time? We need reversible vasectomies.
Hi ladies,
Congratuations coming off the pill--welcome to your libido! I am going to be the scary downer, here, but with a point. I was on the pill for about 12 years, quit, and used condoms for about one year. We would have unprotected sex during my period and a couple of days after it ended and condoms during the pregnancy "danger" times. Anyway, even with polycystic ovaries, I am pregnant. The point is, being off the pill is scary and risky because our bodies want to make babies. There are things you can do, like use the Fertility Awareness Method to track your cycle and abstain before, during, and after ovulation (a window of about 2 weeks). Using FAM you can become familiar with your cycle and try to avert the dangerous times but you still have to avoid fertilizing intercourse. You can also take rutin after fertilizing intercourse or before you get your period, and take vitamin c in high doses, but these really aren't contraception, just implantation inhibitors. Part of the problem with FAM and anything that requires monitoring your cycle is that coming off the pill throws your body off, so your ovulation can be irregular for months. I have mentioned this before but there is a form of birth control out of India that seems to have good results and minimal side effects called centchroman, which works for some people. I don't want to sound preachy but it's a scary time because you are putting your body in its natural state primed for pregnancy and it takes a lot of effort to fight that biological drive. So, now on the procreative side of this experiment I would encourage you to use condoms religiously (maybe even putting spermacide on the inside of the condom if your man isn't sensitive to it), chart your cycles, and come up with some backup plans in case you become pregnant and to talk them out with your partner. There are great benefits to being off the pill-getting your emotions back, feeling your body, connecting with pleasure, and there are challenges, so good luck! (Really don't want to be a killjoy, but since this happened to me when I was convinced it couldn't happen, I feel obligated to encourage people in the same situation to be cautious and aware of the risks and ramifications--it happens all the time.)
Hi everyone, I'm brand new here, but wanted to join and to add to this thread. I have a few answers and questions.. wink.gif

- I never used an IUD, but I know women who did. They were popular about 20 years ago, so I missed that boat (TG!) and then they were actually taken off the market for a while.
What was wrong? 1. horrible menstrual cramps. I heard they were killer. 2. Sometimes the body rejected them and ..damn.. I don't even know what, but it wasn't pretty. 3. they rarely (but still) caused permanant infertility, damaged something inside.
I think the new IUD may be different than those old ones. They may be OK. But, really talk to your DR, please!

I wish I could take BC pills but I get migraines, bloating, weight gain, feel depressed.

Anyone with bloating ever take Yasmin? It doesn't make you retain water. I did try it and it was true. But... still the headaches.

Something better than Seasonelle is coming on the US market soon. Lybren, I believe it will be called.
Lower hormonal dose than any existing pill. Stops ovulation... and your period. You take it everyday.

Sounds weird? I thought so. I looked it up etc and now, I am going to try it when it gets the final gov't approval.

With this everyday, super low dose: no build up of uterine lining, so no P. needed. The hormones actually lower your own ( takes a few months) as it regulates to the pill. SO... fewer headaches, weight gain, period and ovulation problems halted. It is going to be marketed to bad PMS sufferers.

I am very pro alternative medicine. So, please don't think I believe media hype B.S. NO WAY! I am the worst skeptic!
BUT, I'm going to brave it when it comes out!

Thanks, good luck and nice place ya have here!
I don't know. I was on BC for about a year and I found that I LOST my libido. My periods are odd. My hormones cause my mood swings to scare my husband off. I regret ever going off.
honestly, i don't think there is any perfect solution... i quit taking the pill (after switching brands 3 times) b/c it killed my libido & was giving me extreme vaginal dryness (that's all the time, not just during sex).

for a long time i thought i was reacting to the latex in condoms... then i bought the latex-free ones only to find they burn worse than anything i'd ever felt. guess my issue is with the spermacide. despite that, using them anyway right now.

i think eventually, i'll end up getting an iud. still hormones, but more local so, less likely to cause mood/libido changes... the cramping does scare the hell out of me, though. not to thrilled about pokey parts either.

i don't want babies, ever, so the best solution given the current technology would be a boy who wanted to get snipped

Spermacide is really bad for you and increases your risk for urinary tract infections. It does not really help std prevention either ebcause it irritates the membranes so much you can actully be prone to stds from it. You cn put it inside the condom if your partner's not allergic but I would keep it away from your body.
There is no good solution. Hopefully, they will come up with more microbicides and better spermacides...
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