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Full Version: When peeing rules your life: Urinary Tract Infections
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Sorry to hear your appointment was so lousy! So he doesn't know how to treat it but he does know that naturopathy won't help. Hmmm. UGH doctors! I am so thoroughly sick of them and I am really sick about how they are giving you the run around. I have been going through a similar run around for 2 years and it is SO unpleasant. They just wanted to push me out the door.

What makes no sense is the fact that he admitted to you that he does NOT specialize in female issues& IC yet he automatically dismissed naturopathy. Wow, does he not see how dumb he is being? "I don't specialize in this and I don't know how to treat it but naturopathy won't help" Great logic, doc. I can see why naturopaths might get sick of doctors.

I think you are better off with a naturopath, at least at this point. Seeing too many bad doctors can really lead to burn out. At least it has for me.

I still think broth culture is a good thing to try. And the best part is you don't have to go through your doctor to get it done, you can just send it off yourself. If you want detailed instructions about how to give a good urine sample let me know and I can email or PM them to you. The nurse gave me good instructions about how to do the test.

Your mom is right about the antibiotics. Part of the treatment for Lyme is antibiotics. I also plan on doing hyperbaric oxygen along with antibiotics because the two work well together, much better than antibiotics alone.

On a whole other topic I have a sick cat in my basement. It has been an eventful night. I set out a humane trap (hav-a-hart) to trap a sick stray (he is missing his ear and is all bloody) and I accidentally caught what I think is a housecat, then a raccoon and finally the sick cat. He is in the trap in my basement right now and I'm taking him to the vet in the morning. I just hope he's not too stressed out. What a day! I am still new to this trapping thing can you tell? You should've seen the expression on the housecat who wandered into the trap, he was pretty freaked out. When I opened it he ran so quick he was just a streak. My other cats are all downstairs smelling at the laundry room door they know there's a cat in there.

Again, I am sorry to hear your appointment went so badly. I hope you aren't too discouraged.
wow, I hope that cat is okay. I've never trapped one myself as I am afraid of getting someone's loved pet.
so I found a naturopath who is also an MD. I ordered a yeast cleanse online and I'm going to try that first. my mom said I could have candidae and that may be some of my problem. who knows. wow, so a hyperbaric chamber? I hear those are really healthy for you. I'm done w/ doctors. I can't deal w/ it anymore. I'm still trying natural things but nothing has worked yet so far. but stay clear of aspirin! that's one thing I've learned!!
The cat is back at my house. He is in rough shape. He smells horrible (he was un-neuteured). He is missing both ears not just one. But he is overall healthy and he is recovering. He has never been in a home so he's in shock. They gave him lots of antibiotics and he had surgery. I think he will be okay, he just looks weird with no ears!

I've never heard of a naturopath who is an MD. That is very interesting. I can understand why you are sick of doctors.

I will stay clear of aspirin. I've actually never taken it before. I can't get in to se the Lyme doctor for a month .... well first I have to get a referral and my g.p. is away for 10 days. So 1 month plus 10 days. I know it's not very long but I am so sick of waiting. This doctor is the only Lyme doctor in the city I live in (which is the biggest city in the province). There really aren't many lyme doctors.

Anyway I'll let you know if I find out anything interesting from my other tests. I should have the results this coming week.

How are you feeling these days?
oh, my bladder is better today but it's still hurting off and on. I'm trying to heal my stomach right now but that's not my main concern. I am waiting for the yeast cleanse to arrive so I can try it. I am anxious to know how fast you will recover once they start treating you. hopefully it will be instantaneous! that would be really cool. why do you have to get a referral even tho your test came back + ? I always have to get referrals to see different docs. I need to see a derm about my acne right now. I need to write a note about that. well, ttyl.
I have to get a referral because it is a specialist. I hope they will recognize my test even though it was a US lab.

Unfortunately I already know the recovery won't be instant. I think I am looking at a two year recovery period. I have probably had this bacteria for about 10 years now. That is my guess anyway.

I'm glad your bladder is doing a bit better today. My bladder was very irritated earlier but it's okay (well as close to OK as it ever is) right now.
so suffering, how is it going? I've been better at night lately. which is good but now I've been sleeping all the time. about 16 hours a day. Maybe it's PMS.
Hi urethritis. Stuff is pretty much the same as always. I am still sleeping really poorly. I'm glad to hear your symptoms have been better at night lately, that is great. You might be sleeping so much to make up for the sleep you lost.

I think I'll get the results of my broth culture this week. Other than that I don't really have anything going on this week.

I don't think I've ever asked you but what is it that you do? Are you able to work or go to school with these symptoms?
I just graduated college and I am having trouble finding a job. Depending on how bad it gets, I am able to work. It's only been really bad one or two times where I was peeing every 30 minutes or so and I couldn't do anything.
Right now my bladder is much calmer for some reason. I am happy that I haven't had to get up at night at all the past few nights.
So you are just waiting, huh? I'm considering my next move. I may go and see a naturopath next. Take Care.
Thought you guys might like this:

of course, this and birth control don't mix
thanks koala. that's good to know.
oh, suffering, I lied in my other post. I have had to get up at night but only once. it would be an absolute miracle if I didn't have to get up at all!
Koala, thanks for the link. I personally can't take St.John's wort because of manic reaction but it might help someone else- thanks for posting it. How are you feeling these days?

Urethritis- congratulations on your graduation. What kind of job are you looking for? What did you study at college? I was stuyding English lit. I have 2 credits left to go but just can't get back to school. I tried to return two years ago but had to withdraw halfway through the semester and come home because I wasn't upto it.

I am pretty much just waiting now to get the results from those other two tests and get in to see this Lyme doctor.

I hope your bladder stays calm. Once a night is pretty good. It would be great if you didn't wake up at night at all. Right now I would kill for once a night (not to minimize your problem). I am waking up 6-10 times/night every night. This symptom has never eased up. I haven't slept through the night in over two years. This is probably my worst symptom. I miss sleep!!

Take care.
oh, well I graduated w/ a psychology degree so I'm pretty much guaranteed no job!!! I'm looking for anything that doesn't involve food or customer service. I've started on some new products today from nature's sunshine. those people must love me b/c I've bought a LOT of stuff from them lately. I've really been hitting the vitamins. so much that my pee is turning bright yellow.
English lit sounds fun. I'm a language type too. forget math, though. I run from math. I like me some doestovsky though. have you ever taken any pau d'arco for your bladder? I'm taking some right now and it seems to be doing something. we'll see.
I did a minor in Psych. I really like English lit. too. I love writing. Sorry to hear your job search is so rough right now.

I am very familiar with the bright yellow pee! I take a lot of vitamins too. I have never taken pau d'arco for my bladder. I am not even sure what that is.

I just got the results of my broth culture test and it came back positive for group d streptococci. So it looks like more antibiotics for me. . . ugh.

I'm glad to hear you having some success w/the supplements and everything - yay.
okay, I changed my name since I do not have urethritis. I just figuered it made more sense to be npain. anyway, I've been in quite the pain lately. I've also been sleeping a LOT. I don't know what my problem is. How are things going for you lately?
Hi. Sorry to hear you are in pain! Lately things are the same as always except that I found out I have a group d streptococci infection and it's like I've had it for a long time! I will probably have to be on antibiotics (Augmentin and Amoxicillin) for 6 months minimum. The nurse thinks this infection could be greatly contributing to my urinary symptoms (in addition to the Lyme causing urinary symptoms).

I totally recommend the broth culture. I never would have found out about this infection if I hadn't done that test.

Overall I am feeling really exhausted lately. My sleep is total junk. Sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell.
ughhhhh!! i hate vaginas so much. i always get some sort of infection or pain or something after my period. i dont think i have a uti. but its like this burning pain all the time. not all the time but most of the time. it doesn't hurt when i go to the bathroom though... so i'm not sure whats wrong with me. but i hate it. hate hate hate.
how long have you had these symptoms, allygatorr? is it coming from your vagina or your bladder area? I have constant burning in my bladder but nobody knows why.
suffering, how's it goin'? I've been drinking water. it's all I can do.
hi, everything's still the same. my sleep is still crap. i should be starting on antibiotics soon.

i am so thoroughly sick of my life revolving around my bladder. i'm sorry to hear you are still feeling so lousy - you too allygat0rr.
my bladder is raging today! I have burning and frequency! it's constantly burning. even when I drink water. aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! this is hell!!!!!!!!
sorry your sleep is like crap, suffering. I slept well last night. I only got up once to pee.
It is hell. It is an absolute nightmare :-(
I'm going to the naturopath.
let me know how it goes
its really weird. it will just burn sometimes. or sometimes after i pee :-(. i think i got a UTI this morning. I went to the bathroom and it hurt soooo bad and my bladder felt like it was going to explode. now i have the urge to pee all the time and it hurtsssss. argh. i dont know im drinking a lot of cranberry juice, eating cranberries and drinking a lot of water now. haha
allygat0rr- sounds painful! :-( Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.
My bladder went crazy yesterday and I don't know why. I am feeling pretty miserable these days.
allygat0rr, have you went back to the doc to check for a UTI? is your urine cloudy? cranberry juice probably won't help you if you already have a UTI. I would get an urgent care appt. at my doc and get a urine test. in the meantime I would get some AZO Standard or similar OTC pill for bladder pain. good luck!
suffering, what's going on w/ your bladder? I went for the first night w/out getting up to pee last night. mostly 'cause I fought off the urge but still! My bladder went from a 10 to a 2 overnight. I know it's hormone-related I just don't know how.
Hi. I have no idea what's going on with my bladder. It is so unpredictable. I really can't link the increased frequency with anything I am doing. I am still waiting for the antibiotics to arrive. I'm glad the nurse is prescribing them and having them shipped because my g.p. will not prescribe them.

I know I've said it before but I'm SOOOOO sick of this. It is really wearing me down. I need relief soon. It is driving me mad.

That is great news that your sleep is improving. I am very happy for you (and very jealous!). Have you had all your homone levels tested? It sounds like you are onto something with this hormone thing.

Did you have your naturopath app't yet? Do you think you'll do a broth culture? I totall recommend it. :-)

Take care. And allygat0rr-- hope you feel better soon too!
I am getting approval thur my insurance company right now to see the naturopath. I need to get my hormones checked but what can they do about it besides put me on BC pills? I do not want to take those! my bladder is really doing well today so far. I am sorry to hear you are not doing well. when do you start your tx for the lyme? that may help you a lot. hopefully soon!
I haven't seen the Lyme doctor. They haven't called me back yet about an appointment. I don't think I'll get in for about a month.
Yay, finally I'll be getting an appointment with the Lyme doctor. His secretary will be calling me on Monday with an appointment time.
I finally started on the antibiotics for the group d strep infection yesterday.

Npain where are you? haven't seen you around. I hope you are feeling okay.
hi suffering. was that part of your recommended treatment or did you find something else wrong?? I was doing really well for a few days, dare I say a week? Now I'm back to not doing as well but not as bad as before. somewhere in the middle. I have yet to see the naturopath. I need to get some dental work done first. maybe I'm delaying? I don't know. how is everything else w/ you? did you get to see the Lyme doc yet? Keep me informed! ttyl
hi. the antibiotics are for the bladder infection that was detected by the broth culture by United Medical lab. I am on augmentin alternating with amoxicillin.

I haven't seen the Lyme doctor yet. I dropped off my medical records a week ago and he hasn't looked at them yet. I have no idea how long it will be before I see him but I suspect quite a while :-(

I'm glad you were feeling better for a while, that's a good thing! I am still feeling really crappy. My bladder is not improving at all :-(
I'm on a new diet that is w/out chemicals and preservatives and other crap like that but I have had no relief so far. It's not that it's as bad as it was six months ago, but it's not as good as it was a couple weeks ago. I don't know what happened during that time except my hormones changed. it has to be hormone related. I just don't know what I can do about it. maybe I'll try some herbs to balance my hormones and see if that works. I'll check into it. meantime, the Lyme doc needs to get w/ it! what is taking them so long?? I went outdoors last weekend and I was in tall grass and I was so paranoid about ticks. I was telling a friend about your situation and I had them check me for ticks twice! Well, are the antibiotics helping you feel better at all? ttyl
Hi. It does sound like your situation could be hormone rleated just based on what you tell me but honestly I don't know anything about hormones really.

The antibiotics aren't helping me feel better at all. It's only been 3 days though. Apparently it can take months to feel any difference. :-(

The lyme doctor is taking so long because he is the ONLY lyme doctor in my city (Toronto). He is totally flooded with referrals. I have no idea when I'll get to see him -- hopefully soon!
I just started Hyberbaric oxygen for Lyme 2 weeks ago. So far I have had one nasty reaction (a herx reaction) which is actually a good sign.

I am still on my antibiotics for my bladder. Don't think I've noticed any difference though.

Still waiting to see the Lyme doctor.

npain, I never see you around on this thread anymore. Hope it's because you are doing much better. take care.
suffering, actually, I am doing better. I have been so busy lately that I guess it has distracted me from my problem. I will let you know if this is a fluke or if I am really improving. So the Lyme doc is backed up, eh? sounds like a lot of people share your situation (sort-of). have you spoken to your doc about the antibiotics not helping? sounds like you may not be on the right track there or maybe it just take a really long while. well, I'm still around if you want to talk. take care.
Hi napain,

I am glad you are doing better!

The nurse said this bladder infection can take quite a while to treat. This week I am going to do a repeat of the urine test to make sure this antibiotic is working. The problem is I can't really go by symptoms because Lyme can also cause awful bladder problems too. How can I distinguish between what is caused by Lyme and waht is caused by enteroccocus? So confused...

Take care, glad you're doing better.
NPain, Are you around? How are things going? Things are still the same with me. I am almost done the hyperbaric treatment. Only four days left. I haven't noticed any improvment in any way yet.

I went through a period of about 2 years or so when I would be suffering from UTI nearly constantly. I got really tired of taking antibiotics all the time (and not being given any real alternatives by my GP) not to mention of the pain and constant peeing etc. I found that when I resumed practising yoga on a regular basis, UTI's became much fewer and further between. I'm convinced that it was directly related...and that all the twisting postures in particular helped to strengthen the whole kidney and bladder area against infection...
I still get the occasional UTI, but no more than once a year now...
I think I'm somewhat prone to UTIs. I've been taking cranberry pills with my vitamins everyday and forcing myself to use the bathroom after sex and it seems to be working well.
Hi ladies--
I have never had a problem with UTI's before... I have had maybe one or two random ones in my whole 23 years, and now I've had two in the past couple of months. I'm wondering if this is just a coincidence or if there could be some reason for it? Nothing has changed as far as my diet or sex habits... only sleep with one person and always make sure to pee pretty soon after... Last night I was awake in pain most of the night and continuously running to the bathroom. Ugh, and it's a holiday so I won't be able to get to the clinic till Tues. or Wed. at the earliest. This feels different than last time tho... It felt like my bladder was throbbing whenever I peed the last time I had a UTI, and this time it doesn't throb, it just hurts, but not even steadily. Like for a while, it'll feel fine, and then in an hour or so it hurts so bad I'm ready to go to the ER. I don't get it... Luckily I got some Azo today and it seems to be helping, but I know it's only temporary. I'm so tired and woozy and out-of-it too, I think from the lack of sleep last night, but it makes it all so much worse. I feel so bad for those of you who deal with this frequently...
Has anyone else with frequent UTIs seen blood in their pee?

A little over a year ago, I had what seemed to be UTIs every single month, sometimes twice a month. It started to get really bad, lasting for days and once I thought I saw blood in my urine. My gynocologist did cultures, tests, etc. and all she was able to do is determine is that she didn't know what was wrong. She recommended I eat, exercise and sleep better to boost my immune system, and if I ever saw blood again, to see a urologist.

I never did see the urologist because at the same time I switched from bc pills to an IUD and the episodes only occured a couple more times, but not as severe. I don't know if it was a cyclical thing that was remedied by stopping the pill, or the change in my lifestyle habits, or both.

Then this morning, I wake up with it again, and it is f#@$ing horrible. There are little "clots" of blood in my urine, and it is pinkish, and it hurts and I want to die.
I'm no expert, but I've never had blood in my urine, even with a really bad UTI... I would worry if I saw blood. But if you're taking AZO standard, keep in mind that it changes the color of your urine to reddish-orange (looks crazy!! but it's kind of cool) but it doesn't sound like that's what you're talking about. Since you've had this happen before, I wouldn't panic, but I would make an appt. to see a urologist, since your gyno couldn't figure it out.
Ok, question for those of you who have had lots of these damn UTI's. I've been taking AZO Standard the past couple of days and now I'm starting to itch real bad, kinda like a yeastie but there's no discharge or any other symptoms. Can the AZO make you itchy? Going to the doctor tomorrow or Wed. but I'd rather not have to have a full exam...
Any ideas??
QUOTE(little_idiot @ Sep 4 2006, 01:26 PM) *

Ok, question for those of you who have had lots of these damn UTI's. I've been taking AZO Standard the past couple of days and now I'm starting to itch real bad, kinda like a yeastie but there's no discharge or any other symptoms. Can the AZO make you itchy? Going to the doctor tomorrow or Wed. but I'd rather not have to have a full exam...
Any ideas??

This might be a little late since you may have already seen your doctor, but in case it comes up with anyone else... you may have Bacterial Vaginosis that spread to your urethra (common from wiping back to front.) I could be wrong, but I believe the only way to get rid of this for good is with a doctor-administered medication.

Follow up on my post... the pain is mostly gone, although each morning my "first pee" is a killer and pinkish. I have an appointment to see my chick doctor. She indicated that she thinks its Urethritis (an infection in my uretha, not my bladder or kidneys), but is mildly concerned because the same symptoms occur with Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and genital herpes. Please cross your fingers for me, I sure as fuck don't want that kind of bad news.
I know this is a dead thread, and maybe I should post this question elsewhere, but...

I have been getting UTIs on a monthly basis for over a year now. They started when I became sexually active (beware glycerin based lube lurking on condoms). Now they are sometimes triggered by sex, especially if I forget to pee after wards, and we can't ever use lube anymore, because I can't find one that doesn't make me sick. However, even if I manage to avoid it through sex, it comes back whenever I get my period.

I guess what I'm looking for is advice on prevention / treatment.

For example, what are cranberry pills and where could I find them? Also, besides peeing afterwards, is there anything I can do (such as avoid certain positions or something) during /after sex to prevent a uti?

Here's what I know:
I should always pee after sex
Drink lots of water and Cranberry Juice
No Sodas

That's about all I know on the subject. My father is a physician, and he prescribes antibiotics for me, but I'm too shy to ask him further about a condition I suffer as a result of premarital sex.

coupla ideas, which are pretty typical suggestions in the literature...

-azo cranberry or other cranberry pills acutally don't show demonstrable results in the studies; most is just anecdotal evidence. i tried 'em, didn't notice a difference, too expensive. stick with the juice (pure cranberry, little to no sugar)
-wear cotton underwear or no underwear, NO thongs
-use regular tampons; avoid super absorptive, and change often. the string is a great nidus for bacteria to grow and get flung around your urethral opening
-back to front wiping. duh. also, dab/blot instead of wipe after you pee
-avoid any perfumed anything down there; no bubble baths
- water-based lube
-make sure HIS JUNK is clean. make HIM shower and wash his piece good before play. i can't stress that enough. is he circumcised?
-consider "sitz baths" or showering after you defecate. or if you have a bidet... (ha!)
-lots of water, no soda, no alcohol (!), no coffee, anything that acts as a diuretic

-as far as antibiotics go, i've heard two schools of thought: either keep 'em around to pop before sex (some docs won't like that, antibiotic resistance etc). the other option is antibiotics all the time, which i don't think is that great an option, either.

-make sure you get a urine culture each time you get a UTI; you might be getting different bugs each time, or you might be getting the same one over and over and have developed antibiotic resistance to it. a culture will make sure the antibiotic you're getting is specifically tailored to effectively treat the bug you have.

okay, that's all the typical shit they say. i get uti's a lot, too, and here's anecdotal stuff i noticed:

-oral sex actually tends to give me uti's more.
-keep my own immune system in tip top shape; vit C, multivitamin, etc.
-shower immediately after working out
-nothing tight down there. pants included. if you need to wear panties during the day, consider "airing out" at night and go bottomless at least
-need a specific condom; i think durex was the last bunch i used that didn't bother me. no ribbed, no lube, no spermicide.
-i keep antibiotics around if there's ANY inkling that i might be getting one to cut it off before it gets ugly

talk to your own gyno to avoid having to consult your dad.
are you on birth control? what form? some can eff with your pH and get that whole area out of whack.

phew, that's all i can think of for now, hope it helps?
Thanks catlady! Thats exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for. A few things:

Yes, Crinoboy is circumcised, and we shower together every morning so I get to personally wash his junk. I am also very clean.

I am on BC, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a contributing factor, esp. since it seems that I always get an infection at the end of my period when I start a new pack. (I'm on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo)

*sigh* One more reason I should use regular tampons. I just hate changing every hour, but maybe it's worth it?

About the cranberry pills, are they supposed to be a preventative or a treatment? I bought some, along with real juice today.

I also bought something called Uristat, which is supposed to treat urinary pain symptoms (awesome!) I sure hope it works, sometimes the pain is so bad that I'm not sure if I can drive (the pressure of the seatbelt).

Unfortunately, I, uh, don't have a gynecologist. *ducks flying fruit* I haven't been since I was 19. I know the gynecologist I'm supposed to see socially, my aunt is her nurse , so she just gives me my BC pills for free. I know I'm supposed to go, but it's just so...awful. And expensive. Also, my gynecologist told me she would be very disappointed if I slept with my boyfriend, so I've been reluctant to go back since we've had sex. Ugh. Small town stuff.

Thanks for your help, and if anyone has any more advice, I'm all ears!!
crin, yeah, one of the things i couldn't reconcile was WHY i was getting these when i keep my shit pristine, you know? i talked to the doctor and was like listen, i'm a neat woman, why do i keep getting these? and she basically said, "it just happens, no matter how hygenic you are."

so yeah, the cran pills and juice are supposed to be prophylactic. the uristat thing i think is pyridium (turns the pee orange?), and is an anti-spasmotic. that's more of an acute treatment rather than a prophylactic.

and as far as your gyno, FUCK her. you need to feel comfortable with whomever you see, so that you and she will be uninhibited; complete honesty and trust between patient and doctor are key, and if she's getting all righteous on you, that's out the window. plus, the added burn of knowing someone personally in the office might not be ideal, either. as far as cost: you can get primary gyno care at planned parenthood. i d k the cost, but they're all about sliding scale, so you can go get your uti/birth control/pap smear/misc shit taken care of in one fell swoop.
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