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Full Version: When peeing rules your life: Urinary Tract Infections
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Thanks for reviving this this thread. I have has UTIs once a year since I started having sex. I've just finished my second dose of antibiotics for this particular bout, and I'm still not sure that it's entirely gone away.
Crazyoldcatlady's list covers everything I've ever been told by various medics over the years (I've ALWAYS had to resort to antibiotics; no amount of cranberry works for me). I can usually always trace it to having had sex and not peeing / showering straight afterwards too, which has me slapping my forehead, Homer Simpson-style when it feels like I'm pissing napalm the next day. One thing that I was told this time (now that I've reached the grand-old age of 29) is that it's very common for women in their 20s, and a lot of people 'grow out' of it in their 30s. Here's hoping...
I understand the situation with your Dad. Mine is a physician too, and has prescribed antibiotics for me in the past. I remember cringing with embarrasment the first time, knowing that I was as good as admitting to having had sex. And I agree that the gynocologist sounds effed-up. That's the last person who should be judging you!
AZO actually works really well for me (the urinary pain one that contains pyridium, not the preventative cranberry pills). Although it doesn't really do anything other than easing the symptoms.

I am sooooo glad I haven't gotten a UTI in over a year now. The last few I had were so bad that I was peeing blood (and blood clots!). It was awful. I had to go to the health center on campus (I remember I could barely walk there), and when I handed them my urine sample they freaked out. The antibiotics cleared it up pretty quickly, though.

I never thought about it until after the last time I had one, but I do think lube was part of the cause. I would always get UTIs after using my vibrator, even though I kept that shit really really clean. I still use lube, but now I wipe myself down with baby wipes before and after using my vibrators, plus I pee right after. And I drink a lot more water now than I used to.
hi guys,

im currently fighting a kidney/bladder/uti... or whatever it is this time. I dont have insruance so like faeritails was saying I too could barley walk when i made it to a doctor i too gave them a sample full of blood and clots and my kidneys felt like someone had just used me for boxing practice... i never felt so sick in my life (well maybe except for the time i had rocky mount. tick

Doctor started me on cipro (think thats right) and i HATE antibiotics because i know they not only kill the bad guys, they kill the good guys. so Ive been taking it with acid L. hoping to balance it out. For the first time in a long time i feel happy, my libido is up, and everything just feel good again.

I keep drinking lots of water and cranberry so i hope i can keep fighting these off. i keep jumping between BV, Yeast, and UTI's sad.gif.
hey ladies,
I've had a UTI since May. Antibiotic called Cephalexin suppresses the symptoms but I'm nervous about taking it long term, even low dose. Any advice? Have tried ALL the obvious stuff...cranberry, D-Mannose, etc...argh...a bit panicked.
since MAY? that is WAY. TOO. LONG. the last thing you want to get is an ascending infection and eff up your kidneys. did you get a urine culture to test for antibiotic sensitivity? is the dose correct? see your doc again? are you sure it's a UTI?

one thing i did forget to mention is that in a select few people who get excessively recurrent or prolonged UTI's is that they may actually have an anatomical abnormality somewhere in the waterworks line (kidneys/ureters/bladder/urethra). if you're symptoms are severe/atypical, you might want to see a urologist.
Thanks crazy - I was away from email for a week but it's nice to come back to a response.

I was on a full dose of antibiotics - 4 tabs a day - which went down to 1 a day after the symptoms had been suppressed. But then I came off them for a week to see and it came back worse than ever. Now I'm back on full dose. So they were doing something!

Of course now I have a yeast infection too so it's a vicious cycle. I have an appointment with the urologist but it's not till October 31st!

If I'm taking 4 pills a day how do I alternate with probiotics?! Bleh. I'm going to ask the yeast girls the same question on the other thread.

Duh. smile.gif Sorry, double post.
yondergirl- Not to be negative, but I wouldn't even bother with the probiotics until you are off the antibiotics. It's pretty much a waste of money.

I took k phlex for 2 weeks 3 times a day with a really bad u t infection last year and it didn't do shiznit. I think that is the same as cephlexin, just a differnt dose or something ( I was prescribed it at the ER cause I was so bad) Then my GP gave me a 1 a day 3- day dose of something that cleared it right up.

I've got another uti now and I'm pissin blood and want to die and the OTC pyridium I'm taking is making me throw up. I think it's all the nasty dye in them that you can taste when you burp. YUCK. Does anyone know if the prescription pyridium has all that dye in it?

Oh, I wanted to add about the antibiotics - the Dr.'s are required to prescribe you the long term antibiotics first because they are cheaper. If you are clear that that kind is not working, they should prescribe you something different and faster acting. It's usually a more expensive medication so the insurance companies don't want them to write those scripts. If you keep taking something that's not working, my understanding is that it's creating a resistance to it and should be switched. Just my experience, I could be wrong, though.
I guess to follow up to my own post, I realized I was taking to much pyridium. I found cystex which I have been happy with, no dye. It almost cleared up all the way, but then I got cocky. I went to work today and drank no water and barely peed. By the time i got home, my nanny was burning in general and then it Really started up. Yuck.
n.m. ...
special k
Hi Ladies,
Thought I'd been through hell on this front but sounds like nothing compared to some of you girls!!

I've been lucky in that I haven't had a UTI in over a year now (after 4 years of UTI's and yeasties) and all I've really changed is my boy. My first infection went untreated for a week and even though there was no blood I had insane muscle pain in my sides up to ribs, could barely lift my legs. So then every time I got one it went straight to that stage... I used to pee straight after and always take cranberry pills which kept most away.

BUT I've never had one with my new boy (yet) and all I can think of is that it must be the lube (water based, havent needed any with new boy) and the fact my ex was just really big.

Having said that, I had a scare last week (because I'm in the bad habit now of waiting a bit until I pee and skipping the cranberry). So I loaded up on the water, upped the cranberry and cut out caffeine and sugar (which is tough). After a day I was fine.

Lastly, this may be more relevant in a different thread, but I'm moving to the US soon and was curious how quick it is to get treated for a UTI and how much the antibiotics cost (I have to get insurance). I might bring some from home but I'm thinking ahead just in case......
Suffering, Urethritis? Anybody out there smile.gif I hope you are all cured now! Hehe.. this board seems dead but I will check back with it. I have been suffering from IC for about 3 1/2 years now. 2 of those years I was in total denial because I couldn't accept this type of thing happening to me.. (I know lame!) Anyway, long story short - I have a phone meeting with Ruth Kriz tomorrow - I'm actually hopeful about it, first thing in a LONG time. I know you had mentioned you were speaking with her. If any of you see this - write back? How did it go? What was the outcome? Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! laugh.gif
Hi, I am new to this site and am wondering if I have Urethritis. I went to the Urologist because I have been getting UTIs on and off for the past year. I would get at least two a month. I would get treated with Macrobid and would be fine. However, and isn't there always a however, I have been having pressure in what I would guess be my urethra. My bladder feels fine. I have had the pressure for three months now and I am going back to him soon. He is worried that I might be getting IC. He also told me that I will grow out of my UTIs...hmm. Sounds strange to me. But I was wondering if anyone knows A. what the pressure might be or B. What I can do to help it.
:: waves :: I'm new here, and was pointed here by a lovely group of ladies on teh livejournals, and I have Questions! Well, one, mostly.

How the hell do I kick this damn uti?

I've had it for about a week, probably, and while I realize some of you must be hollering at your computer screens "GET THEE TO A DOCTOR!", hear me out.

When it first started I went and got myself some Mason Natural Cranberry supplements, which is just a generic for the AZO cranberry stuff. I've been taking the max dose (900mg three times a day) of that the entire time. I'm also drinking as much water as I possibly can, although at this point water has become so unappetizing it's getting more and more difficult.

However. The uti's gotten better. My pee is its normal light yellow colour, I pee on a fairly normal schedule (although with the increased water intake I'm peeing about once more than average) and I make sure to pee as soon as I feel like I need to. I've even had as much as I can possibly stand of two glasses of water each augmented with 1/2 tsp (or maybe more, as I didn't measure...>.>) of baking soda. I've been sure to avoid anything sexylike despite my bits' protests. I don't wear tight pants, which I've also read could be a problem, and I'm a pretty clean little human. I'm also avoiding sugar in large doses...I learned my lesson after thinking this little jerk of an infection was gone and having soda. Ow.

So basically my only symptoms are discomfort when I pee, that urgent/slightly burning sensation directly after I'm done peeing, and very rarely lower pelvic pain. I'm not peeing blood, my kidneys don't hurt, I've got no fever or nausea or leakage or anything else that would point towards anything more serious.

So I ask you, and hope that your wisdom will help me: how do I kick this uti to the curb? It should also be said that I'm in the usa and painfully uninsured and with very little income, so I'm trying to avoid going to the doctor to get a round of antibiotics. Is there anything else I can try as far as at home treatments? Anything you've found to work? I just. want. this. gone.
spink, you're not going to be able to catch a (presumed) bacterial infection without antibiotics, esp. if it's been smoldering this long.

go to planned parenthood, see if you can get antibiotics on a sliding scale, if money is an issue. also, some of the generics are cheap, and at the very least you'll only have to procure a 3-day supply (assuming your uti is uncomplicated). plus, you can get a proper workup/physical exam. the LAST thing you want is an ascendng infection hitting your kidneys; pyelonephritis (kidney infection) is not a place you want to go.

cranberry tablet supplements have not been shown in the literature to treat a uti, and the lit on their preventative benefits has been equivocal. so, it doesn't hurt, per se, to take them, but they're not going to cure anything you already have.

good work on the water. keep hydrated, but don't OD (yes it's possible to OD on water). remember to keep off the alcohol and caffeine, pee after sex. i'm sure you already heard all that.

and in the meantime, if the burning/urgency is too much, try azo's OTC antispasmotic (pyridine; check for allergies)
happy pissing!
*bumps this thread so i can wallow in self-pity*

ETA: oh SHIT! planned parenthood is open until 8 tonight. woo!

I have IC so have to avoid the UTI like it's the plague. I always start out with Uva Ursi herb and LOTS of garlic. Cranberry is usually best used as a prophylactic because when the bacteria are already embedded in the tissue of your urethra, the cranberry can't get them out. As for the pain, I like to use burdock root tea. It really mellows out the bladder tissue if it's inflamed. Hope this helps. And of course WATER!!!
Hey girls, since this thread got bumped I thought I should post something. I'm just recovering from my most recent infection, which was a recurrence of the last one that had probably never cleared up because the antibiotic treatment wasn't long enough. I see there are a lot of girls who posted in the past looking for ways to beat an infection without antibiotics, and I just wanted to say, don't attempt that! You may chase it away by drinking lots of water and cranberry, but the infection will hang out and reappear as soon as you stop drinking as much water. The longer you wait to treat it, the more irritated your bladder and the harder it is to clear up with antibiotics, you might have to go through 2 rounds of treatment, so you end up hurting your body MORE. argh. I know, I tried it many times too and all those natural remedies are just expensive.

That being said, I'm trying uva ursi tea as a preventative measure and I'll write back about how well it works. The thing is, the leaves the tea is made from grow like freakin weeds in northern alberta, so it'll be free for me to pick up a whole year's worth of the stuff by myself during a summer camping or hiking trip. Sweet. So I hope it works.

I don't know if I have IC or reappearing infections that happen when my immune system gets dpressed due to stress. I know I got through whole year phases with no irritation and no infection at all, and then *boom* five in a row and a sore bladder for a couple months. Bah. The times when I'm fine last a long while though, so I figure it has a lot more to do with health and stress than some kind of bladder problem on its own.
Is this tea sold at health food stores or do you have to order it from the net?

I had the mother of all UTIs last month mixed with a flu. I never want to go through that again, I'll do anything!
I found mine at planet organic, and I think they would sell it at any health supplement place. They usually sell it in tea bags but I bought mine loose-leaf. I found a website that says the leaves are best and there's a certain way to make the tea because it has very high tannins that can make you a bit naseous and are bad for your digestion if you take it long term. Instead of boilling the tea, leave the leaves to soak in cold water all day, and then warm the tea slowly in a pot until it's just past lukewarm to drink it. I tried it and it looked very strong but actually tasted less bitter than regular black tea, it was mild and pretty good. If you leave it to soak all day, it will be strong enough that you can even strain the tea before heating it up (and then I think it would be safe to boil).

So I can make the tea successfully, but I still have no idea if it actually works. But $14 of leaves looks like enough to last at least half a year if I only make it once a week.
Ugh I had sex with my bf in the shower a few days ago and I think I have a UTI from it now. I could just be paranoid bc I get them all the time, but I'm not sure I just have a slight feeling in my bladder like I have to go...

Anyone know of anything I can take like right now that might prevent me from getting a full blown infection (if one isn't already there) ?
While I do feel that we as a people in general take too much medicine, I think this sounds very interesting: UTI nasal spray may be only a few years away.
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