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ArtyLady (and others who apply), I'm totally with you on the pretending and imagining thing! I am soooo glad that I have a friend that I can still have an imagination with. It's way too bad that he lives in Germany at the moment, but he and his wife and daughter may be moving to my state in a couple of years. Yaaay! Anyway, we'd always come up with missions for us to achieve, like bringing a magical item to a spot we'd have to hike to in order to cast a spell, or getting some treasure and a box and digging tools to bury the treasure in our own spot in the woods.

He's brewed some magical beers and meads, though he didn't think his last batch to have the spark of it. I've made him a wizard's hat and a Wand of Smoke for birthday presents before.

Life is way better with imagination and magic in it :-)
my partner and I still make Easter baskets for each other and exchange them on Easter morning.
*Bump before it's gone!*
Halloween. And Pez Dispensers. And die-cast model cars, and legos, and Monopoly.

I can't wait until my kid is old enough to play board games with me. We're gonna have board game night, and play Yahtzee and Scrabble and Life and Monopoly and whatever else I can can think of.
Playdough. Silly puddy. Leggos. Candyland. 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' Sleepovers. Scary storytelling. Sleeping with a stuffed animal and 'rescuing' them from stores and thrift shops. Eating dessert first. Rollercoasters. Make-believing. Self-instituted reccess. Milk and cookies. Costuming on Halloween. Pillowfights. Tickles. Hopscotch. 'Slip n' Slide.' Nintendo. Fairytales. Exploring. Pretending to be a mermaid in the ocean. Naming shapes in clouds. Staying up reeeeally really late. Sleeping in 'till noon. Having weekends. Smores. Believing in myths. Holding a seashell to my ear. Digging for sand crabs. Sand castles. Living without fear. Following my heart. Being fueled by hope and love.
Oreos and milk, CocoPuffs, jumping on the bed, McDonald's Happy Meals (and the included toy), little girl chap sticks, cutesy shaped erasers, jelli bracelets, little girl barretts, quarter machine toys, character flip flops, searching for "pretty" stones, wading in creeks, crayons, stickers
Lighting off fireworks! especially deuling a friend with bottle rockets and roman candles.
Making stuff go BOOM!
lego, especially the little people.

Licking the beaters when you make cookie dough. Cookies and milk. Hiding under the blankets during scary movies. Sleeping in oversized men's t-shirts (my boy's now, not my dad's). And Legos. We just built a castle, and are planning an epic Lego battle or two for the long winter ahead.
Tshirts that say really inane things. I've been playing with this this morning. I really want a pink t shirt that says "Go eat a bag of dicks!" in a really girlie font.
Chocolate flavored sugar cereal and cartoons.


AP, can I steal that saying for my own T-shirt? I LOVE the idea of having a super girlie shirt that says "go eat a bag of dicks" I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Because you know, I don't really give a fuck and I think it's hilarious!

ETA - I just remembered a T-shirt a gay friend of mine made like that. It said "Pack your fudge... we're going on a gay-cation!!" It never failed to make me laugh my ass off when he'd wear it.
thanks for starting this thread, lorewolf! biggrin.gif

i NEVER get tired of cartoons. i really enjoyed watching the new star wars cartoon, the clone wars.

my BFF for having a great imagination and creativity to share with me. i love board games. coloring. freshly baked cookies.

i love laughing out loud. you don't realize how many people stifle their laughs. i have this picture from when i was 5 that has me laughing uncontrollably. i'm still the same way.
I'm waiting for Petroldarling to come in here and mention My Little Pony. And Blythe.

My weakness is Dawn Dolls, from the early '70s. Anyone remember them? They were like petite little Barbies, about half her size, but they all had such kicky outfits, particularly the mini-dresses. I had a dance platform for mine where you could pose them on the platform and then turn a crank on the side and the platform would 'groove,' making it look like my Dawn dolls were doing the twist...kind of. I'd post pictures of them, but Photobucket has currently fallen into the gaping hole of Disney advertising which is making their site completely unusable at the moment, thanks to all the floating fairies & c. all over the webpage.
Board games.

I am such a total board game geek. We don't have a tv, so our evening entertainment consists of games, reading, and cooking. Some nights we'll play 4 or 5 different ones. I'm not talking about the drudgery of Monopoly or Risk, either: these are fun-for-all, engaging games like San Juan, Blokus Trigon, Ticket to Ride:Europe, Scripts and Scribes, YINSH, 10 Days in Africa, and The Settlers of Catan. I'll even consent ot the occasional party game of Wits & Wagers or Werewolf.

Please tell me there are other board game busties out there!
Spaghettios. And occasionally, ramen. They're such a guilty pleasure, especially for someone who calls herself a foodie. Hey, I've found some tricks to make them more interesting- parmesan on the Spaghettios, a cracked egg in the ramen. No, they still suck, but I love them!

I love board games too!

I used to have a t-shirt with cure, curly font which said "barbie is a slut".
Bonne Bell Lip Smackers! I still get them in the Christmas gift packs every year. They still have the yummiest flavours.
Knee socks because i hate having bare legs and tights are too annoying and fall down.
Did anyone say Mac n cheese? Ultimate comfort food. I have graduated from the Kraft stuff to homemade, but it's still one of my favorites.
I'm not much of a candy person anymore but I love twizzlers. Just the right texture. Not red vines though, they are a weird flavor with a chunky texture. ew.
And Disneyland. But only if I go with someone who's also excited.
When I was a kid I used to take whipped cream from the spray cans and fill a bowl and eat it with a spoon. I'll still do that occasionally when the bf is out of town. smile.gif
Blow Pops (you know, the ones with the gum center)

on my dresser, i still have a stuffed dog that i got when i was five that i didn't stop sleeping with until i went to college. i usually keep him safely wrapped up all cozy in the baby blanket my mom crocheted for me before i was born. sometimes when i'm feeling mopey, curling up under the covers with my arms wrapped around them is the only thing that makes me feel better.
pig tails smile.gif
hello kitty
Ohhh shiny, me too. My room has a HK theme.
I say " Hellloooo Kitty!" to my cat nearly every day & it never fails to crack me up. laugh.gif
she on the other hand, is seldom as amused.

I get all excited each season about watching the old classic cartoon special on tv. 'The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" " Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" all of that. they're hokey and silly and so very Dear to me.
I have a hello kitty tattoo!!
I carry a Chococat Pez dispenser in my purse. The fact that I still eat Pez in & of itself is rather juvenile, I just like Pez. Zero irony involved. My generation single-handedly destroyed irony.
Totally still sleep with my blankie

Will watch Spirited Away over and over and over

Still laugh my ass off when someone farts loudly
holy fuck, maybesparrow's back!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 10 2008, 12:58 PM) *

ok ap, I agree and do not know why you'd want them, but-- I do rather like the Zombie glow in the dark finger puppets.. so to each her own!

this {the Book Lust} I do want tho!! I have these very retro thick black glasses now that the mr calls me his 'sexy librarian' and woman- I think I need all of these!
Coloring! I love me some Crayolas.

And McDonald's happy meals.
I still like to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Star Wars (only the old ones) and Goonies. I also like to wear bunny slippers and I still dig on getting free stickers at the doctor's office.
and I still dig on getting free stickers at the doctor's office.

...or suckers at the bank smile.gif

I'm totally there with Sparrow on the farts thing. I guess that's why I still work in middle school. I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy.

Yesterday morning, I had a major butt trumpet moment in the shower and I nearly fell out laughing, I thought it was so damn funny. Ach. No wonder I live alone.
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Nov 21 2008, 07:47 PM) *

Oh god me too! Did you know they're out on DVD now? "Papa smurf papa smurf! Gargamel's gotten into the village!"
Eating the chocolate out of my Christmas Stocking for breakfast on Christmas morning.
riding the carousel horses!
QUOTE(shinyx3 @ Nov 24 2008, 05:50 PM) *
riding the carousel horses!

oh shiny mee too!
I think that's what I loved best about Paris, that they have them Everywhere & it was such a joyful suprise!
I am proud to say there was not one we saw we didn't ride. tongue.gif

I also still love acting like a little kid on my birthday
Getting a snuggle blanket, hot chocolate and watching some Disney movies smile.gif
007 movies. I know they're ridiculous and formulaic, but I love them. And I can even rationalise them by saying I'm getting my Dame Judi fix.

Sparrow and thirtiesgirl, I'm with you. In spades. Shenomad and I play 'the fart game:' totally juvenile.

my bedtime ritual is to sudsy shower and get clean and shiney, then plop on the comforters and watch mickey, donald and chip+dale cartoons on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still love coloring - i actually have 2 coloring books and retractable crayons!!! WOOHOO. LOL great stress reliever. Plus I can use my nieces as an excuse for having them.

Also, watching cartoons!! I'm such a big kid.
I love colouring too! But you know what's awesome? Sleepovers. YES. I really want to have one now.

Also, going to a place you used to spend time when you were little is awesome. I walk past a townhouse on my way to work that I lived in when I was 2-3 years old. I remember it being a lot bigger because I was a lot smaller, I love seeing it now and feeling the weird size difference.
Hey, I am all for the coloring. I think that it is incredibly therapeutic to sit down and color. Some psychiatrist or monk has agreed with me at some point in time, I bet.

Actually, in the fru-fru book stores they now sell books full of labyrinths and such for adults to color in as a meditation. I think that dollar store Power Puffs and Spiderman do just fine!
Oh, I TOTALLY want to have a sleepover party!
I still love getting on the swings at the park. OOOH, also just discovered the yummy goodness of string cheese thanks to my nieces. LOL I think that will be my new guilty pleasure!

raisingirl - sleepover parties would be awesome. If I had some female friends (haha) I'd so do that!

I guess I have to settle for getting the nieces (6 and 3). They like to sleep over once a month and I let them do all the stuff they aren't allowed to do at home (play with makeup, stay up till the wee hours, etc.) I'm such a bad influence. But hey they keep me young. LOL
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