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That goddamned Nasonex commercial with the animated, stoned bee. They play it every five minutes.
oh god i hate that commercial so much i have to leave the room when it's on.

the creepy thing is that the bee reminds me a lot of the Honey Nut Cherrios bee, but, like, an older meth-ed out version.
I've been staying up late and watching tv with the headphones on. I've noticed that commercial for those Craftmatic beds (the ones that move up and down) has a weird noise that plays when they show an animation for the beds. It creeps me out. It reminded me of random noise some bands have for their secret song at the end of the CD's.
the ford "beep beep" fake nuevo pseudo-punk commerical.
that is Fucking ANNOYING!!
when they pan in on the female lead & she hits the nasal BeepBeep I have a flashback to Lady Elaine on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
I like the guy bass player tho, he looks sweet and gentle for some reason, and I like the way he side-to-side dances.

never saw the BK 'big buckin' chicken'add, maybe it never ran here in the south-east? but that giant King Head thing freaks me out! if I saw that thing peeking in my window or woke up next to it in my bed I swear I'd wet myself and reach for a weapon. the mr teases me about it and one day I forsee a bad practical joke based on it.

fuego lento-
I think the lady w/ the huge stuffed rabbit is like those kids Aunt-person or something, bringing them something impractical and extravagant, in her tiny impractical (unless you're single & w/out kids) car. that's how I took it anyway bc before I had frecklette, I was totally that way w/ my nephews.
I dug the car more than the shoes regardless :-)
- I've killed this thread!

start posting again & I won't again, I promise!
The Nasonex bee is voiced by Antonio Banderas.
freckle, please keep posting in here! I haven't seen that ford commerical though.

There's a commercial for some stain remover where two or three women are in an indoor firing range and aiming "stain remover guns" at a stain on a sheet of paper (like the sheet of paper showing a human outline used for real target practice). I HATE IT! HATE! IT!

Why must it always be women only who are fighting stains and why must they always be "battling" them, like it's some kind of epic struggle? Gah.
My "Simpson's" viewing this evening was rudely interrupted by a commercial for Burger King that left me speechless. Has anyone else seen this "I am man, hear me roar" nonsense? I tried to find contact info for both Fox and Burger King, but couldn't get past their flash screens. Can anyone help me with this?
there is some commercial for netflix with paulie walnuts from the sopranos that was earning a good grade until it ended with a shot of a woman wrapped up in a rug...cuz a commercial isn't a commercial without gratuitous violence against women. thanks.

also the lame shower gel commercials that tell men to take back the shower. no woman i know has banished her dude from hygeine.
The new Jetta comercial with the car accident doesn't make me want to buy a Jetta so much as it makes me never want to leave my house.
the new pepto bismol commercial is out of control.
I know, kittenb, those commercials are disturbing, but it's an improvement from the good old days when car makers were so in denial that they resisted putting seat belts in cars because they didn't want people to think their cars were unsafe. Does that seem a little backwards?

(Sorry, I've seen Tucker: Man and His Dream a few too many times!)

Rizzo, I saw the commercial you're talking about the other day and it pissed me off too! I looked at Burger King's website and, of course, "Email communication is not accepted." But here's the phone contacts if you wanna give them a ring:

Corporate Headquarters: 305-378-3000
Consumer Relations: 305-378-3535

p.s. my first post!
welcome, oh no! :p
Thanks for the info. I found this address for BK:
Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126

and emailed Fox at

I'll try calling them later. I'll keep you all posted!
in defense of vw's they have an exceptional saftey record(gia notwithstanding) and I say this not only as a lover of all things vw (mostly bugs) but as a former owner of a 85 jetta, who when my mr brought it home to me & wee girl on the Test Drive, thought he had Broken It bc he couldn't get it re-started. turns out that the engine wouldn't ignite w/out the driver's seat belt being engaged. he actually went to get a HAMMER to "fix it" and I about wet my pants once we realised what the real problem was. served him right!
that said, I really loved their german punk "da da da" music commerical and wish they'd bring it back. (sorry!)

which bk commerical do you mean? and what is the worst part that is so awful? I'd join you in complaint if I knew what you meant bc damnit- they discontinued the hot brownie cake there and it was about the only thing I still liked.

I was actually liking the VW ads were they had this German scientist dude and a Nico-like uber blonde assistant. I love it when he says "time to un-pimp zee auto" and some large object falls on a posers car. I haven't seen those ads for awhile though.
It's just funny and reminds me of Austin Powers in some way.

Yes what is the BK commercial? I watched the Simpsons, but missed the first 5 or 10 mintues. I'm with freckleface, describe it and I'm likely to join you. BK's ads have been annoying me for some time now ever since the whole "cock rock" debacle. Now that giant king just FREAKS me the hell out.
rizzo, I saw the BK ad that you're talking about! I hated it so much. "I'm a man, I don't want chick food, blah blah blah" it was so stupid. So just because you have a penis that means that you want to eat a pound of beef?
It's funny--I can't find anything about this commercial on the internet. I saw it on Fox Sunday night during the Simpson's episode. It's a parody of the song "I am woman", but instead, it's "I am man", and it's men singing about how they don't want woman's food, they don't want quiche (how tired is that?), they want "man food", which Burger King provides in the form of some new giant burger. I sent BK a letter, telling them that since they don't serve "women's food", I, as a woman, won't be eating there. I also emailed Fox.
Oh just...I know we're all probably sick of those online ads, the ones that tell you to smash the spider or pick up the baby to win an Ipod or some crap, but I just saw one, the point of which was to LIGHT THE FART. You apparently control a hand holding a lighter and aim at one of several asses (namely a fat one, one in a thong, etc.) all of which are taking turns bending over and emitting colored air. Jesus fuck. That's disgusting and idiotic.
seems like the fast food commercials are reveling in misogyny lately. There's a really awful Carl's Jr ad where a hot young plastic surgeon is talking to the camera about how bigger breats can make you more confidant. Then it shows that he's talking to a chicken. And how their sandwiches are made with natural chicken breasts that are just really big. Thanks, guys.
have any of you seen the degree deo commerical, for the clear stuff, where it shows the woman diving out of her upstairs balcony and into the bushes, where she pops up in her spot less little black dress?
it's disturbing and wrong and always makes me think she's committing suicide & I'm being forced to watch helplessly. yup.
THAT always makes me want to buy a product, show a woman dying and you got me right there.

what is Wrong w/ these ad execs?
i liked the 'light the fart' ad....i found it amusing...except that the people didn't explode...bummer.
Is it too late to really dump my HATE on the BK "I am Man" commercial? I didn't see it until last night.
Is it too late to really dump my HATE on the BK "I am Man" commercial? I didn't see it until last night.
You know what I'm sick of?
"I LOVE chocolate. So any diet that lets me eat chocolate? Is a diet for me."

Fuck you Nutrasystem!
freckleface, I've seen that one. It's so ridiculous. I mean seriously, if I get deoderant stains on my clothing I just wipe them off with MAC makeup remover wipes. End of problem!
so sick of the commercial with that girl sitting on her bed talking about how she won't just let any man into her nokia. and it is on all. the. time.

on a positive tip, though, i do love the citibank identity theft commercials.
Rizzo, THANK YOU for bringing up this BK commericial. I fucking hatey hate hate it and I've seen like 10 times. Last night I caught a line in which it refers to chick food as salad and tofu. Girls aren't the only ones eating tofu, and boys aren't the only ones who like burgers. Goddamn them.

What did you write in your email? Or did you call? What did you say? What did they say?
Sounds like you BUSTies need an anti-BK campaign. Has anyone got a blog where they can get the word out and post a form letter?
I finally caught a glimpse of that BK commercial, for which I'm thankful of the invention of the mute button on my remote.

Although I don't eat at BK anymore since I discovered Culvers.
blegh. now i feel so bad to have worked on a BK commercial back in the fall. not one of these, thank god -- a kid's meal one involving a hockey rink.

but still -- dirty money.
Has anyone called BK?
I wrote a letter to BK, explaining what I found offensive about the ad, and that since they only serve food for men, I won't be eating there anymore (which is unfortunate, since there's one on the campus I work at--but, if I want a cheeseburger now, I'll go down the street to Wendy's).

I also wrote to Fox, and directly to the Simpson's, where I saw the ad, explaining my distress. I made sure to express that I suspected that the ads were meant to be humorous, but they missed the target by a mile.

My spouse thinks that part of this is a "metrosexual backlash"--this coupled with the car ad that has the tinkerbell-like character turning things "fairy", and unable to make that particular SUV "fairylike"--he thinks this is a "Queer Eye" backlash sort of thing.

I have a livejournal blog where I posted about this. The funny thing is, everyone I've told about this, has responded that they don't eat there anyway, since they don't like the food!
i haven't seen that BK ad, or any others (the blessings of not having T.V....), but it sounds like it would piss me off if i saw it.

has anyone seen the skittles ad with the dude with the super long beard that moves by itself?? that completely freaked me out! a beard that reaches across the table?? yikes!
I was disturbed when I saw this commercial, and I intend on writing to Burger King to express my concern.

I also intend on sending a photo of me biting into a double cheeseburger. I am woman, hear me roar!

i gotta say this is a little strange to me.
we're now fighting for our right to be equally targetted for marketing of crap-ass food that isn't good for us anyway? really? am i missing something? because this seems like an odd battle to pick. it's a lame commercial, but burger king is lame to begin with ya know? i'd rather have a commercial that's so lame it fails to seduce me into doing things i'd prefer not to do anyway for the sake of my own health. i dunno. i feel like i am overlooking something because to me, this is like campaigning dealers to make a more compelling case for heroin. one *I* can identify with. who needs it anyway?
I guess the idea is that if these companies are going to advertise to us regardless, we should at least point out that what we're seeing offends us. I've never eaten a Whopper in my life (really) but I'd still probably find that commercial offensive (I've never seen it). You could say that people should make their point with their wallets - just don't eat there - but I think that by the time the average person is just looking for food on her lunch break, she very likely isn't even going to remember that she doesn't like the what the company stands for. Yeah, there should be some kind of collective shift and we should all be more conscientious about the companies we support, but in the meantime, I think that if there's anything that can be done to limit how much of this crap gets on the airwaves, it doesn't hurt to do it, no?

Telling a BK executive, "Look, I'm just going to eat at your rival establishment from now on" is talking to him in language he can understand and appreciate. If he gets a whiff that you're the kind of person who doesn't really frequent fast food joints in general, he'll basically just write you off as someone who doesn't fit in to his target demographic anyway.
yes, but my point is more...ok so then they go back to the drawing board and make a really great commercial that convinces women to go eat lots of burger king...yay?

i mean, lucky us that they're targetting it poorly. i wish ads for diet drugs, SUVs, cigarettes and all the other crap that's bad for us anyway was just as shitty and missed the mark. how much easier would life be if bad things didn't sound so good and largely because of marketing?

my point is this: why go out of our way to help people advertising bad things badly come back with a hot campaign next time around? why genetically engineer a flu that infects everyone (but equally)? just be glad we're immune ya know?
i actually haven't seen the commercial, but i guess the problem is not exactly that it is marketing only to men, and, therefore, the hoped for solution is that the would have commercials that market for women. the problem is that the commercial spreads ridiculous gender stereotypes (of both men and women). and that has cultural effects beyond just convincing either gender to eat hamburgers. it's not that we want equal marketing, but that the marketing shouldn't play on gender stereotypes period.

I agree with you, though. i wish there were no commercials at all, but that probably isn't going to happen. perhaps we could somehow restrict commercials to simply listing a bunch of facts, and not use image and desire to sell things (that we usually don't need).

the commercial that's been getting on my nerves is for spray salad dressing. what a ridiculous product. and it's big message is that it's only one calorie per spray. ugh.
ah ok i guess that makes sense.
i still sort of enjoy the lameness of it.
like they don't know me as well as they think they do.
I don't normally watch video feed online, but this was interesting.. doesn't talk about Obnoxious Adds, just the more shocking ones like one we've talked about here.

obviously, we're not the only ones to notice.
(ironically, you have to sit thru a commerical 1st before it plays,lol)
The degree deodorant commercial irks me to no end. I want to kick my fiance for picking up Degree Deodorant for me when I told him to get me something new cause I was out.

I've seen the Burger King commercial way to many times. It's ridiculous but not that much different than a lot of commericals and ads out there that adore stereotyping folks. I like to believe that people are smart enough to see past all the fluff and realize it is offensive but I guess all people aren't going to see that. But for the most part, I figure BK isn't getting my money anyways so they aren't benefitting from me one way or another.
I hate those new ads for some financial shop that have realistic looking cartoon people talking. It's like, come on, REALLY? Your ad blows and it probably cost you more to make the people animated than just to hire some joe schmo!

On the flip site, I LOVE that New Balance ad with the joe schmo runners out on a track in the morning. Found a longer version on a running blog.

Those ads are for Chalrles Schwab. They did hire Joe Schmo. They just used Rotoscoping to animate him/her. It's like Linklater's Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly.
That's right, it was Schwab... Yeah, I turn the channel, something about them scares me.
i LOVE the charles schwab ads. i think it's fantastic that the software developed for the movie "waking life" is actually being used to make more stuff; i think it's inventive and far more interesting than just having some "joe schmo" talking about the same thing. and in defense of those of us in the art/media/design industry, i'm totally glad that the animators got that gig instead of just the actors who shot the scene the animation was based over.
Ok, I can get behind the technology people getting the $$ - maybe if the subject matter was more interesting I'd be more into it? Some lady putting on jewlrey and talking about IRAs doesn't get me to the edge of my seat. Maybe I'll check out one of the films you all mentioned - any links?

Anyone check the running clip? It seriously gets my butt of the couch (and it needs to be off the couch, summer's almost here)!
I dig 'em, too. The guy that did those ads is a MIT Media Lab vet. A lot of the old school animators decry Rotoscoping, but I think it can be used to great effect. Star Wars wouldn't have had light sabers if it weren't for Rotoscoping.
Really?!?! I know a bunch of MIT dorks from my days in Boston - the collective knowledge of that institution is frightening!
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