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Ha! That's so true, diva!
Other annoying songs:
1. Five, five dollar, five dollar footlongs
2. There ain't no bugs on me, no, there ain't no bugs on me!! There may be bugs on some of you lugs but there ain't no bugs on me!!
3. The Taco Bell drive-thru rap. I'd fucking spit in their food if I worked there.

The Ped-Egg ad grosses me out so much because it shows the user emptying a big load of dead skin from the egg. YUCK!!!!
I hate those wretched Wendy's commercials with the narrator and her cutesy, girly voice-"it's not fast food, it's Wendy's", Wendy's has never been anything but fast food, any way you put it. : P
The voice really bothers me, because if anyone around me actually sounded like that in real life, I'd have a really hard time not breaking their jaw so they couldn't speak.
Argh, that fucking oxi clean guy who is always yelling at me! He's now selling other stuff, some supposedly amazingly absorbent cloths and gunk that stops leaks. And you can be sure that he will yell loudly about how amazing these products are. Gah!
oh god, candy, i cannot abide the assy clean guy. i always end up yelling at him, "you don't have to yell asshole! have you heard of the amazing new product called a microphone?" i figure he's hard of hearing, otherwise i'm sure he would have tore out his own tounge to keep from hearing his own voice.

i think the wendy's girl and oxi clean should have a death brawl
lol, GT, that just made me think of Celebrity Death Match! It would be so great if they had that show but with all of the most annoying ad people.
The Pedigree commercials where they amplify the noise of the dogs eating whatever product it is. *shudder*

I can't stand that sound.
Poodle, your Subway commercial song gets stuck in my head for days at a time. I'll get home and start singing it out of nowhere.

I think the Oxy Clean guy is supposed to be building excitement, like he's on an informercial. Someone needs to tell him you don't have to do that on TV, that you can talk in your inside voice. His beard in particular really bothers me.

The thing that really bugs me about the Wendy's commercials are the animation of "Wendy" at the end. It just really creeps me out, seeing her move around and lick yellow goo off her fingers. She's not supposed to be animated!
I saw the Oxi-Clean Guy in an ad for some sort of energy-boosting drink the other day. "Yelling during all of my ads take a lot of energy!!!! So I drink XYZ Energy Boost!!!! Just one sip and I can keep yelling for hours!!!!"

I also hate hate HATE a new ad for Secret that's running now. This brunette chick is walking around, making up excuses to show off her armpits. She gives some stranger a high-five. She hails a taxi & then says she'd rather walk. She sees a cop car & throws her arms in the air, claiming "I'm innocent!" Innocent of what, pray tell? Certainly not innocent of idiotic assholery, I'll tell you what.

HelloTampon, I also watch Gilmore Girls on ABC Family, so I can tell you that MIDDLE MAAAAAAAAAAN!!! has started. I thought the chick was supposed to be the main character, so why is it called "Middle Man"? I could watch the show to find the answer to this riddle, but I can't be bothered.
I hate that Secret ad, too, rose!!!!!! I don't care if they're dry, odorless, and shaven--armpits are not to be paraded around like that. Blech!! Armpits are ugly on everybody.

Diva, you're right about the Oxi-Clean guy having an annoying beard. It looks too groomed and it's not long enough to be a "beard" or short enough to be a George Michael 5-o' clock shadow. Plus, he combs his hair back and sprays it or something, which looks strange.

See what I mean about the hair?
I remember a little while back seeing commercials for dog treats (Beggin Strips I guess?) with a really fake dog running around giving obnoxious commentary. The ad was filmed from the dog's point of view, but you could see part of his fake face. And then I remember seeing the SAME commercial for another dog product. Somebody either blatantly ripped off someone else's stupid idea, or they have a bad ad agency that recycles ideas too quickly.
Those Beggin' Strips ads are annoying period. Those things are probably made out of cow rectums.

I've just about had it with all the yogurt advertising geared toward women. If an archaeologist studying our culture came across these ads, they'd think that the women of our time dined exclusively on yogurt and men never came near the stuff. Same goes for Lean Cuisine.
Those stupid Covergirl commercials where Drew Barrymore (of all people) asks "Is your makeup showing?"

Why yes, Drew, your makeup is showing, your skin is orange!
yes, yes, yes, her skin is orange, and looks very weird, i just saw that damnable secret commercial and i wanted to trip her when her arms were up so she'd do a face plant, and oxy clean dood needs to be oxy kilt.
I saw a commercial on MTV last night (how predictable!) for Ecko clothing company....I think their website sums up the problem.

Wow, that is just disgusting, polly.

Am I the only one who, when upon reading "Hot Girls Make Great Clothes," immediately had visions of someone making a suit out of some girl's skin? Or am I just a sick person?

polly, that website is a great example of things that are wrong with our society *eyeroll* ugh. gross.

did anyone else read thier little "article" about "unattractive girl sues"? there was a line in there that just made me nauseous... oh hell, the whole thing made me nauseous. here, read it.

"It isn't fair! It isn't right!" she screamed.

Emotions were running high outside the Ecko Manufacturing factory yesterday as a disgruntled job-seeker vented her frustration at the company's hiring standards.

Janet Oner had previously applied for an entry-level position at Ecko Manufacturing.

The only problem, according to company officials, was that she looked like a farm animal.

"So what if people mistake me for a pot-bellied pig," snorted Ms. Oner. "I'm a damn good worker."

(Independent research confirmed that Oner does bear an uncanny resemblance to the domesticated breed.)

In response to her denial of employment, Oner filed a lawsuit claiming unreasonably high standards and discrimination against the morbidly unattractive.

While declining to comment on the pending case, company officials noted that manual ability is only one element of a successful Manufacturing employee.

"Everyone in our factory can do their job," explained the head of human resources. "But the difference is that our jeans are made with love by hot girls." /quote
wow... the entire site is completely absurd. Is it actually real or just a parody?

Hopefully no one from the site sees this thread because then there'll be a new "article" about ugly feminists who are just jealous of all those hot girls!
Hey, you mean ugly and hairy.

*goes back to braiding her armpit hair*

kitten! re: yogurt, this was posted already a few pages back in this thread, but it's so good it deserves another mention.

Yogurt: The Official Food Of Women
QUOTE(lilacwine13 @ Jul 19 2008, 12:09 AM) *
Wow, that is just disgusting, polly.

Am I the only one who, when upon reading "Hot Girls Make Great Clothes," immediately had visions of someone making a suit out of some girl's skin? Or am I just a sick person?

Funny ... when I saw the line "Hot Girls Make Great Clothes" I immediately thought, "Well, of course they're hot. They work in a poorly ventilated sweat shop like all the other people who make 99% of the clothes on this planet."
laugh.gif laugh.gif
rose you're the best...
The OFFICIAL Food of Women! Ha!!

Drew Barrymore looks AWFUL in that ad!! I'm so glad someone brought that up.
i love the at&t bill curtis "i've just discovered...the internet" commercials. they never hit you over the head. you get the joke or don't. i love being given credit for having a brain
has anyone seen the commercial about being carded for alcohol? It says something stupid like, "You might not get attacked by crazy rabbits, but you will get carded if you look underage." blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

I don't get it. It was stupid.

That is all
During the previews to The Dark Knight, they played this ad for JC Penney department stores. I'm pretty sure it caused a part of my childhood to die.

ETA: Crap, that doesn't show the whole thing. The commercial was an updated version of The Breakfast Club- new kids, today's clothes (including a retro-tee Nirvana shirt that made me throw up a little in my mouth), dancing just like they did in the movie to the cover of the song, recreating other scenes. LeBoy and I just sat there, slack-jawed, in abject horror.

Also, has anyone seen the commercial for the sequel to that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie? I can't find a link to the 30 second TV commercial, only the 2:30 trailer that shows in theaters and it doesn't include this scene where the mother of one of the girls is having a baby and the girl is talking to one of the other girls, in a panicked voice, something like, "My mom is having a baby naturally, without drugs!" and then they show her yelling (screaming!) at her mom, in the throes of labor, "Are you crazy?!?!" I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but how fucking offensive and ridiculous is that? What a great message to send to the next generation! And what fucking business of hers is it how her mom chooses to have a baby?!?!? I was considering seeing it, but not so much now.
Auugghh! I know, that dumb-fuck Breakfast Club spoof! Not that the movie was bad, but I just wish the 80's as a fad would go away!
has anyone else seen the new add for BK, advertising their 'apple fries' in their kid meals yet?

the king of creep comes home to find his (wife? she's not a thing like him, and is in fact, on the sort of Milf side so..) trying unsuccessfully to get their (daughter?) to eat an apple, even after offering to cut it up a number of ways, still to no avail;
king creep comes in w/ a packet of french fry looking slices of apples and the girl immediately takes one & goes running happily off.
then said mom says something like ' now if you could only get your Son to.. ' enter (even scarier looking) creepy Mini king, who runs up to king creep- kicks the hell out of his shin, causing king creep to bend down- creep prince grabs the whole thing of apples- runs off, while king creep is still writhing in pain, end scene.

I gotta say.. I HATE burger king, but that commericial makes me damn near laugh my ass off every time I see it- it literally Doesn't Get Old.

would it entice me to eat there again? No, but I do muchly appreciate that their ad team gets how creepy/stupid/whatever, their original concept was and are now making fun of it.
heh... me too freckle. i lurve the new bk commercials. i get why he's creepy, but i can't get enough.

but humanist, i agree, i loathe those new jcp commercials. they make me ill. they are so cheesy.
I don't really like them... but I don't like fast food. Or children. Apples only taste good if they come from Burger King? Eww.

But the worst fast food commercial is still for Wendy's. Oh wait, apparently they're NOT fast food anymore.
Yeah, I hate the "warm chicken" ad. There's something about that ultra cheery voice saying the word "warm" that bugs the shit outta me.
snow white
that secret commercial has got to die, i am so sick of watching some deoderant 'be in our next commercial' contest winner parade her arm pits around the city being a complete pain in the ass. someone should slap u lady
um... i'm semi ashamed to admit it, but i love the new swiffer, "baby come back" ads. *shrugs* i can't help it. i'm a sucker for player. i have that record on lp, and i remember when that was the summer theme, just coming home from the pool, and it was soooo sunny....

god i'm a dork...

QUOTE(snow white @ Jul 28 2008, 08:44 AM) *
that secret commercial has got to die, i am so sick of watching some deoderant 'be in our next commercial' contest winner parade her arm pits around the city being a complete pain in the ass. someone should slap u lady

GOD! I am so with you. I hate this woman. And I am so sick about this new focus being the appearance of our underarms. What's next? Earlobes? The inner right side of the back of my knee?
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jul 29 2008, 01:16 PM) *
GOD! I am so with you. I hate this woman. And I am so sick about this new focus being the appearance of our underarms. What's next? Earlobes? The inner right side of the back of my knee?

Commercials like this remind me why I've gotten into the habit of muting the commercials....or, more annoying to the people around me, flipping channels rapidly until the show comes back on. I have remote control ADD (ugh, no smiley to post!)
It's like a Dali painting with corporate sponsorship.

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

i love the neil patrick harris old spice commercials. i've liked a lot of their commercials, but i just love nph, since harold and kumar, but even more so since he came out. he's just awesome.
BK ads continue to annoy with their constant pandering to the lowest common denominator in the male human...same can be said for MANY, MANY restaurant commercials...(there is one with a triangle-formation of 12 year old-looking cheerleaders and the one on top is eating a sundae with a cherry on top, can't believe I can't think of who it is just now)...

The newest PIT-butt for me is Diane Keaton bleached blonde with her hands in the air going "We're not CRAZY!'re WORTH it." Kchyeah, as though women who don't "make up" don't value themselves as "worthy". (Of what? applying a bunch of clown shit, LOL?) And, actually, much of the time, the opposite holds true anyway...the gals who wear the MOST makeup, most of the time, are actually the ones who tend to value themselves the least, I believe, I could be wrong, but that's what it seems like to me? Or at least they seem to second guess their likeability/loveability/worthiness without the fash/makeup/hair, and girls, I'm talking about BARBIE here, NOT BUSTIE...primping CAN bit fun... for everyone, guys and dolls alike, but we're talking about something else entirely.

Target commercials continue to both dazzle and annoy me. I keep hearing how, right in the middle of this wonderful recession, Target Corp.'s profits continue to skyrocket. (I guess it must be those commercials...hmm?) I do like how Target commercials seem to celebrate gay culture. Of course, you never know whether that's really the case that much in their policies or whatever, you can't really tell that from a commercial...also, I have heard they contribute to antichoice organizations in some capacity, which ain't real good, but at any rate, I was merely commenting on their commercials and skyrocketing profits. (I would take the time to find out more about them, but I hardly ever shop at all [anyplace], so I haven't).

Target actually is a pretty gay-friendly company, at least around where I live, where there headquartered. They're one of the biggest donors to our GLBT Pride festival, have probably the best booth there, and their building flies the rainbow during Pride weekend.

ETA: Crap, that doesn't show the whole thing. The commercial was an updated version of The Breakfast Club- new kids, today's clothes (including a retro-tee Nirvana shirt that made me throw up a little in my mouth), dancing just like they did in the movie to the cover of the song, recreating other scenes. LeBoy and I just sat there, slack-jawed, in abject horror.

- when the boy and I saw that ad, we were struck with the fact that the age group the ad is targeting- will not get the reference!
I hate the new Coke Zero ads too, the disembodied tongues and eyeball are pretty disgusting.

I also wish NutriSystem would go away, their ads are annoying. I hate seeing that blond they have shilling for them exclaiming how she's so different because she likes football and pizza, as well as their other ad featuring a shirtless Larry the Cable Guy. Yes, it's for a diet product and those ads piss me off in the first place, but for some reason, they run the Nutrisystem ads a lot here, so that adds to the annoyance factor.
oh god crino, i can't watch that commercial. it's toppled the goddamn "free credit" and the oxyclean guy, as my least favorite squirm inducing commerical.
That woman is Jillian Barberi, Lilac. She was on some heinous morning show. I want to put her, Oxlyclean guy, & the ShamWOW guy in a rocket & send them to the moon.

And is from the devil. I hope the guy in those commercials never works again. In fact, I hope he's a server in a shitty seafood place for the rest of his life.
*takes off her cowgirl hat and throws it on the ground, then stomps on it!*
carn-sarn it! aural! yuh made me commence tuh pee muh pants a-laughin' again!

and i agree, jillian barberi is annoying-as-fuck.
I saw the jcp commerical w/ the Breakfast Club tonight and it did indeed make me want to *claw my own eyes out* - to the point where I nearly suspect sublinal messaging in in it somehow? except those of us from the '80's generation of the original movie are now the parents (i-e wallets) of the targeted demographic and they obviously got it wildly reversed that this would inspire some sort of sentimental nostalgia that would translate into dollar signs. ' penny's really Gets it- they have cool retro music I can relate to.'
uhhhhh NO.
some things can't and shouldn't be duplicated for cheap and tawdry sales; I wonder what molly ringwald thinks of this?

frecklette & I are both soooo sick of the activiAAAAAA yogurt comericals w/ the 2 women at the pool & one wants to go swimming but the other 'has a touch of irregularity' and wtf?
can anyone say T M I considering it's for YOGURT and not say.. a laxative? ( which I disagree w/ being advertised on the air anyway, bc I really don't want to be encouraed to imagine folks doin' their business in the first place, but that's just me)
and then perkysmart jamie lee curtis is so smug on there.. she can take her digestive-track-aid yocrap and stick it.
I do not understand why that woman says she can't go swimming because she's "irregular". Honey, if I'm too "irregular" to swim, then I'm not feeling well enough to wear a frickin' bathing suit, either. Nor would I be feeling up to sitting out in the baking sun. But maybe I'm weird or something.

I wonder how many angry Gen X-ers out there are refusing to shop at JC Penney because of that stupid ad.
What annoys me most about the Jillian Barberi ad is the horrible brown sack that she wears to show how "fat" she was. Sorry, but if she actually was 10 pounds heavier than she is in the "thin" clothes I'll eat my cat. And who wouldn't look bad in that dress and birkenstocks. Such bullshit.
Argh, I hate the guy. I want to break his guitar over his head.

If you need any help getting these people to the moon, aural, I'll be happy to lend a hand.

And if you're weird, rose, then so am I. Lounging by the pool with bowel problems doesn't sound like a good idea.

thanks, mouse-that's what I've been trying to say : )
snow white
the pantene pro-v shampoo and conditioner commercials with that "every day woman" who just so happens to have model good looks telling me how easy, with alittle knowlege and effort (& of course their products *lots of their products*), big beautiful hair can be... but it's her nails on a chalk board voice that gets me. gwad, couldn't they have picked a better voice for a commercial girl???? so common (in Bubble voice).
do you mean that manoulous girl w/ the brown hair snowwhite?
she irritates me too, esp when she says' finish it off w/ a little spray' and then makes the "shhhhhsshshshshshshshshshshs" sound like all over her head like she's circling for a landing on mars (I'm anti aerosol hairspray though, so maybe you Do need that much?).

the mytimetoquit stop smoking commercial w/ the older blond lady named 'katie' who goes on & on about 'I don't Just Smoke, I have an ADDICTION.' and the whole time it's close up on her face & shot in grey tones; but, there are No Smoking Lines around her mouth. I've known girls who smoked when we were just teenagers & They had those lines, even if they were just tiny. but you still want me to believe this woman has smoked For Ever? how hard is it to find a real smoker to do an add? :/

one last comment on the irrigularity problem at poolside: if I'm feeling like I might need to make a Mad =Dash= to the bathroom at any moment, a bathing suit is going to be the very LAST piece of clothing I'm going to think to put on. (unless it's a 2 piece? don't think it is tho)
in fact, I would want super loose, non-binding clothing at that.
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