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QUOTE(Lilith @ Dec 21 2007, 04:08 PM) *
You know what's been annoying me lately?

The JC Penney commercial with the little boy who keeps opening "girl gifts" and then writes a letter to Santa "Kelly is a boy's name too".

It bugs me because those "girl gifts" aren't even that girly. There's a baby doll and the rest is just regular stuff that's pink (pink lunch box, pink guitar, etc - it's quick so hard to see it all). They could've made the same point by getting him like dresses or something, because even though it's still sexist... at least that's undeniably female. But why shouldn't boys get baby dolls? Or like pink?

I guess you could say that Santa was the one being sexist because he 1) assumed that "Kelly" must be a girl and 2) that being a girl, Kelly would want nothing but pink pink pink and stereotypical 'girl gifts' like baby dolls. Or the opposite, that Santa knows Kelly's a boy and is just trying to help him become more open-minded about his gender identity wink.gif
QUOTE(pepper @ Dec 21 2007, 09:25 PM) *
has anyone else bitched about the brittany perfume ads yet? OMG

the beautiful girl, the handsome hunter

and then he couldn't resist and he "did something crazy" and they lived happily ever after?

girl, dream on. all the crazy acts in the world ain't gonna get you that for christmas.


It's creepy! I don't care how hot a guy is, if he finds me in the forest, shoots me in the back with an arrow and then "does something crazy" I want his ass in jail.
oh, even better. it was something "kinda" crazy (i think the crazy thing Was shooting her in the back. because he couldn't think of a better way to get her attention. duh. so stupid). annoying is way too bland to describe how that tripe makes me feel. gak!
isn't that brittany ad OLD tho? so to me when I see it (no britt fan that I am), I think ' this is what she had SO hoped for, and now look at you.'
it's sad. sad and disgusting and I find it so pathetic that they have to run these ads bc they must have a shitload of her stuff sitting in a warehouse somewhere taking up space.

has anyone seen that broomvac add yet?
it's not new, but I keep forgetting about it till it plays yet again.
it's some people having a party at a loft-like place w/ beautiful hardwood floors, and I think one of them 'accidentally on purpose' spills something and next thing you know, they ALL whip out their multicolored broomvacs and go into this ridiculous choreographed dance routine w/ them and when it's over are all high fiving and walking like these lithe, smug broadway dancers.

hellotampon- you cracked me up! 'some guy hits me in the back w/ an arrow and 'does something crazy' I want his ass in jail!' biggrin.gif
snow white
the britney ad definatly gives me the creeps. plus, look what that something "crazy" got britney.

that kelly kid got some sweet gifts, even a hello kitty something or other. maybe i should change my name to kelly, b/c unlike that stinky-butt little boy i do like pink.

the VW commercials r getting on my last nerve, i'm sick of looking at that baby-faced guy telling me it's the "sign THEN drive" sales event. uhhhhh, duh.

freckleface, all these vacum commercials are reminding me of the '70s when ppl used to actually get excited about things like light-weight cleaners and new-fangled microwaves. esspecially the new "designer" cleaners that look like lava lamps. like, groovy man.
I think those "Life takes Visa" ads are the worst. When everyone in the store pays with Visa until one guy pays them with cash and apparently causes the whole operation to come to a halt? because apparently it's not convenient or fast enough like Visa is. People are even getting little paycards tagged with RFID so when they go through the tolls or McDonalds their payment will be superfast - cause lord knows stopping to count paper money would seriously slow down our consumption rate. I heard people in japan are starting to pay for things with their cell phones

F%*k that i'll pay cash and theyll like it that way
Yeah those Visa ads bug me too... because since when is paying cash inconvenient? Most companies would prefer you pay with cash -- because it doesn't cost them a fee per transaction.
Yeah, I also hate how they give the person "the look" (y'know, the one that says, "what the fuck, are you an idiot or something?") and then the person paying makes an "oh yeahhh" face and takes out the visa card.

What gets me is that I like the choreography and stuff in the ads, I just hate the actual message. In my work experience, cash is always easiest. No mistakes or error messages to worry about.
I hate the ad for the "journey diamond necklace" where the guy is singing:

"I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you, I think that I have fallen quite hard over you."

Not only are the lyrics rather smarmy but in love or not in love? Make up your mind you whiney, idecisive prick!

Yeah Visa the magic cure for everything!
seriously! cash is in, change and receipt is out. cards you gotta wait for them to sign or put in their pin, print out two receipts, make sure you give them the right copy, sometimes ask for ID, if it doesn't go through you gotta swipe it again....fuck.

though i have to say, as false as it is in real life, it's a pretty clever ad concept.
OMG, mouse, I just realized that's you in your avatar. So. Creepy. Whose head are you borrowing there?
bahahhahah. i changed it cos it was too recognizeable (cos like, i totally wear that every day) but it was from a digital photobooth. i'm apparently part of a barbershop quartet....
Has anyone seen the Always commercial about the women in Africa? They have a new tagline for the commercial because when you buy their product they donate money - the tagline is "Use your period for good"

WTF?!? Like I was using it for evil, nefarious purposes before?!?!!
"Like I was using it for evil, nefarious purposes before?!?!!" Hahahaha!! I don't know about you, but I've been using menstruation as a means to assert world domination for some time now!!

I really hate the jello ad with the ultra-skinny girls in red and white. The main girl in the ad NEEDS real sugar so bad!! What the hell is that scrawn doing worrying about her stick figure?

The Alli diet-pill chatroom ads irritate me, too, because the people look totally normal and healthy. Plus, they're all women (big surprise) and they throw in one guy just to seem PC. It almost pisses me off MORE that they throw the guy in there, because they're clearly trying to target women throughout the ad. Who can blame them, though? If women continue to buy this shit, then the targeted ads aren't going to stop!! It's a downward spiral. The part of the ad that bugs me the most is when the woman says, "I had chicken fajitas for dinner." That's because of my own veg-head neurosis, though. I don't like the thought of poor chickens suffering in battery cages so that some woman on Alli can lose weight. Maybe if she said "I ate organic, free-range chicken fajitas for dinner," then I wouldn't get so crabby about it.
BAHAHAHAH evil nefarious menses!!

i HATE that commercial for the kids nutrigrain bars where they're like "contains a WHOLE SERVING of fruit!"

WHY NOT JUST FUCKING GIVE YOUR KIDS *SOME ACTUAL FRUIT*? instead of something that comes in a plastic wrapper pretending to be fruit?

i mean REALLY????? hey guess what, real fruit is cheaper too!
I hate stuff like that too, mouse! "This contains a serving of fruit!" Wow! You know what else contains fruit too? Actual fruit!

There are two ads that are driving me insane. First is one for green tea where some stupid bike messenger is struggling to get through the door of a building and yelling for a woman in an elevator to hold the door and she's like "Ooops! Sorry!" while pushing the "close door" button. The guy is stupid because why would anyone expect another person to hold the elevator when they are barely in the lobby and the woman is bitchy for pretending that she's trying to hold the door but instead pressing the other button. Gah! And they show it a kajillion times a day!

The other ad is one that I just started seeing today where people on a bus are chewing gum and it turns into a fucking dance party. But what gets me is that they are chewing gum with their mouths wide open! Ugh! I don't want to see that!
Is anyone else sick of being assaulted with the nutrisystem commercial with Tori Spelling? As if one Tori isn't bad enough, they have two of her in the ad. She also talks about being "red carpet ready." What reason would she even have to be on the red carpet?
i had half an ear to the television during a requip commercial (restless leg syndrome medicine) and heard something about "gambling urges" in the disclaimers...of course i had to look it up, and found this:

"Some patients taking ropinirole have shown urges to behave in a way unusual for them. Examples of this are an unusual urge to gamble or increased sexual urges and/or behaviors. If you or your family notices that you are developing any unusual behaviors, talk to your doctor.

Hallucinations (unreal sounds, visions, or sensations) have been reported in patients taking Requip. These were uncommon in patients taking Requip for RLS. The risk is greater in patients with Parkinson’s disease who are elderly, taking Requip with L-dopa, or taking higher doses of Requip than recommended for RLS."

okay! so your restless leg syndrome is gone, but you've gambled away all your money and can't stop trying to hump the shimmery talking rabbit that you keep seeing when your living room curtains move in the wind. AWESOME.
restless leg syndrome seems like a completely made-up condition in the first place.
"can't stop trying to hump the shimmery talking rabbit" HAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

I believe it exists--I just don't like how it's called a "syndrome."

Has anyone seen the Wal-Mart ad about how they've "gone green?" That ad infuriates me. Wal-Mart has offset it's detrimental impact on the environment by .000000001%. Good for them.
*snickers at the shimmery rabbits and evil periods*

I think the Nutri-grain ads are aimed at parents who don't take the time to try to get their kids to eat right, to get people off their backs. "Yes, they eat junk, but...this contains fruit! It's good for them!" Yes, it does contain fruit, but I'm sure it contains twice as much sugar and corn syrup.

The free credit report commercials need to get off my TV now. I especially hate the one where he's complaining about how he can't afford a SUV and therefore no girl wants him. Dude, the car has very little about why you can't get laid.

I have restless leg syndrome and I assure you, it's not made up. Mine (so far) is not so severe that I need medication- I get this feeling in my legs a couple times a week like they're made of rubber bands that are being stretched to their limit and the only way I can release the tension is move my legs.

I have a friend who has it to the point where she is on medication. It started after she had kids and it would keep her up at night, every night (more than the kids were). I don't remember which one she's on, but I'm pretty sure the only side effect she's had is that it makes her tired after she takes it.
Damn, that sucks, polly. Your friend's case sounds like it would be totally miserable. I wonder what else is out there to treat it, besides Requip. Ah well, if she's not humping shimmery talking rabbits, then I suppose it's a good solution!!

It seems that 90% of advertising aimed at men somehow comes back to the "getting laid" factor. The remaining 10% plays on men's fear of being "sissies." And it works!! I suppose I'm stating the obvious here, but it never ceases to amaze me.
When I first heard about RLS, I thought it was imaginary. But the more I learned about it I realized it can get really serious. It seems like tennitus (sp?). A little bit once in a while, can be dealt with but chronic and severe can make you crazy. I know that in rare cases, some people are driven to suicidal tendancies b/c it is so upsetting.

The Free Credit Report commercial where the guy is bitching about his wife's bad credit almost lead me to break upw/my boyfriend in a panic attack. My credit isn't great. I hate that ad!
The Tic Tac commercials where a woman plays stupid mouth tricks with them, like balancing them on her tongue or annoyingly flicking them at a wall are pretty asinine.

And then there's some commercial- I'm not sure if it's local or not- for some ambulance chasers where they cop this total attitude. They say stuff like, "when the weather is bad, car accidents happen. It's not YOUR fault that the other person was IRRESPONSIBLE enough to be out driving in such weather. If you get in an accident, it's the other person's FAULT and YOU DESERVE to sue them."

Then there's some ad for people who won settlements or something, and it's got a bunch of people screaming, "I want my money NOW!!!" "It's MY money and I want it NOW!!!!!"
Wow, that's a bad commercial, hellot! I think one of us Chicagoans (maybe me) posted the Victory Auto Wreckers commercial, a classic local commercial? Equally bad, yet amusing.

I found out from my friend with the serious RLS that if she doesn't take her medication soon enough after an episode has started that it's gotten to the point where it starts acting up in her arms! How awful.
I don't like drug commercials. They always have fine print at the bottom of the screen that you can't read. Or someone saying all the side effects of the drug really fast. So you end up taking more drugs to combat the side effects.

snow white
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Jan 28 2008, 09:03 AM) *
"I want my money NOW!!!" "It's MY money and I want it NOW!!!!!"

the american way...

anyway, those anti-smoking truth commercials are driving me insane! especially this latest one where it goes all disney with cartoon animals singing about the "magical amount". jesus christ i get it! now shut up!
There's a Febreze commercial (or maybe it's for some other nasty spray, who knows), where the woman sprays it in the air and then immediately leans forward and breathes it in. When I see this I can practically feel the chemical droplets in my throat and lungs. It almost gives me an asthma attack just thinking about it.
See, I just love Febreeze and that is kind of what I do when I spray it. Just suck in the chemicals! laugh.gif
there is a hilarious drug ad for acid reflux, i don't know how they spell it but it sounds like "ass effects." i nearly did a spit take when they suggested i "ask your doctor if ass effects is right for you."

i also love the zoo york sneaker ad-- it's a parody of the 'head on' ads, but with a shoe applied 'directly to the forehead.'
There was a chili ad on the radio here lately that drove me absolutely nuts, I would change the channel when it came on.

It had a guy with a truly annoying voice yelling about chili, it would go on for a while and then go, "It's a great chili! It's an awesome chili! CHILI! CHILI! CHILI! CHILI! CHILI!" And then the announcer would say something like, "why don't you just say it's good chili?" in a calm voice.

The problem is, I don't want to be yelled at at 7:00 in the morning on the way to work. Gah.
Can I also say, this ad was on *years* ago and I think my problem was more with the product than the ad, but it was pads for plus size women and this woman would say in this sickly sweet voice "we're not all a size six".

So now I'm supposed to feel bad for being plus sized when I buy pads! What's even the logic behind that? My vagina isn't any bigger, I don't have a bigger uterus, I don't bleed more... wtf?
I can't stand to watch chocolate ads lately where it's always some woman alone slowly eating freaking chocolate pudding or something. I hate the stereotype of single woman filling the void with chocolate. I was eating dove chocolate this morning and each wrapper had saccaharine little messages like "be your own valentine" or "go on a road trip with your girlfriends". Now I just feel guilty.
QUOTE(LilPinkElectricChair @ Feb 24 2008, 10:20 AM) *
Now I just feel guilty.

You feel guilty? Those little wrapper sayings actually perk me up. Now I feel a little silly. rolleyes.gif
I remember those! It's fun to see what they say, even though it's usually stupid ("You look good in red"). I feel they are all directed at some 50-year-old woman.
They are pretty funny but when I'm in a bad mood i feel like they're encouraging me too be a more outgoing and nice person. God forbid.
Just saw the aciphex "ass effects" commercial. Somebody didn't think that one through. Other stomach problems may occur...
Wendy's "It's not fast food" commercials. Um, yes it is, and you're about 20 years too late in trying to convince people that it's not.
The ad bugging me right now is for Tropicana with all the kids trying to get orange juice out of a fresh orange. I just want someone to come in, peel the orange and forget this it must be juice to consume nonsense. Not that I have anything against orange juice in general.
snow white
QUOTE(amazonprincess @ Feb 27 2008, 07:18 PM) *
Just saw the aciphex "ass effects" commercial. Somebody didn't think that one through. Other stomach problems may occur...

omg ive seen that. i was wondering what the hell going on in that commercial... they must have been underpaying someone at the ad agency.
i think that it was someone who was going into retirement/quitting left that little "ass effects" stink bomb as a parting gift for a company they did not like.

i loved it.

rock on, copy writer, rock on!

*starts a "slow clap" like in all of those cheesy teen movies
AH! Advertising in general is so gd annoying. I hate hate hate being bombarded with nonsense. I hate even more that I have a hard time supplementing with more worthwhile subject matter. I need a fucking hobby.
I hope that's what happened, girltrouble.
snow white
i'm getting really sick of that guy-trapped-in-a-car-with-sleeping-badgers commercial (and then his cell phone goes off and the fake badgers eat his brains out or whetever). ok, seinfield voice-over guy, i know it's you, you can stop now.
Does anyone else completely despise the Dunkin Donuts commercials where people are complaining about other coffee shops that use French or Italian words (esp the one where a bunch of glazed-out zombies stand there singing "my mouth can't form these words")?

I don't really ever drink coffee and there are no Starbucks around here (there's about 3 DD in every town though and people seem to be totally obsessed), so maybe the first few times ordering a "venti frappuccino" or something feels pretentious and intimidating, but come on. Would it KILL most people to learn a few words that aren't -GASP- English???! It's so like the stereotypical Ugly American. Pisses me off.
Hmm. I haven't seen the ads, and I do speak Italian, but I still feel 'venti' and 'grande' are so pretentious, that I can't use them. Even after a decade.
I can't use either word after years of going to coffee shops that just used "medium" or "large." I'm just used to it.

I think I live in the polar opposite area of hellotampon's. There are Starbucks all over the place, but very few Dunkin Donuts in the entire metro area. I still have to see their annoying commercials, unfortunately.

And considering how pissed off people get around here for hearing Spanish being spoken, I think they would die if they had to use any language that isn't English.
snow white
i just ask for a small, medium, or large. b/c i feel like a pretentious dick asking for a "venti chilled mocha frappinolie with low-fat cream". come on. i want a medium coffee! maybe a cappichino if i'm feeling fancy.

but i generally try to avoid Dukin' Donuts at all costs b/c i was tramatized as a child by the publicity over the guy peeing in the coffee machines. ewwwww.
i hate starbucks due to its heavy commercialism, but i've never experienced any feeling of pretense when ordering my drink. i'm a weirdo with a bunch of food particularities so specialty orders arent unfamilar to me. "venti caramel macchiato, four shots, with non fat milk please." ...i just figure when in rome... and then i tip. wink.gif
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