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I love the new Orbit commercial w/the wife catching her husband cheating.

"Who are you calling a Cootie Queen?!"
Worst. Children. Ever. They could use a dose of good old fashioned Sally Jesse bootcamp.

lol! i miss sally j!
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ May 20 2007, 07:24 PM) *
I hate that new Twix commercial. With the two guy reading that skeezy book on how to pick up chicks. And the hot girl from the one guy's past walks up, and he fools her by acting like he is disgusted by the book his buddy is reading....then she asks him to go have coffee with her.

It plays on the whole lie to women, and just say what want to hear attitude, that I loathe.

That commercial bugs me too. Mostly because I don't get why that woman is so offended in the first place. So it's a dumb book, who cares?
I like that Geeksquad commercial with the lisping mandroid.
And I really, really hate to admit it, but I laugh every time I see the axe commercial where the black girl is pushing her wheelchair-bound grandmother around the produce section, and she catches a whiff of the produce guy and does that stupid bow-chicka-wow-wow thing. The little dance she does is so comical.
I just wanted to mention a commercial I saw that is hilarious because it is so true. I tried to find it online but I can't sad.gif

Anyway, a woman comes out to her front porch to pick up the mail and she looks around only to notice tons of old fat men without their shirts on. One is an older gray man mowing his lawn shirtless. Then there are some male joggers, a guy in a convertible with the top down and no shirt on and finally (my favourite) some guy washing his car and as he moves the hose his man boobs jiggle.

She shudders and then picks up her mail to find the President's Choice Insider's Report and the voiceover guy calls it the "other sign of summer".
I love that one too candycane - I guess it is just for Canadians.

There is a funny one i saw last night too for a Ford Mustang. It has a shot of the mustang sitting on the street then all of a sudden this kind-of pudgy guy in a business suit comes running into the shot and tries to jump into the drivers side window. He clotheslines himself on the door with one leg in and one leg out kind of with his crotch near the mirror. It's so unexpected and then he's just kind of there in pain.

I think the line that followed was, "now there's an easier way to get into a mustang"
Have y'all seen the Genworth Financial commercial with the 100 year old woman talking about how she met her husband? So adorable! I smile every time I see it.
Not so much annoying as it is genuinely frightening: a Mitt Romney campaign ad:
Amber80 I despise that YAZ commercial! Good call on that one!
The acting in that commercial makes me want to gag.
What is this YAZ?
It's a birth control pill. The commercial shows a bunch of women at a dance club, and one of them launches into a disclaimer about the pill as if it's a normal part of everyday conversation.
For me, the ZAY commercial kind of makes me laugh in a good way b/c for the past year I have had far too many VERY public discussions about my healthand yeast infections and all kinds of supposedly private stuff. A few months ago I ran into a fellow Bustie at Target and we just chatted in the center isle about yeast infections for about 20 minutes. rolleyes.gif
yaz yes. it is so ridiculous. especially because she goes into such great detail about it all serious and stuff.

not sure if anyone else has got jimmy john's by them... but the jimmy john's commercials. i get the point, they are still annoying.
There is a bizzare ad on the radio here. The point of the ad, I think, is that if you change your banking accounts to TD bank you can get an ipod. The problem is they sing the whole thing and it doesn't rhyme and it is all about the specs for the ipod and changing your chequing account and checking with your local branch. I just wonder who decided it should be done as a jingle? It makes it very hard to hear.

I also picture some poor jingle guy being given this big page of very specific information he has to put into the add so basically he just puts it to a tune and sings it right as it was written.
that goddamn commercial for the NBC nightly news with brian williams where it's like "it's enough to make someone angry and spiritual all over again.... " (cue shots of 9/11) and " what about the damage to your presidency?" (GWB picture).

you self-righteous ASS fuck. you're a news anchor. you are, essentially, a TALKING HEAD. get back to me when you've cured cancer.
Ok. What about that Kia commercial where they are playing "Musical Cars" Dangerous anyone? Come to think about it Kia had that annoying "So Long Fairwell" Commercial that they showed every two minutes over the holidays. Ugh.
The YAZ ad annoys me too. So do the countless condecending diet ads that are on 24/7. Sure lets plant shit into our kids heads early. Whenever one of those ads comes on I turn.
Oh. There is an ad too where some obnoxious guy comes up to some unsuspecting person and dumps shit all over the front of their shirt. Its for some stainlifter but the name escapes me probably because I blocked from my memory.
I agree that the Yaz commercials are really annoying. So are the ones. That Jingle"h-o-t-w-i-r-e, hotwire dot com!" It gets stuck in my head.
I hate ads that use babies or kids to sell thier product. There is annoying ad for a jewelry store that comes on around mothers day every year, that makes me change the channel everytime I see it. These kids have a garage band and sing a little diddy about how great thier mom is all off key and screechy...and feel like gagging.

moon, the musical cars one, seems kind of fun. Dangerous and I'm too much of a chicken to actually try that but it looks sort of fun.
The thing that bugs me about the musical cars commercial is this: in musical chairs, you can take the chairs away. What's the point of musical cars, because you obviously can't take away the parking spots!
Definately not an annoying ad, and actually a very important ad, but I'm crying my eyes out because I just saw an ASPCA ad with Sarah McLachlan. It's heartbreaking! sad.gif
HeadOn - apply directly to the forehead. apply directly to the forehead. apply directly to the forehead.

Ugh. It's enough to make me turn off my tv all together (which helps my headache)
This ad made me snicker.

Pigs Evolve.

May not be work safe.
wasnt there some controversy about networks pulling that ad? i dont understand the connection between the pig turning into a guy just from getting a condom....i feel like it would make more sense if they used chimps or something...then i might be like "oh, ha evolve, i get it"
i think it's supposed to be from that "men are pigs" stereotypes. thus, men who use condoms=not pigs.

there is this car commercial i just saw that i was pleasantly surprised by. this guy is driving super fast around a mountainous road with a hot girl in the passenger seat eyeing him all sexily. and i just groaned like, oh, nice, another commercial where the guy is driving and the girl thinks its hot. can't we just have one commercial where the girl is driving? then the dude pulls over in a cloud of dust and the girl gets on top of him and they're about to make out and i'm all no fucking way, they're not going that far are they...and then instead of making out with him, she climbs over him and gets into the driver seat herself and roars off back onto the road.

it's still kind of annoying but it was a nice twist, i guess. the popular media is taking baby steps towards feminism, i can't complain.
I saw an ad in a magazine that bugged me. It's a silhouette of a woman made of beer. It's kind of like taking the whole 'sexy women selling beer' to the logical extreme. Literally woman as object. Is she woman or beer? Drink the sexy beer woman!

I also saw a Cover Girl ad that I really liked, mostly because you could see big pores on the woman's cheek and a little bit of hair on her forearm. She just seemed a little bit more real. I must have stared at that picture for a full minute.
Hey Busties, I need some help. a friend sent me an link for a new Durex commercial that we both find pretty offensive. Click here. But know it seems that it was orgionally an ad for a Burger King commercial. Has anyone ever seen this before? I think in both cases the ad is tasteless and it really sexualizing pain, especially the pain of a woman. However, it just seems worse if it really is for a condom.
I am going to follow up with myself. The more I thought about it, I think that the fast food ad is worse because fast food is targeted at children. Pornography, which has been showing an increasing trend towards women being hurt by the sex acts performed (and I don't mean in an S&M way.) So here you have a fast food ad, from a company who has spent a lot of time lately promoting itself as the food of "real men," showing the image of an unsmiling woman who has had something in her mouth that is so big that it caused her physical ingury.

But I stil don't know if either ad was ever real or when they were put out there. Help please! Thanks.
Ugh. Both are disgusting.

That's a pretty long condom commercial!! Usually condom ads don't get more than 20 seconds.

The newest commercial for Wal-Mart graphic tees drives me bonkers. It has a tween-girl saying "I like AC/DC." She might as well say, "I heard 'You Shook Me All Night Long' once, so I'm cool enough to wear this shirt." Seriously, I love AC/DC for real, and I'm so friggin' sick of seeing these AC/DC shirts all over the place. I'm sure that 90% of the tweens/young adults wearing them couldn't tell ya more than a couple songs by AC/DC. Why AC/DC? The logo is cool looking, I guess.
I know, poodle, these stupid kids get these shirts at Hot Topic (or worse, Wal-Mart- gag!) and have no clue. I saw this girl, little uber-suburban blonde/blue-eyed thing, couldn't have been more than 11 or 12 and she was wearing a pink, rhinestoned Ramones t-shirt. WTF? I'm sure she had no clue who they even were and neither did her soccer-mom mother who probably bought it for her.

LeBoy works in a high school, and his least favorite part of his job is the only part that requires interaction with the kids, taking ID pictures. This girl comes in wearing a t-shirt with a Thundercats logo. Naive LeBoy says, "Thundercats! Cool shirt!" She looks at him with her teenager sneer, "huh? I'm pretty sure it's the Power Rangers." He says, "Nope, it's Thundercats", which elicits an eye-roll from her, and "whatEVER, I got it at Hot Topic." dry.gif

Oh, and I'll look at those commercials when I get home- too many patients here today!
There was a URL in the corner of the Burger King ad, but the site has been taken down or moved. I'm hoping it's someone's idea of a joke, albeit a very tasteless and disgusting one.

There are a couple that annoy me. One is the yogurt commercial with the girl at the beach who doesn't want to be seen in her bikini, so she walks all around with a huge blow up raft wrapped around her, weaving a giant path of boardwalk destruction while "she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini..." plays in the background. I think my irrational hatred of that song makes me extra annoyed by it. But really, who brings yogurt to the beach?

The other is for those Crystal Light flavor stick things. A woman and her three friends get together for lunch, and as each friend describes what she made, the woman gives them all bottled water because "this will go great with that". When they point out that she gave them all water, she reveals the awesome surprise of the artificial flavor/food coloring/chemical sticks and they are all so excited. She's annoying, and her friend who says "cherry pomegranate ROCKS" is even more annoying. Just go away.

Also, agreed on the Yaz commercials. "Hey, I didn't go to medical school for nothing!" Yeah, okay.
I haaaate that stupid Wal-Mart commercial! With all the soccer moms talking about how that's where they get the "cool" clothes that their kids like. I can't stand the idea of some stupid kid wearing the shirt of a band or show they know nothing about. And why are so many of them like that? When I was in high school I only wore the shirts of bands that I loved, usually after going to their concerts. I mean, at least if I buy a Ramones shirt I can actually name more than one of their songs.
Jezebel, that yogurt commercial pisses me off too. Seeing her knock things over like Miss Susie General Public aka "I don't care about anyone except myself" annoys me, plus it makes no sense to wrap a huge inflatable thing over your body when you could just wear a coverup or... a bathing suit that's not so "teeny weeny!" That Crystal Light commercial sounds annoying too... I thought plain water "went with" pretty much anything.

I came in here to bitch about a product... that Acne Stress Control stuff. All it is is a zit cream in a new package, but according to the circular reasoning in their commercial, stress causes acne and acne causes stress so if you use their product your life will be perfect! Whatever. How stupid do they think people are?
People (present company excluded) are usually pretty stupid.

I don't know if this has been covered before, so I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse, but that Geico ad with the caveman calling the ad company to complain--the one where he says "Yeah. Four feet by five feet." etc.?

The ad--and this bugs me so much I usually start screaming--is NOT four feet by five feet!!!!!!!

I know it's a little OCD of me to care about this, but I just can't help it. I think I might be going a little off.
harrumph. if iconic rock bands didn't want to also become aesthetic icons, they shouldn't have been so goddamn iconographic to begin with.
I tried going back to see if this was mentioned already, but the thread's just too damn long! wink.gif

I hate hate HAAAATE the Gardasil ads. "One Less". Aside from the fact that the HPV vaccine is totally controversial and the commercial makes it seem like its the CURE to Cervical Cancer... what really bothers me is that grammatically, it should be "One Fewer".
Blanche, I totally agree with you. It's just like those ads where a girl is all "omg, I have a huuuge zit!" and you look at her face and can't see anything!

I just had to come in here and let everyone know that the agency that did those horrible Orville Redenbacher ads with the creepy reanimated Redenbacher (or Deadenbacher) lost the account! I read that and just felt like going "ahahaha, you suck!" Although apparently as creepy as the ads where they supposedly helped the sales of Rednbacher. But still, I'm glad they lost the account, now hopefully it will go to an agency that doesn't use dead people to sell popcorn.
Or the ads for face creams and things like that where a model who's all of 20 with perfect skin is talking about lines and wrinkles and "the first signs of aging" rolleyes.gif

I saw one of the Deadenbacher ads for the first time this morning. Soooo creepy.
Ding-dong the Deadenbacher!!!
cross posted from youtube thread~
The BEST crappy local commercial to EVER come out of Chicago. Everyone over 18 who has lived here for more than ten years knows this commercial, including the full dialogue to it. I should cross post this in the !@#$%^&* Annoying Ads thread...
I used to see Eagle Man commercials when I lived in Ohio and I reallt hoped I had left them behind when I moved. I was so horrified when I saw one here.
come on down!
I don't know if this is a regional ad (NY) or what... but it cracks me up every time I see it... which is ALL THE TIME!

It's for "Computer Mechanics On Call".

The accents are hilarious. I tried looking for it on youtube but whoever posted it had NO camera skills so you can barely hear it.
snow white
up here in the sticks (upstate) we've got billy fucillo's "it's HUGE"....and it's everywhere...
Can someone please stop the dancing green aliens telling me about dropping mortgage rates? They are on every website I visit!
I'd rather see the aliens than the videos of the girls dancing around their computer, but they both annoy me.

They aren't quite as bad as these banner ads I've seen over the past few weeks, though. They start out with creepy-looking guys who are saying how the internet helped their business with some horrible innuendo, then a bunch of hot women pop up behind them because they either frequent a gym the guy built or needed a caterer for their wedding. Those piss me off so much.
ugh, that stupid paper towel commercial where the little kid sprays orange soda all over his mother, and instead of getting mad, she sprays him back with the sink hose..

what parent wouldn't murder their child if they did that? right in the kitchen?

and the voiceover says "sometimes accidents happen..." accident? demon child shaking up a liter of pop and shooting it at his mom is no accident..
snow white
it is soooo gooood

am i watching porno or a yogurt commercial? that chick with the overbite annoys the shit out of me
Is anyone from Connecticut? There is this commercial for Yankee Peddler and Pawn in New London with this insane-looking woman. She has bug eyes with a shit ton of makeup and her hair is all huge and crunchy. She looks like an alien. I've looked up the commercial on google and youtube but with no results.
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