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And hot! Give me a science geek over a jock anyday!
I don't know if I'd go that far! ;D
i have to admit it (maybe this should go in the confessions thread? :P ) i absolutely love the pepsi ad with jimmy fallon dancing down the street. i don't watch much tv these days, so i'm not up on the horrid commercials, but i dance around my living room when that commercial comes on.

and i'm with ap on the geek vs. jock thing. mmmmmm, geeks
You know what? Burger King wouldn't have to target men specifically if you feminists didn't make it a crime just to be male. For years now all of you have been getting worse and worse, spewing all of this anti-male feces. Did you think that men would just sit there and take it forever? There was bound to be a backlash of anti-feminism in one form or another. And all of you femi-nazi protestors - NEWSFLASH - Most of the lawmakers are male. Alienating them by making it a crime to be male isn't going to advance your cause any faster. If you want to make progress, then go about it in a more benevolent way. Urinating on every male who walks your way is not the way to go about things. Face facts, not all men are bad. My fiance has a heart of gold and I wouldn't give him up for anything!
Oh goodie, a new one...

Anyway, have I mentioned how much I love the cell phone ad with the mobsters? "So you get service out here?" It really makes me laugh.

I think this one is going to Bitch Magazine...they could use the cash, those stupid feminists
okay, know what i love even more than the pepsi commercial with jimmy fallon dancing? a sixteen year old boy doing that 'i have to do something impressive because there are older girls in the room' thing where he dances the robot to the song from the commercial. a dance which ends with many pelvic thrusts, and the proclamation that 'it's all about the pelvic thrust'

i know it's not an annoying commercial, but i was off-topic about it in here already.

a commercial i can't stand is that knorr frozen entree commercial where the blank out the word 'frozen'. i need to get a job telling people when their commercials are shit so that we don't have to be subjected to them
Also, I wanted to point something out: So what if Burger King is targetting men? I mean seriously, do women really want to eat a burger that large? Unless you're not concerned at all about your weight or health, you're not going to order something that size. Also, by not going to Burger King to eat just because of a single commercial targetting men specifically, what are you really proving? Burger King is an extremely large corporation and they are not going to lose any sleep or money by you not spending 5 dollars for a burger and fries. On top of that, are they even going to notice? Think about it for a moment.

If anything, by targetting men in particular, they're going to increase their profits by a larger margin. Again, I don't want to annoy anybody here, I'm simply pointing out that women on the whole, at least in my own experiences, don't eat at fast food places very frequently. So why would Burger King target the female consumer for a large greasy burger when we don't eat that kind of food very often anyway? Who eats that kind of food fairly frequently? MEN! So if they can get more men to eat there, when more men already eat there, that's the route that they're going to go down. It's a simple matter of economics. I don't mean to anger anyone, I'm simply pointing out plain, simple, logical facts.
tyger, i like that pepsi ad, too, but mostly because parker posey is in it!
i get annoyed at that ad for a bank, i think, with the jingle "hand in my pocket". i cannot think about anything being in my pocket without getting that jingle in my head. but i love the rick mercer spoof of it - "knee in my package"...
Damn, this troll is *neurotic*
Ya know WHAT?! Guys never put the toilet seat down! And they only drink beer, no wine or cocktais! And they love shoveling down crap food! And they don't eat quiche! can tell a bad comedian by what they go on about. And another thing! GUYS never want to talk about their reLAYtionship...badumpbum!

blah blah blah. Some GUYS are actually bothered by stereotypes about guys -- but not our friend here.
Mmm, quiche!
Ms. need a root job, hon!

And not to upset or annoy you...just pointing out plain simple facts...deliberately joining a feminist website with the sole purpose of flaming the "Feminazis" is not only totally immature, but shows you know NOTHING about what feminism really is or what it stands for.

And with Burger king on teh brink of bankruptcy and closing stores all over the place, yes, they will notice!

I love men. My husband is wonderful!...and I eat fast food everyday for lunch. So take your misconceptions and your stereotypes and go find another playground!

...where is that Damn IGNORE button when you need it?

.....Off to the sin bin I go....
wait a minute, feminists are supposed to urinate on men? damn, no wonder those other bitches ain't respectin' my territory...

oh, and can we get rid of those "lost another loan to ditech!" commercials already? or is that just a local annoyance? i'm just glad winter's over so burlington coat factory can stop running that idiotic commercial with the woman in bed writhing and dreaming, moaning about "put your arms around me" and "ooohhh yeeees, wrap me in your warmth" and she's dreaming about a new jacket from bcf. cause, yes, when i think outerwear, i think it in pornographic terms. *insert eye-rolling smilie*
OK to put a point on it, I joined the forum because I was interested in what other women had to say about various things. If I'm missing something about what feminism is about, or what it stands for please let me know. As for my terminology (urinating on men) I admit it was a bit extreme, but to a large degree it does appear to me that a lot of the more "extreme" fenimists do in fact attack men for no good reason. As in calling all men "pigs" and so forth for discrimininating against women. Well from my own observations, a great many feminists to the exact same thing: discriminating against men for no good reason.

Also calling into question, my maturity? Attacking my character seems something that a high school student would do.

I stated above here that I am in fact, genuinely interested in opinions that other women have, it just seemed to me that a great many women were attacking something that was meant to appeal directly to men. If I have been misinformed about Burger King I am happy to entertain suggestions, and other tidbits of information.
Yawn. Looking for my chequebook again. To whom shall I give my tr**l bucks to this time around? Maybe fifty bucks to Bust & another fifty to Bitch? High school must be out... I grow weary... please don't encourage it, ladies. Ignore it & it *will* go away. If you must, hit the bin to excommunicate your ill will.
Ms FNH ... you say that if you're missing something to please let you know. Maybe I can help.

First of all, I don't think we're the kind of feminists you think we are. I find it very odd that your very first post on this website is an attack upon us, refering to us all as man-haters. I encourage you to read around in the many different areas of The Lounge. I think you'll learn a lot about this community and the kind of feminists that inhabit it. If you chose to stick around a while and read some more of the threads, you'll discover that the high majority of women here truly love men and treat them with respect, just like the ol' Golden Rule says we should. In fact, many of the members of this community are men, themselves. I am actually married to a man I met here in these very forums. So if you're actually looking for man-hating "feminazis" so that you can unleash your pent-up frustrations upon them, then you need to go elsewhere.

Now. On this Burger King discussion. The problem is not that Burger King has decided to target men in their advertising. The problem is that they've chosen to encourage men to eat their food by attacking women and the entire feminist movement.
No. Really.
I could pick that ad apart into many pieces and show the different ways that it is offenseive to women (like the way its references to "chick food" can be see as reinforcing the pressure for women to be unnaturally thin). I think, though, that the reason why this ad is the most offensive is its parody of the song "I Am Woman" - an anthem of the feminist movement. In that very song, Helen Reddy sings that we have "a long long way to go until I make my brother understand". For me, this ad just shows that - even 30-some-odd years later - we still have a long long way to go.

And you can roll your eyes at that. That's fine. I know the ad is meant to be funny. I can see that. But I also see the subtle messages its pushing. Frankly, the thing that offends me most is that it makes men look like indulgent, disrespectful slobs who can only pump up their own egos by disrespecting women. You say, Ms FNH, that it's not healthy for women to eat big burgers like that. Well, what makes it healthy for men to eat the same thing? Why is it that there's a segment of advertising that treats all men as if they are living clones of Homer Simpson? There are men out there who respect themselves and who treat women as equals. And I'm sure plenty of those guys are sick of these ads who make the entire male population look like a bunch of grunting oafs.
grrrly, "wait a minute, feminists are supposed to urinate on men? "...Crap I feel like a bad feminists. Why wasn't I sent a memo?

And unfortunately the Ditech commercials are in Indiana too. I loathe them.
Ms. FNH,
I am old enough to wish I could say I was still in high school. And forgive me for not seeing your true interst in what people think. Most people who blaze in here with their heads up thier asses only mean to cause trouble.*cough*

I am really curious though...we have a whole forum of great feminist subjects..and lots of people who are dying to share thier political views with anyone who will listen...and yet you bolt out and stir up shit in a thread that has less to do with feminism and more to do with personal enjoyment, sense of humor, and entertainment preferences.

Or are we not supposed to have a sense of humor and just go around with our hair pulled serverely back in buns, orthepedic shoes, and scowls on our faces looking for the first unsuspecing man to come along so we can piss on him for entertainment?
Alrighty PixieDust please don't apologize. It's my fault I was harsh in my criticisms, i was in a really foul mood those days (it was my time of the month). I am genuinely interested in other peoples opinions. I tend to get very ctirical of others. I also changed my username to be more friendly. You're right I should have looked around at other threads, before posting here^_^
And to roseviolet, yes you do make many valid points, I was very untactful in the things I said, do forgive me. Thanks!
oh, well then, since it was your time of the month, we can surely give you a pass on it. i mean, why should we women be held accountable for things that happen while we're bleeding? glad you cleared that up. /sarcasm
oh fj.......i love you, but come on--don't you get emotional during your lady business? i'm not saying we should use it as an excuse, i think you should still be held accountable, but i sure as hell do things and say things that i wouldn't say or do while not (pre) bleeding.

furthermore, this is kind of a momentous event in bustieland--what we thought to be a troll turns around wanting to have an intelligent discussion (and not in a nohope kind of way)? granted i'm skeptical, but i still think this should be treated gently.

It's OK falljackets is right, I should have been more tactful. I shouldn't let my lady business get me that worked up. I didn't mean to say such harsh things. Must be the Japanese in me, I've always had a really bad temper. My apologies again^_^
Aw, how cute.

McDonald's has now gotten on board with the creepy chicken ads. I have to change the channel when they come on because they freak me out. Something along the lines of, "If you keep eatin' those things, you're gonna turn into one." This guy wakes up one day with *chicken feet*. *shudders*
That man has the same name as me? It is not a common name in Japan. Why is he wearing a Japanese Rising Sun flag?
Yeah, that is weird alright.
Update--I got a very generic form letter back from BK. I apologizes for my taking offense at a BK commercial, and says that it will refer my letter to the marketing department.
Has anyone else seen the "you poke it, you own it" Miller Light ads? Have we completely abandoned all subtlety? They almost make me long for the stupid BK ad.
that blankety-blank Milky Way commercial where the guy strikes out on a date, and then he consoles himself in his Losermobile by eating a Milky Way (kept in the glove compartment for just such an occasion, I reckon). And then . . . THE DAMNED CANDY BAR TURNS INTO A HOTTIE WITH A DINK ACCENT. AND HE STILL EATS IT!!

The Surrealists should have hired lawyers.
Plus, William Petersen? Fat as a mofo.
Speedy, you just want me stomp on you in my five inch heels, don't you? You naughty, naughty boy, you. Spankies cost extra.
oh, speaking of five-inch heels, can i just say how annoying the dr. scholl's pump insert is? all these women stomping around in heels in the most ridiculous situations and outfits like something out of a victoria' secret catalogue, all the while asserting that "wearing heels 24-7 is a slice of girl heaven."

yeah, cause the thought of crampy calves, broken ankles, and teetering about on those tiny stems is my idea of a good time. /sarcasm
The fuckin' Arbor Mist ad where the woman gets proposed to and then starts freaking out about some new flavor of Arbor Mist.
A) Ew.
B) I hate seeing people freak out over things like cheap wine.
bk " I am man hear me roar'.
just started playing here on the east coast.

what the hell?
while I am all down for rolling all minivans off of bypasses, don't they think they could have passed on the macho fake gut punches & "diversity" they showed?

soo disappointing about their response to you.
I am totally willing to send in a written complaint as well, and maybe if we ALL (Bust Lounge Wide) sent them in, we'd get some better notice? they are Losing Money from their own stupidity (+ I have that stupid helen reddy song stuck in my head now, grr), or maybe they've given up on our gender completely & are targeting the 'guy drivethru'population?
I don't eat a Burger King. I don't eat there because their food is gross. But I really resent the "chick food" line. It's just a mean ad.
heh heh. and heh.
So, i'm a total sucker for the new Dairy Queen ad with the monsters making cookies.

"I'm making a special cookie....for Gertrude..*sigh*"

Hee heeeeee
okay........i may get slapped for this, and i don't mean to be inflammatory, but i gotta say it: i don't see the problem with the bk ads. there are a billion ads all over every commercial break about food targeted to women--whatever. the bk ad is so BLATANTLY macho that i can't seriously get angry at it. by using every single "male" stereotype in the book, i think it's pretty obvious that they're poking fun at themselves. i think it's valid. it doesn't bother me. it would be completely different if it were a serious ad--meant to be taken seriously, meant in earnest. but it's not--its a stupid, funny jingle and they know it, and if we don't see that, i think we might be kind of blinded by our self-righteousness.
I really LIKE the creepy chicken ads, when I catch them. I mean, what's creepier than chickens? All scaly AND feathery AND with sharp beaks AND beady eyes AND huge-clawed toes...*shudder*

I like being creeped out by the television
Does the new DQ ad have muppets? :-)

Have to chime in on the stupid Arbor Mist ad about the woman freaking out over like raspberry sangria or whatever.
The DQ ad does not have muppets, thank god. I can not stand muppets for some reason. :-)

Mouse, it's okay that the ad doesn't bother you. Sometimes I see sexist things or things that I see as sexist and I feel like a bad feminist bcause it doesn't bother me, but I really think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about stuff like that.

I like the song that plays in the Dunkin Donuts' commercial where the guy gets his tongue stuck to his coolatta.
the bk ad doesn't bother me because it's stupid and funny. HOWEVER, an ad that DOES bother me is that fucking clorox ad about bleach through the years.."your mother did laundry, so did your grandmother, and her mother....MAYBE EVEN A MAN OR TWO!" i think bk realizes that they're using totally ridiculous macho stereotypes as marketing.....i don't think clorox does. i think they think that's just how shit is....dudes don't do laundry. cos they don't have to. cos their wives do. dur.
What's really funny about that, mouse, is that my dad always did the laundry (he was a single parent) and after a while, he tried to teach me how to do it and soon gave up. So I end up dumping everything in the wash together. The only laundry thing I know is not to put bras in the dryer. He wouldn't let me do the laundry.
Don't try to make me believe that freakin' Heather Locklear, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker et al. buy their hair coloring products at your local pharmacy like most of us do! Those commercials just piss me off...
Fast food commercials in general are really bad. Does anyone remember the online McDonald's ads for cheeseburgers or something where they guy is all, "I'd hit that"? They all try to be all hip and young and they end up totally missing the mark.
There's a furniture store around here called Fish Furniture. It's really cheap computer animation of a guy talking to two fish about Posturpedic mattresses. It wouldn't be so bad, except I don't think they got real voice actors and just left the voicing to the computer, too. Really creepy.
My issue with the Burger King commercial is not that it's sexually segregated advertising so much as they're just doing what advertising does best - playing on people's insecurities - in a really obvious sort of way. Feeling unsure about what it means to be a man in today's world when you're no longer the primary breadwinner and the traditonal notions of gender are being redefined? Eat this burger and feel your testosterone soar!

It's not egregiously offensive compared to everything else that's out there, just patently stupid. The advertising industry is - by nature - kinda, sorta corrupt; their primary goal is to sell you things you (often) don't need by trying to convince you of your supposed inadequecies. Humorous advertising can be the most insidious of all b/c, hey, it's just a joke.

What they should do is have a commercial explaining how eating too much of that crap (in conjunction with an unhealthy lifestyle. . .although the anecdotal evidence provided by a film like Supersize Me shows that it doesn't take much - less than halfway into it, there was a significant change in his sexual performance, if not outright impotence). You could even make it cute - have a little cartoon penis jump across the screen or have a conversation with a guy just about to eat a burger: "Hey you, don't you want to keep Mr. Happy, you know. . .happy?"
Sorry for the double post - I didn't finish that sentence: What they should do is have a commercial explaining how eating too much of that crap (in conjunction. . .) has the potential to lead to decreased sexual performance - how's that for manliness?

ETA: I should note that I finally saw the ad (online - not sure if it's playing here or not) - I hadn't when I originally posted on this topic (I mentioned it then too, but I just wanted to clarify).
I am so OCD. There's some commercial about not showing your age where women rattle off various fads that could date them. One woman says she had a huge crush on a tv heartthrob, was it David Cassidy or Ralph Macchio? As far as I know, Ralph wasn't ever a big tv star. I do not know why this bugs me except for the fact that I'm OCD.
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