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oh! FJ! now you're totally getting a mix cd in your package of clothing tongue.gif which i STILL haven't mailed.....i will!
I wish I was more familiar with the story behind music in advertising. Mostly, I want to know who permitted use of the music. Did Cat Stevens lend his song to the diamond industry? He just doesn't seem like the type. I know that Jacko owns The Beatles rights, but that's about it. All I know, is that if I ever see a commercial using a song like "Imagine" by John Lennon, then it's official that nothing is sacred. I'd never watch TV again.
I wish I knew more about it too, since I have trouble imaging the Violent Femmes hurting for fans or money, unless they don't own that song. The ad sucks, though; I had to see the dumb thing about twenty times last night, as well as several Axe ads (including the beach one). It's amazing the TV made it through the evening intact.
i can't really blame someone for selling the rights to a song. for a couple of reasons: 1)ads are temporary. soon enough the ads will disappear (although there may be some sort of pavlovian reaction, like puking when the song is played) and 2) record companies don't really pay all that much once they take out all the things they charge for, and commercial residuals can allow an artist to live and create for quite a while. 3) hopefuly it will get the music to a new audience.

that said if a song isn't just a trifle, if it's political, like imagine, or a change is gonna come, or the revolution will not be televised, then, it's pretty much a repudiation of an original stance and it's selling out. but if it's another crappy, flag waving, country song (and i do like a lot of country), in a pickup commercial, then who cares? ---then again, who wants to hear it either?
I don't really care anymore when songs that I really like are in ads. It used to be kind of like, wtf? but now I just figure, hey, the artists get some money out of it and they have to make a living like everyone else.

I'm just curious to know who the money goes to when the artist is dead or there are only a few surviving members of the band.
I don't blame newer bands for wanting to get their music out there through TV advertising because radio has gone downhill with mp3's and so on. It's a totally different ballgame.

As far as older songs go, I suppose it gets to a point where the song is so well-known that it's not a big deal. Blister in the Sun is kinda like that. I think it also depends on what product/service the ad is for. I know Preparation H wanted to use Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire in their ads, which is ridiculous. It's not fair to the public to have to think of hemroids everytime they hear that song. Although it's intangible, the public also has some ownership over popular music and using it to sell a stupid product is a slap in the face to the listening public. Using Revolution to sell shoes is trivializing cultural history. It's almost theft of meaning. I wonder if there are any books out there that discuss this topic in depth. I'd love to read 'em.

Fortunately, ads turn over so quickly these days that a song isn't necessarily "cursed" forever. I haven't seen the ad for a long time now, but I'm still recovering from HP's use of Pictures of You by The Cure.
see.....i dunno. i'm certainly not championing rampant consumerism but i think that the commercial can be an art form. there are some impressive ones out there (the HP one is an example) that benefit simply as a form of art from the songs they use. i know that the ultimate reason on both ends is some fat cat in a suit making money off of susceptible consumers, but in between are the studios who are really putting in hard work and making something beautiful, regardless of it's use as a marketing tool.
i think we can all agree on that, mouse. it's just that for every interesting commercial there are the "head on"s that are so artless as to be painful.
Hey! I wear Magie Noir! And Robert Piguet's Fracas, if I can find it. Not to resurrect the whole AXE discussion or anything, but I'm kinda shocked magie noir's considered "old". Gulp. Anyway, these two perfumes are used sparingly, just because of rarity. It's getting so you can't find anything older than 3 years now when you shop for scent. And a lot of the new stuff isn't interesting to me.

I can completely understand the whole music as advertising when you consider things like the limited access artists actually get to radio play, and the limited amounts of money made via conventional music companies and their practices. In some cases, commercial use is the only way some artists will be heard by a large number of people (three songs I think have brought "obscure" artists some money are Elizabeth Fraser and This Mortal Coil's version of Tim Buckley's Song to the Siren, to sell Noa Perfume; Dead Can Dance's Summoning of the Muse used in a variety of film soundtracks, and Sheila Chandra's "drum talk" pieces being used as a background for Vaseline Intensive Care Hand cream). I have a hard time believing that some artists still retain control over their songs (I can't see Cat Stevens actually selling a tune for an ad that sells anything--but it may be out of his hands if another artist covers the tune and another music company owns the song's publishing rights).

But I can't see why Violent Femmes need to sell Wendy's anything.
For me it really depends on what the product is that is being shilled and the music accompaning it. I really never got the Carnival Cruise and "Lust for Life" paring -wtf? My friends and I would shout "liquor and drugs" at the commercial. Currently the Wendy's and Violent Femmes pairing is rather annoying. Somehow though I didn't mind so much The Cure "Pictures of You" and HP, somehow it worked. I really think that in some cases of odd pairings is that the artist is desparate for money or they don't own that song due to shoddy label dealings. I dunno...

Not to completely derail, but that Domino's commercial with the giant nose guy, mouth guy and eye guy - it really freaks me the hell out. But Dominos has annoyed me since the owner went all ultra-Xtian building that town in Florida.
sorry chacha... although i love that you wear it too. it is marvelous, isn't it? have you had any exes tell you they've hunted someone down because they caught a whiff of magie? i think i meant more obscure than old. it was introduced in '78. almost 30 years that's not old at all, but it is older than some more trendy, common scents, like georgio. and i know what you mean about new scents. i used to be a perfume fly and visit the perfume counter monthly to get new free samples. now i barely do it once a year.
but here is a great website:
thing i like about it is the details about the scent: the scent notes most of all, but also the strength, durration, usage and classification. i don't know how i feel about the recommended age, mature might have been what i meant about the perfume. ugh that's not much better is it? i mean-- it's a very sophisticated scent. but that's what i like about it. it's so not run of the mill. the first girl i knew who wore it was 23, and i'll be damned if it didn't add to her mystery. god... i'm gonna go snort some i love it so much!

and speaking of music and commericals, it was a perfume commercial that got me into nina simone. years ago she was on the soundtrack to a channel no.5 (i think) commerical doing 'my baby don't care.' which i fell instantly in love with, and looked for years to find. i still love the song. infact its one of the few nina simone albums i love without qualification...

and i agree with you completely october, the domino's commercial is very creepy. i've never liked the whole 'blackhole sun' treatment.
OH, GT, you never offended me by what you wrote (I'm not surprised at all you love that perfume, it is marvelous!!), so don't apologize...I "gulped" because of the prospect of Magie Noir being classified as "old". It is NOT old!! And, once it's slapped with that label, I'll be unable to find it at all...and I'm kind of really sick to death of the watery, cucumbery, whiteflowery, blah scents that have just become the standard.

It's a little bit heartbreaking to go out looking for a favourite fragrance that's been wiped out. A couple of years ago I walked into the Guerlain store in Toronto hoping I could find some of my favourite scents (I had a whole list I hadn't seen around, and I figured, they've been making perfume for 200 years and more, and they've got tons of older perfumes for sale...they'll probably have the ones not sold in department stores anymore). Well, one by one, I learned that each of the favourites I was asking about were no longer being made (the salesman had to keep finding words for "no, sorry", like: "Dead". "Finis". "No more". "Discontinued"...and on and on. Even one scent, Mahora, which came out about 1999 or so...was no longer being made. Depressing. Like you, I always attach a particular memory of an experience with a fragrance, so knowing it's no longer around means the memory's on its way out, too--or, at least a big part of it is lost.

So, I'm obviously going to spend an hour or two poring through the entries on that link. Thanks for posting it!

And I remember that Nina Simone tune (such a great song) as the background for the Chanel No. 5 commercial. It was my introduction to Nina Simone too--and I already loved the perfume from my childhood, back when Catherine Deneuve was Chanel's "face". To this day I think of the 2 together--Nina Simone was brilliant and I think she had a thing for France maybe she was quite happy to highlight Chanel. I hope so.
oh, yeah, the lust for life song is totally misplaced. let's shoot heroin in the caribbean, kids! laugh.gif
i remember actually reading an article in a magazine about totally inappropriate songs used in commercials....i feel like there was some very vegetarian punk song (rancid? maybe?) used to sell burgers from the first few clips of it.....and a parody song of "baby got back" was used as "baby got backpack" to sell backpacks to kids....hahahahah.....

the ipod shuffle commercial with the changing clothes is effing brilliant and flawlessy done. love. it.

not so much loving the new ipod commercial with all the 80's graphics though....they're pushing it. meh.
I think it was a Rancid side project called the Transplants: the song in question is called "Diamonds and Guns", and I'm not absolutely sure, but I think it might be about the drug trade.

Which of course makes it a perfect fit for Fructis shampoos and conditioners.
yeah i've seen that one; i love that song too, and it's totally inappropriate for shampoo.

the song must not have been rancid then. i may have the article at home; i'll see if i can find it.
hey mouse! how's your fung ssshway?
well it had BETTER be PERFECT, hadn't it?? tongue.gif
the music i do like is the add with dusty springfield. she's one of those singular voices that just feels like a warm dream. i don't have a clue what add it is cos i usually close my eyes and listen. i saw a second of horses running. more than that, i can't tell you....
I have to admit I was kinda surprised when Pepsi pulled out "Ca Plane Pour Moi" in their recent ad. I hadn't heard it in years and it took me a minute to figure it out when I heard it again.

Word on Dusty Springfield.
I saw this totally offensive commercial recently-for 1-800-DENTISTS:

It was a woman calling them, sounding very cheerful and perky and talking with a big smile, saying something like, "I just got a divorce recently, I want to do something nice for myself, and I think having some dental work would be beneficial for my appearance..." the operator perkily assists her, and then the punchline is the woman saying at the end "Thanks, now if only you could help me find a new husband!"

Besides being stereotypical and offensive (plus the terrible acting), I thought that a topic so unpleasant and unrelated to dentistry, like divorce, was weirdly out of place in an advertisement for this service. I don't think they specifically need to pander to divorcees..
the danica patrick honda commercial.
so cliche, overused, and downright exploitative.
speeding woman gets pulled over by cop, fixes hair, shows some cleavage, and cop is a woman...

and the dominos commercial with the "smell the cheese taste the crust" guys with the large nose and mouth needs to stop being played every 2 seconds
I hate the ad for this van with the stow 'n' go secret compartments where the woman goes shopping and she hides the bags from her man in the compartment, and he's like "I thought you went shopping?" and then she pulls the bags out when he's not looking. Because we really want to endorse unhealthy spending habits and lying to our significant others while reinforcing the stereotype of woman as a duplicitous spendthrift, right?

There's another stow 'n' go ad that bugs me, with the little kid who hides all his stuff in the van's compartments, including a live frog. I mean, I'm not a PETA person, but I just felt so bad for that poor frog.
I have to say I am getting irritated by the Wendy's commercial that has the song Blister in the Sun! The song is about masturbation, and I don't want anything that has to do with masturbation around food.
i have to smirk when i see the mercury commercials not cos of the song lyrics-- those are innocuous-- it's the name of the band: morningwood.
Aviatrix - I know! The first time I heard that song in the ad, I cracked up. I know that cars are sometimes referred to as extentions of a guy's penis, but that goes too far! Especially since the car is marketed towards females...

Okay I like Fall Out Boy and their new song, but I really hate the Verizon ad with the song. There's some sweaty meathead guy in a gym talking about how the song "gets him PUMPED!" and then his freakin' phone rings and he says "oh that's my lady." It's just gross. Now when I hear the song I think of sweaty dude.
That new fruity Cheerios commercial was cute at the beginning, but after being rammed in my brain approximately 100 consecutive times it kinda got to me... And after looking at it so often, you see that the graphics are scary... looks like the kids' heads are gonna fall off...

"Happiness runs in a circular motion… Happiness runs, happiness runs"
i love that song (donovan! and i say that with complete lack of irony or cheese-appreciation....i just love him) but i totally agree--that shitty cgi is even worse than the orville redenbacher one in the creepiness factor.
can someone please confirm for me that it Is David Spade singing the Outback steakhouse commericals?

everyone I say that to tells me I'm nuts, but if not him, someone has stolen his voice.

also, I don't remember what car maker it is, but the one w/ the Hail To The Chief (for President's Day sale) and the first few bars start out well, but then it gets all techno sounding and evry time I hear it I scream in my head thinking if you can't do it better than this Don't Do It. gah. makes me crazy.
AND as I said, the auto brand doesn't stick so what a waste of advertising dollars. ( & even if it did, for the music alone xxx !)

orville reddenbacker (grew up very close to his town) was nerdy when he was younger, now he's just creepy & old. some old men get cute, he's not one of them.
QUOTE(blanchedeveraux @ Feb 28 2007, 10:11 AM) *

dude, orville is dead. How's that for creepy?! :-)

is he really?!

am I terrible for immediately thinking Yah! ?

explains the dated look of the commericials though- doh!

I have posting adhad I think, bc I used to read and post here before and clearly I've missed a lot.
sorry & thanks bunnyb!
freck, the outback commercials are actually this really twee (admittedly less twee in the past few years but this is not the place for music snobbery!!) band called of montreal.....who thought it would be hilarious to sell the music to one of their songs to be used as a jingle for outback. i am still confused over that one. but yeah he does sound like david spade--i never realized! hahahahahahaaaaa

those "where does depression hurt?" commercials are played all the time, but i have gotta say i love seeing the people all feeling better after they take their happy pills. the girl who was crying in the taxi is now getting a haircut and feeling good about herself! the dog gets to go for a walk! *heart melts*
Those depression hurts ad are interesting. But I hate the implication that it only takes drugs to fix people. If depression is so bad that it causes physical pain, it takes a lot more than just drugs to fix it. Although they definitely help.

That orville deadenbacher ad is just wrong.

oh, absolutely cc. i have a lot of problems with the psychopharmaceutical industry. but seeing the people all better just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. i'm very susceptible to these things tongue.gif
Pharmaceutical ads are annoying in general. They're so unbelievably cheesy. "Do you feel drowsy right before bed? Do you feel intense cravings for food when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel the urge to urinate after drinking lots of water? If yes, then you may have "normality" disorder!!"

I can't stand the E.P.T. ad that says, "Imagine knowing you're pregnant the moment it happens." Ummm...okay.... *scratches head* "Hold on baby, I need to piss on this stick."

And another one:
"There is such a thing as being a little bit pregnant." You're either pregnant or not pregnant. WTF?

Last but not least, I hate the KFC commercial with Sweet Home Alabama playing in the background and towards the end, the volume fades in and out resulting in a really shitty sound. Has anyone else noticed this?
ooh i know!
alabama and kentucky don't even share a common border.....there's another inappropriate song smile.gif

poodly, i know you're gonna get a huge kick out of this:
I don't know if this has been posted, but I absolutely hate this ad. It's for Dairy Queen popcorn shrimp.

It starts off with 2 ocean shrimp eating DQ "popcorn" and then realizing it's not popcorn, but "popcorn shrimp." Then the "female" shrimp (featuring breasts and an hourglass figure, unlike the "male" shrimp, which is depicted more as a normal-shaped shrimp - but this isn't even my issue) goes, "Hang on, where are the kids?"

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a little humourous, but the more I see it, the more it makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth.
bwahahaha! thanks mouse! i love the fact that even if you fall well outside the "danger point" of their quiz (22, thank you very much), they want you to "take a moment to check in with yourself. Determine if you are answering as truthfully as possible. It's okay to need help. And thankfully help is available." cause lord knows if you don't need their superdrug that makes you not want to be happy and successful and admired by others (what's up with that?!), there must be something wrong with you, you dirty filthy liar. rolleyes.gif
Your score is 36.
If your score is between 30-40 you may be on the brink of succumbing to DSACDAD.

yeah right, i'm on the brink of succumbing to puking.

funny that one of the symptoms duh-sack-dad is "finding activities they used to enjoy, like shopping, challenging" and there's a place to buy shit with their logo all on it.
Did you see the possible side effects if you stop taking Havidol? Symptoms include floppiness, bluish vision, genital twitch, and financial lactation. But if you continue to take Havitol, you may get to experience the pleasure of dermal gloss, inter-species communication, & terminal smile. "Very rarely users may experience a need to change physicians." laugh.gif I wish there was a page that explained clearly that this is a satirical website, lest anyone actually ask their doctor for this stuff!
Hahahaha!! I scored 34!! I think I need to look into this some more. *gags*

I think the only indication that it is a fake drug is the list of side effects--mainly the "inter-species communication" one. Ha!!

Yeah, I hate that DQ ad, too, doodle. It's creepy.

ETA-I know this has been discussed before, but the ads targeting baby boomers are really driving me crazy lately. What's next? A Preparation H ad with Buffalo Springfield playing in the background?
yeah, it's incredibly creepy that it's such a convincing satire. "have-it-all"!
Before I started reading it, I thought it was legit. Then I was read, and the lightbulb went on! Hee.
I HATE those g*&#$@*ed Sunsilk blonde versus brunette commercials!
Ever wonder why too many women have image issues and are overly critical of other women's appearances? It's shit like that!!!!
And Geico can just STOP IT with the caveman commercials.
i just saw the sunsilk commercial last night. is it me or do all of their commericals suck? i really hated the "get hairapy" campaign. just the guys voice made me want to put a boot up his ass.

geico commercials consistantly suck too, or their good the first time and they run them into the ground--like the celeb interpeter series. fun the first time seeing little richard doing what ever he does, but not so fun the 30,000 th time.

another group of commercials i hate are the first part of the year movie commercials, because every shitty movie pulls some quote from some back water reviewer saying, "steven segal's 'shit on a kungfu platter' is the first really great comedy/drama/piece of dooty of the new year!!!!"

yeah. no, it's not. grrrr! and every movie has to do it, too.
Anyone seen the ads for Dewars? It's some kind of Scotch I believe. There's one where they play this song that starts out "Magnolia, Magnolia..." and has a great slow drumbeat. Anyone know this song? Cause I love it.
Ugh, those Sunsilk ads are annoying as hell. If the gay dude from Sex in the City is is telling me to buy it, then it must be really good!! Don't get me wrong, I dig Mario Cantone, but his voice is really grating in those commercials. The blonde vs. brunette thing is sooo worn out. Lame.

My co-worker and I were just talking about how Geico is going overboard with the caveman commercials.
ohmy i totally fell for it.

(sorry for the "uh-der" interruption)
If I have to see that sweaty date rapist in the gym hawk some assy phone with his love of Fallout Boy one more time, I'm hucking the TV out the window.

Feh. As if Fallout Boy can be any more annoying.
really? am i the only one that still likes the caveman commercials? i mean, i know they're on often, but they still make me laugh. shit, anything is better than the gecko.
Yesterday I read that there's going to be a tv show based on the Geico cavemen.
Article in Variety
I liked the Geico commercial where they showed the bus driving around, and upbeat polka music was playing. Cute as can be.
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