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That Deadenbacher/Con Agra ad defines Frankenfood.
The ad that bugs me the most right now is the Priceline commercial where Shatner is flirting with this hotel clerk to get her to lower the price of a room. He's just so creepy, and I never thought he was creepy before. James Tiberius Kirk, you have disappointed me!

When I first saw the Orville Redenbacher ad I thought it was really bad Photoshopping, or whatever it's called when you put someone into a video (sorry, my mind is drawing a blank). To find out the truth made it even worse in my book.

The Clearblue ad rocks.
This is actually an anti-complaint to an ad- I went to the movies today and they ran a bunch of commercials before they even got to the previews (irritating!) and they ran this one for Coke. Kinda funny- it's like a positive parody of Grand Theft Auto.
You know, I'm not a fan of the Partnership for Drug Free Education (or whatever), but they've been running some really great TV ads on the local NYC channels lately.
I've noticed that the ads for 3 Musketeer's candy bars are directed at women. Only because they have "less fat."
you've all seen the kevin federline (kfed, fed ex, whatever) ad, right? it was posted on a bunch of celebrity gossip sites. i loved it. thoughts?
The K-Fed ad reminded me of when Milli Vanilli did a coffee commercial. I think it was coffee. Yes it was funny and all, but I just don't see it reviving/creating his carreer.

I like the new Kinko's ads. "It says he didn't do it!"
anna k
The K-Fed ad reminded me of when Milli Vanilli did a coffee commercial. I think it was coffee.

It was a gum commercial, where they lipsynch to an opera record that starts skipping. The voiceover says "How long does the sugarfree flavor last? Until these guys start to sing on their own."
I think this commercial is probably just on Canadian stations, but the one with the William Shatner imitation monologue about where the beer came from. Now I just yell "Mute!" at The Man With The Remote whenever it comes on, which is approximately 50 times per hockey game. I much prefer the commercial where the guy pulls beers out of the fridge with the supercurved hockey stick.
That K-Fed commercial is heeelarious!! I guess the Food Service Workers Union (or something like that) is very upset about the ad. Lame.

I haven't seen that one, dusty.
I loved the Kfed commercial. It's funny that it's predicting the future.

Dusty, I haven't seen the William Shatner commercial at all...
Haven't seen it, but I think the US has enough annoying beer ads of its own.

Yeah, apparently the National Restaurant Association (not the other NRA) are upset because they think he's defaming fast food workers. Personally, I'd be more upset at having K-Fed represent me than anything.
I watched some of the Superbowl in hopes of seeing some good ads. The K-fed ad was alright. I saw a really annoying Honda CR-V ad that made me dizzy. I was kind of disappointed.
if you haven't see the tcm rocky/oscar promo, do try and see it. it's a riot-- it reminds me of the "serpico" scene in rushmore. except the movie is rocky and it's set in an old folks home with all the parts played by the elderly. f'n hilarous.
IPB Image

A lube ad. What. the. fuck.
aren't the legs facing the wrong way?

hehehheheh.....then again, i'm the person who sing-songs "aaaaanal sex!" whenever that new ky jelly commercial comes on.
wtf, indeed. :/

i was going to comment on the snickers superbowl ad, which has gotten a lot of press as being homophobic, and i suppose to some degree it is (particularlly the reaction shots of football players watching the ad) but my take on it-- having been a 'straight man' at some point in my long forgotten past, is more that it is a reflection of how fragile masculinity is in our society, and how far men are willing to go (in a humorous context) to be seen as het. and even in that humerous context, it isn't far from the truth.
I think the legs are actually facing the right way in that ad. And I'm guessing that billboard is somewhere in Europe cause stuff like that just doesn't seem to happen over here.

I thought the Snickers ad was kind of funny. I asked my best gay friend if he thought it was offensive and he said no but everyone is different. I think one of the bigger issues wasn't so much the ad that aired but the fact that they had different endings to choose from on the website, one of which included one of the guys hitting the other guy over the head with the car hood. I would have found that offensive.
i meant, uh, shouldn't the lubed-up receiver be face down......heh. never mind.

i think people are overreacting to the snickers ad. but i'm glad at least that they're overreacting on the "offensive to gays" end rather than the "ewwwwwww gaaaaayyy" end.
ahhhh, I get it. sorry, I'm running a bit slow today.
anna k
Annoying commercial: Sheryl Crow singing Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" for a hair-color shampoo ad. Ugh.
I can't stand Sheryl Crow and I hate seeing her in ads for hair dye!

Just out of curiosity, were there any superbowl ads that anyone liked? My personal favourite was the Taco Bell steak taquitos ad with the lions.
My new fave commercial is by Mastercard. It has a shaggy indie-rock kid messing up his shirt in an the car before he goes to the music club.

"Haircut, vintage t-shirt, designer jeans: $230,
Looking like you just got outta bed: Priceless.
There are certain things that money can't buy.
For street-credit, there's Mastercard."

Hilarious!! I love how all the kids in line have the same messy haircut.
Anything featuring Robert Goulet is fantastic.
emerald nuts must have a really creative marketing dept. their "E_____ N_____ enjoy Emerald Nuts!" a couple years ago was brilliant. (Envious Nomads, Electromagnetic Navigators, etc--they just had really creative visual interpretations and were really silly)
I just remember Robert Goulet from old episodes of "Alice." She worshiped him. And then Will Ferrell came out with his oh so hilarious "impression" of him. Robert Goulet is going to become the new oddball celebrity to have on hipster t-shirts.
I loved Will Ferell's impression of Robert Goulet! And the Emerald Nuts ad was just so out there. I think the weird ads are what got me interested in advertising in the first place.

I haven't seen that Mastercard ad but it sounds good! Does anyone remember how long they've been going with this "blahblahblah: priceless" campaign?
ugh. robert goulet gives me the creeps. he reminds me of one of my clients i used to call "the cult master" because he had the same name as a famous 70's cult leader...
is it weird that I'm now looking up pictures of Rober Goulet on google?
OHMYGOD the maxipad commercial with the girl stopping the geyser that exploded out of the hole in the water tower with a maxipad she grabs out of her beach bag and then like levitates to stop it and then her friend TOUCHES IT all seductive-like and goes "it's still dry!"

Reminds me of the one where the people in the boat use a tampon to plug the leak in the boat they're in. blink.gif
I've seen an ad for axe where this guy on a beach douses himself in the stuff, and a horde of women in bikinis come running at him. The slogan on that commercial is something like "Spray more, get more" or something to that effect. Hm.... I think if I was around a guy who emptied an entire bottle of axe onto himself, I would come running at him........................... with FEBREZE. Or a knife.
Ugh...when I visited a male friend of mine in his dormitory, all of the guys had Axe products on their dressers. It's funny how advertising towards men relies on "getting laid" about 90% of the time. The sad thing is that they're just going with the tried and true to sell their product. Obviously the marketing works if college dormitories are filled with the stuff. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Axe marketed their products through universities. My first year at school, they gave us a box full of sample-sized shit like Herbal Essences and Cool Water. I'm sure the companies paid a premium to have their products directly reach their consumer base. The U of MN also had deals with Coca-Cola and TCF Bank. The only reason I have a TCF Bank account today is because the U of MN made it so inconvenient to use any other bank.
My bro uses axe. *eyeroll*

In undergrad, they would always give these little product bags to the dorm kids, and then when I moved to campus apartments, they gave us gender-specific product bags during move-in and spring break. Oh how I loved my little razor and shaving cream and trial box of tampons. Gag.
Totally!! We also got Tampax and Skintimate samples.
i think axe actually markets to highschool age boys. next time you walk by a highschool letting out, pick up a rock, throw it in that direction and you will see a cloud of ass--er--axe appear from the boy you hit. when i was growing up it was drakkar noir. ugh. but thinking about it now, drakkar seems quaint. i think before that it was oldspice. i just people would learn they shouldn't douse themselves in it.... i love a good scent, but too much gives me a headache.
one time at my ex-roomie's, her 15-year-old son and his friend came in from doing yardwork, and when i commented on their odor they went in the bedroom and doused themselves in axe. i swear i heard the little hiss of it spraying for a full two minutes, and there was just this noxious cloud of it rolling down the hallway. when they came back in the livingroom, i was like "great, teenage boy funk and axe stank, perfect."
Haha!! See, that's what I hate about Axe, etc.!! It's mixed with B.O. funk!! I hate cologne mixed with funk. The drugstore I worked at in highschool had this cologne called "Sex Appeal" by Jovan and it was "guaranteed" to attract women. That shit was so damn stinky. We would chase each other around with it as a prank. In the end, we all suffered.

That reminds me--does anyone remember Malibu Musk? I remember getting that for a gift when I was about 13.

Drakkar!! Hahaha!!

Fortunately, I was a teen in the mid-90's and boys weren't into smelling like anything more than dryer sheets. It was either straight-up B.O., or dryer sheets and faint speedstick. There were a few who smelled like patchouli and/or pot. Guys still smelled bad, but at least they didn't smell like Drakkar or Axe!!

In conclusion, men smell bad no matter what.

ETA- I take that back. I once had a boyfriend who smelled like Aveda Brilliant Pomade and natural deodorant along with his natural "man smell." It was irresistable.
The Axe stuff is definitely marketed towards teenage boys. They try to make the advertising look like it's marketed towards 18-24 year old guys but of course the younguns see the ads and since they don't know much how to smell good, they assume that this stuff will attract the ladies.

It's just like those beer ads that show all the t and a. By law they have to say that they're marketing towards 19+ people but they know the ads will appeal to boys under the drinking age.
i hate to change the subject (really-- i do ripping on boys who wear ass-- er axe, is my favorite pastime), but does anyone else think "blister in the sun" is a poor choice for wendy's new booger--er-- burger? i love the song, i just don't think blister and burgers go together....but maybe it's just me. it is nice to hear the song.

now back the regularly scheduled axe complaints, already in progress.....
D'oh!! I saw that commercial for the first time last night, girltrouble!! I did a doubletake. "Holy crap, was that the Violent Femmes I just heard? It was!! It was the Violent Femmes!!" My heart sank.
I think there was a (Canadian?) beer company that used "Blister in the Sun" a few years ago as well.
The new commercial is for of all things, a fish sandwich.
Wow I’m really disappointed. Mr. Pugs wears Drakkar Noir and it drives me insane. I love it. However, Mr. Pug smells, INCREDIBIBLY SEXY, with just his deodorant. I think his natural smell and Drakkar Noir just complement each other. It must just be him cause my girlfriends will be like, “Ryan what are you wearing?” He’ll tell them Drakkar and they are always surprised. Most of them hate it as well but they really like it on him. I also like CK BE on him.

The one add that I absolutely hated was the one for Lea & Worcestershire sauce. It’s got this guy grilling burgers in his kitchen and he’s talking to the camera. He is mocking what the women say when they taste his burgers. He says something along the lines of, “Oh Joe, your burgers are so big and juicy!” in this girly girl voice. This commercial drives me insane. I would never the words “Big and Juicy” in the same sentence to a guy unless I was trying to insinuate something. They seriously play off the idea that if you put L&P’s Worcestershire sauce in your burger meat that you are going to get laid. Just typing this is making me laugh hysterically because it’s so ridiculous. Mr. Pug knows how much I hate that commercial. So whenever I do use L&P’s Worcestershire sauce in my burgers (was using it long before this stupid commercial) he does the, “Oh Ryan, your burgers are so big and juicy!” in this stupid little girl voice. Even though I hate it when he does that it cracks me up. It’s so stupid.

The other commercial I hated was the Aspercreme commercial that went, “You bet your sweet “ass”percreme.” That was so stupid too. They actually took it off the air or changed it or something. I think it says now, “You bet IF IT’S aspercreme.” I’m not upset that it had a “bad word” or anything. It was just stupid. Again, it made me laugh because it was just ridiculous. However, if I heard a little kid running around the mall mimicking the original commercial I’d probably fall over laughing.

GT - Oh no! Blister in the sun for burgers doesn’t sound so yummy to me.
i'm over getting pissed off at bands i love putting their songs in commercials. nothing's sacred anymore--cat power advertises diamonds, of montreal advertises fucking outback steakhouse....i'm over it.

re: axe--WHY would they make a commercial encouraging people to wear MORE cheap cologne?? any scent-wearer worth their salt (and i say this as a bpal devotee and someone olfactorily involved with a young man with verry expensive tastes when it comes to cologne--d&g, hanae mori, etc) knows that it's about sublety. NOT masking BO.

though--i gotta be honest, the smell of combined drakkar noir and oldspice deodorant STILL kills me, since it's every single boy i fell in love with between the years of 1995 and 2000 tongue.gif
Yeah, and Cat Stevens' "How Can I Tell You" is now on the DeBeers Diamonds commercials, though it's sung by a woman. Anyway, it's such a beautiful song and Cat Stevens doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would approve of something like that. I wonder if he even owns the rights.

ETA - My old roomie was spraying Axe all over himself and I told him that most women don't like that smell. I also told him that you're not supposed to spray it directly on your body but he just doesn't get it. It's "spray, delay, and walk away" according to the Queer Eye guys!!
if you put L&P’s Worcestershire sauce in your burger meat that you are going to get laid.


speaking of smells...
i've always gone for obscure things smell wise.

my old stand by is majic noir. it's old, old, old. if you ever date a woman who's worn it, it's so rare, that when you smell it anywhere, you feel the odd compulsion to hunt down the person wearing it and make sure it's majic noir. i've found myself doing it 3 times, and i've had ex's tell me they've done it too. it's certainly magic.

i also have a thing for women who wear men's scents (as i do occasionally). armani for men smells good on almost any woman-- #1 w/a bullet. it's nice, clean, citrusy.

the escada seasonals are always a favorite too. if you don't like the spring, wait for the summer, if you don't like that wait for the fall, etc. i'm still dreaming of escada's summer fruity from about 4 years ago. unfortunately, i can't find it.

when it comes to boy's scents, it's too bad they don't make the loopy avon bottles anymore. who needs to smell it if it comes in a bottle shaped like a semi, a plane or a bulldog?
huh, poodle, that's funny--i didn't realize that was originally a cat stevens song--it's sung by cat power! heh, cats. there was a really interesting interview with yussef islam (cat stevens) about his new album on npr a while back--it might still be on their podcasts.
awesome. NOW i know who cat power is.

thanks BUSTies! tongue.gif
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