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because yoplait is SOOOOOO gooood!!!!!!

wow, i really can't stand those cavemen commercials, they are just so dumb and make no sense!!!!!! gah. i can't wait to get my DVR so i can fast forward through all the commercials-heheh!
I don't like those cavemen ads either, I always feel like screaming that we are the same species as cavemen, so therefore they are calling their customer base stupid. At least their other ads explain why people like them, and how they think they differ from the others, the caveman ones are just annoying.

Thank goodness I've never seen those Yoplait ads. They make the worst yogurt ever.
god, i really really hate the cave man ads, but then, i hate most of the gieco ads..... and the yoplait ads too. blech. oh and burger king has just started airing those damn "i am man" ads... ugh. i think i just puked up a little in my mouth. that commercial always does that to me...

i REALLY hate mr. oxy clean. dude. you don't have to shout. that's what the microphones are for!

he's like a low rent donald trump. they both have that damn volume control problem.

*sigh* we need to bring back spy magazine just to keep calling him "the short fingered vulgarian"
I think most ads call their customer base stupid.

Does anyone else have to suffer through the Wicks ads. "It's a WICKS house!" Sung to the tune of "Brickhouse." TV and radio. I swear if I ever meet the writers who came up with that jingle, I will hurt them. I will HURT them! mad.gif
I don't mind the caveman ads as much as I'm just flat out tired of them. I imagine a room full of ad execs came up with it by saying, "Gee, who could we NOT offend these days? Cavemen!"

Right now the one that's bugging me is the vaguely scatological Pepto Bismol one with the gods doing the "indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea..." dance. I hate the whole series, especially whoever gets the diarrhea part and squeezes his buttcheeks together as if to avoid spraying the viewing audience with watery poo.
I have to admit to kind of liking the pepto ads. They're just so damn ridiculous.

Also ridiculous but not funny are the I Am Man commercials. They manage to insult men even more than women. The first time me and the husband watched it together, he turned to me after it was over and just said "I'm sorry."

Which is funnier than the whole commercial.
I can't stand the makeup ad with Diane Keaton. What the hell is "redensified" supposed to mean? That's a totally made up word.
blech. i just puked up a little in my mouth. i just saw an ad probably titled "wal*mart values" that started with "somebody said that walmart coming to town is like everybody getting a raise..."

what?!? who said that? somebody needs to be slapped.
fuck you freaks!

and the horseshit keeps a-coming for the next 25 seconds. awful, awful.
I hate the male driven Hardee's commercials. The whole eat here if we know what manly men want. *gag*

separate Nutrisystem ads for men and women. men's ad shows Dan Marino all sporty and tough. women's ad shows sexy bikini lady.
enough with the animated, anthropomorphic mucus, already!!!! there's at least two different brands that have hopped on this bandwagon and THAT IS BAD. nobody likes to look at snot, least of all, snot that looks like people.
Bwahaha!! So true, mouse!
Along with the anthropomorphic toe fungus, I'm finding it harder and harder to eat in front of the TV. That may be a good thing, though.
Hey! Fungus and mucous have feelings too!!
Curioushair, you haven't lived unless you've seen those PeptoBismol ads in French. Same music and lyrics, only in French--but the actual commercials are different for the Quebec market.

Why? Because they complained the spewing gods offended them?

O la la.
QUOTE(mouse @ Jan 3 2007, 10:59 PM) *

yeah! why the hell is she doing yoplait commercials?? she's done other ones, too. and i mean, the l word is pretty way up there as far as career goes, and "all over me" which she was also in was a critically acclaimed art/indie film......why does she need yoplait?

I know, it's so disappointing that Leisha has been doing those Yoplait ads! I noticed it years ago and pointed it out to my sister who couldn't believe that she was half of the duo who sang "You Suck." Seriously, though, there is a LOT of cash money to be had in doing an ad. One of my friends did ONE MEASLEY AD for, like, a cold medicine, and she used the money (I don't think all of it, either) as a down payment for a house. Edgy rockers-turned-actresses need to pay their electricity bills, too. I guess. wink.gif

OHMYGOD, have you guys seen the Office Depot ads where these people say they're going to need a hand (or whatever) and then this hand pops out of an Office Depot box? It's the creepiest thing ever and all of the people in the ad seem delighted that this phantom hand opens a cardboard box on its own and is willing to help them out with buying office supplies in bulk. Who the hell needs, like, a gross of yellow legal pads or whatever? Anyone that does is going to buy it from a catalog. Come ON.

I fucking hate television (most of the time)! mad.gif
I saw a print ad for Marriott hotels the other day. One was for the "residence inn" and had a picture of a woman lounging in jeans and some text about how the hotel is good for staying when you're moving, because it's homey or whatever. The one right underneath had a man in a suit and the text was about how staying there makes it easy when you're traveling for your big important job.
Lame. Advertising doesn't seem to have changed a whole lot in terms of feminism. I can't stand the Jif commercials with "choosy moms choose Jif." It sounds like an ad from the 50's or something. Unfortunately, advertisers aren't in the business of social progress and women are still the main consumers of home products, cleaners, etc., so advertisers will continue to run the same "soccer mom" shit until social and/or political conditions change. Lame.
I have to assume I'm not the only woman who has hated Secret Deodorant ads her entire life up until now, since they recently changed it. "Strong enough for a man, made for a woman" just seemed so wrong to me, like, are the other deodorants made for women not strong enough for men's armpits? and why not? and if they are, what is Secret saying about women's armpits?
What I LOVE is that they changed their slogan. The new commercial shows a man carrying a chair or a couch or something up a flight of stairs in an apartment building and a girl in converse sneakers checking her mail in the hallway below. The man looks down, sees only her shoes, assumes she's a man and says "hey, man, could I get a hand?" so the girl carries the bottom end of the couch or whatever up the stairs, but the guy still can't really see her till they put it down and he gets all embarrassed because he asked a girl for help and asks her her name. The new slogan, at least, is much better - "Strong, Like a Woman" and they kind of poked fun at gender roles, although I'm not sure if they've evolved enough to have that stance on sexism when this is their first ad with the new slogan. Definitely a step in the right direction though.
That Secret slogan never really bothered me, but I like the new one much better. "Strong, Like a Woman"

Has anybody seen the damn Hardee's commercials that are supposed to be marketed towards women? It goes on and on about sometimes women just want to eat chocolate all day....then says something like, for the day after that we have a salad. It just really irks me!! mad.gif
off topic: I'm not the stinkiest person in the world, but I am still worse than my boyfriend. Sometimes he smells when not wearing any deodorant but even then you have to like, bury your nose in his armpit to actually smell it.
ginger--yeah, and then the salad is a salad full of like, sour cream and cheese and bacon and processed chicken and shit. doesn't make sense.
Haha!! Check out this 70's Tab commercial!!
Poodle -- as we say here in Boston, that is BZAH !!

I am so annoyed by the ad with two angels, and, of course, the blonde one is a dimwit, and of course, the brunette one is all full of catty grimaces.

Yeah, that's women for ya. See what happens when you let them into heaven?

I don't even know what the ad is for because I always put it on mute.
I think the ad is for Philidelphia cream cheese. I like bagels and cream cheese as much as the next person, but I wouldn't call it heavenly.

That Tab commercial is hilarious and scary, it's kind of hypnotizing. You are getting very want a want to be a want to walk around in soft focus....join us.....
I swear I saw some vulval forms flash in it.
Yeah, I'm sure people in the 70's even thought that ad was creepy and fucked up. The voice-over dude sounds evil.
this'll mean nothing to most people, it's a UK advert but...

the gaviscon ad, with the blonde taking heartburn meds... and the white, creamy fluid being sprayed down her throat by several firemen just... icks me out.

and someone shoot the vauxhall zafira kids. for the good of humankind.
We have Gaviscon here, too, Mornington. That stuff always tasted like ass to me- much rather have Tums.

White, creamy fluid being shot down her throat by firemen (with hoses? Please don't tell me there were hoses!) Yeah, no symbolism there.
i hate:

dunkin' donuts "fretalian" ad, which implies that mainstream americans are too dumb to be able to comprehend foreign languages. i hate hate hate that. though somehow latte is perceived as english.

there's another that has these car dealer people singing a song from the sound of music and if i don't lunge for the remote mute button right away, i regret it quite a bit.

a good commercial, from several months ago: the one they kept playing during project runway, with the lesbian couple competing to book a vacation quickly.

(takes a while to load if you hit "view this ad")

i thought it was so cool that they portrayed the couple in such an everyday way. it took me a few viewings to notice that it wasn't at all an ordinary commercial--i don't think i'd ever seen a commercial with a lesbian kiss, nor have i since, and i watch a lot of tv.
I was watching TV with a friend today and this hardware store commercial came on, and the voice over guy was saying that this brand of wood stain had "the deepest penetration" of all brands of wood stains.
I couldn't stop laughing.

There's this Orbit gum commercial that ranks pretty high on the WTF scale, where this woman is in her office and she starts pouring dirt from the flowerpot down her throat. Seriously, what's the deal with that?
OMG! I just saw the Orbitz ad with the lesbian couple!
I had the morning weather report on when I heard this teaser for a segment on The CBS Early Show program:

What's more nerve-wracking than a knock down drag out with your partner?
Next week we'll show you how to reconnect after a fight

IMHO, what's more nerve wracking is a major television network implying that getting knocked around by your partner is just a normal, expected part of life.

BOO to CBS! Instead of telling people how to "reconnect" with an abusive husband or boyfriend, they should be telling them to GET OUT.

I suspect they meant "knock down drag out" rhetorically, as an analogy.

It would be interesting if they didn't, though!


"Knocked em down? Dragged em out? Here's how to pick them up and drag them back in!"

Complete with charts and graphs.
I agree. I *highly* doubt that they were condoning domestic violence, Annula. Do stop by the Newbies thread & introduce yourself.

I keep seeing an ad for a home pregnancy test that says something like, "the most high tech thing you'll ever pee on." Giggle.
The most hi-tech thing you'll ever pee on.
They have another version of that ad that says, "the most advanced piece of technology that you'll ever...*clears throat*...well, you know."

The dirt-eating ad is so annoying. It's not even clever. It's just plain stupid.

The commercial that's been driving me bonkers is the Vegas ad with Alan Thicke. "What happens in Vegas should be happening to you!!" Alan Thicke is such a cheeseball. Why am I not surprised that he's doing a Vegas ad?
I thought the ad was humorous. I only saw it once. I prefer a humorous approach as opposed to a woman and man hugging joyfully wearing their J. Crew clothing and whitened teeth. I'm pretty sure a large majority of people using pregnancy tests are in a "Please god, please god, please god..." type mood. Humor applys to everyone. Happy couples apply to less than half the population.
It was like an add for a razor. Or car. It was like a luxury car commercial. Although GoGo I totally understand where you are coming from.
It's pretty bold to acknowledge that a pregnancy test involves peeing on a stick. Most pregnancy test ads make it sound as though the device is magical crystal ball that you just gaze into for answers.
I hate the new Orville Redenbacher ads. Soooo wrong and creepy.
It would be one thing if they re-aired the old ads, but finding an actor and slapping a bad mask on his face and then making him talk about MP3 players? What the hell?!! The worst part is the end when he's bobbing around & says, "You'll like it better or my name isn't Orville Redenbacher!" I just to scream, "But you're name ISN'T Orville Redenbacher!!!! Orville Redenbacher is DEAD!!!"
All creepy, digitally enhanced CGI Redenbacher. But it is weird. We all know the guy is dead. That ad is like dressing up a corpse. Why don't they just bring grandson Gary back?
Eeeewww...that IS creepy!! It looks like they took an image of the top of his head (eyes up) and stuck in on another guy's head, leaving the mouth visible. Stupid.
Yeah I saw that the other day. Uber creepy!!!! I love the I-pod part thought, like look the old popcorn guy is trendy and hip!
CGI is mostly an abuse. It should never be used to "recreate" well know figures from the past. It's profitable high tech corpsefucking.

Here we get the commercial where the announcer says, "The most high tech thing you'll ever...clears throat...."
(and all the women in the room say, "pee on" to themselves). The graphic leaves nothing to the imagination here, too.

And the KIA ad making people crazy up here is the ad for the new KIA compact car, which shows 2 people making out in its tiny interior. Then, from the inside of the car, you can see the siren light from the top of a police car parked behind it, and at the same time hear a police radio calling an officer to a location.

At that point, one of the two people in the car gets out--and it's a blonde cop. Implying that she pulled the guy over just to have sex with him because he and his little red hatchback were so sexy, she had to have him penetrate her ASAP.

Because that's what female cops do.
Feed comments on how creepy new orville is

even the industry doesn't like it! hah suckers. they just wanted to show off.....and it backfired.
The Orville mannequin to the left is freaky, because he's not wearing a shirt/tie and I don't even want to think of him naked. Eeeeewwwww....
I haven't been here in a while.

I love that Clear Blue pregnancy test ad. It just makes me laugh everytime.

I saw that Orville Redenbacher ad. I have an online subscription to an advertising magazine and they were taking a poll on whether or not the company should have done the Redenbacher ad. Apparently some people have taken to calling it Deadenbacher.
I am so disturbed right now. There was an ad for Flomax (Prostate meds) on the tube behind me. I wasn't watching, but I heard the phrase "possible decrease in semen." I didn't need to hear that. I really didn't.
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