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In regards to the commercialization of songs like "Lust for Life" and "Blitzkrieg Bop" I had read somewhere that when bands signed to a label they sometimes ended up signing away their publishing rights. Other times the label's catalogue is auctioned off and the band members don't have enough money to buy the rights. So that would explain how and why some songs are used in the commericials without the band's permission.

But somehow when the cruise commericial comes on I feel better yelling "with liquor and drugs" at the tv set!!
Well today this was in my Rolling Stone e-newsletter:

NORMAN COOK, a.k.a. beat-master FATBOY SLIM, has told England's Conservative Party to not use his song "Happiness" in their conference this week. A loophole in the copyright law allows them to hijack the track -- something the Labor Party exploited in 2004 when they used Slim's song "Right Here, Right Now." A fuming Cook had this to say on his Web site: "At least the Conservatives had the decency to ask first unlike Labor. The Tories however remain my least favorite political party so an emphatic 'no' is the answer."

I would get so pissed if I were a musician and suddenly my music was being used in Bush propaganda. *shudders* Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl.
I guess I'm the only one here who actually HATES that Gap ad running right now.

Nothing against either artist being used but I hate their new campaign. And don't get me started on the previous one with the denim outfits.

I guess to me they're focusing way too much this season on appealing to only one body type: ultra skinny.

I have curves and wouldn't be able to fit in one damn thing they're advertising for. I mean if you think about it, how many of us can really look like Audrey??

Ok so I'm thinking too much about this one, but it just annoys the crap out of me and I have co-workers who feel the same way about it.
Very true, in the case of Burt Bacharach, that many songs would never be heard again if it weren't for TV and movies. Nobody would have ever known about Soul Bossa Nova by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 IF it weren't the Austin Powers theme song, and that includes myself.

What kills me is that I was listening to Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who, and the resident boy came up and said, "Oh, that's the CSI song." AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I practically shat myself. It took me weeks to recover from that one. Obviously, it's still a sensitive topic.

ETA- Charli!!! I thought I was the only one who hated that ad!!! No, skinny and tapered pants are evil, and I intend to do everything I can to stop the trend. I've never been a fan of Audrey Hepburn anyways, and the use of AC/DC is blasphemous. I know a lot of people who like that ad, but when I watch it, all that comes to mind is, "fuck, I hope tapered pants don't come back in style," WHICH you KNOW they will!!! *runs screaming*
Charli, I hate that Gap ad too! First off, I like Audrey Hepburn and I don't like her image being used to sell Gap stuff. And secondly, AC/DC?! Why does the Gap have to ruin everything?
Yes, it's the use of Back in Black that gets me more than anything else in that ad. The thing is, that BIB is such an ubiquitous song, that there's almost no hope for it. I'll give props to the ad for its creativity in an age of really fucking lame commercials, but still...

Honestly, I've never been an Audrey Hepburn fan, because I see her as one of the main women in pop culture who popularized the waif-look. Therefore, she is on my permanent shit list.

Seriously, I'm gonna form a movement against tapered pants when they come back, and if anyone wants to join in, then let me know. 90% of women look like crap in "skinny" pants. Oh god, I remember the days of rolling and pinning. *breaks out in tears*
No, I get so offended everytime I see that add. I love Audrey. They've sacreliged her image with this capitalist bullshit. And to put her to AC/DC?! She's probably turning in her grave.

AND, as my roommate pointed out, they're not even selling what she's wearing. She's not dancing around in skinny jeans, she's just wearing black leggings or whatever. Grr!!

You know what else offends me? That jeans commercial with a happy version of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line." Those bastards!
anna k
True, but many of those kids will just associate those songs with the ads. I'm trying to think of an example of a song that I didn't realize was an older song until later in life

I associated Start Me Up with Microsoft. Or Ballroom Blitz with Volkswagen. Green Onions I think of Pulp Fiction and Get Shorty and 90's hip-criminal movies.

I knew Joe Cocker's Get By With a Little Help From My Friends as the Wonder Years theme song. I assumed it was written for the show rather than a 70's hit.
For me, Ballroom Blitz will always be the song that Tia Carrere sings in Wayne's World.

Faerietails, I also noticed the fact that Audrey (obviously) wasn't wearing Gap pants. They weren't even around back then so why do they feel the need to use her image?

I know she was a waif which is something that gets to me but still, there's something I always liked about Audrey.
Word, faerie.

The Cash family is definitely cashing in (no pun intended laugh.gif ), partly because of the popularity of Walk the Line. I'm still grateful that they haven't reduced themselves to 'roid cream though--but who knows. If the price is right, I'm sure they'd go for it.

ETA- I'm totally with you guys. The first time I heard Ballroom Blitz was in Wayne's World, and I'd never heard Get By With a Little Help From My Friends prior to the Wonder Years. I was so young during that time, that it doesn't mean a whole lot, but still, that's the first time I heard those songs. I suppose that's the way that kids have been hearing songs for a while now though. Hmmm... *goes back to drawing table*

ETA (again!) - Pulp Fiction was pretty damn huge when it came to giving old songs new life. I don't know the stats for sure, but Dick Dale and Al Green sales skyrocketed after that movie. Many young people would have missed out on that stuff if it wasn't for Pulp Fiction (even though I hate to admit that, because I can't stand Quentin Tarantino). Those songs weren't used to sell osteoporosis pills though, which makes a huge difference to me.
It pissed me off a few years ago when HP (or Intel) used the song "Allright" by Supergrass on one of their commercials. (It was the music video they showed at the end of the credits on the VHS for the movie Clueless.)

I ended up feverishly free-associating about my anger in my journal after I saw that.


Audrey Hepburn and AC/DC? Haven't seen it but it sounds fucked up. But then again, that's a good thing I guess, since seeing the Gap use AC/DC to pimp their wares would make me want to stick my hand in a blender. I've been listening to AC/DC since I was in kindergarten. It's like mother's milk to me.
HP is waaaay guilty of using well-written songs in its commercials. Perfect example: Pictures of You by The Cure. In that case, The Cure got way fucked over because, for whatever reason, they had to choose between releasing a B-sides album or allowing use of one old song. Of course they let go of Pictures of You so that they could do the other project. I don't know the details of it, but it was something like that.

As far as Iggy Pop and Lust for Life, there was a definite "pimp-ho" situation going on there. He pretty much decided that the song had been popping up here and there for long enough that it was in his interest to earn some extra dough from it.

ETA - DFB is right, though. I didn't come out of the womb knowing The Beatles catalogue. I heard it from someone somewhere. I'm sure that a huge amount of it had to do with TV, movies, and the radio, because my parents were listening to Roberta Flack, Cat Stevens, and Simon & Garfunkel during my childhood. My "big break" came when my parents started getting these bi-monthly Time-Life records that had a lot of early 60's songs on them. I remember being totally in love with The Beach Boys as a child, and it wasn't until recent years that I realized that Brian Wilson is a genius when it comes to production. Same with Phil Spector. My "child ears" had managed to block all of the stereotypes, and I was able to hear the "wall of sound" in its purest sense. By the way, I've had way to much wine and I won't shut up about music when that happens. Sorry. *runs off to listen to Pet Sounds*
If I have to see one more ad for the fuckin' Woolite Pod carpet cleaner I'm going to shout loudly and possibly frighten my cat.
on Myspace:

IPB Image

wtf?! huh.gif
Huh? I don't get it.
nothing to "get", it's just an idiotic ad. i was laughing at the redonculousness.
You have to keep hitting the "shave" button so that the dude with hair beats the bald one. Then it takes you to some ringtone site. rolleyes.gif

WORD on the woolite commercial!
I'm a little annoyed at the Hoveround commercials, where the chair-bound folks are singing "YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU, AND ALL THE TIME YOU KNEW IT!"
But, I adore the Nationwide commercial with the girl in the boat thinking about Fabian (is that the guy's name?), and when she comes out of the tunnel this old dude (I guess it's supposed to be him as he is now?) is there rowing the boat (and he makes that kissy face at her)
resurrecting this thread cos it totally needs it. so many are bugging me right now, the top two are the STUPID commercial where the dudes are singing the wrong lyrics to "rock the casbah". "is he saying "stop the catbox?"" SERIOUSLY IT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG ARE YOU AN IDIOT and secondly the car's jr philly cheesesteak commercial with the guys speaking in "philadelphia" accents. really? cockney mixed with a mouthful of food does not a philadelphia accent make. kudos for saying "fluffya" for "philadelphia", but that's the only thing you got right.
I know, mouse- the "Rock the Casbah" commercial pisses me off, too. That song came out before I was born (only by a few months) and I never had any trouble with the lyrics. Kids these days....

I'm fortunate enough to not have any Carls Jr.'s in the area, so I'm not subjected to those (I've heard how annoying they are.) But that damn Domino's Pizza commercial for the Brooklyn Style Pizza, with the horrible NYC stereotypes yelling at each other? Wrong on so many levels....who the hell tries to market NY style pizza to Chicagoans? They oughta be run out on a rail.
Re: "Rock the Casbah" :
Can you imagine those two trying to sing "White Riot"?
They'd fuck up the easy words, but imagine when they hit the nigh-unintelligible parts.
Those commercials put out by the Law Offices of So-and-So-Out-To-Make-You-Some-Money REALLY get under my skin. A lot of them seem to be for the dumbest things that really can't be helped. But they're going to sue all these doctors because of an accident of nature. It's pathetic.
The worst part is that I find myself singing "rock the catbox" to my cats.
i dunno, poodle.......somehow that makes it all better biggrin.gif from now on, whenever i get pissed off by that commercial, i'm totally going to imagine you and oscar and gus rockin' out, and it will be okay
I've actually had the pizza folding lecture since moving to NY. not stereotypical. it's real. Half the food selection is italian.

My favorite has to be the new dunkin' donuts commercials. Incredibly catchy. Tha back of my legssss...Stickin' to tha plethaaaaah!!!!
it's true that brooklyn has fucking awesome pizza (which, incidentally, domino's doesn't measure up to at all, says the new york times), and yes, new york offers a lot of italian food, but the racial/cultural stereotypes in that commercial are pretty amped-up.
the music in that car commercial where the guy draws the spiral on the beach and then drives up to the cliff to look at it sounds like the background music in donkey kong for super nintendo.
favorite: "scented candles can make your home inviting, but [OMINOUS MUSIC] SOME CAN LOOK TOO MUCH ALIKE"


oh, hey, mouse, how are you doing?
find, mouse, how are you?
great thanks, where is everyone?
no clue.
i'm here!

ch-ch-ch-ch-CHIA! the pottery that grows!

IPB Image

after 11PM that commercial runs at least every other minute....i want one real bad....
At this point, is anyone flattered when they receive a Chia Pet for a gift? It basically says, "you're not high enough on my social list to warrant a real gift, so I'll run into the Walgreen's on the way to your party and grab whatever looks good and is less than $12."

Although, I have thought looking into that herb plant thing they sell.
I miss The Clapper ad. I haven't seen that one forever. That, and the "Help, I've fallen" one. That's a classic
By the way, I was watching tv earlier and realized that the Singing Snickers Guy (Jack Mulcahy) is Also in the Valtrex commercial for genital herpes. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

So next time a nice lookin' fellow offers you a treat and wants to sing to ya while ya eat it, ya might wanna think twice laugh.gif laugh.gif

Sorry if somebody already mentioned this, but the idea of a bunch of scissors running around on the sidewalk snipping things really creeps me out.
Yay! The Clapper!! It has to be the one with the old lady clapping at the end. Otherwise it doesn't count. tongue.gif

Does anyone else gag when they see the Victoria's Secret ad with the model singing Santa Baby?
Those freaking ads with that "Bob" dude waving robotically (sp?) and smiling like a machine. And that woman portraying his "partner." GAH!
I actually kind of like the scissors commercial- they're like little helpful puppies or something.

I'm really tired of being yelled at by that Oxy-Clean guy, though.

And diaper commercials make me want to wretch. They're poop catchers, people, get over yourselves.
I hate the oxy clean guy too!! Shut up already, the stuff really isn't even that great. I tried it.

I never get tired or the Clapper or Chia pets ads!
LOVE this Mischa Barton ad for Bebe, a store I hate. LOVE it.
Saw the funniest ad tonight. A lady is using some kind of fertilizer or something & her plants/flowers/lawn begin to burst with life. Suddenly her dead dog that she'd buried in the garden pops up out of the ground alive. I am a very sick person.
If I see that commercial with the two women comparing the taste of yogurt to shoe shopping and foot massages one more time, I will stab the tv repeatedly -- with my damn chocolate covered stiletto.
It's when they refer to "zen wrapped in karma wrapped in chocolate" that I recoil.
ack, yes, as if yogurt is ever thaaat good. i realllly hate that commercial too. i really do want to stab the tv. i have to mute that one or else i'll just yell at them.
Ugh...that commercial is sooo sickening. If you're gonna talk about how yummy chocolate is, then go eat the real thing.

Why are we supposed to care about Mischa Barton again?

I hate the ad (I think it's cingular) with two foreign guys on a plane. It's such a Borat rip-off.
Those women are really annoying.
I loathe those yogurt commercials!! Women don't talk like that, about yogurt, they make me cringe.

I adore those caveman insurance ads. My favorite is the one where he is at the therapist. And tells her "what if it said, so easy even a therapist could do it".....and she is like "well that wouldn't make snese because".... Cracks me up!
Everytime I see those yogurt commercials I want to tell them to get a vibrator or a bottle of tequila or something.
anna k
One of those women is Leisha Hailey, who was in the Murmurs and The L Word. She's very cutesy.
yeah! why the hell is she doing yoplait commercials?? she's done other ones, too. and i mean, the l word is pretty way up there as far as career goes, and "all over me" which she was also in was a critically acclaimed art/indie film......why does she need yoplait?
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