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Full Version: !@#$%&* Annoying Ads
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Someone tell me this ad from the UK is a joke:
holy fucking shit, i hope that's not real, antiotter, for a variety of reasons (the least of which is... why would you want to buy chips that were reminiscent of...)
oh. my. GOD.
hahahahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wow. that's kind of awesome. now if only we could show girls whipping up a nice mixture of mushrooms, salt and bleach for the same sort of hoax. GAH.
Wowza. That is wrong on many levels.
That's fucking repulsive.
Wow, that was really gross. I hope it's a joke.

And I hate Hummer ads.
Ewwwwwwwwww! That's nasty.
ok.....NOW i'm getting pissed at t-mobile. teen girls AND wives now biggest talkers, while dads sit in chairs watching their hard-earned money being frittered away.

i didn't get a cellphone until i was able to pay for the entire shebang myself. and my mom is the breadwinner in the family. and that is not unusual.
I love that insurance commercial (I think it's geico, that has ordinary people's stories being retold by celebrities) with Charo. Y'all seen that one? Bwahaha!
ETA: I second the "pissed at t-mobile" sentiment.
the one with Little Richard's pretty funny, too.
This is sort of like an ad...

On the Yahoo Mail sign-in screen, they always have pictures of everyday people with their little slogans about how awesome Yahoo is. Every now and then I get a picture of a guy pulling his lower eyelids down.

Why the hell would I want to see that? It's gross! It's not cute or funny, it's fucking stupid and ugly, and it pisses me off.
Yeah, I don't know what's up with the Yahoo mail ads.

I love the Little Richard ad.
Wow. I so don't like the new Geico "celebrity" commercials.

I love the "What's in your wallet?" barbarians, though. The new one where they're camp counselors? Bwahaha! "Put your back into it!" (wipes giggle tears from eyes)
Has anyone seen the Dairy Queen Moolate commercial with the red lips talking really fast. It is annoying as hell to listen to, but every time I see it I think of the beginning of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If only it was...
Has anyone seen the Burger King commercials with the chicken that hnags out w/ fries? I have seen two different ads and in both the chicken gets made fun for hanging out w/ fries. It seems rascist as hell to me! I can't stand them. mad.gif
Yeah, do not dig the new BK ads.
Nope, haven't seen the new Dairy Queen ads...
Really sick of car ads lately.
Yeah!!! Some of my *best friends* are fries!!
I hate that ad.
anna k
The Geico ad with Don LaFontaine's voice creeps me out. It's as if that voice doesn't belong to a body.

The VW ad looks like a ripoff of the Allstate Insurance ads, which feature people driving and having silly chitchat then being rammed by an oncoming car.

A Six Feet Under episode freaked me out with an opening death scene: a family is in their SUV, and the kids are watching a video in the back while the parents are arguing about directions and fussing with the car controls, and not paying attention to the road. A car zooms in from the side and the camera zooms in on a screaming little girl. The title card reveals that all four family members were killed. It scared the hell out of me.
I remember that episode freaking me out.

I hate the ads for this camp for children of 9/11 victims (it's been showing on TLC and even on the family channel) -- I guess there's a tv show/documentary about it. I feel for those children, but just hearing the snippets (before I fast forward with my Tivo!) breaks my heart. I don't want to be put through that until I am in the right emotional place to give it my attention, rather than during the break of some cheesy show. It's so serious and I feel like it's sort of cheapened by having them promote whatever show they're doing. I also worry about those children, I totally approve of having a camp for them, but maybe they should be allowed to grieve in private? It seems so exploitative.

It's a total cliche and it goes without saying but I want to poke whoever created those Ax body sprays with a million pins.

And finally (I guess I have been saving up my ad rants!) I went to Amazon yesterday on someone else's computer. I love Amazon, I buy lots of random things there (I also support my local book sellers, I swear, but they don't have all the types of books I read), I feel like it's this cozy comfy place. However, the homepage was this big spread on "The Girls Next Store," Hugh Heffner's "girlfriends," and I immediately was put off. Just a reminder that all fine-tuning preferences on internet web sites can let them use offensive advertising but in my cocoon I rarely get to see it.
There's a pharma ad I like for some sleep aid. This guy is sitting at his dinner table with Abe Lincoln & a chess set, a beaver eating cod knows what with a fork & knife, & there appears to be a cosmonaut behind him making coffee. It's all about how his dreams miss him cos he's not sleeping. I really like that beaver. He's got personality.
There's a TV ad for dish washing soap that features a goldfish and towards the end of the ad, for no reason whatsoever, the goldfish says, "Does this fish bowl make me look [gasp!] fat?!"
which is even more offensive because soap will kill fish.

Way to make more little kids accidentally kill their pets.
I love that sleep med commercial! Nice beaver wink.gif
Although I like Zellers' new marketing campaign, I can't stand their recent ad, with the alarm clock! Gawd! Do we really need to hear that more often than needed?
Is that the one sleep ad with Abe Lincoln and the beaver, and he's eating a pork chop or something? I love that ad. smile.gif It makes me giggle, b/c that reminds me of dreams..... I mean, how fucked up they can be. Wonder if it works? I do have insomnia, and I want the beaver to be talking to me... he reminds me of the beaver in the Narnia movies.

And the fish has a self esteem problem? WTF?
Have you seen the Hummer ad.The one with two guys standing in a grocery line, with the one in front buying tofu, while the guy behind him is buying mounds of beef and ribs? The guy in front seems so embarrased when the guy behind him sees his tofu, that he is forced to immediately rush to a Hummer dealership where he buys a Hummer and restores his manhood. He is now sitting behind his big fat Hummer in control!!

This is the ad for the guy who has no self-respect, no self-esteem, and, of course, has no idea what it means to be a man. This is the ad for the guy who wants to be as dull and stupid as men can be, as insecure as I worry most of them are. This ad is not funny, although some puerile ad writers probably thought it was wink.gif
i have a confession that dudes who are vegetarians are a big turn off to me (so stupid i know but they are also usually super skinny and thats truly what i dont like). but then again, so are men who own hummers. somewhere in the middle is nice.

has anyone seen that ad (de Beers) where its a pic of a huge diamond and it says "make your single friends live vicariously through you"

makes me want to deface it every single time i lay my eyes on it. grrrrrr
Kinda of annoying... but sort of off topic..

I love the models in weight loss commericals. I was watching the slim-fast yummy in my tummy.. and I think they are the most beautiful women. Same with the weight watchers dancing, smiling, well dressed.... funky ladies getting their groove on.. But then..

it slaps you back and says you need to change, or you need to lose weight..
I think why ? Fuck if I looked that good and happy, why would I want to suck down slim-fast??
Speaking of weight loss ads, I ha-aaate those Kirstie Alley/Jenny Craig ones.

"Hey Kirstie! Here are my old fat pants!"
"Aaa! I have groupies!"
i am really annoyed by that frizz-ease commercial about the shampoo you can use before you style your hair to get a head start. the announcer woman has such a thick accent and the commercial starts with her saying "fast forward" and i ALWAYS think she is saying "fast food". ew. why would i want fast food in my hair?

also i'm effing sick of the constant balding, going to seed, comfortably aging-looking husband paired with the immaculate, painfully skinny and shiny wife.
Okay, I just saw the new Dairy Queen "It'll make a man out of you" ad--the one where the girl takes a bite of hamburger; lies back on the couch, hand down the front of her pants a la Al bundy; flips the channel to the game and asks her boyfriend to "pull my finger."

Thank god I stopped eating meat more than a decade ago. I might have become a lazy, channel flipping, farting man.
How bout the one where the Domino's pizza delivery man comes by with a giant, walking brownie that gets chocolate all over everyone?! How -- fecal.
Am I the only one who's kind of weirded out by Esurance commercials? You know, the cartoon ones where the pink haired spy and the car salesman who I guess has since become a spy fight off robots and weird sexual tension?
As for good commercials, I like the new "I Feel Pretty" Nike commercial with Maria Sharapnova, but they usually make pretty positive commercials for their women's sportswear, even if they are evil.
Yes, I LOVE the Nike "I Feel Pretty" commercials too.

As far as the Esurance commercials, I actually think Erin Esurance is pretty hot. (insert embarassed smiley) Her voice is kinda sexy.
I just saw those Dominos brownie commercials for the first ime last night, like every channel was playing them every commecial break, so I had to keep changing it. The furry brownie was kinda cute, but the chocolatey mess was not. Ick.
As far as the Esurance commercials, I actually think Erin Esurance is pretty hot. (insert embarassed smiley) Her voice is kinda sexy.

Oh, she totally is, and I'm completely jealous of her hair, it's just that something's not quite right about those commercials. I mean, are she and the Ross Gellar-looking car salesman ever going to hook up? Will they have any more commercials after that? Everyone knows that when characters finally do get together it's not any more fun. The last commercial in this series was especially weird; they were all deeply looking into each other's eyes and shit. And lately, car salesman's been on missions with her. Is he a spy now, too? And why does Erin Esurance keep having to tell him what Esurance is about? My boyfriend suggested that maybe he's just trying to make conversation, but how boring does he have to be that he can't think of anything better to talk to a super spy about than car insurance?
So many questions... The Esurance commercials are an enigma to me.
ThingsAreNice, I just gotta say that I looooooved your post! I adore that you and your boyfriend have sat around and discussed these ads to such a degree because that's exactly the sort of thing I would do. smile.gif I'm guessing that a new character will be introduced in the Esurance ads soon. They need a villain. By the by, I also love her hair.

I loathe all the latest ads for Jello products, including the pudding. They're using the most irritating music/jingle/thing. Grates my nerves like nothing else. I dive for the mute button when those ads come on.
The Domino's commercials with the giant fur brownies are very icky!!! Yuck!
They probably will bring in some villains, roseviolet. Maybe we'll get to meet whomever's been making all the cowboy robots.
I don't think I've seen any of these esurance commercials. But I have seen the dominoes brownie commercials. They remind me of the Snuggle commercials with the stuffed bear. I hate that bear.
Anything with "talking" animals makes my "mute" list
Ok, there's a chance I might be typing this in my sleep. I just saw a commercial for what looks to be Pooper-Scooping Barbie. The scene is a Barbie doll out walking her Barbie-dog, Tanner. She feeds it round little Barbie-treats and it shits little brown Barbie-turds. Barbie then uses her long-handled Barbie-scoop to pick up the Barbie-dog shit, and deposits it into the pretty pink Barbie-can (included). Swear to God, people.

Now somebody pinch me.
I was so fascinated by the idea of pooper scooper Barbie that I went to the Barbie website and yep, there is a Barbie with a dog that poops! See ad here -
OMG! That's too funny... it even shits.... wow.
Is anyone else getting swamped with Fitness Made Simple commercials? John Basedow is an f-ing freak!!
anna k
I really like the new Gap commercial with Audrey Hepburn dancing to Back in Black. An extended version played yesterday, and it's just so fun to watch.
John Basedow looks like his old, nerdy head was sewed onto a muscular body--like Frankenstein or something. In the commercials, he's flexing his abs and thrusting his hips forward as though someone is giving him head. Yeah, he totally grosses me out. Those commercials used to be aired so often that I would literally scream at the sight of his face. He's not on TV so much lately. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that.
Anna, I love that new Gap ad. Then again, who doesn't love AC/DC and Audrey Hepburn??? smile.gif

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