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you're so right. those head on commercials are just maddening!!!! i saw it like six times over the weekend! garrrrrrr!
maybe they're trying to give people headaches w/ their ads!
Polly, the Snoop Dogg/Orbit ad cracks me up every time, too!
That damned commercial with Fabio for (Nationwide is it?) insurance.

The commercial for some sort of bleach pen with Kelly Ripa is so annoying...
GAH! i know, hellotampon! she actually doesn't annoy me on the regis show but when i see that commercial i want to smack her.
this one isn't annoying to me--though undoubtedly it's supposed to be--but i love the t mobile commercial with the little cheerleader. i just think it's so hilariously done, and i like to imagine that the girl is actually some cool little actor who's totally excited to get that role and had so much fun with it and did it so well, and then finished the job and put on her ripped jeans and went home to read a book.
The commercial for the new episode of Carlos Mencia bugs the hell out of me: "Carlos's Dating Tips: 'If the guy pays for everything on the date, you have to pay him panooch'"

Makes me want to shoot the television.

I like the cell phone commercial where the kid is throwing pebbles at his girlfriend's window, and this guy gives him the shiny new cell phone, and he throws that through the window too. I'm not sure why I find it so appealing...probably because when he gets his hands on the product he immediately gets rid of it. Like a subversive statement that this phone is only worthwhile as a projectile.
Hah, mouse -- I kinda like that cheerleader too. Despite the message that teenage girls are huge talkers and have nothing of interest to say, she does a great job.

From what I've seen, Mencia's schtick is pretty tiresome. I hate comedians that go for the easy race/gender jokes. Bor-ring.

A local law firm here named "Laub & Laub" runs late night commercials that essentially consist of their name and number on the screen, with someone singing their name to "Ode to Joy":

Laub and Laub and Laub and Laub and Laub and Laub and Laub...and Laub. (repeat several times)

For some reason, mrlot and I find this hilarious. It is the most low budget commercial ever. But damn, they get their name across.
considering that the campaign also features a middle aged woman and a middle aged man, i really don't think that they're saying that "ALL" teenage girls are like that. some teenaged girls really ARE big talkers; so are some middle aged women, and middle aged men, and other people.
I guess I see the stereotype that teenage girls just blabber on about nonsense. Eh, I didn't mean to attack the commercial since I sort of like it anyway. I haven't seen the one with the middle-age man and woman ... just the one with the real estate agent who's BSing her clients. Not as cute as the cheerleader, imho.
yeah, there's the real estate lady one, and then some maybe lawyer dude. they're all really annoying, and i think that's the stereotype--people who talk too much are really annoying! but hey! they make us money!

i didn't mean to get my back all up about it--it's just a freaking commercial--but like with the outlash against the burger king ads, i tend to get pissy at the sort of pc-ness that looks for an attack in everything. i know i can easily get jumped for being a bad feminist for this sort of attitude...but i don't think that being kind of laissez-faire about it, or not seeking out some sort of misogynist thread to get insulted by, makes me less of a feminist. eh. it's hard to talk about this without sounding like i'm insulting those who do get upset, and i'm totally not, but that's just my attitude towards it.
There's plenty of stuff that I feel that way about too...I think over-analysis of small stuff definitely can distract from important issues. I got into a debate in here a while back where I was defending why I don't think Family Guy is misogynistic and definitely felt like I was a bad feminist for feeling that way.

But still, there's a big difference between seeking out a misogynistic thread and just...noticing what you notice. I can enjoy that commercial and yet at the same time, I see the blabbering nonsense stereotype. For the record, it's not like I'm all upset about it. I tend to analyze and bitch about the faults of every commercial that comes my way because, well, I enjoy it. smile.gif I mean, I do think the stereotype that teenage girls are silly-headed is a problem, but I don't think that a cell phone commercial is the root of the problem, y'know?
You know, I don't think the cheerleader girl is even a teenager. She looks like she's 12 at the oldest. If she's that young she's able to get away with being silly. It's better to get it out of your system when you're young so you're not a decrepit old codger like me (ok, I'm 19) and still playing with magic wands, play-doh, and bubbles on the sly.
wow. i TOTALLY don't think that family guy is misogynistic. i mean--except in the totally overt way that it is, but the actual INTENT isn't.

this convo should probably go in a different thread, but these feelings are precisely why i don't set foot in the f-word threads (or feel comfortable reading bitch). maybe i'm not a feminist? i certainly consider myself one, i certainly feel that things are not at the best they could be and we still have a ways to go. but i think ultimately i have to trust my own judgement on whether something bothers me or not.

and as for the teenage girl stereotype.....i think more than anything, they're playing on a CHEERLEADER stereotype. fuck yeah, cheerleaders are annoying and talk too much! i mean, not that handing one stereotype in for another really changes anything, but at least it's a smaller generalization...? eh, i see your point.
Ok, I know this thread is for !@#$%&* annoying ads, but I gotta say that I can't get enough of the All Bran commercials! They're so clever taking such an embarassing subject and making it so hilarious, like with Imodium AD and Metamucil!
The Death of the Double Entendre (in advertising)

The author talks, in part, about American Apparel ads and how they lack, er. . .subtlety.
Aw mouse, it would've been great to have you join in on the FG discussion! In retrospect, I think I was all over someone who was discussing why an episode rubbed them the wrong way...I tend to think criticism means you'd prefer censorship, I guess...but really, if you can't discuss that stuff in the lounge where can you? On the other side, you also shouldn't be made to feel like you aren't a feminist if something doesn't bother you. Like you said, this convo really doesn't belong in here, but I personally think it would be awesome if you posted some of your thoughts in the "I'm still a feminist...what's it to you?" thread. No pressure. smile.gif

Just so my whole post isn't OT: Those Taylor Hicks commercials for Ford, where he's singing "I get what I want, I know what I need" or something. ARGH. They play them constantly! And I hate that song.
Has anyone seen those annoying Sunsilk haircare ads? The announcers voice grates on my nerves - it sounds like a cross between Joan Rivers and Mario Cantone. I like Mario Cantone, but the ads "Heelllooo Blue!" and "Get hairapy!" drive me up teh freakn' wall! I have to mute the ad 'cause it's just too much.
I don't watch American Idol, but when I saw that Taylor Hicks commercial all I could think of "THAT is the best you people could do?" His voice is meh, he looks like Jay Leno, and his stage presence is like he's having some sort of fit to hold in his poo. Ick.
i mean, you win america over and now you're commercials? couldn't we think of something a little more admirable than being the face of ford? really?
I know this thread is for annoying ads, but since I'm an ad major, I tend to found out about some really good ads, exceptions to all the annoying ads out there. Here's one I found out about today. Really amazing copy, watch the whole thing.

Political Ad from Argentina
Octobersky, I am so glad I'm not the only one annoyed by those Sunsilk hair commercials. It makes me wonder what the hair behind the voice looks like...after all, if she knows whats best for all of us, wouldn't she be unafraid to show her face, er, hair?
snaf, I meant to thank you for posting that article. I found it very interesting...and though I don't think I've seen very many American Apparel ads (I am a TV-avoidant and I have developed a knack for not "seeing" print/web advertising), I dislike Dov Cheney (sp?) at little more everytime I read something he says.

Excuse me, Dov. Can I call you Dov? Too bad. So let me get this straight. I'm OLD because I think your ads are lame? Nice spin, baby.
I heard a radio add for Elexa or Electra, whatever condoms that made my ears bleed.

It's starts off w/ a girl saying since her boyfriend doesn't like to buy condoms she has become an expert (no problem there) But then, they start making the girl sound dumb. She says "what are X-large condoms for?...mostly flatterly...what are sheepskin condoms for the winter......" It was horrible, I hated it.

Why not run a serious ad to incourage women to become self empowered when it comes to contraception?
Interesting article, snaf.

I don't like American Apparel, mostly because I can't stand their ad campaign. Haven't seen any of their TV ads (are they even making any?), but the print ads are irritating enough. It seems like the more I read about Dov Cheney, the more repulsive he becomes and the less I want to buy his clothes.

Having said that, I own a few pieces of clothing made by them, and it seems like they are one of the very, very few companies who aren't sweatshop-based and making clothes that I think are stylish and aren't outrageously expensive. I hate feeling like I have to choose between either looking good or supporting a guy who makes my skin crawl.
I feel the same way, Lilac. My (lame) rationalization is that women doing sweatshop labour are probably not exactly being protected from sexual harassment (on the job and otherwise) either.

Heh - Doodlebug, it's Charney not Cheney. . .but that's works too! wink.gif As far as I know, they only do print advertising - it's all over the "alternative" press here in my town.

So apparently Lindsay Lohan is now shililng for Proactiv (sic). I wonder what she'll do when it gets to that "it still works but not as well as it used to" phase. . .although this does explain why she looks a lot older than twenty. You're supposed to apply liberal amounts of sunblock when you use it, not jet off to the nearest tanning salon.
there's a new ad on msn for lance armstrong that goes something like this:

ride a lap with Lance Armstrong.

did anyone else think dirty thoughts with this one?

i almost posted it in the inappropriate thread...but its an ad. so.... huh.gif
rizzo, if you look in the archives there's a huge discussion about that ad a few weeks back.

and yeah i hate those online ads too--mostly because they are such. awful. design. but then again i'm a design nerd.....

i am hella confused about how i feel about american apparel. HELLA. a friend of mine actually works for them (she's not one of the models....yet??) and i've heard both good and bad. i honestly cannot decide how i feel about it.

and the sunsilk commercials are annoying too; i think the voice sounds like a loud gay man, the kind of hairdresser who thinks it's okay to touch your boobies cos he's gay. ew.

ETA: huh......the posts i replied to disappeared? what?
and the sunsilk commercials are annoying too; i think the voice sounds like a loud gay man, the kind of hairdresser who thinks it's okay to touch your boobies cos he's gay. ew.

It is a loud gay man--Mario Cantone. He did a funny song in one of his stand-up specials called "What If He's Gay in the Womb", but other than that, meh.
I haven't been nearly as annoyed by commericials lately as I usually am. Strange.
(By the way, this is kittenbonanza. I have tried every possible way of logging in several times and it won't let me. Argh.)
Anyone seen this commercial for the H3 Hummer? A woman with her kid at the playground and another kid cuts in front of her kid in the line for the slide or whatever. The other kid's mother is standing there and she first woman says, "Oh, I think we were in line first" and the other woman says, snarkily, "well, now we're in line first." The first woman looks over at the street and sees an ad on the side of a bus for the H3. She has that "Eureka!" look on her face and then you see her at the dealership signing the contract for the car and then buckling her kid in and driving off in the gargantuan SUV, with a satisfied look on her face. It freezes on that look and the a caption pops up next to her head that says, "Get Your Girl On"

Huh? I guess the purpose is to show her feeling dominant again because of this car...I hate that car companies are so blatant about bringing out aggressive tendencies in SUV drivers. Especially since there was just a UK Study released that shows SUV drivers really are worse drivers. The commercial just pisses me off on so many levels!

(Nothing personal to any Busties who drive SUV's- I know you're not all jerks and some of you do have legitimate reasons for driving them!)
Oh yeah polly - if that Hummer one pisses you off you haven't seen the one yet with the guy at the grocery store buying organic veggies and tofu whilst the guy behind him is buying copious amounts of meat. The guys exchange looks and because tofu guy feels all emasculated he decides to buy a Hummer to assert his manliness. Makes perfect sense, right?
Speaking of Hummer ads, check this one out:
The coke zero adverts are pissing me off right now. They're running in the same lane as the bk "me man need man drink" but ithey're really the first version we've had in the uk.
I've seen an ad now twice that makes my blood boil - I don't even know what the product is, but the ad is a 20-something guy talking about his roommate, "Zagar", who appears to be an Amazonian Indian - in the first shot, Zagar is chopping the head off a chicken, then becoming "invisible" by disguising himself against the kitchen wallpaper pattern, but the one that really kills me is the 20-something half-dozing in the tub saying, "Zagar, what are you doing", and Zagar's got wood piled up around the tub and is trying to start a fire to cook the roommate. Damn, nothing like a good racist stereotype to sell your crap.
QUOTE(mornington @ Jul 23 2006, 09:13 AM) *

The coke zero adverts are pissing me off right now. They're running in the same lane as the bk "me man need man drink" but ithey're really the first version we've had in the uk.

Did the BK ad start the trend? I'll play armchair sociologist and guess it's some sort of reaction to sensitve, tofu-eating emo boys from the past decade or so. Good on you BK, you've made your point. You can stop now.

I just saw the Hummer one this morning. I hope Bitch picks up on it for their "Love it/Shove it" feature.

I also saw (half watched, half slept; so my memory isn't quite that accurate, therefore I will refrain from naming/blaming just yet) a spot for a cleaning service that says "not only are your carpets clean, so are our employees" (ie drug-tested, background checked). As if working people are more likely to be drug addicts and/ or criminals. Cut to a shot of the drug-free workers. One was black, I think the other one may have been white, but I though it showed two black employees. Like I said, I was half-asleep, so maybe someone can verify it, but the message seemed pretty clear.
Last night I was in the other room when that Hummer ad came on. It even *sounded* like something that would annoy me.
oh! yeah! there are a bunch of the zagar ads and they are, i don't even know what to say. it's pretty much the same thing as if there was a commercial with an asian person and the joke was that the asian person tried to eat his roommate's friend's dog, or something. i can't believe they actually produced those.
The Zagar commercials are for Budweiser. Yeah, they're really awful; Zagar in general has this Mr. Peepers, ape-like quality about him which makes the whole thing even worse.
Oh, and has anyone seen the ones for, I think it's Tag Body Spray, where the guy is spraying Tag from his neck to his crotch? Then it shows him on a date and the woman he's with kisses his neck, his chest, and keeps going lower, the slogan being, "Show them the way". Ew! Ew! Ew! How skeevy! Not that regular Tag commercials aren't bad enough, but that one is seriously nasty.
I can't stand that commercial for the deodorant-like thing you "apply directly to the forehead to help with headaches. They say "apply directly to the forehead" about 2.5 million times in the ad. Anyway, I just saw the NBC Evening News is going to be talking about the product tonight and how it actuall works.
you know, catsoup, i'm gonna be really mad if they say that shit works really super well. i hate the ads so much, i've already sworn never to buy it...
oh, god, thingsarenice. that's awful. i haven't seen that one but it sounds terrible. generally those oversexed axe and tag ads don't bother me all that much, but that one sounds over the top.

besides, LOGIC? as much as i love a boy who uses a good cologne, you gotta admit that that stuff isn't tasty.
One of the network morining shows (I forget which) had a feature on "Retrosexuals" vs "Metrosexuals" today in which they discussed (glossed over, really) those wretched commercials with men tearing down the street in search of animal flesh.
CuriousHair, I caught part of that! I think it was on the Today show.

CatSoup, a couple weeks ago NPR had a funny commentary on that Head On stuff. I can listen to it if you go here. The ad for it drives me insaaaaaaaane so I loved hearing that I wasn't alone!

As for the Tag ad, I'm too disgusted to respond yet. Blech.
please, stop playing the toyota "don't wanna sleep in don't wanna be late" jingle commercial, i'm going to scream
There's a radio add I heard for a home entertainment place (I won't do them any favors by listing their name) that says, "You deserve better than: I don't know." The chorus sings, "I don't know" over and over throughout the commercial, which is about the most grating sound ever.

I think we're all in agreement that the Tag adds are stupid. I don't find them offensive, just painfully moronic.
The one Tag ad I mentioned isn't even the worst. That honor belongs to the one where two guys are spraying a wall with Tag, coming towards a door as some "Happy Birthday" song plays. They get to the door, spray their underpants-clad friend who opens the door with the Tag down to his crotch, and a sea of women follow the trail of cologne into his apartment where it is implied that he will be part of an orgy with one of the lowest male:female ratios in the history of orgies in which both men and women are included. SHOW THE ZOMBIE SEX SLAVES THE WAY!
I think if I saw a guy spraying himself with tag/axe, I'd make a show of SPRAYING THE AREA AROUND HIM WITH FEBREZE. Just to make a point, you know.
I've had it with those idiotic raisin bran commercials featuring 'Johnson' and his dumbass supervisor who's always trying to fire him.
And those fruit of the loom commercials with the guys dressed up as fruit need to STOP.
Yes...just as we were starting to get women educated about not marinating in their scent, the advertising world has turned around and started encouraging MEN to marinate in their scent. Ugh! Men have seriously started to outnumber women offenders in this area.

I kind of like the fruit of the loom guys fruit guys though...
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