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Ok I'm backtracking on this one but I saw that burrito ad you are talking about AP and I about barfed. The dude just drops it on the dead body and then picks it up and starts eating it. Are you fracking kidding me?!?!? I don't even know what that ad was for because I about lost it when that happened. Sick.

Honestly the whole Larry the Cable Guy is just played off way too long. Git er' done is just way too drawn out, ok already, whatever you need to get done go do. Doesn't need to get advertised, maybe he's a huge procrastinator or something and needs that as incentive?
I saw a nutri system ad with Belinda Carlyle (sp) from the go-go's and she looked really scary . Too much plastic surgery scary. I was terrified!!

I hate the twix commercial where the guy is coming home really late and a woman who is his girlfriend/wife asks him if he is just getting home and he lies and says he has an early meeting. I think he should have just told her " Yes i was out all night kickin it with the boys." Why can't relationships be built on honesty? or the commercial where the guy runs out of the resturant to go to a cash machine while his date is trying to pick something from the menu. Again couldn't he just say" Excuse me, I have to run to the ATM I'll be right back". WTF?
No... a relationship built on trust in a commercial would just not be as funny as some a*hole needing to make up a lie. Sheesh, didn't you know lying is hilarious!?!?!

What about those deuchebags sitting at Joe's Crabshack ordering those steam pots (of which I have to comment ARE NOT filled to the top like that!), and the 2 morons are sitting there while the dumb girl is looking at her's and the guy starts yelling "take your top off, take your top off" and she is sitting there horrified! Then the guy removes the top of her steam pot and they all just have a big dumb laugh about it. Yeah because I'm sure suddenly that was funny when she realized that he wasn't actually being a big pervert.
Keys to the VIP. Anyone watching the Comedy Network knows exactly what I'm talking about. ugh. They play it every commercial break, 24 hrs a day.
"OH! Look at those tiny little burgers!"
If I hear those girls' insipid, high-pitched snivelling voices one more time I'm throwing someone out the window.
I HATE the commercial where the woman's sour cream starts to tell her why he is so much better than mayo. The commercial is harmless enough (extoling low-fat and the like) until the woman start's to agree w/the sour cream. As she says goodby to the mayo, the sour cream scolds her: "Don't talk to the mayo! I'm telling you he's trouble."

Now, I get that this is talking food that I am getting so aggravated about. HOWEVER! I find it so obnoxious that as soon as this woman accepts the (male-voiced) sour cream into her life, it starts to tell her who she can and cannot talk to. I mean, how can we sit around and be suprised that Rihanna might have (please god not) gone back to Chris Brown when women let food tell them who to talk to?!

Maybe I am making a big leap here but I just can't stand it!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Mar 11 2009, 12:28 PM) *
I find it so obnoxious that as soon as this woman accepts the (male-voiced) sour cream into her life, it starts to tell her who she can and cannot talk to. I mean, how can we sit around and be suprised that Rihanna might have (please god not) gone back to Chris Brown when women let food tell them who to talk to?!

If she did go back to him, I hope it's because she plans to beat the ever-lovin shit out of him with a tire iron next time he raises a fist to her. Teach his low-life ass a painful lesson. It's what I would do.
snow white
ok, this is totally off topic but i have to get this off my chest: apparently, rihanna is quite the fighter and has been known to beat her brothers with bottles and shit... which i have no idea how it excuses leaving her face in the mess chris brown managed; i don't know if any of you saw the photo but it was no love tap. and apparently she's run off and married this baby faced creep show. her choice, i think it's a totally effed choice tho. just b/c you grow up witnessing violence doesn't give you a free pass to perpetuate (another claim being made), ie; my bf doesn't beat on me and nor do i beat on him...
Snow White, try here, our celeb goss thread. There's a thread for everything.
snow white
thanks ap smile.gif
Does anybody else love the Denny's commercial where the two ranchers are talking about what a horrible winter it's been, how their pal lost half of his heard, and then they ask the waitress for more chocolate doo-diddles and more giggle-drops? HILARIOUS
I liked the "Nannerpuss"* Denny's ad better. There was something so surreal about it, & the song was catchy.

Has anybody seen this yet? A sexy vampire . . . with TAMPON FANGS. Tampon the Impaler! It ain't right I tells ya, it ain't right.

*Thank you for the correction. I wondered why the song hadn't infected my brain just yet.
I get that Nanerpus song stuck in my head all the time! It looks more appealing to me than what Denny's offers, so I guess the ad backfired n my case.
You can call me
Nanerpus! Nanerpus!
And guess what
I love pancakes!

Hooray for Nanerpus!

As for the OB ad, I think once I did that exact thing with a couple of small tampons. It just seemed like a silly thing to do. At the time I didn't even get the blood connection. Then again, I was quite young.
snow white
wow, i saw that ad ealier today and thought it was a cute way to rip on the vampire obbsession going now (anyone taken a stroll down the tween section of a bookstore lately? b/c i did yesterday and was on vamp overload) but i didnt even get the blood connection! ewwww!! i still ike the ad tho, lol
That vampire ad doesn't piss me off like those goddamned midol ads do. Sons of bitches, referring to the menstrual cycle as a "curse." These aren't the dark ages/biblical times, you jackasses.
i don't watch a lot of tv, so at least i don't have to deal with actually seeing the insipid cliches and assorted douchebaggery, but i've heard an ad on the radio the last couple times i've been in the car that just makes me want to flip the dial every time. it's two loser-sounding guys talking about the cute blond in the carl's jr. drive-through, and how she must be totally hot for the first dude because she gave him two chilidogs or something for $3. and then his friend comes back like "dude, she's been giving that deal to everybody", and first dude says "that tramp!". and then here comes third BMOC-sounding douchebag saying "hey, i think that hottie at carl's jr. likes me" and starting the whole stupid thing over again.
that goddamn "double pits to chesty" ad.

die, axe, die!
i have to admit, i love the homoerotic quizzno ads, but i'm annoyed at the rated pg version...

and i'm with you cat lady, no axe anything.
I used to love those "real men of genius" ads on the radio. They used to crack me up and everytime there was a new one I'd crank up the radio just to hear.

The worst is sitting down watching tv and thinking, god I hate this f*ng commercial. Then I totally forget what commercial it is! Which is probably good until it comes on again and then my hatred comes back up.
"Double pits to chesty"
What the hell does that even mean?

I too love the "Real Men of Genius"/"Real American Heros" ads. My favorites are the ones about taco salads, exotic cowboy boots, and way-too-proud-of-Texas guy
What are those ads selling again anyways? hahaha... is it beer I think? I've heard so many I can't even say I have a favorite but I know the most recent one I've heard had me laughing in the car.
They were for Bud Light
Holy shit that webpage is awesome! I love that they have all the ads listed!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
I like that page, too tongue.gif Didn't know that they had made so many radio spots until I saw it. Be sure to listen to "Exotic Cowboy Boot Wearer"
is anyone else amused by the occasional ann coulter ad up top?
Ewww. I hadn't seen them yet.

Has anyone noticed how the tone of the ads have changed with the recession Everything from fast food to clothing. The theme seems to be, "We know you have no money, but spend what little you have here!" I'm not suprised but some of it is amusing. I want to send them a reply saying, "Thanks for the invite, T.J. Maxx. But I have no money!"
snow white
yet another fastfood porno mini-flick. padma (host from Top Chef) follows in the footsteps of slutburger pioneer paris hilton.
So is that commercial for the Food Network After Dark? I almost expect them to end it by spraying ketchup all over her clevage.
There is some ridiculous ad for some brand of diapers with some guy singing about the "potty dance". It's absolutely ridiculous and it drives me crazy to see adults along with little kids doing some kind of dance about "going potty" (I hate that term so much).
ShamWow Vince arrested for punching prostitute
Police reports obtained by the site claim that Shlomi met 26-year-old prostitute Lenea Harris at a Miami nightclub, and subsequently brought her back to his room at Setai Hotel. Shlomi allegedly paid Harris $1,000 for "straight sex."

That's went things took a turn.

Shlomi told police "that he kissed [Harris] when all of a sudden [Harris] bit his tongue and would not let go," according to the report.

Shlomi then punched Harris several times until she released his tongue, and then ran to the lobby to call police. Harris suffered several cuts and fractures to her face.

he not only looks like a weasel, he is one! it's no sham. wow.
(sorry couldn't resist.)
eew eew eew...I just saw an ad for something, a wireless service or something? It's this woman riding a bike, with a guy behind her and she has armpit hair like three feet long, and it is slapping him in the face.....


The point was totally lost on me.
snow white
treehugger, i hate that commercial too. dis-gusting
snow white
aw, i didn't relize how much i liked the cadbury creme egg commercials til i just saw one! and i love how they haven't changed it in like 10 years. i like when the lion snorts while doing bunny noises, cute smile.gif lol, i'm a dork.
I like that commercial where the guy and the llama (it's a llama, right?) are looking at each other, chewing on starbursts.
tree, there's another ad in that series with two pigs eating ham at a restaurant. And the pigs talk about how bad cellphone plans are unnatural or something.
I love Cadberry mini-eggs way more than Cadbury Creme Eggs but the commercials for the creme eggs are like seeing the first robin of spring. Gosh I love them.
Hah! about the Sham-Wow guy! I know it's really not funny, but I can't. quit. laughing!

I love the Cadbury commercials, too. Every Easter, my dad gives me a creme egg, and has since I was little. I prefer the mini-eggs with the candy coating, though. My boyfriend and I just bought our 3rd, 4th, and 5th bags of the season. Ever notice how each and every one of those eggs has a crack? It's become a little game for us to find them.
I loved the cadbury eggs commercial where the bunny is clucking, I hate rabbits but found that commercial cute. I haven't seen one of the commercials in a looonnng time!

Does anyone else see those WOW commercials where the girl is talking about her online profile and the camera guy is like oh yeah I'm such and such and it basically turns out that they are chat buddies? I don't get this commercial because I can't figure out if she's happy or sad that it's the camera guy!?!?!?
Nutrisystem - "Real food for real guys!"
As opposed to.... imaginary food for imaginary guys?

I wish advertisers would realize that not everything becomes endearing just because you shoot it in black and white. That guy munching on a nasty looking Little Debbie cake is not appealing. Neither is his stupid dance or his vocalizations that make him sound like he's whining/in pain. And what's with all those women who look around and laugh??
That Huggies wipes commercial with the baby in a bubble and its mother's annoying accent needs to go.

So does the KFC one where this girl's like, "Oh blah blah blah and I would know because I'm the cook." Shut the fuck up. It's a fast food restaurant.
Christine Nectarine
This stupid spot for BK Burger Shots.

because women can't resist anything little and cute! i'll be attracted to you because of your little burgers! yeah, that makes sense. Burger King seems to have a knack for combining fast food and patriarchy.
You know, I used to like Burger Kind food but over the past few years the ads have become so offensive and gross that walking past the stores make me a little queasy now.
I hate grammatical errors in advertising. From an ad for Tropicana diet orange juice: "50% less calories and sugar!" uuuugggghhh!!!!
HT, I can't stand that Huggies ad! Every time I see it I'm confused. Is the mother talking to other adults with baby talk or does she have a speech impediment? It honestly sounds like she's saying "no mo baba fo you." Ugh. If I ever have children I am going to speak to them using full, clear words.
Oh yeah those KFC commercials are a joke for sure! Yeah because behind KFC's secret recipe of fried chicken there lies a chef just waiting to cook up a batch. Ok bitch, sure. You know their outfits are covered in fried chicken grease and batter and not all clean and white!
I don't have a problem with the KFC ad because she says she's a cook. Granted, it might be more accurate to call her a fry cook, but nevertheless, there are people cooking food at KFC, so it's not misleading. If she said she was a chef, then I'd be seriously annoyed. There's an enormous difference between the two.

As for the Huggie's ad, I got the impression that the woman was speaking with a French accent & that's why she sounds unusual. As for the bubble, I gotta admit that I'd kinda like to run around in a giant hamster ball for a while just to see what it's like. It would be nice to have some air holes in that ball, though. Poor suffocating baby!
I became so freaking annoyed by a commercial that I had to dig up my password merely to post about it...

Liberty Mutual's "responsibility project" - The spots are a little scenario where a person 'does the right thing' then they flash a little explanation about how 'a company should, too.'

Well. No shit. You mean behaving ethically and taking MONEY for a service is something extra-special your corporation does? How warm and fuzzy of you. Thanks for producing tv spots to share your equanimity with the common folk. Congrats on advertising your corporation's decision to abstain from felonious/criminal acts. I cannot even describe how enraged this makes me. Has anyone else seen these?
the funny thing about that kfc cook commercial is the disclamer on the bottom of the screen that says "actor portrayal" uh... so you aren't really a cook.... hmmmmm.
snow white
i have NEVER understood the commercails. one where the woman on the horse says she's "just a goof looking for her bong"? huh? and the other where the jogging man says "she gets to pick, daddy gets to pay" he talking about his daughter or future gf? the only one i remotely understand is the junkfood guy.

and all the financial commercials out now? esspecially All State, "put good hands". ah-ha! light bulb! wtf? It's the same soothing "you can trust us" mantra in a million different ways from about a hundred different companies.
lol.... no snow, she says she's "just a goof looking for her ball." so together they'd be a goofball. ugh. i hate that commercial.
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