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I saw this commercial today and it made me laugh.
QUOTE(foryoursplendor @ Jan 12 2009, 09:42 PM) *
Ok this is old news, but its new to me... the cave men from the geico ads were made into a sitcom... it must have flopped, but did anyone see it?

I hate to admit it, but I watched every episode of that series. It was seriously bad, bad, bad. Needless to say, it got cancelled. My boyfriend loves the cavemen.
What about those ads for Weight Watchers where there is this little stuffed monster called "hunger" and he's running around with food trying to entice people with it. I think he's so freaking cute! I'd take a chocolate bar from him, he's adorable! hahaha....
I know, I love the hunger monster! They shouldn't have made him so deviously cute!!

And then there's this commercial that makes me want to kill, kill, kill. So annoying.
Yeah I hate those Hillshire Farm commercials. They're stupid, scattered, and make no sense, and not in a funny way either. They're just dumb.
i love the hulu/alec b commercials...

and i would love my own hunger monster...they should sell them.
limeaway ad: woman in supermarket with cast in arm. various workers ask her, "oh, did you do it skiing? snowboarding?" etc, and she lies about it each time, saying it was hang-gliding, or whatever.

[at this point, i 'm thinking, "oh please let it be something rad like 'i busted it in a roller derby/ i'm a stuntwoman/ i'm a ninja' ",
but i know that's never, ever going to be the case]

she then runs into another lady in the supermarket with her arm in a cast. the other lady looks at her knowingly and says something like, "you have soap scum too?"

THIS is how i would rewrite it:

other lady: "soap scum?"
main lady: "no, i punched the tv when i saw a limeaway commercial."
snow white
luv the hunger monster! so cute!!!

the whole time watching the limeaway ads i was wondering when it was gonna turn into a PA about spousal abuse. "you have soap scum too?" she answers "um yeah" as her unemployed alcoholic husband waits for her in the car.
I just saw one of those Airwick commercials with the anthropomorphic animals. The frog mom actually has boobs.
snow white
hellotampon, i love how in the jungle she's a skinny little hottie and later when she's talking about airwick and her family she's all filled out with post-baby bump chub and all. lol, i luv it.
snow white
OMG, has anyone seen the 6 hour power commercials? i just saw the one where a secretary in a super short mini struts into the bosses office and the desk and boss bounce up and down for a few seconds and the pic of his wife falls off the desk and then it goes to a shot of the 6 hour energy drink. it'd be hilarious if it weren't seriously 1-900 material. has anyone else seen it?

(i know, lots of posts but i'm sorta home sick today. what else is there to do?)
I just saw this ad on TV & I still can't believe it's real. You have to see it to believe it.

Snow White, I saw that ad on Jezebel. They can't show that at any old time, can they? They at least wait until after midnight like with all of those awful Girls Gone Wild ads, right?
Wow, rose, I can't believe that's a real commercial.
snow white
lol, that cash for gold ad is so gross and hilarious. i love how the fat man and old lady are so repulsive. it's ok to take there jewels, b/c they're disgusting anyway!

rose, the 6 hour power commercial was on at like, 10:15 pm. i just saw a shortened version this am (gotta get my ass off the couch!) with only the boss jumping up excitedly saying he's ready! poor naive day time tv, it has no idea...
snow white

here's the link for the 6 hour power commercial. i just read some of the comments and everyone is giving the same "wtf!?!" reaction ihad.
yeah i saw that last night. i was gobsmacked.
There's this Eucerin commercial where this 6' tall 90 lb model strips off her clothes, seductively tucks her hair behind her ear, and rubs Eucerin lotion all over her body. Then she puts her clothes back on and leaves the house. It really annoys me for some reason. I don't put lotion on myself by arching my back and sticking by butt in the air.
Hellotampon that is shocking! I'm surprised because I thought everyone put lotion on their bodies like they are in a porno. hahaha.... Maybe it's me but when I put lotion on any part of my body I like to make sure the lotion has completely dried or sometimes it makes you feel weird trying to put clothes on, like sticky or something?

Forgive me if this is a repeat, but 63 pages backlog is daunting! Have y'all seen Sarah Haskins' Target Women spots? Sure it's shooting fish in a barrel, but still, they are a much needed breathe of fresh air, at least for me. The cleaning one and lessons from 2008 made me laugh a lot, especially that moment when the woman's like, " want...sandwiches?!" Haha.
"I have a structured settlement and I need cash now!"
"Call JG Wentworth! 877-CASH-NOW!"

This commercial makes me wanna rupture my ear drums with a q-tip.
Ok what about the one where there are some women in an office and they are talking about their co-worker being sick and she's got all this fruit on her desk. So they decide to get her Vicks Dayquil with Vitamin C in it. Because OBVIOUSLY the vitamin c in dayquil far surpasses the vitamins she could get out of an orange. And of course she is all shocked and happy that finally the wonderful makers of drugs have finally made something natural with vitamin c in it just for people like her!
QUOTE(ifjuly @ Feb 19 2009, 09:14 PM) *
Forgive me if this is a repeat, but 63 pages backlog is daunting! Have y'all seen Sarah Haskins' Target Women spots? Sure it's shooting fish in a barrel, but still, they are a much needed breathe of fresh air, at least for me. The cleaning one and lessons from 2008 made me laugh a lot, especially that moment when the woman's like, " want...sandwiches?!" Haha.

I love Sarah Haskins! Especially the cleaning one. I was kinda disappointed in the chocolate one though. I'd been waiting for her to make one.
*love* the cleaning one. everytime i put on some shitty rag tee shirt to scrub the toilet i think of her tongue.gif
snow white
i've never seen sarah haskins before but love her already! esspecially the jewlery one, with valentines day just over i've felt swamped with "he doesn't love you if you don't get you a peice of JEWLERY!" fuck off alreay wal-marts of jewlery retail.

oh and, "sandwiches are for boysss...!"
"Sandwiches are for boys!!" is my favorite moment of all, for sure. I laughed out loud. Right on.

You're from upstate NY! Me too! biggrin.gif
Love Sarah Haskins!!!

I just saw an ad for Pledge where the tag line was "Clean More Faster". Uuuuuuuugggggh.

Note: The way the announcer said it, it did not sound as if he was saying that you could clean more items in less time, but rather that the product would allow you to clean things, not just fast, but faster than faster - "more faster!".
snow white
(off topic)

ifjuly, props for upstate even if the winter is so GD LONG! i need some of those hand and foot warmers just to avoid getting freezer burn on my way to the car... so over it.
Alright, what the hell is with those "Hang in there Jack" commercials? What are they getting at?
ive been wondering that too, maybe jack's food is killing him?

Magazine ad for Marc Jacobs' 'Daisy' perfume in a magazine at the weekend. The model's lying down in a field with childlike cotton underwear on and nothing else - the combination of that and the gawky/awkward pose makes her look barely pubescent. Creepy.

(Damn, couldn't find it online)
Totally agreed on the creepiness of that ad, persi.
geico just needs to stop advertising. the staring money is just irritating.
snow white
"it's a blackberry that flips Cloooosed!"

i am soooo sick of that helmet haired blackberry bitch. the tag line at the end says, "bust chops together",more like "keep your boyfriends balls in a jar and dangle them over his head"
The staring money is scary. Those creepy bulging eyes staring at these poor bastards. What? The commercials are almost confusing, especially when you are watching and then some poor asshole is like... oh that's the money you could have saved by switching to Geico. Thanks dick.

"Oh it's your butt calling!" That chic is super annoying. "Oh my butt just hung up on you." Shutup dude, you know you can't stand up to your girlfriend.
I'm probably alone on this, but I like the "No more butt dialing" commercial laugh.gif
I hate the poptart commercial with that little animated creep dancing around waiting for his mom to give him a poptart. I don't know why, but I do.
I don't like the Pop Tart ad either, the whole thing gives me the creeps. I think it's the cutesy tone of it, plus the overall design of the people and the kitchen....

And if I had a pile of money staring at me, I'd be pissed off too.
For me the weirdest thing about the Pop Tart ad is that the kid is doing the Running Man. Didn't that dance move die a couple decades ago? What 7 year old kid is going to do that move?

I have to admit something shameful. I kinda like the butt dialing ad - especially when he hangs up on her.

In Canada they have been playing a BMO ad for investments where a couple is on vacation somewhere looking at worry dolls at a street vendor. They proceed to insult the vendor, asking for bigger worry dolls for the "bigger worries" we apparently have over in Canada because of the crashing markets.

First of all, the commercial is insulting and racist, implying that "simple" people in 3rd world countries have no real worries. having to make your living selling trinkets to stupid tourists isn't stressful enough? good god, I guess there are no problems at all in the 3rd world. Secondly, why the %^&&* are these people on vacation if they are stressed out about money? And thirdly, how throwing will your money away investing in more things make you feel better? ...I will stop here before getting too carried away!

I also hate all ads for anything "probiotic," "prebiotic," bluetooth or 3G, or pretending to be eco-friendly when it is in fact an SUV.

whew. That feels better.
i will second that on hating the butt dialing commercial!

this one is a bit older, but it grosses me out every time i see it. The clorox wipes commercial where the mom and kid are brushing their teeth and the mom sprays the kid with her electric toothbrush and gets toothpaste/saliva all over him and the mirror...but she only cleans off the mirror.
I keep finding myself singing "Give me that filet of fish, give me that fish". The commercial is so surreal. Why is the guy sitting in the garage eating the sandwich? Who is the guy that comes in? Who the motherfuck still has a Bigmouth Billy Bass? Goddamn McDonalds.

And I swear the guy that comes into the garage is the same guy that plays a coroner in another commercial where he drops his burrito on a corpse. So I get creeped out even more.
This isn't really a complaint about a specific commercial, but the ones they decided to show during The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

I am sick of seeing the GoDaddy ads featuring the half naked woman, the movie promos for Miss March (which looks fucking stupid) and the other tripe they run. I know it's Comedy Central, their target demographic is guys who would like those things but dammit, if I have to see one more ad featuring Larry the Cable Guy I am going to break something. Don't they have some sort of marketing exec who can tell them that women actually watch their channel?
I second the GoDaddy hate. Comedy Central also tends to run a lot of Girls Gone Wild ads at night, which I can't stand.

Has anyone else seen the NutriSystem ads with Marie Osmond? It looks like she hired Peggy Bundy from Married with Children as her stylist.
I don't like Comedy Central's GoDaddy ads, among others, either. I don't understand - don't they make any attempt to find out their audience demographics?
I second, third, fourth, and fifth the Larry the Cable Guy hate. Actually, I don't get the whole "Roast" thing. Why would any self-respecting person go on such a show? Are these people really that desperate for attention that they would go on a program where they know they're going to get slammed?
I know people - male and female - who really love Larry the Cable Guy. However, those individuals would never watch The Daily Show. I suspect there's very little overlap in the audience, so I don't get the ads, either. I understand the appeal of a roast, though. I have a few friends who are comedians and they always enjoy a good joke - especially if they're the butt of that joke.

Worse than the Go Daddy ads: the Girls Gone Wild ads that Comedy Central starts showing after midnight.
Ugh, Girls Gone Wild, one of the banes of late night television...

have you seen the spin off series, "guys gone wild" i did a double spit take.
The only time I've seen Guys Gone Wild was when I went to a gay bar called Woody's. It was pretty funny.

I also came in to say that I hate every yogurt ad ever made.
snow white
guys gone wild? an hour and a half of moob flashing? i'll only buy if it's a buffet of men doing that naked dance, girating wildly so their peen is being volleyed (sp?) to and fro between their legs. i love that dance!

Oh my cod snow white, your post cracked me up!
But seriously, there's a Guys Gone Wild? I'd like to see them advertise that on Comedy Central. I'll bet people would suddenly stop thinking that that sort of thing is ok.
Yep, there is a Guys Gone Wild, and I'll take candycane's word that is hilarious.

I've only seen a couple ads for it, not as much as Girls Gone Wild.
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