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Ha, I'm the same way, auralpoison. There's a commerical for some apple crisp scented air freshener where a man walks into his house, smells the air, and it shows him remembering the apple crisp mom used to make... Except the woman is taking a freaking pie out of the oven! There is a distinct difference between apple pie and apple crisp. Argh!
Oh, and what's up with that Skittles commercial where the guy is at a job interview, eating Skittles with his beard? That one really weirds me out.
Oh, Kittenbonanza, I posted about that beard one a while back. It creeps me out when it starts petting her face! *shudders*
How about when you go the movies and they have the skittles ad with two sheep that have human faces. And they are eating skittles off a stump and talking about how good they are. That add weirds me out, but for some reason, I kind of like it. I've only seen it in theaters.
anything for vonage and that godforsaken theme song.

this may be more local, but that F*CKING commercial where i *think* Smashmouth is performing the song

AND, (more of a feminist outrage thing) i can't remember what they were shilling, but the commercial where the guy is getting his dog to bow in front of him, and then he gets his wife to, only to see that she was picking up an earring. anyone know that one? i'm in a letterwriting mood... fuckers.
I finally saw the "you poke it, you own it" ad for beer--I was pretty astonished at that.

And, as for the BK one, it's promoting sexist stereotypes, using a song that was a rallying anthem in trying to dismantle them.

Me, I hate the one with the cheesy suburban mom in her suburban assault vehicle in her horrible cheesy suburban mom clothing and her pampered, bored over-fussed-over offspring saying KARATAYYYAAA!!!

I grab the remote and change the channel or put on mute.

Oh for goodness sakes! Can Father's Day please come so that Sears will STOP IT with the Christmas carol ads! I just hate the!

And the Sprite (?) ad where the guy is being strapped to a chair and forced to drink Sprite and then he removes the bandage from his eye and it's another mouth. Oh ick!
aural- yes!!! ralph maccio? i mean come on, one of my friends in 7th grade had an obsessive crush on him (and i mean obsessive-she made up stories about how he and she were dating, etc). But she was the only one! HE was hot for a bout 5 m inutes. I hate those ads!!! White teeth don't take 20 years off your age anyways.

What about that Brawny ad? I weirdly like it, because it's mocking the "ideal man" idea-men must be ultimately manly and at the same time insanely sensitive....whatcha think?
the Brawny website has lots of funny stuff - funny videos with the Brawny man. Very cheesy.
Yeah, I think that commercial is kinda funny- the guy feeding the alligator cracks me up.
I LOVE Brawny ads. so much, that those are the only paper towels I will buy. I think they are hilarious.
This one commercial that's been airing during "The Glen Beck Show" has really been bothering me. It's for a product called Head On and it shows this woman against a green background rubbing something on her forehead while someone yells, "HEAD ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD! HEAD ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD! HEAD ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD!" and then they show the box and it doesn't tell you anything about what it does at all! I even looked at the box and it doesn't say anything like, "Headache treatment" or "Moisturizer" or anything, and it's so obnoxious!
YES! YES! WHAT THE HELL IS HEADON? And not knowing is NOT going to make me want to buy it!
...i googled headon! it's headache relief that you 'apply directly to the forehead!'. gawd, i'm so glad i barely watch tv and therefore manage to avoid such horrid commercials
I love the new DQ commercial with the monsters... I also loved the one with the pregnant woman sharing the ice cream with he partner and then picturing him in labour... LMAO

Also like the one where the woman walks in and there is this little bald man who is running around her house acting like a cat... I don't know why it didn't tick men off, but I loved it. And the one where the man was a kitten and he was jumping around and jumped on the curten and it fell down and he started playing with it. HA It Was Great!
I heart the DQ monster commercial. I heart it so much I must link to it. (someone did mention it in here a few weeks ago before I had seen it.)

What does everyone think about the Apple v. PC campaign? I don't know if I like them or if they irritate the one hand, they have a creative simplicity that I like. On the other, there's a mean-spiritedness about them. (I know it's a tough ol' world out there, and it's not like I'm protective of my PC, but I don't know how else to say it.)
>>What does everyone think about the Apple v. PC campaign? I don't know if I like them or if they irritate the one hand, they have a creative simplicity that I like. On the other, there's a mean-spiritedness about them. (I know it's a tough ol' world out there, and it's not like I'm protective of my PC, but I don't know how else to say it.)<<

They're annoying. Ah, I get it, by having the older guy in the suit represent the PC, and the young casually dress guy as the Mac, I'm supposed to believe that PCs are old and corporate, while Macs are for the young & hip "with it" people? *roll eyes*

Spare me.

i love my pc, but maybe that's because i've never been able to afford a mac. i think the ads are trying to come off as snarky, but really they're like those stuck up bitches in gym class who always checked out your underwear looking for yet another ingenious way to dis you, just cause they could. it's just plain old mean. which is why i laughed my ass off when my friend posted this ctrl+alt+del cartoon on his livejournal. :D
i don't think they're mean.........they're, unfortunately, pretty true. okay, the one about being able to take photos is stupid, pcs have that too, but the crashing, and the oh yeah i speak her language digital camera one....i dunno.

i used to have a pc, and it was fine, and then i got a mac, and i lurve it. actually i used to joke and make the metaphor of introducing new software or accessories to a mac and having it be like "oh no, we go way back" whereas the pc has to get acquainted. my wacom tablet? needed extra software, set up and alla that to go on my pc. for the mac, i just plugged it in.
I am annoyed by the TLC "Life Lessons" collection ads, mainly because they showed the -same- add on -every- commercial break in between "What Not to Wear" and "While You Were Out." I swear, I am going to start OC checking my own ceiling lamps for decomposing fried chicken.

mouse, what brand/type of wacom tablet do you have? I have been wanting to get one but didn't know what size or which brand would be best for general PS and Illustrator drawing and colouring work.
seraphine, i actually have a 4x5 graphire wacom from like, 2002, which i have lost the pen to and am direly upset about. but at work i have one of the 6x8 graphires and it is AWESOME, more than adequate. the intuos (also wacom) are more sensitive, but also more expensive. it depends on what your income is and what you want to be doing. i find that the one i have at work is fine for all graphic design work; if you're doing freehand drawing you might want one of the more sensitive ones. that's what i'm saving up for (after more memory for my laptop, a car, a buttonmaker, a decent fan, a working stereo, i am going to be poor for so long)

apparently there is a super cheap tablet (like $89), i forget the brand, available at target and other places like that, but my friend got one and promptly returned it, saying that you get what you pay for.

p.s. check out the art busties thread in working girls, if you haven't already
until the delivery guy caves and says "you win", the new domino 6 for 6 special commercial seems like the perfect set up for a gay porno.
The Pcs vs Apple ad.. .I agree with xenyz on this one. Although, it could be just because I can't afford a Mac yet. I still love my PC. Despite the crashes.

Heart the DQ commericals. Made me rush out and grab a blizzard the other day. Damn, it was good. :-)

Mouse, you're right. Even my roommate mentioned that about the new Dominos ad.

And, I bought Headon the other day for migranes. Have no freaking clue if it will work or not. It wasn't due to the ad though.
grrlyouwant, that comic is freaking genius!
I came across a truly bizarre ad for Folgers coffee today:
Happy Mornings
Creepy! And it certainly doesn't make me long for a cup of coffee. Instead, I feel like cowering under my bed.
So, drink coffee and be followed by a gaggle of really scary yellow people who seem to want to eat my soul. I knew there was a reason I didn't like coffee.
Oh shit. I don't want to be followed around by scary yellow people! That's a freaky ad. And, I drink Folgers (at least at work...). Ack!
OMFG that commercial is CREEPY! And nobody thought to put the author back into rehab?!

I love that. I love them walking out of the ocean and watching that guy shower.

They look like a cult.
Wow. That was some scary shit. If those freaks were following me around, pacifist though I am, I'd want to punch them!
I can't believe that commerical is airing... it's so freaky. It certainly doesn't make me want to have any Folgers coffee....
I think the Folgers ad is hilarious. I can't stop watching it. It's supposed to be campy and the entire Brady clan found their place in the afterlife. (Right down to the '70s hairdos.)

I still think Folgers sucks, though. I wouldn't touch a cup of Folgers with a ten foot pole.
Maybe too much coffee causes liver damage and they're a little jaundiced. That is creepy!
holy shit. if those weird little yellow things woke me up, i think i'd have to take them out with a shot-gun, zombie-style.

and i HATE that phrase "you can sleep when you're dead." So walking around half awake or hepped up on chemicals is letting you experience life to the fullest? bugger off.
Eh, that Folgers ad bugs me the same way those Five Alive ads do; you're not being "hip" or "clever" or "ironic," - you're trying to sell me shitty instant coffee. It's supposed to be "we're in on the joke - we're cool, like you," because they know that for a large segment of people, drinking coffee bundled up in a blanket with a loved one (or whatever their commercials are usually like) doesn't resonate. Most people are overworked, overtired and don't get enough sleep - ever - as a fact of modern life. So they're trying to poke fun at the idea that their product can make you into some kind of shiny, happy person if you drink it while insinuating that (unless you're, you know, some kind of unnaturally peppy freak) you're probably going to need it just to get by. Which is kind of depressing, really.
Has anyone else seen the "messing with sasquatch" ads for beef jerky? Mr. P laughs everytime he sees them...I just have to sit back and roll my eyes!
crazyoldcatlady - "zombie style"

pixie - I really laugh at those commercials, too.
There's a newish ad for some type of SUV (A Dodge, I think.) that has all of these fuzzy wuzzy critters that are intimidated by the auto. An animated chipmunk or some such says, 'It scares the *bleep* out of me.' For some reason this makes me laugh.
AP - I really love that commercial too.
I haven't seen it yet, but just the description makes me giggle.

So, we drink shitty Folgers at work, and I told everyone about the scary zombie commerical. No one believed me. They probably think the new girl is smoking some serious weed....heh.

The Sarah Silverman Ad that's here online in Bust! She is NOT funny! And she's more offensive than funny, and I don't mind offensive humor at all. This Bitch just isn't cool. Off with her head!
The Sarah Silverman Ad that's here online in Bust! She is NOT funny! And she's more offensive than funny, and I don't mind offensive humor at all. This Bitch just isn't cool. Off with her head!
Some of us do find her amusing.
To bring Burger King back into the discussion, have any of you seen the new ones with the Dad (dressed as a Whopper) and the son (dressed as a Whopper Jr.) getting into a argument? It's pretty amusing.

I wish I had never been broiled!
Get your head out of your bun!
I think this commercial for Orbit gum with Snoop Dogg is pretty funny!
I saw and was repulsed by this ad for Stackers the weightloss supplement. It had this soldier that had just come home from Iraq and his wife and slimmed dowm using Stackers. The whole thing seemed borderline soft core porn. *shivers* It was utterly horrific!
I hate this company!!! THey have several products but obviously the same marketing group. I will NEVER buy anything from them as long as they insist on irritating their potential customers.
Why would any company think for a minute that if they totaly piss off their customers first, then for some reason this customer will just open up their wallet and throw money at them? I don't get it...
Headon - the MOST irritating commercials on TV today!!!! Never-NEVER will I buy anything from them as long as they insist on grating on my nerves.
MANPOWER - the second worst annoying commercial on the air:

THe lst thing I want to hear is 30 seconds of constant alarm clocks ringing while looking at people trying to look funny or clever. WHen this commercial starts I immediately mute the TV, then turn the channel. This company is not only irritating to me, they are wasting their money because I refuse to watch their !(#&*@$%ing commercial.
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