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Full Version: fruuuusstttrrraaatttttiiiioooonnnn!
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Wow. Just looking through old posts and came upon one I posted inthe Sapphic Sex thread about some portions I got, which was, as far as I can remember, the last time I had sex. It was dated one year ago today.

Gonna go scream now.
8 months. and that was just a one-off. not only am I dying to have sex, I'm dying to have ongoing sex with a partner who wants to have sex as often and as no-holds-barred as me. goddammit. I feel like I'm going to implode.
Going on 16 months. My friends all think I'm very stoic. I just really hate lowering my standards. I'd rather just have sex with myself, thanks.

However, a recent and fierce infatuation with Ewan McGregor has jumpstarted my hibernating libido. Obsessing over celebrities is so not like me. Sexual starvation does funny things to my mind...
Broke up about a month ago.... now going through sexual withdrawal, when that bliss & release is no longer available.

So I have all this genital tingling /neediness that i cannot take care of on my own. Well, a little, but it's hardly what I need. So, it's Sex on the brain, I'm always thinking about it, and staring in pubic.
A kind of tyranny, being in the grip of it, obsessed...

Then, after withdrawal... I'll go into a kind of dormancy...
I hope!

Then I'll really get crazy, some months down the road.

Well, that's my usual pattern.

Life can bring surprises!
Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
Love, I agree with Suko, wtf? You are coming across like a troll right now.
Okay, so . . . this thread is for people that aren't getting it on. Not for you to spread your weird biblical agenda, Love.
At least you know.
That you're an obnoxious twat, yes, yes we do.
You beat me to the punch, AP! tongue.gif
Didn't really know where to put this question but I guess here will do....

Do women have wet dreams too?
Like not literally wet dreams, in the messy uhoh change the sheets sense. Sometimes I climax during my sleep, when I'm not even dreaming anything sexual blink.gif . It half wakes me up- enough for me to acknowledge it and remember it happened. And I can usually remember exactly what I was dreaming at the time- it's never anything sexual (but becomes sexual once it starts happening). The fact that I'm not dreaming sexual things when it happens confuses me- does it mean that women need to orgasm regularly?!
Anyway....normal? I've never heard anyone speak about it
Oh, totally. I've been having orgasms in my sleep since I was 13 or 14. Not too often, just a couple times a year, really, but they're always really, really good. I've never had them coincide with sex dreams, either. I don't remember them coinciding with any dreams, actually - I guess they don't happen in REM sleep for me. They happen the most when I'm really sexually frustrated, too, and I would definitely support the theory that women need their orgasms!
Wow. I had one in my dreams for the first time last week and I'm 45.
Hi nettienet, welcome to the Lounge! Please introduce yourself in the Newbie thread before posting in any threads. We wouldn't want anyone thinking you are a troll on this site. Thanks!
QUOTE(nettienet @ Jul 22 2010, 06:32 PM) *
Wow. I had one in my dreams for the first time last week and I'm 45.

london escorts

Perhaps you missed its signature, star. dry.gif
I think it's been over 2 months. Definitely ready to rumble with my GF but some serious desire for some man-candy even more lately. I haven't even taken care of it myself in over a month, which is INSANE for me! WTF?! Had a dream that a crush-worthy hottie friend of old and I hooked up in a backstage entrance to a large theatre building, and just when I was really getting into it, he let me know that he only did it because he felt sorry for me and it was definitely a sympathy fuck. Damn. Thwarted even in my dreams. Breaking the spell hopefully to night and then I'll post in Portions. Woot!
Pssssst! Welcome, Avivajaye! Make sure you stop on by the Newbies Thread & introduce yourself! wink.gif
Aw, man...ever since I hooked up with my friend last week, I haven't been able to stop thinking about sex. I'm even more frustrated than I was before!
snow white
ok, i have a sit.i.a.tion.

my life is too much for me. my fiance and i broke up about 3 weeks ago (the romance was d.e.a.d...) i'm fresh outta treatments for cancer, lost alot of hair but am now feeling so fucking fantastic b/c i have so much energy (chemo finally wore off!). i bumped into an ex-boyfriend last night, i was drunk and a big flirt and busted his balls all night (which i can do, he's always been fun) but then it sorta turned into wow, we still have some chemistry here... he totally has the hots for me smile.gif and i like. but i didnt tell him anything about the cancer (i wear a wig, guys cant seem to tell, ha) b/c i didnt feel like getting into it, its always a downer and now since i'm pretty much done w/ the whole mess i just want to move on... i would like to stoke this fire b/c we had alot of fun together but am apprehensive b/c i have alot of baggage... i'm also really horny b/c i feel like "im aliiiive" after so much shit... i don't know if i should let this flirtation continue and of course let him know about my deal and see if he can handle it or if i should work on cooling my jets and just, um, wait for my hair to grow back so i don't have insecurities like this to deal with.

jeeze... the fun i could be having. if i didnt have alot of baggage id go for it in a hot second, but having all this baggage makes it harder. after months of only hearing "you can't" i just want to enjoy what i can enjoy. i'm just afraid my life is too much for him to handle possibly.
Congrats on the recovery, Snow White, and I'm so glad you're feeling better! That is a tricky situation. Coming out of a harrowing experience like that, you'd definitely need some hot sex, but the last thing you need is to complicate your life even more. I dunno...I'd say don't close the door on it, but take your time, play it cool, and let things unfold naturally. You'll probably need more time to decide if this is really what you want. In the meantime, just listen to your instincts.

So after recently ending my 17-month dry spell with a friendly hookup, I'm looking forward to another long year of no sex. Dammit, I can't stop thinking about that boy. I bet we'll hook up again when I get back. I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it. Dorm life sucks sometimes.
snow white
ok, so i have been taking ur advice (thanks epi) and trying to let it come naturally.

since friday night we've been texting and talking alot on the phone. he's kind of a "re-bounder" too (i had a hunch, no one remembers details of a "puppy love" relationship from years ago unless your trying not to think of someone else). he had a girl but they split in August. i did actually tell him about my "crazy" summer, including the cancer thing and then the split between ex and i. i never want ppl to feel sorry for me so i just told him i'm kind of sick of dealing with it, waiting the final "stamp of approval" of recovery so i move on. i may have minimized it a little but... um, baby steps i guess. i figure when u tell someone u have/had cancer how much do u really have to elaborate?? he was texting me all the time, every time he pushes the flirtation over the edge i back off and he keeps trying to ask me out in extremely round-a-bout ways... i feel like i was totally on fire around him b/c of our easy raport but since then i've been relizing the chemistry is real & i'm a little sheppish now. silly.

no word today from either of us to the other yet... i feel like we're both kind of scratching our heads.

i'm still going to try and go with the flow. try and be a big girl and say what i need to say. not get suckered into a one night stand b/c i think that would sorta mess w/ my head (even though my hormones are hell bent on torturing me).
I'm so horny these days I can't stand it. I can't concentrate in class because my mind keeps drifting to hot, hot sex. No relief in sight. Getting laid before I left home was both a blessing and a curse...

How's things on your end, snow white?
I'm not frustrated because of lack of sex, but I AM frustrated due to lack of awesome dudes who might like me... sad.gif

Lately, the only boys who show interest are strange skinny guys with learning and/or physical disabilities, OR a bigoted country handman guy. <sigh> Neither would be so bad for someone, but NOT. FOR. ME.

Oh, and then there's the newly-divorced-but-we-fooled-around-while-he-was-married guy with a kid. Bleh!

I'm frustrated with my lack of options...
I am so frikkin' horny. Seriously. It is all I can do to stop myself jumping on my housemate and screwing him senseless. He, of course is completely oblivious. hnng.
I guess that I will find a virtual girlfriend here.
I'm not really frustrated yet, but i think it's coming...

Been single for a year and a half now. And just like busiewriter, i am also in lack of awesome dudes. Nothing awesome in a year and a half! Jeez! Will it ever come? Even the occasional-just-for-sex ones mostly do not live up to my expectations. They are ok, but i need awesome.

Aawwweesooommeeee, where aaaaarrreeee yoooouuuuuu!
I am sure that you will solve all the issues... be patient
bad time will pass, as long as you believe you should deserve happy.
QUOTE(epinephrine @ Feb 24 2010, 08:11 PM) *
Coming up on a year. God help me.

feel the same way
I am in the same situation... maybe I will see some improvements in the near future.
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