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Full Version: fruuuusstttrrraaatttttiiiioooonnnn!
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anna k
I've been wanting to have sex more often, but there isn't anyone to do it with. I've been busy at work, I've gone to meetup groups where I meet guys who are squirelly and nerdy in an uncool way, I've done online dating and either become friends with guys or hook up with little physical attraction to them. I can easily find someone on Craigslist, but guys on there can be creepy or socially awkward. I've gone out to clubs where there are many hipster kids who I should be able to get along with, but can't find a common ground with. It's like my only outlet for now is online dating and chatting with strangers sometimes.
anna, have you tried okcupid? my bff has had EXCELLENT results from it.

i am REALLYFUCKINGFRUSTRATED. i want. to. get. laid.

i am about to go to a party where two guys i have a crush on will probably be. considering my track record probably i will end up going home alone, but i have already gotten sufficiently drunk and maybe i will bust out of my rut. but this might be just wishful thinking. it probably is. i'd love to be less defeatist, but my history isn't promising. ugh.
I also need to get laid. I hope tomorrow that I'm getting fucked by the top.
anna k
I've done okcupid. The last guy I dated was from there, and I dated one guy for several dates before I felt more platonic than romantic with him. I do like using it.

I went to a bar for a literary reading last night, hoping to flirt with guys or chat with some girls, but no luck. I was alone and everyone else was in pairs or groups. Not too prospective, and the readings weren't great either.
Any advice for a highly frustrated seventeen-year-old virgin?
Embarassing, embarassing question:

I'm 25 and I've only had sex a total of 30-40 times in my life---albeit with 9 different guys. (I lost my it late in life.)

I've queefed with a number of them. This was always during almost an hour of intercourse, and every position the guy could think of. But it's still makes me insane. One was huge (at least the biggest I've ever been with, around 7.5" in length, 5" around), and it still happened. They all act like it's an anomaly.

I have a lot of paranoia about the anatomical "size" of my vagina. Only 3-4 guys have ever told me that I was "tight," and they all liked the engage in inane sex talk. The last one (and the biggest) one time followed up with "What---you don't think so?" Even the guy I lost my virginity to never said anything. So, I feel my complex is at least partially founded.

On the other hand---I'm very small physically, have never been able to use big vibrators (unlike the guys I've fucked, they're all really hard), use "slim" tampons, and can walk around with weighted ben wah balls for hours.

I don't get it! Rough sex (especially with the last asshole) wipes me out for a day, sometimes I ache for the next 3 days, but I get this impression that I just don't feel that good. FYI, none of the relationships went anywhere, so I have "association" to make too. It makes me not want to have sex, which leads to a whole other host of issues.
new, it is bad form round these parts to post the exact same post in a couple of threads, unless it is specifically germain to both threads.

you may not know, but the lounge does not work like most fora do. you'd be well advised to observe more, post less until you are acclimated to the lounge. otherwise you look like a troll, and may be treated as such...
Ach. I've just been reading the portions thread and it's got me all hot & bothered for sex w/ a partner. I just started dating a guy I met online, but he lives 5 hours away and we're taking things ver-r-r-r-r-r-y slowly. I'm trying to disengage from the whole casual sex thing because it never gets me what I want in the long run (which is a stable, lasting relationship), so I'm not gonna go out and just find a boy to temporarily meet my needs. But DAMN, you ladies in the portions thread have got it going on! And now I'm all frustrated that I don't have a partner at the moment and can only engage in sex for one. *SIGH*.
Le Sigh. It's been two weeks since I've been fucked, saw the cop before I got my eyes done. We keep on missing each other. I needa lay.
i think i should get a prize for forced celibacy. can i get a prize? please? i deserve it. i have a suggestion for what the prize should be: COCK.
mouse -

For you darling!!

The Gold Penis Prize!!
duck! low flying bawls!

-=+=*'very good lurvin' cawk vibes for mouse'*=+=-
Now I know why some women on my mother's side of the family do that teeth clenched WASP talk . . . golden flying penii might just pop into their mouths unexpectedly!
i am so frustrated! i can not only not have sex, but no orgasms ohmy.gif , until this baby i'm cooking makes an appearance in September. how the hell can i dampen down my libido? i'm going hormone crazy here!

and why is it that i find that flying cock so un-sexy? perhaps it's the dangling balls...

i like cock in the right place (ie in moi), but i have never been such a fan of it to look at, if that makes sense. anyone else?

beck - for me...i could spend about 30 seconds with my mom and be out of the mood for the next 8 eight hours. laugh.gif

does that help?
hehe pugs just saw your post and laughed out loud, good job i'm at home right now or i would be getting some funny looks! yeah could you send your mum over here to talk un-dirty at me please?
girl she would only annoy the piss out of you (being pregnant I'm sure you pee enough already). the baby would kick the shit out of you from utter annoyance and you'd be miserable. you don't want me.
i'm still laughing though! thanks for cheering me up!
I am sooooooooo frustrated right now!! AND since I'm moving next week, I've already packed my vibes away. (It's been blistering hot and I have no AC, so I really have not felt the need to do anything but sulk with my face in front of my fan for the past couple of weeks.)

I need to need to find that box and unpack that shit NOW.

But what would be REALLY nice is to get laid. Or eaten. Or SOMEthing.
I just got laid for the first time in over a year, and it was the WORST SEX I EVER HAD!!! So now I am not only frustrated, but extremely pissed off! How does a guy make it into his mid-thirties without knowing better? It's just wrong. I've de-virginized guys who were more competent!
cecilia, you are so right, that is SO WRONG.

my name is tes, and it has been over two months since i have fucked.
heh... now tes, are you trying to turn this into friends of Bustie W?
Argh, no sex for me in 4 months! I'm going crazy. I just want to get fuuuuuuuuuucked!
It's been only 6 weeks for me and I keep having dreams... aaagh! 4-6 weeks left! I hate being unsure when I'll see my Bf again :/
Because of my boyfriend's schedule the only times we see each other are when I can be fit in here and there and, when we are together, he's so tired that he barely has energy to do anything...including sex.

We'll have plans to hang out and I'll spend the whole time leading up to hanging out imagining great sex with him. Then we get together and there either isn't an opportunity or he's too tired.

And it's not like his sex drive is killed or anything so he's constantly wanting sex to equal me giving him a blowjob and then being on top. And I really don't like being on top and, honestly, I'm not exactly up to giving him blowjobs when I haven't been getting a whole lot in return. I.e I can count the orgasms on one hand that he's given me since he started this job (but there has been some pretty damn good sex so I shouldn't be complaining TOO much but, still...he gets to have an orgasm one or two times every time we have sex. I should get my turn every now and then!)

It's just so frustrating!
Queen Bull
ugh.. sooo horny.

perhaps i will take advantage of armyboy this weekend. hooray for hot fb's.

wouldn't cybersex help alleviate some of these problems?
Queen Bull
QUOTE(hanon @ Aug 17 2008, 11:21 PM) *
wouldn't cybersex help alleviate some of these problems?

of course it would. but its nothing compared to having a tangible person to experience as well as yourself. smile.gif
I thought the frustration would go away now that I'm seeing someone but it hasn't. It's just changed. We're working on it together, but I didn't want to have to work at it, I just wanted to get laid.
*volunteers a penis* happy.gif

*...cautiously volunteers a penis* unsure.gif in case some lady tries to steal it or wear it out too much.
Hanon, if you want to be welcome here don't act like a total fucking douche. Seriously. Keep your penis to yourself.
*grabs offered penis, twists it into a balloon weiner dog, then puts a leash on it, draging it, and hanon, out the door and promtly drop kicking both of them solidly in their boney ass*

trust me hanon, keep that up, we will wipe the floor with you, dumbass.
it's not funny, it's not cute.
Queen Bull
hanon, i believe that you were warned about being an 'asshat' in this post, and supposedly agreed here. Seeing as how you obviously didnt, i suggest you do now and from here on in , or get the fuck out. If we wanted that kind of shit we would post on the Maxim site.

Thank you, and have a lovely day.
ladies, if i may point out, it looks like the "i'll put away my asshat" post happened AFTER the post below. let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

that said, this is for hanon:

be fully aware: THIS IS NOT A PERSONALS SITE. this is a discussion forum. the chances of you getting a date here are 0.00% GUARANTEED, no matter how nice or how dirty you act. unless you honestly just want to learn about women and discuss topics respectfully, GTFO.
QUOTE(hanon @ Aug 18 2008, 07:28 PM) *
*volunteers a penis* happy.gif
*...cautiously volunteers a penis* unsure.gif in case some lady tries to steal it or wear it out too much.

Why do I find humor in this? *shruggs*
I just wish men would understand that just because we're all sitting at computers does not mean that the real world rules are totally out the window. I'm a *lady*, & motherfuckers best not forget it.
I'm a *lady*, & motherfuckers best not forget it.

omg aural... i lurve you.

a second quote from you going in my sig line... god you're good.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 19 2008, 11:13 PM) *
I just wish men would understand that just because we're all sitting at computers does not mean that the real world rules are totally out the window. I'm a *lady*, & motherfuckers best not forget it.

"I'm a lady", *curls top lip up & snarls* - classic!

Hey, but don't you think that sometimes people act differently towards one another anyway while communicating through computers? Even on bust, I've witnessed some rude behavior that wouldn't even go down in real life between people least you make someone cry or, most, punch someone in the face.
lol... i hang out with the wrong crowd. i was talking to my ex about what she likes best about getting on the mui thai kickboxing circuit, and without missing a beat she replied, "punching bitches in the face."
why did i ever break up with her?
Oh, definitely, some heated shit goes down around these parts on occasion. I've been in said shit a few times simply because I do say whatever the fuck I want, IRL, too. But I've never wandered into LTAS waving my beaver around lookin' for a taker.

ETA, A gf of mine is a boxer & her avi has something about "god grant me the strength to punch this bitch out"
aural, i'm emailing that to my ex. i hope she gets a tat of that. freaking hilarious.
"dear jesus- please protect me and give me the strength to fuck this bitch up!"

I had to go look it up!

Heehee! I am playing a game of GT/AP tag!
i prefer the auralp paraphrase better. missy you are down right deeee-lish! now if we can get you to wear some cowboy bootsis!
i REALLY miss sex. mellow.gif
Arrrrrrrrrrgh. It's been four months. Four months! I guess technically I could call up my FB but...I hate kissing him. And the last time he just kind of pounded me like a jack rabbit. But then again, he can get me off and he does over and over again. Gah. Another night with the vibe. sad.gif
anna k
I was going to make a date with a guy from OKCupid to have sex, but we talked on the phone, and it took the spontaneity and fun out of it. I'm not on BC right now, and don't trust vaginal sex without it, and also won't give oral without a condom. He said that he doesn't like wearing a condom during oral and it's not fair if I don't have oral protection for him going down on me, which is true. We talked about anal sex, and the conversation felt mechanical and boring, much like the anal I've had before. I even told him I may not kiss him at first, that I have to work up to it (I'm sensitive to touch and hate bad kissing). In the end, it just felt disapointing and I told him I didn't feel good for it.

It just makes me feel annoyed that I'm so cautious, but I have my apprehensions about having sex with a stranger, and as much as I have my sexual fantasies, I also have my reservations and inhibitedness. It just holds me back.
I agree with rudderlesschild!!! It's your body and you have every right to protect yourself and to set the boundaries. Plus, it's not easy to have a conversation like that with a complete stranger- sometimes it's hard for me to talk about sex with my own partner!!! If some stranger doesn't like it or makes you feel uncomfortable for it, then fuck him!!! (well, don't really fuck him, but you know what I mean!! hahah). If it was such an issue with it not being fair for him to wear a condom on his dick for oral, he could always use a dental dam on you.

Maybe you can post your rules/expectations upfront on your profile (if you haven't already, or if you're comfortable with it being out in the open), that way there doesn't need to be a daunting discussion of it, everyone will know where they stand, and maybe it will make it feel more spontaneous.
I get stupid horny in the week before my period.

Combine that with a super-hot FWB who doesn't seem to understand that the BENEFITS NEED TO HAPPEN ON A REGULAR BASIS.

I'm about ready to chew my arm off.
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