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anna k
deleted post.
Who's this lovely girl/boy who has lots of free time in her/his hands, and why is she/he doing this?
bella coola
There was a fella known as a 'troll' that posted a big obnoxious trolly spammy thing that took up nearly the whole page, Oph. The board fairy cleared it though, thank-you board fairy!!
oh. Thanks, board fairy!
6 months and counting. grrrr....
bella coola
8 months and counting. I second your grr!
6 months and counting....

double grrr...

thank goodness for babes in toyland. Plan on buying yet another vibe next week with my pay check.
anna k
Mmmm vibes. I hate the best ones are so expensive. And the batteries die out quickly.

I need some intimate touch that will get my legs shaking. I want to dance in a bar room to Bruce Springsteen's "Human Touch" and Steve Winwood's "Roll With It" and have my fantasy guy dance with me and stroke me and make me feel happy.
Thinking of getting a magic wand. They're expensive, but they're great.

Yes, I want someone to fuck me to Chris Issak playing in the background.
blink.gif Nine months and five days...but who's counting?
I decided not to count. But the last time I got laid I scraped my car against something. Next time I better get some without paying for it through my car.
10 months, 2 days and counting... Crap.
3+ years and counting.
anna k
I masturbated with a dildo last night but it was boring and unsatisfactory. I don't feel like a virgin anymore, and sex can be so boring and clinical, no touch or lust or excitement. My legs shake a little with excitement but I don't come. And if I can't make myself do it I can't expect anyone else to turn me on enough to make me excited.
ARGHHHHHHHH! It has been more than a month! A MONTH! I know many of you won't have pity for me, as it's been longer for you, but DAMN! I was used to gettin' it regular for almost a year & a half. I'm so sick of clicking my own mouse!

Officially, plans were made today. He's coming out for the New Year. And I'm going to fuck him until his dick no longer works. Until then . . .

oh my GAWD, i've been looking for this thread!!!

AP, shut the fuck up. seriously. SERIOUSLY. it's not even funny how much i mean that. after gettin' it regular for over two years, i've been absolutely dry since march. i haven't even kissed anyone since august. it has gotten to the point where watching porn is almost physically painful; it has gotten to the point where i am actually again posting about my sex life on the public internet--if only to whine bitterly.


Look, ordinarily I wouldn't bitch. But. BUT. I am under an extraordinary amount of stress. Taking care of my mom, pulling the plug on her, eulogizing her, & now having to deal with all of the bullshit left in her wake . . . Not to mention the tension & bullshit that has been basically souring my relationship since I made the choice to do the right thing . . . And it's the holidays (Which I hate) & today is the anniversary of my dad croaking . . . All of this in a MONTH.

Any sex we have is going to be bitter, angry, guilty, mournful sex. Probably the END sex. But at this point, I don't care.

And SERIOUSLY, you know you *could* be getting laid, Mouse, if you spent less time over-analyzing & more time going for it.
I am waaaaaay beyond frustrated now. I'm a virgin at 22 and the urges are insane. I'm on birth control too which makes my hormones go wild.

I had a friend that I used to have oral sex with on a weekly basis. I moved away. He said he'd visit but you know how guys are with that kinda stuff. I've texted him with dirty messages and such. It was fun but I have been so busy that I haven't had time.

I had a vibrator two years ago but I never got it in cause it hurt too much to try to push it in.

There's this side of me that wants to be sexual and in sync with my body but it's like a road block that's so frustrating. Any suggestions on how to ease up?
It sounds like you might have a condition called Vaginismus. It's an involuntary contracting of the PC muscles that can prevent penetration or make it very painful. It is not a physical issue, but a mental one. Women who experience often have had negative sexual experiences or have the idea that their vagina is too small. Fear and anticipation of pain leads to tightening of muscles which actually causes pain thus the body thinks "Ha! I knew I was right. I protected myself from pain". Thus it turns into a repeating cycle.

BUT, it is almost 100% treatable. There are various methods, some expensive like private therapy, and some really cheap/free like "self-help". The idea is to learn to control the PC muscles in order to relax them and override the automatic response. Then you use dilators of increasing size to "train" the body to accept penetration. It can take a little while, a few months, but that is nothing really.

I have only recently figured this out myself and am currently in the middle of the process. I could achieve penetration, but it has always been very painful or uncomfortable. Many of my partners were really frustrated because we would have to stop having sex. So often, I would just try to grin and bear it, reinforcing the problem. Not a good idea. I have been trying to figure this out for years, ever since I lost my V at 16 (I'm 23) and have had so many pelvic exams it's not even funny. Turns out this is a relatively common problem.

I would suggest bringing this up with your gyno, but keep in mind, many haven't heard of this condition, or know how to treat it properly. I would highly recommend a google search. There are actually several really helpful sites. has a lot of really great advice and a self-diagnosis area. There are other causes for vaginal pain and this site can help somewhat in determining if it is vaginismus, but it sounds like it to me.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
pinkroses, you might want to move this to the general sex thread but anyway, did you use lube when you tried using a vibe? A big part of getting it in is about being completely relaxed. Also, how big was the vibe? You could always start with something small and work your way up.

I'm convinced that my first time was painless due to two things:

1. I had been using the super super ginormous tampons since I was 11 (thanks god, for giving me the heaviest flow imaginable)
2. I was super relaxed during my first time. I had probably 2 or 3 hours of foreplay before finally having sex and believe me, it made a huuuuge difference.

I hope that helps.

which conveniently contains the word "ouch".
I agree that this belongs in the general sex thread, but I just wanted to say a couple things

I know that you are just trying to help and that you mean well, but I've had people, both professionals and friends, telling me that I just need "to relax" or "use more lube" for 7 YEARS. And it didn't help with the pain at all. PinkRoses did mention that she had had oral on a weekly basis, so I don't think it's just an issue of not being aroused enough either. Working up with smaller items can help, but that still won't solve the problem if she does have vaginismus as it she will still have the mental barrier.

This is a VERY sensitive issue for me. It has effected me in so many ways: my relationships, my self confidence and self worth, and my relationship with my body. Society puts a lot of pressure on sex and makes it seem effortless and easy, but for some of us, it's truly not. I feel that you didn't take her post seriously because your experience of sex is it being easy, simple, and not a big deal and this is clearly not her experience.

This isn't meant to offend you, just create understanding. Sorry if it's taken the wrong way.
i had problems having penetrative vaginal sex when i first tried. it essentially hurt like hell. i couldn't even use a tampon when i was a virgin, let alone a vibe or dildo. it wasn't any sort of condition, it was simply that i was a virgin and apparently had a very thick/strong/whatever hymen.

so we have now identified at least three things that might be happening. it is so great that this community exists, and that we support each other through everything! where else can you find that? busties ROCK!

pink roses, if you feel that you can discuss this with your gynecologist, that is the right thing to do. she can help in many ways. best of luck to you!


and since so many people have correctly identified that this conversation should be in the general sex thread, lets move any more responses there and let the frustrated busties get on with providing solace to each other, okay?

muito thank you!
Jesus, Anna, that was depressing. I hope things get better for you.
Well I have been getting it pretty regular, since I'm having to be honest, and so I shouldn't be so frustrated. But, I'm really still feeling like there's something missing. It isn't so much of a quandary, really, because I know what's missing and it's the woman uptown I've messed things up with. First of all--I didn't even know I had things to mess up with her? Until that night I showed up drunk to her place. I actually "thought" we were just watching a movie together.
So it was 10pm when I got there. That doesn't mean anything, really? Getting there to watch a movie at 10pm?
Moving on.
I ended up staying over after the movie and the making-out session went further than I had planned. What I mean by that is if I knew I'd have the chance to have sex with her I'd have slowed down on the drinking. It's unfortunate but true that if I get too drunk I play head games with myself and...things just don't work all that normal. Sucks to say. Nevermind. Anyway, while we're laying there (after I've gone down on her and manually pleased her with both my mouth and hands) waiting for me to "be ready" we talked...and unfortunately we talked too much. It was honest time and I admitted to sleeping with someone quite recently.
Who cares? We're not dating and it was the first time we'd even kissed! But, she was so pissed she kicked me out of the house at 4am.
Sure, I think she over-reacted. But that isn't what I'm frustrated about. What I'm frustrated about is how perfect her sex was: her body, her scent, her skin, her sly grin and bambi eyes, and she had bush (tangent: sometimes I'm cool with the complete shave, but other times I can get blown away with the "I'm a woman and I like all of my hair down there") and I can still feel it scratch my cheeks, my upper lip and nose whenever I fantasize about burying my face between her legs. Such a proper pungence and taste.
God this sucks.
Maybe there's still a chance, though. We've often joked about our friendship being similar to Love in the time of Cholera, how we've had to wait (until "that" night) for 3 years before we were able to admit we had a thing for eachother. I'm going to call her around Valentines Day, check in on this modern time Fermina Daza.
I so hope to get to bury my face between her legs again, and then for me to be sober, if you catch my meaning.

AP, did you get my email? I didn't know any of this was going on. I'll be talking with you soon.
i am so frelling horny that i am sitting here at work, trying to keep my mind on signing checks, and all i can think of is how wet i am, how much my nipples ache, how much i want to feel a hard cock slide into my cunt. i have visions of him sitting in an arm chair, legs splayed, cock erect, me in front of him, slowly moving up and down, my juices dripping onto his dick, up and down, squeezing him tightly, him mesmerized by the sight of my ass and his cock disappearing into me, until he pushes me onto the floor, bends over me, fucking me not gently at all, ramming himself into me as he fucks my ass with his fingers, insinuating lube into my hole, then in one thrust pulling out of my cunt and shoving himself into my ass up to his balls, his hot cum shooting as soon as his balls slap against me, and then, still throbbing, cum still shooting, slamming back into my cunt to finish squirting all he can into me, moaning with ecstasy and shaking, shaking with the intensity of it all.....
doxy, i think the fact that you posted in the sex thread when it appears that you have frustration about the nature of your relationship with this woman speaks volumes about your confusion. i would try reposting in the mating game thread under general dating. it doesn't sound like you are sexually frustrated at all.
I thought my new FWB(friend with benefits) was going to actually work out pretty good considering we are only attracted to each others bodies rather than our minds. The first couple times we just had oral sex until one night it progressed to regular sex. And at this first time, he actually made me come twice, which was amazing since I'm just a oney anyways. Another good thing that happened is that he didn't come until I came my second time which was for quite a while. He said it was amazing and that he's never held out that long before. So after that point we decided that sex would be ok along with the oral.

Sounds good doesn't it? But here's the frustration now...So after that one night of great amazing long holding out and a two for one hot sex we had...he hasn't been able to make me come AT ALL in the last five times that we've had oral sex, nor has he made me come during normal sex. And what's even worse?!! He comes too fast now!! WHAT THE HELL?! I was so freakin' happy that I had found this amazing "sex god" and thought of all the wonderful sex I was going to have and then...


I don't know...maybe we just need to cut back on the sex and maybe it will come back? Oh please make it come back! ha ha, he laughed at me today when we were talking about it...I felt like such a child, whining and complaining and stomping my feet when we were chatting over coffee.
doxy're right, Star.
But I'm still frustrated;)
Shit, Tes, that was nice to read. I'm almost forgeting to feel bad for your frustration:)
I might go to S.Africa for World Cup. Think you'll be there then?
I want the cop to lcik my pussy and suck on my clit and barbell, tug on my pussy and lick my ass. I want him to fuck me hard from behind, taking that girthy cock and just ramming it inside me. I want to ride him and squirt all over him when I cum, then lick it off ofter. I need to get fucked so badly right now.

Le Sigh.
oh my how I long for portions. Oh my yes. ,m,;ltsdgkgjfgklhsd;teFRAGLRF;D
I am ready for a real man penis...that sounds so goofy.
My man is coming into town this weekend...thank the lord... I don't know, I have been masterbating a lot, but it's just not the same. I do come ever time I masterbate, but sometimes you just need someone to kiss and touch you.

I AM SO READY biggrin.gif
It's been a while since I've been fucked by two men at once, since May actually, and I could use it again. I need a good fucking up the ass and cunt at the same time.
oooohhh, I have always wanted to try that.

I guess, you could say that I have always wanted to try lots of things, but I am just a big wuss sad.gif
i have this problem where i can't come when i'm fuckin another person. by myself, i'm fine. occasionally, i'll come if my buddy goes down on me for a while... like 30 minutes. it's terrible! lol, i'll end up getting shy, and frustrated. i know i need to r4elax, but HOW?!?! every partner has been like this. gah. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
ambersienna maria
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 16 2008, 09:06 AM) *
It's been a while since I've been fucked by two men at once, since May actually, and I could use it again. I need a good fucking up the ass and cunt at the same time.

ooh la la that's what i'm talkin about!
opheliathemuse starvation. Who knew it could happen?
I get really bitchy when I hit the 7 day mark of not getting fucked, and self lovin' doesn't count.
I get bitchy and fey. uncaring about general opinion. grah!
I get mildly bitchy after two or three days. This is why I need a roation of men, then I could have them whenever I wanted!!!
oh my goodness, two or three days.... I have gone for years and months without having sex.
It was the hardess thing I have ever had to do
Last week was my period and this week I've been kind of busy but I neeeeed sex! I hate that there are only certain days of the week when I can have my fuck buddy over because I usually have class a bit early so I can't stay up all night. Gawd, I need his ginormous cock now!
i am frustrated but not with sex deprivation-sorry 4 those who r
ya see i ahve this problem (well not really a problem more like a fantasy)
but it is really makin me upset::

me n my hubs enjoy watchin porn together especially every once in awhile when we want to pull an all nighter (usually celebratin somethin) that n the toys are very helpful n lots of fun
there are things i would like to do with him that he dont want to
i was his first n only any way sexually
n it has taken me a long time to talk him into toys (n porn)
but now he really enjoys it (especially watchin me use my eglass)

i am really into the whole girl on girl action
i use to date a girl and it wasnt bout the whole lesbo sex that lots of ppl think it is
*though that was good!! ;-]
when i was a stripper i met up with lots of girls like that that i would arrange private sessions with n such
i have evn had sex with my STEP-sister n her hubs -it was awesome
she had never done it b4 n wanted to try n knew that i had lots of experience there so it went from there

mynhubs knows all this but he also knows that no girl -or guy- could take me away from him n my family
but i really want to have a threesome with him n another girl or if he just wants to watch n masterbate . . .
ya know just whatever
but he doesnt want to
it is really makin me upset to the point of me doin it behind his back
i have even checked out a few free adult sites for . . . ya know
and all i really find is couples wantin couples n i would even do that if it would make him feel comfortable

i dont bring it up much but when i do
he gets very irritant
but isnt watchin porn close to the same thing, i always tell him

i dunno
just dont understand
n my frustration is gettin to me is all

ADVICE plz??
Mr Pugs
My brain hurts now......
Okay, I have to rant. Lately I've been having sex with men who have dominant personalities, but wen I fuck them they are indecisive and can't make up their minds. For example, the latest one, he kept on saying it was up to me as to where he came, I had to tell him, no you picka spot and do it. These men are pussy cats, gaaaaaaa. CH frustrated.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 30 2008, 05:17 PM) *
For example, the latest one, he kept on saying it was up to me as to where he came, I had to tell him, no you picka spot and do it.

Sometimes I like to pick and other times I like Mr. Pug to tell me where he is going to come.
I like it where ever, and always make it clear. I'll ask them where they want to cum, but it's usually known before that I like cum pretty much anywhere. It doesn't surprise me that they are more subs, as I am, I can be very dominant, but sometimes I just want to be bent over a couch and told I'm a dirty whore and I'll take it how they give it.

Le Sigh.

I miss my top.
ch - have you ever noticed on porn that when the guy comes on the girls face she flinches. no matter how much she is into it and wants it and knows it's coming she still flinches when it hits her face. this always cracks mr. pug and me up when we watch porn. we literally laugh out loud. even if i wanted him to come on my face i'd flinch and then laugh and so would he. i think that is the only reason he doesn't because we'd both laugh. a friend of mine admitted to me the other day that she lets her man come on her face. i started thinking about it and i guess it is kinda sexy. i'd like mr. pug to try to come on my face once but i just know we'd both crack up and ruin the moment. it's making me laugh just typing it. totally inappropriate seeing as i'm in the library at school. laugh.gif


but sometimes I just want to be bent over a couch and told I'm a dirty whore and I'll take it how they give it.

that's fucking hot girl!!! stop it...i'm in school.
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