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Frustrated is just the beginning. I use to have mad crazy sex with the ex who has been gone 3 &1/2 weeks, I was so frustrated because he cut me off even before he left and things got kinda ugly and so I thought I could swear off men for a year. WRONG! I am human I have needs. I have 2 men chasing after me I know I will cave soon I can't stand it. Now the ex is coming for a visit next week and he says he wants "to make love", screw that I want to ride him like the italian stallion he is when I see him, get what we both need and call good. AUUUUUGGH!
I'm new here. My man doesn't seem to be as openminded sexually as I am...but now and then he surprises with a fabulous hour-long session of 69-ing instead of full blown intercourse. I actually got spanked a few weeks ago, too. That was fun. But I'm vocal during sex, he's not...I try to get him to talk during sex, like ask him if it feels good, yadda yadda...he doesn't answer. It's very annoying...I have a strong sexual appetite....he has a circulation problem...the shot is wearing off...oral is the only thing that gets him off...yet i think he'd actually be offended if I whipped out the vibrator...what the hell do I do?
I want anal sex, badly, but it has easily been two months since I got fucked up the ass, and I loooooooooooooove anal sex, but for some odd reason, the boy doesn't always want to have anal sex, this is peculiar to me. but non the less, I want to have raunchy anal sex. mmmm.
Please, we haven't even discussed whether or not he's interested in anal sex. I'm still miffed by the idea that he thinks if I use a vibrator sans his participation (which he doesn't want any part of), it means I'm not happy with him. That's an insecurity issue I've never had to deal with. And the thing is, I'd be more experimental with him, than I would've been with any other boyfriend. I WANT to do these things with him. He mentioned once about being a very sexual person...and I'm thinking "yeah, how do I meet THAT guy?"....because I'm dying here...the frequency needs to be increased...and I really want him to be more uninhibited.....
::grits teeth::

spring has sprung and so have i. i want to get laaaaaaaaiiiiiiid.
Luna, I've haven't had sex in so long that I feel like I don't have any sexual energy in me.
I'm about where you are, anna. Sigh.
Red, wow, your bloke's a lucky one.
I love the vibrators and all other toys. I think if you're on top and stradling him and then whip out the vibrator to rock your clit...thus cumming hard while still very much on his 'person' would really begin to make him vocal.
Culturehandy, I'm old and so I've met many women and I never meet 'that' woman...the one who craves anal sex. I moved away from the one who was finally into trying it out. Only, she really wanted to wear the strap-on and reverse roles as well. I thought about it for a while and I have to admit...I thought about it and generically I offered my experimentation with said my being reamed only if I were in an extremely serious relationship. One leading to marraige hopefully. Yes, I guess I'm conservative about this, but, I wouldn't want all the skirts in town walking around telling everyone of how they boned me. Follow? Anyhow it wasn't ever going to happen, but I put some thought into whether or not I could get talked into it.

Oh yeah, back to why I'm on frustration thread...the person I'm with won't do 69 or get on top or give head, give head in general I mean.
Yeah, frustrated. and I give her head all the time, I love it anyway, whether I'm getting it or not.
I remember my man during one phone conversation while gossiping about a friend's relationship that he "would want it like 3-4 times a week"...and I thought "YAY!! This is gonna be great!" Now, he lives with me, and I'm thinking "when the hell do we get to do it 3-4 times a week?" And Doxy, I have no desire to strap anything on and violate his back assets in any way....I just want him to be more open with me, sexually. I have a strong sex drive and am beginning to feel like he's just not interested in having sex with me at all...and I don't get it. Friday night, I figured he'd be home when I got in from work, and thought maybe I'd tease him a little here and there, until my daughter turned in for the, he WASN'T there when I got in, but later on after he came home, I was stepping out to the he hugged me and I slowly, erotically kiss his neck, his chin, etc. Then I slipped my hand down to his nether regions and gently fondled him...ya know, kinda like a hint at "guess what I wanna do?" Nothing. NO FEEDBACK he didn't even know I was there...this is really beginning to take its's making ME reluctant to keep's like...doesn't he want me?
And far as your girl not wanting to give head...I don't get that either. I am totally into it, love it and getting it. I think if it makes you feel good, it can't be that bad...does she realize that half of YOUR pleasure in receiving it, is her enthusiasm for it?
I miss having friendships with guys where I knew them well and was attracted to them because they were funny and smart and really interesting, no matter their looks (and some would look unattractive in a photo, but turned me on when I hung out with them for a while). One guy looked like John Belushi and I had a crush on him (however I was a nerdy 17 and he was 32). Another guy was premature balding at 20, but had a dry sense of humor, was short, and turned me on.

I've been into some men recently. I liked a couple of my teachers, and would have flashes of me licking them or blowing them. That was in inappropriate situations, and not in the position to enact those scenarios, however. :-)
i would be happy with making out at this point. any sexual contact would be good. omg! i sooooo need dick! he seems to be in love with his computer and cell phone. god i hate technology sooo much sometimes. soooo ridiculously horny and he's like oblivious to it. it's pissing me off. i second ya Red on the reluctant to keep trying. i know when i finally do get it it's gonna be off the chain but jesus how long do i have to wait. tried the vibe by myself the other night and i think that made it worse. i took a bath tonight and the smell of my chocolate body wash almost made me have an orgasm. how f'in sad is that? god please open this man's eyes before i have to commit myself to the insane asylum.
beethoven...have you directly asked your 'geek' to come to bed with you? cuz i have noticed that few 'geeks' notice anything are better off with some flashing lights and a 'this way' sign. at least it helps with mine...i have to be direct, otherwise i could be sitting there naked and it wouldn't matter.
I have weird sexual tension w/a co-worker. He is not a good prospect. He's a recovering junkie with a criminal past and he's been in a serious relationship the entire time I've known him. So it's not something that I've been thinking about very much 'til recently.

He just broke up w/ his girl, it's spring, I'm ovulating, I'm dying for some sex, and he is just so goddamn hot. And he sometimes flirts with me and he acts all protective of me if anyone else gives me shit at work.

I am just wetting my pants whenever he's around. But I know that I can't go there. It's driving me crazy.
Last night I had these wonderful sex/love dreams. The first one I was with a boy my age, and I felt comfortable in touching him and kissing him the way I wouldn't in real life. It felt very real and nice, like puppy love.

The second dream I was a biology student in a lab and the attractive teacher kept paying special attention to me, by watching me work and even squeezing a rubber piggy by my neck so the air from a hole in the piggy would blow on my neck, and he would say he liked to see my reaction to it. We couldn't do anything because it would jeopardize both our careers, but I loved the flirtation and the element of danger.

Both dreams were so great, and they let me be more romantic/sexual in a way that I can't be in real life.
stupid man not giving it to me. why must they be so stupid?
im a virgin to this whole site, anybody willing to break me in??!
sorry delboy, i retired from that gig. LOL

but seriously....
ahhh boooo hooo:-( i'm so frustrated. I got an iud about a month ago and have been bleeding pretty much the whole time, i'm so sick of it and i don't like having messy sex and i'm dying. i think maybe some shower sex would be good but my shower is an old fashioned tub so there's nothing to lean on and it's really small.


Beethoven-i totally agree-i need cock!
My fuck buddy has been out of town for a month, and he is coming back tonight. We have been driving each other crazy with dirty texts and phone sex. His flight is now delayed, and I don't know if I can stand it! Aaaaugh!
hey, happy you have a 'buddy'....better than being least when you want to be with a man, dear.......
post break-up regretfulness. just about the regular action though. sigh. i need a distraction. right now the computer is my boyfriend. geh.
lawyergirl- You're right. I am definitely grateful. He is driving me kind of crazy right now, though, because I am becoming a little too emotionally invested which was not supposed to happen. Oh well, he'll be gone again in a few days!
ohmycod. Just reading the general sex thread was bad enough to make me melt. AUGH. I keep going out, but not getting LAID.
It's so difficult to be separated from Mr. Vnoa3 but thank goodness for the sex dreams!
I remembered my old dreams that I had posted below, and I have Madonna/Massive Attack's "I Want You" in my head. It's erotic with heartbeat sounds, yet clinical and removed.

Sometimes I wish I was a crusty old man. I often get wrapped up in my thoughts and make up stories to myself, and want to wear the look of a Bukowski like a coat. I feel funny sometimes as a young woman, thinking my mind doesn't belong in this body. It's weird. I have a "sexy" body (shapely with big tits), but nobody to feel sexy and open with, so sex isn't something I want to chase after when I have other work going on. Le sigh. So it is.
Okay... men are assholes. Not all of them, I think. But this particular friend-used-to-be-fuck-friend. We almost never see each other, despite having amazing chemistry. Then he calls, as I'm getting out of the shower to go sleep. Asks if he can call me back in half an hour and come over to sleep-deprive me a little. Okay. I don't complain. I'm frustrated and turning into a nun slowly, so very welcome call. Now 2 hours and nothing. He better have a good excuse. And by that I mean he should either be dead or stranded in Bermuda. Because he's getting one hell of a guilt trip for this.

I'm frustrated. By fleeting hopes of relieving such frustration.

Fuck you, men-who-don't-call-back, fuck you very very much indeed.

i think at two and a half months i can finally qualify for the frustration thread. good gawd, am i ever frustrated.... *sigh*
ok, well I am finally entering the frustration thread. It's been over 6 months. It's been 3 for any decent oral. ugh. I don't want a relationship - I just got my ass totally burned trying to go there and I have no desire to even date for awhile. I just wish I could have some good, no-strings-attached sex. I've never been good at that, but I actually feel like I could do it right now. ugh.
hmm, working up to three myself. the first one was while we were still together too, i just couldn't be bothered to even pretend anymore. now though, ooh, it's spring, there's a LOT of gorgeous flesh out there and i am Feelin' it. frusty frusty frust. ack.
Only been three weeks but it was with a new guy and we didn't really get to spread our wings before figuring out we weren't going to keep seeing each other. Since decent sex it's been three months, and really good sex, over a year. I can't read the threads about general sex, feeling sexy, or even things lovers have said because I'm very suggestible and get so worked up I literally have to splash cold water on my face. This can't go on much longer. I find myself shuddering from head to toe, just like a cold breeze just blew through me if I even picture a dick. UGH!
I'm reading a new Cosmo that gives good tips on meeting guys. Sometimes I think I should be more open to conversations with guys that I come across, but I never think about it. I also am not good at opening lines or trying to work someone over with my charm. I like talking to guys casually if I like them, and respecting and being interested in them as individuals and cool people. But I'm not a flirt, and I don't like trying to be smooth or sly, working some Cosmo move on a guy.

I liked the tips that said chatting up strangers with small talk (I used to do it occasionally when the mood struck me), making eyes at cute guys on the street (I did it to practice eye contact and quick flirting), saying something like "I couldn't help overhearing" (I would listen to a conversation and when they were searching for a famous name or some fact I'd supply it and get into the conversation for a minute), and swapping email addresses with cuties at parties.
Anna K- Try making yourself more approachable. It's all about body language. The way you walk, the expression on your face. Actions speak so much louder than words usually do. Next time your out. When you spot a cutie, make eye contact with him, face your body towards him. Sure enough, if he's feeling your vibe, and he's interested, he'll do the talking.
Hi Dayglowpink...We are women. Don't feel bad about getting emotionally invested with your guy. This is normal for us girlies. Sometimes it sucks, but at least we care. Would you have it any other way? I myself would rather care, even if it hurts. I think maybe the best thing to do is to alter your perception on the relationship. Yes, it is a 'relationship', no matter what he says. =) Try this: concentrate on how much you enjoy your time with him, appreciate your total freedom without him, and expect nothing more. (I know it's so hard...) But, this way you won't get disappointed, but, hell, maybe he will surprise you! It seems like men love women who don't seem to need them. And we don't! Just 'cause we want 'em, doesn't mean we need 'em.....they need us more than we need them. I don't know 'bout you, but I've never found myself lurking around the bars at 1:45 a.m., looking for a 'tipsy' guy I can take home! heehee! You look yourself in the mirror right now, and tell yourself that you are a strong, smart, beautiful woman, because, sweetie, you are!!!!!
Aw, lawyergirl, that is so sweet. That is exactly what I needed to hear right now, because he is driving me absolutely crazy by being completely evasive and unapproachable and stand-offish. I know, it does hurt and it sux, and it makes me feel terrible at times, but I would definitely rather care and have feelings than not. The thing that is so silly is that he got me so worked up to want to have sex with him all the time, and he can't or won't even follow through with that. I secretly think he is trying to protect himself from having feelings for me, but maybe he is just a jerk, who knows? Waah, I'm going to go cry now.
dayglowpink - I just went through that with a guy I was seeing, he pulled back and got totally evasive (basically a 180 from where he was before with me.) I could sense something was going on, but he kept denying it (although he was being weird, and I knew it), and things just fell apart in the worst way, it wasn't even funny.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is - listen to your gut!!! if you feel like he is being weird and evasive, then it's probably true. If you can't deal with that (I certainly know I can't) then don't. I know, easier said than done. But I do think that a lot of us (myself included) give these guys the benefit of the doubt, or make excuses for their behavior too much when we just KNOW that something is not right. No matter what the nature of the relationship is. And then we are the ones that end up feeling like shit. It's almost like they have a radar for when we feel more than them and that gives them the excuse to back off. Drives me crazy.

anyway, that's all. (bitter much, zoya??!!! ha ha ha)
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I broke up with my b/f, and since I was slightly carrying one with the man he accused me of sleeping around with, I figured that I was all open to being able to sleep with the other man. Well, yesterday he took me to an appointment, and tried to make a pass at him, and he said no! I was all wound up, I can't believe he said no, because the timing wasn't right! I want to have sex with him. Badly! Damn him for being a nice guy and not taking advantage of me. I just want to be bent over and fucked.
9 months. It's been nine long, long, long months. God, I could have given birth by now!

Dammit, who would have thought that giving up sex for Lent would backfire? This is the longest Lent ev-er.
Hi again, Dayglowpink! I soooo feel for you. xoxo, my sweetie! Don't go cry, my dear. I know exactly how you are feeling. I am pretty much going through the exact same situation you are right now, except, I have one huge complication......I am married. I have felt so so lonely for 4+ years. We have been married for 6. Actually, I have more complications than that. My hubby & I have no kids of our own, and we became (at my unthinking insistence) foster parents to his 3 year old nephew. He is 4 now. His dad is all strung out on meth. And the kid's mom is bi-polar, sweet as can be, but goes off her meds, and freaks out. She would never hurt anyone besides herself. Anyhow, girlie, here I am in this self-created chaos. hell, that's just the tip of my iceberg. I am 36 (will be 37 at the end of July) and am going through major depression/midlife crisis. I have been taking inventory of my life, and find I don't like most of it. I am still trying to figure out who I am again, and what will make ME happy. No one can make you happy, except you, my sweet girl. In the meantime, I have met the most incredible man of my life. He is 42, single, been married once, no kids, and I am nuts about him. He travels all over the state for work, but lives 4+ hours from me. I am head over heels for this man. He seems too good to be true. Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, fantastic body, has a great job, is very driven, smart, has fabulous taste and fashion sense. I met him almost a month ago, and will never be the same again. I am so crazy for ths man. I have never felt this way before in my life. We spent all of 3 days together (in the past month), have emailed/sent text messages some (me, waaay more than him....)and I am a total fool for him. I no longer care what anyone else thinks. Part of me believes him and the words he says to me, when we are alone together, and another part of me (and my best girlfriend) tells me he is just a player, used me, and keeps stringing me along. After all, I was low-risk for him....married, etc. Perfect one-night stand material for a non-committal sort-of guy. I don't know up from down any more. This man has me losing my mind. I finally sent him a lo0oong message today, telling him how I feel about him, telling him, 'i am a big girl, and would prefer, and can handle the truth'. I laid it on the line, exactly how nuts I am about him, and let him know, that if he doesn't feel the same 'bout me, it's cool. I just need to know the truth. No matter what, I have enjoyed and learned so much from the precious little time we had together. I have not heard from him yet, so we shall see, girlie. If you are feeling the same 'bout your guy, I would do the same. I would rather know the truth, even if it hurts. Then I can go on with my life, accordingly. So, I wish you the very best, gorgeous girlie. I will update you as soon as I find out, and will you let me know ow youb are doing, too? I really do care for you, and hope for the best. Love ya, my friend, lawyergirl =)
well, fellow busties,
big shock......the guy i fell for is a typical ass*&%#~! huh? i shouldda known.....he made lame ass excuses for not talking to me, beginning the day after we had sex. typical piece of shit guy. if he wasn't so damned gorgeous, he would have absolutely no chance with us girlies. except he can talk the whole bullshit talk as if you are special to him, and he wants to be around you. what a piece of garbage! anyhow, i am sure he is pleased with himself, in the total snowjob he gave me. i fell in love with the asshole. how sad, huh? i hope none of you gals will be as idiotic as i have been. i want for my sisters to be happy. love to you all, LG
I had sex! (see portions thread) oh yeah!
woohoo! yea for you, zoya! i am glad someone is getting it out there (besides just the guys, hon...........) xoxo, LG
hmmmmm. got a msg from u know who yesterday that said, "thought about you......" WTF does that mean????
hi!! sorry about this but i thought i'd just add my two cents i was browsing and found this very interesting, im a 22 year old guy and i have not had sex in well over 2 years and you girls think you've got it bad i'm getting extremely depressed over it hey. Any hints on getting out of my rut??. On behalf of some of the blokes out there i'm sorry lawyergirl that guys a dickhead its people like that that ruin it for the rest of us. I'm sure you husband loves you chase him rather than a shovinistic bastard like that other man is. oh a word of insight, guys are thick as bricks when it comes to picking up subtle hints say what you want and more often than not i think us blokes would oblige quite happily, i would. hope i helped a little
johnie, back atcha bud. say what you want. don't be shy, go right on up and tell that girl you fancy her. what's the worst that can happen eh? you end up alone? well, you're already there so you've got nothing to lose at all, right?
hmm, i should take that advice myself. next time some sweet thang strikes my fancy i'm marching on over and telling him so. huh. might just work...
Thanks for the advice pepper, i have no problem approaching ladies its following through and actually going on a date then things get hard because i get paranoid about their past what experience they have and how crap i've been in the past with sexual encounters lol i sound like a train wreck. My problem lies with my first girlfriend and my inability to be able to make her achieve orgasm its destroyed my confidence hey. do you ladies have any hints on getting over this mental issue i have? i know i'm laying a lot down here but hey i've got nothing to lose right!, except my frustration. thanks
Welcome to the club, Johnie,

Depending on whose statistics you read, maybe three women in ten reach orgasm during penetration. The late Helen Singer Kaplan, preeminent sex therapist, noted that as younger women go through child birth, the statistics change. Orgasm comes a lot easier and quicker, then.

In the meantime, Johnie, you can think about this. The combination of adrenaline and endorphins that results from sexual arousal, makes you -- and her feel great. To quote Sarah L. Van Der Mohl, sex therapist, "You can't feel blue, grouchy or unhappy while you're aroused."

It's all a joyful experience. So get her all the big O's you can by any means satisfactory to you both. Get her at least one more than you get, preferably a dozen more. But whatever, you'll both end up happy about the whole thing.

i've come to the conclusion that unless i lower my standards dramatically, i may never have sex again.

that is all.
thanks boblink those are great things to know, i'm quite impressed at your ability to Quote! i can't remember what i had for dinner 3 nights ago let alone what i was reading lol. much appreciated.
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