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Full Version: The Hip Momma: Ga-Ga-Oh-My-Gawd!!!
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That's so stressful, Tart. Good luck!!

Yeah, I'd be wary of a place that thought any of those things were odd in any way.
(I really worry about the amount of tv notbob gets exposed to since we are at my parents house.)

First of all, I'd have been very wary of any new place in a new area. Second, while I happen to know you want to wean soon, its none of their GD business. you just moved CROsS XCOUNTRY for god's sake. Third...find a place with different ages in differnent rooms. I'd be scared to death to have moxette in DC with a bunch of 3 year olds.

So, the cold-cough that won't go away isn't a cold at all, but seasonal allergies. Go figure, living in the midwest, with 2 parents who get hayfever, that she'd end up runny nosed in the sprintime. We can't shield her from outside, or more appropriately, I won't shield her from the outside, which the dr. agreed wholeheartedly with. I'm not the sheltering type anyway- i let her eat chocholate and frenchfries from time to time, and we LOVE Sesame Steet and Blues Clues- so, benadryl at night, here we come. I figured it was allergies when she didn't spike a fever, her eyes watered but didn't get red, and her nose has run like a faucet since the thaw.
Exactly, mox. Those may not be the choices that they would have made, but they are perfectly reasonable choices, and it's your call as the parent.

It's not like you were asking them to bottle feed a 5 year old or something....

Poor moxette! Sounds not fun.

The mister has allergies and I worry about notbob getting them too.
Thanks for the support, ladies - we found a new place literally across the street, run by an old co-worker of mine from waaaaaay back, so Tartlet is toughing it out one more day in The Hole, then spending 2 days with Grandmas Various & starting New School on Monday. She reminds me of our old DCP, very warm & practical. And $25/week cheaper, so booyah.

I'm bracing for a lot of passive-agressive flak for our parenting choices - we've moved to what is mostly a very conservative area (with liberal pockets, thank heavens), where God & guns & country are the rule. When I had my first baby in 1993, the state had only just made midwifery legal again; there's still only a handful practicing in our part of the state. There are no laws protecting a mother's right to breastfeed in public - it gets brought up every few years & passed over as a "non-issue". They elected (& re-elected, until recently) Rick Santorum & Tom Ridge. rolleyes.gif

Mox, talk to your ped about homeopathic allergy remedies - they worked like a dream for my mum & me, and I think they make children's formulations. If it's spring allergies that are the problem, Moxette may well be allergic to tree pollens - I went through a year or two of bad pine & oak allergies.

Poor Jaslet - hope everyone gets a bit more sleep today! I rigged some very ghetto blackout shades with industrial Velcro & leftover fleece, so we're all getting more shut-eye round these parts...

Hi, Anoushh! wink.gif
well, the plan for the moment is to have her try the zertec for a month, see how she does, and let me research homeopathic remedies in the meantime. Our doc is from outside the US, and is more open to homeopathy than most, so long as "we decide together, and she's (moxette) isn't uncomfortable." Sounds good to me. If I have to choose between meds and playing outside, well...the choice is pretty obvious, even if I'm not thrilled with it. I suspect we'll do the allergy meds for the month, the decrease to benadryl when she needs it. I think its grass...she was playing yesterday, and as soon as she hit the grass, her nose turned on like a faucet. Concrete...dried up.

Anyway, little miss was a PICKLE last night. Holy cow...we actually had a Catagory 1 or 2 tantrum, and had to leave her in her room for a few minutes to thrash a bit. She was a much more pleasant child (although still pretty clingy...but that's fine with me) after some alone time. We can't do anything to get a tantrum to stop, and I know she needs to just work out some stuff on her own sometimes, but SHIT if it isn't hard to let my kid cry. I think this parenting discipline is as much about disciplining US as it is HER.

eta...sorry. Tart, if you go into this on the defensive, the passive-agressive shite will FIND you out. You and tartmann are confident, supportive parents and partners who have managed to not kill your kid yet. And, every so often, grandparents, aunties, well meaning neighbors even come up with good ideas. Why did you move back to PA anyway? I don't think I ever asked. How inconsiderate of me. sad.gif
Hey everyone! I finally made it here. Sadly we have been "blessed" with another colicky baby and I've spent the last weeks of evenings sitting on a big exercise ball bouncing her endlessly.
Monkey is getting tubes in his ears on Friday, since he's had pretty much continuous infections since January and the latest round of antibiotics have failed miserably and he seems really uncomfortable and he's waking at night, which he only does when they're bad.
Last night was bad for all of us and culmonated in MrChani driving Baby around the neighbourhood at 4am.
I made it to Moms on the Move exercise class on Tuesday and now I'm too sore to make it down the stairs.
Yay for Tart having wonderful days and thank goodness she's found convenient and hopefully fantastic care.
Yay for Anoushh and sleeping through the night.
Moxie: I like alone time. I'm glad it does the trick for you two.
(((chani and Nora)))) AND for tomorrow (Monkey). Colic and ear tubes...blech. I'm sure you've seen them, but I just saw Hyland's colic tablets at the CVS, and there;s always the good old stand-by, gripe water. My mama swore by it for me, miss colic 1977. Chani, when do you go back to work?

Well, after tuesday's shitstorm tempered kidlet, yesterday was an absolutly wonderful breeze. No crying, no fussing, good eating, super-duper curious, blew Big Bird kisses, and we all had good Family fun.

So glad you found a DC tart!

Jas- check your PM.

*ok, back to work*
OK, so 4 month old shots didn't go too bad. He actually cried less this time than he did for 2 month shots. He's been a little more tired than usual the past 2 days and a little more restless at night but overall we're doing well. We're still working on the whole napping thing but I feel better about it since chatting with you guys and the peds. She said a 45 minute nap is pretty good for this age too. And I've decided that we're just gonna do what we need to to survive, including the occasional nap in mom's bed. Speaking of which, he slept for 2 1/2 hours in bed with me yesterday for his am nap! Just wish he would do that on his own! smile.gif

Completely off- topic but I was wondering: how did everybody come up with their screen names? I got mine from Disney's Aladdin (one of my all time favorite movies).
moxieman and i have a freelance company...digitalmoxie
hi people! we (well, i, the bean is fine) are rising from the dead after the flu from hell.

((nora, colic, chaniboy, tubes)) -- btw, chani, have you tried the miracle blanket? i swear it worked wonders for us - we got it when the bean was 6 weeks old and starting to cry a LOT and he instantly napped 2x as long and slept longer at night too. he was a big face-scratcher, so that's probably part of it.

((tart/let)) sorry to hear about daycare woes. it's so hard. we just made the decision to take the bean out of daycare because there is a really aggressive kid there (she hits everyone) and we don't like the way they're handling it. after extensive conversations, we decided it wasn't a good situation for him to be in (especially since we don't depend on daycare for childcare, he was only there 2 afternoons a week, and it was mostly for him to have a peer group). we found a great parent-child playgroup in a nonprofit preschool where we're going to take him so he has contact with other kids. but we still feel bad about how that situation turned out and the fact that he may have had some friendships with kids there whom he'll miss.

sorry about the allergies, mox. i have them and i wonder if the bean will have them too. he just got tested for food allergies and has a severe milk allergy AND an egg allergy and has been advised off several other foods until further notice. it's tough having a dairy-free toddler. try finding a kid's meal you can give him....uh, nope.

jasmine, my screen name comes from the fact that i'm half french and it has connotations of both pomegranates and grenades.
Surgery went fine today. He is such a good kid - a few heartbreaking moments as he went to sleep and woke up (I was in the OR when they put him under, and they brought him up to see me as soon as he was awake) - but he's pretty much his normal smiley self this afternoon. Of course, the cookies and popsicles helped!
Gren - the miracle blanket worked great for Monkey and indeed bought us many happy sleepy hours, but Baby HATES being swaddled. HATES the miracle blanket! So I dropped them off yesterday to my neighbour who's due any minute.
Moxie - I am lucky to live in the Great White North, so we've got the option of a full year off. The plan was for me to go back at 7 months, but now that MrChani is going to be away, I have no idea what I'll do. We'll play it by ear, I think.
My screenname is the main female character from Frank Herbert's amazing book Dune. If you've only seen the cringeworthy movie and never read the book, it's worth picking up someday when the kids are with grandma!
I'm feeling extremely guilty today. I'm really, really missing my old life right now. I miss sleeping in on the weekends, going out for hours without worrying about feedings or changing diapers, massages/ pedicures/ facials (even though I hardly ever got them). I miss fitting in my old clothes, I even miss working out at the gym even though I hated every minute of it before. I'm feeling really resentful of the Mr. since he never gets up at night with the babe (even though it doesn't make sense for him to since I just get up to nurse him), and cuz he's hardly ever home anymore (he's working really long hours and every weekend). I guess I'm just feeling worn out and beat down right now. And so I'm having a pity party for one. sad.gif
sigh. jas, it happens. do you have any girlfriends who are around? who could come over to your house, bring cookie dough and a bottle of wine, and watch movies with you? because i strongly suggest having some social contact that you DON'T have to stress about by finding a babysitter, etc. it IS possible...
I hear you, Jas. I was sitting up in the nursery, trying to get a nap out of a certain someone, thinking about all the shit we could be getting done with the house if it were just the two of us again. And all the sleep I'd be getting. And all the portions.

But then, if it weren't for Tartlet, we wouldn't have this house, ya know?

Gren's right - call in the reinforcements! And since Mr Jasmine isn't doing night duty, make sure he's stepping it up during the day - have him take Jaslet out for a nice long drive/walk every weekend, so you can get some alone time. And no whining/punking out because he's working full time (not assuming he would, but you know what I'm saying). Like you're not!

Hiya to the rest of the mamas - the house is slowly looking like a house instead of a loading dock. We have awesome neighbors who gave us a grill & are going to help us install an all-house fan this summer. Whoo!

My screen name is from my very first post, in Barefoot & Precocious - a recipe for leek & mushroom tart....
jas- we ALL mourn the life pre-baby. its only the fully actualized mommas who recognize it. And the courageous ones talk about it. And the fierce ones DO something about it. C' FIERCE! Call in reinforcements, and save for any minor disasters, let;s look forward to next sunday at Java! smile.gif

Tart- with a house, not a small apt...I HOPE the portions come back. The very best thing about having a room physically very seperate from moxette...portions. I admit it.

Gren- how's the house sit? Any more thoughts on moving back in?

Annoush- has the mr. cut back on his long hours? Maybe you could have some good advice for jas?

Chani- there are days I wished I was a cannuck...I live 20 min from the border...and being in CA would even make my commute to work SHORTER...its too damed bad I love my own country, sad and pathetic as our problems are.
Notbob has finally managed to get the feet all the way into the mouth. Of course, not on camera--yet.

He's very happy with himself, though.

I'm exhausted so will have to wait to reply to the rest. Very wise words here as always, though.

Oh, and my name is the armenian word for 'sweet" but w/ an extra 'h' b/c someone already had "anoush" but wasn't using it.

Yes, I am armenian (thus not-bob's IRL name being an Armenian boys name that I didn't realize everyone would at first think was a girl's name. Oh well--we still like it. It's Ara, btw.)
hey mommas.

i've been lurking here for a while now, as i'm soon to join this thread officially when the stork visits around the first week or so in july. you guys are such a wealth and i'm so happy that i can check here to see what's to come. i guess it sort of helps with the preparation.

in that vien, i was hoping i could get some help from you all, if you feel like playing. smile.gif

i am in registery-mode right now and i'm utterly overwhelmed by all the baby stuff out there. is there any way i could impose on you mommas to give me some advice on what i TRULY need? or what i DON'T need? is there something you wish you'd have registered for or gotten for your wee one earlier on? or anything that is just sitting and collecting dust?

this can be anything baby-related. i just want some advice from smart mommas that i trust (um, that's you guys!!), rather than the typical advice i get from books and other well-meaning people whose ideas don't hold a lot of water for me...

thanks so much in advance...
Woo! FJ! Come play with us, indeed!

We actually found this book really helpful - even though it was on (gasp) Oprah... It's pretty no-nonsense, with good reviews of all kinds of gear & recs on what you do & don't really need.

That said, things we could have done without/are glad we didn't get: bassinette (he went right in the crib, or co-slept in our bed); Bumbo seat (fun for a few weeks, but he quickly squirmed outof it); gym mat thingy; exersaucer (talk about an expensive toy for what was for us a 2 month window of ability/interest); bouncy seat (we're in the minority here, I think); countertop baby tub (I went in the big tub & held/nursed him instead, and now we have an inflato tub insert); Baby Einstein DVDs (aboslutely no interest from the bebe); a glider/rocker (we have one now, and honestly, the couch with a good ottoman was more comfy for nursing)...

On the flipside, Those Things Which Saved Our Collective Bacon: multiple slings/wraps/carriers (for those days when he could not be put down); a sturdy "travel system" (having the carseat go from car to stroller to the apartment was a godsend if he ever fell asleep); a CD player for the nursery; breathable mesh bumpers; Ultimate Crib Sheets (they snap on over the top sheet & come off in 2 seconds, invaluable for midnight diaper blowouts)...

There's more, I'm sure, but work beckons...
hey people-

well, we are out of the Daycare of Violence and into the Playgroup of Friendliness. it's a nice change. no word on the house, tho, since contractors have decided to all leave the west coast for less expensive pastures...we are hoping to move back in in june, but we'll see.

fj, almost everything we got we didn't need, especially all things baby einstein and most baby care products (stinky, made him break out, didn't work, etc.) etc. exersaucer was useless. the vibrating bouncy chair, while only good for about 3 mo., was a lifesaver because it helped him through a fussy time.

things we did need included the miracle blanket, sun hats (i never thought of that, but it's essential), ergo carrier and snugli (i second tart, but we hated slings and neither of us could ever use one happily), robeez (soft leather shoes, they're expensive, so ask for them in multiple sizes), plastic baby bath (saves water and mess, is a convenient chair, and i don't always want to run a full bath/get in), and these cool little balls that look like soccer balls but are hollow and made of flexible plastic, easy to grab for little fingers. my dad gave us a diaper service, which was nice, but next time i'm just doing it on my own (with cloth diapers) because it's not that much of a hassle.

and ya know, everyone gives you onesies, and that's ok. you need onesies. it's nice if you get a range of sizes, tho.

okay, gotta work here. hugs to all the mamas!
i have mastitis. thank goddess for ibuprofen and I spit ~ptoo~ on whoever decided today was a good day to get horribly ill.
I agree with tart except that I wouldn't want to be without one of the playmat or the exersaucer. My back needed a break from the carrier sometimes and it let me get dinner ready! We didn't need the bouncy chair with #1, but it's come in really handy with #2.
ooh, sorry to hear that, chani. have you tried cabbage leaves in the bra?

i have weird twinges now that the bean is nursing less. we stopped nursing at night - i had been waiting to feel like he was ready and one night while putting him to bed i just sensed he was and so we read more books and then he lay right down and listened to me sing a song (it's so cute; he starts to yawn as soon as the song starts) and he went to sleep. it's now been over a week and no crying at all, knock wood. but the downside is that since i'm now only nursing once every other day per breast, i'm getting funny pangs like "are you sure you want me to shut down? SURE? because i'm getting mixed signals here...").

there was about a month where the bean was colicky and the bouncy chair was the only easy way to get him to sleep. i know they tell you not to, but a couple of nights he slept by the bed in the bouncy chair. it was a godsend. also, they're pretty small (mine is essentially a wire frame with a cloth cover and battery pack, not enormous chunks of plastic like the exersaucer), so i didn't mind the space it took up.
Oof, Chani, my have my sympathies - I dodged that bullet this weekend by mere hours, I think... sore, tight on one side, shooting pain, and a big ol' milk blister. Draining it brought a fountain of fluid & insto relief, but now I have an odd flap of whitish skin that I can't decide what to do with - leave it be, or trim it off?


We got a pair of Robeez knockoffs at Target for $14, and they're awesome. They look like old man sandals. And I second Gren's love of the O-ball - ours is AWOL since the move, much to my dismay...

ETA: Oh Gren, your night weaning sounds lovely. It gives me hope, it does. How old is the bean?
thanks guys! i purchased the baby bargains book a while ago, tart. i think moxie actually told me about it originally. i have referred to it several times.

i've gotta go add a few things to the registry now. thank goodness bru and target both let you do it online! smile.gif i appreciate the help and look forward to much, much more. smile.gif

tart, the bean is 20 months, nearly 21 now. it really confirms my philosophy that a lot of the time you can force the kid to adhere to your expectations (and get some tears and struggle) or you can wait until the kid is good and ready and it's painless. We did taper down gradually - were at 3x/day in Jan, then to 2x/day feb-april, then 1x/day for now, and I expect to have him fully weaned by early August (when he's two and i'm 1.5 months from #2). maybe sooner; we'll see.
hey there all...its been a wicked early week here in moxieland. Both moxieman and I had horrificcaly painful stomach flu, which moxette hasn't gotten...yet. Please vibe? I can't imagine my little baboo going thrpough that. Ugh.

Anyway, as for stuff...I agree with tart about the basinette and the bumbo. Hmm, maybe a pro/con/nocomment list:

Pro: Exersaucer, although we got ours at a 2nd hand store for $15. For 3+ mos of fun (started at 3.5 mos, enjoyed it until mobility took over), $15 was well worth it; Good changing table and pad and diaper organizer thingy...any organization system works great for the 3am blowout; triple paste diaper cream- clears the rashes up pronto; EITHER a bouncy or swing...i really don't think both is necessary. I did see a "combo" swing/bouncy chair that looked interesting last week at target. And, if you end up using formula to supplement...we loved the Avent bottles...although we didn't have much other experience.

Cons: bassinette...moxette spent 3 weeks in her bouncy chair, then to the crib. My SIL had hers in the swing in her bedroom for a month, then crib. We had horrible results with the snugli/sling/holder of any kind. But, she LOVED the same purpose, i guess. Also, a "bottle washer/dryer" rack...get a regular bottle brush and pop them in the DW once a week.

Nocomments: the Boppy pillow. I think any pillow would work. Glider- anything comfy would work.

Make sure you use just scent-free bath products...johnsons and aveno have worked well here. LOTS of washclothes...we have "nice" plushie ones for bathtime, and TONS of cheapo ones for everything else...snot, food, they even double as perfect dishrags.
oh, also, look for where to get one of those big exercise balls that people use in labour. don't buy it yet, you might not need it, but it is a lifesaver if little jacket is colicky. We do a lot of bouncing around here.
feeling somewhat better today. going to try to get a shower.
oh, anyone tried BioGaia lactobacillis drops for colic? New trial showing 95% of babies responded with avg 3 hours less crying per 48hrs. it's available on the Pediatrics journal website
Good tip, Chani - FJ, if you decide you want a yoga ball for pre- or post-labour, let me know, as ours was decommissioned & is packed up in the box, ready to go...
thanks again, you rockin' mommas!

i already have a yoga ball thingy from my physical therapy and i never even thought of using it for after he gets here. great idea, chani! (and thanks for the offer, tart!)

we won't be getting a bassinette, mainly because fil has built the jackaroo a cradle. it's the coolest thing in the world and even though i know he'll probably only use it for the first couple months, i love that he'll have it for his own little ones long down the road (or if jackette v.2.0 comes along, hehe). i also registered for a cosleeper for the guest room downstairs for when we take our naps together in there (yeah, wishful thinking that he's gonna be a napper).

i didn't register for the exersaucer, but i did go for a swing and for a bouncer. i figure one can be upstairs in our bedroom while the other is downstairs primarily. or maybe one will go to grammy's house.

i got a great diaper changing table/armoire and was planning to have an easy pull out basket stocked with all the necessities for changing. and my parents told me yesterday that they're buying our crib so i'm pretty excited about that.

i didn't go for a high chair yet. i figure i have some time to get that still. part of me feels like i should go ahead and register for it and let someone buy it for me. but the other part is saying that i should let people buy the stuff i need immediately.

i did manage not to get overwhelmed at all the stuff yesterday, so that was something. smile.gif thanks again for all your help.

oh! and one more question: breast pumps? advice?
FJ- sounds like you had a great registering experience!! Where did you register m'dear?

I also got our highchair 2nd hand. It was only a couple years old, in good shape...not something i was really willing to spend mucho dough on. I'd go for registering for things you need in the immediate. You have grandparents nearby for the rest of the stuff. Trust me on that one. Oh! I remember the other thing that was absolutly imparative in months 2-8...a crib aquarium. Its like a music box that attaches to the crib. I think a CD player would work the same purpose, though.

Ok, my soup is ready...gonna go try eating.
mox, i did register for the crib aquarium thingy - only it's in rainforest sounds with real nature sounds plus music. i sort of went a little silly when i found it in the store, hehehe.

i registered at both target and babies r us, without doubling up hopefullly...

feel better, girl!

oh, and i'm not at all opposed to going second-hand with the high chair. or anything else for that matter. i need to visit the local "once upon a child" and see what they've got.
Hey, Mox, got a second? My BFF just had her baby girl via C-section, and I'm putting together a care package to mail out to her - any recs for stuff that she might find useful/comforting these first tender weeks? (Feel better, OK?)

Totally advocate the 2nd hand highchair - we got a huuuge one that was great for the first few months, but now we're just using a booster strapped to a kitchen chair. Do you have a craigslist for your area, FJ? If we had it to do again, that's how I'd roll for a lot more stuff.
((((moxette)))) sending no-vomit vibes to your little noggin.

feel better, mox. if it's any consolation i had the flu next week and the bean did not, despite my drooling/sneezing/etc all over him.

i used CL for everything and it was great. i have, to this day, still spent less than $20 on new stuff for the bean (partially due to my cousin with the 6-mo-older baby, partially due to CL, partially due to my boundless hatred of shopping).

things she can do from a stationary location...this is honestly where the bouncy chair came in very handy, early on. I found that one of those "back" pillows that are like small wedges, did wonders for my back support. The thing I found most odd was the inability to sleep comfortably on my side w/o back support for weeks. For the baby care, there's not much else beyond the normal stuff...a sling would probably have been very useful, to be honest. the less bending, the better.

FJ- its exciting to have all sorts of new, cute stuff for the baby...but besides a crib and carseat, I'd reccomend becomming very friendly with CL or a local 2nd hand shop (we LOVE the 2 "once upon a child" stores near us)...or milk your bff for stuff. her kid will be about 2 yrs older than jackaroo, rihgt? i'm now trying to pawn ALL my infant stuff off on the vast swath of preggo friends I have.
well, bff is preggo again, so that idea is totally out. smile.gif she'd offered everything to me early on in my pregnancy, but now that she's pregnant, she's keeping it all. i can't blame her for that at all. if she has a girl this time, i'll be getting all the hand me down clothes though. so that's something.

we do have a craigslist in our area. in fact, i sold some old fans to a lady just last week on cl. i've checked here and there on it but haven't found anything yet. mil lives in a gated community that has it's own version of cl and i've checked that site a few times too but haven't found anything i must have. honestly, i'm not ready to go buy anything anyway until after he gets here. i know it might sound moochy, but i want to see what i get from friends and family for the shower and after the birth before i make any big purchases.
so, anyone wanna guess why i'm up at 12:51 and 58 seconds on a thursday night? Yep...cryfest 207 continues. We've done cuddles (zonked right out), motrin (in case its teeth) plus cuddles (result, zonked right out), and are not 1 minute and 12 seconds into "OK, you should be FINE" crying. This ALWAYS makes me feel like a heel. Fuck. And, I'm totally willing to wuss out and let her crash with me on the sofa, but, not without going through the work part first. 2 minutes to go until the next intervention. it must be wrecking moxieman upstairs to hear her. sigh...
So, yeah. ended up crashing on the couch, cuddling the bebe for a couple hours. Whatever it was, she definitly needed mama. slept like a log after i put her back in her crib around 2:30 AM. And, of course, moxieman didn't hear any of it after the initial cries. Oh well. I'm trying to look at the bright side, that I have the magic cuddles that can sooth the most scared toddler and I can use them at my will. I'm the MOMMA.

*Mwah!* ladies.
(((((Mox & Moxette)))))

>>>>Wakethehellupatleastformoralsupport vibes for Moxieman & all the other slumber-gifted Bustiepapas<<<<

Sorry it was a rough night, Mox - nightmares? Molars? Existentialism? Who knows... hopefully tonight's better for everyone involved. Perhaps she was just picking up the slack for Tartlet, who slept through the night for the first time in months, let alone in the new house. Woot!

So I've decided that this stage is the most bewildering so far, save those first brand-new-baby nights... Tartlet's in that transitional period between baby & toddler, and we're all having a hard time figuring out where he is at any given moment. My instinct is to baby him somewhat, given the whole-world-shakeup he's just been through, but it's clear sometimes that that's not what he wants, even though it might help soothe him. The whole eating thing is throwing me off, too. After being so focused on getting him back on the growth curve for so long, I'm finding the waxing & waning of the toddler appetite maddening. Yesterday, he wolfed a HUGE bowl of fruit & oatmeal, and was begging for more. Today, I barely got half a regular serving in him before he was swatting it away & asking to get down. (I think we can count "get down" in his vocabulary - it's garbled, but the usage is right on) Some days he's all about the finger food, others it all gets very matter-of-factly dropped on the floor. blink.gif Unless it's toast. If we let him, I think he'd eat nothing but. DCP is really confused, too - some days he wants all 3 bottles, sometimes not; some days half the food I send comes back. I keep telling myself to be patient, that soon enough he'll be 14 & eating us out of house & home...
My zen master, Dr. Brazelton reminds me that at age 12-15 mos, a new toddler is in a very strange place- all about wanting independence, but not quite being able to handle it. So, everything is touch-and-go. Always. Tart, you have just written the most perfect paragraph about a 12-13 mos old.

Prior to the sleep fuck-all night, she has gone weeks w/o needing anything until 5AM. Then, after a middle of the night (MOM) fest, we had to wake her at 7:45 to go to school...slept right through the "normal" morning bottle. She wakes up, looks at me and goes "BABA, MAMA". Almost like "Oh, hey, I forgot about my baba earlier, mom." Then, she pointed at her crayons and wanted to draw.

Last night, miss moxette ate: a whole bannana, chicken, carrots, pasta, crackers (I had chicken soup for dinner), crunchy cereal, and a whole thing of applesauce. Then, hossed down her bottle. I bet today, daycare will be lucky if she eats anything.

We also have 2 new words: Bubbles and Puppy. And, she has gotten VERY good at pointing.

Our general tack is to let her tell us what she wants, within some loose parameters. Its worked pretty well so far. Only 1 major tantrum/timeout so far.
where all my ladeeze at? Since friday, we have:

Gotten a shiner
Played in a sprinkler
Picked out a book to read
Went 2 mornings in a row w/o a 6am bottle

That's it. Tonight was a cranky-pants-ass night, and momma is worn out.
we've gone from mastitis to stomach flu, all in one week.
sometimes life isn't fair.
SUCK. Moxieman and I both had the flu last week. I thought I had apendicitis. SUCK ASS.

Well, I had a whiny extential mom crisis to bitch about, but seriously, the thought of Mastitis and Stomach Flu just made me count my blessings.

Moxette is in a serious "Daddy" phase right now, and while we both know its a phase, its putting a heck of a strain on moxieman...he just doesn't get any break at all. He's trying to enjoy it the best he can, but the "up, down, come HERE" all evening gets repetitive. We're hoping to break the cycle a bit this weekend by having him AWOL all day saturday.

Chani, get better!

Tart, how's your BFF recovering?

Jas - Maybe after Mother's Day? We tried hitting the Zoo with the cousins on Sunday, and it was a disaster! TOOOOOO many people. I don't handle BIG crowds well.

okey dokey, off to work. *Mwah* everyone!
Come on, Mox, share the whine - I'm right there with you, I suspect. I hit a wall yesterday, and told Tartman I need a fucking break already. A year plus of interrupted sleep coupled with the stress of moving & putting Tartlet's needs waaay ahead of my own these past few weeks came crashing down on my head last night & I've had it. The house is livable, but my office & the basement rec room (the 2 places I want to spend the most time) are still cluttered distaster areas, and I have no. fucking. time to deal with them. I bought a nice little computer desk that fell to pieces when I tried to assemble it. Tartman's not getting the hours that work promised him, and is freaking out about his money situation. COBRA paperwork got delayed, and I suspect Tartlet may have an ear infection. I've got a wedding cake to do (for free) for Memorial Day weekend, and 1.5 square feet of counter space to my name. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I'm taking Mother's Day off, I've decided. Tartlet's going to play with Grandma, and I'm hanging out with my mum, going shoe shopping, and maybe for a nice long drive out into the country, with Billy Bragg pumping on the stereo. I feel better just thinking about it.

BFF's C-section went really well, and her family's staying with them for a week or two, so she's well taken care of. Thanks for asking!

(((Mojitos for all my mamas))))
I say bitch away, too. It helps to know that it's not all rosy for everyone else, either. (You'd think it would be scary hearing this stuff, but it's not. What's scary is the denial of reality.)

I've not been posting b/c I''ve increased my hours, my mom is away this week, and never enough time (as usual.)

I'm still thinking of responding to Gren's post about Sesame Street, FFS. (You can get a DVD set of "Old School Sesame Street" out now w/a few very old episodes, including the first btw. Other than that, I don't know of any access. I used to watch it on Noggin when I had that channel and it was on, which I dont' think it is now.)

and more after that.

But I have a rare few minutes and have stuff to do so best go.

But first--

Crowds suck
Flu sucks
Mastitis sucks
Clutter sucks
No time sucks.

Billy Bragg doesn't suck and is in part responsible for not-bob being here.

(But airlines suck and we've had to change our plans to go to UK in July and now may be going in October. If I can get a ticket. I' ve spent over an hour so far, been cut off THREE times from United, and still no tickets. Bastards.)
(Try American Airlines, Anoushh - we had really good luck with them the past few times we've headed back to the Motherland... and their seats are designed for big fat American asses, so there's way more room than my formerly-beloved British Airways.)
i had beer and chips with billy bragg's guitarist (ian mclagen, formerly of small faces fame, when bb was touring with "the blokes")!
/totally irrelevant marginally famous moment

i'm getting more and more wary of baby einstein and other early childhood-centered "infotainment." really, what makes us think this stuff is good for kids except that it gives us a break and, let's be honest, the name is kind of cute?

have been getting slammed at work(s).

thanks, anoushh; i may get that for myself. i'm not sure about the virtues of sesame st. at all anymore, just seems really unnecessary, as tv in general is.

found out the incu-baby is a girl, or at least "looking very girlish." am not surprised because i'm feeling so different hormonally this time (no sex drive, for example, which the lack of testosterone would explain). the mister is really happy. i'm pleased but wasn't invested and am anyway more worried about various random niggling health issues that cause me to imagine the worst. blech.

good for you, tart, taking mother's day off!

and mox, i hope the mr. gets some relief - and you do too!

the bean has been very two-ish lately. talking, using a potty, and whining when he doesn't get his way. hmm.
The vintage Sesame Street was totally for me, to be honest. I can't say I'll never use tv to give myself a break but I don't see going out of my way to have the kid watch tv.

Ian McClagan is very small, isn't he. I mean, tiny.

I hate United, but we don't have many choices here and I, in theory, have enough miles to get a free ticket on them.

I too used to love BA.
OH, part of the reason we're so disappointed re: not going to the UK in July is that we miss the Tolpuddle festival. Was looking forward to having a picture of Bill w/ not-bob.

I had a chat with Bill and Grant Showbiz, (mostly Grant) about the lack of decent tea in America and the sad state of American cheesemaking (though I did stand up for small, local producers, who are getting better all the time.)
And Woody D, who is really name Vartan and thus of course is Armenian, rubbed my pregnant belly (with permission) and kept offering to get me a chair after the show.

Exciting stuff, that rock and roll lifestyle.
yes, ian mclagen is tiny (and i felt like a big galoot), but he has that middle-aged man charming courtoisie that makes you feel sort of pleasantly, but not seriously, flirtatious and flattered. he gave me a copy of his book, "all the rage," which was fun to read, although of course rife with aging rock star grammar errors.

/totally, completely off-topic response
Potty! Gren, I'm sure that's a whole new world of excitement and laundry. laugh.gif
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