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well, he can be capital-W Wrong without being capital-B Bad. and that sounds like the case here. don't be mad at him; he tried to plan a special night for you. he just doesn't realise all that entails...
and it sounds like maybe you two could do with some in-depth discussion about your parenting expectations and assumptions and what is baseline "ok." every couple usually has to do this - we certainly did - but in this case, it sounds as though your husband really lacks a solid foundation, a fact i'm sure he realises...

(this reminds me of my husband trying to cook dinner for me. he's willing to do it; he wants to help; he deeply, deeply fails to understand that if you're going to cook dinner you usually have to have some idea of what you're making and make sure it's in the house beforehand. every time we've tried, we end up eating dinner at 11 pm, which is torture for someone with my blood sugar ((needs constant stoking and regulation)). eventually i just was like, no. don't torture me. so now he's like, 'but you don't WANT me to cook'...sigh. hopefully this can be resolved in a more productive way.)

ETA: anyway: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! eat those cadbury cream eggs. they ARE good.

anoushh, sorry about the rash. viral, yuck.
bet he would've enjoyed it even more in a SMART!

the bean slept for 11.75 hours last night! whoo! (usually he sleeps 10, which means he gets up at five. today, 6:30 pm to 6:15 am) happier times are ahead, you guys...we're at 20 months. he's so cute, too; he wakes up and says "mama! let's eat!"

a boy after my own heart. (of course while he's eating i'm sucking 'preggie pops,' because some very early mornings are not the best time for the quease train.)

mox, i might do easter for real (in terms of church), but we're not really there as a family. plus i find taking a kid this age to church kind of pointless...i was baptised at five, which i liked because i had some idea of what was happening. we already have lots of plastic eggs around to play with and the bean doesn't get candy...if there were a non-sugar large egg hunt around, i'd take him, but probably we'll skip it until he's bigger.
QUOTE(grenadine @ Apr 5 2007, 01:47 PM) *
well, he can be capital-W Wrong without being capital-B Bad. and that sounds like the case here.

I agree completely. It sounds like his parenting perspectives are skewed by his own experiences of being parented. That doesn't change the fact that the situations you describe in his own life as a child range from unwise to completely illegal and could (and should) get children taken away from parents who behave that way--if the child survives long enough for that to happen.

(I'm a social worker by profession, so I'm speaking professionally here as well as personally.)

You'll probably need to have more than one serious talk with him about parenting and your respective assumptions and expectations. WE all do, but maybe even more in this case.

People have this funny (ie, wrong, completely misguided, and potentially dangerous) idea that "kids are so resilient" which is true, but often ends up being code for "anything that happens when they are preverbal doesn't count because they won't experience it as a specific memory they can recount back, nor can they explain how events as children profoundly impact them in their experiences of the world and others. And do you want your child to just survive on the back of his/her resilience, or do you want your child to be the best he or she can be? Do you want them to just "get by" or to be healthy and happy and thriving?

I also wonder if it might be very hard for him to have discussions about parenting expectations. It may not be--everyone is different--but it may also be very difficult to face up to some of hte implications of this kind of discussion, which could include realizing (subconsciously or consciously) deficiencies in his own experience of being parented, of anger, loss, or sadness around his own parents treatment of him, etc. I've been shocked at the degree to which some people minimize very serious pieces of their childhood experience, even when they should know better as adults, but it is a kind of defense mechanism.

Anyway, I made it through my first work week (a whole 10.5 hours) but I have a conference tomorrow that I signed up to before. (Psychotherapy with patients with psychosis) and it's all day. But I might take notbob to the farmer's market on Saturday--first of the season.
Monday the mister is going to try to come to work for lunch and bring notbob with him (his presence has already been requested.)

The last two nights I've taken him into bed with me at about 3:45 am when he wakes up and fusses a lot. He's then slept until 6:30 and 7 am, respectively, after a dreamfeed at midnight. This is very, very, very good.
He sleeps usually from about 7-8 at night, though that's the roughest part of the night as he still sometimes wakes up every few minutes and fusses and needs a lot of comforting to go back to sleep. I can pretty much guarantee a wake up 40 minutes after he goes to sleep, maybe more the first 20 minutes or so, and very, very likely some after that. But still, this is a vast improvement. And when the mister is up--which is anytime he doesn't have to work at an ungodly hour--he does the dreamfeed now. THat helps.
morning all! How was all the weekend activities? It was BUTT cold here, so everything was inside! We played a whole lot, got real WALKING!! and have yet another toothie coming in. Also, we discovered the radience of blackberries. We played with the BFFs saturday night, and both babies were damn near attacking me to get to blackberries! hehe.

How did all the wee ones handle the Easter parade? Ours did surprisingly well, considering the amazing lack of sleep the night before (tootie pain!).

Annoush- Hurrah! for first full week on the job!

Jas- how was your birthday?

Tart- how goes the packing?

Gren- feel;ing less plurrby?

*Mwah* all!
Yay walking! We're seeing more of it around here, too, which may be behind the sudden spike in wake-ups - either that or the four teeth that are coming in... ouch! Mister BiteyPants now suddenly wants to chew on fabric, which often means my shirt, and he got a chunk of my shoulder in the process yesterday. Needless to say, we're putting a stop to that behavior right. now.

Had our 1-year appointment a little early, quick before we move... Tartlet is STILL not 20 pounds! 19.5, down to a whopping 15th percentile. Our doc isn't the least bit worried, which is good - I trust her on these things. She's recommending more fatty solids (avocado, whole milk cheeses & yoghurts, eggs various), but is of the opinion that he's just meant to be lean & active... Poor bean had his 1 year shots and a nasty blood draw, both in one day - and I got to pin him down for all of it. It's a wonder he'll still look me in the eye. He's got a particularly nasty bruise on one arm, very heroin-chic, that apparently scared the bejeezus out of the daycare ladies...

Huzzah for all those getting the hang of sleeping! We're making major, major strides in napping (no! don't write it down!) which has me thrilled beyond belief. We haven't done a nap-&-nurse (Tartlet & I lying down in the big bed & nursing until he's asleep & I can sneak away) for weeks, (stop! don't jinx it!) and we're consistently getting 2 naps a day on the weekends (oh that's it, we're screwed now...). laugh.gif

On the laissez-faire parenting tip: Anoushh, you make several really great points. Taking a stance on one's own parenting philosophies so often puts us in direct opposition to our own upbringing, and implies that how we were parented was somehow insufficient, which can bring up some uncomfortable or downright awful feelings about our childhoods. I was allowed to run amok on our 7 wooded acres for hours at a time, totally unsupervised, messing about with the electric fence, climbing rock formations, and generally being as far out of the watchful eye of my folks as was physically possible. It's a wonder I didn't break an arm, or fall & crack my head open, or have a run-in with a wolf/bear/coyote. I wouldn't trade that experience for the world, but there's no way in hell I'd let Tartlet do the same thing... how to put that artfully to my mum, I don't know.

It sounds like Jasmine's mister has the double curse of super-relaxed parenting and the quintessential male blindness to forward planning/big picture/worst case scenario stuff. I agree, it's easy to pile on & give him the smackdown for not having stranger anxiety or the forethought to plan a better birthday, but a bit of slack & a good long talk about expectations are in order, I think.

Stupid work. It took me 2 hours to write this.
yeah, moxette the vampiress took a chunck outta my shoulder the other day. When I very firmly said "no biting" and she promptly did it again, we had our very first time out. Sitting holding her facing away from me for 30 seconds. She didn't grasp it, but I figure one has to start somewhere.

Yeah! for better naps. Naps have been sporadic at school at best lately, but great at home. I'll take what I can get. Between the teeth that come one after another and the new walking, she's only capable of so much. We had another very successful chicken soup experience today, though. That makes me very happy, b/c I love making soups (chicken chili is my favorite), and this goes right along with my hope that she'll eat mostly what we eat. I'm determined not to make food the battleground. Sleep, physical issues (tail pulling, biting)...those are the battles I choose to fight.

So tart, are y'a ready for the big move? Moxette is weighing in at a massive 23 lbs! And 100% for height. Yet, she's still very comfy in 9 mos onisies...LONG legged girl. And, we are very relieved to not have any of the pox in our home! smile.gif Making a 12 mos old not scratch did not sound pleasent to me.

Anyway, gots to run and get dinner on the table.

*Mwah* everyone!
<Warning: Much whining to follow.>

Ok, so I had the weekend FROM HELL!!!

It all started out fine. My birthday on Friday was surprisingly good. The mister even redeemed himself a little bit because we now have a babysitter that I trust. He talked with one of the daycare ladies who takes care of the lil guy on Fridays and, not only is she able to babysit for future events, she also babysat on Friday night. We got to see "300" on the bigscreen (mmm...half-naked, oiled-up beefcakes in leather speedos, yummy!) and I felt very at ease since this is someone I've met and talked with on several occasions and who knows the lil guy and takes good care of him.

It started going downhill on Sat nite. One of my kitties (and I do mean cats) has been somewhat lethargic and not eating much the past few days and Hubby and I noticed (finally) late Sat nite. She hadn't moved from her hiding spot, eaten or used the potty in 2 days so hubby took her to the vet ER at midnite. I was up until 2:30am worrying about her. She never really got better so she ended up at the regular vet today and is now on antibiotics and appetite stimulants for the next week. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to give them to her since she won't take pills and won't eat anything but crunchy cat food but I digress.

The big nasty is that the lil guy is sick... very sick. He has had a dry cough since Weds but no big deal until Sat when it started to get a bit wet sounding. Then the vomiting started yesterday. He's so congested and mucous-y now that he gags when he gets on a coughing fit and pukes... mostly on mom. I had to change clothes 3 times yesterday after being baptized in regurgitated breastmilk. He's very congested, having trouble clearing his throat and nose, so he's crying a lot more than usual and that's just making things worse on the mucus and coughing front. We took him to the doctor today knowing that it was something viral and there's not much to do but I was very dismayed to hear the doc say it could be RSV and last up to a month. I'm not sure I can handle seeing him struggle and be miserable like this for a whole month. He actually seems a bit better today, no puking yet. So hopefully no RSV and just a regular old cold that'll be gone by the end of the week. (fingers crossed)

And my throat hurts today.

Anyways, that was my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend. Hope everyone else's was much, much better.
Oh, Jas...the first real sickness is horrible! Did the doc say you can give him anything to help the congestion? I don't remember when, but I think it was around 4 mos old, a really wicked cold happened, and the doc prescribed something called "C-Phen"- its serious cold meds-anti-congestion, anti-cough and anti-histamine all in one. Works like a dream-except that like grown-up cold meds, the baby gets spacy-city. Now-a-days, we use triaminic most of the time, but the C-phen when a cold/flu is really bad. Poor little thing. In the meantime, steamy baths and vicks in a vaporizer should help the cough. Us moms and tart...we knows what we talks about with wee sick ones. And, I'm SO sorry about the kitty-ours was sick a couple months ago, and for the life of me, i couldn't get him to take the antibiotics...we had to go back to the vet for a shot. For it all to happen at once...feh. The good thing (if there is one...) about RSV is that its like chicken pox...once you get it, you're done with it. the bad thing is, it makes the wee ones really sick while they're sick. Feh! The first C-phen cold was accompanied by my first experience with the Exorcist-like vomit.

Eh, I'm fighting the "go in and comfy her" bug...fussie bebe very tired, but very easily stimulated. I thought the three books, long bath and extra cuddles would calm her...nope. Mom isn't a cure-all for walking-related stimuli. Eck-I hate being the hard ass. Moxieman is out, running a couple needed errands, and i'm here. When he gets home, I'm taking a freshly made cookie, a good book and hitting the hay.
Hey everyone!
Yucko about couple stress and double yucko about RSV!!
Spent a day cooped up inside with Monkey and Baby while MrChani was at work. Overall, considering Monkey's extreme state of sleep deprivation after a busy weekend with my in-laws, it went okay. Poor monkey was exhausted all day and only had 2 really good meltdowns. One averted by the Doodlebops and one averted by some quiet cuddles in his room while Baby slept.
The biggest challenge today was his intentional rule-breaking while I was nursing. I was dragging him across the floor with one hand and jostling Baby around trying to get him to The Naughty Step. This is obviously neither dignified, practical or fair to poor Baby! Any suggestions?
lots of couple stress here too, and i feel lumpy, mox - thanks for asking. smile.gif the bean has been cranky and needing lots of mama, (and he had FINALLY started to like - and call by name - daddy, too - a year after "mama") although he is blessedly asleep soundly. i dunno, chani, about the nursing thing - i'm wondering how the bean, who is still nursing (i plan to wean over the next few months) is going to react when he sees me nursing the baby. he loves "the red balloon" (movie), and i suspect we'll be doing a lot of testing over the summer to see what else he likes enough to be distracted by it when the little one needs to nurse...

sorry about rsv, jas, but glad your husband came through with a babysitter. mine is being kind of a brat right now (stays up late then complains about getting up early, which - hello! - has been a constant since the bean was born, and did you REALLY need to go to the bar and smoke a cigar after i went to bed?), so count your blessings. just lots of tlc for the little guy and you will be fine.
chani- not that I have anything remotely like experience with 2 babes, but is this behavior just yesterday, or is the intentional rule breaking something that happens each time baby nurses? Maybe you could give him a "snack" when the baby eats...some water or an apple slice or piece of cheese...something that might make him feel included w/o making him chubby? Or have him become a "helper", although he's kinda young for that...Is Mrchani still doing the 90 min away thing?
Ok, so lil boy seems to be getting better. We had smiles and giggles today. Still with a nasty cough but he seems less affected by it.

I'm really getting worried about my cat though. She came home from the vet last pm and does not seem to have eaten or drank anything. She did pee but in the upstairs bathroom instead of in her litterbox in the basement. I'm thinking that she's too weak to go down/ up 2 flights of stairs. I gave her a dose of her antibiotic pill just now and she didn't even fight at all. That really scares me. This is a cat that fights like crazy if I try to give her that hairball gel junk that most cats seem to love. She's just sleeping in my dirty clothes basket all day. I put food and h20 next to her and I honestly don't care if she pees/ poos on my clothes. I kinda want her to cuz then I'd know she's okay. Anyways, is it weird that I'm more worried about my cat than my son now? At least I know what's wrong with the lil man and he's getting better. The not knowing what's wrong with kitty is killing me.

As an aside, how does everyone feel about Baby Einstein videos? I know that the AAP says no tv under the age of 2 but aren't those somewhat educational. Just curious cuz last week I had the bean in the baby bjorn with a BE video on while I walked on the treadmill. He didn't seem to care one way or the other but I (paranoid new mom that I am) worried that I was damaging his little develping brain with the boob tube. Curious what everyone on here thinks cuz I trust your judgments as hip mommas.
Somewhere around 4 mos, moxette became enamoured with the tv...moving images and all. My basic philosophy on parenting is that to 100% restrict anything SO much part of daily life will cause more harm than good in the long run. We watch some Sesame Street or Baby Einstein almost every day. Moxette hums along to the Sesame theme now. 10-15 min here or there isn't bad...and she's usually playing, then coming over, then playing again. I'm a moderation girl.
i lurk here frequently as i am preggers and so i feel like i know some of you. due middle of aug. with a boy! *happy sappy grin*

(((jasmine's kitty))) get better vibes! i have recently been closely involved in dealing with some very sick pets and i know how truely stressfull it can be. i so hope kitty gets better soon.

hi shiny! congratulations.

i'm going in for my 16 week blood test this week. it's a good thing i'm not old enough to (and hopefully have no other reason to, knock wood) justify an amnio or i would probably force them to give me one. the first time i didn't want to know the sex but we found out anyway, and now i want to know everything everything everything now now now!

jas, i don't doubt that the level of tv watching mox describes isn't going to seriously damage a kid - and we did try baby einstein videos (he was mostly bored). that said, i have read a lot on how the increasingly fast pace and visual busyness of infotainment (esp. sesame street, which we also tried, but the bean was bored and it made me dizzy) can contribute to attention issues in kids. the argument is that it basically presents information in a hyperkinetic collage/nonorganic way and that this "trains" the kid's mind to EXPECT that level of speed and exaggerated entertainment. so as time goes on i'm less and less into it and more into things like looking out the window...especially since i have a boy, and attention problems tend to strike more boys.

i also read an interesting book by kay hymowitz (sp?) that argued that a lot of kids' shows train children to "produce answers" rather than to problem-solve, etc., and i found this very plausible given my recent experience of sesame street. i loved it as a kid, but now i think it's way too mtv.

i do like "the red balloon," tho (30-minute narrative about a parisian boy finding a balloon), which moves at a more reasonable pace. so i'll be looking for more things like that.

what i really like is playing music for the bean - harry belafonte is a big hit, as is a lot of reggae, much 80s rock, and classical. i see a short film as more similar to this - a work of art meant to entertain. but we don't watch tv (or even have a tv, at the moment, and when we do it only gets two channels and is in the attic, so not really on the road more traveled).
God, I loved Sesame Street, but it gives me a headache now too. It has changed so much. Watching the old ones is so much calmer and nicer. (And no Elmo in the old ones--a big improvement.) I worry about the FAST FAST FAST pace of everything now, and the LOUD LOUD LOUD environment we seem to always be in these days. (I hated The Red Balloon as a kid, though. And dreaded--DREADED the repeated showings of Cat in the Hat in school. It really freaked me out. I wish I'd have realized I could have asked to not watch it, to go to the library or any thing like that.) Anyway, we still watch a bit of Sesame Street now and then, but I don't want him to have too much exposure to this kind of stuff either.

That said, I'm with everyone else in not worrying too much about a bit of exposure, and do use your judgment. If he's bored, you'll know. I worry about my parents use of the tv around him when I'm not around, but I'm around most of the time, and I think it's finally getting through to my mother that, whether she agrees with me or not, the loud noise of the tv (esp like my dad has it) overstimulates him, esp at night, and interferes with his sleeping. So that's progress.

(ssshhhhhh- Notbob seems to be sleeping, sort of, a little, maybe, teensy tiny bit better.....ssshhhhh--don't say I said that.....)

The mister's had some more practice in setting limits at work--I think there are some huge cultural differences that are at play here b/w the UK and what he's experiencing here, and he's going to need some time to adjust and learn, but I think he's making progress.

Jas, one of our kitties developed an eye infection and what turned out to be a chronically blocked tear duct about 10 days after notbob was born. I was EXHAUSTED, in pain, and overwhelmed. My SIL gladly helped out by taking her to the vet, but it was very stressful, especially given other details of her medical history which really had us worried. So my sympathies. And glad the baby is feeling better.

And I listened to so much Harry Belafonte when I was pregnant I wouldn't be surprised if notbob already knows the words. I admire him so much I seriously considered "Harry" for a first name for the young man.
Hum...its the super fast cartoons that give me pause...Sesame just seems fun. And, so far, the baby einstein videos are fairly soothing...well, again, hearing the variety of opinions here has been beneficial to make us think about how we allow and what we allow and making sure we are doing things deliberately and not out of laziness.

Music...I listened to the Paul Simon Anthology every morning when I was 5+ mos pregnant, and moxette bopped along in utero. We brought the CD to the hosp, and in the mornings, I played it for us. Calmed her straight down. Now, she seems to have the most affinity for hard rock/metal...moxieman loves to play rock during bathtime...and I'm a huge hard rock fan. She particularly loves (dances to, bops head, etc.) "Sweet Child of Mine" and "MamaKin." little rocker!

Ok, off to work. At least I'm working from home this morning. I've got my workflow established now to let me work at home a couple of mornings a week, so that I can have some quiet time, full brain-power time (although today I'm all sudafeded up...) and see moxette off to school in the AM. I'm determined to institute flexible work hours at my office...between me and 2 of my co-workers, there will likely be pregnant and/or "new" moms for many years henceforth, and we are all honestly quite too valuable to not listen to and cater long as we can create a fair balance, its all good. Right?
My two cents on the tv issue:

I think it's fine in moderation. I don't subscribe to the theory that it's damaging the children. If anything is damaging our children these days it's crappy parenting and crappy teachers(I have an older child too can you tell?!).

Sesame street doesn't bug me. Some of Elmo's World does, but the rest is pretty mild if you ask me. Button loves Teletubbies and Jakers the Pig(I love Sprout network) the show about the Irish pig. We also have a few of the Baby Einstein videos and she LOVES them. Well the two aside from Baby Mozart. That one makes her cry for some reason. Can't figure that one out, especially since it was her first one. I do however think I'm personally addicted to the Baby Einstein corporation.

Frankly if I didn't have those I'd never get a thing done during the day with how she naps! And that's the dirty little secret of most of the mom's in the US.

As for music, Button likes everything. I don't think she has a preference. Though a song by Josh Rouse used to make her smile since I used to play it a lot when I was pregnant, so who knows. Right now I'm on a mission with French Pop songs and I play those sometimes honestly not understanding much of what is sung. I still like them and she seems fascinated by them.

Oh and question: I could never pump because it sucked for me. So she never took bottles for a long time. We finally just started supplementing with a couple formula based bottles a day recently. It was only one whenever I left the house(which ocurred for the first time three weeks ago-only 8 months later. Now the last two days I've given her two of them and she polishes them off quickly.

The thing is, both of those two nights she's slept incredibly well. We're talking 7-9 hrs straight. My husband thinks it's the formula and that it's filling her up more. I'm wondering if that's true since I've become convinced my boobs aren't filling her up anyways. Anyone have experience with this? My husband thinks I should just wean now. Arrghh I can't yet.
Charlie, why wean? Tart still BFs and supplements...many, many, many mom's do that. Had I been able/desierous of BF, I would have. I'm a huge proponent of the "dream feed" concept...lets you BF her to bed, then hubby gives a small (2-4oz) bottle around sleeps through, and eats while snoozing. Worked like a GD miracle around here. I'm glad you're supplementing, though...a bit of indempendent time is pretty necessary for sane mommas, I think.
That I do, Charli - there's no reason why you can't do both. In fact, I think supplementing has vastly improved our BF relationship - it's more of a treat now, instead of "oh god, you again on my boob"... wink.gif We dayweaned, oddly enough, so Tartlet gets bottles all day, regardless of where he is, and only nurses at night & first thing in the morning. I've been slowly weaning myself off pumping - wooo! - and am almost there, just one quick session late afternoon so I'm not uncomforatble for the ride home. Your supply will shift & compensate for not nursing for certain parts of the day - just try to stick to a schedule of when you BF, or your boobs can get out of whack & you risk mastitis/plugged ducts...

I notice Tartlet often sleeps better with a bottle, and I think it's because they eat so much faster from the bottle, and are less likely to fall asleep before they're properly full. Formula also acts differently in the bebe's tummy, forming larger, more slowly digested curds than breastmilk. I'm thinking we might try the dreamfeed tactic once we move & get settled - Tartlet's still waking up around midnight-2am to nurse, and I'm falling asleep on the couch with him more often than not... not exactly the point, is it?

I say, wean when you're ready. You'll know when it's time. I think the men in our lives tend to focus on the lack of sleep/personal space/freedom that comes with BF, & can sometimes want to jump the gun & wean so we (& they) can get our bodies back. I never thought we'd make it to a year BFing, especailly with teeth in the mix, but I can't imagine stopping now.

I mourn the loss of old school Sesame Street - the new episodes are way too MTV-cut for my liking, but then I'm abnormally bothered by that kind of thing. Tartlet is utterly nonplussed by TV, unless it's a baseball game, go figure. He freaks out & runs away when we put on Baby Einstein - so glad we blew our Amazon gift cards on a whole pile of them rolleyes.gif I don't like having the TV on if we're not actively watching it, so Tartlet's not exposed to it much except for daycare, where it's all Thomas & Friends, all the freaking time. Ugh. I do think it can fry their tiny brains if used indiscriminantly, but a round of SS or Clifford once or twice a day isn't going to do any harm, I don't think...

We are big, big music freaks in our house - Tartlet jams to everything from oldschool punk to ska to jazz to Brian Eno... He knows his bedtime CD (Getz/Gilberto) by heart, and gets all weirded out if it gets played by accident during the day - he keeps looking at the stereo & back at us, as if to say WTF, guys?

Hoorah for Shiny & her wee little man!

SO glad Jaslet is feeling better - how's kitty?

:pointedly not mentioning notBob's improved sleep: wink.gif
anoushh, where have you found old (i.e. mid-80s or earlier, i'm thinking) sesame street? after the new mtv-style spazziness, it would be great to watch some old ones. oh, and i actually found mr. rogers, who has blessedly resisted catering to the ADD generation(you can't adapt to the times if you're a rerun, right), on pbs and thought it was great - a little old for the bean at the time, maybe later.

tart, i don't think you're abnormally intolerant at all. and i think it's really important that we can all talk about this rather than just assume (as i did at first before i saw the 'new' sesame) that because it's sesame/pbs/has "einstein" in the name, it's all good.

as a college prof, i'm just starting to get a few students who were born in 1990 (!!!) and i have noticed, in the age spread, increasing attention and independent problem-solving problems in the younger ones. specifically, the younger students are, the better and more facile they are at using technology and finding a quick answer on the internet -- and the less capacity they have for examining the quality or justification of that answer. this really jibes with the changes in sesame street -- when they amped up the flashing lights and cut-out screens aspect of it they really trashed kids' ability to think critically about what was going on there.

and this is all part of a larger intellectual problem we see in education, which involves people painting both issues and skills (e.g. english usage) with a broad brush, deciding crucial details or crucial punctuation (the apostrophe is my particular axe to grind, but there are others) aren't important, and being totally unable to interpret, analyze, or question information. if it flashes on a screen, it's gospel, and fine distinctions get lost -- that's what i'm seeing in The Youth. i'm spending TONS more time teaching people how to evaluate information and tons less teaching them how to find it (or rather, tons more teaching them how NOT to find it). in the ten years i've been teaching, basic literacy (in terms of correctness) has noticeably deteriorated as well. these days, it's the unusually smart and literary student who can correctly use a comma).

when i find a student who is not particularly into english (my field) yet whose usage and understanding is well above average (and just as the average american weight has gone up, the average literacy has gone down as All Children Get Left Behind), i inevitably find that he or she a)was raised by crazy hippies/artists with no interest in media; b)was raised on a horse farm/ranch with a tv but no time to watch it in between mucking out stalls; or c)has english teachers for parents.

so on an ideological level, even though i still find many parts of sesame entertaining, i think it's probably a bad idea. (aside:i !&@%^^!&%@!! hate thomas, but that's because of all the emphasis on petrochemicals -- and the obvious masculine targeting -- in the stories -- i haven't really seen the show.) sesame is, of course, only part of the problem, but why start so early with the aggressive media? i totally admit that i initially tried videos/sesame because i thought it might give me a few minutes to do something else, but that's not the only way. at this age, a couple of yogurt containers are enough to play with for 15 minutes or longer...and my secret, courtesy of my mother, is piles and piles of bowls and pans. if you don't mind the noise, this is the best toy from about eight months to...whenever. we're at 20 and it still works (he's now less noisy and more into building towers, but banging with a spoon is still fun too). frankly, i'd rather hear the whack of a spoon on a metal bowl than the whine of elmo "singing" a duet with alicia keys.

mox, the bean also likes "sweet child o'mine," but he's only heard the luna cover, not the GNR original. we also listen to a lot of french hip-hop. i love mc solaar and abd al-malik (the latter is the only thing that calms him down when he's pissed off during a car ride, plus it's an eloquent indictment of various social issues that i like hearing).

and word, tart! the men in our lives DO so want us to get our lives/bodies back (or give them back to them). my response is: stick around, you'll be here when the kid is no longer remotely interested in my ta-tas. (of course, they might be a little the worse for wear by then wink.gif
I know the cable PBS channel Noggin used to show "Sesame Street: Unpaved", which were old episodes...usually 70's and early/mid 80's, but sometimes they'd have late 80's/early 90's episodes, it's still better than what it's become. I don't have a kid and I'm not home during the day, but I've caught a few of the newer episodes and it's just so frantic. I used to watch the Unpaved epiosdes though, sometimes- very nostalgic and soothing. Seemed like they'd usually show them at night, though.

I think you can get Mr. Roger's on DVD. He was such a brilliant guy. I went through a "Mr. Roger's is lame and uncool phase" once I got too old for him, but as an adult, when you really look at how he was a revolutionary advocate for children's TV, it's just amazing.
good to know, polly. thanks.

if anyone's interested, here's an article on sesame street that makes my criticisms look mild (while also giving some interesting and very pertinent background). she does her homework, though, and some of her criticisms are more than eloquent:

hey! the pink is back!!!

Anyway, has everyone had lovely weekends so far? Tart's moving, and its tartlette's birthda this week, ya?
So, I had a rather interesting experience this morning. The preface is that I live in about the safest, waspy, middle class community with sidewalks and big trees and lots of OLD and YOUNG people. So, anyway, moxette and i were out on a walk, and we swing by the neighboorhood park on the way home. A family of 4 siblings (14-8) were playing. They took a real interest in moxette, and the two older girls were very sweet, actually. I chatted with them a bit, played around the park, etc. As I was getting moxette back into the stoller for the rest of the walk home, the oldest girl asked me if I'd "maybe be interested in seeing if she could babysite...sometime...after you spend more time with me..." I said "Sure!" maybe we can do a saturday afternoon together in the next couple weeks, etc. Then, she said something that REALLY impressed me. She told me that her parents want to meet anybody that she or her 13 yr old sister want to babysit for. To me, that speaks very highly for the quality of raising these kids have.

I'm really excited about the prospect of finding local babysitters. This family (per the 10 yr old...we're a BIG blended family - Mom came with three and Dad with five...) lives one block away. I hope her parents aren't neocon crazies or something...cause I really felt comfortable with this kid, right away.

Would any of you be OK with a teenager (oh, she seems very qualified...has the red cross CPR and babysitting courses already) spending a couple hours here and there with your wee ones? We've only ever had grandparents and aunties babysit.
Helloooo pink! Yowza.

Yep, we are one today! Woot! Tartman & I loafed in bed this morning, waxing nostalgic about where we were this time last year & how effing exhausted we were... Nothing big planned here, except real cake & icecream at daycare (yeah, big fun, but I'm dreading bedtime tonight - Tartlet's never had anything remotely close to that much sugar). The Big Party will be back in PA, a month & a day late.

So in honor of his agedness, Tartlet celebrated by walking for real this weekend - self-prompted, unassisted, & all weekend long! I think it might actually stick this time - we've had several isolated incidents, but he always seemed to forget how to do it the next day.

Non-Mama-related vent: Our folks are doing some work for us on the new house, stripping nasty paint off the hardwood floors & whatnot. Their cleaning lady came over on Saturday, and she & my mum spent 6 hours scrubbing the place from top to bottom - it's a cute house, but F-I-L-T-H-Y. Then it poured rain all night, and the finished basement carpet is now waterlogged mad.gif Granted, it was a deluge of Biblical proportions, apparently, but the former owners (hereafter know as DipShits) haven't cleaned the gutters out in at least 5 years, and neglected to replace a $5 length of missing downspout that could have routed most of the water away from the foundation. Double mad.gif Ah, nothing like homeownership to wreck your benevolence for the common man. We can get the dehumidifiers cranking, and hopefully just cut out the wet carpeting & dry it on the deck for a few days - the drywall seems to have escaped unscathed - so it's not a huge deal, but a messy, irritating job to walk into our first week as official homeowners. Thank god for my folks being there to catch it - otherwise, the wet carpet would have sat for nearly a week before we got there to move in...

(This all pales next to your ordeal, Gren - all I can think about now is moldmoldmold & ending up in your position. ****lavender scented, spore-killing hugs**** )

Only 2 days left in the office, so I gotta go bust my hump & make it look good around here... and I say Aaaaaoooowwww! to the laydeez! (obscure Dr. Katz reference... anyone?)
HAPPY BIRFDAY Tartlette!! YEAH walking!

Tart- see if there is some carpet cleaning business nearby...those places usually have "dewatering" equipment to help in these situations.

Happy Birthday Tartlet- enjoy that cake and ice cream! tongue.gif

Good luck with the flood-y problems, tart. That sucks. At least it was just the basement. Cement floors, I'd assume? Thank goodness it wasn't any of that old woodwork!!
Birthday wishes to Tarlet. biggrin.gif
tart, that IS irritating. but it's awesome that your parents were there to catch it. that way it will never become a big deal.

in addition to dehumidifiers, you might want to have your mom buy an air purifier with HEPA filter (we got a honeywell one for $45) and have it running in the basement just to suck in and neutralise any errant mold spores and generally keep the place smelling less dank.

mox, cool to find local babysitters. i think it depends entirely on the teenager/family. in many ways a teenager may be a better bet than someone in his/her late teens or early twenties, who could be immature and have a lot of interest in sex, drugs, etc. that a 14-year-old hopefully wouldn't. also, she's been doing this for years; you would just be appreciating (and paying) her for it. so if you like her/the fam, why not? of course, ground rules are essential (about company, procedures, etc.).

speaking of mold, we performed a supreme act of faith (that we'll be able to move back in) and started planting our garden this weekend. last weekend i had a guy build three raised vegetable beds. yesterday the bean and i planted peas in one and put sweet peas (blue and white, climbing flowers) and mexican sunflowers (giant and orange) in the front yard. we're going to grow some lavender from seed and put it in next to the carport as a visual and smog barrier (the carport area is sunken below our yard level, so a couple extra feet of fragrant plant would do wonders). now all i hope is that we can actually get the house finished and cleaned up enough to test safe to move in, and hopefully before i'm &^~@^!~~ giant.

anyway, happy birthday to tartlet!

and happy monday to everyone else!
Happy birthday Tartlet!!

Things here are getting better slowly. The lil guy is almost 100% over his cold. The peds office called BTW and said that it did test positive for RSV but he seems to be pretty much over it. Kitty also is much, much better. I, on the other hand, am suffering. I still am sick and it sucks big time. I think the cold turned into a sinus infection and I really don't want to take antibiotics due to the whole nursing thing. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so we'll see.

On a whole other issue, I'm getting close to my wit's end with the sleeping and napping thing. Lil guy sleeps pretty good, once we can get him down for the night but naps for shite. Lately (and maybe it all has to do with the cold thing) he's been near impossible to get down for the night. It's taking hours to finally get him settled down to sleep for the evening. He'll fall asleep nursing and wake up as I put him in the crib. Usually he'd just suck his thumb and go back asleep but now he's crying like crazy until hubby or I get him, or he'll sleep for 1/2 hour- hour and then wake up screaming until we get him and we'll start the whole routine again. He's been doing this for naps too unless I sleep in our bed with him. I can't keep doing this but I really hate cry it out and don't know what to do.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for the water commisseration/advice, everyone - I think the pad's totally shot, and the carpet's about 5-7 years old & a haven for dog hair, so I think we'll just bite the bullet & cut it out of there...

Oh, Jasmine... that sucks. Let's go down the list: are you still doing the bedtime routine? How long are you nursing/holding him after he falls asleep? Tartlet's sleep timer doesn't go off until about 45 minutes into nursing - if I try to put him down any earlier than that, he totally wakes up, regardless of how completely asleep he looked. How are you nursing & transferring? I used to nurse in the living room with the lights on, but moving to his nursery with a dim lamp made a huge difference. I have several complicated transfer techniques to get Tartlet into bed without waking up, all of which hinge on the fact that he's a tummy sleeper. I know, I know, SIDS... but he's slept on his belly since about 5 months, as soon as he could roll himself over, and I swear he sleeps so much better for it.

Not to scare you, but at a year old, we're only just getting napping sorted out. He sleeps fine at daycare, but I'd end up nap-&-nursing him on the weekends in a desperate attempt to get us all some rest. What made the difference for us was starting the first nap much, much earlier - he's up at 5:30-6am, and we go for 1st nap at 8:30, 9 at the absolute latest. Any later, and he gets a second wind & can't slow down. 2nd nap is around 12:30. We're lucky to get an hour and a half at a time - most days it's 45 mintues or so, but it's better than nothing, I say.

Bah. Back to work...
probably best not to have any connection with the former owners' dander, wouldn't you say, tart?

jas, sorry to hear napping is rough. it sounds like maybe you're putting him down at a time that's no longer his best sleep time. at a guess, i'd say it sounds like he's overtired when you put him down. have you tried shorter waking intervals?

lots of drama here - the bean got beat up on by a girl at daycare on thursday (she slammed his head into a glass door, then slammed another boy's head into a glass door, then later, took his shoes - which he was playing with - and slammed them on each side of his face). i am requesting that daycare prevent this from happening both for my child's mental and physical health and for the good of the entire classroom, including Miss Andre the Giant (she is a HUGE kid on top of it all). they are concerned, but are responding with entirely too much "you do know that toddlers sometimes express themselves physically" condescension. my POV is "yeah, but when ONE kid is violent THREE times in TWO HOURS, twice to the same kid (who happens to be mine), then someone needs to find a more effective means of dissasuasion. now."


in other news, the bean is drawing a lot. with a metal-point ink pen. he REFUSES to use crayons, and it's somewhat nervewracking...
jas- how old is the little one? To this day, moxette naps for craptastic-ness. And, until she was a good 6 months old, it took me nearly an hour to get her comfy enough to sleep at nightime. I'd HIGHLY suggest finding a couple "sleep" books (again, I'm a HUGE fan of Dr. Brazelton, but tart had great success with than 1 is probably a good bet!) and see if the wee one's issues fit in with some method or the other. And, if all else fails, a little crying doesn't kill the kid. And, I'm talking a little...I still can't let moxette go more than 10 min at a time. Have you considered that something else is going on? Perhaps tummy sleep (again, I KNOW, but I agree with tart...if the wee one is big eough to turn his head, then he's gonna be OK sleeping on his belly), or a lovey would be a good idea? Teeth? Solids? Gas? 4 mos old is the SINGLE greatest LEAP in cognative learning (concentrated burst of all time) in the entire span of human could just be that his mind is crazy-active.

On our front, the next wave of teeth are coming, me thinks...snotty city with no fever, drainy drool cough and finger gnashing all around. She did OK last night w/o the motrin, but I don't think we're gonna have a whole string of those nights...
Lil guy is about 4 months old now. I've read/ skimmed most of the sleep books (no-cry sleep solution, healthy sleep habits..., the sleep lady book, etc) and they all seem tp say the same basic thing which is to put baby to sleep "drowsy but awake." When we were doing that before it worked ok for the most part but he past 2 weeks it ain't happening. Last night I tried Tart's idea of holding him for 45 mins. We did his little bedtime routine as usual, I nursed him for about 15 mins and then I held him in my lap (we always nurse in the glider in his room) for about 20-30 more mins. He was really fitful even in my arms. He kept startling or opening his eyes to see if I was still there. He'd see me then close his eyes again and go back to sleep. I finally got him down in the crib and he fussed for a minute then fell asleep, then fussed a few seconds then fell asleep, etc for about 10-15 minutes. It actually wasn' t that bad of a night. I'm not sure if he was just tired or the holding helped but we'll try it again tonight.

Here's his new thing the past few weeks too: He'll wake up to feed in the middle of the night, we'll nurse and he used to go right back to sleep. Now he'll lay in his crib and coo for 30+ minutes. Last night he woke to feed and did the whole cooing thing then woke up 4 hours later and cooed again. I eventually went in to feed him thinking that maybe he was hungry again (though usually it's just 1 feed at night) but it didn't help. He took almost a hour to go back to sleep and just wanted to babble. Dad thinks it's adorable but Mom's getting a bit peeved. Dad can sleep thru bombs dropping but Mom wakes up at the slightest peep and can't get back to sleep with lil guy babbling on the monitor.

As far as naps go, we usually try to nap every 2 hours or so. I read somewhere that babies this age can only handle being awake for 2 hours at a time so I keep that in mind when he starts to fuss or suck his fingers or yawn. he tends to get up for the day at around 7 am so his first nap is usually around 9-9:30 am. The rest of the day is a crapshoot depending on how long he'll nap. Usually he'll nap for 45 mins in his crib. I read in one of the books that he should be napping for 90+ mins but he just won't sleep for longer during the day unless I nap with him in bed and lately he won't even nap longer then. I wish sleep wasn't such an important thing for me but I'm a serious addict and I need my fix!!!

Sorry about the long post all about me, me, me!
Ooo, Gren, I'd be marching down there to have a serious talk with DCP. Roughhousing is a natural part of learning how your body works, but that kind of behavior needs to be nipped in the bud before she gets any bigger.

(If it's any consolation, my mum gave me a set of artists' colored pencils when I was 2 - nice & sharp & pointypointy - and I used them for years without incident. I was, however, never allowed to horse around with them - they were for drawing at my table, that's it.)

Soon-to-be-parents friends came over last night for a rifle through our baby gear, and Tartlet was Mr Charming himself, all chatty & social & cuddly. He busted out what may well have been 'tick tock' when he saw B's big old divers watch, and I got a bonafide 'ma ma' when we were getting ready for bathtime... what a honey. I'm wracking my brain to come up with ways to make the big transition easier on him, but I suspect he may surprise us & take it all in stride...

Last day of work! Woot!

Cross-post with Jasmine: Tartlet never once bought the "drowsy but awake" line... Moxie's right - 4 months is a huge developmental stage. It may be that the wee guy's brain is just abuzz with so much that he can't shut down for sleep like he used to. We're working on soothing rituals to help Tartlet come down after a long hard day of walking - I've been rocking & singing & crooning & rubbing his back/legs/head a lot more lately, and it really helps him to relax.
jas- the drowsy but awake thing doesn't so much work well at 4 mos. there's just too much going on in the brain. I'd VERY strongly suggest getting the "Touchpoints" by dr. brazelton- he does a wonderful job of explaining the various developmental leaps a baby takes, then has a whole section on various "problem" areas. Everything from sleep to potty training to spacing siblings.

Now, let me think in the way back time machine to's what we did then (see Wayne's World woozy transition):

Bedtime was around 8:30, I think. We were FIRM about amount of gramma (papa) hoo-ha could deter us from that. We started by reading a story, then getting in the bath. then, a few minutes of play/massage/diaper. Then, sleeper and blankie. She started sleeping with a blankie at 3 mos old (we observed her pulling her dress up aruond her cheeks at naptime and took it as a signal). then, very dim and quiet bottle (insert boob here). Once the bottle was done, I put on her "sleepytime" music and walked/rocked/burped for a good 1/2 hour (decreased slowly over a few months till now, where its "Goodnight mama"). three rounds of sleepyime music (the wonderful Ocean Wonders cribside aquarium). Then, once moxette had stopped babbleing, and i could see her eyes shut in the mirror, I put her into the crib with another blankie on top of her, and VERY softly crept out.

Then, around midnight (11, 11:30, midnightish), moxieman did the dreamfeed (diaper change, bottle, sleepytime music). then, anytime between 4 and 6 am, she'd wake up for a bottle, music, back to sleep.

It wasn't until close to 8 mos that we cut the walking/burping part to 5 min or less. And the dreamfeed went by the wayside at about 11 mos. Now, we're trying to ge tthe morning bottle gone. These days, she's down "drowsy but awake" and gets herself to sleep 90% of the time.

Also, somewhere around 6 mos, I realized that unless miss moxette was CRYING (not cooing, not fussing) she didn't need me at 2 or 3 or 4 AM. God bless dr.brazelton for reminding me that she's just chit-chatting to herself or her bunny.

Your wee one is just getting to the point where he can BEGIN to learn to calm himself. Its a process. That takes days-weeks-months, depending on the baby. Your frustration is part of what helps both of you learn to detach just a little bit at a time. It gives you willpower, and gives him the confidence to learn.
Chaniboy's latest ear infection has still not cleared up. We've been on and off antibiotics since January with no good results. He's going to see the ENT tomorrow. Sigh.
I know they're going to ask me about pacifiers. He still uses one to sleep and if I have to take it away I don't know how I'm going to cope with life. But if it comes down to that or surgery.....
Cross your fingers for me.
XXXXXhealthy ear vibes for ChaniboyXXXXX

Oh gawd. It's my last day in the office, 20 minutes to go, and all the guys are shuffling over to say goodbye. Part of me appreciates the sentiment, the other part wants to swat them all away - I like working with men specifically because they aren't prone to maudlin displays of affection.

chani- how'd it go? poor little guy! The BFF bebe had tubes put in today, too.

Tart- is the move this weekend? WHOOOO HOOOO! The little one will be fine. Might be a rough week or two, but I bet he'll see it as "Adventure" and "Hey, Gramma spoils me!"

So, our "No. I don't want to walk." kidlet has turned into "Hey, I'm walking! Look...I'm at the table...Look, I'm at the window...LOOK, mama" She was very all over the place, all of a sudden today. I'm extreemly proud, and a little nervous. And, she "helped" me make cookies...very fascinated by clangling measuring cups and the pile of flour I dumped on the floor for her. Hey, its the reason I have hard wood floors, ok? smile.gif
Mox- Thanks for the recommendation for Touchpoints. I have that book among the various sleep books and forgot about it. I pulled it back out and read the 4 month section and it's helping me to chill the f out. I need to remind myself (yet again) to let the boy develop in his own damn time not by some stupid book's schedule or even a peer's development. Things have been better this week since I've relaxed a bit. Jaslet is over his RSV and I'm getting healthy. I've kinda given up on napping and am just letting things go on their own. We tend to nap together in my bed for his am nap at ~9am, then I try to get him down in the crib for his afternoon naps. Some days he'll go down in the crib, other days he sleeps in my arms or in his carseat if we're out and about. I'm not even trying the drowsy but awake thing. I figure we'll eventually work it out. I mean it's not like he'll be 12 y o falling asleep in my arms (I hope!). Nighttime sleep is going better since his cold went away. He's still waking up at 5-6 am and babbling for 1/2 or so then falling asleep. Very cute but very annoying when I'm trying desperately to get a couple more hours sleep!

Anyways, thanks all for the reality check.

Chani- hugs and kisses for the lil one and his ears!

Tart- good luck with the move!

Mox- Yay walking!!!
Very cute but very annoying when I'm trying desperately to get a couple more hours sleep!

Yeah, Jas...this part doesn't go away. Ever. Well, maybe by 12 yrs old...I hope.

I had FORGOTTEN the carseat...the magic nap device from ages birth-10 mos old. We got to know all sorts of beautiful neighborrhoods around Royal Oak area very well. Out near you, I would HIGLY suggest the Trillium sub on Drake Road. yes, yes.,..I know...but us girls from the D gotta stand up, yo!

We had just a wonderful night last night...she's totally in a sweet spot...not sick, not teething, not at a "touchpoint." Just curious about everything and so wanting to explore that she tires out by bedtime. I don't expect it to last, but I'm enjoying it while I can!
Yeah, I'd be thrilled with the babbling then putting himself back to sleep. He doesn't do that. Not yet, anyway.
Oh, and he almost never falls asleep in the car seat. He's just his own kid, I guess.

What, I leave for a few days & no one keeps up around here? (grabs broom, whacks thread back up to the top of the board...)

We're here, the house effing rocks, our neighbors want to go for sushi sometime, nothing got broken, our basement didn't rot, work got their act together so we both can get our jobs done, and Tartlet is in his first day at the new daycare... and the pear trees out front are snowing down petals in the afternoon sun... life is really, really good.

MWAH! More updates later, when I've dug out from the mountain of emails...
tart! How's life? I just didn't want to smush you during the move! And, here in the midwest, it has been GORGEOUS the past few days, so not much inside on the machine. Here's a quick rundown:

Friday, played with BFFs and their kiddos. Moxette and BFFbaby had a grand old time, and BFF baby was very confused as to why moxette was keeping up with him...she's WALKING all over now, is why!

Saturday, the in-laws took moxette on a surprise "We want baby" morning, and moxieman and I met up with other friends for a long brekkie; then we all spent the afternoon playing at the park. Then, moxette spent the night at my parents (pre-planned) so moxieman and i could do the anniversary dance.

Sunday, I picked up a very tired-but-not-wanting-to-nap moxette from my folks and drove around some lovely neighborhoods, as she fell dead-out asleep 30 seconds after getting in the car. Then, we did nakey eating...whereby I get her nakey and let her play and smash about her food as much as she desires (hey, it was 80 deg in the house anyway!), and we got a nice long walk to the frosty freeze where my baby and i proceeded to share a chocolate milkshake (she was dressed again by then). Sunday night, my folks came over and we bbqed.

We;re getting close to moving to one nap a day, mid-day. We're gonna try it out this week at daycare and see how she does. She did great with 1 LONG nap on saturday and 1 short and 1 LONG nap, we'll see.

Jas, annoush, Chani...where IS everyone?
Hello all!!

We've been enjoying the gorgeous weather here in the D as well. We had a birthday party to go to yesterday with train rides and cake and ice cream (for mom at least). It was very sunny and beautiful. Jaslet enjoyed watching all the other kids so much! We had a little outing/ playdate today at Jungle Java too. What a neat idea! A nice indoor playground and food/ coffee drinks for mom and dad. Jaslet is way too young for the playground stuff but it was nice for mom to socialize a bit with another adult.

Tart- So glad to hear that the move is going well and that the house & neighbors are good. It makes such a big difference to have good neighbors!!

I'm feeling the bliss of sunshine and warm weather! I really don't want this high to end!! smile.gif
jas- where is Jungle Java? Maybe that's where we could meet up??
Someone--I'm not saying who-slept from about 8 pm to 6 am. It was with me, but still.... smile.gif
Mox- Jungle Java is at 12 mile and Middlebelt. I'd love to meet up with you there!!

We are having a really crappy day today. Jaslet has napped a total of 45 minutes. And cried hysterically for about 1 1/2 hours. He is very overtired but just will not nap today. It's probably my fault cuz he has been trying to go down for his 1st nap of the day at ~9am but we have meetings 3 days a week at 10am and I work on a 4th day at 11am so his nap gets messed up 4 days a week. He won't nap in his crib today and won't nap in bed with me. And I'm exhausted today! We both need a nap and are getting quite cranky up in here.

Tomorrow will be worse I'm sure cuz Jaslet goes to the Peds for his 4 month shots!! Wish me luck!!!
(Try a dose of Tylenol before the shots, Jasmine - Tartlet actually slept more after his...)

Sigh. We need to find a new daycare. One day in the new place & my mama radar is saying nopenopenope. Tartlet slept for 15 minutes all day, screamed for an hour straight, and was completely out of sorts last night. Couple this with a really bad staff:child ratio (1:7, most of them 3-4 years old), no quiet place for him to sleep, and DCP's bemusement at our still nursing/making his food/not letting him watch TV, and I'm making calls all day trying to find an alternative. I get the queasy icks knowing he's there right now, not that I think he's in mortal peril, but that I know he's just not in the right place. mad.gif Arghh. Thank heaven for grandmas in the same area code... we're gangpressing our folks into taking a day each til we find somewhere else...
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