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annoush- notbob is about 5mos old, right? that sounds an aweful lot like the beginning of teething. Call his ped and ask what painkillers you can give him. Tart recommended hylands teething tablets, which work OK, esp. when tylenol or motrin aren't available. Moxette was pretty much continually dosed on motrin for months 6 and 7 and 9. Now, we only had her on it at night the last couple months for tooth #3...

Anoushh- Smidge is asleep currently and sending off sleep-thru-the-night vibes to notbob.

I wish I could take credit for his awesomeness but I have no idea how I got so lucky with this kid (not to be all braggy). I started doing the sleep routine at about 8 weeks old and maybe that's helped a bit? We wash his hands and face with a washcloth, change him into a sleep sack, read 2 books (Baby Cakes is a great one), then nurse while I sing a little lullaby. He usually falls asleep while nursing which I'm sure will bite me in the ass later on when we try to wean. He tends to wake up about 1- 1 1/2 hours after falling asleep but usually a quick cuddle and he's back to dreamland.

He's been pretty good since birth with the sleeping. It makes me really nervous to have any more cuz I'm sure they'll make up for his easy-ness.

Anyways, I was thinking that it took around 6 months for Flo to return but I wasn't sure. Thanks!
mox, i must only know the superfertile flukes, but my cousin got pregnant with twins on orthotri. i know it's over 99% effective, but i actually know three people who've gotten pregnant while taking the pill...i have personally only gotten pregnant on other methods of birth control, but there ya go...

jas, my period came back when the bean was 10 mo. old. and it was a doozy. but if the sleeping 11+ hours thing keeps up, i bet you'll see yours sooner than that...

i am still breastfeeding. when i found out i was pregnant i took him down from 3x/day to 2x/day (noon and night). i seem to have less milk, though, and i'm planning to wean him entirely by his 2nd bday at latest (nearly 2 mo. before bean II is due) to avoid any premature labour issues, etc. as you may remember, in terms of the BF i would've liked to have a bit more time...but at least this way i'm consolidating and multitasking!
the hormone thing is ok - it's mostly just tiring. for example, the massive boob swellage that happened at the beginning of the first pregnancy hasn't happened at all this time, although my nausea has been worse.

i was of two minds about sibs myself. for various reasons i think it's better for the bean, but i wasn't convinced it was better for me. but i am a fatalist. plus at least this way i'll still be relatively young (50 is the new 30, right?) when they're both grown up.
ETA: anoushh, i'm so sorry about the bad sleep. this is just a long shot, but have you tried switching formulas? i remember you said that notbob was gassy, and i know that abdominal discomfort can vary from formula to formula...might be worth a shot. i assume notbob has OHP, so perhaps you could even talk to someone about it.

and 40 isn't too old to get pregnant easily (in yet another superfertile fluke story, i have friends who have A FIFTEEN MONTH OLD AND A TEN MONTH OLD). the older one was carried by a surrogate when they thought it would never happen (she was 42). guess what??
-but i see what you mean. at this point i am sort of jealous of my FIL, who was 48(!!!!) when the bean was born. part of me wishes i had done it that early, although realistically i don't think that would have been the right time for me.

the mr. is having a vasectomy in a couple of months to prevent our future superfertility from turning us into a family of 12...
I can't even THINk of having another one right now. Button is 8 mos and I have an almost ten year old from my first marriage. Those two are enough for me right now.

My husband is a few years younger then me and he wants more and my apparently too subtle comments about I doubt it from me aren't working on him. I had two c-sections and I'm absolutely terrified to have a third, let alone not thrilled about being cut open again. He doesn't get it and well, I'm also in my late 30's and not really sure I'm up for another.

Other then that, button had a horrible ear infection past few days. Friday night and saturday were the worst parts. She had never been that sick before. She was writhing and crying out in pain middle of the night friday, just this pained weak cry. It was awful. I cried with her. Then she vomited all over me and fell asleep for a bit. We took her temp when she woke and she was 102.

The worst part was our peds office. They take walkins for sick kids at ten am sat and sunday.We got there ten to ten and there were already about fifteen kids ahead of us. My husband is a bit of a smartass and first said he felt like he was in a bread line and then made a joke about how he hadn't waited in a line like this since he went to get Phish tickets back in high school.

The looks people gave us were hilarious.

Button is fine now. She recovered nicely and back to herself. Now I think she may have had the damn ear infection for a week but it just got worse by friday night. So I feel horrible about it.

Jasmine, my period came back at three months. Which is odd since I breastfeed only(I TRY bottles, she's just resistant to them, trust me I want to go out one of these days, I'm making her take one this weekend whether she likes it or not) and since I've had it my cycle has been more regular then before but also painful. ugh
The sad sounds are different from the gassy sounds and behaviour, I think. I hadn't thought of that, so its a good idea to consider, though.

I did try to talk to the ped at his 4 month about the waking up sobbing, but he just wasn't listening to me. It's part of why I considered changing peds. I'd bet, however, that if I went in with a specific concern about it we could do a better job of communicating.

He does have OHP until he's one year old, thank god.

Teething is a good idea, too. My mother said the other day that he was making a face like he was teething, and various other things have made me wonder. I'll check into that too, if it keeps up. Once he finally settles it pretty much doesn't happen again. (Ie, he slept from midnight to 5 am, then back to bed for a brief nap after that feeding.)

Jas, just count your blessings. We'll all have enough challenges in the long run with the kids. Appreciate the good things as they come. It's just not his nature to be a sleeper, I think (Though I'm looking into some other books that have been recommended to me for any more ideas.)

He's discovered the power of the screech. It's pretty darn funny.
"Hey, look how loud I can be!"

Charli--poor button and poor you! Glad she's better now. Don't feel bad (easy for me to say, I know.)

15 month old AND 10 month old. Yikes!
Could be the mean ol toothies.

Button has been teething for eons. We have two to show for it and I've heard when the top teeth are trying to come through they're the worst. Which I swear they've been threatening to come in for two months now.

Which has resulted in many sleepless nights for me. Like last night. When she spent much of the night crying a bit here and there and restless.

I'm going to pass out soon. I'm just hoping it's AFTER I pick my son up from school. ugh blink.gif
Yep, I think it's teething. He was up a lot last night and this morning is a serious Mr. Fussypants. He's usually in a very good mood in the mornings. Plus the last few days I've noticed an increase in drool.

I've just given him some baby tylenol. I hate giving him meds at this age, but I need a break and so does he.
annoush, in our doc said "for teething, tylenol is a joke." BUT, I'd call your doc and ask. Medicine is meant to help keep us comfortable, so that our bidies can do the work of healing. DOn't overdo it, and not-bob will be fine.
What did you doc recommend, then?

Just got a call for one of the jobs I applied for--the one that pays more. First stage is "testing" whatever that involves. Friday morning. It will be interesting anyway.
infant motrin. she was 6 mos, though. It s based largely on weight, so knowing that not-bob is a big boy, you might want to call and ask.
Hi, Anoushh! Job news, yay!... I'm throwing my hat in for teething discomfort, as well. The timing's right, as is the general fussiness. I will admit to being a major ibuprofen convert - it works much better than the Tylenol did. If you don't want to do the "hard" drugs, Hylands teething tablets are a good middle ground for us. Tartlet gets a dose just about every morning & night right now, as the top 2 teeth are slooooowly pushing out & he's rubbing his nose & face a lot more than usual. (Anyone else notice the top teeth taking so much longer to come out? The tips are out, but they're just sitting there for at least 2 weeks now.) I don't feel badly about giving him anything for comfort, but a few doses of homeopathic tablets seem less invasive somehow than a full round of Motrin - we save the big guns for nighttime & obvious meltdowns.

Just out of interest, what formula are you FF mamas using? We started supplementing with Nestle Good Start (ducks anti-Nestle tomato bombs), recommended by the in-laws for refluxy babies... and never switched to anything else, really. We were lucky to hit a compatible formula right off the bat. We did try a can of store brand at one point, and it was promptly given away - talk about foul, foul spit-up. Cheesey & yellow & ick. If I haven't plugged it here already, we get our through - free shipping, and really good prices on 6-can cases.

Oh, Button! You're such a cutie!

So I officially declare Nap Time. Everyone get your blankies & meet me in the Bustie Lounge Sleepytime Room, where the shades are drawn just so, and you can hear the rain on the porch roof & the birds cheeping softly in the hedge...
Mornin' mamas! Anyone for coffee? There's fresh scones on the bench, too, if anyone wants one...

A restless, crabbypants night, with much yelling & squirming & tears... followed up this morning by a rock-hard poop that smelt like burnt rubber. Poor doodlebug sad.gif I blame the soba noodles I've given him the past few days - though you'd think buckwheat would clear him out, no?
hmmm...i'm pretty sure soba is high-pro (for a grain), low-fiber. but burnt rubber...that is exotic!

the earth's best baby oatmeal with prunes is a fast way to clear a kid out...we never let the bean eat more than a couple of spoonfuls.

i'm still ready for nap time...yawn...a two-day teaching conference has left me ready for fresh scones on the BEACH, smut novels, and sloth.

ETA: in other news, the bean today referred to his soy milk as "Milk," a word previously used only for breast milk. maybe he is warming up to the idea of a totally-soy drink regimen...
we started with similac advance, and at about 3 mos made the full switch to costo brand...this, after we compared the percentages of everything, and found it exactly the same as similac. And, it made her a bit less gassy. we're working on mixing whole milk with the formula now...she doesn't seem to notice the difference.

we had miss crab-as last night, too. She has another tooth coming in, and a wicked head cold/small sinus infection, so I guess it was OK that she was needing mama at 4am...
Tart, I couldn't possibly criticize as we are buying our formula from Wal-Mart. Before baby I was fond of boasting that not only had I never set foot in a Wal-Mart, but never even been in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Of course that came back to bite me as it was the only place open at 3 am when we had the starving-baby-needs-formula-NOW! trauma. In the process we discovered that they have organic formula far cheaper than anyone--now approx $15 for the big can. It doesn't seem to bother him--we've tried others and not noticed any changes--so we're back to that one.
And it's nearly half the price of the other organic formulas. We just can't afford not to.

WE did try the Nestle Good Start--I remarked to the mister it was bad enough being in Wal-Mart, but now we were buying Nestle formula? "We'll never speak of this again."

But I am, just for you. wink.gif

*Note to self--remember about the oatmeal and prunes*

It's amazing how terrible you can feel for them for things like that, isn't it?

I'm SO tired and torn b/w thinking "what on earth makes me think I can even do a decent interview, let alone do a job at this point?" and thinking that's exactly why I need a job.

The brief reprieve of the 8pm or so to 4 am sleeping, feed, then wake up about 6 or so is over. It's back to about every four hours now. That's after he falls asleep, finally, and the waking and crying stops. And he's having more of those "I want to play" moments in the middle of the night. I can get him back to sleep, and it's not hard (the way it was when he'd writhe and fuss and cry and just fight sleep) but a hour or more up in the middle of the night in addition to the feedings is hard on mama. Thanks for the ibuprofen advice. I'll call the dr's office. I was thinking about it last night when I realized that it has a longer effective period, too--isn't it 8 hours compared to 4? Important for the night time.

Plus I'm scared I'll just make a fool of myself tomorrow...

oh, I remember the "hey, mom, I'm UP, let's play" middle of the night scene. That's when we knew it was time to start the "sleep etiquitte" i've said a hundred times, we used brazelton, which is a kinder, gentler ferber technique.

oh poop, i;m beat. and, i have to do invoices. crud.
anoushh, you will be fine. see if you can get your mom to watch notbob for an extra hour beforehand so you can take yourself out to coffee...

i really believe it's worth avoiding those giant corporations. and i really try to. but earth's best (which we have occasionally used) is owned by monsanto. so...

invoices! gah. sorry, mox.
Someday when notbob is a difficult teenager, saying "You don't love me!" I am going to say, in my most anguished voice "I went to Wal-Mart for you!"

I wondered about Earth's Best. I figured it was something like that. Still, darn.
on the baby food spectrum, we have bought just about everything...earths's best, gerber, del monte and meijer (local HUGE big box)...i tend to buy what we need (fruit, veggie, "meals"). Now, though, we;re pretty much down to "meal" (the combo ones...spinach/potato or pasta dinner) ones for travel time and fruits to mix with morning cereal. 80% table food, i'd say. New favorites this week are hummus and rice cakes. my kid has taste buds straight outta 1982!

Ok, got to figure out how to use this new lounge...i don't like change.
sorry for the double post, but just saw this over in the pregnancy thread:

Of course, she starts squacking as soon as I sit down to post!
Yes! Babygirl Nora was born at 9:03am on my birthday!
6'11 and good labour and I must run! Will come back soon and post details.

Courtsey of our lovely Chani.
Whoohoo!! That's great news.

I'm sure I aced the tests (grammar, vocab, accuracy and speed, logic, and a "what would you do in these scenarios?" thing.) I wasn't wowed by the competition. (Showing up for any job hunting related activity with a Tinkerbell bag is a no, in my book. )

We shall see.

Meanwhile, another bad night. I did finally get some ibuprofen, so we'll give that a try tonight, but it didn't seem to be teething last night, though maybe it was just milder
and not so obviously a cause of all the wakening. And what is with the middle of the night "I'm up!"?

He's not sleeping for longer than 4 hours if I'm lucky, now. And it was so promising just a couple of weeks ago. (I've ordered the Brazelton book, and just got one recommended to me by the doula, The No-Cry Sleep Solution. But I think a lot of it is just me having to be patient while his brain and sleeping systems mature. Not easy for a serious sleeper like me.)

Yeah, I"m struggling. I've had a couple of bouts of uncontrollable crying the last couple of days. I'm going to have to see about doing something about this if it keeps up.

(Why did the lounge have to be messed with? What was wrong with it the way it was?)

I'm losing my hair! No, I don't mean that normal post pregnancy thing where all the hair you didn't loose during pregnancy you then loose later. I mean there are patches of thin/broken off short hair on both sides just above the temple.

This is not good.
Why wont this thing let me edit? Anyway, I can't wait to hear more from Chani.
annoush- I swear, the brazelton book saved us. on SO many fronts. That plus Baby 411! for the day-to-day stuff (the author of baby 411 did her residency under brazelton, too!). PLus, its just a fascinating read on early childhood development. I'm rereading "negativism" and "12-15 mos" right now.

The hair thing is sucky, but totally normal. Happened to me at 5 mos post-partum, too. I just got a more layered haircut, and it was barely noticeable.

You will DO GREAT on the interview.

An, why can I edit in other threads, but not here??? Hmmm...
Yay, Chani & Nora! Does anyone else feel like that 9 months went waaaaay too quickly? Like Nora jumped the line, somehow?

Yeah, not so sure about this glossy new Lounge stuff...

My hair went to shreds too, Anoushh... I just upped the conditioner & made a point of eating the other half of Tartlet's avocados. Going for the big chop in the next week or two should get rid of the last of the damaged stuff...

The crying jags concern me, love, on top of the brittle hair - knowing your situation with the Mister's long work hours & NotBob's questionable sleep habits, I'm worried you are being stretched to the limit. You need an extra pair of hands, and not just for an hour or two once or twice a week. I'm sure we've talked about this before, but how is the distribution of labor when the Mister is home? I know he works a lot, but you do too, and I think it's only right that you get time to yourself every day. Being on call 24/7 is enough to wreck a person, no matter how good a mom you are & how much you adore NotBob.
the hair thing is, IMHO, strictly a "File under: Ignore and It Will Go Away" thing. Just make sure you're taking a good vitamin and taking care of yourself as best you can.

hurrah for nora and for "good labour." i am really hoping for one of those this time around too.

anoushh, you are perfectly justified (and it is probably a public service) in thrusting notbob into the mister's hands and running to the nearest park/coffee shop/community hot springs/bar the minute the mister is home. or shoving notbob into a stroller, handing the mister a diaper bag, and saying, "have a nice walk; i'll be in the bath for an hour and i want time to be dressed and relaxed before i see you two again." (i also love sending the mister to library storytime with the bean; he does well with planned activities and likes being the only "boy" - his term - there). if there is a thing i regret, it's allowing the fact that i was the one with the bean all day to mean that i should shunt personal time to try to spend time "as a family" or "with my husband" or "catching up on other tasks." yeah. i had family time, a clean house, and a meal on the table, and i was a raving bitch.

in the long term, is your man planning on a career change? forgive me, but i'm not understanding the long-term benefits of this career for you as a family....

anyway, hi to all from the lovely pacific coast, where the air does not smell like gasoline as it does in the city. i'm on a clock, so i'll check in in a few days to get the scoop on ms. nora...
Ok, in a "thank you, universe" moment the bakery guy, while I was deciding, looked at me and in a totally non-skeevy way said "You have perfect hair." Like, about an hour ago.

As for the other advice/thoughts, thanks all so much. I'll reply more when I can, but as for the job, he's a truck driver. He's 50 years old. It's what he knows how to do. It doesn't pay much and the long hours are in part a reflection of that (though not all, by any means.) That said, he's been looking at other employers. We'll have a talk on his next day off (probably Sunday.)

Thanks to the universe for you guys, too.

I love the name Nora.
ha! see, anoushh, YOU HAVE PERFECT HAIR. therefore all hair worries are moot.

i know it seems hard to change careers, but given that the pay sucks, the hours sucks, and it's stressful and doesn't supply med coverage, don't you think a change might be worth it? i have a colleague whose 44-year-old husband (a former flight attendant) is going to a two-year nursing assistant program. when he gets out, he'll make good money, have healthcare, and get to be home for their kids (she's 40 and pregnant with the third). there are a lot of health-assistant-type careers that have short training periods and pay well (dental assistant, pharmacy assistant, etc.) and your man seems certainly literate and intelligent enough to succeed in any such professional program, and if the alternative is he's gone 70 hours/week for the next 18 years...
i dunno. i'm not trying to be bossy, i swear. but i'm hearing a lot of dissatisfaction from you. and i don't blame you - i wouldn't want to put up with it, which is why my husband has been given notice that he has to become a bartender if he can't think of anything better (that way we can still split the childcare while i work days...).
of course, another piece of the puzzle is money. i have kind of resigned myself to the idea that we may always be poor. but my personal feeling is i'd rather have us be poor and have time to spend with our kids. (of course i had a dad who worked 80-100 hour weeks, made pots of money, and was a total stranger to me, so there you go.)

anyway, good luck.

i'm trying to dissociate the name nora from my MIL. it's a nice name apart from that.
FYI, ladies, because I know this is a popular gift: Infantino Sling recall
tart- we had one of those, and it never felt really secure. used it once. when we have #2 in a couple years, i am gonna go for the sling/carrier right away, though. we started too late with moxette and she never really went for it.Anyway, we had a wonderful evening, after I had a shite day at work. And, i have a cluster of zits in my MRG zit-zone. I look like I have the plague.

But...moxieman got the new job he wanted! Its gonna be a big change and a challenge for him, which is good. The money is a big raise, too...which will mean getting out of debt and being able to save. Can anyone even imagine that? It seems very foreign to me.

Anyway, all have a wonderful evening, great weekends and such. We are shopping for moxette's b-day party this weekend. We're having it at my folk;s house, and each of her gramma's are cooking, and I'm in charge of appetizers and preferred party foods anyway.

*Mwah* to chani, and little norav2.0

Ok, we had a much better night. He also had some baby ibuprofen before bed. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.
And interview Monday morning....
annoush- you ROCK that interview young lady! Get thee some non notbob company ASAP. And, get notbob a "vibrating" teething ring. Moxette adores hers. Not as much as we love the motrin, but almost.

Like this?

(I could have formated this much better in the old lounge. mad.gif )

8 hours doesn't seem like a long enough battery! Is that a typo or do you have a different type?

Ok, last night was restless, restless, restless, with one 1)30 am waking where he awoke sobbing and no matter what I did he was not comforted until I fed him. I was sure at first he wasn't hungry, but when nothing else worked....

I was very discouraged this morning. After a bit of a break today, some time reading the No-Cry sleep solution, and some unsolicited but very insightful perspective from my mom, I'm feeling a bit better, though tired.

THanks for the interview wishes. I'm not worried any more. And what happens, happens.
Yeah, we had a BAD night ourselves. Moxette woke up SCREAMING at 3AM. With a 101.1 fever to boot. SO, despite 4 days of antibiotics coursing through her, something wicked has taken over my bebe's bod. Back to the Dr. we go today. She calmed down after a new diapy, some cuddles, lighter weight jammies, motrin and a bottle. Then, mama calmed down over 1/2 hour more of sleep-cuddles. Poor thing. She was gnashing on EVERYTHING in sight all weekend, so I'm 1/2 of the belief that the fever and screaming are toothie related. her snot is much clearer than last week (TMI??).

Anyway, this is tart's moving week, me thinks. TART...MOVE WELL!!! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!

Ok, moxette is stirring. I must hi-tail a bowl of cherrios.
Good luck, anoushh!! ~~Sending you good interview vibes!~~

Ok, so the sleeping completely thru the night thing was a fluke but lil one is still sleeping well. Waking in early am for feed and then settling himself back down. So all in all, good boy!

I have been having a bit of mommy paranoia lately though. Lil guy tends to favor his right side in everything, turns head more to right, sucks right fingers, rolls to right. I remember reading somewhere that kids don't become "-handed" until they're older, like when learning how to write, and early signs of preference could be a problem (not sure if it referenced autism or not). Anyways, being paranoid. Hubby thinks I'm nuts and he's probably right. Just wanted to vent my fears I guess. sad.gif
Oh hell no, Mox - we close of Friday, but thankfully don't move til mid-April. If we had to move this we I would be so completely screwed... (shudders at the thought)

The vibrating ring (all naughty jokes aside) looks cool, but I'd wonder about how it affects the bebe's hands - if the vibrations numb the gums, would they not numb the hands & fingers, as well?

And on the handedness thing, Jasmine, we had the same concern with Tartlet, but he went so far as to crane his neck up & to the right whenever he was on his back, to the point it looked uncomfortable & vaguely muscle-spasm-y. Our fabulous child development expert at the ped's office assured us all was normal, and that things would even out in a few weeks... and so they did.

Poor unhappy sleepless kidlets - and mamas! Tartlet didn't get a single nap yesterday (morning baptism followed by a crazy after party - those wacky Presbyterians...), so we called an early bedtime & he went down like a ton of bricks... Definitely more teething in the works, though - the Font of Drool has started up again.

So yeah, my kid got the dunk-a-dunk, and now has his Heaven card punched... This was the first in what I am sure will be a long & interesting juxtaposition of faith & non-faith in Tartlet's life - Tartman's a Presbyterian deacon. I'm agnostic with Buddhist tendencies. The baptism was important to Tartman, and I saw it as a good time to get friends & neighbors together for a last hurrah, but mid-service, I'll admit to feeling a bit iffy about it. Not enough to call it off, obviously, but I think Tartman & I will have a talk about it sometime, and how we're going to handle all things church-like in the years to come...
You know the best thing about buddhism? you can incorporate lots of christianity into it, and leave out the crap. That's how we were a christian, dad a jain, and never did we enter church, yet all of us ended up with a pretty balanced view of faith. Me, I'm a secular humanist who wishes I could be a universalitst unitarian...but just can't quite bring myself to it. The traditional aspects of chistianity are very nice, and something both moxieman and I feel we're missing out giving to moxette...well, not christiantiy in particular, but rituals of religion. I suppose, that's where the desire to move towards the unitarians comes in.

So, we called the doc this morning, and his verdict is a rouge virus and/or a we thought. so, bebe is home from school, napping right now, and momma's gonna try and get some work done. gramma is saving the day by coming at lunchtime. Tart...that, you have to look forward to. gramma's rock.

eta: the massaging teether- that one you showed the link for is one of 3 we've used at home. By FAR the best one. Hand does not get numb...only the top of the star vibrates, and the kid tends to get distracted before anything else can numb up. the bottom of the handle is a nice chew toy, too. we've had one since christmas, and it hasn't conked out at all.
Ah, gotcha, Mox - the one I found online was more a steering wheel configuration, with the motor in the center & the entire outside ring vibrating...

Yeah, I cannot wait to make those phone calls... "Hey, Mum, feel like taking Tartlet to the park? We've got some cleaning/painting/moving/lovin' to do..." laugh.gif
yeah, the "cleaning the house" request almost always illicits odd looks from the in-laws...even though we always DO clean the least part of the time. rolleyes.gif
Dad took notbob last night and I slept better than I have since before baby was born. I did have the urge a few times to check if he was still breathing, but dad was in there with him and I convinced myself everything was fine. He was up at 6:30, but that I can live with (if not embrace.) I took him then and let dad have a lie in.

He did great, too. Well, both of them did. Dad gave him a dream feed at 11:45 pm--he naturally stays up later than me anyway--and he slept until 5:30, when he had another feed and went right back to sleep. This made all three of us feel better, I think.

(Ok, it's kind of scary that I"m referring to my partner as "dad" but I think it fits the context right there--you know, baby's dad... Right?? I hope so.)

Interview is done, and I think went ok. It wasn't one of those "I'm sure I aced it" ones, but I was quite respectable, so I can live with that. Will know more w/in a few days. (I was sure I'd blown the interview for my last job--almost cried when I got in the car--and twenty minutes after I got home from the interview they called me w/ an offer. So what do I know?)

I won't be devastated if I don't get it, but it is a very good place to work and it's not my dream job, but it's not at all bad, either. Plus--benefits!! That would be very, very good.

Mox, I saw one of those teethers in the store. It only vibrates when they chew on it--duh. I hadn't worked that out before. It was nearly $12 at Rite Aid, though, so I'll keep looking.

Oh, ped's office said no on the motrin--not until 6 months. I don't suppose the two doses I gave him over the weekend will kill him, though.

(Yikes--that just reminded me of about 3 things I need to do right now. Damn.)

I will say I totally understand your religious situation, Tart. Both the wanting to respect tartman's view and having a bit of apprehension about it all. (What is a deacon, anyway?)

try tylenol. it helps too, but not as much as the motrin. moxette didn't start teething until after 6 mos, but when she had a cold or was uncomfortable before then, the tylenol and some teething tablets or gripe water did the trick. I LOVED the dream feeds...moxieman stays up way later than me anyway, so it worked out perfectly for us all for many, many months. Moxette is a year (gulp!) old this thursday, and I still find it weird to refer to her as "my daughter." Like in the third person. I wonder if that wonderment ever goes away?

anyway, home with her again today...sick bebes. Gonna go see the doc at lunchtime, though.

OK, i should check my work email and get some stuff done before she wakes up.
Button actually slept 7 hrs straight sat night. It was a miracle. I was really surprised since she actually took a bottle(hurrah! miracles happen) from dad while I actually went out for first time since she was born.

It was great.

Oh and she had her first Play related accident yesterday. I was dropping my son off at his dad's because they were going to florida today for spring break. And him and his wife have a 17 mos old son. His wife and I get along really abnormally well. We've become friends(heck she knew I was out looking for new jeans, had two pair that were too small for her but perfect for me and gave em to me. ha) and so I stayed for a bit and the kids were playing.

All of a sudden the boy whacks her in the head with his toy bus. gahh She looked at me like what??? cried for fifteen seconds then she was fine. She tried to play with it and he went to take it from her and accidentally whacked her in the forehead.

The only funny part was that my son was sooo mad at his little brother. His step-mom and I had to explain he wasn't trying to be mean. My son is extremely protective over his little sister of course, so he was not happy. It's a funny dynamic. Like the 17 mos old never understands why I always take his brother away from the house.

And Button kept herself perched forward in her car seat when I was putting her in as we left. She kept staring towards their front door and then back at me like " why are we leaving him there??". Then she cried when we started to pull away.

She does the same thing when we drive him to school in the morning and he gets out. She adores him. I'm not going to see my kid for a week while he's in Florida so I'm a bit worked up over this. He did call me when they got off the plane this morning though. So all was good. And I know he'll have a good time. I just won't know what to do without him around.

Ahh, so anyways, she also cut another tooth last night. I see little white peering out on top. Just a teeny bit of it.

charli, just as i was reading your post, moxette bonked her head with the phone. silly baby.\Yeah, so this fever seems to be never ending, god damn it. it was all broken and sweaty this morning, she was just peachy all day, then, after PM nap, BOOM! Fever. Cripes. What a way to have a happy 1st b-day, eh? At least the motrin puts her in better spirits.

OK, off to get take-out. sigh.
I cannot believe Moxette is one year old. I was just thinking the other day about how old she was and decided she might be as old as 10 months.

Time flies.

Happy birthday and I hope she feels better soon.

I know what you mean about it feeling weird, too. I still feel weird saying "my son"--even harder to get used to than "my daughter" would have been for me, I think, but I think that still would have felt pretty darn weird, too.

I have no job news, other than the fact I got a postcard saying they didn't even want to talk to me about the assessor job I was initially going to apply for exclusively. That was the crap job, and the one I interviewed for was actually better. Weird, as I'm totally qualified for it, too.
time does fly. happy birthday, moxette! biggrin.gif

anoushh, maybe they don't want you for the assessor job because you're overqualified. i used to have a whole CV with only my B.A. on it because i could never get temp jobs with all my degrees in evidence. good luck with the other position.

(bean is now constructing mangled sentences: "dada poop! mama go night!" - it's very exciting.)
Yeah, I thought of that. It's such a catch 22 around here for work. Good idea on the "simple" resume. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

I wish they'd just call already. I hate the waiting.

Sentences--I was just thinking about how fun it will be when notBob starts talking. At the moment he cannot wait to be UP! Forget about rolling over--he just wants to be UP!--and has been this way since three months. It's his 5 month birthday today. How time flies, indeed.

Just got this email from my friend (and most pertinent reference):

"Hi, I just gave you a (glowing) reference to [potential employer], so they're
at the reference-checking stage. :-)
Hope it works! "

This makes me feel better, no matter what happens.

I wonder how Moxette is feeling on her birthday?

Well, i'll tell ya tomorrow, annoush. Tomorrow is moxette's first b-day. I'm a bit emotional here in these here parts...i'm seriosly hoping a midnight panic attack doesn't set in, all post-trauma like. Her birth was bad, but our LIFE is so damn good. I caught myself in a particularly sappy moment and wrote her a letter. I'll just fold it and paste it into her baby book. I get sappy at anybody's birthday, much less my own kid. Heh.

Annoush, I'm SURE you got the post-card b/c you are WAY to overqualified.

Ok, I'm gonna snag a cookie and get some shut-eye. *Mwah* to all you mommas, for just being around.
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