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annoush-gren and chani are absolutly right-on. moxette is a pretty easy going girl, but between 4-8 weeks, holy goddess, was she tempermental! would only sleep ON mommy, not next to or nearby...took a solid hour at night to get her to beddy-bye, and screamed like we were torturing her if i even dared put her in a carrier. It seemed a few nights like the swing and bouncy chair were the only places in the whole world that we're little nails in her back. Its part of this age that not-bob is at. It does get better. for reference, this is moxette at 6 weeks, and thisis her at 7.5 weeks.

So, now that the teeths are poking thorough (YEAH!...can't see them yet, but wowza, can we feel the little do you BF moms do that??), and some developmental plauteaus have beenr eached, we had a spectacular, wonderful, joyous weekend! Yippee! My only concern- some snotty little one in daycare has, i'm now on the pnemonia paranoia bandwagon. But, we're just keeping an eye on her, and playing alot.

updated photos, starting with nakey walking baby, are here.

Have a wonderful monday, ladies.
Hi Mommas...
I'm not around much these days, but think of you all often.

Things are going well here, minus the sleep-depravity! Bones (now 7 1/2 months) slept like a charm months 2 - 4, but since then has been a bear. Example: last night he went to bed at 7:45, woke at 10:30, 1, 2:30, 4, 5:30...I'm a sucker and have been just nursing him back to sleep because selfishly I get more sleep that way (we nurse lying in bed, then I wake up and move him back to his crib next to the bed), but know that soon we need to be a bit more proactive in getting him to settle himself back down. I recall all too clearly this same thing with Coop.

Coop is 2 1/2 and non-stop energy and non-stop yapping. He has a great sense of humor, and literally makes me laugh until my belly aches.

Bones has been pulling himself up to standing, then getting a very proud look on his face. He is also fiercely cutting some teeth, thus the all night nurse-a-thons.

I just did some quick reading through and can't believe how things have changed over here -- Moxie and Tart, you both sound like old-pro momma's these days!

Anoush, I agree that it may not be that notbob is a "high needs" baby, but that he is going through a "high needs" period. Lord knows we had MONTHS of that with Coop - all night pace-a-thons in the baby bjorn. Thankfully, even with his wakefulness, Bones isnt' fussy when he's up, not the way Coop was. But this too shall pass, and you'll look back on it and barely remember the details (which does nothing to help get you through it, I realize...)

*mwah* to you all!
You people are so fantastic. I mean it. This is all making me feel so much better and more hopeful. (Part of me keeps saying "what if it doesn't get better? What if he never sleeps? And so on....)

Hearing others experiences really helps. Also, as I had to go out today I got a miracle blanket too. Worth a try. Wish I'd done it earlier as when he first was born it was clear he loved to be swaddled, but it's hard to do with a regular blanket.

We got a swing last weekend and he does seem to like it, though he doesn't exactly sleep for any length of time there either.

Moxette is adorable. And yes, I do recognise that 6 week old expression. Notbob is 7 weeks last Saturday. We've had tiny hints of the possibility of longer/deeper sleep in the last few days, so that's good.

He seems better since we started treating him for the reflux. He just seemed constantly miserable before and now he seems to be more content He still cries if we put him down any length of time, and for who knows why sometimes, but he has awake periods where he's not crying now, which he didn't before, and it seems so clearly correlated with the change in his positioning and the Rx. (He was too flat for a feeding a few days ago and a few hours later he was crying and very upset for no reason we could figure again, for example).

I got a Maya wrap before, but the part that's supposed to sit on your shoulder doesn't seem to want to work for me, so it was so fussy. I got a fleece pouch instead, and that's pretty good. He's in it right now, in fact.

(I am a very frugal person, but when you have a crying baby isn't it amazing how you'll do anything to make it stop? Our doula told us about the amby bed and for a while I was thinking "So what if it's nearly $300? If it works....")

And chani, the mister is a truck driver who's company seems to think 70 hours a week is reasonable. He doesn't even get the benefit of decent pay like a doctor would get. (I hope that doesn't sound snippy to you--I don't mean it that way. More that I sympathize with the horrible schedule you must have had and bemoaning our financial concerns.)

Gren, I'd say it is at least 50-50 when he's home. The problem is more with him hardly being home. He feels terrible about this, and I feel bad that he feels bad, too.

We are living with my parents now, which is a mixed blessing as you might imagine. Hence the extra difficulty with the weird vibes. My mother can and does help. My father is pretty much totally self centred and has her waiting on him all over the place too.

Moxie, my mother, who was unable to breast feed two of her three kids finally bf the last. She loved it but said when he got teeth at 8 or so months, that was it--she weaned him. Considering how incredibly painful things got (and how strong he could suck and gum) when I was desperately trying to breastfeed, I've wondered how people cope with actual teeth, too.

There's a local parenting/support group I contacted before he was born and they are starting up a new group in a month or two, so that's good. They've been highly recommended by a number of people here that I trust.

He does smile now. Not a lot--he's still figuring it out--but he does, and that's nice. And today when I had to be gone for a couple of hours I missed the little guy (though the time out was nice.)

Thanks again, everyone. A lot.

ETA--cross posted with Car--hi there!

Oh, and yes, the distinction of high need period is probably a very good one. I think that's probably more accurate.

Can I just complain a bit more? My first period after the pregnancy has started. I havent even fully healed from the birth yet.

it will get better! he will sleep! the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel...

i'm so glad you're feeling better, anoushh. and of course you can complain...
it sucks that your husband has to be gone so much. i hope he gets in a better situation soon. meantime, just don't think about time more than you have to, and remember that this is giving your parents a great chance to be with their grandson and probably making them very nostalgic and you can be proud that you are able to share that with them.

we got our preliminary mold report, which is that it's extremely high concentrations of extremely toxic mold. 100x the control sample (outside air) concentration, and they recommend less than 10x for safety. so we're not going home any time soon. in fact, i'm seriously considering selling the house and moving in with my parents, which would at least provide a)convenient babysitting and cool.gif a way to not kill my kid with poisonous air.
i *(&@!&(!@!!! hate this. also considering forcing the mr. to get a job doing phone sex to pay for all the house repairs.

re breastfeeding and teeth, the bean has bitten me twice only. the breastfeeding position pretty much makes biting impossible, so it's only when he's screwing around on there that biting is even an option. he's bitten other parts of me much more...
Geez, that really sucks about the mold. sad.gif

I suppose that biting, like so many other things, is a matter largely influenced by temperament.
little only ever bit me once. i yelled so loud i scared the bejebus out of both of us, we both cried a little and comforted eachother and he never, ever did it again.
Would people be willing to share in a little more detail what their bedtime routines are? I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to do things that will eventually give him the "it's time to sleep" message/correlation.
at 2-4 months, this was our routine:

when she started getting the evening "sleepy" face, we instigated:

1. Bath with daddy
2. CUddles with daddy
3. Bottle and cuddles with mommy
4. Music box and walking/rocking (anywhere from5-30 min) with mommy
5. gently placing into crib

At 3.5 months, we added a blankie as a "lovie". Man, she needs that blankie.

Somewhere around 6 months, we eased way back on the rocking part.

Now, at almost 9 months, just before bathtime, we read a story. The rest of the routine is the same. Bedtime varies from 7-8pm, depending on how tired she is.

The real kicker is the inclusion of the midnight "dream feed"- moxieman would make a small bottle just before he wanted to hit the hay. He goes in, props moxette's head up with blankies, and pops the bottle in. Never does she leave the bed. When she's done eating, he removes said bottle, said blankies, and hits the hay.
(Boo hiss on your mold infestation, Gren - I don't blame you for wanting to just get rid of the house... What's this magic BF position that doesn't allow for biting? We haven't had much of a problem - Tartlet gets pulled off the boob & a firm "don't bite, be gentle" if he ever lays into me, and we've only had to do that about 3 times now...)

Annoush, our routine didn't take shape until closer to 5 months, but here's what we do:

-Bath on Sundays & Thursdays - after the holidays we'll go to every night, just for fun
-Full change from top to bottom (pj's, diaper), give reflux meds
-Slow walk around the flat, saying "nightnight" to the paintings in the hall, the bottles waiting to be cleaned, the neighbors out back, the highchair, the bathtub... (sounds realy suspect when I write it down, but it's a nice way to unwind)
-At 6 months, we started reading a few board books together, cuddled up on the couch
-CD goes on (always jazz - right now it's Ike Quebec's Soul Samba)
-Hug & a kiss from Daddy, then nurse to sleep (about 45 minutes)
-Gentle hoist on the shoulder, fireman's carry to the crib, onto the tummy & a peck on the head from mum

The whole shebang takes an hour or so, starting at 7 just about every night. Some nights we have to do some slow dancing in the middle of nursing, if he's gassy or fidgety & can't wind down.

Tartlet's been oddly immune to the whole lovey thing - he likes his teddy, and books are getting loooooved up at the moment, but there's no one thing that he's gone goofy over. Never took a pacifier, either. Hmm. The armchair psychologist in me wonders...
i may have to get rid of the house. i don't have much confidence now that we'll be able t get it cleaned up so that the mold won't come back, unless i want to shell out another $500 a month to get the air tested for peace of mind. of course i'll still have to spend tens of thousands of dollars i don't have cleaning it up so that it's not a health hazard for the people who buy it, since i'm not as much of a corrupt fatcat as the people who sold it to me.

anoushh, the thing that helped us the most was identifying when the bean tended to sleep the longest initially (for him it was 8pm -midnight) and studiously extending/stretching that through bedtime routine, dreamfeed, making sure he was comfortably diapered, etc. also, when we started putting him to bed earlier (usually asleep by 7) he slept better.
about the night bottle/feeding, take care with that. little's teeth were rife with cavities at an early age that the dentist blamed on night feedings (booby, but he said bottle is the same). he said as soon as teeth show start to brush and never, ever give a bottle at night without following with a brushing. i don't know how that's even possible but even though we brushed during the day little ended up having to have 8 cavities filled at once and the dentist put him to sleep to do it. pure terror for me of course. if i could go back in time and brush at night i so would.

gren, that so sucks.
oh, pepper is right about the teeth/feedings. now that moxette's teeth are finally coming in, we're weaning from the night feeds.
Thanks everyone--that's really helpful.

Notbob had a pretty good night. Still up a lot to feed but basically went right to sleep after until morning. He's never done this before--usually takes ages to settle him down. He was up til midnight--would not sleep until then--but still not bad. The miracle blanket might have helped too. Certainly didnt hurt, and I think it helped.

Unfortunately he's Mr Crying Fussypants this morning, but better now than in the middle of the night.
We've been up in the middle of the night 2 nights in a row....and of course there was a brand new tooth when we woke up this morning! Nothing else really new with us. He was a little snugglebunny today - climbing up on all the playgroup moms for cuddles. His latest thing is pulling up my shirt to look at my bellybutton, and today he decided to check for everyone's bellybutton. Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't be encouraging this! He also lifts up everyone's pantlegs to make sure there's a leg at the top of the sock. He's been doing that for a month or so.
pepper - thanks for the warning. I'm really bad at remembering to brush. We probably do it once/day, but I need to start being more anal about it.
so, this probably belongs in the groady-grossout thread...but its such a mom moment. Moxette has another cold. Last night, after a full day of PLAY, she realizes she's siuck around 5:30PM. Only napping with momma will do. after about an hour, i realize its dinnertime, but instead of the solid foods, i just give her 4 oz formula. at 7pm, we decide its bathtime/bedtime for the wee one. Dumb mistake #1- a full "bedtime" bottle at 8 oz; dumb mistake #2, a nipple that's double flow than her regular intake.

So, skip to very cozy cuddles and dark room...blah, blah...about 90% through said bedtime bottle (total of 11 oz at least in the last hour by now), she coughs up a little. No problem--burpy cloth. then, HOLY GOD, the exorcist! ALL of the milk recenly ingested sprays out! Once we're both soaked in puky formula, she giggles.

It was the giggle that got me. smile.gif
Ok, boy's had three nights of relatively good sleep. that is, I've been able to put him down at least once each night, if not more, after feeding and he goes right to sleep. Before the miracle blanket this never happened--can't be a coincidence.

I'm still exhausted, still don't get enough sleep (of course) but I feel more optimistic. Thanks for the support and the suggestions.
YEAH!!!! WHOO HOOO NOT BOB! Let your mama rest, boy!

So says cyber-auntie mox.

Moxette is ba-ba-baing her way to sleep as we speak. i love her nightly monolouges.
Yay for miracle blanket! I'm sure my soon-to-be parent friends think I'm a total materialist, because I'm positively evangelical about some baby products, but dude - they work!
When chaniboy outgrew swaddling, I bought one of those grobag/sleepingbag type things and found he slept better in that as well. Kept his legs from flailing around and waking him up I guess.
chani, i am the least materialistic person ever (have bought NOTHING new for my kid and only 2 toys, a dozen books and one outfit from goodwill; hate shopping, etc.) and i'll endorse the miracle blanket to anyone who'll listen. yay anoushh!

anoushh, i'm wondering if baby massage might help little notbob, with all his reflux issues etc. - at least to relax. a lot of hospitals offer baby massage classes for new parents and babies...

anyway, love to all you mamas. we are in a holding pattern at my folks' and i'm just trying to count my blessings that we are currently safe, etc.
See, I knew I shouldn't have said anything. We had a 2 1/2 hour waking time after the 5 am feeding. Oh well. He's still a lot better overall. And he was his usual smiley morning self after a difficult evening last night (lots of gas, tummy issues). The smile is even cuter than I thought it would be, even if it's still pretty rare (mornings only so far).

I've done the tummy massage for gas and have done a bit of baby massage. I think that's a good idea, gren. I'll see what I can find. Thanks.

I hope your mold issues get sorted out soon, and I hope things are going well at your parents. As we are currently living w/ my parents I"m fully aware of the mixed blessing that can be.

Moxie, our friend's baby was at that stage last time we visited them in Holland--it was adorable.
oh, for the "cute babblings" stage! we're at the "put-the-grapefruit-which-you-insist-on-calling-a-ball-into-a-paper-bag-designed-for-wine-and-scream-when-you-can't-get-it-out-stage!"
in the middle of a "I'm FINE, AWAKE and wanting to PLAY" at 3AM cryfest. Sigh...

So, y'all know we're debating on the ending the dream-feed thing. THIS seems to happen each night we try it. Maybe she's really just not ready to change? Do we need to be harder-asses about it? You moms with the 1year old set...when did the night-feeding (say anywhere between 10pm and midnight) go bye-bye? Hmmm...I'm really ready to let moxieman make the call on this one- he does the dream feeds, and if he's still OK with it, I probably shouldn't push.

Anyway, gren, think of this- you're with the grandarents for christmas morning...and he'll GET opening presents...well, the opening part...and it might be a great, fun memory. Maybe? Pollyanna??

Anoush- ave you tried gripe water and/or mycelon drops for the gas? from about 6 weeks to 6 months, moxette got a dash of the gripe in her nighttime bottle. made the gassies go bye-bye.
How was the first, second and beyond christmas-es of the hip mama set? We had a great time, despite some serious overstimulation. Taking it for what its worth, we had fussyness, but no major blow-outs...except for a poop-like one. Luckily, we had just opened a set of new outfits. heh.

*MWAH* to you all!
our second christmas was nice. i don't know how it happens, but every year i end up slaving over puff pastry in the morning and stuffed bird in the afternoon. but it was nice. the bean doesn't yet really get/care about presents (also doesn't really get the concept of "mine" vs. "yours" since he's an only and we're communists). glad to know the blowout was physical rather than metaphysical, mox - love to all the mamas.

oh, and re "should we be more hardass..." i don't know, but i suspect you shouldn't bother. be hardass about running into the street, doing heroin, dating republicans...the dreamfeed seems pretty negotiable still.
Happy New Year, Moms! Hope everyone had a good holiday.
I had a cold and spent a lot of time on my pregnant tush while daddy or grandma or appachin ran after Chaniboy. A lot of travelling... next year everyone's coming here and I'll need gren's advice on turkey!
Took chaniboy to see the doctor this morning and he's got pneumonia! I wasn't particularly surprised, and I'm glad we caught it early. He still looks pretty good, just slightly slower than usual! (thank goodness, since MrChani is working all weekend and I'm feeling pretty slow myself!)
Moxie - we cut out evening/nighttime feeds around 9 months. He didn't seem any more ravenous in the mornings after we cut it out, so we were reassured.
hugs to all!
QUOTE(grenadine @ Dec 26 2006, 07:29 PM) *

oh, and re "should we be more hardass..." i don't know, but i suspect you shouldn't bother. be hardass about running into the street, doing heroin, dating republicans...the dreamfeed seems pretty negotiable still.

I know I"m the least experienced mama here, but I'm with you on this--at least that's my instinct about the feeding. I agree about the stuff to be hardass about. And it made me laugh, which is always good these days. Something very unpleasant is up with my parents. If I have the time and energy I may ask for advice over in Kvetch, but probably not until tomorrow.

Pneumonia sounds scary! Get well soon wishes for chaniboy. And I know that my late pregnancy cold was almost as miserable as when I had a sinus infection and fever in a heatwave one July. Yuck. Get well soon.
((anoushh)) sorry about your parents. my mom is coming back today (she's been in europe since before we became refugees in her house) and as my stepdad says, the jig is up. i'm a bit nervous as i know she'll find little things to freak out about even though she basically likes us and wants us here.

we're looking at two houses tomorrow, thinking of moving and renting out our current place once we clean up the mold. i know that we could move back in if it's safe to rent, but we don't want to deal with living in fear of the return of the fungi (plus prevention is a lot easier than repair.

anytime we are adults and have to renegotiate the childhood-home frontier is rough- add kids to the mix...gren and annoush,I admire you!

I wish moxette would get over this HUMP of night wakings already. feh. she had quieted down, and now...WHOSH, crys. well, i've got 4 more minutes to kill. Night wakings I'm totally willing to be a hardass about.
fortunately my mom and i don't have that kind of relationship (the kind where she's still the parent and i'm the eternal child), but yeah, being an unwanted roommate in a relative's house is tough. she's being nice, though.

anoushh, i hope things are going okay over there.

happy new year, mamas!

Happy 2007, mamas! Sorry to have been AWOL - we went back east for 10 days, and I spent most of my time watching all our parents get stupid over the first grandchild... He did really well, only 2 meltdowns (both in the dreaded carseat after a long day of socializing), and everyone was very respectful of our parenting quirks.

Oh yeah, and holy shit, we own a house. More on that later...
HUH?!? Tart--do tell! Moxette has had a great vacation from school...but boy-o, am i looking forward to getting back to normal. My "i should be with her all the time" self-guilt has pretty much melted away. smile.gif

Happy 2007 y'all!
Long story short, we went home to PA for the holidays, & had a realtor friend show us some stuff, thinking we'd buy later in the spring when we were ready to move... He found this little bit of heaven for us on Wednesday (imagine it, if you will, sans Kountry Kitsch), we landed a mortgage on Friday & put down an offer that was accepted 24 hours later. Happy freaking New Year, indeed!

Meanwhile, Tartlet is being majorly clingy, and is back to a 2am wakeup with no consolation but nursing. He's fighting sleep with every bone in his tiny body, and I am so. done. The holidays were nice, everyone was super cool, but I got absolutely no time in the kitchen, which makes it feel less like Christmas to me. Went to bed at 10 last night, and was up every 45 minutes from 2:30 on... Tartman & the Boy are being dispatched to the 'burbs this morning so I can get some badly needed Me time.

(((vibes for all the Busties & their 'rents))) Nothing like being an adult child to make life interesting... privy to the shit, but not quite in a position to comment.

Get well soon, Chaniboy!
and I am so. done. [quote]

No shit. I Adore moxette, but 11 days at home, with no structure (even though we've tried our best to provide one) has just worn all 3 of us DOWN. I actually am looking very much forward to work tomorrow. I had a crying breakdopwn this morning. SO glad to know its not just me feeling sorry for myself and not as grateful as I should. Oh, there's that WORD again...SHOULD. Feh.

On the super plus side (there IS one!) the last 11 days, moxette has mastered:

1. 2 teeth fully out
2. Sitting by herself from laying down
3. Army creepy-crawls (still don't know if full belly up will happen)...she's FAST!

Has begun to:
1. Stand alone
2. babble almost coherently
3. Say (and mean): Daddy and Kitty. Mama is reserved for 3AM and/or fussypants time. That's love, eh?
4. Top teeth...back to the motrin.
5. Eat eggs...she doesn't quite know it yet, but a burger is just around the corner. smile.gif

Tart! That house is GORGEOUS! I can totally see YOU in it!
Hello all!!

Just wanted to introduce myself in here. I'm a brand new mama: baby was born on 12/22. I have very little experience with babies and am feeling a little overwhelmed. Overall, though, I think we're doing well. I'm really looking forward to the day when the boy figures out that we're supposed to sleep at night and be up during the day but I'm sure that's weeks away still. Also, struggling a bit with breastfeeding. But we're trying and, so far, the boy's getting enough to eat so I guess we're doing fairly well. Anyways, Wanted to say hi and that any and all advice is greatly appreciated!! smile.gif
Congrats Jasmine! We're all new (or new-ish) moms here, and we're glad you popped in! The day-night thing takes a couple weeks at least (we took about 3), and if he's not loosing weight, you're doing great!
Of course, they loose a little weight at the beginning, but that's normal.

I think everyone struggles with breastfeeding. I couldn't, in the end, but that's very, very rare, so keep it up and don't be afraid to ask for help!

My little one is only 9 weeks old, and in keeping with all the help and encouragement I got in here, I have to say it does get easier. Thank god.

The mamas here have been invaluable to me in these difficult first weeks. You'll make it through, but remember there's a lot of wisdom here for you to draw on. (I remind myself of that all the time, and it sure helps!)

ETA--Tart, that house is FANTASTIC! I'm envious, but in the best possible way.
Christmas Photos here. Anyone else got some?

Ok, back to WORK! Yippee!!!
Ahhhhhhhhh... (plonks ass into cushy desk chair & takes a long pull of coffee) That's just what I needed. Even the endless blather of my officemates is music to my ears this morning, as is it not high-pitched, pulling-my-nails-out-with-redhot-pokers screaming. Which is what we had again last night. :sigh: Tartman got me Buddhism for Mothers for Xmas, and never have I needed it more...

Welcome, Jasmine! Ignore me for a few days - we're in the throes of post-holiday stress... I concur, as long as your bean's making lots of wet diapers, you're fine, and the day/night balance will work out soon. Keeping the house bright & noisy during the day, and quiet & low-lit at night helped Tartlet transition.

I'm loving the drunk old lady Moxette! We have gobs of holiday photos, but they're still in the camera, so watch this space... (and thanks, Anoushh! It's still really hard to believe that it's actually ours.)
Ara fell off the bed. I feel terrible.

He's fine--had a good cry and now is ok. But I feel SO awful.
oh annoush- how horrible! i hope You're Ok...the first big bump is always a scary one. Actually, theyre all kind of scary.

*Mwah!* to annoush and little not-bob!
i wonked little's head on the car getting him into it for the first time. he was less than a month old at the time. i cried for at least twice as long and twice as hard as he did. it sucked.
I took a chunk out of cbaby's finger with the nail scissors - it also sucked. BTW cute pics moxie! She looks like a happy little girl!
Welcome jasmine! Nice to see you on this side!
And now he's got a cold. Not a good day for not-bob.
((((not-bob)))) When it rains, it pours, eh Anoushh? Tartlet took his first header off the bed a few weeks ago, then fell flat backwards against the side of his crib not 2 days later - both are sounds I never need to hear again...

So wow. What a difference a day makes. Last night, I put Tartlet down for bed while he was still sort of awake - this normally is a laughable exercise, and we end up nursing to sleep anyway. But last night, he took it. We nursed, then when he got fidgety, we got up & slow danced around the living room for a bit, then into the nursery. We cuddled, danced some more, and then on a whim I put him down and sang him a little song and stroked his back and out he went. I was convinced he'd be up in 15 minutes, but no, not til 2:30am! Of course, that took nearly 45 minutes of slowdancing to get him calmed down & back to sleep, but hey, I'll take it. This morning he's cuddley & smiley & being an absolute peach - a total 180 from this weekend...

Q: How is a baby like the weather in Chicago?

A: If you don't like it, wait 5 minutes... or overnight, in this case.
yeah, tell me about it! Last night, narry a peep from moxette. Out at 7:30...ate at midnight, just beginning to fus at 6:15...then back out for another hour! I woke up at 3am wondering why she wasn't crying. I'm amazed that they go back and forth as such. Today, though, she's gonna hate me...i have to pick her up early from school to go get a blood test. The testing meter was broken at the Dr. ofc last week, and I've been procrastinating. Bad mommy.

We've started being serious about a book before bathtime, and she seems to love it. We rarely get through a whole story without needing to either eat or destroy said book, but destruction is by page turning. So, she's at least interested. Also started putting a serious lovey in the crib- her regular supply of blankies, plus one permanent one- the one I knitted for her. I hope it takes.

Anyway, back to work.
we dropped the bean off the bed at my mom's a week or so ago - it was awful. i comfort myself with the knowledge that they must survive, or we'd all die in childhood.

welcome, jasmine! don't worry; it gets much easier. i had to use a nipple shield to BF for the first week or two (the bean was sluggish after a long and stressful labour) but then we got off it and i have now been breastfeeding trouble-free for over a year. i estimate that the total amount of time i spent prepping for/worrying about it was about 20 minutes, and all in the first month - now it's a real time-saver.

happy new year, mamas. here's to all good things.

p.s. tart: so jealous. what a great old farmhouse!
gren-do you still nurse him to sleep at night? With moxette starting to get close to 1 year, that's another discussion we are toying with- when to eliminate the bedtime bottle. I suspect it will be well after 1 year old, mostly b/c its a nice, quiet time for both of us...and my pediatrician seems to be of the mind that "whatever helps her sleep longer, keep doing!", so I doubt we'll face any pressure there.
i still nurse him at bedtime, mox, but not really to sleep - i've never actually nursed him to sleep. when he was really little i was a nazi about him falling asleep on his own; now i've relaxed, but he still goes down on his own quite often. but yes, milk at bedtime.

i still nurse him at bedtime, mox, but not really to sleep - i've never actually nursed him to sleep. when he was really little i was a nazi about him falling asleep on his own; now i've relaxed, but he still goes down on his own quite often. but yes, milk at bedtime.
well, that sure makes it easier to brush! little could just go on and on and on and never actually fall asleep. he'd be wide awake as soon as i tried to get away, i had to find another fall asleep method after a while. many tears.
I don’t even have children yet but I love to read this thread. I’m always so nervous when it comes to baby talk. I don’t know anything about babies. I can change a diaper and give them a bottle but that’s about it. I love children and can’t wait to have my own. I’m determined to breastfeed and have a vaginal birth with no epidural if possible. I don’t really have anyone I can talk to or ask questions about baby care. It’s nice that you are all so supportive of each other. It gives women like me who are unsure some courage. Thanks for being such kind mommies!
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