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QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Oct 24 2006, 01:41 PM) *

that's kind of what we're figuring, chani. How u, btw?

right now, we're in sleep hell. the baby is really sick, and only sleeping while being held. by me. me only. me standing, preferably. moxieman is out of town, and god bless grandparents helping at 3am, or i'd be totally bonkers.

if you haven't already, check for an ear infection. warm garlic oil directly in the ear can help if it's too late to go to the doc today - just make sure it's not too hot.
oh moxie! I don't want to even imagine!!
We're doing well. New house, renovation hell, money stress... BUT my first trimester pregnancy complications seem to have resolved, Chaniboy is growing into a lovely, if somewhat stubborn, toddler and I'm home to appreciate it. MrChani is thrilled with his new job and home much more than he used to be. So I am not complaining one bit!
chani-phew, what a relief! Enjoy your little man!

gren- i did take her to the doc as soon as the fever hit. No ear, throat or lung problems beyond normal irritation due to cough/cold. Just a nasty little virus plus prickly teeth. She was blissfully sleepy last night, and her fever was gone this morning. Thanks for the support, as always, ladies.

Yay Chani! You've got a full plate, it sounds like - take care of yourself, ok? (and Tartman loooves the rice cereal, too - I caught him having a big pasty bowl of it after I went to bed one night.... bleargh)

Poor Moxie & Moxlette! Nothing worse than being sick when your partner's not around to help/console/take a shift. I'm glad you're through the worst of it...

So the pillow trick is clearly reserved for only the daycare ladies - we tried multiple times, with a wide variety of pillows, and no dice. He's cuddle in for a second, then try to crawl off our laps... Ah well. He's surprisingly happy with the little sleep he gets on weekend days, so I guess we just chalk it up to wanting to stay awake for mum & dad...

Product recommendation, please, if anyone has one: Our house gets C-O-L-D at night. We have everything sealed up and the radiators fully open, but the heat shuts off around 11 & doesn't kick in again til about 5. The main wall in the nursery is north-facing brick that gets supercooled by the wind coming off the lake. We're looking for a safe portable electric heater that won't take up too much space. Any recs? Dr. Sears is a fan of the vaporizers, saying they throw enough heat to keep the nursery snug, but I suspect he's not talking about drafty old buildings in Chicago winters...

We do fleece footies for PJs, with a fleece blanket over top. Last night we upgraded to the fleece sleepsack + blanket, and it's only October. I have a small down comforter I'd love to use (Tartlet gets tucked under a corner of ours when we co-sleep), but it's just too much comforter for the crib... How do all you keep your babelettes toasty?
hmmm...i've got nuffin b/c our 30 year old furnace works like a charm. Maybe hit chez target and get a feather "throw" size blanket? A blanket for warmth would never work for moxette, she squirms about too much.
flannel sheets seem to make things warmer than warm in the winter, and they're cotton. maybe a flannel bottom sheet and a thin (as in non-puffy) quilt make of warmer fabric? backed with flannel, lined with a layer of fleece, topped with something soft and comfy say. do you sew? know someone who does? a small, simple quilt is pretty easy and quick.
there are good quality ceramic heaters that go on until the room is warm, shut off until the heat drops a bit and then go on for a bit again. there are good safety ratings on them and so long as you keep it in a safe spot and have a good smoke alarm you can rest easy i think.
Tart - I agree with Pepper. You're probably fine with a small thermostat controlled heater. I use one when CBoy sleeps at his grandparent's house - it's very small, purse-sized really, and does the trick.
Thanks for the input, ladies - I went & got a small ceramic heater from Sears that seems to be doing the trick nicely. The fan is a plus - let's hear it for a little white noise!

So sleep (at least, going to sleep) has officially gone to shit. What was once a solid 45-minute routine followed by at least 4 hours' peaceful slumber has in the span of 4 days degenerated into a 2 1/2-hour carnival of nursing, squirming, farting, whining, quasi-crawling and general craptitude. Gah. Once he's down, thankfully, he's down til his usual late-night bottle, but egads, it's a PitA til then. And then, once I bring him into bed around 4am to nurse/nap til I have to get up for work, I can't shift a muscle without Crankypants pitching a fit and rooting like his life depended on it. It's only milestone/growthspurt waking, I'm sure, coupled with new digestive sensations from the squash/applesauce/bananas, but yipes.


On a lighter note, Tartlet & I went to the local Halloween party as Posh & Becks... and no one realized I was dressed up. Apparently the gobs of frosty lipgloss, hootchie-tight jeans & pointy boots were passed off as my just dolling up for a change. Uhh, thanks.
tart- i hear you sista. Saturday night- 2-5 am, right there with you. for us, we're pretty sure its the freaking teeth, but i understand none-the-less. And, when they're crying and you know the actually NEED you, its not to be ignored, either. Maybe trying to move bedtime up a little might help? Or some wine afterwards?

Oh yeah, teeth. One more thing in the mix... Tartlet already starts the bedtime at 7; any earlier, and I suspect we'd have Mr. Brighteyed & Bushytailed staring us in the face at 3 in the morning... though, as opposed to Mr. Piss-ant & Grumpyface, that doesn't sound all that bad.

And fear not - we have a ferocious amount of spectacular beer in da house, thanks to the Turbos. I try not to indulge too often, but it might be called for this week...

No, I just need to remember that this too shall pass, and that 4 nights out of the past 4 months of relative nighttime calm is nothing to get bent out of shape about. And that smushed-up ripe banana = one very happy boy.
yeah- i keep telling myself: "Self, eventually EVERYONE has teeth" And to cuddle periodically at night with my bebe is not such a horrible thing. Right?

tart- any other solids so far? the squash seemed to give moxette the worst gas- we've just cut it out totally. try carrots- tasty, and seem to be low on gas for the orange veggie group.
We also had a miserable night last night, capped off by waking for the day at 6:15 due to that damn daylight savings time! I suspect in our case it's a combo of TOTAL OVERSTIMULATION this weekend (Grandparents, Bhangra parties), teeth and a very dry house. We've hauled out the humidifier, rearranged today's schedule for optimal napping and had a quiet evening and a quiet bedtime routine. Wish us luck tonight!
Tart: as counterintuitive as it is, thus far the maxim "The more they sleep.... the more they sleep" has held true for us. Trying an earlier bedtime may not affect wake-up time and who knows, may help the daytime crankies. Give yourself another day or two of what worked before to make sure it's not just a blip. But if it's still rotten, try bedtime 15 min earlier each day and see what happens!
Well hot damn. We had a fabulous night (time-change freakout aside - walking home in the pitch black from daycare was NOT enjoyed), with lots of sound sleep for everyone! He slept like a champ at daycare, screamed bloody murder the whole way home, and collapsed on my boob for about 45 minutes as soon as we walked in the door. Then, he was Mr HappyPants, scootching around & laughing & playing & kicking til bathtime (insert more kicking & splashing & general funtime). In his PJs, back on the boobie, & he was snoring away in half an hour. One quick wakeup to inhale a bottle at 11, and down he stayed til it was time to get up for school. Incredible. Bustie vibes (implied or implicit) are truly magic.

Normally, Chani, I'd totally agree with the sleep-begets-sleep mantra, but we're in the door from daycare at 5:45, with bedtime at 7. Trying to push it earlier would throw him off more, I think, since he'd have no time to play/relax/hang out before the beddybye hammer dropped. If last night's any indication, a longer after-school snack and a slightly later bedtime might be the answer. But, as some wise Bustie advised back in the day, one night does not a pattern make, so I'm trying not to over analyze. She says. blink.gif

Mox, we're doing squash, applesauce, peaches, oatmeal, rice cereal, and banana, with avocado, carrots & prunes next on the list. The oatmeal was a much bigger hit than the rice, so I think we'll stick with that from now on. Tartlet gets enough formula during the day that I'm not too concerned about his iron.

And Houston... we have crawling. Not far, not fast, not graceful, but he's off! And he's on the verge of going from on-all-fours to sitting without taking a header. What the hell? Where did my smushy little baby go? Suddenly, I have a very active boy.

*~*~*~*sleepy vibes for the Bustie babies*~*~*~* Good luck, Chani! Hope you got some sleep at last... and Moxette, don't sweat those teeth, baby!
we had a freaking picture perfect night last night, too! WHOOOOOOOOO! I don't know so much if the wee one will crawl, though. She seems much more interested in pulling up and standing. and she falls so gracefully now! My little kidlet is smushy no more! And you know what, I love this stage (teething sleeplessness notwithstanding) just as much as i did the newborn stage. Whoot!

I'm a bad momma- i send the rice and veggies to school and save the good stuff (oatmeal and fruits) for home. She gets both each day. We also got some of that zwiebeck toast- its nasty looking mushy, but she loves it. OUr new absolute favorite is apples with blueberries.
and a good night was had by all! We set the humidifier up in CB's room and had the quietest night in ages! I'm going to install one in the furnace soon so that Cboy, newCBabe and me all sleep better! Oops, he's waking from nap #2. This whole daylight savings thing has screwed up our whole carefully arranged timetable of activities and naps!
OK, so while I don't want to be a harsh mom and totally a CIO proponent- there has to be something to it, because I can see moxette making different cries/whines at night to see which one will get us to come in. Then she smiles. Last night, after checking to see if she was hungry, wet, gassy, teething (wet washcloth and motrin) and feverish, I let her cry. I gave her a hug and a kiss after plenty of cuddles (where she was sleeping just fine), and told her if she cried, she was on her own for 5 minutes. Well, 3 minutes into 3 different wails, out like a light.

I think at 7.5 mos old, she's starting to push some limits...and nighttime in crib seems to be one of them.
As far as CIO goes, I personally don't like it, but I would never tell others what they can and can't do with their own kids.

Not all kids will be helped by CIO, though. Some kids' temperaments are too sensitive to respond to being left alone. My child is one of them, so now we lay down with him to get him to sleep, then switch him to his crib for a few hours. Inevitably he gets up and wants in our bed, and right now when he's preverbal, that's okay.

I did talk to a sleep specialist about his frequent night wakings, though, and she said to start getting him back to sleep without a bottle, because the wakings are probably due to him expecting that nighttime treat. So after my best friend goes back to London, we'll start trying that.
Oh, I absolutly agree with you busty. I was pretty resistant to the CIO (although fussing it out was always OK in my book), but I think she's starting to see what she can get away with. Its part of her curiosity-burst, i think. She's fascinated with interaction right now, and seeing what she can "get" her dad and I to do. I've read the dr. brazelton books forwards and backwards, and his thousand years of pediatric care are pretty darned common sense. He says that at 7-9 months, most kids wake up at the top of their sleep cycles and cry out- sometimes frustration, mostly curiosity, though. He suggests minimal interaction, unless we want to become part of the sleep pattern they're developing. I guess its a modified CIO.

Moxette is a pretty average kid, sleep wise, i think. Not great, not sensitive. She is totally an animal of routine- just like her parents. So, what we do, she adopts pretty easily.

I keep remembering our old friend...farmgirl. Whatever gets the most people the most sleep.

I was just a bit frustrated myself from last night- hence my previous post.
I thought I had escaped the dreaded daycare pink-eye outbreak, but Cboy succumbed today. I tell you, getting those damn eyedrops in him was a squirmy screamy event. It'll be a fun twice daily ritual for the rest of the week!
Moxie: When they're crying like it's the end of the world and as soon as you walk in the room they're grinning at you and a little giggle escapes, you know what's going on! That's when we started CIO too, around 7 mo! It was easy for us - 3 nights of CIO, but since then he's been happily sleeping through the night. I agree with bustygirl tho, it wasn't a huge trauma for Cboy so I didn't mind doing it. If he'd been less flexible we might well have abandoned the attempt. We'll see what happens with #2!
chani- poor chanibaby's eye! Poor mama for having to dropper him! What can one do to prevent pink eye though, right?

And, thanks for the tacit support on the CIO- I'm always a little nervous to post things like that here, b/c it sounds harsh. I appreciate it. And the "it gets better" pat on the back, too. Who knows with #2, right? We aren't at #2 yet, but 3 or 4 years!

We had a great evening last night. Moxieman was working late, so I took moxette over to my parents, picked up my mom, and we went to the local mall for dinner and a stroll. Moxette LOVES stroller walks- and living in MI, its too damed cold to go outside anymore. So, mall walkers are us! She LOVED looking at all the different displays, and was a happy camper all around. Such fun!

Hi. The baby has now made it to two weeks. We've kept him ok so far--whoohoo!

What does CIO stand for?
cry it out.
which, incidentially, we're trying just this very minute. for the 2nd installation tonight. fairly certain its the developmental-frustration-gonna scream till the neighbors think-abuse kind of crying.

how's everyone?
I feel for you. There have been times when CIO looked good to me, but my kid does NOT have the kind of temperament that settles down being left alone.

Now, he's back to waking about 3 times a night, taking a bottle, and going right back down. So I've had a measure of sleep these last few days, and it feels worlds different.

My friend leaves for England today (sniff!), so Eddie and I will be trying to wean the kid off his night feedings this week. I imagine our house won't sound much different than yours then. wink.gif
oh, good luck! Yeah, it took us 3 5-10-15 minute intervals (5+10+15=30) at 2 seperate "wakings" last night- but it worked both times. the 15 min interval is about MY limit...but, we've never been pushed past that, either.

Good luck busty! the night feedings are another "hmmm...when do we try and change that..." question that's very much up in the air. Not that I know from experience, but I've heard weaning using water in the bottle, rather than straight-up, works pretty well.
Why do babies sleep all day and stay up all night?

It's not just mine, is it?
nope! not just not-bob. Its day-night reversal, and very normal. Its one of the first things we have to "teach" them, usually. It took moxette about 3-4 weeks to figure out that nightime was for sleeping, not play/active time. Actually, it took us setting up a "bedtime routine" that early on to help her figure it out. I'd suggest trying that...always do his bath, and bottle and bedtime rocking around the same time each night. He doesn't yet have the capability to understand it, or to self sooth at all, but it sets up a good framework. AND, the single most important thing- at night, only interact the minimum amount needed. He'll figure it out eventually.

You'll go back to sleep yourself, soon, too. How's the partner adjusting, anoush?
i read that it's because during pregnancy we are active during the day and the motion lulls them into sleep and then we are still at night and they get restless and are awake. it sets the stage for sleeping patterns after birth apparently.
hi mamas - it's me, the bustie formerly known as pervenche. i got dingoed...

anoush, change happens VERY fast, although i know that's cold comfort when you're so sleep-deprived you can't see straight. my boy went from staying up all night at two weeks to going reliably to bed at 8 and sleeping until 12-1 am at four weeks, then to sleeping until 3 am at eight weeks (with a 'dream feed' at 11). so it will most cases of baby sleep development, i think the "ignore it and it'll go away" approach is often the safest.

meanwhile, the bean is 15 months old and says, "bright light! big ball!" then i showed him a little ball and told him what it was, and he said, "big little ball!"
holy oprah! did you see her show today? i just watched a segment on the universal language of babies and it was AmAzING!! her test group of mommies were totally blown away. there are five sounds that mean
lower gas-eair
she has a dvd out that i am totally going to buy. dunstan baby language it's called. i can't beleive what i just watched, wow. do i Ever wish i had had that knowledge with mister-i-can-cry-for-two-years-straight!
that's awesome, pepper. i will have to check it out too. i did get something similar out of the baby whisperer - she advocated listening carefully and even keeping a log to recognise your baby's cries, and i became pretty good at understanding them (now they've morphed into quasi-words, they mostly sound like "pissed off" all the time, which they probably are as he's mostly frustrated he can't say it all already).
Anoushh: I think keeping things dark and minimal interaction at night are easy things to try. I have this crazy cousin with 4 kids who gives LED flashlight keychains at baby showers. She tells these poor moms-to-be that they can turn the flashlight on with their teeth while they use both hands to get baby latched/bottled, then spit out the flashlight and fall back asleep in the easychair while they feed/rock. The recipients usually look terrified, but the general idea is helpful!
The language development is so fun, hey pervenche?! On the weekend CBoy started barking back at the neighbours dog and then said "Hi Dah" and giggled his little brain out! It's nice to see you back! What else is new with you folks?
hey chani! yeah, my old handle got eaten.

your crazy cousin with 4 kids sounds like my crazy cousin with 3 kids. i'm not complaining, tho, 'cause she gives me all our boy's clothes.

anoush, it will happen. it will, it will.

it's so cute when they bark! my son has a little friend who can do all the noises - you ask her, "What does a kitty cat say?" and she goes "MEOW MEOW MEOW!" (or "RUFF RUFF RUFF" or "NEIGH!") - she is older, so maybe she can train him. he's more interested in real words tho - the latest is "NO! WATER!" when i tried to get him to drink goat milk and "me me me BABY!"
Hi, mamas, sorry I went AWOL there... mostly, I didn't want to weigh in prematurely on the STTN business. BUT I think now I can safely say that we are officially down to one. single. wakeup. Incredible. We seem to have been blessed with a baby who's inherited his mama's love of sleep. (knocking on every available piece of wood)

We didn't try to force the issue, just kept to a firm bedtime routine like Mox suggested and experimented with a variety of soothing techniques when Tartlet did wake up. I know Mox & some other mamas are trying the CIO route, but in our case, I think that getting to him quickly & helping him go right back to sleep was the key to longer stretches at night. There are still exceptions, like last night - damn butternut squash-induced gassiness - but even those are getting easier to manage. Slow dancing around the darkened nursery is increasingly effective...

So yes, Anoushh, it does get better. I remember the first 3 months being the worst, the next 3 being better, and suddenly this month it's all fallen into place & I feel like I can relax & really enjoy things. (Pepper, you are right on the money - Tartlet in utero was a kickboxer the minute I laid down at night...)

My favorite thing right now: Tartlet gets a grip on either side of my face & pulls me in for a big slobbery "kiss" (aka, slurping on my chin). Gets me very time... wub.gif
Oh, I don't know if I'd say we are CIO...I try lots of soothing and cuddles first- but she is definitly experimenting with her wake up at 3am...and that's the area of discipline we've had to start with. Basically have to make a snap judgement at that moment if she really needs me, or is playing me. Right now, though, she's sick, if she wants to cuddle with mama all night, FINE. Anything to help her feel better.

Tart! 1 wakeup/night. nice. We're gonna wait till after thanksgiving to wean off the midmignt dream feed...moxieman has the whole week before christmas off, though. So, we might wait until then...and stick with the strict routine, minimal nightime interaction and see what somes of it. We're definitly past the latest developmental sleplessness.. it was a lauguage thing- hence the differnet cries, etc. Now, we have "hello" and "bye bye" signs and blowing kisses! and HUGS. Tart- I absolutly know what you mean...melty ciyt.

Annough- how's not-bob?
So Tartman & I went on a date last night. Hot effing damn. We ate a leisurely dinner, with 3 separate courses. All of it was hot, we ate with both hands, and managed to find something to talk about besides the bebe. It was fabulous. The downside? Our friends K & J babysat, and missed the window for a smooth bedtime routine by a good half hour. Tartlet got so worked up he wouldn't take a bottle - unheard of, this kid refusing food. He finally passed out on J's lap about 20 minutes before we got home... I don't know who to feel more sorry for, Tartlet or K & J... We're having a reprise next week, so we'll see how that goes.

I was ubercrunchy mama today & made baby food. We were out of jarred veggies, and standing in front of the Gerber display, I couldn't get over the cost & the amount of packaging... so 2 bags of frozen peas & a big bag of baby carrots later, we have about 75 servings for a whopping $6. I wouldn't want to do it exclusively, but for simple things like P&C, why not...

Oop, gotta go - hilarity ensues, and I'm missing it.

***keeses for sicky Moxette*** Did you do "official" signs? How did you start?

Not-Bob! Nighttime is for sleepies - help a mama out!
She is SICK- cold has morphed into pink-eye and an ear infection. Bleh. The plus side? when she's not coughing up a storm, she's sleeping like an angel. That's about it.

Official signs? No. Just normal "wave bye-bye" kind of stuff. I'd love to do the real signing, but I'm pretty sure that stuff is for SAHM's who need more activities...or, I'm not so dedicated to doing everything "right."...

Glad to be back. Tart! GREAT DATE! We make points of dates...not just quickie "mom can sit for an hour...let's go!" dinners, but real dates. They're lovely. So glad you had a good one!
hooray for dates!

tart, i'm all for crunchy. it's cheaper, fresher, and more nutritious - vitamins do age. and you can have organic for half the price of those regular little jars. when he was really little i'd freeze the puréed peas in an ice cube tray and then have a bag of pea-cubes. smile.gif

eta: we got a book on baby signs, which i promptly put in the goodwill pile. i'm a bad person.
Just dropping in to say I was lucky enough to meet Tartlet in person this weekend- he's even more adorable than that picture portrays! Such a flirt! wub.gif
Aw, geez, Polly, thanks... and he was being such a grumpus!

Poor Moxette! That sucks donkey balls... Is it the screaming bloody murder ear infection, or the more sedate variety? A friend's daughter is in the throes of a really nasty one, and has been shrieking at the top of her lungs and hurling herself on the floor. Thank heavens for fast-acting antibiotics!

Grenadine! We have pea cubes, too! And carrot cubes, and soon yam cubes... It's stupid how excited I get over this kind of stuff, like folding his itty bitty laundry. And real pajamas. He's growing too fast to keep him in footies, so we switched to 2-piece PJs, and now his tiny gut hangs out when I'm nursing him down at night & it's all I can do not to just snorgle him to pieces...

So I've decided that I need to step it up as Nap Nazi. Sunday could have been so much better for everyone if I'd just let the kid sleep, instead of hauling him into the stroller so we could make some social appearances. I was foolish & though he'd be all sleepy & floppy & just conk right back out once we hit the pavement - silly, silly woman. Much screaming & fussing & purple meanies ensued... As much as I hate being the flaky mom who bails at the last minute, it's clear that the daytime sleep needs to be given a good bit more priority, especially now we're teething in earnest.

We're also beginning to negotiate some more flexibility at night - I'm not comfortable being the be-all, end-all when it comes to putting him down for the night. Heaven forbid, I want to be able to take a night off every once in a while... Tartman & I had a good talk about what he can do to increase his odds of getting the kidlet to sleep - including wearing him in a sling, something Tartman's been very reluctant to try until now. I got them situated with my pouch, and after a minute of fidgeting, Tartlet was super comfy & loving being cuddled up to daddy, and Tartman suddenly realised it wasn't this hugely complicated thing to get him in & out. We'll do a test run in a week or two, in hopes we can get it nailed down before we go home for Christmas. Which is another sack of fun entirely.
aw...the tiny gut. i give it raspberries while screaming, "LE BIDON SCANDALEUX!!!", which never fails to make the bean screech with glee.

i miss the food cubes. nowadays, the little gourmet will not eat frozen fish (only fresh) or pre-cooked broccoli (but he gobbles it if it's just out of the pot). he loves the single-serving jars of homemade chicken soup i freeze, tho.

i have always been nap nazi. this has pissed off many of my friends and relatives. however, it's worth it (and we seem to have a very routine-dependent kid - if his routine gets messed with, it's tears for days).

good luck with the ear infection, mox...ours ended up with antiobiotic shots, ugh.
The ear infection was actually something of a surprise to us. We knew she was DOWN in the dumps with the cold/cough and the eye thing, but she wasn't screaming at all. Just needing to cuddle and be held all the time.

THe antibiotics are a dream! She slept damn near all day yesterday, but when she was awake, it was PLAY MOMMY city! Silly giggles, standing, cruising, etc. I don't know what's going on with her teeth...the soreness seems to have stopped, but no teeth. Eh, I'll take the respite on that!

The worst part of all this are the damed eye drops. She needs them, but holy god.

Nap nazi- that's me. I've been known to delay dinners, meetings, etc. for hours while she sleeps. I'm not at all about to wake a napping baby for anything. Period.
Dudes. WTF? I picked up Tartlet from daycare yesterday, and he sacke dout in the carseat, like usual. He slept til 6:30 & woke up hungry & fussy, so on the booby he went. I got caught up in talking with Tartman & watching the news, and next thing I know, it's 7:30 & Tartlet is completely & utterly crashed. I pop him in the crib, still in school clothes, thinking this won't last long & he'll be up in 10 minutes raring to go...

He slept til midnight. Woke up had his bottle & went right back down til 5 this morning. That's practically 11 hours of sleep with a single intervention! He ate like a piggie this morning, and very nearly went back to sleep again. I'm not complaining, but yipes - that's one tired boy! Makes me wonder what the daycare ladies have him doing all day to wear him out so much...

(You crack my shit up, Grenadine... le bidon scandaleaux, indeed!)
ma chère, le bidon is almost as SCANDALEUX as LE CACA scandaleux smeared all over les FESSE SCANDALEUSES!
(actually, it's very sad, the bean knows only some phrases in the mother tongue because of the linguistic imperialism visited upon him by his father and my complicity therein. but i try. and it cracks his shit up too, for reasons unknown. one of the things i've always said, reflexively, is "à tes souhaits" - bless you - when he sneezes. he always waits for it and then laughs.)

hurrah for a sleepy tartlet! it sounds like maybe he's ready for a more extended night sleeping routine...11 hours is about what ours started sleeping at first (now he's down to nine, wake for snack at 4-5 am, then an hour nap).
Yep, moxette is at about 11-12 hours with the dream feed and a morning snack. She's a pretty shitty napper, so she makes up for it at night, usually. We've started weaning her from the dream feed, though...started with water this week. Which, oddly, she seems to like more at midnight...I hope her dad hasn't bitten off more than he can chew! smile.gif
tart, that's just a growth spurt. my little STILL pikes out in the middle of the day for a few hours sometimes and he's nearly six. and then two weeks later he doesn't fit into any of his pants. ha ha.
Crap. The Daddy Loft (aka our production department) confirms the growth spurt theory. So I can kiss goodbye to yet another round of Tartlet clothing. Bloody hell. Somebody around here better have a boy, and stat - we're awash in perfectly good baby clothing...
We're working on it, Tart. Two months. My wife is walking around like Alfred Hitchcock and muttering darkly about what big feet this boy has already. You wouldn't have anything with Cubs insignia on it, would you?
Aw, hell no, Speedy - North Side address, South Side pride... we are rabid Sox fans. (Yes, since before the World Series win...)

I'm serious, we have a ginormous bag of barely worn stuff from 0-6 months, all decent Carter's/Circo/Gerber quality... I would be more than happy to ship some out for you, if you're in need.
ooh, if speedy won't take it put me on that list. i'm not due until end of june but you can never have enough cutesy baby thingies. will it be a boy, or will it be a girl dressed all in blue? ha. either way i want another baby bjorn carrier, those things are so great.
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