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laugh.gif Boogedeh boogedeh!

*tackles and hugs tart*

Please send me your email address. I don't think I have the new one.

I've got news for you!

Good to see you.


Now where's Grenadine? And chani? and....
Seriously... Tart, anyone who has a Mr. Boughety reference is my friend for life! BOO!

In case anyone's nosey or anything laugh.gif
Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

(And I'm having real estate envy over here, too...)
Thanks - yeah, that's our monkey laugh.gif Don't covet our house too much, Anoushh - it is cute, but it is a Big Fat Money Pit. Over $10K in major repairs in the first year we owned it, and at least another 10K needed in the next few years... At that point, maybe we can start saving up to renovate the kitchen....
Anoush...tell us about your new abode?!?

I can't help it. I'm a sucker for a bungalow.

I'll update more, with a picture or two, when I have a moment to breathe.

Notbob, hard work though he is, is a delight these days. And he's talking up a storm. I was trying to change his diaper yesterday and he was NON-STOP wiggling. I said something like, "hey, you need to help me" and he replied with "hep me." He didn't stop wiggling, of course, but it was funny.
Can I just say, however, that moving is hard work. I may never do it again.
For a family of 3, a bungalow is PERFECT. We love ours, but by next summer...we're gonna need to move. Then, I will move again when they carry my 85 year old body out to the morgue.
So, notbob has discovered biting and other naughty behavior.(yesterday it was picking up the cat all day long. Poor thing was declawed in front so he's figured out she's pretty "safe" unlike the other two.) He doesn't seem the least bit upset if we get upset or angry.

In fact, he thinks its hilarious. I know this is probably pretty routine for a kid his age, but any pep talks, suggestions, or advice is welcome. He's driving us bonkers.
Time outs. Seriously. He's almost 2...sit holding him away from you, completely ignoring his screams. Use sparangly, but seriously...fucking with the cat and biting were the 2 things we started with. Now, at 2++, moxette will sit by herself and not think we're abandonning her, AND she knows I'm serious when I say "do you need a time out?" as a last warning.

Oh, and we found that if we were not "angry" or "upset," but rather STERN when the TO occurs, it works wayyyy better.
Thanks, Mox, for the words of wisdom. (I knew you'd have some!)

We've just started with the time outs (basically), but your elaboration on how you did it was very helpful and better than my way (which I wasn't happy with.)

One question--what happens when he bites me when I'm trying to do a time out?--because I know he will.

I'm not sure we can use them sparingly, the way he is at the moment...

He's also discovered language in a HUGE way. One of his favorite words is "twa!" which is truck. He gets very excited whenever he sees a truck or a bus. He's fascinated with numbers and letters, and knows most of them by name. Two is a current favorite.

It's also time to start being seriously careful with our language. I tend to say "crap" a lot, and sure enough, when I slip he walks around saying "qua!" for five minutes. Soon he'll be able to pronounse it better then that, and then we'll be sorry....
Tell him "STOP BITING" and extend the time out. If needed, lock him in his room. Seriously. I've only had to do that once, but it worked to diffuse the situation. My BFF once bit her son back. Also worked to diffuse the situation. When the TO is over, give a big hug, lots of love and very seriously tell him WHY he was in time out. It takes time, and lots of T.O.'s (by "sparingly"- I meant be choosey about what offense qualifies). At one point, approaching 2, moxette spent what felt like more time IN TO than OUT.
We've been putting him in his room, which I don't like as a first choice strategy. I think your version is better.

He's such a spirited kid, and then you add his age and all the stuff that goes with it, and man, it's hard sometimes.

We do tell him why he's in the TO, both before and after.

I think this will all be easier when my baby sitter (my mom) gets back today from a week long trip. I've been pretty much full time, nearly single parent for a week now.

I also think that this abscence, along with a move to a new house, has probably added to his misbehavior. He doesn't seem upset, but of course some of his routine is different and has changed, as much as we try to keep everything the same as much as possible.
when we do time outs with the 2 little ones we park the offending child in his highchair and turn it away from the rest of the room. that way we can still keep an eye on them, they are somewhat confined, and i know they can't hurt themselves. the older kids get sent to their room until they chill out enough to speak rationally. there's really no set time, i just figure they will sit (in chair or room) until they stop screaming about it, plus a few minutes for reflection on their misdeed.

biting is a stage that almost all kids will go thru at some point. some kids will discover that it's great fun to take a chunk out of someone and watch them yell and jump, some kids will be as horrified by what they've done as the person they've done it to! 3 of my 4 have done it at least once. my 5yo has started biting his youngest brother when they are fighting over a toy or something. poor baby w has several teeth-shaped bruises. i am hoping that this will end soon!

anoushh, i think that things will settle down once he gets used to the new place and new routine a little more. ((((hugs)))) for you 'til then!

oh, and yeah, kids will pick up the worst cuss words you use and will use them at the worst times! one of my crew called my bgp "asshole" the last time they were visiting her. and little w picked up a great phrase from his uncle... awhile back he dropped something off his highchair tray, looked down at it and said, loud and clear, "goddammit, what the fuck?" my husband did a great double take and almost exploded trying to not laugh until he was out of the kids earshot. and i will never forget the time we were at a therapy playgroup and my little charmer got done with snack and said "i wash hands, gots crap on 'em" the speech therapist just looked at me and said "well, that was clear!"
TOs have worked well for us, too, but I've had to adjust them a bit as Tartlet gets older - we used to sit with him/have him on our lap, the AP-approved Time In (the idea being, the kid never feels abandoned & you take time to talk about what happened). As T's gotten older, though, he REALLY resists being held when he's mad, so we just park him on (yep, you heard it here) the Naughty Step & go about our business for a few minutes until he calms down a bit. Then we talk. 90% of the time, all he needed was a break from the action anyway, and the lull is enough for him to verbalize what was going on. And 90% of the time, he states very clearly that he's tired or hungry - those are his big triggers, so we just keep an eye on him & offer snacks or quiet cuddle time if we see he's starting to approach melt-down.

If only my mum were so observant rolleyes.gif She watches T after school for an hour or so, and while usually it's good fun, yesterday was an utter disaster. I heard them go in the back yard, and I could tell the little girls next door (who T loooooves) had been invited over, too. After about 10 minutes, I started hearing the No. "NO, MINE! Stop, Rose! MINE!" By the time I got downstairs, T was trying desperately to get his massive dumptruck off the deck, convinced that R & L were going to take it from him. He was a mess, hot & thirsty & tired & just DONE with sharing - and bless my mum, she was totally oblivious & kept trying to get him to share his beloved truck. I scooped T up & took him upstairs for a much-needed diaper change, and as soon as we got into his room, he just exploded, kicking & screaming & wailing & thrashing & all but unrecognizable sad.gif It took us 15 minutes to change a diaper (oy), at which point we went back downstairs & said goodbye to R & L & Grandma & got a big drink & a snack - and not 5 minutes later, he's back to his happy self again (still exhausted, but totally calmed down). Jeebus, Grandma, help the kid out, huh? So she & I are going to have a little sit-down today... she loves coming over & playing, but she's increasingly dropping the ball when it comes to the maintenance stuff (water, snacks, diaper), so that when I'm finally finished with work he's a poopy, hungry mess.

Yep, nothing like family, eh Anoushh? (I seem to remember your mom needing some coaching at one point...)

So. Time for Shameless Mommy Brag: T's got his ABCs down pat (allowing for a bit of riffing on the elmenopee), counts to ten (and pretty reliably counts actual things, too), and yesterday came up with "FOURTEEN!" out of nowhere laugh.gif He's obsessed with jazz drummer Buddy Rich (do a YouTube search for his duel with Animal) & all things musical, so I'm looking for a set of sturdy bongo drums for Christmas... and maybe a tiny guitar. The BIG obession remains trucks, though, with trains a close second. You give him any book, he'll find the truck in it rolleyes.gif So we're reading lots of Mike Mulligan & Thomas books these days... Harold & the Purple Crayon is another favorite, despite the lack of trucks... I think the apple tree makes up for it.

We're starting a new school in the fall, and T is SO ready. It's a very school-like setting, as opposed to his current in-home situation, and they do a lot of crafts/games/singing/outdoor play, stimulation my boy is sorely lacking during the day right now. Srsly. She takes them to WalMart. Several times a week. Oy, I say. The group of kids in his new school is a lot bigger (20-25, with 4-5 caregivers in the room at all times), so it'll be a huge adjustment. I'm trying to impress upon them that T isn't like most other kids, & needs his own space until he's comfortable enough to join in - hard to do & not come off sounding like a crackpot/prima donna mom blink.gif Ah well, we'll see how it goes. We're doing some 1-2 hour visits before his official first day, so hopefully he'll make a friend or two (or find the truck bin) & want to come back...

OK, time to get some work done - hugs to the mamas, and kisses to the schneebers!

(Hey, anyone need 12-18 month boy clothes for fall/winter? I've got a big bag, but everyone we know will be too big for them come September...)
tart- any good preschool will observe your child and work with his personality, AND listen to your advice. When moxette was moved up from the toddler room to Preschool "1" (they have preschool starting at 2.5 at our daycare-preK) just before she turned 2, we had a long talk with the teacher about her (and the other 2 being moved) personalities. We strongly advised not putting Moxette and her birthday buddy in the same small group b/c they tend to become confrontational easily. The teachers listnend and observed it first hand the first day!
You could have knocked me over with a feather this morning when notbob was counting his pacifiers. (He had three.)

So we did a few time outs last night with me holding him (no biting, no picking up or being mean to kitty). He PROTESTED like mad. But I'm persevering and it did seem to help.

Also, his behavior with my mom yesterday was fantastic. I think he was disturbed by all the change, so was really acting up. He didn't seem upset, but it obviously impacted his behavior--very understandably.

He's also testing in a big way, especially me, but that's the story of this age, right?

He also seems to be going through a mama phase right now. Except he calls me "mee-moo," which is pretty funny.

And tart, he's "twa!" all over the place these days (his version of "truck.")

I'd recommend tart's taste in clothes very highly. Wish I could take you up on the offer again. Notbob is now wearing size 3T! Yes, he's huge.

Tart, yes, mom and I have had some talks, but I think we've pretty much agreed. Also, now that we are out of the house, her persistant disapproval of co-sleeping is not an issue, which makes me feel better.

She's actually a lot better than notbob's dad, who gets easily overwhelmed and really can't do two things at once. Your example of grandma sounds exactly like something he might do (or maybe I should say, not do). This is not a helpful quality in a parent of a toddler! He's great at taking him out to play and such, though.
Why, why, why did I have to have a kid who resists/hates sleep so much and has such a hard time winding down?
karma. you must have squelched a bug somewhere in a past life. its the only thing cruel enough to justify a non-winder-downer.

I miss this thread. I know. I hardly post here myself.

Bad news about my Lily dog (in my avatar) today. She's been diagnosed with an osteosarcoma--bone tumor. Not much that we can do except try to make her comfortable.

Hard being upset with a small person around. I tried to keep it in, but had a little breakdown tonight. He responded by first saying "hold, hold, hold" and wanting to be held. I did, and tried to calm down, but it wasn't more than a couple of minutes (if that) before he responded by pulling my hair--hard--and laughing. It didn't help.

I know he was scared, but it was hard. Even harder is the fact that I'm worried about her being around him and getting hurt. He's at a very grabby age, and as hard as we try to keep him away from her, and teach him not to do things that hurt her, he's very fast, and sometimes he still does it (of course.) This could not only be very painful, but with a bone tumor could contribute to painful small fractures in the bone. I can't have that.

Thankfully I can take her to work. At first she was scared by it. When she was younger she would have loved it, but she was pretty old by the time I go this job (just turned 13). But I took her today before her vet appointment and she was pretty darn happy, so I'll take her more.

I know this was more about the dog than the little man, but she's my first baby.
groovy breast feeding news in vancouver.
hey is your pupper doing? I was So sad to read of her illness...
You know, we put a bandage on her leg to support it (like putting an ace bandage on a sprain) and she must be feeling a whole lot better, because she's been in a great mood ever since. She still limps--always will,now--but she seems to feel great.

Notbob seems to have gotten the idea that her leg is "owie" and is mostly being nice to her. We watch him really carefully, of course, and give her regular breaks from him, too.

So, I'm sad about it all, but her mood is great, and so for now she's happy, which makes me happy/happier.

Notbob's grasp of language is snowballing at an amazing rate. Yesterday he kept asking (well, demanding) "Doodie, Doodie, Doodie" (Cookie Monster.) We said "Cookie Monster is sleeping now." He looked at us and said "Wake up!"

This from a kid who very recently just started stringing two words together (the first two word combination was "cat food!")

Annoush, I know what you mean about being upset around a kid. My grandmother died last August, and since she was the only positive role model I had growing up (save my grandfather, who passed in 1986) it hit me really hard. At times like that, you can't help crying, but I tried to keep it to a minimum when I was around little Eddie because it would upset and scare him. It's not easy to rein in your own emotions when everything inside wants to blow. But you'll do things for your kids you never believed you could.
when did you start signing (anyone who did)? little girl is certainly understanding some language now but not speaking much of it yet. so far i hear some "hi"s and "mamamamamamama"s and the like but i'm not even really sure she talking it on purpose yet! funny girl.
Pepper- we didn't, but good friends did around 8-9 mos old. Granted said mom is a Ph.D audiologist, so that might be a bit on the early side.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(bustygirl @ Aug 17 2008, 10:15 AM) *
Annoush, I know what you mean about being upset around a kid. My grandmother died last August, and since she was the only positive role model I had growing up (save my grandfather, who passed in 1986) it hit me really hard. At times like that, you can't help crying, but I tried to keep it to a minimum when I was around little Eddie because it would upset and scare him. It's not easy to rein in your own emotions when everything inside wants to blow. But you'll do things for your kids you never believed you could.

*delurks and joins in*

anoush, hope your puppy is doing ok!

we went through a pretty intense grief period when my kiddo was 3. my grandmother died, and it affected me pretty deeply, which she could see. We used it as an opportunity to talk about feelings, and how it's ok to cry and be sad sometimes. we talked about how mummy was sad now, but that i wouldn't be sad all the time. although my MIL strongly disagreed, i figured it was better for her to know about loss and death and grieving now when she was young, than have it hit her sometime when she is older, and potentially not know how to cope.
this was a useful lesson, as one of our dogs became sick, and died only about 1 month after my grandmother. the kiddo cried pretty bad when we first told her, but she was quickly able to talk about how 'i be ok' and ask us questions. she was very matter of fact about telling us that 'i wish marley didn't die' but at least she had some context, and a way to express what she was feeling. i think this could be helpful for slightly younger children too.

sorry, that was a little long for a first post!
just came across this info about vaccines on another site and thought i'd post it here

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the Mary Tocco video is available for free as a torrent download if you know how to do that.
i have a veggie friend whose new babe is putting on weight slow and they want her to supplement with formula, anyone got any suggestions about what she can eat to produce more and fattier milk? crossposting in the naturally healthy thread...
I don't know about fattier, but I've heard that a Guinness a week can double your production...obviously, you want to plan ahead so the booze is all out of your system by the time you nurse (or not- who am I to judge! wink.gif )
pepper- i just asked my girlfriend, who is also veg, about this issue. She's just finishing a year of breastfeeding a very happy chubby boy, too. Her thoughts:

1. Maybe the baby is just old is the wee one? Is he/she actually loosing weight or just not gaining quickly?
2. She eats fish every so often, but likely not enough to make "fattier" milk. She thinks lots of eggs and dairy, maybe?
3. Seems my friend was a feed on demand mom until her son began solids- no scheduling or detach timing at all for the boob.

Also, did anyone tell your friend about foremilk vs. fatty milk?
hey, just wanted to say hi, i'm moving over from the pregnancy thread. i have a 6 week old baby girl who is kindly snoozing right now so i can post! so far, being a mum is awesome! i'm not veggie but annoyingly i seem to have my period despite demand feeding and i think that can affect your supply so i have been drinking Guinness - the midwife recommended it!
i haven't heard a word from them, i think they may be toughing it out but i'm going to keep my ears open for info. hopefully they've figured something out.
today i used my breast pump for the first time. i am saving up some milk in case emmet gets hungry when my mom babysits him tomorrow. i'll only be gone for about 45 minutes to get my c-section incision checked, however, i want to be prepared anyway. we can always freeze it.
i read in the medela breast pump guide that a full term infant will drink 3-5 oz of breast milk per feeding, and it may take several pump sessions to save up one feeding when you start out. this morning i pumped after his morning nurse, and yielded 1 oz. i am going to try to pump after all of his feedings and see what happens. i am worried about running out of milk for him since i just started pumping, though. but the lactation consultants say the more you use, the more you make.

beck, i haven't taken the advantage of being able to have a drink yet! some of the spicy fall beers will be coming out soon, though, so i'll have to plan on one of those!
Christine Nectarine
pink, do you alternate breasts with each feeding of the babe? that was my usual pattern back in the day, and when i knew i would need to pump, i would do 2 feedings in a row on the same side, wait a little while, and then pump from the other breast, which by that point would be quite engorged. i found i could get more out of one pump session that way. you can also maybe make pumping a part of your regular routine so you always have some bottles in the freezer just in case!
that's a good idea. that way you'd get foremilk and hindmilk in one pump all at the same time.
Hi girls, I'm also jumping over from the pregnancy thread. My little monkey is already a little over two weeks old!! I can't believe how fast time is flying...

Good luck with the pumping pink!!! I have a medela pump, too. I would try messing around with the suction power to see which one expresses the most. At least my nipples seem to be sensitive and picky about how much suction I'm using to express milk. Also, I heard that you tend to have more milk in the morning, so maybe what christine said about alternating and trying to pump the other in the morning before your appointment?

I'm still having a fit with my nocturnal baby. He does not sleep between the hours of 12:00 am and 7 or 8 am. I am ready to pull out all my hair!!!!
naked- when he's up, do you interact with him while he's up? we resorted to feed, burp, swing, goodnight.
has anyone read the book The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp? our pediatrician recommended it, and i picked it up over the weekend. i thought of you, nakedmolerat, because the book focuses on how to keep your baby from crying and getting them to sleep longer. the author suggests swaddling the baby for sleep, which we already do, but something new i've tried since reading the book is leaving the noise machine on all night. we use the "womb sounds" setting. it hasn't gotten him to sleep for longer stretches of time, but it has enabled me to put him down when he's not exactly sound asleep, so that he can comfort himself to sleep a little. i can put him down when his eyes are closed but he's not sleeping deeply, and he'll fall asleep on his own. we've only been doing the sound machine for the past two nights, but the results have been good so far. last night he woke up every 2 hours for diaper changes and very short nursing sessions- i found that i was getting back to bed myself a half hour later, instead of 45 minutes or an hour like before.
because of his short nursing sessions last night, i was able to pump 2 oz first thing this morning. he's now nursing normally for daytime.
like moxie, i also keep the nighttime interaction to a minimum- diaper change, feeding in a dark, quiet room, re-swaddle, cuddle, back to bed.
lots of babies sleep during the day and are awake at night but they generally switch it around within the first few weeks. napping with the baby during the day is a great idea! the dishes aren't going anywhere, believe me, so just get that rest whenever you can.

i know this isn't popular with everyone but i slept with little until he was two and this girl is in my bed now and it's TERRIFIC! i don't have to get up Ever, not to change a bum and certainly not to nurse for which i barely rouse myself at all. i love sleeping with the babies. if i didn't i know i'd be restless and getting up a thousand times to check breathing and if she was warm or cold etc etc etc. sleeping with her is such a relief. and the morning sleepy cuddles are so nice. little still gets in then sometimes too and i love it so much.
pepper, so do you breastfeed lying down at night, then? i've tried, but we just can't get into the right position where i can rest and the baby can nurse. how do you make it work?
i breastfeed barely awake at all at this point, it's so great.

for positioning i have a very firm overstuffed pillow that i wedge under my shoulder so that i am reclining in a totally relaxed postion to nurse with the lower breast (i am slightly on my side nursing with the breast closest to the bed and the baby) and i make sure that my head is on a pillow but my lower shoulder is on the bed (hand shoved under pillow). this avoids back strain and is totally comfortable. try lying flat on your back with the pillow under your shoulder to see how it feels and if your nipple would be in a good place for the baby, move around until you get it but make sure you are totally relaxed and comfy and not holding yourself rigid in any way.
for the other breast i put my lower arm (the one closest to the bed) under the pillow (again shoulder is on the bed, head on the pillow) and my upper arm over my head resting forearm and hand on the bed (just try that, it's not as complicated as it sounds) and that puts me into a position where my upper breast is within the baby's reach. i'm almost lying on my lower breast which is ok for me because i'm not too big but if you're really chesty you might have to wiggle around a bit to get comfy for that one. i learned that from watching another mom do it. before that i was absolutely wrecking my back but this totally solved it for me.

i'm very comfortable in those positions, i don't have to come fully awake so i drift right back off when she's through. i use them for her nap time too to get her to drift off.

good luck!
Hey pink, thanks for the recommendation!! Our pediatrician had recommended it to us as well, and I've been reading it when I have a free moment. Well, I am back at my apartment after staying at my mom's recovering for the last week or so, and the baby is sleeping MUCH better!!! I took all your advice about not interacting with him much at night, and have been trying the five S's, and he was only up last night for an hour and a half!!! WoohoO!!! I got a block of 4 hours of sleep and then a block of three hours of sleep, I am feeling like less of a zombie, I hope this pattern continues!!!

I agree with pepper on the breastfeeding lying down thing- you have to get comfortable first and then bring the baby to you to latch on. Otherwise you'll be straining. It took me a bit of practice, but we found a way and it is so worth it!!! It's easier on my back and neck compared to trying to hold him while I sit up even with a boppy pillow. The only thing I'm having a problem with is that I doze off, then the baby dozes off, and then there's milk leaking all over his face and the sheets!!!
lol! your milk will ease off a bit. it will take some time but it happens. you can also put down a towel or an absorbant pad under you (even under the sheet) if you want. i would do that anyhow, it saves your mattress from baby liquids of all sorts.
damn computer ate my post! i would love to feed lying down, babygirl is HUNGRY, especially around 2am laugh.gif - i heard that is when prolactin levels are highest so i guess that is why. i just haven't quite got it right yet but i will keep trying. she is now 9 weeks and weighs 14lb! it's so crazy to think all that came from my boobs! i am finding it gets easier, and i am not so tired, at the beginning i was starving all the time and eating constantly but now i don't need to eat in the night anymore! i am still drinking guinness though, i'm glad you said that pepper, as i was feeling a bit guilty for the alcohol but i haven't noticed any ill effects, although champagne, even if i just have a tiny sip, gives her terrible wind. i just have half a Guinness at a time but wouldn't mind going up to a whole one.

what are the 5 Ss?
beck, you are probably doing many of them already...

the 5 s's

shush- shhhh in their ears, or use a white noise machine
sway - keep baby moving gently
side or stomach position (when you are holding them)- baby's distress is elevated when flat on back
suck- breast, finger, or pacifier

the key is doing more than one at once- for example, when emmet is cranky and i am trying to get him to sleep, i swaddle him, rock him, and give him the pacifier.

more on pacifiers- the author suggests weaning them off one around 5 months old before they develop a greater emotional attachment to it. also, at some point, you have to take the pacifier out of their mouths (or let them gradually slip it out themselves) so they can learn to get to sleep without it. whenever i put emmet to bed with his pacifier still in his mouth, he wakes up when it falls out. i have to get him asleep without it for good results, but i do use it in the beginning (this is usually after a feeding, when he is satisfied) when getting him relaxed.

nakedmolerat, glad its going better!!!
Oh hell, pink, what you wrote is so true. I went through this routine with baby matthew forever!!! I would get him nice and comfortable, he would fall asleep with the pacifier in his mouth, it would slip out, he would wake up, repeat. Then I tried wedging his head and tried to manipulate his position so it wouldn't fall out before I realized in my sleep deprived insanity why not just take it out before this starts happening?!? I swear the baby is robbing my brain cells.
SOmewhere betwee 4 and 7 mos is the golden time for developing a good sleep routine...not that it would be perfect (moxette is 2.5 and still waking up mid nights needing momma), but it will be easierst to set the seeds then, after they're more fully developed neurologically (able to learn and process information) and before they get stubborn. OUr pediatrician suggested putting a lovey (a blanket or stuffed animal) in the crib after 6 mos, and stick with that ONE or TWO items...they learn to associate them with sleeping time. Moxette will NOT sleep without her pink bunny...even in our bed! By 7 or 8 mos old, the SIDS issue is tremendously reduced, and they're starting to develop "normal" sleep patterns. FOr us, that meant setting a time limit on cuddles, and working HARD at night to let her work out her own fussyness...we'd never let her really, realy get going, or go for terribly long, but the idea was she had to (has to) try to get to sleep on her own before we go and very shortly give a cuddle. THis, of course, after making sure she was dry, fed, burped, etc.

Anyway, we just got back from awesome trick or treating. Moxette raked in some super-duper candy...and its too bad that a lot of it is too much (hard, s=big, etc.) for a 2 yr old, eh?

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