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Full Version: The Hip Momma: Ga-Ga-Oh-My-Gawd!!!
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One more thing:

Gren, that could well be reflux. Try propping her head up when she sleeps. We used a wedge thingy just for that. If it helps, that would also point to reflux. Or just go to the ped and check it out. Notbob was like a new kid after the zantac. I took him in after a lot of fussing culminating in a very fussy/crabby day with some nonstop crying and constant desire to eat/not eat. By 24 hours after the zantac he slept for 3 hours, rather than 40 minutes.

Good luck with it.
mesh food bag thingies me! soory, left-handed N.A.K. not so eloquent!
I'll see if I can figure out what I did with them.

Btw, anyone know how I can remove that OBNOXIOUS comment from my profile?
welcome back, anoushh! and good luck looking for houses! we didn't have a down payment either, but we did ok. at least, we're managing.

car, so good to hear from you! ah, the idyllic CT don't miss the city at all? my best friend has just informed me that his wife is pregnant, and they live in downtown brooklyn (in an 800 sf loft), so we'll see how city living with kids goes...

i'm not sure if it's reflux. she sleeps fine, just at the wrong times (not at night, lots in the day) and for long stretches. i think her max so far is over four hours, which is pretty good for a not-yet-one-month old. we'll see. she does spit up a ton, though. i think her valve is just even more floppy than normal, but if it's not causing her massive distress i'm going to forgo pharma. anyway, she's gaining beautifully - went up 18.5 oz in 13 days, which is over twice what the ped told me they "hope" for (they hope for 1/2 oz. per day at this age, apparently). she'll be nine lb. any second now.

went and gave a paper out of town yesterday. it went pretty well, considering 1 infant, 1 toddler, and very cramped quarters, which is to say IT WAS HELL AND I'M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN . of course i had to pack food/clothes/etc. for the whole family because the mr was downstairs working on the apt., which i am now convinced he will never finish (it's been empty since august). plus, of course, no sleep, no time to prepare (i spent about a tenth the time on my presentation that i ought to have), multiple awakenings the night before, and i missed the "welcome cocktail" on thursday night because the crabber was crying/hungry and the babysitter (my SIL) couldn't handle her plus the bean. i despair, actually, of ever finding a babysitter who can handle a crying infant plus a toddler. note to self: don't expect to go out for a year or so.

the paper went ok, though. i had one contentious heckler in my audience, but otherwise people seemed at least not too unimpressed.
It should give you some idea of how things are going for me that from the time I clicked on this thread to the time I was able to open this window that I have completely forgotten what I was going to say....

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll just leave it at that, then.

Ok, I lied. I'm going to add a couple of things.

Notbob has discovered his index finger. It's very funny. He also hugged the dog--twice--last night. He's also shown us how attached he is to his lovey--a monkey--on the trip, which is good. It helped.

He also started "dancing" while we were gone. His big brother got him a shape sorting car thing with lots of songs, etc on it. (It's got an English accent, which I think is great.) He started swaying back and forth in time to the music a couple of days after we arrived. It was fantastic to watch. Looking for a cd player for his room now. Goodwill used to have tons, but of course as soon as I go to look..... But we'll find something.

Things kind of suck around here now, but thankfully notbob is nearly back to his normal sleeping (which still isn't great, but at least he's not UP in the middle of the night for 1, 2, 3 hours.)

i feel you. lately i've been falling asleep in a spitup and pee-soaked outfit, contacts on, with the wee girl nursing. the mister comes in and detaches her at some point. then at the next feeding i wake up and take out my contacts. gah.


how's this. we've been waiting for miss 4-mth-old to discover her thumb as a self-pacifier. i've tried to pop her thumb in her mouth a few times, or lead her to popping it in herself, but it's never seemed to register, it's always been 'mneh not interested'.

until i realised yesterday while nursing her to sleep. after i'd pulled myself out, she was in that half-asleep-but-still-instinctively-searches-for-nipple mode. when my nipple didn't appear, she was almost going to start getting upset when she popped her index and middle fingers in the mouth, sucked on them happily for about five seconds, pulled them out, and went to sleep.

all along i've been thinking she just chews on her fingers sometimes, but now i realise my daughter is probably just a hardcore sucker. today it was even thumb, index and middle all in at one stage, and also middle and fourth. one thumb is just not good enough.

gren i feel you too. don't even ask how many days my contacts have been in for. i've been sick lately and today bub and i ended up sleeping in the couch at mister's workplace, boob hanging and all that while people come and go. lucky they're all cool people, most of them there today are mums themselves.
it occurs to me that i'm not THAT bad off...the spit-up and pee that adorn my clothes are hers, not mine! smile.gif

i stole an hour to go to yoga this morning. it was great. i never did that with the bean, but now i'm wiser and realise. i think the biggest argument for having more than one is that you learn to manage heavy responsibilities with equanimity.
life lessons learned. I am realizing that at 19 mos, moxette doesn't need me playing WITH her every minute we're both in the same house. Starting this weekend (once moxieman is home), I'm instituting either: 1. MOM alone time or 2. Family quiet time. Either way, I need some space to read, cook, relax, whatever. I've seen a dramatic increase in her ability to play alone lately, and I want to encourage her imagination that way. Last night, she cooked "two apples". For 40 minutes. It was brilliant.

Then, she was up from 4-5 AM and sleeping in bed with me from 5-7AM. That was not brilliant. She's a friggin side sleeper, just like my sister was. How a 19 month old can take up 3/4 of a queen size bed...
i try to get one hour workout in but it is pretty hard. it seems like something always comes up and then it is too late and it is time to eat, pick-up shinyboy, etc. it is so damn hard to get anything done. lil has been pretty fussy lately. i hope he out grows this stage soon. i guess i shouldn't complain. i did get to go out with hubby a couple weekends ago. it was really nice, but it sorta made me want to have a little more of a life outside my house. maybe i am just pouty today.
word, mox; she can cook her apples, you can read a book.

in other news, i almost forgot to tell you all that SIL has decided to move cross-country to live in our apartment in exchange for babysitting 15 hours a week. it's exciting on a family dynamics level and a little worrisome financially, as we could use the rental income. but i knew if i planted the right seeds she'd decide to do it (she has no idea it was even my idea), and i think it'll be great for the bean and take some childcare stress off me and the mister. hopefully. maybe not, tho, because the mister will have to get a job to make up the difference in cash flow and i might end up just as stressed. but it'll be a good experiment. she can only stay five-six months anyway, as she's going back to school next year, so if it doesn't help it will just be an interesting temporary change, and if it completely rocks our world i guess we could try to find another person to do the same thing. hmm.

she's going back to MA sunday and will be back to live with us in early december. change is afoot!

i have been trying to contemplate going running, but i don't care that much and don't have any shoes. i'll get around to it (maybe in a few years). but to me yoga is not a workout, but a practice. much more valuable for my sanity!
Yeah! for SIL mocving out there! I think that should help, even if its just for non-attached child time.

This morning, moxette insisted on putting diapers on all her stuffed animals. I'm imagining a gnome inspired winter.
omg gren, working out is soooo good for my mood. i am having rather low self esteem and being able to do something about the baby fat sure helps.

we are in a fussy week. lil has been extra needy. wants to be held all the time. screams when i put him down to do anything. haven't really gotten much done this week. we have spent a fair amount of time driving around because he likes that. last night i was so tired and cranky myself by the time the mr. got home, it was pretty much a recipe for an instant fight. fortunately we apologized so the evening was not bad. i can't figure out what is up with lil though. he doesn't seem to feel bad, just fussy when i put him down. i am willing to let him cry too for a short period of time if i know that nothing is wrong. (not wet, hot/cold, hungry etc.) but only occasionally does this end up in anyything other hthen him crying the whole time and me cring the whole time then going to get him again. i am hoping for a better day today.
gnomes with diapers!

yeah, the SIL thing will be interesting. at the very least it will give the mr more diversified responsibilities (i.e. a job) and us the opportunity to go out on a date once a month, which would be about 6x as often as we have been going. plus in spring i'm teaching the same night we have our coop meetings, so she'll be a big help with that as we won't have to find an outside sitter. plus she thinks the bean is hilarious. (of course, the bean IS hilarious. quote of the morning: "I'm NAKED! Now we can PLAY!!")

i got the bean several pairs of awesome striped tights. his new outfit is long shorts, striped tights, and brown ankle boots. very 19c schoolboy, minus the suspenders.

we're finally pushing potty training. basically, the bean is totally trained if he's not wearing pants. if he's wearing pants he goes in his diaper. so starting today, he's not wearing a diaper; he's wearing underpants. i'm expecting that after he's peed his pants a few times (we're just calmly changing them, no negative reaction) he'll figure out that it's not THAT onerous to take off his pants before using the potty. when we have success at home we'll try it in the world...

meanwhile, crabber gets her chinese name this weekend at the one-month party. i'm naming her after madame chiang (kai-shek), who was kind of badass.

shiny, don't be so hard on yourself! you can always go walking with the baby (both of mine love that). and there will be time to work out when you're more caught up on sleep. (and how is lil if you wear him? i always get good results by just putting the baby in a front pack; you can cook, walk, clean the house...)

i walked to the store the other day with the bean on my back (in carrier) and the baby on my front (in snugli). the bean loved it. we were like a giant turtle!

sadly he hates the front snuggly. i can put him in a sling for fairly short periods of time though. if it stops raining i will pack him up in the car and find a good trail to walk on. i have decided that sleepis totally over rated any way. i should probably look for a sitter too. that would make me more sane.
oh shiny, you have my little as a baby! seriously, cried ALL the time, non-stop, nothing worked to get him to Shut Up! and he never slept. ever.

it passes my girl. the first three years aged me ten but he's awesome now. snatch a catnap whenever you can and leave the dishes be, they'll still be there later on and you might even have the energy to do them after a snooze.

oh mamas, i dream of a utopia where each new birth gets you assigned a temporary help-mate, gov't issue, who does all that crap and lets you rest up. if only...

eta, i'm at the library, my computer crashed so i won't be around much for a while. so sad. some days you are my only company! i'll miss you *sniff sniff*.
"I'm NAKED! Now we can PLAY!"
That's funny, I say that to my husband all the time.
Another funny kid line: my friend's 4 year old said to a waitress yesterday, "When I get big I'm going to have LOTS OF BABIES! Babies STACKED UP TO THE CEILING! I'm going to be having babies all over the place!"

I need help...Grady has gone from nursing for 30-40 minutes to 5-10 TOTAL, switching back and forth, trying desperately to keep him on as he tries to pull off. It was totally abrupt and he's been doing it for 5 days. He appears to be satisfied in between feedings, and still has enough poopy diapers, but it boggles my mind that it would be so abrupt. It worries me. And now I feel bad for wishing he would hurry up with nursing. I can't believe I used to have to have books, phone, magazines, remote control stacked high before I could even think about it's just tense and anxious and I'm stressed and trying to keep him on..he certainly sucks hard and I can hear him swallowing...but isn't this TOO fast??? And why so abrupt? There was no slow decrease in duration at all.

We have stopped giving him bottles, because several learned opinions have suggested that the bottle is too easy for him to use, and he might be growing to prefer them.

Any reassurance for an anxious mommy? (Oh, he's almost 4 months now)
aqua, don't worry! they get WAY more efficient timewise as they get older (with nursing). also, he has just passed the fussy first three months, so he may just not need the sucking the way he used to. if he's pooping and you're not getting mastitis, it's all good. stop desperately trying to make him nurse longer and start desperately trying to find a replacement for that long reading time! smile.gif
What Gren said. He'll tell you if his needs change again and he needs more, but for now he sounds just fine.
It can be hard to get used to those abrupt changes, but it keeps happening, so use this as practice!
aqua...we bottle fed moxette, but somewhere right around 4 mos she went from "eat anywhere" to "distracted everywhere". It got to the point where even for mid-day, non napping bottles we had to do the quiet room, quiet place routine just to get her to eat. Its normal. Suddenly, and for the first time in his life, somethings besides the boob are super cool. Like his own hand. Or a toe. smile.gif
That's a really good point, Mox. He sounds right on schedule, doesn't he.

Ok, one thing I learned on our trip (or should I say, was reminded or reassured)--where I was suddenly around a lot of babies--was that it's not my imagination. Notbob is a lot harder work than a lot of babies. He's way more active, more energetic, more "busy," resists sleep, sleeps less well, more into things, etc, etc, etc. And who knew babies were so STRONG?

In some ways I find this reassuring--ie, that I'm not just a weenie of a parent.

In some ways of course it's discouraging, too. I'm really hoping that if we can get into our own house things will be a bit easier. At least then we can childproof more rooms so I'm not having to spend the whole time running after him every single second.

And right now he's at daycare for the first time in a while. I stayed with him for a while to adjust, which helped. (He cried as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. He totally remembered.) Of course he cried when I left, which is killing me. I'm sure he's fine now, but I'm not.

Only a bit longer now, though. *sigh*
Aqua, I totally agree w/the other mommas...totally normal. I remember with both kids, as they got bigger they a) nursed faster and cool.gif got much more distracted by other things. This was often to my embarrassment when nursing publicly, as they would be latched and discreet, then suddenly WHOOM! they would snap their head to look at something and I'd be quickly trying to cover up.

Anoush, I can totally hear you on the "wow, that is reassuring" and "whoa, so this is the lot we carry" feeling. Been there, done that.....but I do wish you luck on the transition to a new home!

Bones is an incredibly strong (both physically and stubbornly), active kid -- he pushes at the playground, throws toys, and bites. Not all the time, but when he is tired or frustrated, he does. We also call him BamBam, because he has brute strength and lifts things that his big brother definitely could not. I love how physical he is in some ways (he can manipulate objects and has incredible dexterity), but I also shudder with embarrassment when he gets rough with other kids. I mean, he's 18 months old, and we are doing everythign we can to thwart those behaviors, but he's obviously not mature enough to understand consequences. We never experienced this with Coop, who has always been mild-mannered and more cerebral than his brother.
yay for your own house! hope you find something great on the housing search.

a word of advice: i would visually inspect all areas, especially exterior closets/walls, damper areas, etc. for mold. also worth considering whether the ground slopes toward or away from the foundation -- ground that slopes toward the foundation directs water into it, creating a drainage issue. might be worth having a mold inspector/drainage contractor do an inspection if you make an offer -- given that you're in the pacific NW, land of rain and rain.

i took the bean to his playschool today. he was almost ok when i left (he's getting more assertive and liking it more and more) but then his face kind of crumpled and he said, "want mama to come back!" sad.gif i'm trying to spend quality time with just him at least a little every day, but it's hard with the other demands. man, how i envy those mythical 50's housewives with their ability to dedicate themselves to ONE job!

miss crabber enjoys eating constantly. actually, she'll eat constantly for two hours, then sleep for two. not such a bad deal but tough when my dept. is hounding me to come up with a syllabus for the new course i'm designing, i have 75 papers to grade, and the bean needs "mama time" so he doesn't feel neglected or resentful. not to mention the vacuuming! i've realised the real issue is not that other people aren't willing to vacuum (the mr does it when i asked and the SIL did it unbidden this week!) but that they don't do a good job. gah.
If it's any consolation Anoushh, Tartlet still cries when we drop him off at his grandparents' for the day, and when I drop him off at DCP - not when Daddy-o drops him off, mind you, just me sad.gif And you have my utmost empathy re: a dynamic baby... Consider it a sign that you didn't rot his brain & have a strong-willed, intelligent little guy who will likely not be one to just sit back & let life happen... We had a lot of success in house-proofing the baby, vs baby-proofing the house - we put a lot of energy into setting boundaries in terms of what he was & wasn't allowed to touch/do, and gave lots & lots of feedback (heaps of praise/physically removing him from the no-no areas & redirecting). I know you're flying solo a lot of the time, so this may not be as practical a solution for you, but it's paying off in spades for us now.

So. We have 4 molars! Woot! Looks like they finally just came in all at once, after how many weeks of low-grade crappiness... We also had our 18-month check-up last week, and weighed in at a truly embarrassing 23 pounds - we slipped down another percentile to 15th, despite shoveling anything we can into his tiny belly... Fortunately New Doc is in no way distressed, and just encouraged us to keep up the good food & whole milk... looks like we're destined for a stringbean, at least until puberty.

So very very close to weaning. The added teeth are making it uncomfortable for both of us, and I've started rocking him back to sleep the rare times he wakes in the night... he's not happy about it, but it's only taking 5-10 minutes to get him back to sleep, instead of the 45 it used to take, so it feels like progress. On the wait list for several daycare centers now - current DCP is just spending too much time ferrying other kids around, and not enough time getting Tartlet the exercise & stimulation he needs. It'll be at least 6 months before we can get him placed anywhere else, but at least we have a game plan...

Work is taking up way too much of my time & energy, but Tartman just scored a hot new job with the local college, so there is now the option for me to start looking elsewhere... I'd really like to get back int eh food industry, but it's not kind to family dynamics, so we'll see...

Love to all my mamas - just 'cause I never post doesn't mean I don't lurk & check up on y'all laugh.gif
Thanks for the input...I think I've just been really freaked that it was so abrupt, with no tapering off whatsoever. Well now, after 2 nights of waking up every hour and a half, I've decided if he's changing things up, I'm going to too. Soooo...NO MORE SWING FOR NAPS! NO MORE CO-SLEEPER FOR NIGHTTIME! Now he is in his actual crib! He cried for a long time, with me checking on him and feeding him in the middle, this morning, and then eventually napped for half an, he is napping after only about 10 minutes of crying. This is huge! I'm going to be firm this time. I'm ready to make it stick.

One time, I looked in and he had wiggled over to the side and his face was pressed against the bumper! It scared me! I moved him back, but what do you do about crib bumpers in the middle of the night??

Another question. Not that I have ever done this or ever considered doing it. But hypothetically, how old would a baby be before you wouldn't want to have sex in the same room as him or her? My friend wants to know.
Hi all, I am officially a mama! She was born at home last friday--after 40+ hours. I am still recovering but loving her...See you soon!
Yes, congratulations indeed. smile.gif

Look forward to seeing you around here.

wow lapis! congrats to you and your girly
Well, since we had moxette in her crib/room at 3 weeks old...we've never had sex with her in the same room. That being said, I'd say once they don't sleep through everything. I'd hate to wake a kid up.

Aqua...that is a HUGE milestone for the family. Good luck! I had many a 3,5,7 and 10 minute seperated posts here at 2-5 AM when we were transitioning from every 2-3 hours eating/coming whenever called to learning to self-sooth. Like all else in life, it is a skill. And its a skill more easily learned by some rather than others.

Car...moxette is a rough and tumble kid, too...and a biter in the same way. Tonight, very excited, CHOMP into daddy. He firmly told her no biting, which made her cry (she genuinely gets upset). I asked her if she bit daddy, she nodded. I said, why don't you go draw daddy a picture to make him feel better. Dude...totally worked. I get big momma points for that one. Generally, (and this is also what they do at daycare with 12 1-2 yr olds), we tell her biting isn't nice, and to go give whomever she bit a hug instead. Usually works like a charm.

ETA...I meant to get on here and congratulate lapis! 40 hours! I hear you! WOW!
Hi moms,
I just wondered if some of you had really quiet newborns who probably would sleep through the night if given the chance. She has good color and isn't really lethargic but just seems really chill. I mean, i thought she would cry all the time...maybe later?
Mine was the direct opposite of that, but he's still a bad sleeper. And he only cried when something was wrong, which could mean he wanted to be held, fed, changed, etc, but still, he wasn't a constant crier. She may develop that in a few weeks but maybe not. If she does, its temporary.

My gut feeling is to say that's just her temperament, but a call to the ped's office is never a bad thing, especially at this age. You'll feel better. And then if all is ok, just enjoy it!
If you're concerned at all or curious, call the ped. A newborn is a nervewracking experience. That being said...when she;s eating, is she seeming content? Peeing and pooping? Gaining weight? If a YES to all those things, don't wake her. Let her sleep! And you sleep yourself!
congrats, lapis!

one thing to keep in mind is that for the first week or so after birth they're usually a lot more relaxed/sleepy. then after a week or two until 12 weeks, they get fussier. so you may just be in that very early period of her not having woken up yet...especially after such a long labour -- she's tired too!

aqua, we had sex in the same room with the bean, but only when he was under a month old. but in our house we keep our bedroom door and his open and they're only about six feet apart. he's a good sleeper. personally, i'd say if a baby is sleeping and you're not loud, what's the issue? but i suppose that depends on how loud you are/light a sleeper the child is. i'm not into exhibitionism, especially in front of my kids...but really, sex is part of life.
of course, if you're into heavy bondage/roleplay then i'd say keep it for times when the kid is in his own room! wink.gif
lapis, my first baby slept all through the night from the start. i was totally freaked out and stood over him till i couldn't take it anymore at which point i woke him up and fed him. when i called the ped she laughed and said consider myself lucky and go to sleep. "never wake a sleeping baby" that has been said here on this thread many times. i have to say though that i am envious of you. i did not get a sleeper this go round.
Btw, I love the characterization of notbob as a "dynamic" baby. That totally fits him.

He's just over one year old now--about 1 year and 20 minutes to be precise. He's out for a walk with his dad and his dog.

He's really such a lovely kid, even if he is such hard work.
it wasn't me. It was my friend.
happy birthday to the dynamic ara james!


this comes from far back in my memory. when shiny was first born, she slept all through the night. i don't think me mum stayed in the hosp 24 hrs after shiny was born. i think she spent her first night at home, not in hosp. i remember going in to see her and her bed was all soaked because she'd slept all through and mum hadn't changed her all night. so, although i don't have any direct parenting experience with such wee ones, i'd say let her sleep and count yourself lucky. as long as she's healthy and gaining weight, i think you're good.

Good Tuesday everyone!'s the wee one? And you?

Moxette and i had a "sick day" yesterday. In that, when she woke up, she had a disgusting runny nose (left over from the weekend of kleenex) and a fever. Tylenol and yes, TRIAMINIC (see, take that medical establishment!), and about 30 minutes later, and you'd never know she was sick. So, we had a day off together. Except for a small tantrum when I wouldn't let her have cookies for lunch, we had an absolutely delightful day. It amazes me how she's not just mimicking speech now, but words that have been in her head for ages are just coming out, like she's always been speaking them. Yesterday: "Mall, turtle mama." The play area at our local mall has a turtle. Except that when we got there, the turtle was gone in anticipation of santa's village. Whoops.

Anyway, i'm waiting for her to get up, such that I can see if she's OK to head to school today. If she's not, we gotta hit the Doc's ofc. Two days of fever is a sign of ear infection. Which is something tylenol might make feel better.

On other not-me news...what's everyone planning for halloween?
happy tuesday to you, mox (and everyone)!

i'm sick too, with a terrible head cold (the scratchy, voice-losing kind). somehow neither of the wee people has gotten it yet -- knock wood. i got it from the SIL right before she went back to MA (she's due to drive cross-country and show up on our doorstep in a month), but of course it's lasting much longer for me; she was able to kill it with ten hours of sleep after one day.

ten hours.
how long has it been? maybe forever.

anyway, we went to a pumpkin carving party on sunday with our green-and-orange, fresh-from-the-patch pumpkin, and carved two faces in it. tomorrow we have a midday party at the co-op, which should be interesting since there's massive strife and controversy over snacks at co-op -- mostly between the two people who share snack duty, one of whom is "fruit and yogurt" and the other of whom is "seaweed! tofu! brown rice!" -- and i've somehow gotten in the middle of it by suggesting we NOT focus on feeding two-year-olds edible halloween "treats" at the party but instead give them toys, etc. (personally, i just hate how junk-food-focused halloween is.) a flamewar could erupt if tempers are high...however, i've made truly awesome treat bags for the kids, with mini play-dough and little handmade packets filled with pumpkin and bat confetti and capsules that expand into animals in water.

meanwhile, the mister told me that yesterday at co-op (it was his day to work), the bean TIPPED OVER an entire play kitchen (the plastic kind) onto another boy, pinning him beneath it. i would have been horrified, but the boy in question is the biggest, roughest, pushingest, in-your-facest kid there and had apparently been pushing and hitting everyone all day. the mister is unsure whether the bean did it on purpose to crush the bully or not, but when i talked to the bean after nap he informed me that a "a big, crazy gnome was a playschool. he was really giant! he took my pumpkin away and hid in the backyard. he tipped over the kitchen on mikey."

my child, big crazy gnome avenger of injustice. hmmm.
OOOH! The bigger-sibling imaginary friend! Gren, what a milestone! (I say that seriously, in the best most awesome way). Its really a sign of great independence on his part. And good for him, taking down a bully. I live in fear that my kidlet, who is HUGE, will end up being an unwitting bully. She loves to roughhouse, and consequently, has been put in a small group with more mild-mannered girls, and it has been great for her. She's the first to give hugs for boo-boos, and loves hanging out with the smallest girl in class (who has Down's) and "protecting" her. Its just unfortunate that sometimes her hugs end up being tackles. tongue.gif

I have a wicked sinus headache, and i feel chills and warm all over. Think I cought moxette's disease?
grenadine's been developing for a while now, i think -- the bean was formerly announcing that he was a gnome only while home, but i think this is the start of the Crazy Wild Gnome (it was wild, not big, my mistake) making appearances to save the day in public.

interestingly, the gnome is wild and crazy because the bean has been listening to early steve martin. ;p

i wouldn't worry too much about being an unwitting bully. sure, if she's big and physical things will occasionally happen (i recall an instance at gym class when this girl LAY ON TOP of the bean and hugged him; he was taken aback), but it sounds like she's got a highly developed social sense and won't go overboard.

meanwhile, the bean's new "character" is called Television. such as: "Television is upstairs. Television is playing hide-and-seek. He's hiding. Television might get me!"

television might get me, indeed...

Oh my gosh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NOTBOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How has a year passed already?!

I don't know how you mamas do it. I just tip my hat to you and then some. I just don't think I was ever cut out to be a mother, but it's interesting to read about your experiences. I hope you don't mind that I lurk once in a while; sometimes I'm just trying to make sense of the motherly instinct that I seem to not have in abundant quantities.

Just a drive by to say thanks for birthday wishes to everyone. He enjoyed it, I think.

Then the next day had a buttload of shots and had a fever last night. Also slept scarily well from about 8 until 12:30. Of course I couldn't enjoy it b/c I was worried. Then very restless for a while but eventually back to sleep (with another dose of tylenol).

The funniest bit was when we assembled the play car thingy my parents bought him he immediately tried to climb on it. How did he know what do do? He's not stupid, I know, but still I was impressed.

So much to say, so little time.
But I wanted to at least get in a thank you.

PS--the bean is indeed wise.
oh, have no idea. this morning he informed me: "mama's going to eugene by herself, without me."
and when i asked him, where are you going to go, he said, "i'm going to hawaii with daddy."

with all due respect to eugene, what a shabby trade!
As I am not in Hawaii this is clearly further evidence of the bean's wisdom! wink.gif

Notbob is practicing walking all the time now. He's regularly taking 4 or 5 or more steps. He's now pretty proud of himself.
Ok, that's it. I'm fed up with our ped's office. We are officially searching for a new one.

I don't have the energy to go into it all, but the last straw was not only making a big fucking deal out of the fact that notbob, at all of 12 months old, isn't saying one or two words yet (I'm sure he is, as I told them--he talks all the time. I just haven't figured out what they are yet.) but then calling us at home three days later and getting notbob's dad all freaked out about it too.

Notbob, in the meantime, is starting to make the signs for eat, change, and is blowing kisses goodbye, as well as his longstanding staple of dog.

He's also now really enjoying the fact he can walk for 4 or 5 steps on a regular basis.

Hope everyone has as good weekend. Wish me luck on the doctor search.

I can sympathize, anoushh- ever since my dad (allegedly) spoke sentences at 9 months, my dad's side of the family (my grandma and her mother) have been obsessed with when the kids in the family start talking, like they want to leave this legacy of early-talkers. They gave my mom sooooo much grief because I didn't talk around them until I was 3 years old (my mom says I talked at home plenty.) They were convinced something was wrong with me and wanted my parents to send me to a speech therapist and all this crap. My mom also was a late bloomer verbally and so was Einstein.

Anyway, I eventually talked and turned out just fine, but now they've moved onto the next generation- my cousin has a Thai au pair for her 21-month-old twins and my grandma is convinced they aren't getting enough verbal stimulation from her (she speaks and understands English, but it's not great) and she's afraid of the kids not developing correctly. rolleyes.gif

I'm sure notbob (happy belated birthday, btw!) will be fine.

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