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Karcher, that's what we are here for (if I may presumptuously speak for the other mamas.)

Some advice/feedback needed, please.

We are off to the UK in a few days. Notbob is a big boy, and more and more I'm thinking taking his full stroller, rather than an umbrella one, would be good for him (including the fact he's familiar with it).

We have a seat for him on the plane so can take his car seat. It's also safer with a car seat.

The part that really worries me is that we are going to be carrying a huge amount of stuff and I don't know how we'll manage it. On the way back we intend to use up our full luggage allowance (including notbob's) as we both still ahve a lot of stuff in the UK we'd like to bring here.

We can rent a carseat from the car rental company for about $40, but among other things I worry that I don't know it's history.

We also have a stupidly short time in SF to change planes.

Any advice/reassurance/thoughts?

karcher, i'm sorry things are rough. i know firsthand how hard it is to stay on an even keel postpartum. at the same time, i hope you're being treated properly by your partner.

anna quindlen spoke at my college graduation. i do appreciate her message, which is pretty consistently "be nice to yourself, intelligent people," but i don't really identify with the problems she describes (seriously). i'm not trying to create an ubergenius or pack jr. beethoven into my kid or program his every minute or feel like i am the perfect mom. my issues are more around being continually amazed by the low standards of society for everything -- not just parenting -- and the astounding amount of garbage we're expected to consume (and feed our kids, literally and metaphorically). in other words, i guess my issue is wanting to live up to my standards and feeling no social or societal support for that, in every aspect of life, rather than wanting to be perfect by some external standard. it creates a similar tension, probably, but the balm is different.

anoushh, my sister has moved to europe and back two or three times now; she's a single mom and always takes the huge stroller and huge carseat. my advice would be to check everything you can through -- the stroller (oh, and it might be worth packaging it for oversize luggage; the bunged up our wheel pretty badly once, although my sister just takes it to the gate every time so she can hang her stuff off it), everything except a purse with your essentials and diaper bag for carry-on. i have rented carseats and they were always nicer than my own, so i'd consider that, although on such a long flight i can see your wanting the carseat...though if you have a seat for him it might be better to just let him wiggle around in it, supervised, when he's awake. when the bean was 10 mo. we took a plane and did not have a seat for him (just the 2-hour up the coast flight) and he ended up spending the flight walking up and down the aisles holding our hands (he didn't walk unassisted then, but it was great exercise and most people found it charming).

anyway, it will be ok. just arrive really early to the airport, especially leaving the uk with all that stuff. and have a great trip! watch for random strangers trying to feed notbob weird food like bits of bangers or the end of a currant biscuit. those people have no compunction about baby-safe foods (although maybe the famous british standoffishness will prevent this).

ETA: oh, and remember that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ON THE PLANE used to be a baby, too. especially if notbob gets fussy. of course you're trying not to disturb anyone, but most people have a modicum of understanding for parents who are courteous, or trying to be.

the bean's new thing is running across the room and flinging himself on the floor yelling, "Kaboom!". Also, he is starting to scare us with his vocabulary. in addition to informing us that he might die the other day (a long monologue about death and its possibilities from a two-year-old!), he has recently said such things as "mama has an appointment at the doctor. they're going to take her blood. it's bothersome." and "i'm really surprised. i'm too surprised to move. i hope. i'm hoping. i'm full of hope." he is getting both very kinesthetic and very existential. he needs a full-time gym coach and theory guide, sort of a cross between nietzsche and mary lou retton, to tire him out and entertain him on his choice of topics (hard for me to do the former with a newborn, which is my biggest issue right now -- he needs to run around like a dog, i need to sit still).

thanx grenadine and anoushh, i'm much better already. the next morning, the mister got up and made me breakfast and dealt with the bub so i could have some peace automatically, so you gotta give him credit for that.

i do agree with you gren about the amount of garbage out there that we're expected to be wanting to consume - it's frightening to know that there must be so many people who give in to that, and that my child will have to deal with the recipients on the other end some day... i'm not asking for some perfection that doesn't exist either, but crap is unacceptable to me. i definitely don't like crap stuffed down my throat.

and that's very cute with the vocab! my parents never tire of telling me how i used to cram all the words and fairytale knowledge together.

about travelling, we'll prob be flying too when she's around 7 mths, for 9 hrs - i'm trying not to think about the logistics yet... how heavy is the car seat anoushh? that might help with making the decision. or are the things you want to bring over post-able? it might just make things so much easier. when i moved back from sweden i tried to carry too much shit with me - and i didn't have to deal with a baby too - i had to stop over and all that as well. i really wished i had posted most of it.

we found two tooth-like shapes in the lower row of gum the other day. they might not erupt for a while yet but hell, she's learnt to scream already and is easily irritated. just when i thought i was getting on top of things...

ok, today is hubby's b-day and he is hopefully having a grand time in the swiss alps with his science buddies (he is there to speak at a conference). but i can hardly wait till he gets home. not only do i miss him but i am wearing out on doing everything by my self. it must be crazy hard to be a single mom of two kids. shinyboy is very helpful when i ask him to be but he has a busy schedule with school, tae kwondo, violin, and soccer. those activities take a fair bit of running around and with lil crabby from the antibiots it can be pretty tiring. let alone the lack of sleep factor. also, i am craving adult conversation.

tomorrow lil has his voiding cystourethrogram and i am not at all looking forward to going to that without hubby. and, if there is anything wrong i just have to email him about it. i can't even call. and it is not like this is the only meeting he is going to be gone to either. he is going to san diego next month and to tokyo in dec and back to d.c. in feb. aaarrrgg!

ok, end bitch session.
you want me to go with you tomorrow?
Hi all,
Grady's only 12 weeks and I've already taken 2 plane trips with him, one of them alone! That was not fun. But it made the second one, with my husband, seem like paradise by comparison. It actually went pretty well. On this last one, we were renting a car for a week, so we brought and checked the carseat and base. We checked the stroller also (it's the kind that the carseat snaps onto). In the airport, I wore the baby Bjorn. I bring the Boppy on the plane--it is SO worth it to carry that along! It makes nursing so much easier, then he just falls asleep on it, I can still read comfortably, and we use it for a pillow throughout the trip for ourselves sometimes too.
I do NOT understand how people change babies on planes unless you have an empty seat. I have changed him on an empty seat, but other times, just did it in the airport before and after the flight. But how do you do it if your flight is a truly long one??? Dunno. My sister lives in New Zealand and has come back and forth to the US with her 1 year old THREE TIMES now, ALONE. a walking toddler! For 14 hours! Alone! I would kill myself first. I seriously don't know how she did it.
Plan ahead carefully, packing the diaper bag with everything you will need, especially extra burp cloths and at least 2 extra outfits, and don't forget PLASTIC BAGS. If you breastfeed, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND bringing pumped bottles with you--they are a lifesaver in the car, when you can't stop to nurse, and also so much easier to deal with in the airport. Breastfeeding on the plane (with the Boppy) is comfortable and easy, but I didn't want to do it in the airport--too much of a pain in the butt for lots of reasons.
I have another trip with him next week, and then next month for Thanksgiving! I feel like Angelina dragging my kid around all over the place...but it's not so hard when he's still so little. I also feel like Angelina because I look exactly like her and my husband is Brad Pitt.
OH, another thing we did: this may sound extreme, and I scoffed at my husband when he first suggested it, but it turned out to be easy and SO worth it. Grady LOVES the swing. Sometimes when he's fussy, he prefers it even to being held, and sometimes in the early morning, it is a godsend to calm him when he is wiggly and gassy and grunty. When I went on the first trip alone, it was a real problem not having a swing at my mom's house. He didn't nap nearly as long, and was much harder to deal with. So, on this last trip, I went on Craigslist for Seattle where we were flying and bought a swing for $20. I found a guy who lived right near the airport, planning to go there on our way out, and he actually brought the swing to us at the airport! We brought it to the 3 different places we stayed on the trip and it was SO WORTH IT! Then, the day we left, we left it at the hotel and told the manager to lend it out to other people with babies who passed through. I am DEFINITELY doing this again on our next trips. There were so many swings for sale for next to nothing, and it's not like the quality or beauty matters too much for something you're only using for a week or so. to unpack. Hope some of this advice was helpful.
Baby is jet-lagged! Ugh.
I appreciate your thoughts, Aquagirl. My worry is in part because he's almost a year old and it will be hard for him to not be able to crawl around for such a long time. First we fly to SF--just over an hour. Then we change planes and fly to London, which will take nearly 12 hours. We are going to stay at a hotel for the first couple of days before we head off into the midlands.

I so wish we could use the carseat that fits in the stroller. He was too big for that by about 6.5 months, though. That's why it will be such a pain in the ass to get around.

And he resists sleep so much--and no sleep has such a bad effect on me--that I'm really worried about that. I guess we'll manage somehow. Once we get settled I know he'll be fine, though.

And he hasn't been interested in his swing since about 4months old--he wants to be out and about!
Until then it was great, though.

I hope this trip won't bankrupt us. The sterling/dollar exchange rate is worse than ever. Thank god I still have a bit of money in a UK bank. (Though after this trip who knows...)

Ok, should be working. Tons to do and so little time.

But in a "boy, that sucks" note--I don't ahve enough vacation time yet to cover my being gone. This means I will most likely be health-insurance free for the month of november...
how'd lil's procedure go?
again, good luck to you, anoushh! you might consider going standby on an earlier flight to SF if you're worried about connection time -- when i was flying up the coast 2x/week i frequently did this and almost always got on, although it's worth checking, of course.

bean is still being a true crapweasel, resisting naps and throwing everything. i'm at wit's end and trying not to throw *him*, or at least scream at him, which i currently feel like doing. crabber is fussy. i am tired and my sense of humour has gone missing.
hi all,

what, exactly, do we talk about in this thread? I am a mama and i have sex, sometimes...
suzuki...welcome! we talk pretty much about those two things, so you're in the right place! Now, two things...1. Introduce yourself! Who are you? Kidlets? (there is another mom thread for mom's of older kids...we mostly have infants-preschool here). 2. Read a page or two of the archives (bottom of page up) to get yourself "caught up" so to speak.


So, last night, I had a work event to attend in the late evening. I stayed downtown, as it was downtown, and by about 7pm, I was missing moxette painfully. Somehow knowing I wasn't going to be home for bedtime made it about 100X worse. I had a great time at the event, but I also rushed home afterwards. This doesn't happen when I give myself the night "off"...dinner with a girlfriend, shopping alone, etc. I think it was the missing bedtime.

Gren, sometimes we do just have to yell. You don't have to be perfect to your own standards of perfection all the time. You're dealing with SO much, and you're a superwoman for not wanting to change your reactions to the bean's current behavior. Maybe invite him to nap in bed with you and crabber? Or insist on "quiet time" for 2 hours, even if he doesn't sleep?
suzuki, the story behind this thread being in the sex area is that it originally was started by someone with an accidental pregnancy, so she put it here. now it's evolved into being mostly mamas of small people talking about related issues. it probably does really belong in friends and isn't the sexiest thread around, unless you find baby poop sexy, but that's just my opinion.

mox! i know just how you feel. lately i have to keep going for meetings at work and taking crabber (yesterday i took my mom to watch crabber in my office while i Presented Literature Student Learning Goals to the Departmental Quorum). even though the bean is doing his best to infuriate me every afternoon, i always miss him after an hour.

unfortunately, inviting him into bed with me would mean i actually had to go to bed. i was reading something recently that said "nap when your toddler naps! don't be a Busy Parent." but, you see, i am a Busy Parent. i am a classic Busy Parent. i used liberally placed clocks to ensure that i do mentally detach from work and pay attention to the bean, but i am never going to take a nap during nap time because i'm trying to grade papers, assemble research, and vacuum. however, i think i've got a handle on naptime now -- i've been so upset because one way to make him sleep has involved holding him physically still and i don't have either then mindset or the ability (with crabber needing me) to do that. so it's just going to have to work out with him electing to go to bed. at least today i have midday office hours and so the mr. will be the one to deal with his rebellion, although since we're all up extra-early there might not be any...

and i would LOVE to yell, and i don't think it's THAT damaging (i remember my mom occasionally yelling and she is not at all a yelling or angry person), but yelling just causes the bean to YELL BACK at me and generally become Junior Belligerent Ass, which a)shows me how dumb i look yelling and b)doesn't get me anywhere. i HAVE been cursing under my breath a lot, though.

i'm thinking of flying cross-country soon. i am tired of sitting in one place, and the golden baby travel time is under three months, IMHO. after that they start actually being awake more...
WHy do you have to be a Busy Parent? Don't you get maternity leave? I don't mean to sound like a twat, but being a Busy Parent is likely to burn you out, ya?

because i am the sole wage-earner for my family. no, i don't get maternity leave, or rather i get unpaid maternity leave, which amounts to the same thing.

and i have always been a busy person, so one thing i'm lucky in is that i adapt better to excessive busyness than many; unfortunately, it plays hell on my creativity.

i'm sort of plotting to convince my sister-in-law to leave mass. and live in our downstairs apt. in exchange for babysitting 15 hours a week. she's going to visit us for three weeks starting saturday. of course, she probably won't go for it as she's a very conservative person and it would mean some risk, but i think it'd be great for her instead of just mouldering about in the same college town where she graduated 2 years there are lots of cute lesbians here whom she DIDN'T go to college with.
that sounds like an awesome idea...the SIL. Granted, my SIL loves moxette to pieces, but is a flake (she's kind of on my shit list right now). Anyway, my heart goes out to Busy Moms everywhere. That really blows about the unpaid leave. America sucks sometimes.
gren, hand that man the vacuum cleaner and the help wanted section of the paper. geez. is it too much to expect a little help? you have to import another family member...?
i feel for you girl, you're a trooper.
yeah, i imagine many SILs are flakes, especially young ones own SIL is the opposite: hardly the life of a party, but i'd trust her with my kids. she's a virgo, and a very conscientious person who currently works full-time at a law firm and also babysits ten hours a week for a toddler and an older child (she's done it since the toddler was newborn), so despite being only 23, she's extremely responsible and with it (the virgo). unfortunately, she's also got that resistance to change/new situations, so even though she doesn't have a girlfriend and has complained of being very lonely, i don't know if she has it in her to move cross-country. it would only be temporary, as she starts grad school next year...we'll see.
the thing is, pepper, he's in school right now, and he is not a multitasker. on the plus side his being in school means we don't really need childcare (and it's hardly worth him getting some crap job that earns as much as childcare costs); if the wild SIL idea were to work, THEN i'd be handing him the want ads so he could work those 15 hours per week! i've considered doing it anyway, and just advertising for a nanny to work those hours in exchange for the (very nice) one-bedroom apartment, but it gets complex when you're talking about someone living with you (what if it didn't work out?).

but yes, definitely handing him the vacuum cleaner more often.

p.s. mox, why is she on your shit list? my SIL is just about the ONLY person in the mister's family (or mine) who's never on my shit's not that we're such great friends, but she's pretty inoffensive.
well, i'm not a multitasker either. except i am because i HAVE to be. imagine if the mamas here decided that they couldn't do more than one thing at a time? we'd all be living in filthy disorganized houses with dirty, hungry children.
i'd love to be able to focus intently on one thing at a time. wouldn't that be lovely? le sigh.

(eta not criticising, just amazed and maybe a little jealous. can I be your house husband? wink.gif )

ok, this girl is thrilling me to pieces. i mean, i love and have always loved little like crazy but sometimes i think some of that is due to trauma bonding 'cause he was such a hard baby. with this girl it is all just cute, sweet, snuggley, cuddley, giggley, fragrant, milky baby love. she is just SO nice! i sit for hours just holding and cooing to her and making her laugh. oh, i will do anything for that hysterical giggle!
today she's watching me eat, intently. eyes glued to the fork moving from plate to mouth. she's so much sooner with everything than with little. girls really are so different, it's amazing.
moxette was very much like that, pepper. happy, smilie, only cried when she actually wanted something serious. Now, she's willful stubborn and determined, with a wicked sense of humor. I wonder how princess will be as a toddler? I hope as much of a joy as she is now!
pepper. you could say all the same things about my jackaroo, just change out the pronouns smile.gif. he is smiling and cooing at me right now from the couch beside me. sometimes we just sit and stare and coo and "sing" at each other for hours. i am so in love with him and am thankful that i'm able to spend so much time with him right now.

the biggest news around here is that he has now spent three nights in his own crib!!! it was so much easier than i thought it would be to make the switch and i think it has something to do with me letting him "play" in the crib for the past month. i think he got comfortable with it, so it's not so unfamiliar when i lay him down. of course, he's usually already asleep when i put him down (the boobiemilk stupor). but last night, when his head hit the mattress, he rolled his eyelids up and looked at me for a second before letting out the cutest sigh and stretching into his comfy sleep position. he sleeps on his side and has pretty much since i brought him home. we were turning him back to his back for the first month or so but he just keeps turning to his side. i guess it's more comfortable for him. anyway, i am just so happy he seems to like the crib.

he is seeming to enjoy his tummy time a lot more this week. i don't know what happened, but maybe it's getting easier for him. i even get smiles from him when he's on his belly and he lasts a lot longer than he was before.

SO, we had the fun of baBYSITTING the BFF's kidlet last night. What a blast! The two kids (2 mos apart age wise) adore each other, and are SO nice and SO considerate. I have to believe that the whole "taking turns" and "hugs instead of pushes" is a big deal at the daycare, as they both just seemed to know those things. They're in the same class at school, too. Speaking of which, FJ, have you found a great daycare for jackaroo yet?

Taking 2 toddlers to the park, what an experience! Running, jumping, "where is X" games for a solid hour. We had to coax them home when it got dark, and they were NOT thrilled to leave. Then, they fed each other snacks. Seriously. We have it on digital film. As soon as they're up online, I'll post them.

Anyway, this morning, I'm thrilled to be momma and auntie and everything!
fun fun fun! i love when the littles get together and "take care" of each other, it's too cute.

hey, baby pepper is 14 weeks old yesterday, i let her lick a slice of apple today. it's not 'eating' it's just 'tasting'. she just keeps watching me eat and smacking her lips, i couldn't resist. at first she was all like "what the...?!" but then she tried to suck on it, ha ha. no real food for a couple more months though. i wonder when she might start reaching for things, she's so not there yet but they develop so quickly. she can get the thumb consistantly now.

fj, i have this cool foam thing for her to lay on for tummy time that is making a huge difference. she can really hold herself up on it and seems much, much happier!


pepper: i let my 3.5 m.o. have a taste of my apple the other day too, it was very much what-the-f. she can't stick her thumb out yet though, so it's all fingers, both hands if possible. myum-myum-myum-chomp-chomp-chomp. nice pic with babe and the toy thing. good idea with the foam. and you got her to look at the camera! even if it's a huh? look.

mine's a lot more independent, or less fussy, the last two days, for some reason. we're hoping she won't turn back...

Hi all,
I'm trying to get some action on my new thread in Media Whores "Kill Your TV?" about ideas on raising your kids TV-free (or TV-reduced). If any of you have any opinions I would love to get more comments over there.
PS. Grady rolled over! (14 weeks)
ust bumping us. she's still an "assertive" (NO, NO, No, NO, no) phase. Loads of fun.

How is everyone else?

busy making hats and things. hee!

Guh. Is it wrong that I just want to chew on that little nose? We're all good here - the house is a disaster (we're getting a sump pump & drainage system put in, so it's all jackhammers & PVC pipes around here), but Tartman just got a fantabulous new job with the college, which means we can actually afford the new roof & sidewalks we need this fall, as well. Tartlet's a hoot, but the impending molars are kicking his ass. He's been up 2 & 3 times a night this week, and my remaining active nip is chewed to shreds - I swear, it's like he's got a mouthful of gravel when he latches on... blink.gif Still, progress is being made - I can hear his spoon clinking against his new teeth... Speaking of food, we've suddenly discovered the joy of Lil' Fishies & ketchup, nyomnyomnyom...
HI!!! OMG...that hat is fantaboluous! We got moxette an elephant costume for halloween, as playing "elephant" is her favorite game just now. We just got molars, too. fuckers. And, everything must have SOME dippy. Last night, she insisted on the spicy chutney. Then she complains "hot" mama. Yeah. You drink some milk and eat the regular stuff, babe. Tart, are you sending the wee one to a daycare or having him at home while you work? I could NEVER do and have moxette home. Talk about distraction city.

oh this is AWESOME!! she's laying on her play mat with the toys that hang down and has figured out that She Can GRAB Them! WOO!!

this is no less fun the second time, i'm totally excited about every little teeny thing!

hat, must make a whole outfit now. little insists it be her halloween costume laugh.gif .
i can make it warm so it doubles as her winter suit.
I wonder if those kind of things are MORE fun the second time...cause we know their coming? Hmmm...

Anyway, just spoke with the pediatrician about the whole cough-cold medicine thing. Here is his advice, for those who care: "The extra warning is for people who abuse and overdose without thinking. Nothing but time takes care of a cold. If a single, appropriately dosed dose of plain Triaminic (our choice of cold med) helps your toddler or older infant (min 6 mos is his cut off...and then with strict direction from him) sleep better or have a slightly less runny nose, do it. If you ever have a question, call me before going to get or do anything."

For those with wee infants, just posted a list of infant cold products being removed from shelves until this FDA/labeling issue is decided. I guess the wisdom is ask your doctor, and don't try to be doctor yourself.
Mox - dude, there is no effing WAY I could work with Tartlet in the house all the time... as it is, he hangs around with Grandma for an hour every day after school, and I can't get a damn thing done for the noise/interruptions/cuteness. He's in daycare all week long, has been since 3 months...

Tartlet's being a grease monkey for Halloween - I found a set of denim coveralls with Harley-Davidson patches, and have a play toolbelt on order... a bit of washable black paint smeared all over & we're good to go, I think. Funny how I'm getting all into Halloween this year - pumpkin lights, haybale & mums on the porch, a hyooooge stash of candy & goodies for trick-or-treating...
omg pepper that is sooooo adorable.

kiddo is asleep with that sweet milky breath and i am suddenly at a loss to what i want to do. i have a long list of things that need to be done but i really can't be bothered - hell, it's friday night. ooh hang on, i think i know... damn, the mr is not in town. how old is missy? mmm, four months it's been...
So, we had real "parenting" night last evening. Great family time, replete with dress up (halloween costume AND daddy t-shirts), coloring, and play0-acting (help, broom mama). Then, at 10pm, we hear "cough, cough, WAIL" so I go up, open her door and PUKE smell. Gross. I think she was coughing up some phlem, and everything else came up with it. All over bed, lovies, etc. Gross. We cleaned up, had another bath, then snuggled (cause I wasn't giving her more milk!) and went nicely back to sleep. Poor kidlet. This morning, just fine and dandy.


yayyy!! rolled over today...
my girl has Stopped rolling over now. funny.

i let her lick a strawberry yesterday. i was a little hesitant at first since it's one of the big allergens and then i thought about how none of us is allergic to anything and then i thought about how allergic reactions aren't hereditary and then i thought ah, screw it. don't be so damn paranoid, it's a freaking strawberry, Organic no less, brought to us by grandma. the good vibes in that make up for anything else.
i think she liked it. she didn't scream or freak out at least. not very interested though but also no scrunched up face like "What the Fuck?!" either. heh.

Pepper, have you seen this before? This way you give her fruit and she could gum it without choking.

hey all...
not getting much sleep here. still, i've noticed the mr and i get along a lot better with his sister here, mostly just because she's another pair of hands willing to pitch in. the stress is dissipated. too bad it's unlikely she'll stay, and we can't afford a part-time nanny IRL...oh well.

i think the crabber might have reflux. at any rate she's been very very fussy lately and throws up a lot, much more than the bean at that age. grr. on the plus side she doesn't have 2-3 hours of "random nonstop colic crying" in the afternoon; she just barfs after every meal, then wants to eat again... ;(
meanwhile, i'm madly busy with work stuff when the kids are asleep, which isn't enough lately. and my SIL is funny...all she talks about is how much she wants to find a girl to settle down with so she can be a housewife and have babies. they sure are making them conventional these days...i told her to finish grad school (she's starting next fall) first.
gren, welcome to my world. a load of laundry Every Freaking Day. she barfs on me all day long man. ugh.

polly, that's so awesome! holy crap, amazing. *ordered*
poop. lots of explosive poop. Uesterday, 4 outfits. I think she must have a little stomach bug.

Anyway, we also had a great weekend. I'm gonna have to just mentally rely on that, as I'm leaving for 2 nights tomorrow. Aside from some "parent breaks" that moxieman and I have had together, this is the first time I've left them since her birth. I feel like a shit-heal already...yet, this is the biggest conference for my industry. Sigh. I almost cried when i put her to bed tonight.

(((Mox & Moxette))) Oh hon, that's hard, especially when you know she's not feeling well - just think about all the fun she'll have with Daddy, and the spectacular homecoming you'll have... nothing like being a mommy to make you feel like a rock star some days...

We had a very rough night - Tartlet just could not end it & go to sleep - we nursed for an hour, and at no point did his eyes even droop. We came downstairs & played for another hour - he was sooooo tired, he kept falling over his own feet - but back upstairs it was no dice. So. I unlatched him, cuddled him up as best I could, & rocked him. Oh, he was SO mad. Arching, screaming, pushing, kicking... I just kept rocking & crooning to him, reciting our favorite bedtime book from memory, & telling him it was OK, I understood he was mad, and that we'd get through this. It took 20 minutes of just horrific screaming, but in the end, he wore himself out, collapsed into a pile of sniffles, patted my face, said "mama", and drifted off to sleep... he didn't wake up til nearly 7:30 this morning. Poor kid - he so obviously needed that sleep, but couldn't get there on his own, and the magic nursies are no longer magic. At least I now know what weaning will entail... not exactly fun, but at least we can get to sleep in the end...

Gren, Tartlet had reflux when he was tiny, but never had the long-term screaming & puking - he just had awful breath & really sour, painful burps. Point being, there's varying degrees of reflux, and it'd be worth talking to your ped. 2 weeks on a low dose of Zantac made all the difference for us.

(Hi, Polly!)
annoush is outtie right now, but i think notbob had the reflux with puke, too.

Anyway, an evil molar is out. Hopefully, she'll sleep soundly for daddy. I made him move the monitor to right next to his pillow, so he'll hear her if she wakes up. Right now, it takes a death scream from her to shake him. Me, I wake for every little cough.

Speaking of rock star moms...tart! You did GREAT keeping your cool with the kidlet last night! Good work! Somedays are just like that with toddlers.
Thanks, Mox... ugh. I think we may be weaning. It was the same song & dance last night, minus the hour-long play time grace period... I knew nursing-to-sleep wasn't gonna happen, so we went straight for the rock & cuddle. P-I-S-S-E-D. It took me a total of 2 hours to get him to sleep mad.gif I'm not proud of it, but when I finally snuck out of his room & closed the door, I silently flipped him the double-barrel bird. Probably not an AP-condoned response, but I was at the end of my rope... He wasn't sleeping, he wasn't really nursing, he was just hanging out on my boob, picking & pinching & scratching every last millimeter of my bare skin he could find. When I tried to hold his hand still, he smacked me - hard. I'll put up with a lot of schenanigans, but no way are we hitting Mama.

Sigh. I really don't want bedtime to become a power struggle, but that's exactly where it's heading. At least once he's out, he's sleeping through the night 6 nights out of 7, so perhaps I shouldn't complain...
see, the thing i've learned so far, is that they are GOING to assert themselves, and we just have to facilitate what's an acceptable place to do so. Hitting/biting are immediate end-of-comfort things at bedtime. It took a couple of days, but she figured it out. Still really liking that baba, though. She only gets it at bedtime now. Eventually, she'll get demanding about it, and that;ll be the end. That, or when she's ready for a big-girl bed. And you know what? Its OK to be pissed at your kid when he/she is being an ass.

Second evil molar was OUT before bedtime last night, so the two of them had a great evening. Thank goodness.
well, i guess the ladies at the second hand store must Really like my little chili pepper. i went in yesterday and picked up all kinds of clothes to use as fabric for crafty stuff and then went back in for a swing i saw for $9.99, i figured at that price why the heck not? and they GAVE it to me! my goodness. And she loves it, of course. she's happily swinging away beside me right now as she has suddenly turned into the incredible non-sleeping baby. well, i knew there was a reason i have insomnia...

i had (i say HAD 'cause i lent it to another mum who will not give it back sad.gif ) a really good book on the brain development of little's from 0-5. it's called "what's going on in there" and it talked quite a bit about the essential phases of "mine" and other self-exertions and how important it is not to discourage that (not hitting and biting, those are obviously not ok). really worth a read, it didn't make it any easier to deal with but at least i felt better about it.
oh! and she's asleep. love that swing thing!
pep...the child development stuff is much more what De. B's Touchpoints is about, too. He makes an assertion that the "terrible 2s" are really more like the "terrible 2nd year" in that it usually starts around a burst of language+mobility=independence.

Nice score on the swing! My MIL, the garage sale queen, found an awesome 4-sided easle (2 white boards, 2 chaulk boards, with a palat in the middle) for 2.00. No joke. It rocks.
i love garage sales and second hard stuff! you can get such god deals!
Hey Mommas....just popping in for a quick hello. So glad to read about all of your babes!

We recently moved to CT and I've been able to stay at home w/my boys for the past two months. Eventually (sooner rather than later) I have to find a new job, but for now I'm just trying to revel in the SAHM thing. As compared to when we were in NYC, we now have a house and a yard, and I love the freedom it is giving us all.

Coop is now 3 1/2, and believe it or not, Bones is rounding the corner on 18 months. His speech is pretty slow (says about 5 words universally understood, about another 20 that only I understand) especially when compared to Coop's early language (he was speakign in sentences and could identify all of his letters by this age). But they are both great fun and keep me on my toes.

Hope to check in a bit more often as time goes on, I think of you all often (those who are on LJ - look me up. I'm coopers_mom over there)

oh, and I have to second the love for the mesh food bag thingies! There are several brands, Munchkin, Sassy and one other small company that I can't remember. We had a billion of them, and used them for everything from frozen fruits (great with teething!) to soy hot dogs, etc. Love them!
Car! So good to hear from you! I've been thinking about writing but just haven't found the time. Amazing that the kids are so grown up already. Notbob is almost a year old, if you can believe that.

Yes, we are back. Trip back was HARD--notbob resisted sleeping AND DIDN"T STOP MOVING for hours and hours.

But considering what we were asking from him the young man did wonderfully. Not that is wasn't very hard, but he did.

And his big brother and sister were so wonderful with him, and he loved them. It was the first time big sister had met him, so that was great.

We are back in a very non child friendly environment (physically) and it's frankly very depressing.
I've called my former real estate agent and are going to look into home buying. I don't know if we will be successful as we still don't have enough for a down payment (not so we can afford the payments, I mean) but we shall see. It may take a while to find a house anyway. Wish us luck.

Anyway, hope to catch up eventually and hope everyone is well. Thanks for all the advice--it was all very helpful and reassuring.

PS--notbob hated the mesh bag thingies
Who wanted them? I might still have them that I can pass on. I can check.

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