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Full Version: The Hip Momma: Ga-Ga-Oh-My-Gawd!!!
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nah, no laundry...we just let him run around with no pants on and sit on the potty to go. any accidents are easily wipe-able...he still wears diapers to go out.

we let him carry it to the toilet and dump it out AND THEN flush, which is VERY exciting.
Tart- it must be something having to do with a 13 month old child. Insert some randomly different specifics and you pretty much summed up my momma extential whining. Today, despite a total fuck-up on my part vis-a-vis finances (of which i am 100% responsible and have no ability to control at the same time), I did the following: got a new pair of pants, got a manicure and a massage. I've come to the startling revelation that unless I am good to myself, no one else will get anything besides resentment and detachment and dissapointment from me. So there.

Why is it that we mom's feel somehow wrong (in whatever sense) that we have needs as individual adults too?
When not-bob was born people kept saying he looked like me. THe mister said he was all me, and none of him. I said that was just what people said b/c he had dark hair like me.

Now, at 6 months he's clearly his dad's boy. He has blue eyes, for goodness sake, not to mention very light brown hair. (If I didn't know this was my kid....)

I knew, then, that he'd most likely inherit dad's allergic nature. Sure enough, the kid seems to have eczema. Whatever it is, he's very spotty. I'm at a loss, as was the ped.

Poor spotty kid.
Is he uncomfortable? poor not-bob. Moxette gets a bit of a exzema rash when she's about to get sick. Its how we knew her 3-week runny nose wasn't a cold, actually, but really allergies!

Hey, gren, I forgot to mention to you YEAH for baby girls. smile.gif For the first 12 months, i'd presume they're fairly similar to baby boys, but damned if I wasn't thrilled the first time I got a ponytail into moxette's hair! I like the concept of blending sexes for a if there's a whole lot to do about it. At the same time, I know my brother missed not having a brother.

Anyway, that's that folkes. off to continue my day.

Anyone have great plans to be feted on Mother's Day? My sister is surprising my momma (which is awesome), so we're probably gonna be doing 2 families worth of stuff on Sunday. On the flip side, she wants to babysit saturday night (to spend time with moxette sans mama around) I may get a night out sans kiddo!
yeah, mox, i'm pleased it's a girl, but a little worried too. i think it's much harder to be a relatively secure girl than a boy in this society (cf. body image/career disparities/family pressure/etc.), and the responsibility seems much greater!
ah, but raising a smart, well educated, confident person is my goal. She can incorporate her gender into her identity however she sees fit. And, I know plenty of totally insecure children who are male persons.
Both have their challenges. I worry about raising a good boy. (He's been such a handful to day and I'm so exhausted that's going to have the be the extent of my explanation. Fill in the blanks, if you will.)

I can't tell if he's uncomfortable, btw. And I don't feel entirely comfortable with the eczema explanation. When I read up on eczema in babies I don't see mention of being covered in spots.
Anyway, I didn't think he was, but after a very challenging day for both of us I'm wondering....
wondering what? oh, poor not-bob! sad.gif
If he's uncomfortable.

See, I told you it was a challenging day for both of us.

And, in other news, the cat who was in a cast for two weeks to straighten her tendon so she'd walk on her foot (it shortened after she injured the foot) is still not walking on the foot.

I'm worried about her.
Hello Ladies!!

Sorry I've been totally MIA lately. Things here have been stressful. First little man was having some weird eating and sleeping issues that were worrying me and making me think that I wasn't making enough milk. Then Aunt Flo came to visit and I chilled out. Now, Jaslet is very stuffy and won't sleep anywhere but in my arms/ in bed with me. I'm not positive if it's teething or a cold because he's got a low fever, drooling and stuffy but no cough/runny nose and seems to be in pretty good spirits during the day. I hate to keep dosing him with Tylenol too for the fever but he seems so miserable at night when the fever seems to be worst.

Anyways, I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all you rocking mommies!!

BTW, Mox- after Mom's day would be great. Just lemme know!
jas- sounds like teething to me. You know, I worried alot about dosing moxette with tylenol/motrin, too. Then, my doc reminded me that the infant formulas are designed to relieve pain. If you had a huge splinter poking through your mouth, you'd take motrin, eh? Is jaslet over 6 mos old?

We had a supurb day today. We saw the Turbos last night. Today, all family...and good naps. WHOOT.

Ok, I'm beat as all get out. I'm heading to bed with a glass of wine and the new Real Simple mag.
Hey, mamas! Happy us day! We are on the mend from a 24-hour puke-fest - poor kiddo... No obvious explanation, so I'm chalking it up to a random bug, a thick & snotty nose & teething like a maniac - I swear, he's going to have 8 come in all at once. Lots of walking & talking despite the icks, so it's been a fun weekend. I got Green & Blacks chocolate, a big load of flowering plants for the front porch, and an IOU to get the house professionally cleaned when next I'm feeling overwhelmed - now that's a good present!

Work is slamming my ass, so I won't be around much for the next few weeks. Hopefully by then I'll have some more house & Tartlet photos to load...

((((love to all the hard-working, kick-butt mamas & all the wee ones))))
Happy Mother's Day to all the Bustie moms out there! Hope your little monkeys made the day a good one for you (I know you'd love them anyway, even if they didn't!)

Damn, tart- I want to be able to have my house professionally cleaned and I don't even have a kid. That's a great gift. What I really need is an organizer. And someone to maintain the organization system after that.....hmm, need a personal assistant!
A happy belated mother's day to my favorite mamas!

I bought myself some gin and tonic soap at the Saturday Market. Very nice. It was not-bob's first saturday market, and he seemed to enjoy it. Very nice as I saw a former co-worker who I'd really hit it off with (which was good as I'd hired her to work for me!) who I was working with when I first visited the mister in the UK, and then when I moved. She'd since moved to SF and was just up for the weekend--how's that for luck?
She said she'd wondered many times what happened and I was able to show her that one thing that happened was not-bob!

Boy, that's a bad sentence. But it was fun, and nice to see her.

Those are great gifts, tart!

The little guy had a tough weekend for naps, but seems to be feeling better the last day or so. Except for at night when he sort of wakes up many times, rubs his eyes furiously, and the more he rubs the more he is uncomfortable and it goes in circles. He's always rubbed his eyes when sleepy, of course, but not like this. During the day he seems fine. Maybe it's just a consequence of more motor control?

I am thinking we need to increase his dose of zantac, though. He's been on the same dose since about 7 weeks, and as it was working for him we didn't change it, though effectively as he grew the dose was reduced. I think it's not so effective now as he's acting like he did w/o it--just crabby pants all the time, very demanding. So I'll call the doctor today.

Love to all the mamas and bebes (again)!
PS--I'm going to work today for the first day in several. I CAN NOT WAIT!

More puking. This is getting worrisome. Naturally, it's struck in the 2 week no man's land while we wait for COBRA paperwork to process, so I'm off to call in a favor with our surgeon friend & see if he can give Tartlet a quick once-over. I waffle between thinking it's just gagging on sinus drainage to being convinced it's some horrible blockage/allergy/lead poisoning reaction that's shredding his innards... self-directed rolleyes.gif He's in good spirits, walking all over, talking up a storm, sleeping really well... it's just that everything comes up as soon as he sits in his booster chair. Oy. Off to work & more worry...

(G&T soap? Oh my...)
tart- has he eaten anything new? Wheat? Eggs? Shellfish? Puking can be a sign of food allergy. New to full-strength dairy? Might just be a tummy bug, too. Moxette had WHITE poop for a week that had me convinced her liver was failing, but nope. Just a buggy. I'd try the allergy bandwagon first. Ms.turbo is the QUEEN of food allergies...she might have some suggestions, too.


On our end, moxette tried and LOVED indian food last night. She actually cried when the waitress took the dishes away! So, today, she has idli sambar and dosa for lunch. Man, I wish i had HER lunch for lunch!
Thanks, Mox... the only variable is whole milk, just an ounce or so a day since Thursday or so. But he's been on milk-based formula, and happily eaten yoghurt & cheese for months, so I'm having a hard time believing that's it... But, in lieu of any other obvious triggers, we're laying off the milk for a few days & seeing what happens. White poop, eh? I'll file that one away...

Oh man. Now I want chaat papri.
Ah, but in yogurt and cheese enzymes partially "digest" the milk, and the processing probably does the same to milk-based formula.

Anyway, whatever it is, I hope it clears up soon.

Not bob is taking an increased dose of zantac as of today. I hope he'll feel better. He seems pretty happy so far this morning, which is better than he's been.
zantac, that's for acid reflux/GERD, right? I get all the "z" and "x" drugs confused.

Older baby the top front teeth take FOREVER to come in? I can see nubs, but they haven't pushed any more through for a week. meanwhile, in drool city...

ok, i'm off for a nice quiet day in the office.

(MWAH) to everyone!
Yes, that's right. As long as the pharmacist doesn't give him xanax instead of zantac, we are ok.

The mister's best friend's first grandchild, almost exactly the same as not-bob, has 9 teeth! blink.gif
From the guru.
I kept meaning to post that, Mox. Glad you saw it, because I'm not getting half the things done I've been meaning to lately. Big surprise.

Any suggestions as to what to use for not-bob's eczema? I've used Burt's Bee's Baby lotion, and also some lavender massage oil designed for babies (and used at his birth to enable the doula to rub my back for 1 1/2 hours without getting chapped hands.) They are ok, but I keep thinking something out there must be better.

Will we ever see Car around here again?
we use aveeno lotion (either the regular or "baby" formulation...i think they're the same!) when the eczema flares up, and regular Johnson's baby lotion the rest of the time. I've found, both for myself and moxette that the less smelly stuff in the lubricating agent the better. Also, we are strict about using dye and perfume free laundry detergent and bath soap. Lubricate OFTEN during flareups (like at every diaper change) and right after his bath, before he's really dry. I LOVE the burts...but its too thin for the coverage flareups need.

In a REALLY bad flareup (which has only happened once, thank goodness), our Ped suggested we use a little 1% hydrocotizone cream on the patches before the lotion.

My mama, who has had ecxema her whole life, swears by Aveeno. And, it has the added benefit of being lotion for the whole fam!
Hey, mamas! (flapflapflap) We've finally learned how to wave...

Well. Excitement abounds. Tartlet had his very first ambulance ride last night. He was out for a drive with DCP, & some yahoo rearended them. He was whisked away to the hospital, and by the time I got there, he was camped out at the nurses' station, graham cracker in hand, entertaining no fewer than 10 EMT's/ER doc/nurses... not a tear, not a whimper. What a trooper. He's fine, thank heavens, as is everyone else involved, but of course we had to go through the endless mass of ER protocol in order to be told that officially & allowed to go home. Remind me to not go to the ER unless something is really, seriously wrong...

And I've got a plugged duct. Woo! (I'm finding a water-wetted diaper zapped in the microwave makes a really good heating pad.) The puking seems to have gone on its merry way - who knows what that was all about. Our doc thinks it was a virus, or just really thick drainage... either way, I'm happy, & Tartlet's eating again.

Anoushh, Tartlet got a little scaly this winter, and we came to swear by Eucerin Original cream - it's nice & thick, unscented, and not extortionately priced. And yeah, where's Car been?

We have huuuuge front teeth here, but they did take for-freakin'-ever to come in all the way. Folk wisdom says that's good - the longer baby teeth take to come in, the stronger they are as placeholders, and the less likely the adult teeth will come in crooked...

And I listened to the good doc when that interview aired a few weeks ago, Mox, and was pleasantly surprised by his take on things. I think stuff in print tends to come across as more dogmatic, but hearing him talk about it, it seemed much more reasonable. I also love that he fully admits his shortcomings as a parent... I'm looking at several books on the toddler psyche, including this one, but maybe I should add Touchpoints to my Amazon basket, too...

Still on the chaat papri jag... mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
wow. tart, that must have been nervewracking (before you got there) and tedious (after). glad tartlet is his merry self.

mox, i don't remember how long the teeth took to come in, but the bean seems generally less sensitive to teething woes than many kids (has never kept him up/given him fever), so that's probably why. sorry moxette is being given the rough road to toothdom...

anoushh, we like eucerin ok, but it never worked a charm for us...our ped recommended straight crisco, and that worked the best out of all the things we tried (burt's, weleda calendula, skinfood, eucerin regular creme). second-best was cetaphil (or a cetaphil knock-off) lotion. a caveat about aveeno: i don't know if it's the oat (seems unlikely) or something else in there, but that stuff makes me break out in a rash. we never tried it on the bean for that reason, but our allergist recommended eucerin "calming cream," which also contains oat, for the eczema and i THINK it make the bean get a rash too. i was bummed because the allergist was so enthused about it, but there you go. if it's the mister who's so sensitive, you might spot test on him before subjecting notbob to the gamut...

we also use dye/perfume-free laundry soap/soap, except we also use earth's best lavender baby soap/shampoo, which is great. and in case it's an issue, stay the hell AWAY from dryer sheets. they basically coat your clothes with waxy perfume, and they've always irritated MY skin, and they make the bean's go up in flames (the one time he was exposed was at his great-grandma's house, where everything is coated in as much perfume as possible...).

i wish the bean could eat indian food! i love it, but it usually has dairy (even if only ghee), and since he's uber-allergic, no go. never heard of a vegan indian restaurant, but if i do, i'm there.
Well, after a whole month of no-sickies, the cold-from-hell hit this weekend. Sigh...also, the front tooth is SO close to breaking through that we had a very rough night of moaning during cuddles and every 4-hours motrin. Poor thing. But, everyone gets teeth, so we aren't any great special folks, eh? And triaminic does a great job of soothing the drain-fest, so we're cool there, too. Just stuck close to home saturday.

Gren, have you tried things like Idli sambar? south Indian cuisine tends to have less dairy than north indian (the curry capital of the world!). Sambar is more or less lentil-vegetable soup and idli is steamed rice-cakes. Its one of my absolute favorite things.

I can't even imagine taking moxette to the ER...tart, you are a brave momma to have survived it yourself!

So, the hankering for #2 has officially started. I saw the most adorable, sweet, NEW baby at the Dr.'s office Friday with moxette (she was in for allergy follow-up, BEFORE the cold hit!), along with her big sister. I just kept imagining moxette as a big sister, and how great she'll be. Then again, I still don't want to be pregnant again, so the anti-baby pill popping continues full force. But, it will be nice to have a bigger family in a year or two.

Tart, I thought you had weaned tartlette after the move. Sorry about the plugged duct. Suck. Or, don't suck, as the case may be. wink.gif
Yeah...weaning. About that. The Plan was to wean at 1 year, but with the move & all, we decided to tackle one massive upheaval at a time. And now... well, it's still on my list of things to do this year, but the urgency is totally gone. I think it's because I'm no longer pumping - THAT was what really worked my tits (excuse the pun), not the nursing itself. And we're inching closer & closer to self weaning anyway, with Tartlet asking to be put down in his crib more often than not, instead of having to nurse totally to sleep, so it seems silly to push a non-issue, you know? And the pluggage seems to have passed, but I'm getting these pulling twinges, like when scar tissue starts to break up. Not unbearable, but annoying. Now, ask me if I've been to the doctor's about all this... rolleyes.gif Clearly, health insurance is wasted on me.

The ER trip really wasn't that bad, since I knew almost immediately that it was strictly protocol, not because of any actual injury. I worked in hospitals on & off for a few years, so they don't skeeve me out at all, and Tartlet was obviously so chill about the whole experience that I didn't feel I needed to fret on his behalf.

Poor Moxette... teeth & a cold at once, phooey on that! We've still got snotty drainage around here, as well, with a very Daddy-esque morning hackfest - perhaps we'll try the Triaminic & see if we can't clear that up... My BFF sent photos of her 3-week-old baby girl, and yeah, my ovaries got all aflutter with all that sweet pink frilliness...
you know, i feel exactly the same way about the bottles. Moxette is great about the sippy cup, and only gets a bottle when we're shooting for sleep...down to 1 nap each day this week, so 1 bottle during the day, and 1 in early AM and at bedtime. (ok, sometimes still at 2 or 3 AM...especially on teethy nights) It lets her really relax and regress safely from the bluster of being a 1 year old. I figure, she only has 3 (maybe 4 now!) teeth, so i'm not terribly worried about decay yet. And, she's been on a bottle since day 1, so for her, it is totally 100% her comfort at bedtime. That being said, on saturday and sunday, she pushed her nap-time bottle away and pointed to her bunny in the crib, so i suppose getting rid of the naptime bottle is soon coming. My "goal" is no bottle at all by 2 yrs old. No nap or AM bottle by 18 mos. I figure she;ll let me know when she's ready...always has to this point. Its up to me to read her signals and figure out how to guide them.
you know, MY goal was to get the bean weaned by his 2nd bday (at latest, since i'll be 7 mo. pregnant then!). but he's been more than ready to cut down faster than i am (and yes, tart, it's the pumping that kills you...i gave that up several months ago and am so glad). lately he's been nursing once every third day, before midday nap. the other days he goes down without and doesn't seem to miss it. i want to maintain SOME milk supply because we're probably going to move back into our house (and not a moment too soon, agh!) next week and i want to have nursing for continuity/comfort in case that transition is a bit rough (he loves living with his grandparents). and of course, he can very clearly ask for "mama's milk" if he wants it, and does...just not very often. i expect, now, that after the move happens we'll just peter out, which is good in terms of Other Life Events.

mox, i LOVE sambar (i used to do yoga at a place -- in sf -- that served lunch after practise and one of the residents was south indian; it was the best when he cooked) but i've never tried it on the bean. i might have to learn to make it since it's hard to know if there's a bit of butter, etc. in restaurants and we've been strictly admonished not to give the bean dairy (not to mention that when he gets dairy, i.e. in some teething biscuits that had milk powder before we had the testing, he starts to wheeze and have trouble breathing...NOT fun). i just wish i could take him to a restaurant because i know he'd love it, but right now it's just not worth the hassle/risk.

in other news, i just read that eating four apples a week while pregnant reduces a child's risk of asthma. hmm.

and you know, tart, MY plan was originally (before the bean was born) to wean at one year. it was even a little hard to let go of...but there doesn't seem to be any good reason to do it (and it's against all medical recs in addition), so i eventually said "why?"

wow, gren... if that thing about apples is true, my little jackaroo should breathe easy! i've been eating apples like crazy the whole pregnancy.

i think i just experienced my first real, true braxton hicks contraction just now. what an odd sensation, especially since i'd been lying on my side for a while before, sat up and then *pow* it all tightened up and squeezed and caught him all balled up in my side. i had a lopsided belly for a few minutes. WILD!

We're back from a horrible 7-day stomach flu, followed by R&R at Grandma and Pops. Happily, although Monkey and I were sick, Baby was not.
I have a steamer for Idli, and a recipe for Sambar, but I can't imagine eating it without the coconut chutney, and I can't find frozen coconut at our grocer and it's too hard to make without it. So no idlisambar unless it's at MILs.
Tart - I hope you were spared even a moment of freakout by whoever called to tell you about the accident. MrChani and Monkey drove home seperately from myself and Baby last night. At one point there was a big accident and in the agonizing creep of traffic up towards all the flashing lights I found myself praying that it wasn't our car. I can't even bear to think about it!
Must run, baby calling!
well, i wish i had written this, but this moxie is not me-moxie. I thought you all might enjoy it anyway.
Ah, thanks for that, Mox - I keep meaning to bookmark her.

And, at the risk of being tacky... it's my birfday! Woot! This year trumps last for a laundry list of reasons, not the least of which is that I am not sleep-deprived, unshowered, covered in spit-up, nursed out or uncaffeinated. Let's hear it for making it past the first year!

And a big belly bumpus for FJ - aren't our bodies wild? Wait til you can see the wee one's toes poking through your skin blink.gif
HAPPY BIRFDAY!!! what a year to celebrate, indeed!

Have any good "tartlette has gramma nearby" plans? I suggest a grown-up dinner and movie or other such non-babe activity.

Happy birthday indeed!!

I like those suggestions, Mox.

I also like that manfesto, too (the bits I had time to skim-read anyway). I keep thinking of what gren said about wishing she hadn't tried to "fix" everything and had worried less, or something to that effect. I understand what that means, now. How much time have I wasted worrying about where he sleeps, for example??

Anyway, on BBC Radio 4 there was an interesting program this week about allergies. One thing that caught my attention was the idea that the idea that less exposure means fewer allergies is all wrong, and that increased exposure may lead to fewer allergies. Since the little one seems to have inherited his dad's skin, I'm expecting the poor thing to have all the dad allergies, including asthma. If not, that's great, but I'm trying to educate myself.

You can listen again here:

It's under the "Tuesday" on the right hand side of the screen, but only for a week.

My right wrist is hurting (I'm left handed but am more prone to tendinitis in my right side.) Not-bob is being extra hard work these last few days. I'm exhausted. And I go to the specialist today to find out how many root canals/crowns I'm going to need. Oh joy.

I didn't like Birmingham, but there was the most wonderful south Indian restaurant there. The special dhosas were to die for.

I read many a study before moxette was born about how the new "thing" is to expose little ones to common allergens (cats, other animals, kids) to prevent allergies later on. When we were interviewing pediatricians, ours seems delighted that we had cats and that we were putting her in daycare..."its a hard first year, but its worth it later on..." Some things, like seasonal allergies, are bound to either happen or not.

I actually worry about not-bob NOT being in daycare.

There's always something to worry about, isn't there?

It's hard--I don't want to overshelter him, but I know he's likely to have a lot of allergies b/c of his dad's history. I'd like to know what, if anything, will make things either worse or better.

I guess we just have to take life as it comes, right? There are obvious things...kid has a bad reaciton to milk...he doesn't get dairy. Bee sting? Away from bees. But, how can you protect him from grass? Or trees? Or flowers? And, I will say, despite the recurring colds/other scary illnesses, the benefits of daycare for socialization and activity are so wonderful for moxette. My guiding principal as a parent is that my job is to show moxette the world around her, good and bad, and help her learn how to navigate it. Moderation, moderation, moderation. Action and consequence.

Ok, off to make mac and cheese for dinner. YUM.
Hello ladies!!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long. It's been a rough coupla weeks. I'm not sure if Jaslet is teething or what's going on with him lately. He had a little cold last week so he was fussy at bedtime but now this week, the cold's gone but he's just as bad at bedtime. He doesn't want to be put down and is waking every couple hours. He seems fine during the day, chewing on everything but not drooling too excessively. And no fevers, just fussy at night and needing lots of cuddles. He doesn't seem like he's fully awake though when he's crying. Anyone have any idea when nightmares can start? I know that it runs in my family (my bros and I all had night terrors) and I'm wondering if that's what's going on. Anyone with any ideas? How did your little ones act when they first started teething? And how long does this teething business last usually? Poor little guy sad.gif
totally the teeth. moxette is 14 mos old, and was teething hard and HARDED from 6-9 mos, then 2 came; then again at 11 mos, 2 more. Now, we;re back to fussy nighttime...and i can see the outline of 2 more. Some kids pop all the teeth at once, some are SLOW. A goodmframe of reference is when you and/or the Mr. teethed. Both my mom and the MIL said moxieman and I were late teethers. Is he 6 mos yet? I swear by motrin. And the hylands teething tablets.

SO! Moxette has a little boyfriend! hehe...our neighbors 2 houses down have a little boy, about 10 mos older than moxette. Now that its summer, and she's walking, the 2 kids play outside just about every day. Today, she saw him from the car, and started pointing and going "bla, bla" (his name is blake). hehe. what a cutiepie! he saw her and said "MOXETTE" hehe. His mom and I hung out while the kids played. Ahhh...THIS is what I imagined surburban motherhood to be. smile.gif

Anyone got good plans for the holiday weekend? We're going to my uncle's cottage on Lake huron...I CAN.NOT.WAIT. Even though the weather is supposed to suck, there will be PLENTY of family around getting "moxette time", which translates into momma getting to read a good book!
We had our first ambulance ride this weekend. Can I tell you that I am SO DONE WITH THE DRAMA ALREADY!!!!
It turned out to be just a febrile seizure, but when Monkey first went limp I was sure it was a subdural hematoma from when he'd banged his head the day before. Standing at the end of the driveway waiting for the ambulance with Monkey in my arms preparing myself for him to need his skull opened was absolutely horrible. He'd been fine all day, and hadn't had a fever until I was carrying him into the ambulance.
yuck. anyways, he's fine now - back to his normal mischievious self.

In more superficial news, I'd like to make a product plug for Bravado nursing bras to add to FJ's must-have-list. Anyone else tried them?
oh, chani...yikes! glad monkey is ok.

we are back in our house and, though the kitchen is still being painted and there are boxes everywhere, it is SO NICE to not have to be living in someone else's.

i might have to add bravado nursing bras to MY one (yes, one) nursing bra is just about to fall off my back, and given that i'll probably be nursing for another two years, i should probably do something about that. any other recommendations?

jas, jaslet might just be developmental. the bean would go through these periods (usually just prior to crawling, walking, etc.) of crazy nights.

speaking of, his newest: "Humpty Dumpty! Humpty Dumpty! Humpty Dumpty went BONK!"
he's such a talker. when he hears the toilet flush, he says, "daddy going poop!"
ha ha.

Really, I lurrrve Bravado! They're sportsbra-like, so super comfy - I wear one to bed with PJ bottoms. When you unsnap one side, all the fabric folds down and the bra on that side is supported by an elastic strap that runs beside your armpit... hard to explain, but it avoids those stupid keyhole flaps that just get in the way and covered with milk.
gren - how does it feel going back? Total relief, or are you still worried about the mold?
New pics if anyone's interested:
The Chani Family
Chani! Holy Goodness! What a set of cutiepies you have!

I would have had a down-right panic attack at a febrile seziure! (((mOnkey and mama)))

We're down and out with another sinus/bronchial infection. Gramma babbysitting this afternoon. Poor thing. We had a great weekend at the cottage "up north" though. So, that was somefin. Tomorrow, I'm betting the little one will JUMP out of my arms at daycare. Too long with just grownups!
Yeah, I could be telling myself "a febrile seizure is perfectly normal--don't panic" 'til the end of time, and I wouldn't have believed a word of it. I'd have been thinking subdural hematoma, too. And even if I was finally convinced it wasn't, I'd still have been panicking.
Definitely enough with the drama.

And WHOA! CUTE pictures of some very cute kids.

The mister's big boy is visiting from the UK with his gf and I'm surprised how taken he is with his new baby brother. (He's 22.)
Notbob has been out to two restaurants with us and has done beautifully. He's also been out to the Saturday Market and did really well there too. He was fussier there, but considering that by the end he was really tired, he handled it all so well. (And I did ok, too. It's hard not to stress about that kind of thing.) He seemed to enjoy himself most of the time.

He also got his passport picture taken. It's hilarious--he looks incredibly serious, like he's thinking "this is an official document--no clowning around."

Am having a bit of a panic about increasing my hours to 20/week, but it's really hardly mroe than I'm doing already, plus I'll get benefits, so I need to not stress. (HA! If it was only that easy.)
For now the hardest thing for me is feeling guilty that I'm leaving my mom with the baby too much. I talked with her about it this morning and she assures me it's more than fine--she's so thrilled to have him around, etc.

I think some of it is my projecting how I feel in finding it so difficult to never have my own time. She doesn't find it as hard, and besides, she's the grandma, and I'm the mom, and we feel it differently (not to mention it's me who puts him to bed every night, gets up with him at night, is up every day by 6 am, etc, etc, etc.)

It's a good thing I only ever wanted one kid. I love him to bits, but boy, it's hard work. And I suspect in some ways it will get harder soon. He is DESPERATE to walk. He doesn't care much about crawling, but he loves to be UP and I think he'll be a reasonably early walker. And when he can get around on his own--LOOK OUT. I don't know how the hell we are going to childproof that house.

SPeaking of houses, I'm so pleased for you gren (ok, and a little jealous.) I was going to ask the same question as chani--total relief or worry still?

Our house plans are set back yet again. I need three major pieces (at least) of dental work--even if the insurance pays it will stlil be huge copays--the dog hurt her leg and she's old and has arthritis, so we've put her on meds, one cat recently hurt her paw and it was a long, expensive process getting her back to (mostly) normal health, and our other kitty, deaf Daisy, who was diagnosed with congenital kidney disease (after me being told she couldn't have that--"she's too young." Umm, congenital people?) was rediagnosed when we got here as no kidney failure. I'll spare you the saga, but basically it was that her bloodwork was normal even though she'd not been taking her meds for a few weeks after we got here. We were told not to give it to her, and no more kidney diet.

Ok, after a few weeks of htat she's back to drinking a ton of water and all the other kidney symptoms. THe only reason I didn't insist they were wrong is I was desperately hoping (but knowing otherwise) that we could save the money on her special food and meds. Oh, and right after notbob was born she developed conjunctivitis, and other problems that resulted in expensive diagnositics, expensive dental (ok, she needed that anyway, but still...) and the we were told, finally, chronically blocked tear duct--can't do anything about it. It tooks terrible and her eye seems chronically irritated and I"m worried about overusing the antibiotic ointment.

Enough already. It's not on par with a scary seizure and ambulance ride, but we could use a bit of a break here. And it appears our savings is decreasing over time, rather than increasing. How scary is that?

Ok, I'm tired now. And my head hurts. I guess I needed to get this all out.

Healthy bebe wishes for everyone.

(I swear I was going to ask you all for some advice, but I'll be damned if I can remember about what. Something baby related. That's about as specific as I can remember it.)
anoushh, sorry about all the health woes.

i WAS just excited to be back - the bean seems to love it and had no problem adjusting - and then i got the call today that even though the house LOOKS clean, the airborne mold is THE SAME. they are hopeful that it's just because of the release from construction and that professional "air scrubbing" and HEPA vacuuming will clean it out, but now i'm terrified. we can't go back; my parents just sold their house and are in the process of moving. i'm six months pregnant. i don't want to uproot the bean yet again. but i don't want him breathing this air either. we do have a giant rolling air filter that we just bought and which they think will help or potentially even solve the problem, but i'm terrified that it WON'T get solved or that there's a cache of hidden mold somewhere and i just won't be able to find it. i really. can't. deal. with. this. right. now. and yet i'm the only one to deal with it because the mister, at whom i'm unreasonably angry, is vacillating and incompetent and generally no use at all in these situations.

i need to go outside and scream now.
Whoa. That sucks, Gren. Really really sucks.

Fingers firmly crossed. But you espeically don't need this worry now.

Not bob is sleeping for shit. I don't know why. Just because, I guess. It's hot here and i do very, very poorly in hot weather. I have a kind of weird SAD in reverse, related to heat more than light.

I'll join you in that scream, gren.
poor not-bob. perhaps he's the same as his mum in hot weather. i don't like it either, but i don't like anything colder than 60 or hotter than 80.

<massive self-pity>update: mold people have suggested that if it's not simply airborne, it may be in the walls, under the painted-over wallpaper in this ancient, abused house. 70% of the rooms in this house have painted-over wallpaper, and that would explain why the air quality IS improved upstairs (playroom/attic, no wallpaper). if that's the case, we'll have to move out and also start a prostitution ring to pay for ripping out and replacing ALL the walls. we can't sell it, and no one can live in it until it's safe, so we have to fix it, even though we have no money, no equity, and did i mention i earn less than your average admin assistant as a college prof supporting my husband who is a college STUDENT and has no job? and that i am working overtime all summer and in fall even though i'm due in sept. and i'm not taking ANY time off?

this really messes with my head because i've wanted so badly to provide a stable place for the bean, and i've given him the exact opposite due to my environmental woes.

in some corner of my mind i know that the most important thing is that we're together and alive (although we kind of hate each other right now and i go from zero to scream in about two seconds) and lots of people have it way worse, etc.

the balance of my mind is resentful and pissed off. did i mention that there was an abnormality (one swollen ventricle) in the baby's brain at the 20-week ultrasound? and that they think it's a "soft sign," which means that it's not likely enough that it's a severe abnormality to do any more tests, like an amnio, since i have no other risk factors? i really hate how the health system is all based on averages. i really hate that i might be homeless, overemployed, with two small children and a bunch of health problems.

of course, it could always get worse...i have a supervisory "review" meeting with the dean next week. maybe he'll fire me!

and now back to your regularly scheduled discussion...hope that all things spring are much more smooth for las familias mox, tart, jas, chani, anoushh, et al.

cripes, gren. I was gonna complain about the recurrent pink eye in moxette class...that seems to not be affecting her too badly, but i suspect is in my eyes. Crud. literally.

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