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With my little prem baby (who ate just like that for 6 weeks!) I kept novels by my nursing chair and read like a fiend! I kind of missed it when he started nursing more efficiently and reading became impractical. Good luck tart!
(not technically alone... bwah ha ha!)
tart, i ate like that when i was a baby - only worse. 45 minutes out of every two hours. if you really get sick of it, one thing you can do is also express milk and have somebody else bottle-feed it to him. you might also do a milk yield just to be sure that you're making enough, if you haven't already. either way, if you do supplement it doesn't make you a bad mom. kids still reap breastfeeding benefits even if they also get formula.

i also read (and still read) while breastfeeding. but yeah, they quickly become more efficient. i don't remember when it happened, but he now breastfeeds 6-10 minutes per feeding (which is every 3-4 hours).

meanwhile, at our house we've got a baby with 102 degrees lying around sniffling and looking pathetic. it's very alarming.
i know it's not life-threatening at this point, but still, i'm having trouble not panicking...
Hi tart. -You can get one of those accross the shoulder fabric slings, then you could feed on the move? I know it's not exactly freedom, but at least you can wander round the house or something.
You'll be longing for an excuse to sit down in 18 months time, so enjoy it!
tart, i nursed for three and a half years all told and my little one fed like yours for the first few months, and he'd freak right out if i moved away once he'd fallen asleep too. he wanted that nipple in his mouth all the time and he slept like crap, so i slept like crap. it was really, really hard and it seemed like it was going to go on forever and make me insane. i wanted to quit so many times but i stuck it out and when we were through the phase that was it, it was done and i was SO glad i'd toughed it out. it was a big huge sacrifice at times but i can look back on it without any regrets so it was so worth it for me.
i tired pumping a few times but he wouldn't take a bottle and it never felt right either so.. the one thing that helped was a pacifier, i swore i'd never ever use one but i think it saved my sanity. sometimes he just wanted to keep sucking after he'd had a good feed. maybe he was getting a teeny bit of milk but not enough to matter so i gave him the dummy nipple instead.
Thanks for the words of support, everyone - I'm glad it's not just us... I've been watching all my favorite foreign films and weeding through back issues of cooking mags, but it's more the constant clock-watching that's getting to me, especially when we're trying to get out of the house. We eat at 9, finish around 9:45, it takes us 15 minutes to get our crap together, and then we have an hour to run errands and get home. It's OK for short runs, but so much for the spontaneous side trips...

I know it'll pass in time, and I'll be back at work in 6 weeks, missing these long, leisurely days. I've pumped a bit here & there, and Tartlet took to the bottled milk like a pro, so that's one less hurdle, at least.

And Pepper, I think we have the one & only infant in history who doesn't like pacifiers. It's the nipple or the pinky finger, nothing else will do. He does sleep well, at least, in his crib even.

He drives me bonkers, but he's my special little guy...
Did I mention the bonkers part? The kid's nursed for 2.5 out of the last 3 hours. Freaking bottomless pit. I am so done. I'm making plenty of milk, he's pretty actively nursing, and yet every time I try to detach him, he shreiks and fusses to high heaven until I put him back on. He's only just now calmed down & is sucking the life out of dad's pinky. Gah. Who needs a drink?
tart, i know it's frustrating not to be able to move at even close to your usual speeds...but out of curiosity, what is it that you have to watch the clock for? if this is not severely inhibiting your ability to eat and stay alive, i'd strongly consider just trying to get less done (which goes for all mamas, new or otherwise)...and if the groceries aren't getting bought, maybe you should delegate more? tartlet's at that fussy age, and constant sucking is probably his way of avoiding constant crying - a kindness if you think about it.
when my son was that age he cried every afternoon for hours. i was reading too many books and decided that it would "train" him to expect "comfort nursing" if i nursed him more than every 2-3 hours, so i refused to and tortured both of us. where's farmgirl to tell me to get over myself, already? i wish i could go back in time and just stick a boob in his mouth.

my biggest challenge, and one of the things that is hard for all parents (and harder, i think, the more they've got 'adult routines' established) to accept about parenthood is how much it limits your ability to direct your own activities. but in many ways i think that's a good thing - for me at least. lessons in flexibility before they're too late!

and i'm not trying to diminish at all the fact that tartlet is, at least for the moment, a crazy nurser. and that being sucked on for hours on end is, uh, limiting, to say the least. but perspective! this is not forever. it's not even very long. it will be over in a matter of weeks. maybe it's time to take up meditation and abandon the contemporary "multitasking" compulsion.:-)
Is tartlet 6 weeks? My guy had monstrous nurseathons at all of the growth spurts/milestones. I remember a 2 or 3 day stretch where I just had him set up on a pillow in my lap the entire time. The longest stretch was four hours straight -- and I'm sure that was at 6 weeks. Got a lot of knitting done. One of my favorite wee baby pictures of Mo was that day -- he's finally detached from my boob, splayed across my lap looking like he's been drinking beer on spring break for 6 days, and in completely mismatched jammies.

I'm betting that this is a 6 week growth spurt and you'll be in a different world within a couple days.

On the flip side, how far have older mamas gone with refusing to submit to picky eaters? Mo wouldn't eat the dinner I made him Thursday night (and had barely eaten breakfast & dinner) so he woke up helplessly woozy Fri am. Poor thing I felt awful, but I hope he learned his lesson. We had pre-agreed to what was on the plate (turkey burger & peas -- he could have eaten just the roll and he always loves peas) but he was just determined to go against the flow. In the old days I would have given him a yogurt or some cereal, but we're really trying to be better about sitting down to family dinner.
(((((tart))))) There's nothing wrong with having a glass of wine in the evening. I found that helped me get through the endless nursing.

**blush** Thanks, pervenche, I couldn't have said it better!

mojo, Ungh. The picky eater thing is a constant issue around here. I'm sure a lot of it is age related. tot1 recently got past a majorly "I won't try anything that's not beige" stage, only to have tot2 (the former "eat everything queen") start in with the same crap. tot3's currently an everything eater, but I give her 6 months to get over that. I finally decided we'd all be happier if whomever the picky eater is that day just fends for him/herself. They can all manage to peel a boiled egg or spread jam on toast, so if they decide at the last minute that what sounded good 3 minutes earlier is no longer a good thing, they're welcome to make something else. It cuts down on some of the power-tripping.

Also, despite my having said I'd NEVER in a million years do this, I've started making different meals for the tots & for the Mr. & I. I realized that my tastes at 4-7 were a lot different than they are now. So, it saves a lot of struggles if I just broil us each a steak when they have burgers, or spinach balls when they have chicken strips. The interesting thing is that they now often want to try whatever the Mr. & I are having. Had I made whatever it was for everyone, I would have had 3 little people refusing to eat. tot3 has discovered that, despite what her older siblings say, salad is really good. And tot1 has discovered the taste sensation that is broiled salmon.

As for "sitting down to family dinner," if you figure out how to make that work before mo's, oh, 10, let me know! :-)

I keep trying to be on hiatus, but I miss you mamas! I'm at the end of the term and should be going crazy, but I'm trying to keep it under control. I found out that I got a grant that I applied for, so I'm going to spend most of Fall term in S. America. I'm a little (O.K., a lot) worried about leaving the tots for that long. My mom has agreed to come up & help, but I'm not sure how it'll go. And, I'm really afraid of failing. It was fine when I was spending my own money, but now some big funding agency has decided that my work is "worthy" of their money. What if I blow it?
Tartlet's 7 weeks today, but is a beanpole - I suspect the rampant feeding is his system trying to catch up, finally. He's chilled out a little this morning - 2 whole hours between feedings, with lots of playtime with daddy & his mobile. He's super active, kicking & windmilling his arms, and cute like buttons.

My clockwatchng isn't for me, pervenche, it's for Tartlet - since he wasn't gaining weight, our ped advised feeding every 2 hours like clockwork, or more often if he's hungry. I don't mind things not gettng done, it's just a bit mind/butt numbing at this stage, especially when we're promised the magic 6-week turnaround. Stupid baby books.

Ah, the little master beckons...
i see...well, maybe you could use a little supplementing to 'fatten him up,' hm? i don't know - no experience with non-gainers, as my own gained steadily (if moderately - he is only in the 15th percentile for his age, but he's growing fine). i suppose it comes down to how you feel about keeping it only breastmilk.

i did nurse WHILE walking with the boy in an ergo carrier a couple of times. it's possible - in case you get desperate.
Farmgirl!! Yay for multitasking mamas! That's very exciting - remember the work that you have done so far to get the grant is better than the rest, so you won't disappoint them. They know who you are and what you do and WE know that you can achieve what you have set your mind to.
You shouldn't feel guilty about supplementing. I didn't even have the strength to breastfeed at all. I don't feel guilty now, but I did at first. Anyway, my little hoss and us have broken new ground- not eating at night. The first weekend of non-nighttime eating was a mild success. My hypothesis that moxette needs attention, not food, has borne out to be true. Giv e the kid a pacifyer and a lap, and she's right back out. she can easily go 6 hours with no milk at night. she's done it 3 nights in a row now. So, we're gonna start this week trying to get her to sleep with just the pacifyer, in her crib. I still can't let her cry for more than a minute or two w/o swooping in...

And, to prove farmgirl's wisdom true yet again...moxieman and i have decided first-time parenting is a total game of "me vs. me"- what is real vs. what I think should be real...mama's and papa's are the experts in their mom tells me that parenting is 90% instinct and about 10% advice taking. We all turned out fine, so there must be something to that.

Tart- we're hoping to visit ms.turbo late june-early july...wanna hook up?
good for you, mox.

and farmgirl: congratulations! what an interesting and dynamic mama those tots have.
tart, my little bug is the same way! And at night, forget about it...thankfully I can just lie in bed and he's learned how to latch on himself so I off-and-on snooze while he munches. Every few hours I switch sides (and have found oddly, I can only sleep soundly when he is to my right, and am fitful when he is on my left)

I can't believe my Bug is a month old. I am already freaking out about having to go back to work (it will be 12 weeks for me, plus I was on bedrest for 5 weeks prior to his arrival). Not only am I dreading it for me, but Coop has totally gotten used to having me around and we are going to miss each other a TON. Sigh.

Oh, and Bug went 5.5 hours without waking last night. I all but had a heart attack when I woke up to pee, saw the time, and realized he hadn't eaten in 6 hours. (he then nursed continually for the next 4 hours...)

Mojo, Coop has just become a picky eater. Won't even taste most things (even if it is something he ate and loved the day before). We too are trying to find that balance between not being short-order cooks but not wanting him to starve. It is soooo hard. I don't have any advice, as we aren't too happy with our progress yet, but I empathize with what you are going through! (ps, maybe we can try to get together while I'm still on maternity leave? I'm off til the beginning of August...maybe a trip to one of the zoos?)
tart, when i was nursing #3 he was sooo thin that they made a huge deal out of it at the WIC office and i was told i had to supplement or else i was *starving* my child. which, with 20/20 hindsight, i think was bullshit, b/c i had a hell of a time trying to nurse him after he started getting a bottle and we ended up giving up on the nursing by the time he was 3 months old. i don't suppose i'm being terribly helpful, but i'm just telling you what happened with us. it was #4 before we got all the nursing bugs worked out!

my picky eater is off the cereal kick now and back to eating almost anything. *shrugs* kids are so weird...

said picky eater turned 5 today! crazy, eh? that means i've been a BUSTie for 5 1/2 years now! my best friend got me hooked on this site when i was preggers with him... i made him oatmeal-raisin cookies to take to school today. my kitchen gets hot! it's nice to sit here in the airconditioning for a bit...
holy christ- my kid slept for 7 hours, straight, only stirring once, last night!! WHOOO HOOOO! I think the plan is working! Now, watch, every 1./2 hour tonight she'll be screaming. heh. I adore my daughter...lesigh.

damona, i think you and i are bustie anniversary buddies! I started here summer '01, when moxieman and i were on the rocks...thanks to very favorite friend.
car ... yeah! I'm around Thursdays if that works for you. We usually go swimming in the am but could easily skip it if you want to do morning. How mobile are you these days? Bronx, Central Park ... have you been to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn?
Ah, out of the woods at last - we're back on a normal nursing routine, with the added bonus of only 1 night feeding for the past few days. We've been doing a lot of "smart play" and taking 2 walks a day, and Tartlet's been conking out at 7 or 8 & going 4-5 hours til I get too full & wake him up for a nursing. Then it's another 2-4 hours til he chirps for more... incredible! (I know what you mean, Car - the first night I woke up in a panic that Tartlet had died or something, he was so quiet.) Still haven't broken out the formula, but we did dig up the samples just in case. 8 weeks tomorrow! My little guy's growing up!

Rock on Mox for an uninterrupted night! Definately let me know when you're going to be in town - time to introduce the betrothed ;)

And I like your "me vs. me" theory - if we didn't read all these books/websites/magazines, we'd all probably be much more relaxed about things...
tart- we'll be in town June 23-25...its turbo's b-day, and we thought what better way to celebrate than bringing the fairygod-daughter. Maybe b-fast sunday morning? You're further south than turbo, eh?

we had a little rough patch this weekend with the sleepytime. i think we're back on track, but really realized the power napping has on her. No wonder, she's my kid, and napping is my favorite time of the day!

Question: Moxette hates, and I mean HATES, tummytime. Being a sucker, I let her out of it really quickly. How important is it really? I'd say the "pushes up on chest" is the only area she's not right-on developmentally for her age.
moxie, tot1 hated being on his belly, too. As a result, he never learned to crawl--just got up & started walking. I don't think he's suffered any ill effects from very little "tummy time," though he still doesn't crawl very well (fortunately, crawling isn't really required for anything he likes to do...).

Sorry for the drive-bys, everyone. I feel like I swoop in, dole out bits of "this is what I've done," then swoop back out. If I sound at all "know-it-all-y," please feel free to poke me in the eye. It's not my intention to come off that way.

Finals week! I'm almost done for the term! Woot!

Oh! Moxie, What you said some time ago about "me vs. me" is such an apt description of how I've felt about parenting. Your mom is absolutely right--you just have to do what *feels* best for your own situation no matter what "the experts" might say.
A friend of mine went with the Quantity not Quality approach to tummy time. Her little one wouldn't tolerate it for long, so she started a routine where after every diaper change baby got tummy time while she washed her hands and tidied up.
Chanibaby is 9.5 months and not crawling yet, but ALL HE WANTS TO DO is hold onto my fingers and run like crazy around the house. Today we bought him one of those standing walkers with adjustable wheel tension .. hopefully it will free up my hands occasionally and spare my aching back! Not to worry, we have babygates anchored into all our dangerzones.
My cousin's 4 month old weighs more than CBaby does! He's got his developmental assessment (standard for prems in our region) this week so hopefully he's still doing ok with milestones.
That's it for news on our homefront! Cheers to all the Mommas!
i'm sorry in advance for this rant. I understand the tremendous benefits of breastfeeding, and I tried it in the hospital. But say, for women like me, who had 4 days of hard labor and emergency surgury, breast feeding was just too hard. And, my daughter's bloodsurgar was LOW because of the 4 days of no real food, and she needed to eat, etc. And, not to mention women who have to go RIGHT back to work, etc. The NYT just published this very invective and incindary article, that just pisses me off. So, yes, part of my rant must be because i'm killing my child (i expect, as the article implies, she'll be dead before i get home today), but a large part is because of the rabid, ineffectual, irresponsible journalism displayed in the piece, that I have to post it here. Oh, and did i mention my daughter is THRIVING, meeting every developmental milestone, loves life and hasn't had one cold yet?!? ogin&adxnnlx=1150204678-Axd6qOYStu3SC0i5kF+27w

//end rant.
oh, double post. chani- that's a great suggestion...quantity over quality. i just called my mom (our babysitter) and suggested she try that. Thanks!
i had to take poor little d for more blood draws yesterday. he was screaming so loud they could hear him upstairs in the clinic! i felt/feel so bad for him. and they didn't get enough for the last 2 tests, so we have to back one more time. i feel like a bad mommy, bringing my poor kid to these vampires!
I have a question, seriously, how does this thread relate to "Lets Talk About Sex"?
Yeah, I always forget this thread exists, because lord knows I have no reason to come into the sex thread. Sadly and unfortunately.
I really didn't think my 9 month old would crawl because she had no interest in it, just wanted to stand holding on to someone's fingers. But then all of a sudden something clicked and now she is a terror!
Moxie I read the article yesterday too and knew it was going to make quite a few of the great moms I know very pissed off. As usual they went with the hype and spoke of the science and the reality of a lot of moms as afterthought. Most of the responsible science community says that of course it's great if you can do it and they wish everyone could and would for 6 months, but none of them say that it's going to actually do irreparable DAMAGE to your child if you don't. So the conspiracy theory side of my brain is positive that it's a ploy by the Bushies to keep women home and paranoid.

Honestly, I breastfed for 18 months and am thrilled I was able to, and hope that it helped Mo on whatever level whether it was bonding or antibodies or good fat. I wish that everybody could do it, just like a lot of people wish everyone could have an unmedicated birth (I'm all about the epidural...) But I'm not sure that the government health agencies should be taking an aggressive overbearing tact toward promoting it that mirrors its anti-smoking campaigns. People are just going to tune out with that kind of smug direction.
i think the story behind this thread is it was created by someone who already frequented the sex threads, then found out she was pregnant and didn't know what to do about it. but i'm fuzzy on the details.

damona, sorry about the vampires...:-(
delurking to say that Slate called out the NY Times on the breast-feeding article, and linked to one of their own articles from a few months ago about how the health benefits of breast-feeding may be exaggerated.
sorry girls, i really do feel terrible for mums who genuinely can not breast feed and i'm glad they have an alternative but i read the article and i agree. breastfeeding is the gold standard, man-made, synthetic, chemical laden formula simply is not. i'm sure this won't make me a popular mom in this thread but that's my honest opinion. breast is best.
yeah, well, i went home last night and worked diligently on the slow death of my daughter...she ate 15 oz on 4 hours. (insert wry smile here). momo, thanks for posting that article, too. I didn't know about the antibodies- that's really interesting.
i think there's room for the attitude "breast is best" to coexist with the understanding that not breastfeeding does not make you a bad person. i am very pro-breastfeeding, and i wish everyone would at least try it, but that doesn't mean that formula-feeding is EVIL. some mothers, for example, can't breastfeed because of medication (like antidepressants), and maybe it's better for the kid to have a happy mom than a volatile, unhappy one who can't give them the love they need. and that's just one example.

historically, you have to understand that the reason people are so violently pro-breastfeeding is that as late as the fifties people were told that breastfeeding was STARVING THEIR CHILDREN and if they loved their children THEY WOULD BUY POWDERED SOY PRODUCTS (made by multinational corporations and containing high-fructose corn syrup) and stop breastfeeding. we also have this weird shame thing in our society where breastfeeding is supposedly embarassing. so breastfeeding activitists have done a lot of good for the world. it's just stupid if people insist that formula=death, but the right to breastfeed without being stigmatised is VERY RECENT in our society and people need to understand that too. just as our grandmothers were looked down on for having sex or working or trying to go to college in the fifties, they were also the recipients of massive societal disapproval if they tried to breastfeed.
as much as i'm bored of hearing people go on and on about breastfeeding (my midwife mother in law, for example), i recognise there's a reason it's so important to her. i also recognise that nutrition and antibodies are not the only considerations.
For some reason my daughter just was very resistant to breast-feeding. In the hospital the nurses just threatened me that if she didn't take to it, they would give her formula. Then one nurse gave her a pacifier! I was sooo upset and tried for about 3 weeks at home, but wound up pumping around the clock because I became obsessed. (I felt a little like Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.) Eventually I realized Iit was really minor and started giving her formula. One night, in the midst of this mess, at 3 or 4 am, she breastfed for about 10 minutes.It was amazing, and one of the best feelings. But that was it. I regret that it didn't happen, but she is so amazingly healthy. Maybe too healthy. She seems to be stronger than me. I do feel like if I had more support it might have worked. Anyway, that's my story about breastfeeding, which happened to result in the chubbiest, happiest little girl. (who's 9 months now.)
i have a lot of respect for all the mamas out there and their different situations and different ways of dealing, but this is one of the key reasons i don't want to give birth i a hospital. because they do all this stuff and then it's like, "oh, whaddya know, baby didn't take to breastfeeding..." all because of some idiotic nurse or weird hospital policy or something.

i might just be saying this because my mother was the founder and long-time president of our local La Leche League chapter. and again, this is NOT to criticize any mama, anywhere, because unfortunately we all have to play the hands we're dealt. much love and respect. i am just SO SCARED that i'm going to end up being bullied out of breastfeeding through those exact tactics.
bkyln and mirabella, since the WHO recommended breastfeeding for the first twelve months of life (at least) they are now certifying hospitals as breastfeeding friendly. the hospital where i gave birth had such a rating and included lactation consultant visits both before you checked out and at your first well-baby visit. one reason for this is that many hospitals are not supportive of breastfeeding (through training, formula samples, etc.) and there's a lot of ignorance about breastfeeding since many health professionals are still of the 'breast is inferior' era.
you can read more about the initiative (which is a joint WHO/UNICEF venture) here.
p.s.: interestingly, there are only twenty-five such hospitals in the u.s.
bk- its funny, our hospital was very bf friendly. Almost scary, in fact. I was actually scared to tell the nurses we decided to formula feed. I wish it had worked for us, but all circumstances taken into account, we made the right descision. Perv-from the formula sde of the debate, I agree with you 100%. its abhorrent to think breastfeeding should be embarrassing or not sound practice. Cripes, the species has survived forever b/c of the breast. Its just the dogmatic attitude that irritates the hell out of me...sort of lilke the zealot religious types.
yeah, moxiegirl, that's really what it comes down to: extremists on both sides are wrong. Women should feel supported whichever method they use to feed their baby.
i agree with mirabella. going to extremes on pretty much anything isn't a good idea. i breastfed for the first couple months (3-4) with all my babies, but it was only with baby w (#4) the we got everything just right and we nursed for almost exactly a year. i would have liked to keep going a little longer, but he was just done and that was that. so i've been on both sides of the arguement. i've gotten flack for nursing in public (gasp! a boob!) and i've gotten it for giving a baby formula. no matter what you do, there is always somebody who thinks they know what you should be doing better than you do!
bump-da-bump. How was everyone's dad day? We bbq-ed...the surburban way of celebrating anything male. :-)
Forgive me ladies - Mom's gotta show off a little:
Tartlet photos

Tartlet videos

(And I don't care what "they" say - a well-timed bottle of formula got me 7 straight hours of sleep last night - hot damn!)

Tart, just busting in to say your photos are gorgeous, as is your family! And the tartlet's got so much hair!
what a sweetie! Nice pics!
Aw, thanks... But wait, there's more - we just finished our very first big tub bath, a complete success! A wonder, considering he shrieked the house down when we tried the kitchen sink method... He really liked floating, and we finallly shampooed that head o' hair.
oh holy christ! My future SIL is just ADORABLE!

So, I learned this weekend how much moxette hates, and i mean, hates, long car trips. We went to my uncle's cottage for the day yesterday, about 2.5 hours. Not a pleasent car trip for miss thing. While I miss seeing Tart and Turbo, a trip to chicago would have been a car-disaster.

Loves you alls!
Hey mamas! I'm new to this thread (was posting in the preggers thread and figured that since the bodge is 5 months old now I should wean myself off that thread). I have yet to read the archives so sorry if this has been said already ... just another historical angle re: breastfeeding that my MIL let me know: after and during WWII, women were really discouraged from breastfeeding because they were needed in the workforce. Since a whole generation of women was discouraged in that manner, a whole generation of women (born in the 1940's) has grown up and had kids and generally not breast-fed them ... now those kids are in their 20's and 30's and are having kids themselves, and there's a bit of a divide or gap in terms of knowledge and experience. Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone, some women are lucky to have continuity of breast-feeding knowledge in their families, but I thought it was interesting. Social repercussions from policy decisions related to war and all that.

ANYWAY ... looking forward to reading and chatting and lots of advice from you all!
Hey chin! Nice to see you here! The bodge must be napping longer these days ;)
This isn't a shill for my website for a change, it's for my son.

We entered him in Evenflo's "Baby You're a Star" contest. The winner gets a $10,000 scholarship, and becomes the face for Evenflo products. Now, we may be biased, but we think he's cute enough for their stuff! ;)

For him to win, he has to get a buttload of votes. You can vote once a day from July 1st to the 16th. The page he's on is Vote for Little Eddie!

I don't normally beg, but I will today. Please, please, please, if you think my kid is cute and you aren't deeply offended by my open pleading, vote for little eddie!

(P.S. I will double post this in other threads, so I apologize in advance for clogging up the boards. We could just really use that money for a scholarship.)
It says voting closed?????
How do I vote?
He is soooo cute.....
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