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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Hey fantaz!

Have you tried using those loofah gloves? I got mine at the Body Shop, but I know you can get them at just about any drug store. I use them with bodywash (you could try a skin-clearing one like Neutrogena); they're great for exfoliating. Also, I would consider that maybe the recent exercise is causing your body to release toxins, and that this may be the reason for the breakouts. Make sure you drink lots of water (but I'm sure you already know that!)

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Oh! That was good.

Anna K, both the women you compared your body type to (Kate and Drew) are gorgeous, with lovely bodies! I personally dig the taller/bigger/fuller body type. I'd be totally happy if I had a body like that. (Though I'm happy with mine how it is, too..) I bet if you could see yourself through other peoples' eyes you'd find yourself pretty hot instead of focusing on the things you don't like so much. Which would be fortunate, since it sounds like that's your body's natural state, if it stays like that no matter how healthy you eat and how active you are. Just please be careful, darlin', with the food restriction and exercise. That shit can get out of hand without you even realizing it (and you could end up in the eating disorder thread).
anna k
Thanks, octinoxate. It's frustrating that I have to watch myself so much, and stay active, otherwise I get soft. This is my body's natural state. I have 36DDD's, which vary from feeling normal to feeling huge, and I always wanted to be slim and wiry, but no matter how active I am I remain the same shape. Both Drew and Kate have slimmed down, but still have that natural curvy shape that may be suspecticable to weight gain if they didn't work so hard at it.

I've heard the pretty/sexy comments before from people, but when I'm feeling uncomfortable it doesn't seem to matter much.
I just have to say, I love Drew Barrymore's body. I think it's one of the more appealing shapes that I've seen, compared to other hollywood actresses. I think that if I was slim, I'd probably be closer to her body type.

Also, does anyone else feel better when they realize that almost everyone has to work hard to be fit? What I mean is, I've known a few people all my life who don't exercise, eat everything that's bad for them and are skinny. And I hate that. Anyway, just today I found out that one of my profs, who is really tiny, actually works out like crazy and spends 3 hours at a time doing cardio. I think it just reminded me that almost no one looks good without working hard and eating right.

btw, what do you all think about bagels? I know they're bad but even whole wheat ones? I mean, seriously, are they really that bad?
What drives me nuts is that Drew is supposedly tiny IRL. And even someone like J.Lo - yeah, she's a got an ass, but the rest of her is quite petite. I know I've said this before - it had a big impact on me at the time because it really drove home the point of how fucked up Hollywood is in a very personal way - but when I was at my slimmest, I was around the same height, weight and measurments as Kate Winslet (as reported in the media anyway) in Titanic (I'm probably around 10 pounds heavier now - it fluctuates, and I rarely use a scale because it can change drastically overnight and over the course of the month; I know I'm a lot more muscular than I was then, but doughier too. I'm usually a size 8; Kate was supposedly around a size 6 back in the day, but she looks much thinner now) and while people in my life were freaking out (as in not necessarily positively) over how skinny they thought I was, she was being turned into the poster child for "curvy women."

I think one bagel is supposed to be anywhere between 4 to 6 pieces of bread?

ETA: I'm the only Jew (or North American period) who isn't gaga over bagels, apparently, so not eating them as much isn't a huge loss (well, except for Montreal bagels - I love those; not sure what the U.S. equivalent is, but all other bagels taste like big hunks of, well, dough, in comparison). Like Maddy says, they're not "bad" if you enjoy them. smile.gif

It's just a portion thing - like if I'm going to eat, say, a turkey on a bagel sandwich, I would hope that would keep me full longer than a regular sandwich, but chances are I'm just going to eat my next meal whenever I was originally planning anyway.

Says the girl who just ate fish and chips and a Nanaimo bar for lunch. That's what happens when I meet a friend instead of the usual brownbagging. biggrin.gif

ETAA: Cross-posted with Celebrity Gossip

Kate Winslet threatens to sue magazine over allegations that she sees a "diet doctor"
bagels are yummy smile.gif yes, they have a lot of calories, but they taste good. esp with cream cheese. mmmmmmm. they aren't "bad" in that they have nutrients in them, they are food-we need food to live. every kind of food has some sort of nutrient in it, even if it's just sugar. i wouldn't eat a bagel loaded with cream cheese for breakfast every morning, but they aren't bad or anything.

sorry for the lecture smile.gif i just think no food is bad. it just depends-sometimes we eat because we need specific nutrients, sometimes we just need fuel-anything will do, sometimes we have mouth hunger-and just want the taste of something specific. nothing should be forbidden, unless you have health problems and can't eat certain things...i've found that when i make food forbidden, i want it a LOT more.

anyone read the book "when women stop hating their bodies"? i read it years ago, a lot of it didn't really apply to me but i found one of their exercises reallllly helpful- legalizing all food. surrounding myself with tons of chocolate instead of telling myself i can't have it, and then craving it night and day. i know this doesn't work for everyone, but for me it just STUCK.

yes, i also wanted to say-in what universe is drew barrymore curvy and voluptous??? to me she's just another skinny hollywood woman-not like unhealthy skinny, just like "healthy" skinny.

Well, I don't know if I'd say that Drew is really curvy compared to the average woman but compared to the Hollywood type, she is. I mean, she actually has boobs! Craaaaazy. I hate how the media always calls Penelope Cruz curvy. Okay, she has boobs but the rest of her looks tiny.

Anyway, I guess the bagel thing just came to mind because I've been having them for breakfast but a classmate of mine was telling me that her nutrtionist said she's always hungry because she was having bagels for breakfast and there are so many carbs.

But at the same time, I'm different from my classmate. So while she still felt hungry come lunchtime, when I eat a bagel for breakfast it fills me up.

I had a bit of a chocolate relapse on the weekend. It was thanks to a mixture of stress and depression. What's funny is that when I finally went and had some chocolate, I didn't even like it that much! It's like, that's just what my mind goes for when I'm stressed.
I don't agree that no food is bad--I can't find a good reason for trans fat laden foods no matter how hard I try.
(whereas, with other no nutrient foods, I can. White refined sugar, for example, can save your life if you're about to sink into a diabetic coma from low blood sugar).
Trans fat foods are another thing: unless, of course, you were within a minute of actual starvation (but then you probably wouldn't be able to eat solid food anyway)..and even then, only till you got to some real food.

The thing about bagels is
1) Even if they're called "whole wheat", they're not. They're just refined flour bread which has been completely deprived of any nutrient value and then "enriched" with a tiny fraction of some of the nutrients which have been destroyed in their making, with a bit of the bran thrown in for colouring. Yes, they are filling--but you can do way better for filling and nutritious--and you'd eat a lot more food, calorie for calorie, too.

2) Unless you're eating Montreal bagels, which are made differently from the other kinds of bagels, most bagels are huge. So eating one with a spread on it means you're eating a lot of food. A Tim Horton's plain bagel with cream cheese on it can supply almost 1/3 of your daily caloric need, if you're an average sized woman...and yet most people wouldn't think of a bagel with cream cheese as an entire meal and then some (most people eat bagels this way as a snack). So it's easy to lose track of just how much you're eating if you're trying to control portion sizes and overall food intake during the day.

They're delicious, but they're not really a great choice as a breakfast just because they are loaded with carbs and not much else. If you've a tendency towards hypoglycemia, a big toasted bagel with butter won't tide you over till lunch time, I guarantee it. You need to have a lot less carbs and a lot more protein to keep your blood sugar relatively stable, so that you can actually last until lunch time without feeling lightheaded, dizzy, shaky-limbed, cold, irritable, and hungry enough to want to vomit. You'd be better off with an egg, a couple of slices of bacon, and a serving of plain yogurt flavoured with a small amount of pure vanilla extract, topped off with some fresh berries. And probably still have room for nuts, as a snack, if you needed it.
no. stop asking.
so...since a bagel seems to tide me over well through to lunchtime does it mean that I'm not hypoglycemic? Or is that just too much of a generalization.

I tried the bacon and egg thing for breakfast for a while and I tended to feel very hungry. I hate breakfast. I feel like it's impossible to find something that fills me up that is also healthy.
I guess it depends on what time you eat the bagel...and what you put on it. Bagel with lox and cream cheese at 8 am (Montreal bagel, that is) could hold you over till 11am or so, and that's when most people would need to have a snack of some kind (nuts or cheese and fruit, peanut butter, something like that). Big bagel with toast at 10am might get you as far as noon, depending.

I couldn't do it--just too much bread and not enough substance. But eggs and bacon and yogurt can carry me to about 2pm (though I would try to eat sooner).

If I don't have grains in the morning, I find that I'm craving them well before noon, but I usually just have one of those shredded wheat biscuits and an egg sunny side up or a piece of (non-enriched-flour) whole wheat toast.

It's been a week of shit eating, sleeping, and not exercising so far (other than a lot of walking despite the snow), but I plan to catch up on sleep, exercise and taking care of myself in general tomorrow (I'm still supposed to go out later even though I'm zonked).
Hey, everybody has to take breaks once in awhile!

Finally the first snowfall here, mush and slush and wind.

I took a "break" from bustieland (and the internet in general) to really get the job thing in higher gear. Foo! Also quit gym, which I didn't want to do. Finally one overnighter did it, now I'm just getting back to normal.

Ha! Normal.

Anyway, I find if I bring sweets into the house it just makes me eat more of them. My guy is of a like mind.

Yesterday, we both had the day off, so, instead of getting a big box or chocolates or a cake for valentines, and then rationing it out, and rather than do without, we went to a new candy store/cafe in town

We bought about four pieces for each of us of chocolates, these wonderful gourmet ones from Spain, and ate them with cappuccino.

Dark chocolate with: chili pepper, lemon and black pepper, raspberry, and ??? someting else.

So, we could "afford" it on our diet plan, according to what we usually eat, which is healthy, we didn't make ourselves do without and feel deprived AND it's not sitting around the house "going to waste if I don't eat it" or tempting me.

I'm gonna buy a big heart-shaped box tomorrow when they're half-price, and give it to boyfriend's dad at the nursing home. He likes sweets, he can eat them on his diet, and he can share with all the women and nurses ;-) Old dog!!

I expect to be helpless, however, around the Easter candy. Easter candy is far more delicious than Halloween or Valentines candy, in my weird opinion!

eta: I am looking forward to going back to the gym -- didn't "quit" entirely, just was temporarily paying but not going dry.gif
slacking like crazy lately--ugh. been soooooo busy. but i'm going rollerskating tonight so that should be fun AND exercise...and superbowl sunday i went on a long hike instead of sitting in front of the tv eating nachos.
I'm taking a break right now too--not from exercising routines, but from doing some translations. Suddenly, what started out as a side-project "research" translation in medical and art history (done to help out a friend who's writing a book) has turned into a non-stop translation inundation. My head is spinning in three languages. And also because I forgot to eat lunch. So much for my ranting about low blood sugar and all.

We are officially snowed in. Not so much by actual snow, but by snow drifts, which are up to about 4 feet high and getting taller. No one is coming to see me here today, and I'm not going out to see anyone again (though driving through the storm yesterday to see patients could have been much, much worse). M. ChaCha drove out to work this morning in spite of the weather, and he may not even drive home tonight if it's still really bad.

And that's just sucky, in my opinion. I don't get to see him on Valentine's day, and he won't be here on my birthday either, if he stays in town overnight.

sorry to hear about the crappy valentine's day chacha.

Just to mention about bagels once again, if I have one arouond 8 I'm usually good till about noon.

Anyway, I'm really frustrated because (and yeah, I probably shouldn't be looking at the scale) it seems that I gained about two pounds this week. Two pounds! And I haven't changed anything! I just wish I knew what was going on. It's times like this that I feel I'll have to work out for three hours a day and eat rabbit food if I ever want to lose weight.

I haven't been to the gym for quite a while. I tried to get out of the house today (to go visit my mom in the hospital) and it took ten minutes plus the help of a neighbour pushing my car just to get out of the driveway.
Don't despair, CandyCaneGirl. The basic rule for losing weight, despite all physiological dysfunction which may make the task difficult, is this:

High protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate diets = weight loss.

That's a slight oversimplification, but much less of one than "you must expend more calories than you take in", which is what most people go by. That formula doesn't work for most women, and quite a few men. Calories are simply not the sole arbiter of weight gain or loss, no matter what anyone would like to think.

Not to pick on them, or anything, but I'm going to use a bagel as an example food. At about 200 to 400 calories for a plain (a typical 3.5 inch to 4 inch diameter sized) bagel, this contains almost 60 grams of carbohydrate (enough for more than half a day's intake if you're trying to lose weight) and it's loaded with trans fats and sodium galore. That's a ton of sugar equivalent that the body does not use immediately (it gets stored as fat right away, not to mention the demand it makes on the pancreas), and a lot of sodium to upset your body's water balance. The fats in bagels and the vast majority of commercial baked goods are simply not healthy ones, and they should be avoided outright.

Compare that, just for the sake of making comparison, with an equivalent caloric intake food that's protein rich: say, for example, 4oz of ground beef. It's also got about 300-400 calories, has saturated fat which you need and which the body uses immediately, and about 20 grams of protein. It's got a fraction of the sodium content, and absolutely no sugar, plus the potassium you need to keep the kidneys functioning beautifully (which means you're getting rid of a lot of water you'd otherwise be retaining). Bagels are filling, but not as filling as 4 oz of meat--and you will lose weight far more quickly with the meat or protein rich food (even if it is fat rich) than you would with the starchy foods.

So: there is a modicum of "rabbit food" (but that's not what I'd call green vegetables, leaf vegetables, avocadoes, tomatoes and berries, and fruits with less starch and sugar in them than others--and the other kinds of starchy fruits and veggies in moderation)....but there's also plenty of "non-rabbit foods": protein rich meats, fish, and dairy, or alternatives such as nuts and seeds, high protein low/starch grains, and foods like tofu and miso and tempeh. Your options are pretty much limitless, as long as you stay away from refined sugars and grains and they foods that contain them in large amounts, wherever they pop up. And those are mostly the processed foods anyway.

Maybe what you need is a better structured meal plan which allows you to create a better balance of foods in terms of their macronutrients. There are all kinds of these types of diets that you can easily read about and follow, eg:

The protein power lifeplan, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet (much of it, anyway--it scrimps on the necessary fats which you end up having to supplement)...all of these are basically high protein-moderate fat-low carbohydrate diets that work very, very well...and they have a very long precedent (these kinds of diets have been used effectively for hundreds of years, so they aren't new). Of the three, I much prefer the Atkins and Protein Power versions because they allow for greater flexibility for you, and actually provide better nutrition and results. It may help you if you set things up according to their plans, plan your meals accordingly, and factor in any exercise you're doing and how that will change the dietary intake (and the authors show you how to do this effectively too). It will certainly take the guesswork out of things, and give you lots of structure and guidance to work within. Most importantly, these sorts of diets are really good at pointing out that YOU MUST EAT! At least a specific amount of calories per day for your size, or you simply will not lose weight. Their structure can help you avoid a lot of these pitfalls and keep you moving towards your goal. So, no reason to despair--you can do this!

Thanks so much for the valentine's wishes--it wasn't so crappy after all. M. ChaCha did drive home (it took over 2 hours and it was brutal) and this morning I found the birthday gift he got me, right beside my computer. Yay!
Thanks chacha. I am a bit of a carb fiend (I loooooove pasta and bread) and I've only been eating a little bit of meat lately.

I almost wondered if the stress of this past week was making me gain weight. I've heard sometimes that people will gain when they're stressed and once they can calm down and relax they find that weight comes off more easily. Anyway, the stress has also had a negative effect on me because it has made me go for all the bad food (cookies, donuts, etc) that I normally would feel I have more control over. But instead of resisting I just gave in and ended up eating too much stuff in general. I think this week will be better.
apropos looking at the scale: i found out that i'm "heavier" when my scale is standing on a carpet. so my january weightloss has in part to do with eating better, but also with washing the carpet in my badroom laugh.gif

yesterday, i had my first yoga lesson. i enjoyed it a lot! i didn't expect to be sore today, but in fact i am. just a little bit, and i think that's a good thing.

and thanks to all of you for giving me something interessting and helpfull to read every day!
Glad things worked out, chacha! Translations, sounds tough but fun! I had to do the final look-see and adjustments on the web art stuff I'm working on.

Seems they must be similar endeavors. Such torment at certain points, such joy, such pickiness, such joy.

Hey, thanks for the advice on the Atkins.

I'm eating reasonably well, but my guy makes HUGE bowls of oatmeal every morning and is trying to never have beef. I started just adding it back in myself when we go out to eat.

Yayy good Valentine's and Birthday finally for chacha!!

Melt damn snow!!

Good luck everybody.

I've decided I don't even like chocolate anymore -- it wasn't just "guilt" I could feel that my gums were sensitive and my stomach was all acid. That was the best quality stuff, too. Feh!

Let's all go to the gym or pool or whatever with SPRING in mind!
The translations are a bit challenging. I'm learning so much about languages I thought I knew well...ah, basically I'm learning I can hold my own in a conversation with someone who's not going to go too far from superficial. But the real nitty gritty? I have a loooonnnnnnggggg way to go. This is a nice, shocking, way to start moving in the right direction--languages have always been something I've loved but I've really just neglected them lately.

My Birthday Is Not Over. It was official as of yesterday, but it has been a festival of my birthday for the whole month so far. Nothing really "tangible" in the way of big gifts is coming my way--but some major changes are taking place around me and with me. I'm beginning to like being my age.

So thanks for all your lovely good wishes, everyone.

Wombat, oatmeal's fabulous (I indulge in it once in a while--I love the organic rolled oats oatmeal, homemade, and fixed with fresh organic cream and honey or maple syrup, and sliced almonds or walnuts. It's such a warming breakfast. Does your beau eat any kind of meat at all? Not everyone can do well with beef (I'm not so hot with it either--but on occasion, I do crave it).

Spring is almost here!
We eat chicken and fish, but no red meat. The occasional tofu.

We're pretty healthy -- now to work a bit on PORTION SIZE. He is taller than me, and works out a lot harder. So SMALLER AMOUNTS OF FOOD FOR ME, please.

Happy Chinese New Year of Pig!! I like pig years. Piggies are my friends, I do not eat them, as Alice Brock said.
No red meat at all? Is there a specific reason for avoiding it (such as it doesn't taste good to you, or it just isn't something you can digest well?).

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!
Chiming in with some belated birthday wishes for chacha! (hey, how is the translating going? I agree-- it's hard work!! I'm taking a translation course right now. What languages are you working in?)

My BIG news is that for the first time in probably three years, I weighed myself!!!! For a long time it's been best for me not to know, because of my history with an ED. I didn't want to get carried away with that stuff. But I realized that it's time, it's actually a healthy thing for me now. The best part about weighing myself was that my guess beforehand was EXACTLY what the scale showed!! For someone who has long struggled with having any sort of accurate body image, that's a big deal! Also, I felt pretty good when I realized that though this is the heaviest I've ever been, I only beat the old record by 2 or 3 pounds, and some of that weight on me nowadays is muscle. And, it's cool that I've probably only gained some 10 pounds during 10 months of this injury! I think a pound a month when I'm minimally active is not bad at all. Besides, now that I can stationary bike for as much as 30 minutes a day, it'll stabilize. But I'm happy to be able to say that I truly don't mind if I don't lose the weight. I have made peace with having some extra meat on me, and even like it (like I've said previously)! This is so important to me considering where I've been before.

The only bad news healthy-wise lately is that I think I fucked my back up. Since my knees are still bad, I've had to put my back at risk by picking things up in the totally wrong, dangerous way. I knew I was lifting wrong, but had no choice. Well, I think it caught up with me, 'cause I've been really hurting for the last week. I got a doc's appt for tomorrow. I REALLY hope it turns out to be minor and fixable with rest or other simple things, because I am SO not down for another year-long incapacitation and recovery!!! Anyone else ever had a back injury to share about? Or know if I can/should be icing, or using heat, or anything else?
Thanks, Octi!! Translation is slogging along. I was working on two pieces of medical history and translating from Italian to English; they're done. Now, I'm working on translating English into Italian and French, but the materials this time around are easier and have nothing to do with "work" (information about a First Nations artist). I'm in the process of learning Spanish, a language I've understood with no problems all of my life--but just can't speak. And the process is a mighty slow one. My big problem is I'm really fascinated with languages and I learn them quickly--but I'm just so damn lazy about them all around.

Sore back, huh? That completely sucks. One of my patients injured her back 5 weeks ago after shoveling snow. And following that up with some exercises on a mini-trampoline. Naturally, she was in a lot of pain and started seeing a massage therapist who helped, but only temporarily. It was difficult to get her to stop doing the exercises though, which I think weren't a smart choice; but finally she went to see a kinesiologist who applied a really deep heat pack (and she loved that, said it helped a lot), some ultrasound treatment, and a very, very short term dosage of celebrex (a drug I truly don't recommend if you've got problems with blood pressure, circulation, or a history of heart trouble). Normally, I'd warn someone away from that but I believe she really needed a couple of good nights worth of sleep so I encouraged her to take it and got her to take some tissue salts because she was still experiencing smasmodic back pains.

I think she would have done well to see a chiropractor from the beginning, because it's clear to me she actually shoved her bones around and messed up the alignments somewhere--so now pressure was happening on nerves and that irritated muscles and it generally weakened her all over. But that was one option she didn't try.

My own tendency is to forget myself and my personal agility on very high heels at parties, specifically when someone I haven't seen since my adolescence decides they want to put a CD of 80's era Italian disco tunes on so we can dance. I usually last about 15 minutes, and at some point I'll start doing some kind of dancing with a partner which involves twirling and dipping. And the resulting, predictable "dance accident" is usually the end of the evening for me. Painful? I usually can't move without screaming, so the last time that happened I actually dislocated my hip joint (but I did not fall on my heels! So that's something). I took doses of Arnica and Rhus Tox in high potencies at the beginning, and they helped a small amount; but the basic problem was that I'd basically traumatized my skeleton and things were "shifted out of place".

A couple of trips to the chiropractor and a few adjustments allowed me to sleep at night, which really made a difference as far as the amount of pain I experienced. I also had one shiatsu massage from my cousin, who was with me when the "dance accident", as we refer to it now, took place. I did make a quick trip to the doctor because I was getting all kinds of refered pain and wanted to be sure I was okay--but I was good as new within a week.

So I hope you'll be out of pain soon too. By the way, the whole weighin in/weight stance is huge for you--you've come so, so far in such a short time. It's really inspiring--congratulations!!
Hey I'm new to the BUST lounge. I am looking for a good answer to my problem that is making absolutely miserable. I am in college and I have been having horrid cramps and terrible cycles so my doctor prescribed a birth control pill. It has helped tremendously! Now she says it has caused me to gain water weight.. how do i get rif of it? I excercise and I eat right and nothing seems to help. Is there an over the counter remedy or something natural or herbal or a simple around the house solution. I don't know what to do.
hey octin-that's so great about the scale-it's hard to get back on knowing how it used to make you feel. i've been weighing myself but it's reallly different from the way i used to weigh myself.

in terms of nutrition-i've been compiling information about what nutrients i need etc, and am trying to find ways to get them through food. one thing i make a lot is fruit smoothies. i love them! such an easy way to get my daily dose of fruit. i put in juice, some yogurt, a bunch of different kinds of fruit, and a little milk.

i'm thinking about grinding up some almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts and walnuts to put in there too, to add to the nutrients and to make it more filling. do you guys think it's reasonable to have this for breakfast? I'm also wondering what other good stuff I can put in the smoothie-like wheat germ?

usually for breakfast i eat peanut butter on wheat bread. very filling, but not so great in the way of nutrients.

jstatesoprano, I'm afraid the only way you can get rid of the hormone imbalance induced water weight gain is by going back off the pill and then finding a more holistic means of correcting and rebalancing your cycle. The pill's not a cure for cramps and dysmenorrhea--it's just a bandaid solution which, as you now know, creates its own set of symptoms and illnesses.

If you want to stick with conventional meds, your doctor will probably suggest a diuretic pill, which might work temporarily. But I still think the best solution is to be off any hormone replacement/inducement "therapy" and to find an effective way to get your cycle back on track so your periods are symptom free. I can give you some tips on what's out there as far as holistic or alternative options you can choose from; and I can link you up with some resources so that you can learn more about your options and how to choose good practitioners if you choose to go that route.

Maddy, the ground up mixed in nuts and seeds sound great for breakfast. Do you eat eggs? I know I must have asked you this before but I can't remember for sure...if you do, they're often overlooked but they're loaded with amazing nutrients (every vitamin except C) and rich in protein. One egg is only 80 calories if you have it hard boiled, soft-boiled, or poached. If you can eat them, add them to your list for yet another option.
one thing i make a lot is fruit smoothies. i love them! such an easy way to get my daily dose of fruit. i put in juice, some yogurt, a bunch of different kinds of fruit, and a little milk.

i drink smoothies like mad. i try to vary the fruits--i peel and freeze bananas in ziplock bags so that i can use them in smoothies anytime, and throw those in with frozen berries or frozen mixed fruit, or whatever else is around fruitwise. i use soy powder too--there's a plain powder from trader joe's that isn't as expensive as most protein powder. you have to be careful not to use too much--it can make your smoothie gritty--but it's nice to know i have some protein in there in addition to the yogurt and milk.

i have some big cups with tupperware-ish tops so i can keep smoothies in the fridge for later too. my hand blender came with one.

if you use soy yogurt/soymilk you can make smoothies with acidic fruits without worries of curdling--sometimes i'll use canned pineapple and orange juice with soymilk/yogurt, stuff like that. you could do the same thing with coconut milk--coconut milk is great stuff for you in some ways, but of course it's high in fat.

i should probably buy some flax seed oil--that would be a good healthy addition to a fresh smoothie.

when i first got my hand blender as a gift i thought i'd never use it--now it's probably the kitchen appliance that's used most often!

count me in the smoothie crowd! I spend all summer stockpiling fruit from the farmer's market to fill the freezer with - loads of peaches, blueberries, raspberries and the first frost of the fall, there's barely room in the freezer for anything else! But, it lasts me all winter.

I do grind up flax seed in my spice grinder (a coffee grinder) every week, and put it in the fridge, so I can just put a teaspoon in every smoothie. I use unsweetened almond milk in my smoothies...then I'll take a portion of nuts for my mid morning snack, so that I don't get hungry....and besides - I love snack time!

AND....I stepped on the scale at the gym yesterday, and I am 2lbs away from my goal weight! WOOT! And turbomann's down about 30lbs since I started cracking the whip on diet a couple months ago...he's got so much more energy these days...its been good for both of us, and now we're kind of on maintenance mode now. Now, if I can get turbomann to take the next step, and set foot in a gym, we'll be good.
here is one question on the smoothies: i once heard that it is bad to mix yogurt and milk, as the milk will become yogurt in your stomach - which wouldn't feel too good. is that true? when making smoothies, i use soy milk and (cowmilk-)yogurt to avoid that effect. it tastes quite creamy anyways :)
I'm so there with the shakes. When I 'm working out hard (I get to start again tomorrow after 2 1/2 weeks off because I got corrective eye surgery, and you aren't allowed to do that) I tend to have a protein shake a day. But as I always find the mainstream protein chalky and gross, I use hemp seed powder. Lots of protein (and it's a whole protein), it's got your omega 3's and 6s', you can get it organic, and it tastes yummy. I make my shakes wiht soy milk as I'm allergic to dairy, either frozen fruit, berries or just plain old bananas from the fruit bowl, a little vanilla and a little honey. They are my life saver, so yummy and good for you!

And I just discover yesterday, the joy of roasting beets. One of my favourite foods is roasted veggies, so I picked up a whole bunch of organic root vegetables, turnips, carrots, zucchini, rutabaga, and beets and roasted them and tofu in a little olive oil and many cloves of garlic, so yummy and good for you!!!

Jstatesoprano, I find that my periods are directly affected by what I eat and how much I exercise. If I'm eating lots of processed foods (anything white or enriched, even if it has health claims on the package), especially sugar, my cramps get crazy. Also, my period gets heavier, though not really crampier, if I'm exercising tons. It's taken a lot of experimenting as to what affects my periods. I was on the pill for a long time, staying on it because of how bad my period was, and then I got out of a longterm relationship, went off the pill, adn my body did a huge sigh of relief and my periods got much better. They were actually the worst when i had an iud. Now that I know what works and what helps, for example, I drink tons of raspberry tea for the week before and the first couple days of my period as it helps relieve cramps/mood swings, and it's super relaxing, my period has been so much more bearable, and even welcome. Good luck.
i wonder if dried raspberries would be just as good? there's this mix from trader joe's that's slivered almonds and dried raspberries and blueberries and cherries and ...not entirely sure what else. i adore it though. one of their antioxidant trail mixes.

i haven't really encountered raspberries dried unless they're in a chocolate bar, so i have a strong association, and when i'm eating this nut/berry mix, i taste chocolate, even though there isn't any there!

(i'm sensitive to chocolate, though i love it, so it's great to experience the phantom taste of it without the physical effects!)
Hamburg, your stomach is full of hydrochloric acid, it's so acidic in there the stomach lining has to have special goblet cells in order to keep from being burned out by the liquid which is necessary to break down all the foods we eat. EVERYTHING we eat becomes acidified in there, so the prospect of milk becoming yogurt in your stomach is...well, first of all not an issue (yogurt has to acidify AND age in order to produce culture and bacteria, and that's why it's different from just plain milk. It doesn't stay in your stomach long before it's moved into your intestines, and finally out of the body). Secondly, you wouldn't feel any pain from putting the two ingredients together unless you had an intolerance or sensitivity to milk--in which case, you'd be avoiding it.
If you wanted to mix acidic fruits in a milk-based smoothie, simply use the yogurt if you're afraid the milk will curdle. Add water or crush some ice to make the smoothie feel lighter and more like a shake.

Soy milk is not what it's cracked up to be. I avoid it at all costs because of the numerous detrimental effects in has on the body, and because it is an extremely processed genetically modified crop food which provides few usable nutrients. The only safe soy foods to eat, in extreme moderation and always part of a diet which includes meat and fish (as soy has been eaten for centuries) are non-gmo, certified organic tofu, miso, and tempeh: and these fermented forms of soy are "safe" only if you have no problems with hormonal balance. If you've got a tendency to suffer from overworked adrenal glands, or you're hypo or hyper glycemic, or you've got a family history of thyroid gland illnesses of any kind, stay away from soy.
If you're using it as a substitute for cow's milk, which you can't handle, consider almond milk (as Turbo suggests), rice milk, and coconut milk as safer alternatives.

I think Coconut milk is an infinitely better choice and even though it's higher in fat, it's extremely necessary fat for the health of the body. I'd also encourage people to put coconut oil, as well, directly into smoothies for an extra bonus of its nutrients, fats and all. We can't live without those, and they do not stop you from losing weight (in fact, they help). Coconut oil and milk (you can find organic sources) are excellent supports for joints, skin, hair, bones, heart health, hormone regulation, etc. etc. etc. etc. Can't say enough how good for you it is, and after being conned for about 30 years into believing fats are bad (and seeing the skyrocketing chronic disease rates, as well as obesity rates, as a result) I think most of us are starving for it's beneficial nutrients.

Avocadoes also make a fantastic smoothie base--avocado, a little bit of lime, and some honey. Delicious and also very nutritious for breakfast (or, actually, anytime).
awesome replies! thanks! chacha-i do eat eggs, you convinced me several months ago that i needed them (don't eat meat) and i've been adding a half hard boiled egg to my big salad that i eat for lunch 4 days a week (when i'm at work). i also make eggs more often at home, so good!

i guess i need some kind of grinder to grind up all those seeds and stuff.

i always put milk in mine, i wondered about the curdling thing, but i've never noticed anything tasting bad....

i love the idea of freezing nice fresh stuff from a farm, instead of buying the prepackaged stuff-i'll have to do that this summer when i don't have to share a freezer anymore! (well, except for the boy, and all he'll have in there is some chicken)

if i grind up flax seeds-do they keep? i mean, could i grind up a big mixture each week and keep it in the fridge? i know nuts keep forever, what about seeds? or is it just the oil that i'd have to worry about keeping fresh?
Maddy - I grind up about 3Tb of flax seed once a week, and keep it in a small tupperware in the fridge, so I can just use a spoonful at a time in each smoothie - simple and easy! I don't keep ground flax much longer than a week in the fridge, though - just so I'm getting maximum benefit from freshness.

I'm with you on the soy, chacha...stuff makes me mooooody, and around my period - very bad. I do get the ocassional tofu, but I have an organic/non-gmo artisanal tofu maker right down the street, but its a rare treat, and I always like talking to the artisan - he always has good tips for me. I stick to the almond milk, but now I'm going to add a little coconut milk & oil in there too - thanks for the tip, chacha!

And I'm drooling at the thought of an avocado smoothie - YUM!
i know, why did you have to bring up avocados? yuuuuuummmmmm

they are so good on an egg sandwich-mmmmm. divine. i want one right now.

cool about the seeds-i'll get a grinder and make a mixture each week. yay for me and nutrition!!!!
I've got to remember all of these recipes - I did the soy shake thing for awhile (the soy milk I used was supposedly organic, but there were so many other additives, it made me wonder) before realizing that as someone who consumes dairy anyway (and who had a mildy hyperactive thyroid that corrected itself at one point), it might no be the best thing for me. My problem is that anything that involves more than one or two ingredients (my shakes tended to be half a frozen banana, some berries and some soy milk - they were good, though) or steps and I start to balk - I really need to get over that.

Having said that, can anyone recommend some cook books (especially ones containing soups/stews and smoothies) for newbies in the kitchen? I can make a few simple dishes, but mostly I play it by ear (with varying results).

Also, here's an interesting article about the increasing amounts of sugars in everything we eat - not just the processed stuff:

Sugar rush


Also interesting. I don't know enough about the subject to comment intelligently, but it raises some interesting points:

Organic farming: not sustainable?

(It's Salon so you might have to click through a brief ad first)


And one last one (sorry, I'm on a roll) - kinda related to recent discussions about meat consumption:

Humans' beef with livestock: a warmer planet
heh heh-me too, with the 1-2 ingredients. After that, it starts to feel like cooking.....and lord knows i don't want to do that!

my roommate has a cookbook called "4 ingredients" or something, everything is 4 ingredients or less, not counting water, salt, pepper. I think that soup is a really easy thing to start with, I'll have to dig out this black bean soup recipe that's sooo easy. I think its' "dr. Dean's black soup"-online. It's so simple, tastes great, really filling, and you can mix it up with different veggies, or use rice, or potatoes or whatever you want.

i just ate a giant salad. mmmm. i love my cafeteria with all the fresh veggies all nicely chopped so my big lazy ass doesn't have to do it:)

so, at first they were saying we should eat 5 fruits and veggies a day, then it was 9, now it's just "more." i've been trying to really focus on adding good things to my diet, like fruits and veggies, rather than focusing on what i need to cut out. i figure i'll fill myself up on the good stuff, for the most part.

la la. i don't feel like working today. it's so nice out.

thanks vor uncovering this myth chacha... it's pretty obvious when considering all the acid in here :)
I love that little site, hamburg!! Does it teach you how to say all kinds of different body parts in Japanese? It's wonderful.

I especially like that the Japanese word for "small intestine" = the Italian word for "cat" = gatto!

Hi! Whew. Big project. well, to answer the question about beef and pork, we tend to avoid those because they are not processed in a safe manner and are full of cholesterol. But I have started eating small quantities of beef on my own now and then. Good quality stuff, mind.

I agree that soy milk is bogus. Its image as a health food fools a lot of people.

My guy and I have some really great miso etc., now and then, I live in kind of a pan-asian hipster neighborhood.

Maddy! Try VMajestic, next to Blanchards liquor store, Harvard and Brighton Ave!! Tons of bok choy, broccoli and fish and good soy and delcious sauce and no breading or frying! cheap!!

Flax seed -- we get a really good kind of bread with no sugar and no hydrogenated stuff that has flax seed.

** still not back at the gym, but haven't gained any weight -- I've been eating well.

I notice other little "symptoms" are back since i stopped the gym though! I feel weak as a real FEELING, the same way you can feel energized --- and I'm stiffer, and I have a halfanose fulla snotatall times. Which I wasn't getting at ALL when I was exercising -- so there ya go. My clothes still fit the same and even are getting looser, but the benefit of exercise is not just "being skinny" or how you look

Well, finding a good local meat producer who uses as close to organic methods as possible really does make a difference in the quality of the food--and to the health of human communities (we get to take back control over our food!) and to the health of the planet in general (you're not getting poisonous-food-fed meats, raised in ways that destroy the earth, air, and water, as well as the animals, and the products don't have to be shipped from hell to you using big-ass trucks and tons of energy and land covered up as roads). So eating red meat (and any kind of meat) can be great--just remember to source it well. A lot more political change can come from making these kinds of choices than one would think.

Particularly when you think of the kind of political abuses being perpetrated on human beings, land, air, water, and our individual and collective political rights by many of the massive, multinational, incredibly powerful food growing conglomerates who produce GMO soy, everywhere. They're more powerful than any country's laws, and have been known to force countries out of any protections they receive from trade agreements (what little they offered, anyway). Just google up Brazil, non-GMO soy, and Cargill, and you'll see how one conglomerate forced a country's farmers to buy their contaminated and contaminating soy product, despite the fact that that country's people wouldn't buy the GMO product, the country's farmer's didn't want to grow the GMO product, and a massive trade relationship the country had set up with China for real non-GMO soy was destroyed by the corporate move.

I'm not sure you can make the argument for the ethics of food choices all so easily anymore--so many factors like these ones, which prey off a greater concern for health and fairness, have to be factored in too. This isn't to say that anyone on the board was, per se; I just had the thought myself and wrote it down for the sake of my own realisation.
Snaf, I'm a huge fan of How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. It's ginormous and most of the recipes are pretty simple, but good. I also like the Moosewood cookbooks, and I think they have one that's all soups/stews.

Also, that sugar article was scary! It's funny, I always used to think I had a sweet tooth, but last summer, when I started cutting out processed foods, I realized that I didn't really crave sugar, not even really chocolate! And that made me realize what a waste it is for me to eat crap like massive brownies and cookies.

But who was saying that they feel more full from processed foods? I think there is something to the initial satiation factor with processed foods. I believe that, over time, a meal of, say, salmon, broccoli and half a baked potato will be more filling than, say, a bag of chips and slice of pizza. But in the short term, I do tend to feel more full after the latter meal. Hopefully, my body and satiety signals will adjust.

Also, I feel the ladies who have trouble figuring out what to eat for breakfast. I'm one of those people who tends to wake up hungry. And it seems like no matter what I eat - oatmeal with coconut oil (thanks, chacha!) and nuts, eggs and whole wheat toast, cereal with milk and fruit - I'm hungry again within a couple of hours, without fail. Which is weird, becuase in the afternoon, I can go from lunch to dinner without a snack. Maybe it's because I'm not a morning person, so it takes me more fuel to get through the morning?
Maybe so. Maybe you just eat a smaller meal in the morning out of habit--and your metabolism is roaring for more in order to keep going (so encourage it to stay quick by eating a snack). Most of us are a little more active in the morning than we are in the afternoon, particularly if we have sedentary kinds of work, and that might be a factor too.
I'm a big fan of How to Cook Everything as well - its a wonderful basic, reference tool. Also, Cooking the Whole Foods Way (not the store) by Christina - its a little macro, but there's some good basic educational stuff in there....when I first changed my diet, that was my first resource.

For breakfast, I do like smoothies, but in the wintertime especially, I crave more protein in the mornings, so maybe I'll have an egg, half a grapefruit, and some veggie juice. Other days, I roll up a couple slices of good turkey breast and eat them as I dash out the door but also pack a tupperware of frozen berries that I eat mid morning.
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