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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Cool, candycane girl!! I've given up chocolate too!

and thanks, _octinoxate, and I second chacha's statement about you attracting the mens. Actually, men love women who go to the gym.

True story.
Candycane, that doesn't sound crazy at all. I used to find chocolate really addictive too... and while I definitely think there are emotional/psychological components to that, it also makes sense physiologically: eating sugar spikes your blood sugar, and then when it crashes, your body wants something that will pump the blood sugar up again. And it goes on and on. I can definitely see how it's freeing to give up something that's bad for you!

Personally, I was surpised to realize that I haven't been craving chocolate and sugar hardly at all lately. I attribute it to finally having sorted out lots of my emotional/psych issues about food. (But still, right before my period, I definitely had to go buy some nice dark chocolate!)

Candycane, I get why you have to worry about your weight and am glad to hear that it seems largely about your health. That's awesome. Maybe I missed this if you said it earlier, but: how much weight loss is your goal?

I'm glad you ladies (chacha, wombat) think I'm a superbabe now! smile.gif

Just got back from the gym... did chest, triceps, abductor/adductor (first time!!), and quads/hams/butt (leg press). Icing down now and I think I'll be fine!

Anyone here work out on those stability balls? I usually just do crunches on them, but yesterday I did a variation of it and it kicked my ass!! I'm all sore. Also, my calves are still sore after working them at phys therapy. While it feels fabulous to have muscle soreness like this after not being able to work it for so long, I'm wondering if there's anything I could be doing to minimize it next time (apart from stretching). Any ideas?

Chocolate's draw is more than just the sugar (which is, in itself a drug--saccharum officinale is its proper nomenclature, and that second name is the one tacked on to any plant substance/species to indicate that that particular plant was used as a medicine in our European medical past). Chocolate itself has been used as a drug for millennia. First by the aztecs, then by the Spanish, and finally the whole world. It does have an effect on opioid receptors in our brains, and also stimulates the production of the nucleopeptides that make us feel happy. When people say Chocolate is orgasmic, it's because it literally is, in a way; therefore, it is quite an addictive drug at that.

So if you find it's something that's taken too much away from your life in terms of addiction and servitude, then the right thing to do is give it up completely. Homeopaths use chocolate as a remedy for all kinds of diseases, but serious addictions are always involved in the patient who needs the remedy--alcohol predominately, but also things like heroin as well. It's a "drug" which creates dependency, and that is always a good reason to just stop eating it.

But it's hard to do, so CCgirl, I celebrate your amazing strength of will.
I like J.K. Rowling's assertion that one should eat chocolate to recover from dealing with "dementors"


Good luck candycane_girl!

and _octinoxate -- I've got no good advice on how to use those stability balls. I don't have the guts to try them. I'm impressed! Maybe someone at the gym would know? Maybe even someone next to you on the next stability ball would know a lot about it -- gym teachers, trainers, etc., have to work out too!!
Wombat, that's a good idea about asking the other folks on the ball what to do. I also just remembered that my ball came with a dvd which I could go look for and use now that I've got a little more freedom of lower body movement. Hey, you should totally give them a try, though... i can see how any new equipment/exercise can be intimidating, but honestly if you just start with crunches it's cake. Sit on the ball, then roll forward off it until your lower back (instead of your butt) is rest on the ball. Get a good grip/balance through your heels and then just slowly crunch up and down, always keeping nice tight abs so that you don't let your back arch too much. It works deeper ab muscles than regular crunches/sit ups do.

Oh, and: "dementors" is such a good term! Lovin' it.
chacha, I'm actually reading a book right now about chocolate by Carol Off. It's called Bitter Chocolate and I've just finished the part that explained how chocolate was brought into Europe. Mostly the book explores the terrible conditions of the people who cultivate the cocoa beans and it's really interesting.

octi, I don't really have a set goal weight. I mean, I could probably stand to lose 100 pounds but I'd rather just focus on strength, how I feel and my measurements. This isn't the greates time for me cause it's my period and all I want is meat and cheese!
If it's hard to stay away from chocolate for reasons of pleasure, it certainly becomes easy to avoid chocolate once you know more about just how exploitive its production is. It's amazing how much of this kind of abuse takes place on a world-wide level, and how little people know about it. The same kind of exploitation goes on with coffee as well--and it is the second most valuable commodity on the planet. Ingesting something that is made this way, as a result of so much enslavement and grinding poverty on one end and huge profits on the other--that has to have a physiological and energetical effect on us, too.

There are fair trade alternatives available of both foods, and both foods are good foods don't get me wrong; hopefully as more people learn about the realities behind their production, things will change more quickly for the people who grow and harvest them.
Octinoxate, thanks so much for your description of how to use a stability ball for crunches. Do you need to anchor your feet under something to keep them in place?

I usually just use my gym for the pool and classes, but last weekend I decided to try some of the equipment--although only the stationary bike as I didn't want to injure myself with the more complex machines. I only used the bike for 10 minutes but really felt it afterwards (in a good way) and broke a sweat, so at least I know I was exerting myself. smile.gif They have stability balls there too so I may try some crunches next weekend.

Also octi, I have no solid solution for muscle stiffness, but I have heard if you take a hot bath or a sauna directly afterward it can alleviate some of the strain. It's only anecdotal advice though.
For muscle stiffness, I personally love hot baths--that's why I'm partial to gyms with hot tubs. But, if you can't get that, you can make a mixture of sea salt, baking soda, and epsom salts that help with easing inflammation, getting rid of lactic acid buildup in the muscle tissue (which is reputed to cause the painfulness) and just basically softens and cleanses the skin too. I think the ratio to use there is 5 parts sea salt to 3 parts epsom salts to 1 part baking soda. You can even mix in some soothing essential oils to help with calming, or easing the inflammation as well (like lavender or rose, for example; or orange oil to cheer your spirits and help restore your sense of being energetic and lively).

Some other products you can buy: 024 by SwissMedica is basically a blend of pure essential oils which come in little packets. You open one up and apply the towelette to the affected parts, then lightly massage the oil into the skin where you've applied it. The combination of essential oils includes things like peppermint oil, camphor oil, lavender, thyme oil, and a whole slew of others which address inflammation, instantly soothe aches and pains, improve circulation and lessen any bruising tendencies. You can find this at a health food store or pharmacy (I see them in pharmacies up here almost everywhere); it comes in the packets which are great for the gym, or in a tube).

Arnica cream is also good for soothing aching joints and muscles you've overworked; and it is great for getting rid of bruises, too (but never apply to open skin). There is one gel I like called "Atrosan", it's pure, organic arnica tincture in a gel form.
Sybarite, re: the ball... whether or not you stabilize your feet against something depends on your balance, your leg strength, and your knees. Because my knees and legs are weakened, I position myself so that when I roll down to get my lower back on the ball, my feet end up butting up against the wall (my knees being at about a 90 degree angle or a bit wider angle). That way it's easier to stay in place without using the legs as much. Did that make sense? If you think you can handle it without using the wall as a support like that, be sure to plant your heels firmly into the ground/mat and use them to anchor you.

Thanks for the tips about muscle soreness! I take hot baths a lot already (for my knees, and because I'm just growing to love it!) so I think I'll add in some salts and/or oils. Find the tube of arnica I have somewhere, too...

BTW- Apparently exercise science folks recently discovered that the body does not actually produce lactic acid, as had long been believed! So now they have some new explanation of muscle soreness, but I forgot the details of it.
Chacha, I knew that I wouldn't be able to give up coffee so thankfully I've been able to find a few brands that are certified fair trade.

I don't know if this question belongs in here but I'm on my period and I feel completely whacked out. I don't even feel like doing anything, let alone going to the gym. I take a vitamin pill everyday with extra iron in it but I am so tired. Anyone have any idea for boosting energy?
There are more fair trade coffee types coming up all the time (about 15 years ago I used to work with a company called Bridgehead, part of Oxfam; we sold fair trade teas and coffees but I hate to say that I just did not like the taste of the coffees we sold. There have been HUGE improvements between then and now; also much more variety available now. That whole product idea is going to offer even better stuff in the future).

I think the iron is a factor--but actually taking iron pills has got to be the least effective way to treat a deficiency. B vitamins make a big difference there, and are much more important in the treatment of anemia (if that's what you're suffering from) than just the iron alone. Can't tell except from what you said about iron--but common symptoms of anemia include the extreme tiredness during the period, often a very heavy flow, headaches, and a craving and desire to crunch ice.
But is it bad to take B12 and iron supplements without taking straight Bs? I take a twice a day multi, and as far as I can tell, I'm doing okay (I barely eat red meat - most of my protein comes from nuts, eggs, fish and turkey or chicken once a week).

Also, President's Choice Organic (a Canadian brand) and other grocery-store based organic products - are they really that organic? I don't buy a lot of organic simply b/c can't afford it, but I have been buying their reasonably priced 70% chocolate and I'm wondering if it's just clever marketing, though I believe they are certified. I try to buy Green and Blacks when I can, but it's not always available in my neighbourhood and it's also a lot pricier.
Candy, have you just been tired on your period, or is it a more general phenomenon?

Is there anything different about your eating habits right now? I think food/nutrition is huge.
snafooey, I think the PC stuff actually is organic. They're a big nationwide brand so if they were lying about it I think they would get caught.

I don't think my eating habits have changed much. I was craving lots of fruit and meat today so I satisfied that craving. I can always stand to eat better though, but I am trying!

I have only really started to feel this way today but it worried me. I only had two hours of class and by the time I got home I felt shaky and weak so I took a big long nap.
I'm just wondering if all stuff labeled organic is created equal.

I find that a small handful of nuts and an apple pick me up if I'm feeling tired mid-afternoon. I'm pretty bad with caffeine - I'm jittery and then I crash fast, making me even more tired than when I started - and nuts and fruit do the trick more often than not. Unless I really haven't had enough sleep - then I tend to overdo it on the fruit and/or sweets - my body craves that sugar.
I've been pretty good at keeping coffee to a minimum, I usually drink it maybe once a week. I've been packing fruits in my lunch on a regular basis cause I find that I feel better when I have them on hand.

Still feeling weak and slightly dizzy, I really wish I knew what was going on.
Candy, if you're feeling weak and dizzy it could be because you need to make sure you're eating all the time to keep your blood sugar stable. People who try to lose weight by just cutting out meals or leaving many hours in between will never lose weight--you have to eat to do that. Please try eating smaller meals more often, drinking more water, and making sure you're supplementing with vitamins and minerals when you have to cut out nutrient rich foods or minimize eating them. If this is happening during your period do try and eat something substantial to see how this makes you feel. If it really is anemia, have some red meat (a steak, roast lamb...something like that) and some deep green veggies with butter and salt. If you feel better after that then you need to include foods like this in your diet more often.

CCGirl, try a more protein rich diet for a day or so--each little meal with the majority of the food coming from protein (eggs, a serving of fish or meat or an appropriate substitute such as nuts or cheese); some fats--either oil in salad or butter to flavour the protein you're eating; and greens instead of grainy food. Carry snacks with you--and eat something every 2 hours. Most importantly, eat foods with a lot of water content--fresh fruit and veggies, for example; or choose foods with more water in them over foods with less (so, for example, choose a little chunk of cheese over a rice cake). You will feel satisfied and stay stable blood sugar wise that way. If you find you feel more energetic this way, then the blood sugar stabilization is a factor in what's happening with you and your energy levels.

If these little food experiments don't help and you still feel exhausted, then you've got to go and see a doctor and try and figure out what is going on. And insist on your doctor doing tests and a physical work-up as a lot of docs will just say, "oh, it's because you're overweight" and not treat you the same as they would a patient with the same concerns who was slim. Insist. The tests are to find out what's going on, and to rule out the possibility that something really serious is happening that needs medical intervention, not to get you a prescription for anything. You just need to make sure everything is OK.


Not all stuff labelled "Organic" is created equal, snafooey, you're right. PC Organics was and is still very controversial for me (and I don't buy them) because when they were introduced, Loblaws foods forced real organic food producers (who lived up to USDA standards, much higher than Canadian ones) who made sure their products were also non-gmo to either change all their labels so they didn't state this, or forget about being sold in Loblaws.

The reason? Loblaws was unwilling to guarantee the foods they were selling as "organic" came from non-gmo crops, and they would not budge on this issue. So, in fact, what they did was create a line of foods in their stores which could not compete with foods which were organically grown fron non genetically modified foods--then they eliminated their competition on a nation wide (well, actually, continent wide) basis (so many of the real organic food producers actually went out of business)...and then they went to the other 5 major food retailers in Canada and the US and got them to all go along with them on this measure.

So now all the major grocery store chains in Canada, at least, are all selling a line of questionable foods as "organics", while real organic food has actually been pushed off the shelves of the largest food distributors.
The result: Loblaws created the one "brand" of food in the entire supermarket which we know with 100% certainty contains genetically modified "food".

Greenpeace waged a huge campaign against the strong arm tactics Loblaws used in creating the PC Organics line--which they then sold to Sobey's, Dominion/A&P, etc. They actually opened the door for many huge food conglomerates who spend a lot of money developing frankenfoods to market their product as "organic" or "healthy", when in fact they are neither. Walmart is now selling it's own "organics", which are as questionable as the PC Organics, if not more so. About 5 years ago, I remember having a discussion with the Organic Food growers cooperative here in Niagara, where I live--and I got into a bit of an argument with one grower who insisted that PC Organics, though bogus, was a step in the right direction--but now it's clear they just seemed to have succeeded in providing both an inferior product that has made it tougher for consumers and real organic farmers; as well as an "in" for other large food conglomerates to manipulate the market in their favour while shortchanging consumers.

In short: buyer beware.
Well, I definitely haven't been cutting out meals, that's just not how I work. But I eat when I'm hungry and that's about it. I guess I'll have to start snacking on fruits and veggies even when I'm not hungry. I am a bit worried. I was so dizzy that I didn't even go to school because I knew I couldn't drive like that. Also, my grandfather is diabetic so that probably makes me more susceptible to diabetes, right? I've had my blood tested over the years and my blood sugar has always been really good but I guess I should get it tested again.
Diabetes is not really the issue at the moment, but I do think that hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and quite possibly adrenal insufficiency could be what's making you severely dizzy and weak. Blood sugar tests won't necessarily reveal this, especially if you happen to be stable, insulin and sugar wise, at the time when you're tested. Blood sugar fluctuates all the time, and in people with hyperinsulinemia it actually surges upwards and then crashes in a matter of minutes, depending on what's eaten. People overlook the danger of being in this state but they shouldn't--evenually it does lead to type II Diabetes, but its also responsible for high blood pressure and atheroschlerosis--arteries hardened with plaque. At the very least, being in a state of hyperinsulinemia guarantees weight gain at a significant rate. And the weight gain is the benign part.

Fortunately, it is reversible with the right foods (higher protein and fat / lower sugar and junky carb diet) and a concerted effort to eat every couple of hours so that you can encourage greater sensitivity to insulin in the receptors for this hormone (and not fruits: high protein foods--nuts, cheese, meat or fish and their vegetarian counterparts, such as tofu, tempeh, and miso. Got to cut down on most fruits because they actually contribute to the problem by increasing blood sugar). The bonus is you also reverse many of the problems which cause the weight gain--anemia, adrenal fatigue, and the hormone imbalances which result from one set of glands being worn out and another gland well on it's way to being shut down as well. One gland's function affects all the others--not in a direct way, but certainly in a cascade of effects, as they are all interdependent.

Alternately, you could be producing too many red blood cells, which can be just as problematic as anemia (in itself no laughing matter).

Maybe it is time for a check up after all--just to put fears at rest and to clarify what's really happening with you, CCGirl. Please don't wait on it, either--it sounds like a top priority to me if you're not feeling well and can't function.
Well, I'm going to try to get in to see my doctor today. I just have to wait for another hour because it's his office's lunch hour. What exactly should I be asking him?

also, I'm very fascinated by you chacha. How do you know all this stuff? Are you a healthcare worker or something?
Good to hear, CCGirl. I don't think you should really ask so much as tell--tell your doctor you are on an exercise and diet plan to lose weight. Tell your doctor your symptoms over the last few days--the lack of energy, dizziness, etc, and how long you've experienced those, but also be specific about when you have those symptoms (so, for example, is it something you just had yesterday? Does it only happen with your period? Does it happen at other times? If so, when, and when did you start to experience this?).

Tell your doctor you are supplementing with iron, and why; tell your doc you'd like to know if you are in fact anemic or if there is any other kind of blood disorder going on that you should know about. It would be terrific if you could also be tested to see if you have any thyroid irregularity too, as it could play a role in everything that's going on (causative or otherwise). Then, ask him to give you a physical and to set you up for the tests. Discuss the results with him/her when they come in. If you've just got a clean bill of health then chances are great you just have to rearrange your diet. If there are other things going on, you can begin to explore your options to restore your health. But you'll have some answers and you can devise a way of dealing with everything.

I'm not a healthcare worker, but I am a homeopathic doctor and I also use nutrition with my patients if it's something they need or want as well.
Well, I went to doctor and he has ordered some blood tests. I'll have to fast for 14 hours though so I can't get them done right away.

anyway, sorry for derailing the thread so much, I guess I should have posted this in the general health thread. I've been feeling so hungry and I wondered if my body was rejecting my attempts at not eating such fattening foods.
I don't think it was a derailment--I think this kind of thing does happen when people cut back on various foods or even on the total amount of food that's being eaten. If problems come up and they're not addressed properly then everything goes off the rails--the attention you're trying to pay to your self, the attempt to restore yourself to health, the whole thing.

I had to do a lot of reading and studying when I was doing clinic work, and I often ran across descriptions of peoples' symptoms which were supposed to signify a particular disease process or indicate a particular pattern in their cases--that's all well and good if you can read about it and imagine it, but when you actually learn from someone who is actually going through those symptoms you learn to recognize what's going on so much more quickly, and then you 1) know what to watch out for in other patients and 2) quickly learn what to do to address the problems effectively. Your post with all the symptoms is like that, CandyCane girl; it's something you'll learn from directly (it makes you more aware of your body "talking" to you--letting you know that something's not right--and you learn not to ignore that); others might learn from it directly too.

So good on you for posting it. I hope it really is as simple as some of the things I suggested below--they're easy to fix by choosing the right foods. Let us know what the outcome is, okay?
Definitely an important discussion.

I had hypoglycemia, went to a nutritionist, and cut out all chocolate, caffeine, and other fast-acting glycemics.


It was a bad idea to cut coffee "cold turkey" -- I literally felt that I was going to have to call an ambulance one day, I felt like I was going to faint. Luckily I was in a cafe, eating lunch, so I ordered a coffee to see if it was just withdrawal symptoms. It was!!

So, maybe cutting back entirely is causing the problem -- ease into it. That's coffee or fat or chocolate or whatever. Once your body LIKES this stuff, it develops a need.

I weaned myself off of that stuff and stayed off for a year, but you don't have to give up everything forever -- just long enough to let your endocrine system repair itself. I also had supplements, prescribed by the nutritionist and not available in mainstream stores, that would help me repair faster and have fewer cravings. Now I am back on coffee and do NOT have anemia or low blood sugar. But I've pretty much given up sugar, white flour, and fats. So, don't feel like you have to give up your favorite things FOREVER, or worry that if you can't stop FOREVER you will ruin your health. You'll most likely develop an ability to have small amounts of the stuff you really love the most, and be healthy too!

And, as chacha says. See a doctor as well as a nutritionist.
Thanks, Chacha. Now that you've mentioned it, I totally remember when that controversy first went down.
Most people have forgotten in, Snafooey. It really does bug me that the store itself knows the demand is huge (it's the only growth sector in the whole area of food right now); and that people really want to have really good food if not for the health reasons then for the whole issue about regaining control over the production of our foods, which we've all lost. Honestly, how much more would it cost them if they did business with local organic growers (there are tons in my area, all roundly ignored by the Loblaws conglomerate) and made an effort to sell non-gmo organics in just that one section of the store?

Anyway, now Loblaws claims that the restrictions regarding GMOs have changed, and so their organics line has as well. But I've not really seen any evidence of it.
Candy, I agree with chacha when she says the convo about your energy wasn't a derailment at all. Very relevant to the issues about becoming healthy.

How are the healthy busties doing??

I for one just got home from the gym. I benched more than I ever have before, so that's cool. I'm enjoying the lower body weight machines, too. But but but-- I'm still not having any real breakthroughs with my knees in terms of their function. They're stronger, but they still can't walk me more than a couple blocks. So, uh, poop on that. Trying hard not to get discouraged.
Definitely avoid the discouragement!!

It's just amazing to me how much is going so well for you Octi--focusing on the lone point which doesn't seem to be progressing as quickly along ("seem" being the operative word) is just not right. It's like disrespecting your amazingly talented body parts by ignoring the A++'s they keep getting in school so you can dwell on how the miscreant knees keep getting sent home with principal's letters. Think of the mutiny you could bring about!

(silly metaphor but it's often the way things work in the body!)

Anyway, it's so easy for me to do this kind of thing--with any aspect of my life. It's a bad habit for me--and it sure is sucky when I forget to avoid falling into it.

Just keep doing what you're doing and find a few ways to celebrate your new strength (here is where I would go and buy myself some kind of nice present--great new workout clothes, or shoes; tickets to something really interesting I've always wanted to see or do; cancelling or putting off some "obligation" to be with a friend I really want to see instead, so we could do something we both really enjoy). Sooner or later, all the "excellent" body parts will influence the "underachieveing" ones who are still struggling along. You'll see.
Octi-- is there any place where you could do water aerobics? If not in a class, just in a pool or better yet, a HEATED pool with an instruction book.

The water resistance builds your muscles, and it also shelters you from impact and lifts you up! I had a teacher that used those water noodle things for leg stretches -- under the ball of the foot with both hands, front, side with your anke hooked through, back etc., and it's also a great, safe way to do stomach exercises -- lay back with the noodle under your armpits and put your legs/body 90 degrees for awhile!!

I'm a girl with my bottom four vertebrae fused together with a metal rod -- and -- most abdominal stuff is risky for me, but this water stuff -- yeah, it works. I was in a class full of older, white-haired, obese women who needed to work on their legs and exercise in ways that wouldn't hurt them.

Also, there is something about the water that makes a person HAPPY!!!! An old friend of mine had chronic depression -- she got a high-powered administrative job at Harvard, got herself in that pool three times a week all year round -- rides her bike to and from work -- and just bought a house last year!!! And is getting recognized for her art. Keeping up with the pool and the bike helps keep those blues away.

Soooo no matter what ails you, aside from a few very specific conditions, you can always find a way around it.

Do NOT give up.
Wombat, you remind me that I need to get over my fear of the water aerobics classes! I really enjoyed the couple of classes I went to, but I felt like such a pariah amongst all the beautiful older women, it really kind of intimidated me! they all know each other and are swapping stories and such, and I just needed to be braver, and try to get to know them too! A swimming class I think would also really help me, but they're all at 6am...oof.

next week, turbomann is likely to be returning to employment (SQUEE!!!), so I'm going to be back to commuting either by train or *hopefully* by bike again, so long as the sidewalks and roads remain passable by bike...I miss riding my bike this time of year, but thus far, its just been too cold, even for me. I have a lower limit of 15 degrees, and below that - no riding for me.

Octi - keep up the good work!! I'm with chacha...I'm all about feeling good about what's moving in the right direction...your knees will come along, as your strength increases in other areas!!
Yeah, they *were* beautiful, and intimidating, Turbo!! They were major leaders in the community. They were a little snappy but would warm up after awhile.

Hooray for turbomann employment!!
Oh, man!!! The one year I lived in New Brunswick I made a daily trek over the Maine border to drive the half hour so I could attend an aquarobics class there. It literally saved my life, working out with and talking to the various women there. Without that I am guessing I would probably have taken up drinking full time, and possibly singing melancholic country music as a result. My prowess on guitar, which I took up at 12 and then abandoned at 16, my drunken vocals, and my general predisposition to causing an uproar would have worked against me pretty quickly, I'm sure.

In terms of physical benefit, however, it did not do much for me. But who cares? It got me out of myself and my routine each day.
I love being in the water! I spent most of my childhood and even teenage years begging my parents for a swimming pool. Alas, it did not work. The only thing about swimming, however, is that it seems to make my asthma act up so I have to be sure to use my puffer before I get in the water. I've never taken any water aerobics classes even though they are offered at my gym. I don't know if it's just because I feel weird about taking a class with a bunch of older women or what. I think I should give it a try sometime.
Glad to see you so happy about the man's new job, turbo! Hope he gets it.

Thanks for the pep talk, chacha, wombat, turbojenn. I am feeling a bit better now.

Y'all have got me convinced that water aerobics is the bee's knees. I do something sort of akin to it already, in that I go to pool physical therapy 2-3 times a week and do walking, leg lifts, stretches, kicks, etc. I think I just need crazy 80s techno and old ladies in bikinis smile.gif That would definitely pep it up! (candy, too bad we live far from each other or we could go try water aerobics together!)

I've also realized that there's this pattern where if I haven't seen my physical therapist for more than a week, I start to get angsty and discouraged. So maybe I need to explain to him why I should make an appointment every week, even if he doesn't think I need it (and even if I want to spend that whopping 75 bucks on something else). But goddamn, now that I think about it, maybe blowing that kind of money on a massage every week would make me feel even better still!!

Or or or -- chacha, I think I should take your suggestion about buying myself some cool new workout clothes. I basically put a complete hold on buying workout clothes and shoes since last fucking MAY when I had my injury, thinking that the weight lifting and stuff I've been doing isn't "real" exercise, it doesn't "count", and I don't need to "waste" money on unnecessary workout gear. So I've been wearing the same ragged and way dirty pants (and worn out, stinky shoes) almost every day to the gym. But that reasoning is kind of bullshit, no? I think it might do a lot for me to go get some new trackies.
I think it's high time you took my suggestion for new workout clothes--the ones you've forced yourself to wear--like some kind of punishment!!!--they have to go.

Maybe in a ritual replacement ceremony, where you pile them up on a bonfire, and raise a glass to them as they're consumed in the flames. Contrary to your work outs not being "real" since your injury, they've been transformative. Now that you're actually seeing that about the workouts, the old raggy/smelly stuff has got to go.

Good looking work out clothes make you feel so much better when you wear them. They add to the whole "regeneration" aspect of looking after your body with exercise. Plus, you're body's changed now--firmer, curvacious, prettier and stronger. Show that off!

Yeah!! Do it!!
I think there will be some shopping tomorrow!
octi -- I am with you sister! I need to go get myself some new workout stuff spandex tights are nearly becoming crotchless from stretching and years of wear, and well...its just not a good look, or comfortable! So we shall both report back on out workout gear progress!
new workout clothes are always a good thing! it's like, having them actually makes you want to put them on and head out to the gym. I am in desperate need of new exercise bras because I think all of mine are one cup size too small. ohmy.gif
sorry to be a bit OT, but my understanding of the Lowblaws/organics/GMO sitch is not that Lowblaws deliberately is using GMO foods in its organic lines. Certified organic foods can not come from GMO crops. Lowblaws forbade all organic producers selling stuff in their stores from labelling their products as GMO free because supposedly all of the organic foods and crops are being contaminated by the GMO crap that drifts into other farmers' fields and so forth. Here's an article about it:
I think that's Loblaws' spin on why they did what they did, but the legislation restricting the use of the word organic in their competitors' originating countries is far more strict than it is in Canada: and many organic farmers have been well aware of the issue of contamination of various crops by GMO seed and pollen long before Loblaws' food line came about. Farmers growing organic crops pay a huge amount of money to acquire the certification "organic" and they've been vigilant, and outspoken, about the extra effort they have to make to ensure GMO seed doesn't ruin their crops via contamination. Organic farmers whose crops have been contaminated have actually been fined aggressively, even though they have been outspoken about the dangers of using the GMO seed. It's viciously cruel to the farmers, unspeakably contemptuous of consumers and real farmers alike, but it IS containable. And we could all force our law makers and enforcers to punish the real criminals here--the huge multi national food conglomerates and pharmaceutical makers who are producing the GMO products which can contaminate all our foods. This would be the sensible direction in which to go, and we could have gone quite a long way with the effort if Loblaws actually "got on board" and labelled their organics properly.

I'm not saying Loblaws deliberately chose to use GMO foods in their organics line, but I am saying they deliberately chose not to restrict the foods used in their lines to non GMO foods exclusively, and then they skirted the issue completely with "labelling". That's a big difference, but a very important one to consider when you're actually looking for real food as opposed to frankenfood--and paying a premium for it because the label says "organic". Loblaws isn't the only company guilty of "newspeak" with labelling terms--another one that is truly dishonest is Maple Leaf's "Prime" line of meats, which they claim are only fed "vegetable grain" (though it isn't named which "vegetable" grain is actually used, and the term is vague and ludicrously non-descriptive enough to illustrate that its 100% pure GMO). They're another company which claims to be selling pure, high quality, practically free range meats, when in fact it's just business as usual using more unnatural product.

If for nothing else, reading the labels on the Loblaws "Organics" products is eye opening: they are still highly processed foods, and they often contain trans fats, MSG or hydrolyzed (soy) protein, the non-descript "natural" ingredients for flavouring, or the catch all term "spices" (again, MSG in both cases). Basically the Organics brownie mix, at $4 to $5 a pop, is identical to the No Name brownie mix, at 99 cents a pop. Both use the same refined, enriched white flour (if it's really "organic", who cares? It's still refined and "enriched", meaning nutrient less), the same powdered eggs (a good ingredient to avoid), the same refined white sugar, and the same cheap chocolate. You add the fat and water. Either way, not a food I want to confuse with something "organic".

Consumers who shop for real organic foods will not choose the Organics line because they're aware of these fine points--but consumers who aren't as knowledgeable are really being sold an inferior, more highly priced, and finally unhealthy product.
what does GMO stand for?
I have tried the whole working out thing recently, and although I am starting to get in shape, my body has starting to break out! I take a shower afterwards, but it still happens anyway. Does anybody have tips to aviod having this happen?
Candy, GMO is "genetically modified organism".

Fantaz, welcome to BUST/ the healthy thread! Re: breakouts- are we talking about chest and back? One thing I'd ask is what you're wearing to work out in... ideally you'd wear a tank top that leaves those areas free to breathe, or at least wear cotton, preferably loose-fitting (as opposed to synthetic fibers). Also, are you using weight machines where the break-out areas come in contact with the back support of the machine? Those machines can be nasty, and I wouldn't be surprised if all the bacteria on 'em caused breakouts.
I wear cotton tank tops, and I use work out videos (side note: the Belly Twins Belly Dancing DvDs are sooo fun!).
Shopping done. I bought some spandex, 'cause it's high time I start wearing that shit smile.gif ...I'm still diggin the spandex scene, and also think I look pretty hot in it, but weirdly once I got these pants home and wore them around the house, they seemed to not fit me. They seem huge!! And when I slept in them, they kept sliding down and off during the night. The same thing happened to me when I went out and bought jeans and slacks last month... I thought they were my size, but then they turned out to be huge! Like, I can pull all these pants down and off without even unbuttoning them! It's so weird. I guess my sense of my own body size is still so out of whack from the whole eating disorder/body dysmorphia experience that even trying stuff on doesn't give me an accurate sense of what fits/ how big I am. And/or maybe I'm intentionally buying stuff too big so I can feel smaller when my clothes are falling off me, instead of me bursting out of stuff too small. Or maybe clothes just aren't designed to fit my body well, as there's always been SOME issue with pants not fitting, no matter what size/shape I am. Weird weird weird. Anyway, I guess I can try to shrink shit in the dryer, since I already took the tags off.

And then on the other hand, the shirts I bought (without trying them on, just making assumptions) seemed way small when I got home and put them on. Weird weird weird. I didn't think my breasts/ upper body/ tummy had grown THAT much.

Also: in spite of saying on the boards and elsewhere that I totally don't believe in weighing myself, I'm thinking of doing it. First of all, I feel like I'm enough over all my body/ ED issues that it wouldn't throw me for a loop no matter what the number. Also, because I think it might help me get a more objective, real sense of my body size. Also, because I think it would take away any power that those numbers and those issues have left-- you know, "I ain't afraid of no scale/fat!"

Anyone have anything to relate on all this?

Turbo, how was your shopping venture?

How is everyone else doing with the healthy stuff?
YAY Octi!!!! Congrats on all the new gear, even if you need to return some stuff! I was a lazy bum this weekend, and it was Sooooo cold, I just didn't get out to the burbs to the sporting goods store. I have a tough time with spandex fit too, and I've definitely returned stuff before too, so definitely take it back if its not right for you. I've come to the conclusion to just not accept wearing clothes that don't fit me the way I want them to, even if that means shopping around. for me, the issue with spandex is that I need fairly low rise knickers, because I'm very short waisted....I do not want the waist coming up to my boobs, dammit!

And, I am currently cursing the Food Network for its infernal "chocolate week!" I've been off sugar for 2 months, and all of a sudden - I WANT!! We did go out and get some very dark chocolate with not a ton of sugar in it, nice high-quality stuff, and we're rationing that out. Mmmmm. Otherwise, we're going good on eating....making more soup for some good lunches this week.
turbojenn, your post about your workout clothes becoming crotchless is hilarious!!

i don't know what my problem is with trying to incorporate exercise. i've been really resistant to it. i know i need to do it. my ND told me about a month ago how i need to start exercising. i keep using the cold as an excuse. and the elliptical is in my is staring at me!!

my goal is to start exercising tomorrow for at least 30 min. i'm also trying to get enough sleep. it seems i need 8 hours nowadays. i'm usually the 5-6 hours kid.

i'm still doing pretty good with my nutritional changes. although, i will be honest that i've been eating some of the stuff that i'm sensitive to for the past month. but. for the most part, i love eating healthier.

i guess i need support to get motivated to exercise. argh.
anna k
I hate working out a lot and having to watch what I eat. I can't even handle eating my favorite junk foods. I stopped eating pizza and ice cream. I can't even handle French fries anymore. I gain weight too easily. I exercised all afternoon today in my room while watching TV, doing lots of dance and cardio exercises. I feel better now after exercising and drinking herbal tea.

I like being voluptous but always wanted the thin/curvy look, like Salma Hayek or Scarlett Johansson. More the petite tiny waist/round bust look than being taller with a big chest and a decent but not tiny waist. I'm very healthy, I eat healthy snacks (carrots with hummus, bananas, apples), I exercise almost every day (ballet, modern dance, cardio, yoga), and still my body doesn't fluctuate much. I take Centrum vitamins to stay healthy and get lots of nutrients. My arms and legs are good, and I like it when I feel fitter and stronger. My body in comparison is like Drew Barrymore's or Kate Winslet's.
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