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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Beauty & her Bass
Thanks chachaheels. things have settled down a little for me. 3 days and no crisis calls! yay!

And, my dad and I have now set a goal. We are going to try and lose 25 lbs together. Lets hope it works. My big problem is going to be not eating fast food. I don't really like the stuff, but I drive all day for my job and sadly, fast food is convenient. Also, I tried parking my car further away from my clients homes and walking to them instead of parking right in front...but some of these neighborhoods, I don't trust my car being out of eye-shot.

I wish there was a drive through that served grilled veggie burgers and baby carrots. Oh! Or cucumber slices! yum! That would help my convenient food = bad food dilemma.

Hmmm...anyone want in on a business venture? Ha.
Can I make an anti-fast food suggestion? Carry the stuff you need, including all the snacks you'll need to snack on and avoid, avoid, avoid drive thru's like the plague that they are. If McDonalds, Wendy's, and all the other crap food places out there actually sold veggie burgers and baby carrots, they'd be "facsimiles" and not worth the money you'd pay for them anyway.

Baby carrots all come in bags, and the organic ones are just a tad pricier but the flavour difference is phenomenal, so it's worth it to spend the extra and get the organics. Slicing cucumbers is quick work, nuts and seeds you buy in bulk make an excellent source of protein when you're on a diet and they can save you from fast foods altogether. Even good quality cheese can be carried--a couple of ounces of real cheese, a handful of nuts and seeds, some fresh veggies and a piece of fresh fruit don't take up much space, they make a great lunch, they're cheap compared to fast food meals, and you will not get any rancid or trans fats in your diet, or tons of refined, nutrient deficient foods like the buns and frankenfoods served at any fast food restaurant.

If you can supplement your diet with the right fats every day, some good B12 and folic acid plus other necessary B vitamins, and some chromium picolinate while you make your diet a more protein rich, sugar reduced type of diet, your blood sugar level will stay relatively stable and you'll be able to avoid a lot of the cravings that can result from the "fast food" meals. Also, the real foods you're carrying around have so many more nutrients in them than the fast food--so you'll actually be feeding your body as opposed to just eating a bunch of "product" that doesn't really provide you with much to fuel your body with anyway.

You'll be thinner and richer in no time.
Ooh! Another anti-fast food suggestion: I find that pasta salad/ bean salad type of stuff works great. Just put some veggies and beans or pasta in a tupperware container, splash on some salad dressing, and it'll keep til lunch (and even taste better, since it'll be marinating itself all morning). You can use canned corn, beans, salsa from a jar (for the bean salad) etc. to make it even quicker (eg, don't chop so much stuff). You can whip up a big batch and have it for several days.
Oh, yeah...I love bean salads. My favorite is white beans, chopped roasted red pepper, crumbled blue cheese and balsamic vinegrette. Maybe some green onion. Yum!

Oh, and in the summer I do black beans; corn; chopped tomato, red onion and avocado; then a little olive oil, cumin and lime juice. I make that stuff constantly...bring it to every BBQ or potluck when tomatos are in season. Always a big hit.

I've gotta figure out some fitness/exercise goals for myself...I'm fortunate to love my gym, not that I've been going lately. But the holidays are over and I'm somewhat adjusted to working night shifts again, so it's time!

Beauty & her Bass
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you all for those wonderful food ideas! That pasta salad sounded amazing. I think I'm going to make myself some tonight for tomorrow's lunch.

So far, so good. Day one and I managed to avoid all of the fatty sweets at my aunt's dinner party. The veggie tray and I were BFFs.

We should share some other recipes. My favorite for a quick lunch-meat substitute for my lunches is to get a pack of veggie burgers (the flavored ones are great and better than lunch meat any day) and pop one of those into the toaster while i get ready. After about two go-arounds in the toaster, it's fully cooked, then I crumble it into a wrap with some lettuce, chopped tomato, green onions and a little salsa or some low-fat salad dressing. they're easy and really good.

Tomorrow I start my classes back up at the Y. I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself! I feel like such a nerd!
One of my favourite on the run recipes is a good couscous and chicken one. I whip it up before I leave in the morning or the night before. It's just 1/2 a chicken breast chopped up and cooked in jerk and peanut sauce and then mixed in with a good helping of couscous. I really like it because it tastes great cold or hot. If I'm feeling really ambitious I try to throw in some quinoa too.
Those recipes sound good. Another thing I've been doing for super quick, easy meals is this: I'll boil up a big old pot of pasta (something neat like udon or soba noodles) at the beginning of the week, and have some mixed frozen veggies on hand to steam. Then each day all I have to do is throw some of the noodles in a bowl with steamed veggies (3 min or so is all it takes), maybe fry up a little tofu, and use a different sauce to change things up from day to day.
Okay, I have to say this because, of course, I actually forgot this today.

Eat a breakfast before you leave the house! It is so necessary, and yet hardly anybody does it, and then they end up ordering up McGriddles.

Not just cereal, either (especially if that cereal is Cap'n Crunch, or the like). Protein! Base the meal around that and not around the kind of refined flour foods that are everywhere, such as in pastries, cereals, that kind of thing. I usually do best with eggs (hard boiled, poached, however you like 'em) a little bit of cheese or bacon (cause I eat meat and dairy, though I know others may not) and a small serving of fresh fruit (as opposed to juice--I like the fibre from the fruit instead). Nuts and seeds are good, too; real oatmeal made from rolled oats that you cook up yourself in less than 10 culture yogurt...if you don't have this meal in the morning it is really, really tough to get through the morning without feeling ravenous. I love adding cocoanut oil, spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, and organic cream to the oatmeal too--but I understand that others really want to do "low fat" (though you can lose weight very easily and quickly eating the right fats in your diet, and they also keep you from feeling hungry throughout the day).

The bean salads everyone's written up sound amazing--white bean salads are my favourite, they're so simple and delicious, even if you just mix them with a little hot pepper flakes, mint, cracked black pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. But that blue cheese version sounds mouthwatering.

Another really easy lunch option if you eat fish: I'm finding cans of sliced smoked tuna and salmon in the supermarket. The smoked tuna is often dressed in water or oil with ginger slices; the smoked salmon is usually in water and sliced finely. The cans are inexpensive (about 2.50 each or so), super nutritious, very good, and NO PREP TIME! Yay! I also love the imported Italian tuna packed in olive oil with hot peppers and other veggies...these are a little pricier but they're also a really easy portable meal (or you could use them to dress fresh pasta when you're hungry and want something really delicious to eat ASAP). Sometimes all I have the wherewithall to pull together before I leave is a can of smoked tuna and a small can of lemon stuffed olives imported from Spain (I get these at a little Italian grocery store nearby). For less than $4 I have an amazing lunch, fully prepared and ready to go. The only thing I have to do is find some plastic cutlery, because I'm incapable of remembering to bring my own.
Hi, all, Mind if I join you?

I'm going back to the gym today as well!

Love your breakfast ideas, chacha, I do the same thing! We have oatmeal, fruit, black coffee (good quality doesn't need cream. to me. um.mmmm... usually) and half a peanut butter sandwich with really good quality bread and simple organic peanut butter with no sugar or oil. 3 ounces of orange juice with a vitamin.

It's also a good idea to drink water when you wake up, according to the yogis. We get flavored seltzer water.

Love your canned fish etc. lead, chacha! When I go back to work I will remember that.
Beauty & her Bass
So I did it. I went back to the Y yesterday and joined a new class. It kicked my ass but it was WONDERFUL! The lady that teaches it really gets to know her students and everyone in the class has become friends (they were really welcoming to me though). She kept coming by me and saying "now come on Becky, I know you can lift more than that/jog faster/push harder" It frickin' worked too because I pushed myself that much harder each time. Sorry, I'm still on the buzz from that. Wow.

How is everyone else's workouts going?
good job girls! you inspire me!
Well, yesterday was a completely GORGEOUS day here. Full sunshine, warm with a very mild breeze, the ground wasn't muddy at all, and once I got away from the busy street I live on and turned south towards the farms around me I could see hawks and falcons perched in the trees, starlings everywhere (they're like a moving, undulating cloud at this time of year, especially since ice wine grapes are still on the vines) and the sound of deer moving around in the woods whenever I walked close by. I walked about 7 kms yesterday listening to a podcast of This American Life and came home feeling like I really pushed as far as distance and speed was concerned. I loved it and I'm going to go out and do it again today, as it's slightly more windy and chilly but still really bright and warm out. I'm going to extend the walk even further--go out to the crossroad of another intersection and visit with a friend for a minute or two before walking home again.

I truly think the This American Life podcasts make this not only bearable, but actually something to look forward to!

I've started to take more supplements, which is a temporary thing just because I've made some changes to my diet--I'm cutting out more refined grains than I was before, and keeping my sugar intake down to a minumum (so that means the intake of fruit has to come down too). I am currently taking WAY TOO MANY supplements:

2 caps of cod liver oil
1 tablet of Biotics Research ADHS for adrenal support
6 tablets of BioStrath yeast based full aminoacid/nutrient supplement
2 caps of New Chapter Holy Basil
B12 + Folic Acid sublingual lozenge 1000mcg
mixed B's with lipotrophic factors
and that's bloody enough, all ready.

I feel like these are an extra meal--but I'm not going to be on them for long (well, I'll keep taking the B's and cod liver oil cause grains and I don't get along as well as we should).

When I'm flush with cash, I'll be adding Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA to the list. It's 100% fat--this is an amazing body support fat, and it really helps with fat metabolism in general. It's an amazing tool for healthy weight loss.
i love this american life! i listen to it at work all the time.

i haven't been to my gym since before christmas. i know, bad bad. but i was so busy over the holidays, i hardly had time to sleep, let alone work out. anyway, i was all set to start fresh with the new year when whaddya know, i get knocked out with a cold and fever on the first. but, as soon as i get better, i'm really buckling down.

these recipes are great. i don't have an oven, so i'm always looking for easy things to cook. i tend to cook a big dinner and then bring the leftovers for lunch the next day. i make a lot of beans and rice, and a lot of stew-type things with rice. i like trader joe's chicken sausage, take the skin off and dice it up, and then cook it with onions, green peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and whatever else i have on hand (threw some mangoes in there once and it was fantastic). i also love lentils, maybe boiled with a little veggie bouillon and with some cheese on top. or pita bread sammiches with various fillins. or yogurt. i too am a big fan of nuts.

shush, that wasn't meant to be dirty!

hehe. anyway, a friend of a friend ends up going to the same gym as me and she said she'd help me work out a routine. hope that happpens.

good luck to yall
Beauty & her Bass
I feel horrible right now...but also slightly motivated.

I just saw a picture of my old roommate. This girl and I completely stopped talking the day I helped her move to Cleveland. My friend and I dropped her off and that was the last of hearing from her. Well, it seems that she has been getting old mutual friends (whom I also have not spoken with in years) to message me online and see how I'm doing/if I'm happy/where I am in my life. So, anyway, after a friend brought her up randomly, I looked her up. She used to be about 200 lbs, and now she's got to be about 150? She looks good, really good. And the worst part is, I'm not happy for her, I'm jealous! ARGH! Sometimes I hate this implanted female rivalry notion they raise us girls with.

Anyway, I guess I'm looking at it as motivation. If the girl who spent days in bed eating (I found moldy dishes under her bed when she moved), smoking and watching friends can lose weight, then so can I damn it!

I am woman, hear me roar!

Any other ediets busties? I just signed up a few weeks ago. It's pretty cool.
I signed up for yoga and cardio kickboxing at the Y too. Spending all this money on stuff to help me get healthy-- now I REALLY gotta do it.
today i had to break out the "fat pants" for work today. i wore my regular ones on wed and i was kinda embarrassed cause they were so tight. i keep banging into things with my ass and hips-awesome....

so, through nov-dec i lost 10 pounds. i was working out ok, on and off, but ok. then i felt kinda weirded out about losing weight. and i was really feeling tired and overwhelmed. so i just stopped. i gained that ten pounds back in about 4 weeks-nice.

so, i'm writing that off as an experiment, i feel like i can't lose weight, so that just proved to me how simple it is for me to get this excess 20 pounds off me-it only took a few months to lose ten pounds, so that proves i can do it. now that i know i can lose the weight, i really have no excuses. i'm trying to make a lifestyle change, and make exercising a much higher priority.

my uncle was just diagnosed with type two diabetes, which my grampa had too, so it really brought it home that this is NOT Just about weight loss, and in fact if it was just about weight loss, i p robably wouldn't do it at all. but it's really about health, that's why i'm doing this. or, trying to do this!

my friend who has type 1 diabetes just lost 20 pounds on weight watchers-she said it's really helped her to go to the meetings, i had lunch with her and i swear it felt like a therapy appt because she helped me address certain emotional things, etc. it actually made me change my opinion of WW.

anyways, good luck to all of you. yesterday i walked to the mall and shopped for about 2 hours, then walked home. i only spent $28 and i got three hours of not laying in my bed, so that's cool. the night before me and my boyfriend went for a good walk, tonight i'm going to the gym, and tomorrow we're climbing a mountain-so i feel pretty ok about this week.

man, it's just depressing to work hard at soemthing and then just stop and have all the progress i made get set back. BUT, i did learn something from it, so i guess that's progress....
"now that i know i can lose the weight, i really have no excuses."

I totally get this! I lost 17 pounds in about 8 weeks back in August and surprisingly have only gained about 5 of it back since then, despite not keeping up any of the healthy behavoiurs. Knowing that I can do it on a small scale, just makes it that much easier to go back to it. My plan is to start doing pilates again, eat more veggies and less pre-prepared foods, and to make my lunches to take to work/school. So far it's going good but I'm only on day 3.
ah, yes. i know the feeling. i've lost 17 lbs, 20+ lbs, and 18 lbs - all during the last 16 years or so. and have always gained it back ... though over the course of several years. this time, i vow to keep it off. i'm too goddamned old ... it's too hard to lose now.

and i also have felt much much angry jealousy at friends who have lost weight, especially those who have "inadvertently" shed pounds (not thru illness. i'm not that demented). i am not proud.

i've lost 2.5 of my 5+ "holiday/vacation" pounds, so i feel a tad better.

anyone know of any REALLY EASY SIMPLE yoga dvd's?
I love Rodney Yee's DVD's. The AM and PM ones are good for beginners.

Hey all, I'm the same new year boat: wanting new self and new bod. I've piled on a lot of weight within the last year and become really unfit. I need to build up cardio slowly as my stamina is really poor; lack of exercise has become a major concern as I've been experiencing circulation problems of late. So, desire to look better, feel better and not die are spurring me on! A close friend is also intent in losing weight and becoming fit so I think we'll do one another good by motivating each other; we're starting out with a weekly walk and we're going to start a chi ball class the week after next. Has anyone tried this? I'm also going to try to take in a yoga class (Hatha - any opinions?) or stick to the vids (although getting out is another motivator).

I seem to have a lot of motivators which can only be a good thing. The boy and I are going a beach holiday in August and I want to fit into a bikini so August is my target month to be in lovely, comfortable and curvy shape. I'm not going for any quick fixes but maintaining a good, healthy diet, although that will be a challenge for me - I like my rich and fine foods and my alcohol!

I also have way too much festive chocolate left to eat ...
Yay!! BunnyB!! And her impending trip in August.

I wish I had an impending trip in August, I'm slacking in my walking routine and yesterday I decided to have a "treat" extra sugary drink after dinner with my husband. I should stop doing that: it makes me feel like I have to do twice the work to stay focused and get back to eating and drinking other kinds of foods which might not be quite as much of a treat.

Hope everyone just keeps having plenty of success and motivation.
so, does anyone know when it's healthy/polite to start going to the gym again after one has been ill? i caught a really nasty flu/cold on the first, which spoiled all my plans for a new year of really buckling down about working out (i was doing really well until the christmas busy-as-hell rush hit). i feel *almost* strong enough again to get back on the treadmill or whatever, but i don't want to go and be gross and blowing my nose and coughing every three minutes and obviously giving all my germs to everyone else there. when is the appropriate time to go back?
Mouse, how considerate of you to worry about giving other folks your germs! I think the general rule of thumb is that once your mucus is back to its normal clear-ish color, you're no longer contagious. As for the question of when it's safe for *you* to go back... all I can think of is to listen to your body. Sounds simple, but I'm finding it a bit tricky to learn (yet very rewarding).
Who was talking about listening to This American Life while exercising? I do that too! also, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" which is good, cause it's funny. I would always be the girl cracking up on the elliptical.

Also, I must admit that I love gyms with TVs on the machines. I can seriously work out for twice as long if I'm distracted. Which is probably not ideal, but hey, it works. Actually, last year, I developed this issue with watching hour-long shows: an hour is really too long to stay on a machine, but I'd want to know what happened! So I started watching more "fluffy" shows. This worked especially well last year, when we had no TV reception in our house, so the only way to watch, say, Veronica Mars was to go to the gym.
punkrockgrrrl, thanks for the yoga dvd tip. i think i remember trying rodney yee before, and he was too fast for me. i don't think i'll be ready for any flow routines for a long time.

i've decided to try Yoga For Every Body & Yoga For Inflexible People, based on the amazon reviews. i also bought two blocks, for my hurty knees.

i'm also going to check out curves this week. i know they suck politically, but it's two minutes from my house, so there's a chance i may actually get there at least twice a week. i'm not looking for heavy-duty, i'm looking for a gentle loss of inches. and if i wind up being one of the youngest women there, well, that would be a huge plus ... hee.
I hope this is the right place for this question.
My situation is quite appropriate for the title of this thread, lol, my ass is too big and I'm not entirely sure when this happened! I'm tired of seeing it in the mirror and I'm doing something about it. My question is this: Do diet supplements (fat burners) really do what they promise? I'm doing all the right things to correct this problem - exercising, cutting all the bad stuff out of my diet. But many women talk about hormones and such preventing them from losing weight around the middle (abs, bottom, thighs). There's a supplement out there that addresses this and other issues and I just want to know if it would help. Or, fat burners in general.
I want it to be clear that this isn't an imagined problem, that I'm not worrying over something trivial. I think that when one sees *dimples* (sorry, yuck) and the beginning of *overlap* that it's time to do something.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Jsmith -

I really think taking hormones is a bad idea. Eating better and exercise take time, but it's better for your overall health AND the effects will last longer. If you burn fat quickly through taking pills, it's harder to keep that weight off. Actually, most studies show that the slower you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off. and as far as health goes, you're lucky you put on weight in your ass - women who put on weight around their ass and thighs are less likely to get diabetes and heart disease than those who put it on their abdomen.

Also, things like dimples in your ass or thighs are not necessarily a sign of overweight. Even thin women have cellulite, etc. I'd say keep doing all the right stuff. Stair climbing is really good for those "ass muscles."

Hopefully chacha will also "weigh in" (hahaha, i'm punny!) with natural supplements, since she's our resident guru on such matters.

Oh, and: you know, there's nothing wrong with a bit of extra junk in the trunk. wink.gif
Beauty & her Bass
jsmith - do the elliptical at the gym. trust me...the ass-results are worth the sweat. My boyfriend has developed a new appreciation for my now firm ass...and my stamina is soooooo much better from the workouts. I've tried diet pills and supliments before...but my thought is if you're not working towards losing the weight, then you won't fully appreciate it when it's gone and it will just come right back (well that and I had a small problem with efedra back in the day thank you metabolife and college-life)

so...i'm back at the gym on a regular basis now. usually though, i'm out with the boy on weekends so i don't hit the gym. well today, i did and wow is it different on weekends. weeknights, it's me and the other working shmoes...we're all packin' a little extra around our...well...everythings, and we're all sweating and grunting together. Not today though. It was attack of the tone sorority girls and personal trainers. I left after my 1/2 hour of cardio because i couldn't take how self-concious I was. Yuck.

I have also, however, been set with a goal this weekend. I just found out that I'm in 2 weddings and am going on vacation to the beach this summer. I want to look hot...and not beached whale hot either. So, let the workouts continue!

Good luck this week, girls! You can do it!

p.s. the free this american life podcasts were the best things ever invented!
"Fat burner" supplements don't work. The only thing that burns fat is fire.

You can cause fat to be "broken up" (not "burned", but close) in the body through a process called lipolysis, which takes place when you stop eating sugary, refined foods. Then your body is no longer using glucose from those foods for energy, so it has to make its own glucose by breaking down the fat that has been stored in the body. If you drink lots of water while you do this, you'll be able to "burn" the stored fat rather quickly. This is what the low-carb, high protein diets attempt to do, and why they're actually quite successful.

Big Note: you have to cut the sugars and starchy foods with a high glycemic index/mpact out of your diet in order to achieve this; and it also helps if you eat more protein and fat rich foods at the same time, plus add an exercise regime to your routine. Sounds like you have to cut back on caloric intake, exercise and get active, and drink lots of, a lot like a sensible diet plan, right? No shortcuts there.

Hormones are not the problem in weight loss/weight gain: glandular function, which is always subject to stress, lack or abundance of nutrients, and tons of other factors which determine glandular function and hormone balance (such as the sustained use of artificial hormones like the ones used in the birth control pill, for example) is the problem. You can correct some of this with dietary and life changes, as long as maintaining factors are eliminated (so, if you are taking sustained hormone therapies of any kind, they should be rethought).

No question there are a number of supplements you should take while you do this which will ensure that you're getting all the nutritional support you need while you make these changes. None of them actually "burn" fat off, but there are some that will help you metabolize them more effectively so that you will actually use the nutrients in your food and absorb them. This is the real cause of weight gain--your body's inability to actually absorb and utilize the nutrients in food that are needed by the body. If you can fix that, you won't have to worry about weight gain at all.

Ones everyone should have:

A full spectrum B vitamin complex
which includes lipotrophic factors such as inositol and choline; plus 1000mcg B12 in a methylcobalamin form which you can take every day, in a sublingual tablet form or in liquid drops. B vitamins make a vast difference in the way your body handles stress, which has a huge impact on glandular function particularly in digestion and assimilation. They also replace many of the nutrients you'd get from grain products you're very likely minimizing in your diet in order to make your weight loss possible.

Eat the right fats: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, especially the kind which come from fish oils (for your omega 3's) and from Oil of Evening Primrose (for your omega 6). Because food conglomerates are now applying for government approval to market frankenfood biogenetic food variants of these nutrients, make sure you check your supplement brand to find out the sources for these fats. A bona fide company using the fats that human beings have eaten for thousands of years and know to be beneficial will always post their nutrient sources up front on their labels. Omega 3 fish oils which are traditional and proven to be beneficial come from cold water, deep water fish such as salmon, herring, tuna, and sardines from mediterranean waters. These oils are always distilled and purified before being used in the supplements.

If you are vegetarian and you're using a flax seed oil instead, be sure the flax seed oil is expeller pressed, cold pressed, and organic. Same with the evening primrose oil. All of this information will be made clear on the package labelling.

Cod liver oil supplements are fantastic nutrients whether you are dieting or not, but if you're dieting, the vitamin D and A from this nutrient source is readily absorbed and vital to ensure healthy weight loss. Get a good quality cod liver oil capsule or oil that's distilled and purified, preferably one with a high vitamin content. It's expensive, but it supports the whole body (especially the thyroid, which plays a big role in regulating metabolism).

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a fat that encourages the build-up of muscle and prevents weight gain. CLA is naturally found in butter made from the raw milk of pasture-fed cows, and in the fat of beef and lamb that have also been pasture fed (but it does not exist in these animal foods once the animals are fed even small amounts of grain or processed feed in commercial farming use). If you can find these high quality meats and butter, then you should add them to your diet to get this important nutrient; but since these meats are more difficult to find, you should supplement with CLA capsules.

Trace mineral supplement: should include minerals such as selenium (also found naturally in foods like whole Brazil nuts, and butter made from the raw milk of pasture fed cows), chromium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, and iodine. Trace minerals are vital nutrients. You can't do without them.

AntiOxidants not included in the above lists, which you need: Vitamin C (don't waste your money on the ones labelled "time release" or "ester C"...all the body needs to absorb vitamin C is the ascorbic acid molecule. Get a natural source vitamin C like one made from acerola or sago palm; take in a powder form or tablet form, and take at least 1 gram per day. It helps to keep blood sugar stable and really gives you a lot of support if you suffer from hypoglycemia.

Vitamin E: another nutrient you probably won't be getting much of from your food. Natural source is best, of course. 400 to 800 iu's / day is a standard dose.

CoEnzymes you cannot do without:
Alpha Lipoic Acid--this boosts/recycles/regenerates vitamin C, vitamin E, coQ 10 and glutathione in the body (all good things!) and helps the body to utilize glucose efficiently. Really helpful for those with a diabetic tendency (anyone in your family with that disease? You should be taking this). Food source for this anti-oxidant: red meat, which you will not be eating enough of on a diet. So do supplement with this.

CoQ10--also known as Ubiquinone because it is meant to be ubiquitous in the body--used everywhere. It has a million functions throughout the body, but basically it is really important to the production of energy in the body. We make our own CoQ10, and we get it from food in red meat but much more specifically in organ meats, which almost no one eats anymore in our culture. So you need to supplement with it. It's oil soluble, so make sure you take it with your omega fatty acid supplements on a daily basis. The best kind to get are the CoQ10 supplement capsules that are oil filled--these are the most easily absorbed in the body.
QUOTE(lunasol @ Jan 7 2007, 10:58 AM) *

Who was talking about listening to This American Life while exercising? I do that too!

Luna, I mentioned that I listen to TAL while in the bath and decidedly not exercising, but now that I'm typing this out, I think I wrote it on LJ and not here. Ira Glass is good anyplace, if you ask me.

complete derailment regarding tal, which i am listening to right now (while sitting on my ass at work in my cubicle)

this week's episode is FANTASTIC!

"it seems that they've located this snowman that can benchpress 400 pounds!"
OH! That sounds funny. I've got to listen to it this week! Thanks, Mouse! Hee.
Wow, thanks for the info chachaheels!
I agree, a little junk in the trunk can be good, but unfortunately my trunk like won't close, lol. I went from having nothing in the back to having enough ass for two people.
Hey everyone,

well, much like bunnyb and the rest of you I have just about had it with not being as healthy as I should be. For awhile, i didnt really care, esp in the last few years of college (i swam competitively my freshman year and the 15 miles a day we were doing not only kept the frosh 15 off but made me ridiculoudly fit!). Really, schoolwork and partying were far more important. Now though, i kinda feel like i need to get back to what i was first year in college and high school, when i was doing all sorts of sports. Sooooooooo I joined nutrisystem and have been doing it for a little less then a week and have already lost 15 pounds or so. alot of it is water weight, i know that, but the plan combined with 3 miles of running every day is really making this alot easier then i thought.

that being said, while nutrisystem does have bulletin boards that are quite helpful, i couldnt think of another place where i would get better support and advice then with my busties.

i hope everyone had a great new year and is ready to really get this healthy thing going. i know we all owe it to ourselves to be both healthy and happy.
I would trade junk in the trunk for a bony ass just about now.

Anyway, I haven't listened to this week's TAL yet--I'm timing my daily walking exercises to Ira Glass and his show and I haven't reached that one yet (just finished listening to one on "reruns" though, which was brilliant). I try to walk as far as possible during that hour long time--I'm up to 7km/during that hour, but it is still not as easy for me to do this as I'd like. Yet.

And it is finally starting to become cool here, so I need the extra motivation to get out and walk even though it might be snowy or extremely blustery or just plain bloody cold. I've been really, really spoiled this year in having an extended September, all the way to today.
well, i did ok last week, considering i didn't actually make it to the gym. i decided there is no reason i can't do pushups and crunches every night. and, once i get down there to do them, i end up doing a lot more other stuff. so, that's good.

tonight i'm planning on going to the gym. hopefully i'll be able to drag my lazy ass there.

i'm starting to realize that exercise is something that i'm going to have to schedule in, just like a class or work or whatever. i have to treat it as importantly as i treat my other commitments. i used to have a lot of walking just naturally built into my schedule, but now that i'm an office drone, i don't, so i have to schedule myself time for gym workouts.

it's weird to me-this is all totally under my control, so why don't i do it? why do i seem to prefer beating myself up etc, to just consistently doing the work? although, that ? is a lot bigger than just my butt, that's how i've been living my life, like nothing is really worth putting the effort into. bleh.

anyways, had a big salad for lunch so at least i'm getting some nutrients.
Beauty & her Bass
I got some good news this week. First, I lost 3 lbs last week (yay!) and then I found out that a chipotle vegetarian burrito bowl without cheese and sour cream has about 650 calories. Not bad at all since it's got veggies in it and fills me up right nice. MMMMMMM MMMMMM good!

And tonight is my ass-kicking treadmill/cardio class. I'm excited!

maddy, you do it for the same reason everyone else here does. at least you can sit on your ass and watch tv or eat while beating yourself up. that is still considerably more fun and entertaining and easy then going to a gym smile.gif at least for me it is. how about no more beating ourselves up and just feeling good about the even minor accomplishments we have everyday?

thats so cheesy and rah rah rah cheerleader-like but honestly, its one of the only ways i can stay motivated.
Hi all-
I need some exercise advice. Starting the day after the Super Bowl, Le Boy is going to be participating in a "Biggest Loser"-type competition with his brother and his brother's friends. They all put in $50 and whoever loses the greatest percentage wins the pot at the end of 10 weeks.

I don't think I'm going to participate in the competition, but I am going to improve my eating habits along with him (there's no way we could eat two different diets, living in the same house.) I quit WW a year and a half ago and I've gained it all back.

Le Boy got a stationary bike for Christmas. He plans on using it as his only real form of exercise, doing about 45 mins. 5 days a week. His options are limited because he has cerebral palsy in one of his legs. It doesn't hurt for him to walk, but he tires easily from it. Also, he has flexibility issues because of it. I think it will help him in terms of his cardiovascular health, but will it really be effective at helping him lose weight and build muscle (in other places besides his legs)?
It probably won't do much for his arms and upper body, but it will, as you said, give him a good cardio work-out. What are his mobility limitations? Maybe someone will be able to pick out a good routine made up of simple exercises he could do if you posted that, Pollystyrene.
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jan 9 2007, 04:23 PM) *

will it really be effective at helping him lose weight and build muscle (in other places besides his legs)?

Yes. It would be best if he could also combine it with some toning exercises: pushups, situps, leg lifts, that kind of "gym class" stuff. You burn calories by doing cardio when your heart rate rises. Toning exercises (including weight lifting and yoga) build muscle, which increases metabolism and makes you burn more calories doing cardio. So, the best workout program would probably be 3-4 days a week of cardio for at least 30 minutes plus 3-4 days of toning (alternating days). Combined with a diet too.

Note that this comes from someone with absolutely no qualifications or anything (I'm not even in good shape), so he should ask his doctor.
Polly, I've got lower-body mobility issues, too... like chacha said, if you post some more detail I might be able to give some input. But the bottom line is, cardio exercise (combined with eating right) makes you lose weight in general, not just from one part of the body. So called "spot reducing" is a myth. Building muscle is a different story altogether: if you really want to build strength and/or mass, you've gotta do resistance training (eg weight lifting) on the part of the body you want to build, because cardio won't get you there even though it does build *some* muscle.

All that said, he can totally lose weight and build tons of muscle despite his limitations. Good luck to both of you!

ETA: cross post with kayte. What she said!
Mostly, he walks with a pronounced limp. The muscles in the back of his right calf are the affected ones, so he can't put his heel down on the ground. I have a couple of DVD's, one's yoga and one's pilates, both designed to help with weight loss. I haven't looked at either of them yet, but I wonder if there's some stuff he could do.

He'd probably be able to do push-ups or sit-ups and weight lifting, though. It's taken him this long to decide he needs to do something, so it will take more convincing to get him to do more. rolleyes.gif
I'm sure the pilates will have some lower back muscle building exercises ( one example: you lie flat on your back, lift your shoulders and arms straight over your chest and pointing out ahead of you, bend your knees up, and very gently but firmly move your arms and shoulders ahead to strengthen the abdomen and lower back muscles while stretching the upper spine. There are other variations of this, all using slight but precise movements and all never completely "vigorous" like other calisthenics or aerobics type exercises, but they are really effective with building muscle strength). It may be easy for him to do these exercises without putting any strain on the parts he finds most difficult to move, just because pilates are designed to target specific muscles and muscle groups.

The yoga will also help, as it isn't going to be jarring and he can go far just by doing "as much as he can". Yoga doesn't exactly build up muscle but it does tone and many of the exercises actually change gland function and muscle structure/formation in themselves (in the long term!). But Octi's right: resistance training's the way to build up muscle mass and tone. Luckily you can work on specific areas and focus on toning those areas primarily.
I just wanted to thank all of you Busties for recommending "This American Life" while walking. I usually listen to pretty upbeat music during my workout (think Gym Class Heroes or Taking Back Sunday). But today after I did my normal 45 minutes on the eliptical with my poppy and punky music, I walked another 45 on the treadmill listing to TAL. I loved it! What a nice way to end my workout. Thanks ladies smile.gif
yay me-i worked out last night-weights and 40 minutes on the elliptical. ususally i listen to music, but my mp3 player is broken, so i plugged my headphones into the tv-dang! that was so great! it made the time go by sooo much faster than just staring out of the window. is there anything bad though, about watching tv while working out?

the only bad thing at my gym is when the few choices on the TVs above the ellipticals/treadmills are overdramatic game shows, reality shows, or fox news. then i bring a mag.

ps... i got a few stares the other nite while the title of my copy of Bitch was peeking over the top of the treadmill. losers.
Beauty & her Bass
Nickclick: I still think the older folks in my gym thing BUST is a tittie magazine. I never thought of bringing Bitch though...the non-glossy pages would be soooo much easier to read with the stupid florescent gym lighting.

I joined Weight Watchers the other day. Has anyone had any luck with them before? My boyfriend swears that it's just a cult...but right now, I'm thinking a cult would at least spice up my social life!
QUOTE(Beauty & her Bass @ Jan 10 2007, 10:53 AM) *

I joined Weight Watchers the other day. Has anyone had any luck with them before? My boyfriend swears that it's just a cult...but right now, I'm thinking a cult would at least spice up my social life!

I lost 45 lbs on WW a few years ago... No they do not pay me to say that, it's just the truth. However, the fat came back with a vengeance. Thing is, you gotta be really into it for it to work. If you get a good leader and people you like in the class it's easy-peasy.
Polly, I've got some possible suggestions about weight training/ exercise your boyfriend could do. Can you please clarify if his quads, hamstrings, and so on (all other leg muscles) work fine? If so, there's TONS he can do! I mean seriously almost unrestricted, because so many weight lifting machines and exercises can be done with only one leg (or one leg at a time, for those who are 100% able bodied). If other muscles are impaired I'm sure he can sitll do plenty of things but I'd have to think of ways to maybe modify stuff.
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