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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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yay mouse!

i haven't been to the gym or really worked out in a couple of weeks. i'm going for a jog tonight, so hopefully that'll jump start me.

i do great for a week, and then i just slack. i keep trying and then i just don't do it. but, i figure as long as i keep coming back to exercise, it's good. and maybe eventually i'l ljust get more used to building it into my life.

lately i've just been wanting to sleepin in the mornings and have zero interest in going to the gym. but my body is hurty and sore feelign and i know it's from not working out.

Cool, mouse! How's the gym? How'd the process of choosing it go?
haha, the process of choosing it was i picked the one closest to my house, went and checked it out, it seemed fine, so i signed up. location is big for me--if it weren't close i'd never go--and this one is not only a couple minutes drive from my house, it's also on the way home from work. but it seems really good--it's kind of pricey but all the classes are free (except for like, kickboxing and something else i'd never take), they have a pool, a sauna, and i get one free personal training session. i'd like to do more training but i haven't the $$ right now.

i go for the session on monday; i have way too much work to do tonight to go (i signed up yesterday) but i'm gonna go tomorrow and just sort of feel it out.

to be honest, i'm totally freaked out about it, since i've never joined a gym before and really don't love the idea of working out in front of people, especially people who are more in shape than i am (plus this gym is in downtown los angeles, so the standards are set kinda high. yikes). but i'm going to stick it out cos i'm not gonna waste my money, and i finally want to actually get in shape for real. i'm in good enough shape that i can run a couple of miles and i don't get outta breath when climbing stairs or anything, but i have a good amount of extra flesh that should be doing something useful like being muscle.
Hey Mouse, congratulations. You know how it can be in LA with people so focused on themselves? Well, multiply that by a few thousand and it might be that way at the gym where NO ONE will be paying attention to anything or anyone but themselves. I am not kidding.

But you go and have fun, you hear?

I always wanted to join Crunch in LA when I lived there, but I never did.

I have nothing new to report. I've been meaning to make an appointment for a body comp test once and for all so then I can get another one done in a few more months, but I just keep putting it off for no good reason. It's not like it's going to tell me I'm 50% fat or anything. I think I'm putting it off for the same reason I keep putting off getting my cholesterol checked again. Not a smart move, is it?

Fina, that's sad about who would have been your father-in-law.

So what exactly happened in 1912, huh? blink.gif Why was it such a monumental year? Besides the opening of Fenway Park and the sinking of the Titanic, that is.
1912 was approximately the first year anyone in medical school studied heart attacks, and heart disease in general, in a teaching/learning forum in North America. I can't speak for other countries, as I'm not as read-up on the medical history there, but there was no standard for education in North American conventional medical schools until after 1910. A very small number of schools taught in depth courses (closer to the 3 years' basics required now) but the vast majority taught whatever they felt was appropriate. Some docs learned a great deal of stuff we think is important now, others not so much.

If you want to know more about why that time frame was so important (I doubt it's of interest to anyone who's not obsessed with medical history in the US, but, if you are, here you go) Harris L. Coulter's book Divided Legacy goes into a lot of detail about the creation of the AMA and its impact on the medical "scene" of the late 1800's and early 1900's. Explains a lot about why we are where we are today, especially in terms of access/lack of access to a variety of effective alternative treatments in general.

If you are obsessed about medical history, the best part is you won't be a sucker for the lie that women have only been allowed to be doctors since only recently. It's especially empowering to learn how many women actually opened and ran medical schools all over the US up till the early 1900's (schools which didn't discriminate between gender, and often didn't discriminate racially either); and that many women practiced successfully as doctors as well.

Mouse, I think that everyone at the gym is worried about how they compare to other people, and that everyone finds themselves somehow "lacking", including the ones we'd all think were incredibly accomplished and fit. I take a great deal of comfort from that, and find it to be kind of freeing! You can think about a lot of other how good it feels to be doing something completely for your own benefit for a change.

anna k
I wish I was really petite and small, like compact and easy to scoop up. I get jealous of seeing Hollywood actresses (Rose McGowan, Scarlett Johansson) being called curvy when my tits are way bigger or they still look like small-shaped women with small bustlines and small hips. No matter what I do, I can't make my breasts shrink to a full but less overwhelming size. It sucks when I want to be a compact, petite woman dressed in vintage dresses and look small and delicate, ladylike. I like my body how it is, it's strong and curvy and slim at the same time, but I still get jealous of tiny famous women, wanting that same small shape.
Hi everyone. I haven't been in here in quite a while. I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks and I just haven't been motivated to go at all. I think I'm feeling discouraged because there is such a huge amount of weight that I want to lose. If I wanted to be at a nice healthy weight I would have to lose almost 100 pounds.

I'm not even looking to lose that much just yet but I'm feeling confused a lot about food. I know I have some major food issues (mostly overeating when I'm depressed) and even when I don't feel the urge to overeat I just feel like I don't know what I kind of choices to make. I'm so frustrated!
hey cg, how about making it your goal to lose five pounds. that isn't too hard, you can do that without it being a big pressure cooker right? after that focus on losing another five, then another and another. just focus on where you're at in the moment, take small steps and be encouraging towards yourself.
I think everyone feels a little intimidated starting out with any thing...after all, whatever major thing we set our minds to do is always something that takes a lot of commitment. Otherwise we'd never have trouble doing it.

Pepper's got the right idea--don't commit yourself to losing 100lbs. Instead, make a smaller, more attainable goal and resolve to make some easy changes to start yourself off. Once you accomplish that first step, it feels much easier to do what you need to do to accomplish the next one.

As for what to eat--you can get really technical and specific here, but if you want to do some life-style changing in a less obvious way and get really noticeable results almost without effort, start by cutting out all processed, pre-packaged and prepared, and fast foods. Just do that: make your own meals, eat at restaurants that are likely to serve you real food, prepared from scratch and not just defrosted and warmed up in a microwave; choose fresh, real ingredients and prepare your foods yourself. Substitute water, teas, or coffee for super sugary fruit drinks and softdrinks. You don't even really have to concern yourself with portion size or calories when you do this--at least not in the beginning. You're just taking out a lot of the refined foods, trans fats, soy, monosodium glutamate and its derivatives, and excess sugars that make up these prepared foods and substituting them with nutrient rich foods you prepare yourself. Just by doing this you'll be eliminating a lot of problematic foods--highly refined carbohydrates and sugars, rancid and denatured fats, poor quality proteins which don't provide your body with sufficient nutrients to help it carry out all its vital functions and tasks.

You don't even have to think about supplementing with anything at this stage, unless you want to. There are all kinds of nutrient supplements you can use to help you support the body so that it can function optimally--which really makes a difference in weight loss. But one thing at a time.

I'd also suggest making a choice about adding activity to your routine as well. Again, you don't have to go from zero to 120 mph.-- just pick something to do on a daily basis that you can fit into your life easily. Like a twenty minute walk, daily. You'll be far more active as you go along, but it's easier to establish a routine if you start small and just keep working at it than if you decide to throw yourself into a 2 hour power walking daily routine from the word go--and then find it's hard to work into your schedule after all.
here's another good one, i live on the third floor and have resolved to always take the stairs up and down instead of the elevator, especially with a load of groceries or laundry. it makes opening the door on my own interesting but it's an exercise in keeping my temper in check while i use my butt and leg muscles so it's all good.
a teeny, tiny thing in the grand scheme but it ends up making a difference. if i do five small things like that, all of a sudden i've conquered a twenty minute workout every day without really doing much of anything.
Thanks for the tips. I talked to my doctor and she was really helpful. She knows that my weight is a big issue for me and we talked about certain things like how I should look at losing weight in little chunks, make small changes that I can live with. I also needed to be reminded that it's not a walk in the park and it will take some effort on my part. I know that one of my biggest issues is emotional eating and we talked about that too. I'm feeling better and a bit more motivated today.
Candy, I'm glad you're feeling better about things! And glad that you have a cool doc.

Also: you can do it! Seriously. There may be setbacks here and there, but it seems like you're truly motivated, and for the right reasons, which makes a big difference. (eg, this isn't motivated by self-loathing.)

Do you have any other coping mechanisms that work well for you when you're feeling emotional? If so, how could you maximize your use of those? And if not, maybe we could help you brainstorm some.

I think another really helpful thing is to just find some sort of physically active activity that you love-- so it doesn't feel like a chore to work out, but you actually look forward to it. For me, that was always hiking and dancing. (And to a lesser extent, kickboxing/martial arts.) What are/might you be into?

I think if you focus on those two things (emotional coping and activity), the pounds will start to disappear without you even worrying about dieting per se. Oh, and luckily enough: physical activity can be a great coping mechanism!

For the record: Oh my gosh, being in here makes me long for the days when I can be physically active again. I'm going on six months of being sedentary now-- and I mean sedentary, eg barely being able to walk a block. If only I could have one day where I could dance... or hike... oh my god, that would make me so happy. (mm. I'm crying now.)


So I found this site that reviews workout tapes and then searched ebay. I came up with TurboJam which was delivered yesterday and I quite like it. I just did the "learn" part and then a short workout. Makes me feel better because I'm not sitting here being lethargic thinking about how I should get out in the snow and make my way to the Y.
ej, what's it all about girly? i need some kinda help with the work out action, my butt's gotten so flippin' lumpy over the last few months. really, cellulite from outta nowhere, gah!
It's got five different workouts on it.

Learn & Burn
20 Minute
Turbo sculpt
Cardio Party
Ab Jam
+Bonus Ab workout

Sounds silly, but it's actually really good. Went by super fast and the girl who leads you isn't too annoying. At the end I was actually pretty into it. I did the first two today. During the "learn" part she teaches you the 11 basic moves and then you do a 16 minute workout which is the "burn". Then I did the "20 minute workout" and it was pretty good.

The "turbo sculpt" I looked at briefly, and it was a 40 minute free weight/cardio workout, but apparently you do'nt have to use the weights. I really like that throughout the workout she always tells you to go at your own pace and has two girls in the back doing slightly less strenuous moves.

I haven't looked at the second dvd yet but I heard the 'cardio party' is pretty fun.

After shipping it cost me $55 Canadian. If you get it from their site it's $72 US, but they seem to constantly be selling on ebay.

Here's the review site I found. Reviews of each section:
aw, octi, don't cry! Why have you been sedentary?

And thanks for the tips. One of the main things that I talked about with my psychologist is that when ever I'm pissed off or if there's just something going on that I don't like I use it as a reason to eat badly. I told her that I'm not always necessarily overeating but just that a lot of the time the foods I choose are horrible. So now I've been feeling more aware of when I'm making excuses to eat.

Also, last night I said something and it didn't really hit me until today just how simple it is. I went out to a club and I was going to drive my friend and her roommate home. One minute the roomie wanted to get food and then suddenly she changed her mind and I was just like "What's the deal? You're either hungry or your not."

And I think that's basically gonna stick with me now. You're either hungry or you're not. Right now, I'm actually hungry!
Turbokick/jam is super fun. I've never used the videos, only done the class, but based on that I highy recommend it.

Candy, with this realization, are you going to try to not go and eat when you're pissed, or are you going to let yourself do that but just go to healthier foods?

I've been sedentary because I messed up my knees about six months ago and they just are taking forever to heal. (Partly, I'm starting to think, because of poor medical care, but I don't want to focus on that because I'll get pissed, and because what can you do now?) ... Please, ladies, if you're starting to get more active, take care of yourself. Specifically, make sure if you're doing lots of cardio you do enough weight training to stabilize your joints so they can take all the abuse. And go to a doc at the first sign of trouble, don't wait.
thanks ej, that sounds good. i need something, that's for sure!
Octi, I'm going to try not to eat just because I'm angry. Unfortunately that didn't end up happening tonight and I ended up purging but that's a whole other story.

With the exception of tonight, I've really been getting better at actually just listening to my body. So far the only trouble I've had is when I feel kind of hungry but not totally hungry. Now I just have to work on what I'm actually eating.

I hope your knees get better. I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks and I actually should be going because my left kneecap has dislocated three times and I was told that I should do weight training to help preven that from happening again.
Purging because of anger--not so unusual, especially if it isn't voluntary.

I'm curious about the kinds of foods you reach for when you eat out of anger.
Well, last night it was Burger King. I had already been in the mood for a chicken sandwich and I hadn't eaten dinner. Anyway, I had a very shitty experience with a guy last night so when I was going home I went to the BK drive through but instead of getting just the sandwich I also got a whopper jr. with cheese and onion rings. I came home, at the whopper, the onion rings and about 2/3 of the chicken sandwich and then threw it all up.
Sorry, I guess this should be more in the eating disorders thread. This definitely is not healthy.

I think I usually tend to go for something chocolate when I'm upset. But like I said, with the exception of last night, I've been getting better at not reaching out for bad foods when I'm upset.
Candy, it sounds like at least you're not beating yourself up too much about the purge, so that's good. Sorry you had a shitty guy experience.

My knees thank you for the good wishes. As far as yours go: I don't know so much about knee dislocation but if your knee doesn't stay in place right (which is basically my problem at this point too) strengthening your quads would be really healthy. Depending on how delicate they are these days, you might be able to go right to a leg press machine. If not, there are gentler exercises for it. Oh, and, I think they say that your hamstrings should ideally be about 80% as strong as your quads.
i am bumping this thread to announce that i DID join a gym, and i was terrified of it for a while, and now i've been going every other day for about the past two or three weeks and i'm very pleased with myself. i haven't really noticed any difference between now and when i wasn't exercising, but i think results come slowly and mostly i'm just happy knowing that i'm working out regularly.
Well, all the talk of good gyms and great gyms in here has inspired me to re-think where I've been working out and I've narrowed the decision down to 2 different gyms, neither one too far away from home and both with better hours of operation.

I'm leaning towards the more spa-like gym as opposed to the more university style gym. Is there anything you guys have found, as a feature, that's really made the gym ideal for your purposes--like having a pool, or sauna, or special classes--something you didn't originally think about as a necessary feature that has turned out to be really important?
anna k
I hate that my stomach gets easily bloated. At first I thought it was fat, but I've been exercising twice a day for the past few days and it still remains bloated. It stretches my stomach out and hurts my back. Gas-Ex doesn't help much, I just exercise to relieve it. I didn't pig out on Thanksgiving, I ate normally and stopped when I was full, avoiding too many starches (butternut squash, yams, biscuits, etc.).

I bought a new DVD, Dance to Fitness. It's part of the Method series (Jennifer Kries and her crew), and it's one of my favorites. I took ballet for several months, and I like recognizing steps and practicing them. It also has modern dance and mambo in it, so I enjoy dancing and learning steps.

I hate having to be aware of my body shape, like keeping active so I don't get lazy and have fat settle in. I watch what I eat, and I don't eat pizza or ice cream or drink soda or eat chips or any junk food, I drink water and green tea a lot.
Chacha, personally I'd prefer the spa-like gym. I don't know what that even means, but I know I go to a university-like gym and it's sort of lame.

If you want, you can check out my post on Oct 20 about choosing gyms. One thing I'd definitely recommend is checking out the gym at the time you'd work out to make sure it's not crazy crowded, and getting a schedule of the times that classes are offered to see if you'd be able to make them.
one thing i like about my gym is that, while it's not a women-only gym, it has a separate, smaller room for women with a few machines and weights. while we're certainly allowed to use any of the machines in the main gym, sometimes it's nice to have that privacy if you're trying something new or just know that if all the treadmills in the main gym are taken up, there's probably a free one in that room.

other than that, yeah--i'd visit the gym when you would normally go, to see if it's too crowded. mine has a pool and sauna but i haven't used either yet.
A "spa" type gym has things like a swimming pool and hot tub for soaking, a sauna, a tanning bed (not that those are ideal, but in the winter I do feel so much more warmed up from sun exposure--I love it!), and they have staff on hand to do things like Reiki, or shiatsu, or just plain old massage therapy. Some, of course, are more extreme--offering skincare, and the like. The one that's local that I'm considering doesn't go that far.

They also try to schedule classes for specific types of exercise, like certain types of yoga. Though I am not a yoga kind of gal.

The university gym that I used nearby last year was basically a glass enclosed room filled with weight machines, mats, and free weights. It was always packed like the devil, and the pool was another mile and a half treck across the campus. And you could only use it on specific dates and times. And parking was brutal.

I also want to know: how attached are you to the idea of female only vs. men and women both using the facilities, and why? Is it because of access to equipment? Is it because of safety? I've never considered actually deciding on a gym before (I know, idiotic--but I'd just go and use what's there without questioning whether it was the best thing, and make arrangements for stuff they didn't offer on my own).

The idea to visit the gym during the time I want to go--great common sense, and something that totally slipped my mind! Thank you for reminding me of that Octi.

Last night M. ChaCha and I went out to St. Catharines--which has a downtown area that is so wasted, with plenty of beautiful old buildings that could be easily refurbished to make an amazing neighbourhood and area for the university and college students in town. But no (and can you tell it's one of my favourite rants?). Anyway, I found this really beautiful gym, just for women only, located right in the downtown area--reminded me of the gym that Amilita posted photos of--gorgeous high ceilings, lovely original architectural features, a beautiful pressed tin roof that was installed about 90 years ago--just kind of "grand". It seems to have it all and it looks so tempting, but I've not looked close yet.
Anna K, I hate being bloated too. Although, lately been eating a lot of really bad foods due to an extreme deadline at work. However, I've been trying to drink more water and run more.

I'll have to check out that dvd. I need to first move to a place where I can work out more. smile.gif
Okay, so I haven't been to my gym in about two months but the part I like about it is that there is a women only room. I find it nice if I'm using free weights because the free weights in the co-ed part are all way too heavy and that area is always full of like, beefcake guys who look at me like I'm a weakling when I try to do my exercises. Plus, my old gym was really small so whenever I'm in the women only part it reminds me of my old gym which I miss sooooo much!
I like the idea of a small place too, for some reason. I feel lost in those cavernous multi-plex big company gyms.

So I checked out the one in the downtown area, and it turns out the be the women's only section of another health club that's open to all. The other club has been around for more than a decade and it's a 24 hour gym. The women's gym is smaller, it looks well equipped (free weights, classes, weight machines/steppers/treadmills bikes for spinning) but, sadly, no pool or sauna or other things I love (they're like an after-the-fact reward. The cost is lower than what I was paying at the university gym though--and there I had a big discount because I a student!
I'm going to check it out today during a time I'd pick as my "normal" work out time.
I chose my gym because, well, it's the only gym within walking distance of where I live (except for curves, and I didn't want to join curves). but something that I realized I liked about it was the people who I see there - a really diverse mix of beginners, weekend warriors, and folks who look like they might run marathons in their spare time. and the trainers aren't scary spandex types. they just look normal and healthy, not super-thin, not fake. and! every time I go into the weight room there are women AND men in there. some lifting massive weights. some not. it's all cool.

I once belonged to a gym in another neighborhood and it turned out to be very popular with the local weightlifter crowd. so I always felt intimidated in the weights room - I was ALWAYS the smallest person there and almost always the only girl. and the muscle dudes would always convince the front desk guy to blare loud, annoying music in the weights room too. my new place has okay music and it's quiet enough that I don't hear it with my ipod.

anyway, good luck to all the gymgoers! I've been totally spacing out my workouts lately... zoning out on the bike for thirty minutes while reading a dumb magazine or something, then slacking on my usual stretching and weights routines, skipping a rep here or four sets there. My body is at the gym but my mind isn't and I hate that. I get home and think, was I just at the gym? huh? I used to really focus on gym-time. which meant I'd work harder, get really sweaty, and take a break from thinking about other stuff. this hasn't been the case recently and it's bugging me. boo.

and I gotta wear a revealing dress to my friend's wedding in two weeks. BOO. upper arms. booooooo.
flyingfrog, you're lucky you don't have to deal with loud music. Although I haven't been to my gym in like...two months ohmy.gif I know that one of the things I can't stand is that I can always hear the music even with my headphones on. The other thing I can't stand is the crazy steroid weightlifter guys who feel the need to drop their weights!! There are signs all around asking people to not drop their weights but they still do it!

I'll never forget the time I was taking this yoga/tai chi/pilates class and at the end of it we just did that relaxing thing where we lie down and completely relax our bodies. It was nice and relaxing until...BOOM suddenly the drop of a 50 or so pound weight reverberated throughout the room. And it kept happening right until the end of the class!
My big problem with gyms is that they are pricey. My health is important to me but when it comes down to the choice between the monthly membership fee and say, buying myself food and that sort of thing, food wins. I liked that as a part of college my access to the school gym and all the yoga classes was free. But sadly since graduating a couple years ago and trying to find my footing as a real adult, that sort of an expense falls way behind things that require immediate attention like my rent and bills. My first true love, snowboarding, I will spring for because I'd go crazy without my trips up the mountain. But with the lift pass price, it's definitely a luxury that I'm sort of glad is only for part of the year. smile.gif
i know! it's really not fair. i was lucky to get a special deal--two months free--just from a mailing...if i were you, i'd give them your info and act like you're interested, but not sign up, and usually they'll send out mailings with promotions. i would love to have a personal trainer to kick my ass and show me what i'm doing wrong, but there's no way i can afford that...

but running shoes and a couple of free weights/cans of beans aren't expensive. i would've kept running on my own except that now that it's winter when i get home it's way too dark for me to feel comfortable running alone (my neighborhood is not known for it's total safety).
yeah, it is crazy how much some gyms charge... clementine, is there a ymca near you? I used to belong to a y and it was pretty damn reasonable. I forget the exact price but I joined during some new year promotion and it was way cheaper than the other gyms nearby.

I should stop talking about the gym and actually GO to it today.

but it's cold and I'm overworked and cranky and hey, I could just sit here and munch granola bars, right?, no, not right. oy!
I just wanted to pop in and say that after months of not going I finally dragged myself out to the gym and it really helped to make me feel nice and refreshed. I am determined not to gain even more weight during the holidays!
Good job, candycane. I've worked out for the last 4 days after a longer than usual hiatus and it feels really good to be getting back in the routine, even if I can only squeeze in 20 minutes a day or so.
candycane, I'm also not going to gain weight over the holiday because I am at my fattest pants and I refuse to buy fatter pants! I went to the gym today too, it feels great but I always have to seriously kick my own butt to get there. I have a Y membership because it's closest... $50 a month, but my boyfriend's is $20 (you don't have to be married to get the "spouse" cost for the second person).
i haven't gone in over a week *shame*
i've just been SO FREAKING BUSY. work+freelance+christmas+extra work because i'm taking more days off for xmas than i should=NO TIME LEFT.

as soon as i get back, though.
ugh, i have to draaaaaaaaaag myself to the gym each time, but i like it when i get there, and feel better when i leave, yet the next day i somehow erase those memories from my brain and dread going again. der.
I read some quote in a cheesey fitness magazine that read something like "Do you ever drag yourself to the gym, work out, then regret going afterward?" Of course not smile.gif Pretty lame, but true.
The gym sucks. Those places are such. forking. unhealthy. places. I feel 100000% better about excercising now that I have gotten the fork away from gyms.
So where do you exercise now?
I agree about gyms. I recently quit my gym and joined a community center. I love it!!
Oh, okay--I see. I always just focused on the equipment access part, and thought of them as the same kind of thing.

But I think I'd rather any money I spent on the whole process went to fund a community centre too. There are a number of really well equipped community centres in Toronto, but none, unfortunately, that are close to where I live now.

I know what you mean about location, ChaCha. I actually decided to join this community center because it is closer to my new house than my old gym was. If I can't walk or ride my bike, I never go! Portland has amazing community centers in every neighborhood. Detroit (where I grew up) has none. I think that they are a great (and affordable) place to exercize and connect with community.
Beauty & her Bass
I can't wait for this weekend to be over already. I havn't been able to sneak away to the gym for the last...well...pretty much two weeks now. With the holidays being here...all my clients needed me 24/7 to drive them to get things for their kids or figure out how we're going to pay for their light bill (social worker) and i've been so stressed and so crunched for even my own time that I just couldn't get myself to go. And finally, I have free time this weekend, but tomorrow and monday my Y is closed. So no working out for me. TUESDAY CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH!

at least I get to drag the boy out for a walk today. Cleveland is eerily warm right now.
I've been taking advantage of the really mild weather to walk around, too. I'm getting into a kind of routine about it, which is going to be hard to deal with once the snow finally comes (as I'm sure it will). It's not really rigorous as a workout , but where I live I can easily walk for five to ten kilometres just by selecting a route that covers the next "block" or so. I go south one block, then walk east, and from there I can cover 2 kms or 5 before turning back. If I can keep that up at a brisk pace and remember to use my arms when I walk, I can get a pretty good workout.

Right now, all I'm seeing is strangely green, herby fields around me, and vineyards that have been netted for ice wine (though it's getting doubtful that the temperature will plummet to the depths necessary to make that harvest take place, as it hasn't even hit "freezing" yet, and we're in January already). It's all disturbing but as a lifelong Canadian who has a difficult time with snow I'm in love with the extra season of mobility this warmth affords me, even though I know it can't be good. I'd rather have to drive through the snow to get to the gym, if you want to know the truth.

Beck--sounds awful being at everyone's call, as you are. I hope when the holidays are really done things can get back to order for you. I always believed that a big part of the problem for so many women is the fact that everyone else gets prioritized in our lives before we do, and we end up paying for it with our health. I hope things settle down for you ASAP; and I hope you enjoy your walk, too.
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