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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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*delurking (again)*

Artemis - congratulations, btw! - have you tried cycling instead of specific ASS MOVES? Granted, I don't have much of an ass anymore either from biking, but it does tone you up quite a bit. I'm not exactly bootylicious, but it gives it a nice shape.

As for me, I think I may finally have enough money for a decent pair of running shoes (I stationary bike with aerobic shoes - good support, but no real treads). I'm going to take some books about running out of the library (I want to make sure I work the right muscles so I can minimize injury, etc.) and make a go of it soon. I never think in terms of km/miles, though - I just give myself a time and try do as much as I can within that time. Same with biking - I just try to bike as hard as can (with as much resistance as I can) for about forty minutes. I used to go as long as an hour sometimes, but I just found that it took up a lot of time if I was also going to do crunches or weights after. I realize that with running, though, I won't be able just to start doing it and expect to last for a full forty minutes (or even ten minutes at first).

I've been doing the same exercises in general for way too long and I've definitely plateaued - I need to look up some new ones online (I bookmarked some of the sites people have linked to here in the past).

Yeesh, whenever I delurk I always write the same thing, eh?

If working out at home doesn't count, I'm screwed. :-)

Littleladylila, don't give up snacking - just try to make it healthy. I know, easier said than done but I find that it's so much easier when I break my food intake down to several times a day rather than just eating three big meals (says the person who is about to eat a post-workout "snack" at 11:50 PM - but then my schedule has always been somewhat wonky).

Ris - wow, you're inspirational! I want to get to that point again where it's just fun to keep pushing myself.
Artmeis, can't really help on the Ass Moves front... I remember getting a good bum from doing sit spins when I used to skate, but that's probably not practical and I was thirteen so it might not work the same way now. Squat thrusts maybe??

So no tae bo tonight either; there's a substitute class by someone else which they're calling a combination of things. I still might go; it's frustrating, I've never been someone who's madly into working out, and now I am it's gone pear shaped (unconscious pun, sorry!). Still, I ordered a tae bo DVD yesterday so I will be joining those of you who work out at home soon.

I had a stressful and unhealthy weekend, so it will make me feel better to kick ass in the gym tonight--in more ways than one, I suspect.
Sorry Artemis; your name is hardly long enough for me to mis-spell it, but somehow I did!
Artemis, keep running, you'll get yer ass back - but it'll be all muscle. And one mile is awesome, you should feel totally proud!! Run/walking is a great way to start - run for 2 minutes, walk for 5, over a 1/2 hour period, and over time increase the amount of running and decrease the amount of walking until you're just running for a 1/2 hour. It's one way to go.

Cycling should do it too, maybe try some spin classes.

I almost dislocated my shoulder in yoga on Sunday, totally freaked out my wonderful teacher. It's been a little sore so I've been taking it easy - plus not much time - but I should be back at it tonight and for the rest of the week.
Artemis, Losing a man can rally help! I told everyone I lost 200 lbs when I got divorced, only 30 of it was actually on me. It was strange because i was eating a lot and not exercising and got thinniner than i have been in 8 years...but now I have gained it all back and then some. But i am defintiely carrying it differently. I feel thinner now than when I was 20 lbs lighter.
I second that, Artemis. Running will definitely build up your bum.

Scary. How did you do it, Dragon?

Ladylila, I agree with Snaf. You don't need to cut out snacking. In fact, I think it's encouraged these days as long as it's snacking and not whole extra meals, and as long as it's stuff that's good for you. I now have an entire cabinet shelf devoted to snacking, but it's all whole-grain crackers, dried fruit, baked chips, etc. I keep yogurt and fruit around, as well as a bar of dark chocolate. The bar lasts a week or more--I just break off a little square for myself when I get a craving.

I've been too sore to run since Sunday. Monday I wound up not doing anything but going to work. Yesterday, I really took it easy at the gym--lots of stretching, ab work, and upper-body stuff. I need to get in a quality run today because it's actually my last opportunity before the 5K on Saturday morning.
Oh Ris, good luck with that! How exciting.
Ugh. I pulled something in my shoulder/back area. I don't know what muscle it is, but it's right behind your shoulder and has obviously caused a shooting pain that runs up my neck!

Went to the chiro today to get it worked out, and I have a massage scheduled for Sunday. So, I only did legs today at the gym. Maybe do some running tonight.

Any suggestions on how to treat it? My heating pad obviously did not help last night!

Edited to add: PIXIEDUST- you crack my ass up! I too, lost 200 lbs when I got divorced. 20 on me. Heheheee I love it! Seriously though, I went through the same process. Something about a bad marriage that makes your ass bigger huh? I don't miss either!

Hello lovelies,
Sorry for the long absence (nothing like gettin slammed at the office, eh). So firstly I want to say to voodoo please please go to a doctor and consult them- I have a share of knee & injuries (running) and back (yoga) and let me tell you had I listened to docs those injuries would never have happened.

On a happier note, I tried my first PUSH DVD and I loved it! The workout was great- felt just the right amount of good soreness the next day. Actually was pleasantly surprised how simliar many of the moves were to portions of yoga sequences I remembered.

Yummy, I think maybe it is the getting the ex spouse off your ass that makes it go down. I have practically no ass at all now! If only I could say the same about my hips!
Awesome, diva!

And yes on the snacking. I just had a bunch of carrots and hummus as I have yoga in a bit, and want to wait to have dinner after.

Ooooh, Ris, what fun! Have such a great time, how exciting. Racing in New York rocks, the running community here is so supportive and friendly. Are runners like that everywhere? I imagine so.

Yipes on all the shoulder injuries going on around here - yummy, maybe rub some tiger balm in there? though I'm sure your masseuse will have good suggestions.

I nearly did mine in while in my advanced class - we were doing wheel pose (backbend), toes against the wall, walking up the wall and kicking over - so like a back walk-over, if anyone else did gymnastics as a kid. We were supposed to try to hold the handstand while kicking over, and it was in my barely-held handstand that I lost balance and began to kind of walk around on my hands to avoid falling on my face (which I'd done the week prior in this class, foolishly attempting a forearm stand in the middle of a room without a spot - I'd been sticking it all week and got cocky. Fell on my face and bit my own lip), and anyway, I guess I twisted myself into such a position that my teacher ran over in a total panic. Needless to say, I'm going to a low-key class tonight.

That is so funny about losing the huge amounts of guy-weight. The wrong one really can be a burden!

As we say to my 2 year old nephew, saftey first, everyone! Me included!
I remember walk-overs from gymnastics way back in the day. So much fun but I never stuck with it. Hope your shoulder recovers soon dragon!

Snacking: I keep some peanut butter or (bad me) goat's cheese around for snacking. Goat's cheese has a strong enough flavour I never need much. But I'm half in denial about it. I never do the civilised thing of preparing a few oatcakes with cheese and taking it in front of the TV; instead I lurk in the kitchen with a spoon. I know, I'm totally disgusting.

So I skipped the half-assed substitute tae bo/whatever class last night, because I figured it would just annoy me. I walked the 3 miles home instead, mp3s blaring. Might try and do that more often as the weather gets better.
This is really funny and very true about the guy weight. I lost about 40 pounds after I left a bad engagement...

I think I'll start to take up running... now that the weather's getting warmer. I was wondering if there are any good yoga dvds out there?

I'm going to start running again. I did a 5K walk with my husband and dog yesterday to raise money for the shelter we got her from, and it was so much fun, it made me want to run 5Ks again.

I've been working out at the gym lately, doing cardio machines a few days a week and taking a class called (gag) Hot Bod, which starts with a cardio/dance warmup and then uses a combination of things (dumbbells, resistance bands, stability ball, bosu, etc.) to do weight training. It's really fun and challenging and I think running will complement it well.
sass- i've been really getting into yoga @ home, and believe or not, i like the MTV yoga/power yoga/ pilates set. Yay public library dvds!
Thanks for the ASS MOVES, people--the running is helping build up the, um, top part of my ass? Don't know what the name for it is. But maybe cycling will help with the rest of the area.

Sassygrrl, I use Rainbeau Mars' yoga DVD, the Vinyasa flow. The Hemalaya Behl "Yoga for Urban Living" DVD is good too, but more for relaxation and stretching than toning. It's got a nice morning routine on it. I used to get a lot of free DVDs through my work and found that the yoga ones were of a better quality than other fitness DVDs. (But, as always, taking in-person classes first is a must so that you have some idea of how to align yourself in the basic positions.)
*said in my best Cathy voice (or at least what I imagine Cathy would sound like)*

I can't wait for the new software.
Re: taking yoga classes first before branching out on your own with a DVD - I know it differs from person to person, but how many classes - on average - have people here taken before attempting moves at home? I took a few classes eons ago and was told I was pretty - at times very - good for a beginner (and really a beginner - I never took jazz or gymnastics when I was younger so I'm not as flexible as I could be), but I remember subtly having my body shifted a lot by the instructor. I can't really afford classes now, but I'd love to try it again.
I hope shoulders have healed and that you all remain injury-free. Sounds like everyone's doing really well.

The 5K was fun. Susan Sarandon and James Gandolfini were there. It was a run/walk though. I wish that the walkers had been told not to be so close to the starting line. I was really worried for their safety. I managed to finish it in 31 min, which puts me at a 10-min mile pace. I'm still slow, but I console myself with the facts that I hadn't warmed up beforehand, that I was tired from a crazy week, etc. (Excuses, excuses, right?) But now I've got the bug and have already planned out which races I'll be doing this summer through NY Road Runners.

And marathon training begins this week.

Oh, yoga, how my hip flexors love thee...
I've given my arguments in the past advocating actual classes vs. doing it at home, but I realize that classes can be expensive. (Um, part of the reason why I am broke.) However, now that the weather is so nice, I'm going to freeze my gym membership and get a monthly unlimited card at a yoga studio and try my best to go every day.

Damn. It's supposed to start raining any minute. Yuck. That means treadmill instead of the park today. Now that I've been spoiled by park running, I HATE THE TREADMILL MORE THAN EVER.
Hello all. I'm a newbie. I built up my endurance over the winter and finally completed an 8k race, which had been on my "to do in this life" list for years. Now I'm working on running a 10k next year or this fall, but I know I'll not be going on as many training runs in the summer because I just get too hot - red faced and dizzy. I'm almost into bikini shape, though. I haven't been in bikini shape since I was 29 (7 years ago) and totally and newly in love. I'll know that I'm in bikini shape when I lose that last bit of jiggle around my thighs and bum.
Yay Ris! I want to hear all about the race. If you want to relive every minute of it I am all ears over in the SHS thread. I know I'm a nerd but I want to hear about your race plan too. I get too damn excited about this.
i went to a yoga class last night, and despite the instructors pre-workout seance that included "let there be no competetion, but just an invigorating workout", i think i totally kicked ass.

the older lady who looked like judge judy next to me was pretty good. just a random side note.
Thanks for all the advice on the yoga dvds. I plan to pick a few up this weekend. I used to belong to a studio, but that was when I wasn't broke.
Thanks, Ris - I think when I have more money, I'll invest in about ten classes at a studio before I try some DVDs on my own. Even if I don't injure myself, I doubt I'll be getting the most out of it on my own.

In the meantime, there is a local (national?) promotion for the Running Room over here. Buy Vector cereral/meal replacement and get a 20% off coupon on purchases $50 or more (and you know there's no running shoes there under $70). It's good until November too - very excited. I was planning to buy my shoes from them anyway.
i just started working out again and my body is sooo sore. i am not overweight just out of shape. i got a stability ball and some weights and have been doing exercises from magazines. i also got this pilates thing that i can't figure out to save my life. it looks like a torture device. its these resistance band things and it is too complicated.

good luck to everyone!!

Snafooey, most studios have introductory rates or deals if it's your first time there. If you studio-hop around, you could probably get 5 or so classes free or at a very reduced rate...
That's what I'm thinking, Dragonbait. It's hard to find any in my area, though - but I'm definitely keeping that in mind for the future (I'm hoping to move sooner rather than later).
My tae bo class is cancelled because our instructor seems to have quit. They are training someone else but don't yet know when it will be up and running again. :-( So I tried out one of the tae bo DVDs. The movements were good and the instructor was positive and not too cheesy. Unfortunately there were a few women in the (onscreen) class giving it 'woo!' and 'yeah!' every five minutes, which sucked. I may try it with the sound down once I get used to the sequences.

Ladylibrary, that happened to me for a good few weeks at the start. After a while (IME) you start feeling your muscles work more and differently, even when you're walking down the street, which is much more fun.

Be careful with the weights at first if you're not being shown how to use them in class. And yeah, complicated equipment=not good, too discouraging!
in true circle-of-life form, i went to yoga today, and got my ass kicked.

middle-aged beer-gutted men contorioning themselves everywhichway and standing on their heads. meanwhile, i'm sweating buckets and watching my gut fall toward my face during the shoulder stand.

AND, to rub it in, in a totally junior high moment, everyone in the class paired up at one point. guess which bitch was the odd woman out.

i really want to take some yoga classes but i don't have the money right now. but keep it up catlady and in no time you will a flexible hottie kicking yoga's ass!!

i have been keeping up with the strength training and i feel pretty good. i already see some new definition in my arms and calves. woo-hoo!! my upper body tones up so quick but my legs are soo stubborn. i must have done a million squats and lunges (or at least that's how my body feels) and i haven't noticed much difference. i know it takes awhile but, you know, im impatient.

hope everyone is going strong!

Snafooey, I'd say that if you've been to enough classes to know that you're doing the poses you return to over and over again properly (like Downward Dog), then you're probably okay with a good video. In-person classes are always ideal, of course, but the $$ adds up...

I am steamed. When I was on this thread years ago Risala nicknamed me Arm-etris because I'd developed some nice tone in my arms. The tone is still there, and it's more pronounced now because of my weight loss. The OWNER OF MY GYM told me that my arms were getting "too big." WTF? Too big for what?? (Well, I know what he meant, but...) I've been known to chastise women (even on here, sorry!) for making statements about how they don't want to "bulk up" too much in the arms, and I've always thought that's ridiculous, because it's rare the woman who actually bulks up. My arms aren't even that big, for chrissakes! Or if they are, it's because of FAT, not because of my muscle--if I quit lifting weights my arms might get marginally smaller but they'd look infinitely flabbier. I'm just mad.

And worse, I hate that there's a negativity attached to what I see in the mirror now. After all these years of pushing the body love, a snotty remark can still rattle me. I worked hard for these arms, dammit! (Don't worry, I'm not going to de-tone myself. But I admit that it was upsetting, and not just on the WTF level.)
artemis, i wouldn't take it personally. he's just being an insensitive jerk..not that i am excusing his behaviour in any way.

In fact, i would have probably quipped back something about how insensitive he was to my non-stick arms and then made reference to his anatomy in a very derogatory way. yeah i would go there.

personally, i like toned, strong arms in a woman as opposed to the stick arms you see. I even like thicker arms, cuz you know there is muscle under there...just my 2 cents.
that guy is an ass and should never have said that to you. you should write a letter threatening to quit & get a free month out of it.

unless you've bulked up because you're taking steroids, you should be proud of your arms. call them STRONG. that's beautiful.
So, I'm sitting here, eating my post-run bagel, listening to PJ Harvey, when right in the middle of reading Artemis's post, the song, Who the fuck? came on--as in WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Seriously. That kind of shit infuriates me. Would he have made the same comment to some beefed-up guy? Not bloody likely. And I was thinking the same thing, Too big for what? Perhaps he's afraid that they're big enough to beat his misogynist ass. You should be congratulated on your buff arms and all the hard work that went into them, not criticized. I agree with Cinegirl. Write a letter. Threaten to quit and dispute it if they continue to charge your credit card.

Yes, write the letter and call his behavior not only rude and ill-mannered but deeply "unprofessional". Is it a franchise that he owns, because then you can threaten to contact them or just go ahead and contact them directly. I would imagine companies have policies about franchise owners critiquing clients like that.
Yes, write the letter and call his behavior not only rude and ill-mannered but deeply "unprofessional". Is it a franchise that he owns, because then you can threaten to contact them or just go ahead and contact them directly. I would imagine companies have policies about franchise owners critiquing clients like that.
In total agreement that this guy's comment was out of line and insecure. But what I really want to post about is how awesome buff arms are. Get 'em as big as you want 'em, girl. I've only started to get a wee little bit of muscle in my arms lately (from doing kickboxing... I don't lift) and damn it feels good already. I like feeling stronger. I wish I had all that upper body power, the convenience and independence it would mean (being able to move furniture on my own, etc.), and the guns to show for it! Rock on.
the whole arm thing reminds me of-- i think it was angela basset?-- who got shit a couple of oscars ago for having some ripped guns. comments like "man arms" and the like.

i thought they were bad ass; any hollywood bitch can take diuretics/coke/colonics/starve themselves, but those arms you have to work on.

in other news, i feel utterly large and toxic. this whole month has been a hedonistic barrage of eating, drinking, and smoking (only when drinking, which was often). i looked at recent pix on my digital camera, and i feel like i'm inching toward late-Elvis territory.

i'm trying real hard to not freak out, but gaining 10-15 lbs in about a year fucks with my head. if i can just keep myself on track with the yoga, i think/hope it will spur me to more aggessive work-outs/eat better.
oh artemis i'm just sitting here laughing. that the OWNER of your gym could feel intimidated enough by a girl's pipes to come on over and critisize her is HILARIOUS! whoo, his thang is prolly the size of my thumb. sorry, but really!
angela's arms always made me feel like running out and buying some free weights. damn but she looked so freaking good when she had those pipes, colour me jealous 'cause i wanna look like that one day.
one of my girls is a circus freak and she could bench me easy peasy, that's how ripped she is. her arms and the abs, OMG, she's a rock! all over too, including her amazing tushie. that look is the shit man, who cares what that loser said.
You all rock. Thank you for understanding!

I talked to the owner about it on my next visit and he was completely apologetic. He swears up and down that he didn't say "too" big, that he said "really" big and that he meant it as a compliment. I know what I heard but also believe that whatever he said, he did not mean it as an insult, especially because we are friendly and have been for a while. We then went on to have a good conversation about gymgoers and how so many women sell themselves short by not weightlifting and how so many men sell themselves short by not doing anything to help their flexibility. All of his attitudes were aligned with mine so I'm willing to chalk the whole thing up to a misunderstanding of some sort.

In any case, sharing this story gave me a chance to flex at a party on Saturday and everyone oohed and aahed over my biceps so my ego has been sufficiently stroked!
Glad you got that straightened out, artemis. Good for you for talking to him about it!

My gym has a reopening date of June 12...I hope it happens! I have been eating very crappily, thus I feel like crap. Bleh! I need to get back in the habit of cooking...I haven't been for the last month or so. Gotta eat some veggies. I think I'll make this corn, avocado, tomato salsa/salad tonight. Yummy.
My $0.02: muscular arms on women or men make me want too lick that person. It can be very embarressing when I work out.
I love doing arms weights. It is such a great stress reduction. I wish I enjoyed cardio that much.
Artemis, you can flex for me anytime.

Well, guys, I haven't been on my bike since my near-death by car crash more than a month ago. I don't know what to do. I'm sure I would regret it the moment it's out of my hands, but I'm entertaining thoughts of selling the bike. That's kind of an extreme thought, isn't it? Should I just toughen up? Move to the country? Sigh.
I'm feeling SO confused about calories and fat & protein & the like.

Okay, so I got that 1 gram protein = 4 cal, 1 g carb=4 cal, and 1g fat= 9 cal. But how do I know how much I should have of each? I've been trying to gain some tone along with overall weight/fat loss. I have skinny legs and I want to thicken them up, I also want to add muscle to my flabby arms. Anyway... one website (a bodybuilding one) suggested an almost absurb amount of protein (1g per lb) so I cut it down to about 100 g protein a day with remaining cals divided reasonably between fat & carbs (keeping under 35 g fat). Anyway, now I'm seeing all this stuff about high protein (over 50 g) being bad.

I'm definitely not doing a "low carb" diet and I know I'm getting TONS of fiber and water.
So I guess this long drawn out question is: is too much protein really bad? It all comes from lean sources (fish, chicken, & supplements). I mean, I feel I've gained more muscle mass this summer compared to last and I really like that!

I hate how all studies have at least one other conflicting study. I just don't know what to do with myself.
brutalbunny - email me and I would love to chat with you about these questions you have.... I am no beacon of health (I'm lazy and have a broken spine) but my Mr. is a bodybuilder and nutrition nut so I can really help you out on some of the things you want to know..... He thinks I don't listen to him when he's preaching to me about this stuff but I do.... I'm just too embarrassed to go to him for help since he's Mr. Healthy and I'm Mrs. Tubby Wubby.... anyway, I may not practice what he preaches but I certainly know all about nutrition from a bodybuilders standpoint, and you might be able to adjust the info to suit you......
I have so much to tell you that it would be a novella length post so.... email me if you want.... I have recipes too! Super delish stuff!
voodoo, I would love to read your novella-length post about sports nutrition! Would you mind talking about this stuff here on the board?
Arm-temis! WTF? I'm glad you got it all straightened out but ugh that is annoying. Strong, muscular arms on women are the hottest thing ever. On men too, but on women they're totally underrated.

Raisin! Suck it up and get back on the bike! ;) Actually, I'm kindasorta in the market for a new ride... what are you selling??

Sorry BrutalBunny, I know nothing of that kind of stuff.
octinoxate - i'll be happy to post here if it won't be a hassle for anyone.....
Back to the matter of PROTEIN, as brutalbunny was asking....
At our house we do the whole "the MORE protein, the BETTER" kind of thing. We eat flank steaks, sirloin, tenderloin, boneless skinless chicken boobies, packages of sliced sandwich meat (yup, that's right!), boiled eggs / egg whites, peanutbutter, beans.....
CARBS can be your friend too but you gotta remember to BURN BURN BURN them out and not let them gather around your belly! Carbs help with energy (in active people).
Also we employ an eating system known as VOLUMETRICS. It's based on caloric ratios and ENERGY DENSITY of foods. The lower the E.D. the MORE of a food you can consume....
E.D. is figured by dividing the calories per serving by the grams per serving.... so, if we look at salsa and the calories per serving are 15 and the grams per serving are 33 then, salsa has an E.D. of less than 1 (actually .45454545) so salsa can be eaten in quantity..... as long as the total calories per serving is LESS than the total grams per serving, the food should be a LOW E.D. food..... the higher the E.D. gets, the LESS of that food you want to eat. It's like getting more bang for your buck, foodwise. Your tummy is essentially FULL of what I refer to as ZERO FOODS, or full of nothing BAD.
We supplement also. I personally use Universal Animal Cuts (morning only), 500 mg Vit. C chewables, Tonalin 1000-CLA (with meals), SlimQuick (afternoons only) and a multi-vit....
And I snack on Honey Stinger natural energy bars.
My caloric intake per day is usually less than 1500 total and most of what I eat is protein foods and veges.
I use the excercise ball for doing push ups and sit ups and hack squats and I walk and ride my bike. I do between 70 and 100 pushups per day to tone my arms and chest. The position of your arms when you do push ups determines what muscles get used and tones. I do elbows fly-ed and elbows tucked to work my chest and triceps. As for the leg bulking thing.... I got no problem there, I just need to re-tone mine. I got meaty legs by being a dancer for 8 years (prior to my injury) and by pushing HEAVY weights. Leg presses will help with the leg bulk up. I press between 300lbs and 500lbs with my legs, depending on what I'm trying to do. Start off low and work yourself up. Some people recommend lifting to "muscle failure"..... I don't like doing that but it's whatever you like.
When I do lift weights, I do sets and reps like 3 @ 15 or 5 @ 10 depending on what I'm lifting and what area I'm working out. I really think as long as your doing SOMETHING active, do what makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself. I no longer push the heavy weights too often but I get a huge sense of pride and self worth by doing my excercise ball, so it works for me. Sure, I'm still a tubby wubby, but not as much as before and I'm pretty ok with my progress. It's all about you and what works for you and makes you happy. I will be more than happy to share recipes and such if anyone wants to try some protein loading or VOLUMETRICS eating and I even have an equation for figuring what your caloric intake should be based on height, weight, age and goal..... just let me know.
Sorry if the post was too long.....
Heh. I should suck it up, shouldn't I? It's an old Diamond Back mountain bike (not a hybrid -- in fact, I don't think hybrids existed back then) from the very early 1990s. I'm not positive of the bike's frame size, but I'm 5'2". I'm not saying I'm selling it, just THINKING about selling it. :-)
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