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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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I just biked 25 miles. Hurts. So. Good.
that's awesome, humanist! smile.gif

I'm one of those lucky people that gets a high post-exercise - AND it gets better the harder I work out. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to make me exercise more, for some reason. I still have to talk myself into it.
the way chachaheels is about swimming is the way i am about the gym in general. if i can get myself there the workout will just happen. my gym has a pool, hot tub, suana and steam room and all of that helps motivate me tremendously. i can get myself there just to spoil myself with a lazy swim or a soak, but once i get there i'll take a small walk on the treadmill, which can turn into a long, fast walk/run and then i might as well do the weights and then... ookay, i still may be in a gym honeymoon phase, but i'm loving it.

all of the reading i've done says that a good fat burning cardio routine is at a relatively low heartrate for 30 minutes or more. i've been trying that at the gym and finding that i have to slow my workouts down more than i would have thought to go at the fat burning pace. maybe i'll try alternating fat burning days with cardio training days? does anyone know more about this?

my diet is more of a challenge, but now that my pms is past it's easier to bypass the sweets.
Oh, same same same for me! I think I posted something about this back when Ris had posted something about procrastination (where have you been, Ris? I hope your injury is healing up.) -- that just "getting out the door" is the hardest part. Once I'm on the way to the gym, I have no problems with motivation.

Humanist, way to go! I hope you weren't too sore the next day.

Snaf, come back.
Weight crazy! My bf and I don't have a scale at our apt, so when I was visiting my parents this last week I weighed myself and I was 6 lbs less than the last time (a couple months ago) I didn't feel like I had lost any weight but since the scale told me so, now I feel it! But the sweet tooth attacked when they took me out to dinner and I ordered a fried oreo!!! Can you believe it?!?! Why do such things exist- it was the best thing I've ever tasted! =)

Does anyone have any suggestions for starting to excersise- I hate gyms and getting up early. What's everybody's favorite thing to get fit and what time do you do it?
I have decided to join with the GI diet, and am looking into joining a gym with a pool. I plan on starting the diet next week(I don't get paid until Friday, and I'm all bloating and pmsing right now, and I know I'm going to go out with my gal pals this upcoming weekend plus bad breakup double ugh...) I was on South Beach for a while, but it didn't seem to be working. I like that Ediets gives you a shopping list...

Cross fingers and toes.

Humanist, that rocks. smile.gif
Gigi, taking yoga and belly dancing classes at my gym several times a week in the evenings is the excercise plan I've been able to stick with. If you don't think you'd like the atmosphere of a gym, maybe you could find a yoga studio?
I think Humanist does a lot of things I wish I could do! Hope you're still enjoying the high, and not experiencing any more of the hurt.

One of the best things about exercising by routine is making it into some kind of social event--go with someone who has the same goals and just take over the gym for the time you're there. Then it feels like something you end up doing to spend time together, rather than something you do together to force yourself to work out.

Pick your gym wisely, if you can. Years ago I used to live in the downtown core; there were YMCAs in various neighbourhoods, or you could just go to the closest I'd pick the one in the neighbourhood with way more interesting shops and restaurants and cafes. It was really nice to pick a great spot after a workout to have some coffee or just poke around in the stores on the street. For a while I was going to a really out of the way gym so I could meet up with a friend who lived in the suburbs, and it was awful. The only thing that made it tolerable for both of us was that it was open 24 hours, so we'd go really late at night when hardly anyone was there. We had the run of the place, and we'd stay and work out as long as we wished, then used the saunas and pools when we were done because they were empty and free. If we hadn't had that, we'd just not go.
Lately I've been trying to talk myself into using the gym at a nearby university...but that is bleak beyong words. It actually makes me sad. So I've been doing some walking and swimming on a daily basis instead. This area is the perfect place for bike riding (the Canadian Olympic team always trains out here) but riding and I don't get along nearly as well as we should.
For someone who is out of shape (though not terribly) and wants to lose weight and get back in shape, are pilates or yoga a good way to go?
I would love belly dancing! I'm moving at the end of the month and right out my door is a 35 mile long trail for biking/jogging. I hope I'll motivate myself to use it.

I took pilates once and loved it, I felt so toned it was great.

I've tried yoga, but I get bored
the thing i like about a good gym is that the deals on classes can't be beat, if you like to take a lot of classes. around here a yoga, pilates or dance studio will charge you about $30 (at minimum) if you take one class per week and usually it's around $90-$100 for unlimited classes per month. but a $30-$45 per month gym fee that includes all classes and use of a pool, plus weights (weight bearing exercise is really good for bones and increasing metabolism!) is so much more economical.
And just doing a class per week (especially where yoga's concerned) doesn't do you much good, if you want to get in shape.

I think yoga's great for someone who really needs to just learn to be still. It has as many health benefits as other modes of exercise (it's also good for the heart and lungs, great for lengthening muscles and working off fat) but it's just a different approach. It forces you to be patient with yourself, and to encourage yourself to achieve--but it makes you respect your body's own pace. There are specific exercises which aid things like digestion and metabolic rate, and target the function of the body's glands to help do this...and you won't get that from other exercise regimes so much. Yoga's unique in this respect.

Pilates always feels like one long, extended stretch session for me, and I love that. On the other hand, sometimes I just love the idea of jumping around a lot and doing things according to a repetitive rhythm, as long as it feels more like dance. I think you see physical changes much more quickly with pilates, though, so if that's what you're after...
How much water is too much water? I am drinking over a gallon a day...Um, is that too much? I only exercise a few times a week, if that.
Damn, ggg! I could never drink that much water in a day...

I've heard that ideally one should drink a gallon of water a day, and over that amount can be (minorly, and I can't remember in what ways) harmful. I'll try to look into it when I have more time...
yeah, GGG, that IS a good amount of water. good for you. i can't seem to reach consistency in my water intake -- i can drink a lot of it when i am at work (the cooler and my liter bottle helps!) but i find it harder when i am home.

so, it seems like a lot of you ladies are on Ediets, no? i think i am going to join. i am at my wits end with trying to get healthy, and really need guidance.
i feel like i have tried EVERYTHING, from weight watchers, south beach, atkins, to OA. going to meetings is not a possibility for me and my schedule right now, and just following along with a book doesn't work either.

so, i think ediets may be a good shot, since it is online (easily accessible), affordable, and they can customize plans. oh man, i sound like a promo or something smile.gif

my goal is to drop 35-40 lbs, preferibly within the next year. i think that is definitely doable.
Just got on ediets as of a few weeks ago. I plan to go shopping this weekend. I dig the fact that you can customize everything. Shit, now I'm sounding like an ad...

Anyways, I'll let you know. I've been on pratically everything as well, and thought I would give it a shot. I'm starting on the GI diet. I'm also trying to lose 30-50 pounds.

Right! That's it, I have made the full on decision to lose weight and get healthy. I am new to this thread (much lurking has gone on though....) so I apologise for butting my head in!

I hope to lose some weight and more inportantly feel good about myself by my 30th birthday which is December this year.... so all advice and support from busties would be most welcome!

Up until last year I had been working in retail for years which I think just about kept my weight under control, being on my feet and constantly moving around (not that I have ever been entirely happy with my weight), but for the last year and a bit I have been doing a desk based job and it has made such a bad difference. Add to that the fact that my job has been very stressful and tiring (no compulsion to go swimming after work...), has made me feel down, and I am a lot heavier and so not happy about it. I used to be really healthy - running, swimming, yoga but now I am horribly unfit and feel really depressed about it. I don't want to get to 30 (which so far as I am concerned is not old!) and feel fat and ugly and un-sexy.

So, yoga classes start again next week... I have a rebounder and plan to start off with 10mins a day....and I am keeping a food diary.... I shall then progress to more swimming and classes.... when I don't look so bad to be seen in public.

Wish me luck!
Quink, good for you! It sounds like you're setting realistic and healthy goals. I feel compelled to say, to you and anyone else starting to exercise more, be careful about overdoing it. I'm dealing with a fairly bad knee injury right now that I mostly got because of overuse. I was just getting way too active without doing the proper weight training to support my joints. If anyone wants more info about weight training and avoiding injury, I can share with you the little (moderate?) amount I've learned.
I think I have finally formed the habit of bike riding every day. I feel like I have to which is just what I wanted to happen. Woo! Ive also been eating yummy salads for lunch every day, mostly because I just have this weird craving for blue cheese salads, but im going with it.
I hope to lose some weight and more inportantly feel good about myself by my 30th birthday which is December this year.... so all advice and support from busties would be most welcome!

quink, welcome! are we the same person? i have the same issues -- except i now work retail again, and thought it would help me keep my weight under control. but i work in a small boutique, and there is NO running around, and lots of standing around! and eating really bad mall food/junk.

good luck and keep us posted.

so, i joined Ediets. tonight is my "last hurrah" in the world of crap eating. just ordered pizza.

yah, i know, i shouldnt think of it that way
ocinoxate, I'd like to know more about weight training. I know nothing about the proper way to exercise. Are there any helpful books on this?

quink, good for you! How much are you hoping to lose by december? Remember, it isn't healthy to losse more than 2 pounds a week. Anymore weight loss than that is just water and muscle mass anyway. When I started losing weight I was happy if I lost 5 or 6 pounds a month. Now I'm happy if I keep it off. And so far, so good.

misspissed, what kind of diet plan does ediets use?
MissPissed, I know what you mean about last hurrah! I ordered pizza this weekend, and ice cream. Although, I'm sure it had a lot to do with PMS.

I'm going to go shopping with my ediets shopping list tonight. Wish me luck!

Oh, a friend at work gave me a 32 oz bottle for water drinking. It really helps!
I find that I can drink more water at work than I can at home. I also put those crystal light things in it, to make it taste less like water. smile.gif
I was hoping for no more than a pound a week. I really would rather I lost it slowly and kept if off. In an ideal world I will have lost a stone by Christmas/birthday... I have done it before.

I think that half of the whole exercise is to learn to respect myself again - eating right, exercising and not letting work stress me out.

So far, so good though! Have done 10 mins on my rebounder every day since my last post and have not snacked between meals! Yay! I am so bad for eating without thinking that I can have found I've eaten crap all day (even worse when my boss has been awful), so the food diary is to make me think.

Ahh, feel all calm and confident just now.... smile.gif
A pound a week is good. That's a reasonable expectation and the habits you form will be able to be maintained after you've lost the weight. I'm not a fan of the concept of dieting if it means eating a very restricted diet to lose weight quickly. Such restrictions cannot be done forever and one will gain the weight back when they go back to their regular habits.

That's great that you stuck to healthy food, but I would caution against making no snacking a rule. I think it's important to eat when you feel hunger, just make sure you are eating something good for you. I love starches, like most people, they are my big weekness. But I would rather save my starches for my meals (I love sitting down to a big plate of pasta) so I try not to snack on them throughout the day. Instead I eat fruit, carrot sticks, cottage cheese, yogurt, stuff like that. But if I feel hungry I make sure I eat, if I get to the point of where I feel like I'm starving I'm more likely to make bad choices and eat too much. I also make sure I bring enough food with me to school and work. The vending machines have nothing good in them.
Katze, I really like the "Weight Training for Dummies" book. It doesn't assume any prior knowledge of, well, anything, and another perk is that it uses people of all different ages, races, genders, and body types in its visual aids. The most important thing I would recommend to avoid joint injury is to work on strengthening your quads (thighs) through weight training. If you have access to a gym, use the leg press machine for this. Never work out these muscles two days in a row, though.

Another safety tip, in case you haven't heard it, is to never let your knees shoot out past your toes when you're doing things like squats.
Octinoxate, thanks for the knee/toes tip. They taught us that in yoga (the single ashtanga class I took), but I've been exercising at home and I'm sure my knees were scooting over my toes. Must be more careful...

I used to take tae bo classes and now just try and replicate some of the moves at home. I'm hoping I learned enough in the classes to perform the moves correctly, but as can be seen above I may not be vigilant enough in preventing injury. I do a lot of stretching though which hopefully minimises the risks.

I did tae bo on sunday for the first time in 3 weeks (we were on holiday) and I am sore today... it kind of feels good though, like I've exercised and really used my muscles.
cheers to me! i went to the gym BEFORE work today! woo hoo!

I have trouble getting up in the morning and am often late for work. After work, I"m all tired and grumpy and just want to go home and put on pj's. So, i decided to try to workout in the am before work. I'm hoping this'll help me be on time for work. AND get a workout in every morning.

my 30th bday is oct 20, so my plan is 5 pounds by then, and then 5 more by christmas. I figure if I go to the gym 4 mornings a week and do yoga once or twice, I should be good.

I love food, so i'm not giving anything up-just trying to get veggies, etc. my work has a great fresh salad bar that's under $4 for a huge green salad with all sorts of fresh cut veggies. mmmm. so i'm doing that everyday at lunch.

feels good to make a change, after sitting around whining about stuff for so long.
syb, you're doing great with the stretching. Don't forget the warm-up, too. (Don't stretch or work out cold muscles.)

I've never done tae-bo, but from doing kickboxing I've learned that to avoid injury you should:
-always pivot on the standing leg when you side-kick (eg, turn your toes out). If you keep that leg facing forward, it puts too much torque (sp?) on the standing knee.
-also, when side-kicking, make sure that the kicking foot is parallel to the floor or with the toes pointed down--NEVER with the toes pointing up toward the ceiling.
-and don't forget to keep the abs tight to support your back/core.

Hopefully this doesn't come across as pedantic... I just don't want anyone to have to deal with the injury crap I'm going through.

Have fun with those work outs!
Cheers for the pointers Octinoxate. I'm relatively new to any exercise except swimming; took my first class ever last November so I'm still figuring it all out and deciding what works best for me. Did you like kickboxing?
Oh, I love "Weight Training for Dummies"! Someone on eDiets recommended that book to me years ago, and it's one of the few "guide" type books that I still find useful now. In fact, since my stupid VCR broke (grrr) and I only have VHS exercise tapes, I've been using it for the band exercises lately.

maddy, way to go! with the AM workout! I'm the same way with mornings and work. I hate hate hate getting up and just want to curl up after work. I'm hoping to be able to join a gym in the next month or two, as I just changed job locations and there is a gym near my new location. It would be so nice to be able to get up and put a little non-caffeinated energy in my day! biggrin.gif
Aw, I had forgotten I posted in here-thanks so much for the encouragement, gals!
I wasn't too sore the next day, but I've decided that next time I won't go so far, at least until I've really built up more strength and endurance. I was REALLY pushing myself in those last 5 miles or so on the way back.
Well, I'm frustrated. I've gotten sick with sinus infections twice in the last two weeks. I haven't been to the gym since Friday and before then I hadn't gone in over two weeks! It sucks because while I want to go, it's hard to do much of anything when you can't breathe. Oh, and I just got my period so now I have cramps to deal with. Yay.
Okay, I've lost 3 pounds! I think it was water weight though. I haven't exactly stuck with my ediets thing, but just trying to incorporate more veggies, less meat, and more water. So far so good. But been craving sweets lately. Today was bad though, horrid day at work.

Trying to work out more as well. May rent some yoga dvds or something.
Someone suggested the weights for dummies book in here==does it include some information on how to use weights as a main exercise regime, so that you actually drop pounds more quickly and shape the body as well? I mean the kind of stuff they used to call "lower weights, higher repetitions" exercises, calculated to increase cardio work out as well as tone?
keep it up girls!!!

as for me...since i bashed my toe two weeks ago, i haven't been able to exercise. i may try some situps and walking today. and this morning i was below 190 on the scale! woo! stupid plateaus...although i know its water weight and the brekkie this am ruled the 3 pound lose-age void...i am still happy.... tongue.gif
ok, i did great on tues and wed, then yesterday i had the day off and smoked weed all morning, then took a 4 hour nap. then today i didn't want to get up to workout becuase it was raining and i was cold (waaa, what a pathetic excuse). so i smoked this morning and had some mcdonald's-awesome!

so, a great start to the week, not the best finish. i'll try again next week. at least i ate great this week-fruit smoothies, salads, lots of yummy good food.
maddy, good for you not being down about not having a "perfect" week and looking at the postive things you did this week!

chacha, I just looked at the "Dummies" book and it has a section about combining cardio into weight training, but cardio as separate exercise from weights, not weights as cardio per se. Many of the gyms I've been looking at have a circuit training area, however. And isn't that what that Curves place is? Circuit training only? I wonder if there's a "Circuit Training for Dummies" out there somewhere....I don't know a whole lot about it....

Yay for (((everybustie))) even thinking about getting healthier! Have fabulous, heart-pumping weekends all!
Oh I am so proud of all of you before-work-gym-goers! A girl at work does this too and even though I am doing more exercise and am getting there in my own way, the idea of exercising before work is just way beyond me and I cannot help but be in awe!

I bought a set of scales finally - I was loath to do it but I feel I need concrete evidence of weight loss! Also there is nothing like stepping on the scales to inspire me to exercise. Having said that I am very strict about not scale hopping constantly.

Was all going well until I got the worst PMS ever this week - cravings, cramps, back pain, weepy, emotional. So things went a little pear shaped (or more than they are already - hee hee!). Back on track though! I swear if my job wasn't so stressful and shitty I would deal with PMS in more constructive way, but when I am shattered and drained from work AND have crazy hormones the idea of some gentle yoga and B vitamins is the last thing I want - gimme a cup of tea and a hot water bottle!

I am working this morning but am off to the shop to but lots of healthy snacks!

Yay! I lose another two pounds. It seems the GI diet is working, although I have to admit that I did cheat a little on the weekend. smile.gif Nutella... mmmm....

Trying to incorporate more exercise into my daily rountine. I've been walking a lot more at work (I have to walk to the train station to get to work from my house), and that seems to be helping.

Shit, gained the two pounds I lost back. Ugh.
Frustrated. Must drink more water, and cut back on the sweets.
Not the best week to be dieting, have a big work review going on this week, s well as going on holiday with family. Two big major stress bumps.

Good luck all busties!!
Sassygirl, losing 5 pounds in 8 days is not healthy, nor was it probably real weight, much of it most likely being water. Losing 2 pounds per week it the fastest anyone should lose weight. Also, weighing oneself several times a week really won't tell you anything. I don't kow about others in here, but my weight fluctuates a few pounds throughout the day. I can't really go by the day to day measurements. Instead I only weigh myself once or twice a month. I weigh myself in the morning, before I've eaten and at the beginning of my period, for consistency. I also have to average my weight and have a 5 pound range. I don't count fucuations within that range but notice how much my range has dropped.

I know in the beginning of a new diet you want to see some results, but it takes time for any real results to show. Just console yourself that you are eating healthier so something will change. And don't feel bad because you "gained" a few pounds. I doubt you really did. If you are eating better, changing your habits, you will lose weight.
Oh, sheesh, sassygrrl, some women gain up to seven pounds just because they're due to have their periods within the week, regardless of what they eat. Weight fluctuations are not the best indicator of weight loss. Try to stay away from the scale and limit looking to once a week at most. Some people just avoid the scale all together and do a once a month measurement taking, where they measure the width of their ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, upper arms, neck, you know. It's easier to avoid becoming negatively obsessed that way.

Have some B vitamins to help you de-stress, some chilled tea of your choice, and try to stop letting these things rule you.
Just chiming in on what katze and chacha are saying. I think i said this in here recently, but when i wake up i weight about 115, and by the time i go to bed i can be over 120. And that's just in one day. As a general rule I try to use the scale only once a month or so and go by how my clothes fit. I also find that in the last year I've slimmed down but my weight has stayed almost exactly the same.
(((sassygrrl))) i go up and down alot. usually in one day. it sucks. it also sucks that i get on the scale as much as i do.

then again, i went a week without weighing, and i'm aghast at the newest Number of Horror i saw. so it can be an effective gauge to at least pull up on The Bad Habits.

i try to make my motto just do it (as in, eat healthier and smaller portions, excercise, get more sleep, etc). but it's so much easier said than done.

my cousin has lost 33 lbs taking hoodia. i know it's Yet Another Evil Lying Pill and probably bad for you, yada yada yada. but soooooo tempting.

i should probably resurrect the diet thread. i'm so not nearly as healthy as all of youze.
Hoodia shmoodia. All it does is suppress your appetite for a while. Appetite is so not the issue when dieting.
Deprivation, habit, emotional need, real nutrient deficiency because of crazy low fat type diet plans....hoodia is powerless against these very real forces. You still have to exercise and limit your food intake and grapple with all these other factors if you take hoodia.

Mando, feeling like you've sinned big and seeing a number of Horror is dispiriting and self-defeating. Yeah, you might be successful shaming yourself into being newly restrictive--but I bet you'd have done that anyway. It's that "I suck" feeling that accompanies the scale watch that cuts you down and makes it really, really hard to get back on track.

p.s. I'm unbelievably healthy, as my doc says, though a lot of people would say that's impossible given what I weigh. So I call BS on slim=healthy.
I'm sure part of the weight was water. I'm just trying to stay away from the scale. I'm going to try to only weigh myself once a week starting next week.

I've just got to give up some bad habits. I'm really dreading going home this weekend, b/c my mother is going to criticize my weight. Then again, that's another story for another thread I guess. This could be why I'm over-eating this week.

As a life long chubby gal who's experienced a couple of decades of model thinness during which she earned her mother's rare high accolades and praise (and conclusions that "her" side of the family obviously claimed me) here's how I suggest dealing with your mother's comments about your weight:

Drug her.

Just kidding!! Breathe deeply, withhold all comebacks and protestations, and know that time wounds all heels, as it were. As my mom got older and older, she got chubbier and chubbier, until she too knew what chubbiness and fatness and "what you eat doesn't really matter, does it?" were like.

I love my mom, but we both acknowledge silently that comeuppance has been served.
Luckily, my father is a little better with not making snide remarks. They both know I'm getting off of one med and getting onto another, and that is probably what is causing some weight gain.

But, I'll be definately supplying her with the booze this weekend. I'll need some busty vibes to get me thru it!

I nearly brained my mother when she told me to 'do some situps' on our last holiday fwiw. Maybe bring some earplugs as well as the booze.

Chiming in to say my weight fluctuates as well, up to 7-ish pounds over a month or so. I only weigh myself about once a week at the gym; I deliberately don't keep a scale at home.

I do a few things to keep weight down that are kind of cranky. I read in several sources that good sleep is better for your metabolism so I try and get enough (I'm evil when sleep-deprived anyway so it's all good). I also eat a light dinner in the early evening and try not to have anything after that. I realise this is much easier to do if you're not eating as a family and can choose exactly what you want each day... I work late evenings so don't usually eat at home.

Mando, I'm not *that* healthy; I have healthy habits but they are countered by a slew of vices, believe me. smile.gif
Just chiming in to say that I haven't stepped on the scale since Tuesday. Yes, it's only been two days, but I feel better. I'm still obsessing over it with the weekend coming up, and seeing my mother though.

Thank you for all the good busty vibes!!

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