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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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D double U
Yeah I guess Im gonna continue with Tae Bo... I just get so sluggish when its hot like this!! What do you guys do when its hot? eat less to compensate for the lack of exercise?
I try to eat a biggish breakfast, a medium lunch and something lighter for dinner

word, sybarite. i think you've got the right system down for eating -- i need to get myself on a bigger breakfast habit.

i should check out ediets...
Seconding syb's eating habits! That's exactly what I'm working towards, but 30-odd years of little to no breakfasts make it a harder habit for me to change. This week I'm going to try flipping the eDiets breakfast and dinner around, so the dinner meal's the first meal I eat. Also, breakfast seems more manageable if I haven't eaten anything after 10pm the night before....

D double U, it was 105F (nearly 41C for you UK lot wink.gif ) yesterday, so I sooo feel you on not moving in this heat! Higher volume less calorie food like fresh veg, etc. is perfect for this sort of weather, and there's little to no cooking! And I've been hitting the exercise videos a bit more, too. I don't have any jumpy/sweaty aerobic vids, but I do have some Windsor pilates tapes and they are still a pretty good workout.

(((sassy))) my best girlfriend got her seizure meds switched and her weight's bounced around because of that, too. She's really good about hitting the gym even for a bit each day, and says it helps her to feel better all around, regardless of what the scale's doing. Plus, portions are great exercise!

(((every health-conscience Bustie)))
QUOTE(D double U @ Jul 30 2006, 12:09 AM) *

What do you guys do when its hot? eat less to compensate for the lack of exercise?

I go to the air-conditioned gym, that's what I do.
The problem with the air conditioned gym is that to get there, you have to leave the air conditioned house. Walk through the sweat soaking heat to the car, which of course is burning up and scorches your ass as you sit down. Then you have to fight through traffic and just about the time your air conditioning in the car starts working, then you gotta climb out and go into the air conditioned gym. And then you get to reverse the process when done. If the could find some way to bring the air conditioned gym to me, I'd be in heaven! tongue.gif
I know, Pixie, add to that whole process the fact that I've no A/C in my car and it's a miracle I do anything and go anywhere! laugh.gif
ugh, i hear you, ladies. i love being at the gym, but getting there makes me cranky and stabby. i just want this heat to be OVER! ::whines, stomps feet::
I had my annual week before last, and my doctor has put me on a 1500-cal per day diet. The idea is that she wants me to lose about 25-30 pounds. We had a great talk about it. I am 5'2" and 180, but I have a medium build and big boobs (not just from being overweight.) She even said that I would never be 120 and I shouldn't think about getting that thin, and rather shoot to get to 155 or so and she'll be happy (and me too.) It was so refreshing for me to hear that from her, because a lot of the time, health folks will insist that a shortie like me needs to be a thinnie, too, and I don't think that is good for me.

It actually hasn't been too bad. I find that I do better when I eat a bigger breakfast, a light lunch, a snack of fruit and protein (or, um, one tablespoon of nutella...) in the afternoon, and a decent-sized dinner.

I'm also supposed to start going to the gym four times a week. I've sort of been bad about that since we talked because I went on vacation and then started a medication that made me nauseated and sleepy (and spent the weekend at an outdoor music festival...) but I think it's time to cut the excuses and get my ass into the gym. And days I don't, I should get out my balance ball and do my Pilates DVD.
*tip-toeing back in*

got on the scale after vackay. saw a brand new SCARY number. hated every.single.picture of me (and that's only while they're still on the teeny-tiny digicamera screen). nutshell: time to get serious. no more fooling around. this is getting out of control. not even sure how i'm going to approach it this time, other than common-sense (HA! like i have any!) and exercise. i can't bring myself to start journalling again on ww. ugh.

so yeah. brand new diet. and it's coworker birthday week. and somehow i've been designated the Office Birthday Fairy and have had to order & pick up not one but two birthday cakes. yesterday i had half of a small piece and threw the rest away. yay for me. worked out on the bike for the first time since forever last night. another yay. just had a veggie egg-white omelette with fruit on the side. more yays. and birthday coworker puts a tiny chocolate cannoli on my desk. boo hiss. something very innocuous-looking, and normally i'd figure, what the hell, how many points can that little critter be? but i gently placed it back on the desk, and told him i loved him, "but don't make me hurt you."

i think i hit my brick wall. i haven't felt this strong in three years. yay.
*tip toeing in after Mando*

It is frustrating to think that at this time last year, I was exercising regularly and losing weight steadily. I was feeling good. But then with the hurricane and all the stress and change that brought, I resorted back to my very worst habits.

I've had a few start/stops with eating well since then and my gym FINALLY opened back up about a month ago...I've been twice but did another start/stop with that AND eating well about a week and a half ago.

And now I'm back to my highest weight, can barely fit into any clothes and don't wanna buy any at this size. Bleh!

So- OK. What I was doing last year was working, so obviously I need to get back on it. I was also doing this Wellcoach thing (I was a practice client for a friend) and one of the strategies she showed me was making very concrete goals for instead of "I'm going to eat more produce" I would say "I'm going to eat 4 servings of produce everyday this week." And instead of "I'm going to go to the gym 3 times this week" I would say "I'm going to go to the gym 3 times this week and do 30 minutes on cardio machines and the weight circut each time."

I swear, that really helped me.

Sidecar, your doctor sounds very cool. I wish more were like that. I don't wanna but a thinnie, either, but I don't wanna be this heavy. I've crossed the line between "I could stand to lose a few pounds"
to a place where I'm definately not comfortable. So I'm back in here!

Lunasol, I loved when you said "stabby." I just cleaned out my (hot) old car that's in the hot outside and I'm feeling like that.

::stomping in after Mando and Amilita::

I seriously want to take a knife to this blubber of mine with this heat and humidity and everything. Blahhhhh! My scalp is even all itchy, too.

Mando, go on with your badass (soon to be shrinking ass) self! I'll take the mini cannoli from you, too.

So, okay, from the looks of things, I think height- and weight-wise I closely match Sidecar and Miss Pissed. Hmmm. I don't think I've mentioned this here, but my goal BMI is in the 23-ish range, enough to still hold on to muscle and boobage. I know this is doable and healthy for me because it's what I used to weigh before I got so fat and blobby. I'm going to try to wait to weigh myself again until Labor Day, the beginning of September. Shouldn't be too hard to do since I, too, don't have much interest in keeping a scale at home.

I've totally been in no-man's land as of late. My new schedule/job/life?! starts next week and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT for the routine. My hours are going to be slightly later than the usual 9 to 5, so I'm going to use that extra morning time as gym time. Luna, my days of "being like a grad student without the classmates" are winding down. THANK MAUDE. I feel like an old fart saying I'm looking forward to having a routine, but I'm seriously looking forward to all the stupid little things that come with the territory, like bringing my lunch to work and seeing the same people day in and day out at the office.

I'm still entertaining thoughts of walking the 3 miles total to work, but in this heat I don't want to do anything. I'm also thinking maybe I'm going to go to the bike shop and trade in my mountain bike for something more city-friendly (and lighter so I can carry it up on one shoulder all SheRa-like if she ever rode a bike) maybe this weekend. I'm still playing the part of Little Miss Scaredy Cat from almost getting hit on Easter, though.
Hey Raisin, you might consider getting slicker tires for your bike instead of trading it in, unless the frame is just too heavy. Then you would have two sets of tires and could still take it on trails when you want to but use the slicks/hybrid tires in the city to zip around.
i need to start working out on the weekends...thats the new goal...currently i have just been changing my diet and now i think i may have it down. so time to up the ante.

i was 200+ at 5'10" but now i am at 190. yay. but its not budging. so up the ante..more salad, more veggies, lean meat, and exercise.
my classmates have noticed the difference and are complimenting me, which feels great and pushes me more.
immediate goal: 170

eventual goal:150

baby steps.
grr. the heat has foiled my plans for working out.
i've been a mess - eating and exercise-wise. hard for me to make a comeback after falling backwards a few days.

trying to remember that it is one day at a time, ya know?

also trying to remember that i can still do yoga, pushups and sit-ups inside my apartment.
Ugh, summer is just a hard time, what with all the heat and the barbecues, etc. but i guess there's an excuse for every season, right?

anyway this whole mediterranean eating thing is harder than i thought it'd be, but i'm sticking with it and also with WW, and I've lost 10 pounds this month, so I'm happy.

I'm really struggling with the patience thing though. The first two weeks I lost 4 pounds a week, which was such a boost - but the third week I lost 1.4 and then last week it was only .4 which could be, like I took a poop before my weigh-in. laugh.gif

And I'm trying not to get mad at myself when I eat something not-so-healthy. I'm so programmed to feel bad about myself when I'm "bad." And this is what has tripped me up in the past - I have a few days of eating "badly" and then I start to think "see, you'll never be able to lose weight," and then I go back to my potato-chip and pizza eating ways. sad.gif

I'm starting to think that this is much more of an emotional and "personal growth" (as cheesy as that sounds) struggle than simply a matter of changing what and how I eat.

Anyway, does this resonate with anyone else?
hells yeah it does lunasol. i was thinking how much time i spend worrying about this stuff, and then sabotaging myself, etc. how my mind just convinces me that i don't care about being healthy, or that it doesn't matter anyways cause i'll never be fit again, etc.

i'm always going to love to eat. food is yummy. and i'm not going to feel bad about that. but, i need to make sure that i'm ALSO getting lots of veggies and good stuff, and plenty of exercise. when i'm working out, i naturally want to eat better anyways.

my new plan which i already feel like i'll fail with is to get up early and work out before work. thsi seems insane as i have a hard time gettingup in teh morning. but, then i'll just get it over with first thing, and i won't have to think about it all day and talk myself out of it. at the end of a working day, i'm just so exhausted feeling, all i want to do is go home.
lunasol, that resonates with me too. i have a litany of negative chatter in my head when i make less active or less healthy food choices. the angel on my other shoulder doesn't help, as she just tells me how great a job i've done at something, hey why don't i get myself a nice, chocolately treat? i need some good treats that don't cost money and don't involve food, that i can squeeze into the 4.7 minutes i get to myself each day.
I'm a vegetarian with a huge sweet tooth, that's starting to catch up with me. I've been a size 4 for the last 8 years and am now creeping into the size 6 arena. I try to judge my health by the way I feel and not by the number I'm wearing but it is so hard to break down and go higher up. One thing that's helped me is a filling breakfast like granola and then a morning treat like yogurt, keeps me satisfied until a light dinner (usually followed by a not so light cupcake-argh!) I am starting a new job at a catering/bakery/deli place which I think might in turn dissuade me from the sweets since I'll be around them all the time... wishful thinking.
I understand how all of you feel. I definitely feel like my eating is a lot more than just making healthier choices. Sometimes I feel like I'm going a bit nuts, always obsessing over food. To be completely honest I'm very frustrated right now. I lost two pounds and gained 3. I know that it's probably because I just haven't been making healthy food choices. I just feel kind of lost right now. I mean, I would have thought that adding an exercise routine after months of nothing would at least make a difference. But I feel as though I will have to exercise every day and eat rabbit food if I ever want to see a change.
i'm trying not to obsess about food also. i just "treated" myself to an egg salad sandwich, but am fighting cravings to take a spoon to the peanut butter jar. it's because i'm home and trying to houseclean but slacking and feeling extremely bleh about everything, and cannot wander far from the bathroom for more than 10 minutes (see kvetch). i've lost either 5-10 lbs (also fighting the urge to get a new scale, because my clothes fitting better will be the final judge), and feeling more in control. heading into birthday week, i've actually got a plan for a healthy home-grilled dinner for moi and then a splurgey sushi restaurant dinner for danny 5 days later. and yes, cake, whenever it presents itself - just not entire huge pieces.

i'm also going to resort to carrying around my favorite skinny picture of myself. which is probably not the best , most healthy-minded tactic, but fuggit. that's who i want to be again.

Hmmm, I thought I might not be the only one here struggling with this. I think I need to just keep woking it through. Like, yesterday I was "bad" (movie popcorn, etc) so instead of just thinking to myself "well, it's over!" i need to just record the mayhem and keep going.

I'm really trying to shake the feeling that this is destned for failure though. mad.gif
Hi Gals, I'm new to this thread. In the past year I've really reformed my eating habits. I've lost some weight (30 pounds!) and feel a lot better. I still need a plan for excercise though. I've never been the athletic type, I'd much rather lay in a hamock and read a book. I love walking, but I live in a city where walking is very difficult. And I don't like the gym at all. Any suggestions for someone like me? I need excercise that doesn't seem like excercise.

Reading over the postings in here, I felt some sadness by hearing you guys call some foods "bad" or calling yourself "bad" for eating them. Especially things like peanut butter and popcorn. I eat a healthy diet and eat these foods regularly. The key is to not overdo the portions. Spread a modest amount of natural peanut butter on a slice of whole grain bread or apple slices. And there is nothing wrong with popcorn, just go easy on the butter. I generally try to eat right about 80% of the time. What you eat habitually is what is going to matter. A little piece of cake now and then won't hurt you. Anything can be part of a healthy diet, but the key is moderation. I love ice cream and won't give it up, but I eat the low fat kind and allow myself a small bowl each night. If I eat cookies or some other high fat/high sugar food during the day then I don't have my ice cream later.

I find it's best not to think in terms of dieting to loose weight. That never got me anywhere. Instead I decided to change my eating habits for life so that I would feel better. Losing weight was just a part of that. Someone mentioned having specific goals, and I think that's a good idea. When I started I had specific plans of what I ate everyday (4 servings of fruit, 5 servings of veggies, etc)I kept track by writing it all down. Now these things are automatic. Believe me, I looooove food. It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been too hard either. Okay, I've rambled enough.
katze, I really liked reading what you had to say. The one thing that I've decided to change is how I talk to myself. I have decided that I need to stop speaking so negatively towards myself. I've gotten so used to looking at myself and telling myself that I'm disgusting and so now I've decided to stop. My mom showed me an article that mentioned how much negative talk can really affect you.

In addition to this, I have finally stopped with the toaster strudels! Since yesterday, I have been eating fruit, granola and yogurt for breakfast. Yesterday was peaches, today was a banana. Any other suggestions as to what would taste good? Just a note, I'm not really into berries.
Candycane girl..if you like peaches, you'll probably like Nectarines. They are my favorite right now. I also eat a lot of plums, kewi's, and grapes. One of these days I'm going to buy a whole pineapple and cut it up! I know it's easy to get in rut, so I try to switch things up a bit.
And in case anyone is interested...I saw these Yo Crunch yogurts at the store this weekend. They have like Strawberry and granola and a few others with bits if candy. They only have about 250 calories so I thought it might be a nice way to treat myself. Most.Disgusting.Yogurt.EVER!
I love yogurt! I eat it everyday. The best is Stoneyfield Farm fat free yogurt. The vanilla flavor is awesome on top of sliced fruit topped with a sprinkle of granola, it's heaven! Read yogurt labels carefully. "fruit on the bottom" types are loaded with sugar and often are not fat free. Fresh fruit with yogurt tastes so much better and it's better for you.

Candycane Girl, thanks for the feedback and good job switching to a healthy breakfast. As for fruits, I say just look around the grocery store and buy what looks interesting. Trying new kinds of fruit will bring excitement to your mouth, much more than the same old junk food that you are used to. I love fresh mangos. Definitely try them if they are available in your area. I also second the nectarines, plums, and kiwi. Fresh pineapple is such a treat. Grapes are easy since you don't need to cut them up and you can eat them like a bowl of candy while watching tv. Pears are also one of my favorites, a good alternative to an apple. And cherries, they are truely "nature's candy", like the sign says at my grocery store!
Finally getting back into the swing of exercising today. I was on vacation, which I lost about 5 pounds on...walking everywhere, no snacking, etc. But then I came back and my grandma died last week so I've been lethargic, lazy, full of grief foods that people have sent us, and left overs from the funeral.

Today I had a yummy salad and went on a long bike ride, which was both mentally and physically refreshing.
All the talk about fruit reminded me about a fruit salad my mother in law made a few weeks ago. It had several different types of melon(cantulope, honeydew, and watermelon), pineapple, and cherries and she marinated it in Cointerue(sp?) for a few hours...heavenly!
Oh man, what I wouldn't do to marinate myself in some Cointreau for a few hours! Heh.

That's it, all this yogurt talk: I vow to use my yogurt maker this week and report back to y'all with the results (uh, if anyone cares, that is). I have the milk with no bovine grow hormones and I have the nice tart whole milk yogurt (Erivan brand -- I found it at Whole Foods and damn it, that better not have any bovine growth hormones, now that I think about it! Oooh.) sitting in my fridge just waiting for me to encourage them to grow bacteria and live happily ever after. Once I do this, I may never buy commercial yogurt again. I keep making similar threats about learning how to bake bread and never buying a loaf of commercial bread again, too. I practically live off of plain yogurt and have eaten it for as long as I can remember -- it was a staple in my house as a kid and it's one of the reasons why I could never go vegan, all because I like yogurt too much. Yeah, I'm a little bit yogurt-happy.

Yes, Luna, the personal growth aspect resonates for me, emotional baggage hiding itself in the physical baggage. So true. Therapy can help.

I'm really too tired to be posting anything coherent right now.

((((((ErinJane))))) sorry to hear about your grandma. You take good care of yourself.
Candycane, if you've got a farmers' market near you, check it out for can often find local delicacies (like persimmons and pineapple guava here in so cal). They're generally affordable, and they almost always offer samples first! smile.gif It's a good way to learn about some new, healthy treats.
oh, i bought a yogurt maker with glass cups from my girlfriend's yard sale for only 5 bucks! and she has a bread maker left over that makes horizontal loaves for only $30, i think i'm gonna scoop that up too. i love not having to buy crap in plastic and baggies, i can make it myself! no additives! no garbage! yeah!
now to save up for a grain mill to make my own flour, oooh, healthy kitchen!
welcome, katze! 30 lbs? good for you! how long did it take? you make it sound so easy, i'm a tad envious. i'd love to hear some more of your tips.

(((erinjane))) i'm so sorry for you loss.

went out to dinner last night, and ordered a fairly "light" appetizer/entree. but ordered a sickeningly sweet dessert and cappucino i didn't really want, just because galpal did. i didn't even enjoy it, i ate nearly all of it, and then had a tummyache later. so not worth it. so mad at myself, can't help it.

when you're feeling PMSy/depressed/fuggetall, how do you reverse the backslide and tap back into your strength/willpower? i need to pump myself back up again, but i'm just so disgusted & tired of even thinking about eating healthy & working out today.

when you're feeling PMSy/depressed/fuggetall, how do you reverse the backslide and tap back into your strength/willpower? i need to pump myself back up again, but i'm just so disgusted & tired of even thinking about eating healthy & working out today.

i am worried about the same thing, mando, come PMS time. i am actually a little scared, because PMS has historically been out of control for me. as in, i'll eat anything non-toxic.

so, i have been focusing on eating a big breakfast/lunch, and then very light for dinner. i've been busy the past few nights, so i ended up skipping dinner entirely. not the best thing to do, but i feel a little less bloated already.

Hi Mandolyn!

I wouldn't say it's easy, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. It took what may seem like a long time to loose the weight, somewhere between 6 and 9 months. I'd still like to lose 10 more pounds, but I haven't lost anything in the past three months. I need to start an excercise habit to lose anymore at this point.

My goal wasn't to get skinny but to get healthy and develop better habits, so after I had been eating right for 1 complete month, I considered myself successful. Since then it hasn't been too difficult (the first few weeks were quite difficult).

I visited a nutritionist because I had no idea how to eat right. Before this my habits were terrible, often going until the afternoon with no food, then feeling starving I'd eat out and eat way too much. Then I'd feel sick the rest of the night.

The nutrionist outlined exactly what I should eat everyday and put me on a 1600 calorie per day diet. I don't count calories, but count servings and measure my servings when necessary. My daily servings are 6 starch servings, 6 meats, 6 fats, 4 fruits, 5 or more veggies, and 2 milks.

Some examples of servings are:
startches: 1 slice of bread or 1/2 cup of pasta, or 6 oz of soda
meats: 1 oz of cooked meat, 1 egg, or 1 oz of cheese
fats: 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of butter, 1 tbsp of salad dressing, or 2 tbsp of light salad dressing
fruits: a small (tennis ball sized) piece of whole fruit, 1/2 of a banana, 1/2 cup of fruit juice
veggies: 1/2 cup chopped veggies, 1 cup leafy veggies
milk: 8oz of lowfat milk or 6oz of fat free yogurt

I can eat junk food, but it has to be included in my daily serving amounts. 1 krispy creme original donut is 1 1/2 starches and 2 1/2 fats. Usually I'd prefer to eat a plate of pasta with a rich sauce than eat a donut. It's all a matter of choosing how to use the servings. I also now drink diet soda. Some people criticize me for this, but I'm still on my way to better health, taking baby steps. Someday I may give up soda completely.
Erinjane, I'm sorry about your grandmother. sad.gif

Katze, that sounds like a super-healthy way to eat. I too am focusing more on the healthy eating than the weight loss. My big thing is cutting out processed foods. Also, I'm working on making food more of a ritual to be enjoyed, less something I stuff in my face while watching marathons of What Not to Wear. tongue.gif

I've been finding Weight Watchers helpful, and I have a great group leader who really seems to "get" the more emotional, psychological issues involved. All the processed foods they sell kind of gross me out though. Yuck.

Bizarrely, the hardest thing for me to do so far has been to give up diet soda. For me, at least, I found it way more addictive than regular - man, there's something about freaking apsartame. I had no problem replacing candy bars with small squares of dark chocolate, or cutting out potato chips and fast food. but i literally CRAVE diet coke. weird.

The reason I'm giving it up is that it has been more strongly linked to obesity than even regular sodas! scary! ohmy.gif

Diet Soda Drinkers Gain Weight

my mom has a recipe called funeral potatoes....loaded with cheese, sour cream and potatoes....totally yummy but totally fattening...bleh..

today i made my lunch and it looks healthy..or healthier than what i have been eating...but i did have a tri tip salad yesterday...with artichoke hearts in it..yum!

but i was bad sunday....i ate like a pint of cookies and cream ice cream. bleh...this weekend we will be walking all over hopefully i will lose a bit.
Re: backsliding while PMSing - since I've been eating a very low-calorie diet similar to katze's, I've been able to backslide a little when needed, and I still continue to lose weight.

The best way I've found of handling it is to satisfy the initial craving, then be super nice and gentle to myself, just telling my self it's ok, and that the craving will pass soon. I am at my most vulnerable at this point, after all. If I want more, I have more. I feel better once I've eaten something tasty and said really nice things to myself, and the craving passes.

I also just eat bigger servings of tasty and healthy stuff when I'm PMSing and my belly seems to be a bottomless pit. I feel better if I'm really full.
"I visited a nutritionist."


see, that's what i need! sure, i could buy 'nutrition for dummies', but i'll never crack it. this i know.
how much does a nutritionist cost? and how many visits did you need?

lol @ 'funeral potatoes'.

i miss the old ww way of counting starches, fat, protein and dairy. so farking easy! i keep saying i should try to dig up my old guides.
mandolyn, I'm in grad school and my university offers the services of a nutritionist to students at no charge, so I have no idea how much it would cost. I only visited her once, though I was supposed to have a follow up visit a couple weeks later, I just never got around to making an appointment. I should go in and see her again since it's been a year.

So, one visit could be enough, though it probably is best to have a few. Maybe health insurance would pay some of the cost. It should.

I've heard the stuff about diet soda and how it's linked to weight gain. I think it's more an issue of correlation rather than causation. Switching to diet soda cut 300 calories a day from my diet, which has contributed to my weight loss. I'm more concerned about aspartame and the other chemicals in the soda and their possible negative affects. Recently I tried a natural sugar substitute called stevia. It tasted pretty good, and I've read that it's been used for centuries. I've thought about using it to sweeten tea and lemonade instead of drinking soda. Unfortunately it's pretty expensive. Does anyone here use stevia?
lunasol, i know i mentioned this to someone before, but it was the caffeine in diet soda that got me hooked so bad. It kept my mind going at night so I couldn't sleep so I switched to caffeine free diet drinks which helped me curb the cravings.

(Thanks for the condolensces everyone.) smile.gif
i just started going to a gym for the first time since i was pregnant with my daughter, more than three years ago. i'm really loving it. this is the first guilt-free, interruption-free cardio i've experienced in a loooong time. does anyone have suggestions for a good website that gives work-out advice?

this has been a pms week for me. i've been hungry and cranky, but since i'm so excited about the gym i keep going there and my mood lifts dramatically with the workout.

a couple of weeks ago i bought a book called Eat To Live. the idea is to eat large amounts of raw foods and cooked veggies and lots of beans. it's a pretty strict diet, but i've been using it as a guideline and incorporating more veggies and beans into my diet. beans really are helpful with feeling full and managing cravings. i haven't lost weight specifically, but i have less bloating, less up and down with the pounds during my days, and i feel so much better - more energy, even during this pre-menstrual time.
Mando, the health insurance plan my work offers will cover certified dietitians. Amazingly, as I was looking at the benefits, they also pay you Weight Watchers bonuses ($100 for 10% of your goal weight, and another $100 for reaching Lifetime member status). I didn't know any health insurance plan did that! I don't have coverage right now, but am planning on signing up next enrollment period for the dietitians and therapy benefits (3 different friends recommended therapy to me last week in different conversations. Argh! My friends make me wanna eat Taco Bell! Which means they're probably right.... dry.gif )

Hot and PMS-y does not go well with workouts for me. I'm usually content with "maintaining", meaning either a walk at the air-conditioned mall if it's convenient, or just 15 minutes of any kind of moving (quick walk outside early AM or late PM, pilates stretches, whatever). As long as I do something for 15 minutes, I feel better/not guilty than when I give in to the urge to lay about. Better than nothing and all that...

I've slacked off the eDiets a bit, but the influence still pervades...way more fresh fruit/veg, better eating times, aware of portions.....I'll go back when work is much less hectic next month....

congrats cucumber for loving the gym!
There is a great website that has tons of good information, and a pretty active forum. You have to become a member, but it doesn't cost anything and is well worth it. Many professional trainers are active on the site, and offer their years of expertise for free.
thanks for the tip!
I've been using Stevia for years, and it can be expensive but a little certainly does go a very long way because it's so, so sweet.

What I really like about Stevia is that you get off the whole diet softdrink kick. The aspartame has a horrible side effect especially for people cutting out sugar in their diets (people like diabetics): it causes your body to create more insulin than it should (hyperinsulinemia) and then you feel like you must eat sugary foods in order to feel right again and to stabilize your blood sugar. So it's a direct sabotage, even if it looks like you're not ingesting the calories from the sweetened drinks.

Among other obnoxious and dangerous side effects we don't need to mention.

Fruit teas are great with the stevia, and better than actually drinking fruit juice, which always adds a huge amount of sugar into your diet. If you're really finding Stevia expensive you could always grow a plant and sweeten the liquid with the leaves. I've actually seen a few chefs come up with desserts sweetened with fresh stevia, using just fresh berries with a little whipped cream sweetened with the stevia leaf.

Another great thing about stevia and tea? It keeps you from those carbonated drinks. Carbonation actually leaches calcium and other minerals from your bones, and gradually makes you much weaker. In the long term that will also create a problem for you regarding calcium absorption, which only compounds the whole weight gain issue. I totally understand the "need" for them, though, as I love sparkling water and I don't want to give that up. I try...try being the word keep my soda water intake to a minumum. The stevia and tea actually helps quite a bit there.

I find the liquid stevia drops a little easier to use--easier to control the amount if I make a big litre of tea (I usually add 3 or 4 drops of stevia to a litre, and that's more than enough for me, but you can experiment and make yourself happy.
*delurking - I keep meaning to post, but then I forget*

I remember awhile ago - I don't know if it was this thread or another - but a couple of posters pointed out that certain brands of Stevia are much better than others and I'm trying to remember which ones b/c if I'm going to spend the cash, I want to be sure (though I realize that taste is subjective).

I haven't slept a lot over the past few days (bad scheduling, not a problem sleeping) so I haven't worked out proper since Monday - I've been too tired. Instead, I've just been getting off the subway early (I had to go the library by the subway stop anyway) and making the approximately 30 minute walk home (give or take, depending on speed). I realize I'm fortunate to be in a position to have that option available to me (urban access to public transportation, no dependents relying on me to get home at a specific time), but I figure that as long as I can, I might as well take advantage of it.

More later on the importance of movement vs. dieting (not to be confused with healthier eating in general) when I'm feeling more articulate. For now I'll just say that without exercise, I wouldn't even bother - whether it's psychological or physiological, I find that when I stop working out, nutrition goes out the window. I'm not saying that's the case with everyone, but I'm simply unable to do one without the other. Any attempts to improve my eating habits have always been preceded by changes in level of activity.

ETA: Healthy vibes to all my busties - I'll respond in more detail later!
That's because you are one of those people for whom everything improves once you start exercising regularly. People like you aren't uncommon, but they aren't as numerous as others think. Use this to your advantage, I always say!

As for stevia, if you get the powdered kind some of them are mixed with a rice bran powder that doesn't seem to have much flavour but feels "starchy", or it changes the way your food "feels". There are other types of stevia that are powdered with silica or calcium carbonate--again, far less of a problem than the rice starch above, and it's a minute amount of minerals you can use.

The liquid stevia is just the extrace in alcohol/water. It's easier for some people to use it this way. But most love the convenience of just being able to take it with you wherever you go. The liquid I have is made by Now; the powder sachets I have of the stevia are made by Nature's Harmony. They contain maltodextrin, inulin, calcium citrate, ascorbic acid, and silica. A little extra b and c vitamins and some minerals, in a minute supplement, are Okay with me.
Thanks for the stevia info, chachaheels.

That's interesting about how fitness has that instant effect on some. I don't experience it as far as I've noticed, though moderate fitness does make me feel better over the long term. Eating better has caused me to have more of an interest in fitness, though. I came across some info on the web about how the different body types (endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph) need different types of exercise routines that work with the body type best. Is the true? If I'm going to start a routine I want to make sure I'm having the most efficient workouts possible.
The body shape exercise theory has been around for a while, and there are as many theories about exercise effectiveness as there are about what constitutes a proper diet. It never ends.

I think the biggest issue with anyone when undertaking any kind of discipline (and this goes for everything in life) is your capacity for passion or tenacity with the routine; in other words, it all comes down to your ability to comply with the discipline you choose as your exercise method, which often doesn't even allow you to consider things like body shape. Even if you do like the theory you mentioned, you may prefer to do some kinds of work outs suggested for the other body shapes--and if you do, great! You should do them. I don't think things will be less effective if it means you devote more time to the exercise, you keep up the routine, and it consistently challenges you and makes you feel and become stronger. If you can love doing it, keep making the time to do it, and keep yourself interested in it, then being active and fit is the bonus you'll derive anyway. The "drawbacks" of not being the right body type for the activity can be counteracted easily by other means--using supplements to enhance metabolism, for example, or varying the activity so that you can fit in activity that will work better for you.
"I think the biggest issue with anyone when undertaking any kind of discipline (and this goes for everything in life) is your capacity for passion or tenacity with the routine"

truer words...
this applies for me with everything that i have learned to do as routine. flossing, washing the dishes before bed, regular laundry, taking vitamins every morning, everything. it works for me if i take on one thing at a time until i've got it down. i mean, of course my schedule needs fine tuning and the occasion tweak from time to time, but making one thing a part of my everyday life, then another thing, then another... it's working wonderfully for me.
i bought a pilates ball (uber super deluxe with stablilizer ring, weights, and a dvd) last christmas and have used it exactly zero times so far but that's ok. i'm making it a part of my everyday life mentally and pretty soon (i can always feel it) i'll include it in my daily routine. like going to the market every saturday, i had to Make time for that and make it part of my life, but now i go almost without fail. i only hope that i get that awsome adrenalin high from exercise that will make me crave it after a while. fingers crossed. i'd rather look forward to it with anticipation that think of it as a neccessary evil like scrubbing the toilet or taking out the trash. yikes!!
my bottom recently got bigger for the first time in my life and while i'm happy about it (always been uncomfortably underweight) i don't love the flabby aspect. i can do without the cellulite, though i have to remember that i'm 34 now, not 24 and it sorta goes with the territory.
The adrenalin/serotonin "high" from exercise does come in time (and there is, actually, a kind of addiction that sprouts from the good sense of wellbeing following exercise, you'll see) but in the meantime...I find it's helpful if I "self-talk" myself into the routine by developing a passion for it. I try to remind myself that the activity is a way of prioritizing myself and my needs--it's of benefit to me, it makes me feel good, and it gives me personal time and attention that no one can interfere with. It's a completely selfish, self-indulgent, and, really, almost decadent thing to do; that way it becomes a treat rather than something I have to force myself to do. It helps if I do an activity I really love. I can't stand running, for example, so I don't do it. But I'll play tennis anytime, I'll do pilates if I see them as a means of stretching the body, which always feel so good, and I love just being in a pool (the swimming will come naturally when I'm there). If exercise felt like something I was forced to do I just would never do it--I have to feel like I'm doing something I love doing, like I'm indulging in a treat.

And, really, it is. We give up so much of what we need just to "stay competitive" or "stay on top of things" for other people's outcomes rather than our own. I figure anytime we can actually put ourselves and our needs first and give ourselves benefits from those times, we reclaim a little bit of ourselves out of the demands of everyday life. It's so easy to get "lost", as a person, if we forget to do this; and we just can't survive if we make sure not to forget. So I try to count these activities in with the other necessary things to do "for myself".
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